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On the subject of old stories, I also rather liked “The Accidental Friendship”. Unlike “Mixed Blessings” that one was actually decently written and proofread.

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There are several I have liked since finding these places.
Never Reached that Stage started good, but………………………

I LOVE “Snuggles & Tears” and wish it could be completed.
We do have completion for Billy, But Becky’s regression is actually worse than his
where we are left.
Billy had Brain Surgery And a medical Crisis brought on by unsympathetic
CPS agents leaving him physically limited to that of an Infant though with Full mental abilties
of a 9 year old. Becky’s problems are ALL brought on by the CPS agents
How long will she take to Grow out of her problems.

I do like Ariel, and Ashley. I will still read Tiffany but Book ONE only!!
that story went from Diaper story to SEX story With Diapers, so I had to Drop it.

Kita, I LOVE the Sakura stories, though wish they were Closer together, not spread
over 3-4 years. We met Sakura at 10, but get her back at 13.

I also Love ‘The Chronicals of Vickie’
This one LETS Vinton become Vickie, rather than be Forced into the change.
I Do hope we can get some New chapters of That story taking off shortly after Cherry leaves
the Hospital.
Yes,I would Love to have More Sakura too, but keep it Close to were the Third Book
left off and NOT jumb too far into the future again

Amber’s Secret is a favorite of mine.

The Short A New School is fun.

Betsy Wetsy tried to be fun, but got lost.
What happened, Writer lose interest leaving No direction to go??

I Love Circumstances, And Curiosity of Girls
I am Missing ONE chapter and YES I have Searched the forum for it!!!

Diapers For Darcy is a good one. But was that one from here,
or the first site I was a member of!!?
I also Like Diapertown USA even though that one was from a Boy’s Pint of view
ALL kid (AND Teens, AND Adults wore Diapers there.
That one I know was put here (I did Some) but came from the more Picture oriented site

Another Boy story I like, I can’t find in my files is a Hanuka Story
I THINK his name is Harry. I have read it a few times.

Others I like include Potty Problems, The Wanted Punishment,
Katie’s Secret Plan, and Forever a Chilld

I Do like the New one “Madison’s Secret” and of course the Harmony Hills series

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I do like Life and Death Choices Made Casually but I have always preferred The Surrogate Baby. It could be that I prefer it’s healing tone to Life and Death’s more revenge driven story.

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I hope checkmate is completed one day.
Damn, it’s good. And the author came back after a long time to continue, only to leave again.

I hope the dude is alright.

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I think Ashley’s Diaper Adventures is overrated. I tried reading it again in the last year or so and didn’t get very far. Double Life still holds up very well, and it’s cool seeing how the writing improves throughout the story since it was written over so long a time period. It got to a point where it was hard to put down. I have yet to try re-reading Tiffany’s Diaper Tales - maybe that should go on my kindle next.

As usual in such thread I’ll mention any story by Elizabeth, but especially In for a Penni (parts of it remind me of Neal Stephenson and Diamond Age, except with a better ending). I hope she’s still writing - I’d love to read more by her, even if there’s no ABDL content.

Kumorigachi by Elizabeth is also very good and not mentioned very often (never on this forum until now, it appears), although the diaper content is fairly light.

The Vickie and Sakura stories are also good.

Phone Conversations (posted at Daily Diapers) is a good read as well, and hasn’t been mentioned in this thread yet.

Danielle and the Great Big Do-Over is good. Maybe Elibean will get back to it when Lily the Liar is finished.

I think everything else I could suggest has been mentioned.

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I’d say the first book of Phone Conversations is exceptional, quite possibly the best ABDL story ever written. The second one was cut short severely by an angry mob with pitchforks and torches (thanks to BabyJenny and the over-the-top sexuality in his torture story, though I staunchly defended his right to post it on an adult website). The third one, while interesting, lacks the art of Juliet’s Story. Reading Juliet is like reading an ABDL book written by Charles Dickens.

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Hard Work and No Play… By The Cle-Venger

The Cruise also by The Cle-Venger

Some Things Just Sneak Up on You - TaliZorahFanGirl (incomplete but what is there is fairly unique and still worth the read)

PrincessPottyPants. If I actually try and list all the things she’s written… Christ… Alisha’s Adventure in the Diapered Dimension which spawned its own genre, The Whole Story and its sequel Halloween Story, Sierra’s Magical Thanksgiving, Sucking Up, The Brat in the Hat, Laura and Holly and the list goes on.

Bits of Molly by Sophie Not GREAT but worth a looksee

Kaslin by Langtab*

So many greats :3 (Sorry for any possible repeats. I did read the other posts but I may have overlooked a few)

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I like “A Week Less Ordinary” which is also by Sophie. It is on Daily Diapers. Warning: It is very explicit and I don’t usually go for stories like this.

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Lacy’s Big Change:buttercup baby
The Blizzard Powderhair @

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I really enjoyed “the trying policy”, “stories we tell”, several of CS foxs, and if not only for nostalgia, Ariel… And Ashley’s stories.

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Indeed, if this forum were still running its “story of the year” contest, I’d nominate this one.

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Talk to Kita about it. There have been enough new authors/stories this year that it might be possible :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I even finished a couple…

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That would be awesome!!!

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Behind the scenes? About as active as you actually. I would have to check his posting history to know when last posted.

Story of the year is mainly validating the nominations and setting up the forum and polls right? Some of that can be easily automated. Heck I already have a script that could generate a list of the stories valid for nomination :slight_smile:

Now if you wanted to do another short story contest it would definitely require some extra help but is still doable. Just need a form to submit the stories and have it auto-post to the correct forum with a generic account. That would take care of a good chunk of the work for a short story contest :slight_smile:

In fact now that I said it, I wonder why it never occurred to me to suggest that sooner…

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Informative. Not necessarily active posting but he does show up in the logs as releasing posts sometimes if I don’t get them before the email notifications go out. :slight_smile:

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One of my favorites that hasn’t been mentioned yet;
Bishonen Diaper Lover.
It’s a real old one (I first read it on the authors website back in 2004) but I seem to remember seeing portions of it on an older incarnation of this forum.
In a real big way, that story changed my life (for the better), since it introduced me to Kendo, which is how I met my wife.
(It really annoys her when I tell her “It all comes back to diapers” ;D)

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The Girl and her Diaper.
The Werebabies
The Diaper Model
all by theUnthinker

The Home Farm
all great stories