Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 5

Coast to Coast Exchange

Hey everybody, thanks for all the reviews, as always. Compared to the rest of my stories, I know this one is a bit bland, but I’ll be spicing things up a bit in this chapter. Nothing too big I don’t think, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

On with the show!


Chapter 5

Amara’s eyes slowly fluttered open. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes as she tried to figure what woke her up. Shaking the fog of sleep, she quickly realized what it was; she had a full bladder and bowels. Looking over at the digital clock, she saw 7:00AM blaring back at her in red.

Sliding her legs off the bed, Amara slowly stood up. Looking across the room, she saw Emily was still asleep; the girl’s blankets were kicked off, showing her heavily soaked diaper. Amara smiled softly; Emily was suckling on her pacifier, cuddling a stuffed dolphin in her arm. The sight was…cute.

Shaking her head, Amara opened her dresser drawer, pulled out a pair of blue panties, tip toed across the room, and slipped out the door. Making her way down the hallway, she checked Julia’s room for the woman. As much as she wanted to trash her diaper and go in the toilet, she could see Julia spin it to her having wet the bed and disposed of the diaper to hide it, which would mean being in diapers longer.

Amara didn’t think Julia was a bad person, but she suspected the death of her husband had affected her. The way Julia acted, it was as if she thought it was normal for near teenagers to have potty training problems and to behave and be treated like toddlers at times. Maybe it was the woman’s way of feeling a sense of security; she was able to best care for her daughters when they were babies, and continuing to treat them as such helped her mentally. And now that Amara was her responsibility, she wanted to do the same to her.

She shook her head; she could think about this later. Looking in the room, Amara saw the bed was empty, which meant Julia was up and about. Closing the door behind her, Amara carefully made her way down the stairs and into the living room. Seeing a light coming from the kitchen, Amara walked to it and knocked on the wall softly.

Julia had been making coffee when she heard the knocking, and turned. “Oh, you’re up Amara.” Julia said, surprised. “Did you have a good sleep?”

“Woke up in the middle of the night, the bottle helped.” Amara stated. “Otherwise fine, though I do need to use the bathroom now.”

“Amara, remember the rules; you need to use your diaper before you’re allowed to take it off. We don’t want to waste it after all.” Julia reminded her.

“I know, I just wanted to show you I was dry first, so you’d know I didn’t wet in my sleep.” Amara stated before doing a twirl, showing her diaper’s clean state.

“I see.” Julia said. “You really want to get out of your diapers, don’t you?”

“I do.” Amara stated. She thought about saying more, but decided against it; nothing would come from an argument now.

“Well, go ahead and do your business and wait in the living room.” Julia said. “I’m just going to finish making my coffee, then I’ll help you out of your diaper and get you cleaned up.”

Amara hid her frown; she was perfectly capable of taking off the diaper she wore and cleaning herself up. But once again, Julia wanted to be a part of the process. Sighing, Amara nodded in agreement, and went back into the living room.

Walking to the couch, she noted the diaper bag was at the same place it had been the day before. Reaching in, she pulled out the changing pad and the container of wet wipes, and spread out the pad, figuring saving Julia the trouble of setting it up might earn her some brownie points. Sitting down on the pad, Amara relaxed her body.

The girl frowned as her bladder emptied; she found it fairly easy to relieve herself, more so then expected in an unfamiliar position to do so, much less with fabric between her legs when there usually wasn’t. That kind of conditioning gained through potty training should have made it harder, and yet…

“Finished yet?” Amara jumped, feeling the flow increase in her surprise. Blushing, Amara turned her head away and waited a few more seconds to finish before nodding her head. “Okay then sweetie, lie back and I’ll take you’re diaper off.”

Amara did as she was told, setting her panties next to her and in Julia’s line of sight. The older woman made no notion to have seeing the panties as she untaped Amara’s diaper, and pulled the cover back. Amara made to lift her bottom up herself, but Julia grabbed her ankles and lifted them up, subsequently lifting the girl up as well, much like what happened when a baby was being changed. Julia slid the wet diaper out from under the now blushing girl, and spent the next minute cleaning her with wet wipes.

“Amara, would you prefer to wear a diaper today instead of panties?” Julia asked.

Blinking, Amara asked, “Why would I want to wear diapers when I don’t need to?”

“Well yesterday you needed to go while we were out of the house.” Julia replied as she pulled a clean diaper out and opened it. “You’re going to be out for a while, walking through town and the mall, and you don’t know where all the bathrooms are. Maybe it’s best if I diaper you.” She made to lift Amara’s legs up.

Amara rolled off the changing pad, to Julia’s surprise, and grabbed her panties. “I used the diapers you put me in yesterday because you gave me no choice.” Amara stated as she pulled her panties up her legs. “It had nothing to do with a lack of control.”

“And your messy accident in the car?” Julia asked.

Amara looked her square in the eye. “Unless I did something to earn a valid punishment, you are not diapering me until bedtime tonight.” It was a statement, not a request in any form.

Julia frowned; she didn’t like Amara’s tone. Thinking it over for a moment, Julia shrugged her shoulders. If Amara had an accident in public, then it would be her fault, and Julia would have a reason to keep her in diapers more often outside of bedtime. “Do as you will. Breakfast won’t be ready for another hour, but you’re welcome to a glass of milk.”

Amara watched as Julia folded the diaper back up, placed it back in the diaper bag, and exited the room. Once she was certain Julia wouldn’t come back and jump her or something, Amara made her way to the downstairs bathroom and closed the door behind her.

When she was finished with her business minutes later, she washed her hands and exited the bathroom, only to find Julia just outside it. “Why didn’t you go in your diaper?” She asked.

“I did use the diaper you made me wear.” Amara replied, being careful to never refer to it as her own diaper. “I followed your rules and wet it, but I held back the rest. I don’t like the feel of poo rubbing against my skin, and as long as I’m following your rules, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Julia was silent for a time. “…I suppose.” Was all she said before making her way to the kitchen. Amara watched her go before heading upstairs herself; her legs were cold, and she wanted her house pants.


Breakfast was again a quiet affair. Lily and Emily had arrived in the dinning room together, Emily being the only one wet. Amara was wearing her house pants, indicating to the others her diaper-less state. Once breakfast was done, Julia cleared her throat.

“So what is on the agenda today girls?” Julia asked.

“I’m going to work on my project a bit today.” Lily stated. “After that I think I’ll just play some games. I do need a change now though.”

“I’ll change you when we’re done here; you’re still on a diaper punishment Lily.” Julia stated. “Amara, Emily?”

“I think the plan today was to head out to some hot spots, right?” Amara asked.

“Arcade, mall, yeah that’s the gist of it.” Emily replied.

“Emily, I think it would be best if you wore a diaper while you were out. You’ll be gone for a while after all.” Julia stated.

“I’d rather not.” Emily said, her cheeks turning pink. Amara and Lily’s eyes blinked in surprise. Emily didn’t want to wear a diaper?

“Why not?” Julia asked.

“I forgot to take my laundry out of the machine yesterday.” Emily said, looking down. “My clothes need rewashing, and the only pair of pants I have are those two biker style shorts Mark got me.”

“Biker style?” Amara asked. “You mean skin tight, shows off all the curves of you hips and bum, type shorts?”

Emily nodded her head, blushing. “Yes. I wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that I was diapered in those.”

“You have been having more accidents lately.” Julia said.

“And most of those are when I’m already in diapers.” Emily replied.

“Sounds like a conditioned response to me.” Amara said, gaining the others attention.

“Conditioned response?” Julia questioned.

“Emily knows that a diaper is meant to hold waste, and you have encouraged her to use every diaper she’s worn for years. As a result, every time she’s put in a diaper, her body recognizes it, and shuts off her potty training while she’s in it so she can use it like she’s been conditioned to.” Amara explained. “Best way to fix it would be to have her only wear diapers to bed, and take them off immediately after waking up. Unless of course she does have a medical condition.”

Julia was silent for a time, thinking it over. “I suppose you can go without wearing a diaper today.” She finally said. “However I am packing you two diapers to bring with you incase you do have an accident.”

Emily nodded her head. “That’s fine Mom.”

“Good. Also, we have your doctor’s appointment this afternoon, two o’clock. I’ll meet you outside the mall’s front entrance unless you need me to come earlier.” Julia said.

“We’ll remember that.” Amara assured her.

“Alright then, since we have a schedule to follow, we’ll leave our plates here for now.” Julia stated. “Ami, Rini, let’s go to the nursery and get you two changed. Amara, you’re welcome to join us or go to your room and get dressed.”

“I’ll get dressed.” Amara said. The past day, while she had chosen the clothes she’d worn, they had been constantly pulled on and off of her without her say. As odd as it was, she was looking forward to putting on her own clothes.

“Fair enough.” Julia said.

The group stood up and exited the kitchen. Walking through the kitchen and climbing the stairs, Amara broke off from the group and entered hers and Emily’s room while the trio went down the hallway. Amara made her way to her dresser, and began sorting through her clothes.

Normally Amara wore the same pair of shorts and vest two days in a row, if they remained clean the first day, before switching. Not wanting to risk the smell of her accident from yesterday being on her shorts, she pulled out a fresh pair along with yesterday’s vest. She then pulled out a purple short sleeved t-shirt and a pair of fresh socks.

Amara pulled down her house pants, and pulled off her shirt and sock, leaving herself bare except for her panties. She grabbed the shorts she wore yesterday and removed the spare change from the pockets and put them in her new pair. She stood up, about to step into her shorts when Emily entered the room, nude from the waist down.

Amara let out a squeak and covered her chest. “Couldn’t you knock first?” She asked. Averting her eyes, she added, “And why don’t you have any panties on?”

“My panties are in here, and I’m not used to knocking to enter my own room.” Emily said as she went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white panties with the Sailor Mercury symbol on it. “What’s the big deal anyways, we’re both girls.”

“Y-Yeah, but…” Amara blushed faintly as she turned away from her and grabbed her shirt. “I’m…I’m not sure which way I swing, so to speak.”

Emily glanced at her as she pulled her panties on. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“I…had a bad experience with a guy a while back.” Amara admitted as she pulled her shirt on. “I haven’t found one attractive since.”

Something seemed to click for Emily. “Amara…do you like girls?”

“I really don’t know.” Amara said as she sat down on her bed. “Seeing you half naked isn’t helping me any.”

“Well when you grow up getting your diaper changed every day, nudity isn’t really an issue.” Emily said as she grabbed her shorts and sat down next to Amara. “Does your family know?”

“No.” Amara answered. “I don’t want to add this onto my parent’s relationship issues. I’m not even sure if I find women attractive or if I just haven’t seen an appealing guy yet.”

“You reacted to me.” Emily said, blushing faintly. “Does that mean…?”

“Well, I do think you’re pretty.” Amara admitted. “And you look cute when you act like a baby. But I was reacting to the fact that you were half naked; you’re the first girl I’ve ever seen like that. It’s reasonable to be surprised.”

“You didn’t see me getting changed yesterday?” Emily asked.

“Didn’t want to see any of that.” Amara stated. “Don’t particularly like looking at poop or urine stains.”

“Ah, yeah.” Emily replied, nodding in understanding. “Well, I’ll try to be more self-conscious of my current state of dress around the house.”

“Thanks.” Amara said with a smile.

“No problem.” Emily said.

“So…mercury symbols?” Amara asked.

Emily blushed. “Shut up!” Amara laughed, causing Emily to shove her onto her side.


After finishing getting dressed, the girls met Julia at the front door. The woman frowned at the shorts Emily wore, as they were rather tight and revealing at the behind, but relented upon realizing Emily’s blue shirt was long enough to help cover some of it. Handing Emily a discreet travel bag containing two diapers, the extra pair of shorts, baby powder, and wet wipes, she let the girls leave.

The pair walked two blocks to the first bus stop, where it took them half an hour to reach the main street. From there Emily showed Amara the video arcade, which the pair spent a half hour playing some games, a nearby music store, where Amara bought a Bleach anime soundtrack, and a clothing store, where Amara bought several matching pairs of shorts to the ones Emily was wearing, to the girl’s surprise.

Once done there, Emily showed Amara the local Blockbuster video store, and another clothing store before the pair made their way to the mall. It was eleven thirty by the time the pair made their way to the food court for a snack. Amara and Emily claimed a table and put their bags down.

“I’m gonna head to the restroom.” Amara announced. “Mind staying and watching the stuff while I’m gone?”

“Only if you order our food when you get back.” Emily said.

“Fair enough.” Amara said, before walking to the restroom.

Emily sat down on one of the table’s chairs and arranged the bags together so they’d all be in her line of sight. Once done with that she sat for several minutes, letting her mind wander. Then her thoughts were interrupted.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss. Pissy-Pants writer.”

Emily bit back a groan and looked up to see five kids standing in front of her; three girls, two boys. All three girls had black hair, the one directly in front of her had ruby red eyes, the one to her left had green eyes, and the one to her right had blue eyes. Both boys had blond hair, and one had brown eyes while the other had blue eyes.

“Trish, what do you want?” Emily asked.

“That’s quite a lot of bags you got there.” The ruby eyed girl, Trish, stated.

“Only a few are mine.” Emily admitted.

“Is that so?” the green eyed girl asked.

“Not that it’s your business Kate, but the rest belong to my friend.” Emily said.

“Since when do you have friends?” The blue eyed girl sneered.

“I’ve got a bunch at the game and writing clubs Amanda.” Emily snapped. “Not that you’d know because apparently being popular means you’re too good to be creative.”

The brown eyed boy laughed. “Someone’s got some spunk today.”

“Quiet Kyle.” Amanda stated.

“We’ll let you know if you or Eric are needed.” Kate stated. “Don’t want it to appear as if you two are picking on a girl by yourselves. Leave it in the gender.”

“In the gender?” Trish asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Play on an old saying.” Kate replied. “Keep it in the house or something like that.”

“Ah.” Trish nodded in understanding. A laugh caught the group’s attention. Amanda had slipped by Emily and grabbed her travel bag. In her hand was one of Emily’s diapers.

“Oh my god, you really do wear diapers!” Amanda crowed. The other four laughed as Emily’s face flushed.

“Shut up!” Emily yelled and lunged forward. Amanda pulled back, out of Emily’s reach, while Eric and Kyle grabbed her arms. “Let go of me!”

“Looks like someone wants her diaper back.” Amanda teased.

“Well why don’t you give it too her.” Trish suggested with a grin. The others grinned as well while Emily paled at the implication.

“No!” Emily began struggling against the two boys grips, but they held fast. Trish and Kate grabbed her legs as Amanda opened the diaper up.

“You know it’s pointless to resist.” Trish stated, hanging on tightly to Emily’s struggling limb. “My Daddy will get us off of any charges you could try throwing at us. Why do you think no one’s helping you?”

Emily continued to struggle as Amanda slid the diaper under the girl. Amanda then pulled the diaper up between Emily’s legs, over her shorts, and proceeded to tape it snuggly shut. The girls moved out of the way, releasing her legs, and the boys threw Emily off the chair and onto the floor in the middle of the food court.

“Oopsy, baby go boom!” Trish said, causing all five of them to burst out laughing. Some of the other kids and younger teens to laugh as well at the sight of Emily’s diapered state.

Emily stood up, her face red in a mix of embarrassment and anger. She made to take the diaper off when it happened; she started wetting herself! Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped in horror as the diaper began to discolor and droop; her thin shorts and panties doing next to nothing to holding back the pee.

“Oh god, she peed herself!” Trish exclaimed, causing the laughter to increase. Trish, Kate, and Amanda made their way over to her and began poking and picking on Emily.

“She sure did, look at this!” Kate said as pressed the diaper into Emily’s crotch.

“Stop it!” Emily yelled, tearing up.

“Awe, baby going to cry?” Amanda mocked. “Here, let me help.” She poked Emily in her eye.

“Ah!” Emily went down on her knees as she clutched her eye. A few tears slipped down her face as laughter rang in her ears.

Suddenly a shriek rang through the air, causing the laughter to stop. Emily looked up, brushing the tears from her eyes. Trish and Kate had their hands on their back, which she could see had huge wet stains on them. Looking past them, she saw Amara with an empty cup.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Amara demanded.

“I could ask you the same question!” Trish snarled. “Do you know who I am? Who my father is?”

“I don’t give a rats ass who you father is, you’re harassing my friend!” Amara yelled back.

“Diaper girl is your friend?” Trish asked, a look of disbelief on her face.

“Her name is Emily, and yes she is.” Amara answered.

“You got a thing for piss?” Kate asked.

“No, creativity. We’re both writers.” Amara said.

“Why would you want that diaper girl for a friend?” Trish asked. “She’s just a crybaby freak who can’t keep her pants clean.”

“Because I know she’s a good person.” Amara stated. “She doesn’t need to put someone else down to make herself feel better.”

“It’s just a little fun.” Trish said, exasperated.

“Maybe she’s a diaper girl too.” Amanda suggested.

“I don’t need diapers.” Amara snapped. “But I hold nothing against people that do. I judge people on what they’re capable of, and what they do. And right now I’m looking at trash.”

“Trash!?” Trish yelled.

Amara smirked. “Instead of preparing for your futures, or even living in the present, you’re ruining other people’s childhoods. I don’t find anything worth while in your actions, so I see you as trash.”

“Bitch!” Trish yelled. She’d never been so disrespected in her life.

Amara grinned, but then cried out in pain as she was yanked back by her ponytail. “Show some respect bitch.” Kyle snarled. “Her father is the best lawyer in the state. He could easily get you charged with sland-ER!!!”

He was interrupted when Amara grabbed his wrist, spun into his body, and flipped him over her shoulder. Kyle yelped in surprise, letting go of Amara’s ponytail, as he was flipped over, landing on his back hard on the floor.

A stunned silence hung in the food court as Amara rubbed the back of her head. “Never mess with the hair.”

That snapped the group out of it. “You bitch!” Eric yelled, throwing a punch at Amara. The girl duck under it, grabbed his wrist, spun on one foot, and drove the heel of her boot into his jaw. Eric gave a muffled cry of pain as the momentum pushed him back, but Amara still had a grip on his wrist. A pop was heard as his arm was dislocated.

Eric fell to his knees as he silently cried, holding his arm. Trish, Amanda, and Kate looked on, eyes widened in shock at the display. “B-But they’re on the school’s wrestling team!” Kate breathed in disbelief. “How could she just…”

Amara turned her gaze onto the trio. “Move.” The three girls moved to one side as Amara made her way over to Emily and knelt down next to her. “Are you okay?”

Emily sniffled. “No…” She suddenly burst into tears, and launched herself at Amara. She quickly wrapped her arms around the girl as she cried into her chest.

“What’s going on here?”

Amara looked up as several mall security cops approached them. One officer stepped forward and looked around. “Well?” he asked. Most of the people turned back to their meals.

Both Amara and Trish started talking at the same time, which quickly turned to yelling as they tried to be heard over the other. “Enough!” The officer yelled. “We’ll find out everything in the main security office. The new camera system should clear this up.”

Trish and her group visibly paled. “Security cameras?” Trish asked.

“Just installed Friday.” The officer said. “Now I want names and parent phone numbers now.”

“Do you mind if I take Emily here to get cleaned up?” Amara asked. The officer took one look at Emily’s diapered state and nodded his head. “Thank you.”

“This officer will escort you.” The officer said, pointing to a female co-worker.

“That’s fine.” Amara said as she helped Emily to her feet. After grabbing the travel bag from their table, led Emily to the restroom, the escort following.


Amara had helped Emily change into her spare shorts. Unfortunately, her panties were ruined, so Emily reluctantly changed into her spare diaper first. The shorts did nothing to hide the bulk of her diaper, and even Amara giving her her vest to wrap around her waist didn’t help.

Once done with the change, the pair gather their things, and were escorted to the mall security office. A paramedics was called for Eric, parents were called, and the footage was reviewed. By the time the footage was done, Julia was shaking with fury.

“How dare you lay your hands on my daughter!” Julia all but yelled at Trish’s group, causing them to reel back.

“Get away from us you crazy lady!” Trish exclaimed.

“My mom’s not crazy.” Emily yelled.

“Quiet diaper girl!” Kate yelled.

“Enough, all of you!” The head of mall security exclaimed, silencing all of them. He turned to Trish’s group. “You harassed a girl, physically assaulted her. That’s a two week suspension from mall property.” He turned to Amara. “You fought in self defense, but you also dislocated the boy’s arm. I don’t have a choice but to suspend you from mall property for two weeks.”

“That’s fine.” Amara said.

“Two weeks?” Trish moaned, the rest of the group in a similar state.

“Be thankful it’s not more.” The security head stated. “Now then, are there going to be any charges pressed?”

Trish grinned at Amara, and opened her mouth to speak, when a hand landed on her shoulder. She looked up to see her father. He had black hair and icey blue eyes, and wore a business suit.

“I don’t believe there’s any need for charges to be pressed.” Trish’s father stated. “I believe we’d all rather put this whole thing behind us.”

“And what will be done to prevent something like this from happening again?” Julia asked.

“Trish does seem to try and use her father’s reputation to intimidate others, so she can get her way.” Amara said.

“Amara, be quiet.” Julia stated. The girl frowned, but did as she was told.

Trish could feel her father’s gaze on her. She couldn’t meet it. “Rest assured, my daughter will be made clear of how unacceptable her behavior was today.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Julia said. “I find spanking work quite effectively.”

Emily blushed at that, though Trish seemed to pale at the notion of being spanked. “I’ll remember that. I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself. I’m Trish’s father, Bill Mcnare.”

“Julia Delaro.” Julia introduced herself.

“I hope we don’t meet like this again…Mrs?”

“Ms. Actually.”

“Ah, my apologies.”

“Nothing to apologize for. Now if you’ll excuse me, my daughter and her friend need lunch, and then have a doctor’s appointment in an hour.”

“That’s quite alright. Hope your daughter checks out with a clean bill of health.”

“Thank you.”

Julia motioned to Amara and Emily. The girls gathered their things, and followed her out, Emily making certain the bags covered the bulge of her diaper. As the group exited the mall, Julia spoke up.

“Amara, it was not your place to speak back there.” Julia stated. “It was rather rude.”

“Will I be punished for all this?” Amara asked, managing to hide her nervousness.

“No.” Julia said, to her surprise. “You defended my daughter and yourself from those hooligans. While I may not approve of how much force you used, I know the intent behind it was pure. So I will let it slide this once.”

Amara breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t have to suffer another diaper punishment. “So where’s lunch going to be?”

“Home.” Amara and Julia glanced at Emily. The girl’s face was downcast and red.

“Home it is.” Julia said as they reached the car. After Emily finished putting her bags in the trunk, Julia pulled her into a hug. “You know I love you baby girl, right?”

“Yes Mommy.” Emily said, hugging her back.

Julia held Emily a little longer before kissing her forehead. “In you go.”

Emily clambered into the back seat of the car, Amara already seated and buckled in. Had she looked up, she’d have noticed a flash of jealousy cross Amara’s face.


Short but sweet. Hopefully anyways. Let me know what you think, as always.

Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 5

Very good chapter, I am impressed. I didn’t like where things were going when the bullies found the diaper, but you handled it very well changing my impression. I also like the balance you are developing between Amara and her current Gardian.

I had to laugh at the Pavlov Dog reference. True, so true. Amara is bright, apparently skilled in self defense, a writer, and socially aware enough to judge a situation and accept what she can’t change, yet knowing at the limits are. You are doing a good job with her character development (although I could do without the same sex interests/questions). Good luck with your future story writing. I look forward to reading more in this story.


Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 5

Takes the words right out of my mouth. The story is well developed through characters, and as quoted, I could go without the same sex interests in the story. In my opinion, it just distracts from the story, creating useless white-noise.

Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 5

Never said it would be touched on, still deciding what to do with the whole lesbian thing in this one. Already got an ending decided, and no she doesn’t get together with Emily.

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You are really putting a lot of work into this story! I like it a lot and look forward to more!

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I really like that story, the lesbian part is ok. but what I like is that fact that the girl is forced into diapers and it remain plausible kind of :wink:

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Well thanks for sinking my ship. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth be told as soon as I read ‘Well if it isn’t miss pissy-pants.’ I had a knee-jerk reaction of “crap, not this again.” And almost pressed the back button. I’m glad I didn’t. The story so far makes me think of the game LA NOIR, that despite some aspects of the story seems rather odd, the protagonist is so interesting and sory line so varying that I keep going just to see what happens next. Can’t wait for chapter 6.

side question for everyone else. Can anyone think of something Amera’s bad experience was other then rape? Because I can’t, and I’m wondering if it’s that obvious or if my mind is just that sick and twisted.

Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 5

While I never said I’d touch on it, I never said I wouldn’t either. I got quite a few twists planned for this story, and for once the side experience for Amara isn’t rape, but still affects her badly. You’ll get a big hint in a few chapters. And that may take a while, given I’m multitasking with several stories.

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I was about to make a second guess. Then I realised I’m doing the second most annoying thing people do on storyboards, predictions.

The first being “M0AR PL3AZZZ.”

Some times I wish there was a separate “Take an educated guess as to what happens next,” tread for ongoing stories. Just so we can get it out of our systems, fanwank all we want, and the author can read the compliments and constructive criticism with out seeing how big o’ tossers some of us can get.

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More will come in time everyone; been a bit crazy the last month for me in real life.

That said, i am almost done with my next Urawakai Senshi chapter; should be done by friday at the latest. You should check that story out, hopefully it’ll tie you over until the next chapter for this one.

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How are you doing Twilight?
I just wanted to know if you were going to continue this one?

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I do intend to continue this story, real life is being Bitch to me. I’m on anti-depressants, and they kill my creativity, and thus my drive to write. I’m hoping my situation resolves itself soon so i can get back to writing, but right now…