Céile: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

By the time the boys arrived at the party, it was well on its way. It wasn’t a wild party by any stretch of the imagination, about 20 people showed up. But fun was still to be had. The house that the party was being hosted was large enough. It was an old timey Georgian town house, with three floors and a basement. They were extremely rare outside Dublin, in fact to my knowledge there were none of this design out of Dublin, so needless to say our heroes were spending the night inside the pale.

Mick and Rick started to mingle as soon as they got inside the door, but Adam on the other hand, he just sat in a chair slowly drowning his sorrows, in a lake of frothy amber goodness. They were there for about an hour, and Adam had only moved when his vessel of ambrosia emptied and another aluminium chalice was to be acquired. Rick and Mick had noticed this, and were trying to figure out how to get Adam out of his funk. When it hit them, they knew how to get Adam on the move. They sat down next to him and started to chit chat about the party and life in general. Then as was oh so predicable of teenage boys, Adam cracked a gay joke. This was all Rick and Mick needed for an opening. The quickly jumped into a game of gay chicken. Adam didn’t need another warning shot. He knew that both these guys went far in the game of the gayest of chicken, so he was outa there.

Adam, feeling totally disgusted at what had just happened wandered from room to room looking for a new throne to sit while he sipped some royal ale. Since it was getting late, all the good chairs were taken. This did not do, Adam couldn’t stand up and drink away his problems. If he did so he would inevitably fall down and drown, not his sorrows but himself, and not in a lake of frothy amber goodness but in a geyser of his own spew.

So he decided to talk to people un till someone got up and he could swipe there chair, for Adam was an evil genius. He spotted a few people sitting at the kitchen table and decided to go talk to them.

That’s when he met Sinead. Sinead was beautiful. She was tall and slim. She had ample breasts, long flowing black hair and her face looked like it was carved by Michelangelo himself. She was smoking hot. Adam immediately started talking to her, for he had had a few brews so he was feeling very confident. The two hit it off immediately.

For the next two hours they talked, joked and flirted. Adam was quickly forgetting all about Tina, and his sorrows. It turned out they had a lot in common. They liked all the same music and movies, Sinead was even being jerked around by a guy as well.

It was beginning to get late and the party was coming to a close, most of the partiers had gone home. It was getting late and Adam wanted to get some sleep, he looked through his phone and got a number for a taxi.

“Hey what you doing?” Sinead asked curiously.
“It’s getting late I am gona ring a taxi.” Replied Adam.
“Aww don’t go, who will I talk to then.” Teased Sinead.
“Well you can come with me if you want to” Invited Adam.
“Oh well I don’t know.” Replied Sinead.
“Come on, what do I have to do to bring you home tonight?” Asked Adam.
“I don’t know, I have class in the morning….” Started Sinead before Adam interrupted her with one of the most passionate kisses ever to come from an 18 year olds lips. The kiss lasted for a full thirty seconds, and both participants felt week at the knees. When they finished they got lost in each others eyes. This was puppy love all right.

“If you want me to come home with you kiss me again.” Insisted Sinead.

Adam did not need a second invite, his lips were all over hers and he expertly slided his tongue into her mouth for some good old fashioned mouth whoopee. It was getting hot and heavy when Adam came out for some air and found a number for a taxi. While he was talking to the taxi switch Sinead started to feel him up. Adam was on cloud nine. Here he was with a beautiful girl, who was heading back to his house, and she couldn’t stop playing wit his winkie. He had ordered the Taxi and it would take about twenty minutes to arrive.

“Ok, I better tell Rick and Mick I’m leaving.” Informed Adam. “Do you want to accompany me?”
“Yeah sounds kinda drab but I’ll follow you.” Replied Sinead.

The two searched the house for Rick and Mick, but couldn’t find them. They had searched everywhere except the last bedroom. When Adam opened the door, he almost vomited. Both Rick and Mick were lying on the bed, Rick was spooning Mick, and they were both butt naked. A used condom was on the floor beside them. Adam made a hasty exit. He was in absolute shock. He really though that they were straight, but just drunken idiots. This was going to make life awkward for him and his group. But he looked into Sinead’s eyes and all his problems went away.

There was a knock on the hall door, the taxi had arrived. Adam and Sinead hopped into there chariot and were on there way to Adam’s house. All the while they couldn’t keep there hands off of each other.

They arrived at Adam’s house and after Adam paid the taxi fare the made a B line to his room. Sinead gave Adam a long kiss and then pushed him onto his bed. She began to pull down his pants.

And that’s where we leave our hero, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t like to think that people were reading about me having hot and steamy sex. So I am going to give him some privacy.

Adam woke up the next morning while spooning Sinead. She was incredibly beautiful, and to Adam’s surprise this beautiful girl sleeping next to him was sucking her thumb. Adam was ecstatic, because she looked so cute and innocent, in the same way that Tina did when she told Adam about her pants wetting. Adam had scored huge. Soon Sinead stirred.

“Oh morning stud. I hope I wasn’t sucking my thumb.” Yawned Sinead.
“You were, it was cute, I liked it.” Whispered Adam.
“Well in that case” Replied Sinead and stuck her thumb back in her mouth.
“Last night was amazing.” Congratulated Adam as he held Sinead tighter.
“Yew tewwing me.” Gurgled Sinead through her thumb.

Sinead looked at her watch and realized she was late for class.

“Crap, I gotta go, I got a presentation today.” Squealed Sinead.
“Ok, get dressed and I’ll drop you off.” Replied Adam.
“I didn’t know you can drive?” Asked Sinead.
“Yeah I can, just don’t have insurance.” Informed Adam, but he failed to mention that he didn’t have a license either.

Within a few minutes they were ready to set out. Adam’s mom was out with her sister so she wouldn’t miss the car. During the drive neither one of them shut up. They were having a lot of fun. That’s how Adam lost control of the car and went head first into a lorry. There were no survivors, and that brings our tale to an end. The moral kids is be careful on the roads.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for reading.

Just kidding there was no accident, Adam dropped Sinead off safe and sound, then he got home and went to school. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sinead. He had fallen bad for her.

Céile: Chapter 13

  1. that would have been a cruel ending mate. and id have been like……oh he was sober to tear

Céile: Chapter 13

Yeah i felt that if i had of gone into detail about Adam’s hot sex scene in that chapter that i would have been obliged to go into rick and micks hot sex scene which i dont really want to delve to far into

Céile: Chapter 13

oh common i for one wanted to hear about the gay sex woot! hehe lol

Céile: Chapter 13

be patient my good man be patient