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Chaing Usernames?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change my username on this site. I no longer go by ‘LivingByLies’ basically anywhere - it’s only still active here because I forgot I even had an account. I came up with the name back during my edgelord teen phase, and stuck with it for far, far too long.
The screen name I’m using now is “Peculiar Changeling”, but I can’t find any way to edit that in preferences. Is it possible on this website?

It has to be done by a moderator or admin, but yes it is possible.

However, Discourse does not allow spaces in usernames.

Would you prefer Peculiar_Changeling or PeculiarChangeling as the username?

PeculiarChangeling would be awesome. Thank you!

Done. And I bumped your trust level to TL1 so the forums should stop requiring your posts to be approved. :slight_smile:

Thank you!