Compassion and Care

Chapter 1: Country Roads Take Me Home…

She was finally doing it! Sarah Jones was finally returning to her hometown of Mossrock West Virginia after spending 5 years in nursing school. The now 27 year old was looking forward to moving back into the tiny mountain town she once called home. She was also thankful that the hospital had given her a position as a home visit nurse. Everyone in Mossrock knows everybody else, and when someone moves back they are welcomed with open arms. She loved Mossrock and was glad to be moving into the little cottage she had wanted to live in as a little girl.

After driving for many hours from New York where she had schooled, Sarah finally saw the sign that read “Welcome to Mossrock!” She was home. She drove through the town square noting the new strip mall that had been built, before heading to her new home. It was nearly 8:00 PM when Sarah finally pulled in to the driveway of her new house. As she got out of her car, she felt the old familiar feeling of a wet diaper clinging to her. She sighed as she unloaded her boxes containing her toiletries and clothes and entered the house. The house she bought for almost nothing.

The house was a one floor cottage with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a sitting room. Sarah had been smart, and decided to pay to have the house pre-furnished, so she would not have to buy new furniture. She walked into the bathroom and began to change herself. Sarah had been incontinent most of her life, due to a mysterious illness that only took her bladder control. She was used to the usual diaper change, and her charges in nursing school often bonded over the mutual need for diapers. Suddenly the exhaust fan in the bathroom sputtered and shut of at random. She would have to call someone to get that fixed.

Sarah found that the fan was the least of her worries when the sink only gave cold water, and the toilet didn’t flush. She realized there was probably a reason the house sold for far less than she expected, but she was tired. Sarah decided that she would rather call someone in the morning to come fix the problem. She put her boxes of clothes in the master bedroom, and pulled out a simple nightdress. She was too tired from driving to unpack properly. As she got dressed for bed, she felt happy. She had her own house, that felt more like home than her dorm ever had. And after tucking herself into bed, she fell into a blissful sleep.

Across the street however things where not so good for young Klaus Fisher. He had witnessed Sarah move back in and was filled with a bittersweet feeling. You see the 23 year old man had always had a crush on Sarah, but was terrible at expressing his feelings. He suffered from crippling anxiety and depression. The anxiety made doing the most simple things like going outside or even going to the bathroom difficult. The young man loved the security the diapers the doctor recommended gave him, but he was ashamed of his need for them and thus almost never left the house.

Klaus was a struggling man, he had lived with emotional abuse all his life. Whether it be from bullies or teachers or doctors, Klaus had had it rough. Sarah was always kind to him. She bonded with him over the mutual need for diapers and showed him respect that most had never shown him. He always felt inferior to her though. She had graduated high school at the young age of 15, and was the town’s shining star while he was mediocre at best. Sure he was a fantastic musician, but his muscle spasms often rendered his love for guitar useless. He had never gone to college, and was living off a trust fund his late parents had left him.

Due to his crippling mental health, Klaus had decided to hire an in-home nurse to come check in him, and take care of him. His previous nurse had been abusive. She pumped him full of drugs that the doctor she was working with prescribed. The drugs did nothing, but exacerbate the problems he was having and he would be beaten and humiliated for the silliest reasons. The drugs had taken what little continence Klaus had left away from him, and the abuse left him a shut in. Even though the evil nurse and corrupt doctor were in prison, he was stressing over who his new nurse was going to be. Little did he know, Sarah would not only be his nurse, but would also help him discover more about himself than he thought was possible.

Klaus thought it best to just go to bed, so he popped a Zzzquil sleep tablet, and went to sleep. Unlike Sarah across the street his dreams where filled with sadness and discord. He shuttered in his sleep. He would often yell, and toss off the blankets of his bed. The nightmares were so real he could never tell them from reality at first. After the first couple of years, he was able to tell and learned to just suffer through the night. That night his sleep was rough and disturbed.

“It will be fine” Klaus said to himself. “Just go back to sleep and rest.”