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I’d like to put together a list of the best stories, whether the story came from here, or on another site. Most other lists I’ve seen are several years old already. This is to be used as a “recommended reading list” because we’ve all accidentally stumbled upon stories we wish we hadn’t ^^’

I’m pretty sure most of us can agree on some that came from here are amazing like “Lily the Liar” by Elibean, “The Wannabe Hypnotist” by WBdaddy, “Stories We Tell” by Storywriter.

What are some of your favorites?

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In for a Penni - Elizabeth
French wines - CS fox
Machines are not toys - CS fox
Mimi’s Struggles - Pink n Nappies
Katie’s secret plan - Lizzy
The Diaper Deal - I can’t remember, babybrrs site, also forget the name.
It’s your fault I’m not poopular -anonymous /d/ poster. (Unfinished)

People need to finish more stories, and I need more time and coffee…

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Home by Collin
The Girl in my Closet by CS Fox
Two Way Mirror by Whetoric
Prampharm by long_rifle
A couple of WingZ stories I’m too lazy to look at again, Un Lampo di Bianco is probably one of them. Also, though it’s never been my favorite, Dante’s Infanzia by Personalias is a good read.

I second nearly all of Vearynope’s post as well.

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I normally don’t like fury, but CS Fox is very good. When you can get someone to like something they normally can’t stand, that’s when you know someone has talent. My only complaint with him is that he rarely finishes a story and leaves them hanging.

I didn’t care much for Mimi’s Struggles. I found the mom to be very unrealistic and cruel to her daughters desire for privacy.

-Danti’s Infanzia

I don’t remember the name but there was a story about a girl who was kidnapped and had inhibitors put in her spine by a Dr. -It was left unfinished because the author died.

Dollies- PrincessPotty pants

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this is anthro but, its great. and has diaper content.
Blue Glow trilogy by onecho.

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That’s the Story of Poor Fabi

and I didn’t know he had passed.

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The Double Life of Ariel Crawford and its unfinished sequel, Selling Out, come to mind.

Neither are posted here because the author only wanted them posted on her own site. Her site is long gone, but you can find it easily enough by looking up on the Wayback Machine. The only way I see to grab the chapters is to copy them and paste into a new document. There is also a formatted copy of Ariel at the old Yahoo group in the files section; search for ‘arielcrawford’ and it should come up.

I really liked The Diapered Vigilante by Nighthawk. I think it is posted here. His newest story, The Caretaker’s House, is better.

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Some have been mentioned already but are worth repeating. I should also note that I have not read all of Elizabeth’s nor WingZ’s stories, especially the longer ones but I suspect most of them deserve to be here too.

Also to note that I’m using a list of favorite stories I wrote over the years rather than pure memory. I’ll skim through them before putting them here to be sure they’re actually good but I might not remember every detail about them.

The Double Life of Ariel Crawford - A classic for sure, not my favorite on this list but I will not argue it’s quality

In For a Penni by Elizabeth - Obviously

Bygones by Elizabeth - An abdl-lite short story collection, I like almost all of them but Death of a Superhero is one of the best superhero stories I’ve ever read

A Punk’s Tale by WingZ - It has one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen since The Outsiders

The Girl of My Dreams by I’ve lost the author’s name - So far the only story with a boy being diapered that I like

Two-Way Mirror by Whetoric - I have not started the sequel yet but it’s still my favorite hired-to-diaper-someone story

The Surrogate Baby by Write and Left - I don’t have much to say but I really like this one

My Real Country Family by CS Fox - this one I don’t remember as well as the others but I put it on the list when I made it

Mimi’s Struggle by Pink n Nappies - One of my favorite humiliation stories

The Secrets We (Don’t) Have by Peri - Another I don’t remember as well but It’s a nice character study from what I’ve reread

Tina Needs Diapers by Marin - A very hilarious parody story, it has great buildup and incredible payoff by the end of the first arc, continuity overdosed

Harmony Hills by Harmony - Is it too late to call this new? A great character driven story, large and varied cast, a larger plot starting to set in, just great so far

LilBrat by JenAndTonic - This is definitely a new one and still developing but it gets high points for being very realistic and still interesting (I’ve read a few stories that go for too realistic and suffer for it)

Raquel’s Only Wish by Emily in Diapers - I haven’t finished reading it so far and I have not started the current rewrite (I’ve been busy and this story get rewritten seemingly every week at times) but I do love what I remember from it

This list is a lot shorter than I hoped, I haven’t added to it in a while and I can’t remember all of the good stories I’ve read in the meantime. I have a lot waiting in my bookmarks so I hope to add to this by the time the next list thread comes around.

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Honestly I don’t think I’d want Hypnotist to be my offering to such a list. The Pariah is definitely a better work imo, even if it is more intense and darker…

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One I particularly liked when I recently read it is Easter Flowers by Elizabeth.

I rather liked CS Fox’s Two Weeks with Ms. Roo, though it sadly remains unfinished, leaving off just before an important part. Even if he isn’t up to finishing it, I still wish he would at least write the next chapter or two.

On Mimi’s Struggles, I liked the part written by the original author well enough. I did feel that where that got left off and someone else wrote the ending (at least the version here) the story took a darker turn that I didn’t like.

Another one I liked is Circumstances, though just now I can’t pull up the author name. Jack and Chastity get separately sent by their respective families to do community service - and then find out there is apparently a mix-up and it is actually product testing.

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French Whines by CS Fox.
The Girl in my Closet by CS Fox

The New Girl in School by Jilly. I hope she finishes it. Nice humiliation.

The Diapered Vigilante

Also take a look at the various contest entries we had over the years.

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I was just throwing out a few of my personal faves from this site as an example, but I’ll check out your other stuff if you think it’s better. I liked it because it showed how much research you did into your characters, setting, and even dialect.

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It was such a ham-handed ending, I’m embarrassed of it, really.

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The fact that you can write that long of an original story and stick with it, even through a heart attack, is amazing. (I’ll start on something and give up cause I caught a cold …) Just the fact you made an ending is admirable. , a “ham-handing” ending is way better than no ending at all.

I picked writing back up in Oct of last year for a site that was mostly fanfics (I use to swear I’d never do it) but I found this site a couple months ago because a friend linked me your story. Come to find out most people here avoid fanfics like the plague, so I’m trying to think of something original and it is WAY harder than it looks.

I can understand the feeling of embarrassment though, I do have an original manuscript that can easily be a diaper story if I tweak it a bit, but it embarrasses the hell out of me because I was very indoctrinated back then, (I was 16) but I eventually grew up and learned to think for myself, but it’s full of religion and I doubt anyone wants to read about that.

Can you send a link to some of your other works? I can’t find them.

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The non-cannon version of her story really pissed her off and she left Daily Diapers because of it.

I’m honored you like this one, but it is Life and Death Choices Made Casually that is the best of my long stories, if like WBDaddy, we get to chose which of our stories is the best.

I do suggest you look at the winners threads over the years for both short stories and story of the year. There are gems there, especially Elizabeth’s stories. When we had the contests she always was the one who bested me.

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“The Double Life of Ariel Crawford” is probably the closest we have to a true classic; it started strong and finished strong, and it was well-written all the way through.

“The Geek and the Cheerleader 1 & 2” by WingZ are fantastic, and in my opinion are highly deserving of that ‘true classic’ label as well. Sure, by now they show their age by comparison to WingZ’s most recent work, and while “The Geek and the Cheerleader 1” started just a little bit wobbly, by the time the end of “The Geek and the Cheerleader 2” came along, the evolution of the story, the characters, and the plot was superb.

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Good to know. It is the one here I read. Doesn’t change how I feel about the ending, though. The notes from the person who posted it made it sound like Pink never wrote past chapter 14.

W&L, I did like Life and Death Choices. More than worthy of inclusion in this thread.

Not very well written, but I rather like the plot of “Mixed Blessings”. It was actually so badly written that I edited the copy I have saved, though I recall trying to save the (poor writing) flavor of the original. Unfortunately my recollection is that the copy on this site is incomplete.

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Skye’s the Limit by Elizabeth is one of my favorites; good sci-fi sort of tone. In For A Penni, also Elizabeth, goes somewhere interesting in the end, but takes its time getting there.

Sunbathing Causes Diaper Rash is a fun one, slightly kinkier, especially toward the end as I recall. Not sure of the author.

The Trying Policy by author Mr Sea Otter, I believe.

Someone mentioned The Diaper Deal … wow, that brings me back. Author Tom Lee. I recall that being very good, but it’s been ages. I liked Tommy’s Problem by The Attenden from that era, too, but not sure how it’s held up to time.

Jennifer Laura a/k/a Jennifer Lorraine was a prodigious author of diaper stories (often with transgender aspects) back in the Usenet days; her stories are delightful if pulpy. The sex scenes were always gentle, loving done rather than raunchy.

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What about Ashley’s Diaper Adventures? That’s one of the first truly long stories. It is definitely ha its fair share of cliches, but it was decent in its time.

I haven’t read it in years.

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I found an old archive that had it back in Janurary its over in the link section.