Cartoon babies and such

On the previous forum we had a thread about cartoon babies and diapers.

I mentioned that for Christmas I had gotten some Looney Tunes Cartoons, and found “bonus” content, here are some screen “captures” from the cartoons.

Some rabbit in a pink diaper.

Finster’s ill gotten gains have landed in Bugs’ rabbit hole.

Finster has a mugshot.

Finster wants his ill gotten gains.

Bugs kept his toy box!

And his Baby Bed!!!

Finster goes to jail.

Babies get fed.

And burped.

Porky and Daffy are diapered.

Daffy isn’t happy about it. (Actually there is a mother gorilla right next to him.

(OK I put captures in quotes up there, because I spent several hours trying to get screen captures from the DVDs and nothing I tried worked. I googled how to do it and tried everything there and it still didn’t work. So I used my camera to take pictures of the screen while it was paused. If anyone can help me, please do. I’ll put a thread in the advice section.)

Cartoon babies and such

That reminds me - does anyone remember the Dandy character called Babyface something or other?

Lol -some rabbit.

Cartoon babies and such

He’s a Beano character I believe.

Cartoon babies and such

Baby Face Finlayson apparently. Must say that my recollections of him are vague at best though I used to love the the Beano and get it every week as a bairn.

Cartoon babies and such

After he got taken out for the second time in the 80’s he only really appeared in annuals.

Cartoon babies and such

A pic of Rachael(Ran) from Case Closed as a baby…

Cartoon babies and such

Detective Conan as a baby…

Cartoon babies and such

Ahhhhh I love case closed!!! Nice pics!!


You know, one cartoon I really loved growing up was a 1937 disney short in which Donald Duck went to the museum of modern inventions. He encounters a bunch of robots, one of which is a robot mother which forces him into the role of a baby.