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Chat room Registration

I can’t seem to register for The Chat Room. I don’t receive the email confirmation or the successful tag: someone please help.

If you had just stayed online you’d have had the help.

is the now very annoyed IRCop and server/board admin

Check your email for a message from issues@abdlstoryforum.info with the info you need to use your nickname now that I manually registered it for you and force validated it.

I am deeply sorry & apologize greatly.
I didn’t mean to cause any issues. I think I shall avoid chat room for a few days.

You really need to what that email says as soon as possible as every IRCop knows what I set the password to.

EDIT to add: You do understand I’m frustrated because you left the chat while I was tryign to help you, right?

EDIT TO ADD 2: And i see you’re back to using the short form as your nickname. Connect again. I don’t even care which nick, Just pick one so I can fix the problem in a way it won’t matter which version you use!

Actually ignore that last edit. The password I sent you via email will work with FrogMan and FrogMan1234 now. So just use whichever version you want :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was using my iPhone that night & every time I would check my email it would log me out.
I have tried once more using iPhone but I might just use my PC for future Chat Group activity.

I apologize for the inconvenience and headache I have caused all of you. I hope swapping to a device that doesn’t log me out every time I check texts or emails will solve this issue.

thank you & have a wonderful new year:)

This would have been useful information that night as I could have provided an alternate method of registering and validating your nickname that would have caused fewer problems :slight_smile: