Compromising Situation

This is in no way my story. It is a story written by PrinceS at

I woke up and rolled over to look at my alarm clock. 7:14! It was Saturday morning, so I should be sleeping in; but I guess my sleep schedule had other thoughts, so I decided to just get ready. I walked out of my dorm quietly, as my roommate was still sleeping, and proceeded to to walk towards the end of the hall towards the shower. I had my towel in hand and my bathroom stuff in the other. The good thing about waking up early is that nobody else was up, so I could get ready in peace. After I showered, shaved, and brushed my teeth, I headed back to my dorm room. Since it was only 7:50, I decided to get changed and take the bus downtown to grab some breakfast. I threw on my boxers, some red shorts, a white long-sleeve shirt (probably a few sizes too big) and my flip-flops and headed to the bus stop.

The stop was about a 10 minute walk from my dorm room as it was on the other side of campus. The bus arrived and 25 minutes later I got off. I walked another 4 minutes to Denny’s. When I got there, I was seated and my order was placed. The waitress was a girl named Emily, she said she was a freshman and lived at home with her parents and sister. She took my order and said she would be right back. She was beautiful, she had short blonde hair, blue eyes and had a pretty nice body. The only issue was that she was much taller than me. You see, I was pretty short, I was only 5’ 4 and got made fun of a lot; Emily on the other hand, was around 6 feet tall, maybe even taller. Since she was so beautiful, I decided I could live with that. When she brought me my food, she stopped and talked for a while. The place was not busy, so she wasn’t rushing around. From what I could tell, she was pretty into me. I learned that her parents were tall, her dad was a former center in the D-League ( he was 6’11") and her mom played college basketball (she was 6’4"!!!). She said, that her sister was going to be taller, as she was only 12 and was already 5’3". That means maybe our future kids would be tall and not picked on like I was.

She told me that she got off work in like 45 minutes and wondered if I would walk with her to the bus stop. I could hardly contain my excitement and said yes, she took my plates back to the kitchen and asked if I wanted anything else. Since I didn’t want to sit at an empty table while I waited, I told her to bring me back some water. The next forty-five minutes, people came in and out, so I didn’t get much time to talk to her. The only time I could was when she would ask if I needed a refill; since I really liked her, I kept chugging my glass of water- I felt like a genius.

Forty-Five minutes later, she approached the table. I paid for my stuff, she grabbed her bag and we headed to the bus stop. When we got there, we realized that we just missed the bus. So we sat at the bus stop waiting and all of that water hit me. I really had to pee. I looked around for the nearest store, there was a Meijer right behind us, so I told her I was going to the bathroom. She said ok and that she was going to wait here for the bus and if I don’t come back in time that it was nice meeting me. I really wanted to ride the bus with her, so I told her that I could wait. 10 minutes later the bus came and we were off.

Her stop was before mine, but was still a 20 minute trip. I really had to pee. When we got to her stop, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her home. She said of course and I got off the bus with her. It was like a 10 minute walk to her house; I had to pee so bad that I asked her if I could use her bathroom when we got there. She said that nobody was home so that should be fine- I took that as a hint that maybe I could stay longer. As we turned the corner, she pointed at her house, we were almost there. It was small, as it only had 2 bedrooms- she said that her dad walked out on her mom and that there was no settlement yet so it was all that they could afford. As I was looking for it, I didn’t notice the fire hydrant, and tripped over it falling to the ground. Normally, this would have been fine -a little embarrassing- but fine; however, because I had to pee badly, it was much worse. My bladder released, pee soaking everywhere. Since I was laying on my back, feet in the air, gravity went to work. Urine streamed from my midsection all the way to my chest and I was now laying on the ground next to the prettiest girl I have ever seen soaked in my own pee, holding back tears. Very embarrassing!

I expected her to laugh, but instead she was concerned. She said that she could take me back to her house and get me cleaned up. We walked the rest of the way to her house and walked in the bathroom. She said that I could shower and she would wash my clothes. I could stay here until they dried, that way I wouldn’t have to wear pee soaked clothes. She said that once I was in the shower she would come in and pick up my clothes. When she left, I took off my clothes and put them in the plastic bag she gave me; I hopped in the shower, in disbelief of what happened. While I was showering I heard the door open and then close again. I stayed in the shower as long as I could, trying not to face Emily, because I was still embarrassed. It wasn’t until the water got cold that I decided I couldn’t stay in there anymore. I hopped out of the shower, grabbed the towel and dried off. I then wrapped the towel around me and headed to find Em.

I found Em in the kitchen. She said that she had washed my clothes and they were drying, pointing outside. Sure enough, I saw my boxers, shorts, and shirts hanging on the clothesline blowing in the wind. Em said that since they didn’t have much money, a washing machine was out of the question and that they had to hand wash everything. She then proceeded to say that I couldn’t hang out in a towel all day and that she had to get me clothes. I followed her to her room.

When I got to Emily’s room, I couldn’t help but notice the bunk beds. One of them had princess sheets and the other one was just pink. 2 of the walls were covered in posters of 1D, JB, and Ariana Grande, and the other two were plain white. It was obvious that Emily shared a room with her sister. While I was looking, Emily started to talk.

“Now I know that it isn’t going to be the most ideal outfit, but it’s the best we can do. Since my dad walked out, it is just us girls in the house, so you will have to wear girl clothes. Now you can wear my clothes which won’t be too bad, the only thing that might be weird is the underwear. I don’t want you to wear mine, my mom’s, or my sister’s; but we do have some extra. My nana gave my sister some underwear for her birthday as a gag gift, so she doesn’t wear those. You will have to wear those ones. Besides that, you can wear any clothes in here; and don’t worry, it is just you and me, so nobody will make fun of you- I understand your situation.” With that she threw me something and left the room. I looked at the plastic package she threw me and stared in disbelief:…

I didn’t even want to look at them, let alone wear them, but knew that it was the only option because Emily explicitly stated that I couldn’t go commando. So I closed my eyes, reached in, and pulled out one of the cyclindrical folded panties. I then threw the rest in the top drawer of the dresser. I continued to look for other clothes. It was chilly as heating is expensive, so I looked for pants and maybe a long sleeve shirt. I noticed some socks that looked warm, and since it was just me and Em, I figured what the heck and took them too.

I threw them next to the underwear I picked and started to look for pants. Just then Em walked in. Did you pick anything yet? She asked. I pointed at the underwear and socks. She said she loved my sock choice. I told her that I only picked it because it was cold and I had to pick socks anyway. She said that if I was really cold, I should wear these as they were really warm. I unfolded what she threw me.

She said that they were her sisters and that she had alway wanted to wear them but she was too tall. She told me to test it out that way I could tell her how they felt. I reluctantly said okay, I wanted to make her happy so if she had any respect left for me, I could still possibly ask her out. It was a long shot, but I had to try. She threw me one more piece of clothing and told me to wear it under the pajamas, so the zipper didn’t scratch me. With that, she grabbed some clothes. She told me that she would also change into pajamas and we could watch movies until my clothes dried. When she left the room I picked up the underwear I chose; they were white, with a yellow band, they had hearts and princess on them. I put my legs through them and pulled them up under my towel. They were definitely tighter than my boxers but amazingly seemed to fit. I then put on the last thing that Em threw me.…

I then put on my socks and took off my towel. I looked in the full length mirror and couldn’t believe how foolish I looked. I was a college student, wearing little girl underwear, fuzzy socks, and a white tank top. I quickly turned and put on the pajamas.

I was standing in the room of the prettiest girl I have ever met. Normally, I would be ecstatic; however, I was super embarrassed and nervous. You see, I recently wet myself in front of her, so while my clothes were drying, I was wearing her little(not so little) sister’s clothes. I was wearing the yellow banded princess panties, fuzzy socks, and white camisole seen in part 1; and the 1D footed pajamas over all of that (also seen in part 1.

“Are you ever going to come out?” I heard Em shout from the other room. I walked out to see her sitting on the couch in big girl pajamas with a bowl of popcorn. “Awe, don’t you look cute” she said, I blushed and turned around. “I’m kidding, get back here. I won’t make fun of you anymore, I know you didn’t want to wear girl clothes. So tell me, how do the pajamas feel?” I turned back toward her.

“Well they are definitely different, they are really warm though” I said. They honestly felt pretty good, but I wasn’t going to admit that. And they were warm, which was good because the house was freezing.

“Come sit down, I picked out a movie for us to watch while we wait”. I headed over to the couch and sat down next to her. I looked at the TV and saw the DVD menu screen: it was Twilight. This was not a movie I would normally watch, but obviously Em wanted to and I just wanted to make her happy. She pulled a blanket over us, it was really soft but it was pink. She pressed play, picked up the popcorn bowl, then leaned on me.

We watched the movie, and throughout the entire thing I thought about making a move. She was literally all over me, but I couldn’t pull the trigger: 1. I was wearing her little sister’s clothes and knew that might be weird for her and 2. the movie was kind of good. We both got lost in the film and didn’t even hear the rain start to come down. It wasn’t until the credits started to roll that everything came back to me. I looked down and realized what I was wearing and then looked outside to see my clothes laying on the ground covered in mud.

What was I to do now? Em must have saw my concern. We can wash them again and either hang them up inside or back outside depending on the forecast. She went outside. When she came back we proceeded to wash the clothes; once again, Em was washing my clothes but atleast they were not urine soaked only mud. After we finished, we checked the radar; no more rain for the weekend so we should be good. She went outside to hang them back up, I could see a rainbow in the sky behind her. I noticed that my clothes were not the only clothes on the clothesline. When she came back in, Em explained that they share that with the neighbors beside them, they have 1 son and 2 daughters as well as a mom and a dad.

I asked Em what we were going to do now. She said that we could always watch the second Twilight. I was lowkey excited, so I plopped back down on the couch and Em sat beside. This time, she pulled me towards her, I put my head on her chest and laid down. Once again, I got lost in the movie as Em played with my hair. My hair wasn’t super long, but it was kind of shaggy. We were almost at the end of the movie- we made it to the part where Edward asks Bella to marry him- when the door opened. It was Em’s mom and sister.

“Oh hi” Em’s mom said. I was unsure what to do. I sunk underneath the blanket, making sure only my head was visible. Em’s mom came over to shake my hand. “Mom this is my friend from school, he walked me home after work” Em said. I proceeded to reach my hand out to shake Em’s mom’s hand. “Why is he wearing my favorite PJ’s!!!” Em’s sister shouted. I looked down, realizing that when I went to shake hands, the blanked slid down revealing the pajamas. I was frozen in embarrassment.

Em explained to her mom what happened, as I sat in shame listening to Em tell her mom and little sister that I wet myself. I expected ridicule, but once again was shocked when her mom responded with compassion. She said that she would go get my clothes, since they were probably dry now and that I could wait right here. As I waited, I was introduced to Em’s little siter. Her name was Bri and she had just gotten back from a dace recital that she participated in. She said that she wouldn’t usually be upset that I was wearing her PJs, but she really wanted to wear them tonight as she was cold last night. She finished saying, “But if you want to wear any other clothes of mine, thats OK”. Thanks, I said even though I had no intention to borrow clothes from a little girl ever again.

Em’s mom returned, but I noticed that she didn’t have my clothes in hand. “Are you sure you put them on the line, because nothing was there?” Em explained that the neighbors must have grabbed them, but that she would go over and get them back. Em’s mom interrupted, “they went camping with the church tonight, so they won’t be home until after church tomorrow.” Great, what was I going to do now. Once again Emily must have sensed my frustration. “Well, maybe you can stay here tonight and we will get them back tomorrow after church.” I really didn’t want to spend the night dressed as a girl, but I definitely wasn’t going back to my dorm dressed as one. I agreed. “What about my PJs?” Bri asked. “We will find new ones for him” Em’s mom said.

“I would give you mine, but these are my last clean pair” Em said. Em’s mom said that hers were too big and I really didn’t want to ask Bri for more clothes. “What about your old clothes, they should be in the attic.” Em’s mom stated. “No mom, that embarrassing” Em groaned. “Not anymore embarrassing than other choices” I said under my breath, but apparently loud enough for Em’s mom to hear. “Exactly my thoughts” Em’s mom chuckled. “Give Bri her PJs so she can change and I’ll be down in a minute”. “But you guys will see that I am wearing…” I stopped myself as I realized I was thinking out loud. “Don’t worry we have all seen people walking around in panties before” Em’s mom said before heading up to the attic. I was mortified. Was I really about to do this? I couldn’t say no as they have all been so cool about this. “Hurry up, I’m cold” Bri said.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I unzipped the PJs. I slid my arms out and let PJs drop to the floor. I now stood in the living room, wearing nothing but princess panties, a camisole, and fuzzy socks. Neither Bri or Em laughed, but instead acted like everything was normal. Bri chirped in “those socks are really comfortable, they should keep your feet warm.” I bent down and picked up the PJs and handed them to Bri, she ran off into her bedroom to change. Em grabbed my arm, “Ok, before you say anything, I was a really tall little girl, so it was really hard for my mom to find clothes that had the things I liked on them. If she did, they were generally expensive, so she kept them all just in case Bri was like me at that age.” I realized that she didn’t think this was going to be embarrassing for me, but for her. She continued, “You see, I was kind of obsessed with My Little Pony and Hello Kitty, so don’t make fun of me”. Don’t make fun of you? I thought to myself. Just then, Em’s mom returned carrying a large box.

“Hey those are cute” she said, “I told Bri she could wear them”; I then knew that she was talking about my current underwear situation. “Let’s see what PJs we can find you”. The box was ripped open, and Em and her mom started pulling out clothes and sorting them. There was a lot of pink and almost everything was My Little Pony or Hello Kitty.

“What size are those?” Em’s mom asked. “14-16” Em responded. Em’s mom came behind me, and before I realized what she was doing, grabbed my waistband of my underwear and stretched it out. “Well these are a 12” she said, “so anything 12-16 should work”. "Let’s find something warm though, she said. After about another minute Em’s mom handed me these but in my size:…

I did not even argue, I just wanted to hide my underwear. I quickly threw on the pajama pants which fit perfectly, I then took off the camisole and put on the long sleeve shirt. As I was dressing, Em suggested we watch the next Twilight movie. That was something I could agree on. She told me to go get Bri and she would make more popcorn. I walked towards Em and Bri’s room but stopped as I passed the window. I looked in the reflection, I looked ridiculous. I continued and walked into the girl’s room. Bri was painting her toenails. “Wanna watch a movie?” I asked. She said yes and we headed to the living room. Em’s mom and Em were already on the couch, I sat on the end next to Em.

“Nice nails” Em’s mom told Bri. “Can I paint yours?” Bri asked. If you are quiet during the movie. Em pressed play and we watched the movie while Bri painted her mom’s nails. I was once again lost in the movie, that is, until Bri pulled on my pant leg. “Your next…” she said, I looked over and saw that both Em and her mom had newly painted nails. I shook my head no. “Come on,” she said, nobody ever sees your toenails and I want to practice". I realized she would pester until I said yes, so agreed. She took off my socks and started to paint. I continued to watch the movie, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Bri again, this time sitting on the back of the couch. “Can I do your hair” once again I looked over and saw the Em and her mom both had new hair styles. I have always like people playing with my hair, so I agreed again- I mean I can always put it back the other way when she was finished.

The movie ended and we were all exhausted. I asked where I was going to sleep. “You can share my bed” Em said. Maybe everything wasn’t as bad as it seems, I thought. I put my socks back on and followed Em to her room, but stopped at the window again. This time, I noticed my new hair style. It was combed over and I had a pink clip with a butterfly on it. At first glance, I thought I saw a girl, but looking closer, I realized it was me. “Wow” I said out loud. “Yeah you could pass as a girl easily” Em said. Not exactly want I wanted to hear from the girl I wanted to date, but hey I was about to sleep with her. I reached up and started to grab the clip, “No leave it in, it’ll make Bri happy” Em said. Whatever I though. I followed Em to her room and climbed to the top bunk with her.

I laid down and she wrapped her arms around me. This was perfect I thought, well almost perfect and I nodded off to sleep. I had this vivid dream, I was in my dorm again. I was walking down to the shower, just like I did today. This time I had my clothes with me. I hopped in the shower, then got out. My clothes were now gone and in their place, just a pair of pink panties. I tried to exit the bathroom but I was locked in, I saw a note. Put on the panties to unlock the stalls and use the toilet to unlock the door. I slid on the panties. I headed over to the stalls and tried to pull down the front. I got electrocuted and was forced to sit down. The panties slid off and I started to urinate.

I woke up only to realize that everything was not only a dream. I realized that I had wet myself in my sleep and soaked the bed. I pulled Em’s arms off of me and headed to the bathroom. She woke up, “Uh oh, are you ok?” she asked. I was surprised she wasn’t mad. “Yeah I am fine, just sort of had an accident.” “That’s ok, go take a shower and I clean it up” she then turned on the lights, which caused Bri to wake up. Em explained what was going on and told Bri to go back to bed. I headed to the bathroom, embarrassed that Bri and Em both saw me in soaking wet PJs. I hopped in the shower, only to hear the door open. “Hey don’t use all the hot water, I need to shower too.” That’s when I realized not only did I pee myself, but I peed on Em too; it amazed me how she wasn’t mad.

I hurried up and grabbed a towel to dry off. On the toilet I noticed new clothes. I picked them up and put them on. First were the panties, they were from that package, but these were the pink ones with the cat, bows, and paw prints on them. No use trying to argue, I had now wet myself twice in 24 hours. Next I saw socks. I put them on.

Finally, I saw what looked like a Hello Kitty dress. I put that on too.

I opened the door, only to see Em and her mom talking in the kitchen. “Come over here” Em’s mom said. Great, now I am in trouble I thought, could things get any worse?

“Hey, I know that what happened was an accident so don’t worry about that; but we were just talking about tomorrow. Do you want to go to church with us?”

Confused, I confessed that I have never been to church before and that neither of my parents were religious. Em’s mom asked about my family. I told her that my parents have a poor relationship and I don’t get along with either of them. I moved as far away as I could for college and that I didn’t ever want to go back. I continued to say that I stay at college over winter and summer break and that as strange as it was, today was first time that I was involved in what I thought a family would act like. That was way more than I wanted to tell her, but I was tired and wasn’t thinking very well. And mentioning that I felt like part of a family was my biggest mistake.

“Well it’s settled then, you will head to church with us tomorrow…”

I then thought about clothing arrangements, “Wait” I pleaded.

“I know that these have just been accidents but I want to make sure you don’t have any when we are gone tomorrow. The only way to do that is to take you with us or forced you to leave while we are gone. I think that it’ll be good to introduce structure to your life and get you to church. Im not trying to be mean but my daughter really likes you and I do too. It would be really special for both of us if you go.”

I had no leverage to argue because I had wet myself twice in their home; and I know she is just trying to be nice, but I had to avoid it one last time. “I don’t have anything to wear…”

“We will figure that out tomorrow, we have plenty clothes. You even admitted that you can pass as a girl. Now Em put on her old sheets on her bed and new blankets, so head to bed and she will be in after her shower.”

With that, I headed back on top of the bunk bed and laid down. What had I gotten myself into? While trying to process all of these thoughts, I fell asleep.

“Time to wake up” I heard Bri say as she is pushing my shoulder. “I’m up” I respond. I look around, to see Bri running out the door. I look behind me and notice that Em is no longer behind me. I look down and unfortunately confirm what I expected: the events of yesterday were not part of a dream. The night gown I had on the night before had risen up all the way to my chest, so when I looked down, my pink panties were clearly visible. I pulled the rest of the covers off.

I climb down the ladder and pull my socks back up to knee length. My night gown drops back down to right above my knees. I walk towards the kitchen and noticed that everybody else was at the table already dressed up. I took my seat and had some eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. Since it was so cold in here and the air was dry, I was parched. But due to the events of yesterday, I only had half of a glass of orange juice. It was 7:30 in the morning. After I finished my breakfast, Em’s mom grabbed my arm and led me into the bathroom.

“Since you already took a shower a couple of hours ago, we will just get you dressed and do your hair and make-up.”

“Make-up?!?” I asked.

“You don’t have to do either, but I figured if you were going to wear girl clothes in public, I figured you would want to pass as a girl.” I reluctantly agreed. First put these on, she said as she handed me clothes. I expected her to leave the bathroom, but she didn’t. I slid the night gown over my head. Next I pulled off my panties, on the way down sliding off my socks too.

“Now it is up to you, but since you are wearing a dress and tights, you might want to shave your legs so your hair doesn’t show through.”

I really did not want to be found out and I normally wear pants anyways, I agreed. I was not about to be recognized. Em’s mom started to run the water of the bath and grabbed a new razor and shaving cream. She first shaved my face for me, which was weird, but she did a good job and I did not want facial hair. Next she moved down to my legs. I expected her to only to the bottom part, but boy was a wrong. She applied the cream to every inch of my lower body, and I do mean every inch.

Since she was handling everything down there, nature took its course and blood rushed to places I didn’t want it to. Instead of telling her to stop, I instinctively apologized. She continued and told me it wasn’t a problem and she knew I couldn’t help it. She then asked if I wanted to shave my chest so no hair pops out if the dress falls. Once again, I agreed not wanting any slip ups. So she saved not only my chest, but also my back and stomach. I now stood unclothed and hairless everywhere except my hair and my arms. I asked about my arms, but she claimed that many girls had hair on their arms. But she did shave my armpits. Next she told me to get dressed.

I unrolled the panties that she gave me. These were the blue ones in the package, with ariel and seashells on them. While I was pulling them up, I noticed my toes were still painted pink.

“I’m just curious, how do those feel?” Em’s mom asked.

“They are definitely tighter than my boxers” I joked, trying to make light out of an awkward situation.

“I noticed they keep everything tucked away, it looks like they fit well.” she said.

“Yeah I guess” I responded. I didn’t want to tell her the truth. I didn’t want to tell myself the truth. These actually felt great. They were really thin and the cotton was really soft, it also prevented the bouncing that my boxers allowed. I actually preferred these in comfort, but hated the design and gender they were made for.

I continued to dress, picking up the tights

I pulled them up all the way up past my underwear. I didn’t see any other clothes, until Em came in holding a dress. “I ironed it,” she said, here put it on.…

I looked at it and had no idea what to do. I started to slide it over my head, but realized that there were shorts sewn into the dress.

“Em had troubles keeping her dress down, so we had to do that to all of her dresses. We had a tailor add a zipper in the back.” She took the dress and unzipped the zipper all the way down the shirt part and to the dress part. She had me step into the dress, one leg at a time and pulled it up. I placed my arms in the sleeves and she zipped up the back. She then went and got a stool and placed it in the bathroom.

I sat down and faced the mirror. Em’s mom stepped behind and started to do my hair, like Bri did last night. First she grabbed what she called a straightener and used it on my hair. Then she combed over the bangs and clipped them with a black hair clip. The used hair spray and other items and after a few minutes put everything down. I didn’t even recognize myself. Next she turned me around and told me to close my eyes. She then painted them with what she called eye shadow. Next she used a tool to make my eyelashes look bigger. After that she added make up to my cheeks and forehead. Finally, she told me to pretend like I was kissing Em and put lipstick on me. Before I had a chance to look at myself, she brought me to the living room.

When I got there, Em and Bri were sitting there, ready to go. “Look at you” they said, “how beautiful”. I saw my reflection in the window, well I saw a reflection in the window but looking back at me was definitely a girl. I was convinced that nobody would recognize me so I became less stressed about going out. Em came over, hugged me, then yelled “Selfie”, her camera snapped. “Let me see” I said. What I saw was two girls taking a selfie.

“Let’s get down to business” Em’s mom said. “I am going to have to introduce you, what should we call you?.” Without hesitation, I said “Sarah”. I don’t know what came over me, or why I chose this but I decided to roll with it. Alright Sarah, girls lets get in the car. I was told to put on a pair of Mary Janes, I complied. I followed the girls outside, when the door opened, a gust of wind hit my legs. I felt it all the way up my dress; it kind of felt good, but I wasn’t going to tell anybody that. I got in the back seat with Bri and we headed to church.

After about a 10 minute drive, we pulled up to the building. The girls and I got out of the car. We were greeted at the door, “Hello girls, who is your friend?” the man asked. “Sarah” I said in a quiet, high pitched voice, not trying to give away my manliness. We continued down a hallway to a table. “Hey Bri” the lady at the table said, “nice to see you brought a friend, how old is she?” “20” I responded. The lady laughed hysterically and handed a paper to Em’s mom. Fill this out and she can come it too the lady said. Em’s mom pulled us to the side. She didn’t even think about Sunday school. She said that since I was dressed like a little girl, people wouldn’t think I was 20 and that since I was the same height as Bri, everyone though I was her friend instead of Em’s. She said that mass was out of the question and said I had to go to Sunday school instead. She said that if I said I was Bri’s age I could at least hang out with her and proceeded to fill out the health form.

I couldn’t believe I came and couldn’t even spend time with Em, at worse, had to go to class with a bunch of kids. We headed back to the table and turned in the form. I was given a nametag with my “name” on it and it was covered in hearts and flowers. I was separated from Em and her mom and taken to a class room. I saw Bri sitting in the back of the class and I sat by her. For the next 45 minutes, I attended a class led by a teacher who looked like she was still in high school. We wrote letters to our parents and then made a craft. While it was child level work, it was work that I hadn’t done in a while and actually had fun. That was, until I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher said sure and asked Bri to go with me to show me where it was.

I could not believe I had to ask somebody younger than me if I could go to the bathroom, then have somebody way younger than me walk me there. When we got there, I felt my stomach churning. We had to wait for somebody to exit the bathroom then I went in. I told Bri to stay outside as it would still be weird for her to come in, since we were not the same age. I was about to explode, so I hurried to take my dress off; except, I couldn’t reach the zipper. I felt something coming, so I waddled back over to the door and opened it. I couldn’t see Bri anywhere. I called out to her, slowly waddling down the hall way. I ran into her at the drinking fountain and asked her to unzip me. She did and I thanked her. I had to hurry up back to the bathroom but couldn’t run, because I felt something start to come out. If I were to stand up straight, I would close the exit and cut off what was trying to come out, therefore messing myself. I got back into the restroom, and dropped the dress to the floor. I started to take the tights off, when things started to come out of the back end. I was messing myself, I sat down quickly and tried to pull of the panties, attempting to contain the mess without wetting anywhere; but that was to no avail. I successfully prevented my tights and dress from getting wet, but not my panties.

As I sat on the toilet with my soaked and full undies around my waist, I completely took off my tights and dress. I threw them in the corner and plotted on what to do next. Then I heard a knock on the door. “Are you almost done?” it was Bri. She was my only hope. I stood up, cracked the door open and poked my head out. I told her my situation. This has been the most embarrassing thing up to date. Instead of laughing, she told me she had an idea and told me to hang tight. She ran off and I shut the door. I headed back to the toilet and emptied the back of my undies into the potty. I then took off my underwear completely, wrapped them in paper towel and threw them away. After doing that, there was another knock.

“It’s me” Bri said. I poked my head out again. “I know that it isn’t the best option, but it’s the only thing I could think of.” She handed me something. "I went into the younger class and told her I needed a glue stick, when she was getting one, I snuck out one of these.…

It was a pull-up. Realizing I had no other option, I shut the door in defeat. I opened it up, put my legs through it, and pulled it up. Believe it or not, it fit. I started to walk to the corner where “my” clothes were, and I heard the taunting crinkle. Quickly, I put on the tights and dress and walked back to the door. The tights and dress compressed the sound a little bit, but if you listened close enough, you can hear it. I opened the door and met Bri.

“So is it on?” she asked, squeezing the back of me. “Awesome” she said. We walked back to the class, every step the crinkle seemed louder and louder. We entered the class, “Are you girls alright?” the “teacher” asked. “Yeah, I had to go too” Bri covered for me. The next 10 minutes were uneventful. The parents started to come and finally Em and her mom came to pick us up.

The teacher made us give our caretaker hugs when the got there. First Em’s mom gave me one, then Em. Em whispered, “hey sexy” in my ear and reached to grab my butt. Normally, this would be good and I was honestly shocked that after all that she has seen, she still finds me attractive; but her grabbing my butt may have hurt my case. “What is that?” she whispered. I told her I would tell her later and we went to the car.

When we got to the car, she instantly asked what I was wearing. I told her the story and how Bri saved me. They told me that it was ok and made sure I was feeling ok. They said that it was another accident and it was my clothes fault. When I was growing up, if I had an accident, I was whipped. Now I have had three in 24 hours, and this family has been so understanding. I was glad I met these people, even under the current circumstance.

We got back to their house and the first thing I did was ask about my clothes. Em’s mom said that the neighbors were throwing a block party so she would go over there and get my clothes. But she continued saying that at church this morning they told her that Bri’s friend should come and that her, Em, and Bri would love to spend more time with me. The only issue is that Bri’s friend is a girl and I would have to stay dressed up. I really enjoyed spending time with this family, so I agreed.

They were excited, the excitement continued as the girls got dressed for the party. Em said that she would pick my clothes and later returned with the following outfit, including white and blue Cinderella underwear from nana’s gift to Bri.…

I put the clothes on; only later to realize that it was like I was putting on another outfit, it was no longer a battle with myself. After we had all gotten ready, Em handed me a pair of pink crocs and we were off to the block party.

Chapter 2

We headed out of the front door and I look down at my outfit. I asked Em’s mom, “Do girls my age wear Hello Kitty?” I was astounded when I heard those words leave my mouth, I couldn’t believe I referred to myself as not only a child but a girl as well.

“Well Emily did when she was your age” Em’s mom chuckled. “Stop, that’s embarra-” Em stopped what she was saying, realizing the situation that I was in. “Some girls, yes” she changed her answer. “Well girls the age I am pretending to be” I said trying to correct my earlier statement, “I mean, I am actually a man”. “Yes, we know” Em and her mom responded.

We arrived at the neighbors house and were welcomed by a man, women, and two younger girls. “Hey neighbors,” the man said, “it’s nice of you to join us beautiful” the man said directing his attention towards me. “What is your name?” he asked. I don’t know why, but I hid behind Emily. “This is Sarah” Em answered for me. The man replied, “Well Sarah, these are my daughter Kate and Tara”. Now directing his attention to the two girls behind him, “Kate, Tara, go show Sarah and Bri your new playhouse.” Still I hid behind Em, until Bri grabbed my hand and dragged me into the backyard. “Don’t blow your cover” she hissed at me.

We followed the two girls to what looked like a small version of a pink house; it looked like it was a remodeled shed. “Dad built it for us” one of the girls said; “by the way, I am Tara”. Tara was taller and older than her sister, but they both were much shorter than Bri and I. They both had long blonde hair and were wearing dresses. Tara opened the door. I peeked inside, there was a scaled down plastic kitchen under what appeared to be an elevated bed and a couch on the other side. The bed had Hello Kitty sheets and the couch was pink, there was also a pink and white rug laying in the center of the floor. There were two windows on each side of the door and various types of posters on the remaining wall. I had asked about the bed, “sometimes Mom and Dad let us stay the night out here” Kate replied.

“Girls, come get some food” somebody shouted, we all exited the playhouse. Outside I saw around 20 people scattered around the yard. Some were hanging by the pool, others at the picnic table, some by the grill on the patio, and there were two people playing bag toss. I followed Bri to her mom. She handed us plates with hotdogs and macaroni, along with some fruit. I took my plate and sat next to Em. “No, Sarah sit by us” Kate shouted from a different, much smaller table. “You probably should” Em said, “I’ll be thinking of you”. I picked up my food and sat at the table. I started to eat, Em’s mom came over with a cup of punch and handed it to me.

The lunch was uneventful, the girls mostly talked about school. I tried to eat in silence. After I finished eating, I sat at the table for a minute. I saw Em coming over, “girls, do you want to go swimming?”. There girls were all for it. Em opened the bag in her hand and threw Bri her bathing suit. The three girls ran off to go change, “follow me” Em said. I followed her to the bathroom she started to undress. “It’s not polite to stare. Come on, get changed.” Em joked. I took off my socks, followed by my shirt, then finally my shorts. I stood there in just my Cinderella panties. Em was completely naked. “What about those?” she said pointing to my underwear. “I was thinking, I should probably wear these so my bulge isn’t noticeable” I responded. “Good idea”. She pulled out a red bathing suit, both tops and bottoms; I put my hands out. “Sorry, this is mine; you are going to have to wear my old one… sorry again” She said. Next she pulled out what I was going to be wearing.…

“Yeah, I less proud of this phase of my life…” Em said noticing my disgruntled look holding the bathing suit. “How do I even get in here” I questioned. Em grabbed it, pulling the straps away from each other. I put my legs through each of the leg holes. She pulled it it, until she couldn’t pull anymore. I put my arms underneath the straps and looked down. it was kind of stretched but it was on. Em pulled up the skirt and started tucking my panties inside of the bottom of the suit. “Your undies plus the skirt should hide your bulge, so that is a plus” she said. She stood back up, her body looked amazing. She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight and proceeded to kiss me on the cheek. “Now don’t worry, your make-up should stay on.” The brief moment I started to feel like a boy, I was reminded that I was not dressed like one. Em grabbed my hand and took me back outside.

We walked by the people on the patio, then past the table, and finally past the people sitting pool side. Nobody said a thing; “Jump in!” Tara shouted. Em took off and jumped in the pool, I decided to take the stairs in. The pool was really warm, it must have been heated. Every step I took, the water rose, making the pink on my swimsuit turn a darker shade. I met up with the girls. They wanted to play marco polo. Em said she would be it and we spread out in the pool. “Looking good Sarah” I heard Em’s mom shout. I was embarrassed. I then heard her explaining that I had to wear Em’s old bathing suit since I didn’t bring my own. At least I had a cop out. We spent another 45 minutes in the pool. Eventually we got tired out and Em suggested that we go change back.

I dried off and followed Em back to the bathroom. We both started to undress again. I took off my swimsuit and started to take off my wet undies. Uh-oh, what was I supposed to wear wet undies for the rest of the day? At least I hadn’t actually wet them this time. I guess I hadn’t thought that far ahead when changing into my swimsuit. I asked Em for a solution. Then we heard a knock on the door. “Come on Sarah, we are going to play house”, it was Bri. Em opened the door and let her inside. I quickly pulled up my towel to cover myself. Em told Bri to go over to the house and grab some of the underwear that was left.

After about 5 minutes, Bri returned. She said that mom had gone to the store to pick up more drinks for the party with Tara and Kate’s mom and that the house was locked; but she had another idea. She pulled her hand out from behind her back and handed me something.

Oh no, not again. I was really starting to dislike Bri’s ideas, as they all involved diapers. She said that she told one of the mom’s left early so she could pick up her young daughter, so she went over to her house and asked to borrow one because they were playing house. The mom agreed and handed her one of her daughters pull ups. I asked how I was going to hide this for the day. She said that we would play house in the playhouse until it was time to leave and Tara and Kate would keep it a secret. So once again, I found myself wearing a pull up. Bri left and I dropped my towel, removing my wet undies. Em put them in the bag, but stopped me before I put on the pull ups. She reached in the cupboard in the bathroom and pulled out a white bottle. “These are going to be tight, so they might rub a lot, I’ll use these to prevent a rash. Lay down”

I did as instructed and Em started dumping powder on me. I realized that she was putting baby powder on me; the smell was strong. I would have argued, but she started rubbing in the area. She then, ignoring my natural reaction, put both of my legs through the pull up and pulled it up my body. She then helped me up, spun me around, then pulled on the band of my pullups. She dumped more powder down my backside. “There, you are all set”, she patted my backside and handed me my shorts. I quickly put them on, covering my diaper. Next I put my socks and shirt back on. When I got my crocs back on, Em grabbed my hand and led me back to the playhouse.

Em gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me to have fun with a wink, and left me outside the front door. I wondered if anyone I walked by had noticed, but I doubted it. They didn’t really even realize I was here. I walked in the door of the playhouse. “Baby is home” I heard Tara say. Obviously Bri had already told the girls. “Come here and lay down”, I did as instructed. “Now babies don’t need to wear pants around the house, lets take them off.” I objected, I did not want the girls to see that I was wearing a diaper; but they didn’t let up. Tara continued, “Don’t be shy, its only us in here, I am your mom, do as I say. Don’t make me get grandma…” The last one is the one that convinced me, I didn’t want any of the adults to know about my underwear situation. I slid my shorts off.

The two girls giggled. Bri stopped them, “she agreed to be the baby so we could play, don’t make fun of her”. Tears started to form in my eyes. Tara then reached over me and popped something in my mouth. It was a pacifier, she said that it was from one of her dollies; it was decorated like a butterfly. Next she put my shorts on the couch and told me to climb on the couch. I did as I was told and she went outside.

She returned with cake for everybody. She then sat next to me and put a piece of cake on a fork. She then said that babies couldn’t feed themselves and told me to open up. This was embarrassing and the plane noises didn’t help out. After I finished the cake, I was told to climb up on the bed. Tara said it was nap time and covered me up with a blanket. The blanket was actually really comfortable and I decided that sleeping was better that playing with those girls, so I closed my eyes.

I felt myself getting lifted in the air. My eyes flew open, I looked up and saw a familiar face. “Tara and Kate said you were sleeping in here, you are getting ready to leave.” It was the neighbor’s dad. I tried to talk, but something stopped me. It was my pacifier, I looked down and realized I was only wearing a diaper. I started to tear up. “What’s wrong?” the man said. Through the sniffles, I spit out my pacifier and I managed to say, “My shorts”. The man caught the pacifier and put it back in my mouth. “Hold this and I will get them with my other hand, where are they?” I pointed at the couch and he grabbed them. I thought he was going to put me down so I could put them on, but he turned around and headed for the door. I started to fight him, yelling and swinging my legs. Instead of putting me down, he lifted me higher and wrapped his arm around me pulling me closer to him, eventually pulling my head on his shoulder. I gave the kicking one more try and hit him pretty hard.

Smack He swatted my butt. It didn’t really hurt, as I had some padding, but it did shock me. I stopped throwing a fit, as I was confused. He then opened the door and proceeded to carry me outside. I was now fully exposed. There were only a few people left but it felt like the whole world was staring at me. I was paraded all the way to the other side of the yard to where we came in. “Looks like the baby had a good nap” the man’s wife said. I blushed as he put me down. “Alright, we are going home, tell them thank you” Em’s mom said. I spit out my pacifier into my hand. “Thanks” we all said. “No problem” the man replied putting my shorts into the bag his wife was holding. She then handed the bag to Em. “Sorry about the mixup” she said.

Em thanked her and grabbed my hand. I gripped it tight, and she started to walk. We were headed home. I first I met her with resistance, but she started to drag me. I followed her. We walked out the gate and to the sidewalk and headed towards her house. I looked down and realized I was walking in public, wearing nothing but a diaper and tank top, as well as hello kitty socks and crocs- holding a pacifier in one hand and a beautiful women’s hand in the other. “You guys could have let me put pants on” I said. Em’s mom responded, “it’s not very far and nobody will even notice.” “Plus, people already saw you anyways; they think you are just playing house.” Thanks for the reminder. We walked up the steps and stopped; waiting for Em’s mom to unlock the door.

She handed me the plastic bag and told me to get changed and then they could drive me back to my dorm. I raced towards the bathroom and pulled out the contents of the bag. Sure enough, I had my shorts, boxers, and long sleeve shirt. I took off my socks, tank top, and pull ups. My region hung freely. I put my boxers on, then my shirt, and finally my shorts. I started to put the other clothes in the bag. As I was walking around the bathroom, my legs bumped into my hanging fruit a few times. This was way less comfortable than them being nested in a hammock. I could not believe I was missing my girl underwear.

I knew I couldn’t ask to wear more, as they would lose respect for me. My eyes then glanced back over to the plastic bag. Nobody will notice, I thought to myself. I took off my shorts and boxers, and proceeded to slide the pullups back on my body. After they were snug around my hips, I put my boxers and shorts back on. My shirt hung past my waistline and I pulled my shorts up high, so nobody would see my real underwear.

I looked down to check that I would not be exposed and realized that my toes were still painted, then looking back in the mirror noticed that my hair and face were still dolled up. I called Em to the bathroom. She told me to sit tight and she would be back. After a minute she returned, with the stool, makeup remover, and nail polish remover. She messed my hair back up and removed the last (visible) remnants of my time spent as a girl. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me outside to the car. She said that her mom and sister enjoyed having me and I would have to come again under different circumstances.

She then had me get in the passenger seat and headed to the driver seat. On the drive back, she asked if I had fun. I told her I did and would like to spend more time together. She agreed. She dropped me off at my dorm and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. I said goodbye and entered my dorm. It was kind of late, so I crept back into my room and noticed my roommate was sleeping. I climbed into my bed and laid down underneath my covers. I took off my shirt and shorts as I normally sleep in my boxers. I decided to keep on my under underwear because I wake up before me roommate anyways. My head hit the pillow and I was fast asleep.

I had a dream that I was back at the neighbor’s house. I was in the playhouse, wearing the footed pajamas I had on Saturday. I had to go potty really bad. Tara was there and I asked her to leave so I could go. She said go in the diaper, that is what they are for. After much persisting, I gave in. I flooded myself. That is when I woke up.

I felt like I had released my bladder, but when I felt around, the sheets were dry. I checked my boxers, but when I reached down, I didn’t feel my boxers. Instead I felt my pull up. The outside wasn’t wet, but it was squishy, indicating that the inside most definitely was. I was glad that I didn’t have to clean up and since I was really tired, I decided to not even change. Instead, I covered back up and put my head on the pillow. This diaper I did not want to wear earlier, suddenly came in handy. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

My alarm clock went off and I sat up. My blankets were kicked to the end of my bed and my boxers were no where in sight. My roommate had his bed at a lower level, so I knew that he couldn’t see me. I noticed my boxers were on the floor and I remember not noticing them when I woke up in the middle of the night, so I must have kicked them off early. I looked down to make sure my roommate was asleep- which he was. I climbed down off of my bed and grabbed my towel. I wrapped it around me, covering my diaper, grabbed my shower stuff, and headed into the hallway.

Before getting to the showers, I stopped by the trash can. I needed to dispose of my special underwear, so I looked around and after convincing myself nobody else was there, I slid off the diaper under my towel and threw it away. It was much heavier that when I initially got it, so I must have really had to pee last night.

I continued with my usual school day routine. I hopped in the shower and noticed stubble growing on the lower half of my body; I had forgotten that I shaved. I better wear pants today, I thought to myself. I dried off, shaved my face, brushed my teeth, then headed back to the dorm to pick my clothes for the day. I picked out some jeans and a t-shirt, then some socks, and finally, my boxers. I put on my clothes and instantly felt the discomfort between my legs. I was missing the structure that the other undies provided. But it wasn’t like I had any available and I wasn’t going to buy some, so I just had to deal with it.

I continued throughout my day, going to all my classes, eating lunch then coming back to the dorm. I decided that I needed to do my laundry. I threw all of my dirty clothes into a hamper then headed down to the laundry room. After putting them in the washer, I headed out for something to eat. I went to the campus diner and had a hamburger. Afterwards, I decided to head back to my dorm after making a stop to check on my laundry. The washer was done and there was one dryer that wasn’t running. I opened it up to clean the filter; but noticed it was full. I didn’t really want to come back, so I decided to pull out the clothes and put mine in. I placed the clothes from the dryer on top and switched mine over. Since I pulled out their clothes, I decided it was only right to fold the other person’s clothes.

I grabbed the first item, it was a white shirt. I noticed the low cut and knew that it was a girls shirt and I was doing girls laundry. I continued folding her shirts, pants, tights, even her socks and underwear. I finished and placed them in a pile on top of the dryer. I couldn’t help but look back at the top item on the pile. It was one of her pairs of underwear. I picked them up and checked them out.…

They were XS. I didn’t know if this was bigger or smaller than a size 8; the size I wore this weekend. I heard noises in the hallway so I threw them on back on the dryer; however they fell off to the side. I went back to my dorm and waited for my clothes to finish up. My roommate said that he was staying at his friends dorm tonight so he wouldn’t be home. I told him that I would talk to him later and went back to get my clothes from the dryer.

When I walked in, I noticed that the pile I folded was gone. I emptied the dryer and threw my clothes in the hamper, but some of my clothes missed the mark. I bent down to pick them up and placed them back in the hamper but before getting up I noticed something in the corner of my eye. It was the underwear from earlier. I picked them up, trying to decide what to do with them. I decided to leave them on the table and I headed back to my dorm. I folded my clothes and put them away and caught up on reading for school.

After a while, I decided that I should get ready for bed. I went down the hall to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. After that, I left the bathroom. I had an urge to make a pit stop before going back to my dorm. I went to the laundry room and just as I hoped, the underwear was still on the table. Apparently, who ever these were did not notice they were missing and I decided that instead of them being put to waste and since they were clean, I would give them a use. I stuffed them in my jean pockets and headed back to the dorm.

When I got back, I shut the door. I took my newly acquired clothes out of my pocket and threw down my jeans and boxers. Next I slid up the underwear. Since my roommate wasn’t coming back, I didn’t need to wear anything else to bed. I threw the rest of my clothes on the ground and climbed up into bed. I slid under my covers and nodded off to sleep.

My alarm clock went off. I sat up, but noticed something was wrong. I was drenched, laying in a lake of urine. I had managed to wet myself for the third night in a row. This time I didn’t even notice it…

I quickly took the sheets off my bed, throwing my underwear on top, balling them up, and throwing them in my hamper. I ran down to the laundry room and threw everything into the washer. I decided to get ready as I waited and ate some cereal in the dorm. I had threw on some shorts to run to the laundry room, so I was only sitting in those. After I finished eating, I ran back to the laundry room, switching my laundry over. I decided to shower and brush my teeth. When I finished with that, I went to the laundry room and pulled out the evidence from last night. I walked back down to my room and started to put the sheets back on my bed. The underwear dropped to the floor. After putting my sheets back on, I picked out my clothes.

I grabbed some sweatpants, still not wanting to wear shorts, and a t-shirt. I then grabbed some socks and started to reach for my boxers. My eyes shot to the floor. I figured that since nobody should see my underwear anyway and since these were more comfortable, I could wear the panties. I slid them on, followed by the rest of my clothes. This outfit was much more comfortable then the day before. I went to my classes and things were fine. On my way back, I thought about tonight. My roommate was going to be back and I really didn’t want an incident like the three nights prior.

The only thing that kept popping in my head were the diapers. but how was I going to get some? I decided to head downtown and formulate a plan on the way. I reached my stop and still had nothing. I walked to into the Meijer near the bus stop and headed towards the back. I slowed down at the aisle I was going to and looked around. Nobody was there, so I went to find the pull-ups. There were so many choices and sizes, I didn’t even know where to start.

“You look like a 5T” I heard a women exclaim. It was an employee, “Oh there not for me” I said, throwing a nervous smile. “Oh, are you going to a diaper party?” she said. I said nothing. “Well if you are, a new baby wears these” she said handing me a package that said newborn. I told her thank you and left the aisle. I carried the diapers all the way back to the shoes, before setting them down. I needed a new plan. I knew what size I needed now, at least. I decided to get a different item and wrap them around the diapers before heading to the self checkout. I looked around. I saw this really cool sweatshirt, so I decided to grab it. It was fleece on the inside so I knew it was going to be comfortable.

I headed back through the shoe section towards the diapers. I stopped as I noticed some socks hanging on the end of one of the rows.

They were like the ones that I wore Saturday night. I figured that since they were comfortable, I could also throw these in the sweatshirt and check them out in secret.

Now I headed back to the diaper section. I quickly grabbed the first package that said 5t and also threw it under my sweatshirt. I then headed to the front to one of the self scans. I opened the bottom of the sweatshirt, just enough to scan the diaper package. Beep. A screen popped up telling me to bag the item, I clicked the I don’t want to bag button. Next was the socks, Beep once again, I do not want to bag. Finally the sweat shirt, Beep I decided to place all three in the bag now. A screen popped up, please remove item from bagging area. I picked the bag up, and the screen telling me to bag the item popped back up. I decided to click that I don’t want to bag item since it knew the weight was off. Please wait for attendant popped up on the screen.

I now saw an older woman approaching me. I told her that I had just picked up the bag and that I was sorry. Sh

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Sorry about the cut off.I wasn’t able to find the first 2 ch again but only the last paragraph of ch 2 was cut ill be starting from ch 3.


I quickly found some new sweatpants to put on and after pulling them up, I took off my socks and placed them in the bag in my drawer. After closing the drawer, my roommate walked in. “Who was that?” he asked referring to the girl that walked out of my dorm. “This girl I met, she wanted me to go on vacation with her and her family.” “Nice,” he exclaimed “me and my new girl are actually leaving tomorrow morning to go on a vacation of our own, so I guess I’ll see you after break.” He finished filling his backpack and headed out the door. It was only Wednesday, so I still had a few days here. Since my roommate was gone, I decided to go to bed; pulling off my sweatpants, I climbed up and fell asleep.

The next few days were uneventful, I woke up wet on Thursday but disposed of my diaper like the other day and got ready for school. I wore the panties under my outfit and nobody noticed. When I got back from class, I changed into a diaper, did some homework and then went to bed. I woke up Friday, this time dry. I still disposed of it on the way to the showers and wore my panties to classes. When I returned to my dorm, I changed back into my bedtime clothes.

My phone rang, it was Em. “Hey we will pick you up in like 5 minutes, we decided to go shopping tonight to get you some vacation clothes.”

“You can’t buy me clothes” I interjected.

“Believe me, my mom received a lot of money in the settlement so it’s our treat.” she responded. “Pack whatever you need in your bag, then wait for us out front.” click she hung up.

I pulled out my diaper back pack and threw my toothbrush in their. Since I don’t need clothes, I guess this is it. I threw on a tshirt and headed outside. After a few minutes, Em’s van pulled up. The door opened. “Hey!” I was greeted by the family. I went to the back seat and sat down. “Since we are shopping for Sarah, I thought you should be dressed as her. There is a bag back there with some clothes you can change into on the way.” I looked at the bag, “I guess break starts now” I thought to myself. I pulled the clothes out of the bag:

“I know you have undies and socks, so I just packed the sweatpants and tshirt; just change in the back right there” Em said.

I took off my shirt and put on the new one, then I slid down my boy pants. I started to take off my diaper to put on my panties but I was stopped. “Your pants should cover that fine.” I slid on the girl pants over my diaper. I put on my socks from my backpack next, and put my Nike slides back on.

We spent the rest of the time talking about school and about what we planned to do in Florida. From what I took in, we were going to be staying at a hotel near the beach and we were going to go to a concert as well as Disney World. We were going to go to the different parks on different days; I was excited for this as I have never been there before. The ride went by quick and next thing I knew, we were at the mall.

We all stepped out of the van, Em grabbed my hand and started leading us inside the mall. I realized that they didn’t do my hair and make-up, so my face still looked the same. I asked Em what to do, she said that I kind of looked like a girl so people I didn’t know wouldn’t even know. She told me to walk with my head down, so people that I did know wouldn’t get a good look at my face. I was nervous, but Em seemed confident so I decided that she must know what she was doing. I kept my head down as Em led us through the mall.

“Let’s start with the basics, we will be gone for 2 weeks so you will need socks and underwear. What should we get?” Em’s mom asked, looking at me.

“Well I have a pair of XS, but I liked the way the size 8 fit better” I said unsure how I felt hearing myself say that.

“Well all the size 8s are here, so pick what ever you want” she said.

All of these looked like they were designed for children, so I am assuming size 8 was not for adults. I did like the way they felt however, so I decided to roll with it. My underwear went under my clothes anyway. “These ones I guess” I said pointing at a package.…¤tDim=Childrens+Sizes¤tDimVal=8&_dyncharset=UTF-8&colorizedImg=DP0703201517022889M.tif

These were the ones with the most boy colors. “Okay, well there are ten here so you should have enough for the trip; just make sure you don’t ruin them” Em’s mom said picking them up and placing them in our cart. "Now let’s find you some socks. We walked over to the next display. “You will need to pick a bunch, I don’t know how often we will do laundry. Which ones?” I quickly pointed to all of the fuzzy socks, those were my favorite. “We can get you a few of those, but it is going to be hot down there, so maybe we should pick other ones too.”

I didn’t know what I wanted, so I told her I didn’t know or care. “Do you just want me to pick all of your clothes for you?” Em’s mom asked. I really didn’t enjoy clothes shopping for boy clothes and I cared less when it was for girl clothes. “Yes” I responded. “Okay, well did you like the way everything fit this weekend?” “Yeah, maybe the swimsuits and outer clothes could be a little bigger” I responded. Em’s mom said okay and told Em to take me to the dressing room and she would be over there with some clothes in a few.

We walked over there and sure enough, in a few minutes Em’s mom was back with a full cart. The lady at the dressing room said we would could only take in a few at a time, but said she would watch our cart. Em grabbed a pile of clothes and we all headed into one of the stalls. I asked if Bri had to come too, but her mom said that she couldn’t be left alone outside.

For the next 30 minutes, I was like a model. Em’s mom kept leaving and returning with more piles of clothes for me to try on. For the most part, the clothes fit and after everyone, Em’s mom asked if I liked it. I has a realization that I was going to be spending 2 weeks dressed like a girl; I guess that it didn’t really matter what I wore because I wouldn’t love any outfit. As long as they fit, I told Em’s mom that whatever was fine. The designs ranged anywhere from plain, colorful, Hello Kitty, MLP, all the way to Disney and Disney Princess. Em’s mom said that I should get a lot of Disney stuff since we are going there. I tried on tshirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, overalls, and swimsuits. Em insisted that if I was really going to see if I liked being dressed as a girl, I should try it all.

It was strange changing in front of everybody, I tried using Em as a shield the first few times. I was still not used to people seeing me in a diaper. After changing so many times, I just gave up and stopped caring. This was one of my low points in life, but I was in too deep to change my mind now. After trying on the last outfit, I put my original clothes back on we shopped around for Em and Bri now. I wasn’t even sure what we all picked out for me; but I guess that we would find out when I needed an out fit for the day. After hitting all the stores in the mall, we exited. I calculated an estimate of the total amount of money we spent in the mall and it was well over $700.

Em’s mom loaded the bags in the back and we took off. Before we went back to their place, we stopped at CVS. Em’s mom told us to sit tight and she ran in. She returned and threw a box into the back seat. I looked at the box.

“These look too small to fit me” I protested. “Plus I already have some”

“These ones have tabs so they are easier to change and they are the largest size so they should fit. We just want to make sure we have enough.” She responded.

Enough? How often did she think I was going to be diapered?

We ended back up at Em’s house and we walked out of the car. I asked if Em’s mom needed help. She said that she would pack my bag tonight and that for now everything could stay in the car. She said that we should get ready for bed. I asked about PJ’s. Em’s mom said that since everything was packed that I could just sleep in the clothes I had on. I followed Em to the bedroom and got ready. She took off her clothes and climbed into bed wearing nothing but her bra and panties. “Are you coming?” she asked.

I started to climb up. “You are going to wear those sweatpants? I better wear some pants too”. I told her that she didn’t have to and that I was actually just about to take these off. She agreed, so I slipped off the pants. I was now climbing up in nothing but a diaper, socks, and t-shirt. I laid down next to her and she threw some covers over us. She then turned her back to me, reached behind her and pulled my arm over her. I put my arms around her and pulled her close, placing the front of my diaper up against her backside. I nodded off to sleep.

I woke up and noticed that the room is empty. I climbed down and walked out the door to the kitchen. I was greeted by the girls. “Good afternoon!” they said. I looked over at the clock and realized it was 12:15. I got nervous, when does the flight leave? I asked. “Do not worry, I got us a later flight.” Em’s mom responded. “We have to do somethings before we leave.”

“Wow, you must have been thirsty last night.” Bri exclaimed. At first confused, things started to make sense as I looked down. My diaper was sagging tremendously. I covered myself with my hands. Em’s mom noticed and tried to cheer me up “It’s okay, that is what they are for”.

“We have to get you ready to go anyway, so follow me.” she said grabbing my hand.

We went to the bathroom and she started the tub. She told me to take off my diaper and throw it away. I did as instructed. She said that since I was all packed that I would have to wear the dress that I wore the other day to the airport and the socks and underwear I brought with me. First, lets get you shaved and do your make up. We went through the same process as we did on Sunday, except she used pink lotion on my skin after shaving. She said it would help to make sure it didn’t grow back as fast. She didn’t do my hair though.

Next, Em came in holding the dress and my socks and underwear. I got dressed and entered the living room. The girls said that we were all set and ready to go. I put on my slides and entered the van.

We had 1 more stop to make, Em’s mom said. We stopped at a house.

We walked into a hair salon and Em started to talk to the lady at the front. Em’s mom explained to her that we were going on vacation and that we all wanted our hair done before we left. We then followed the ladies to the back. We all sat down. The lady went to work, straightening and placing other products in my hair. It wasn’t until she pulled out the scissors that I asked what was going on.

Em’s mom explained that it was so that people wouldn’t suspect anything on vacation and that when we returned I could just get a haircut. Knowing that I wouldn’t win this battle either, I agreed and let her continue. The ladies finished up what they were doing, adding some finishing touches. She placed a headband in my hair with a bow on top. I looked in the mirror, there was no way I was getting mistaken for a boy, I thought.

Em’s mom paid the lady and then we headed to the airport. We got out of our van and emptied out the back. Em’s mom had packed me a large suit case, a duffel bag, and a backpack. We went and got our luggage checked and walked through the metal detectors. This took a long time. After that we went to our boarding area. As I was sitting there, I was noticed that it was getting late. We had eaten before we left, but that was at like 2. It was now around 830. I asked Em’s mom about dinner. She said that she had completely forgotten and decided that we could just eat at Wetzel’s Pretzels. We got our food and sat back down.

We ate and talked, each minute we started to get more and more excited about the trip. I got so excited, that one time I threw my hands up. This caused the cheese I used for my pretzel to flip and spill all over my dress. Em’s mom told me to follow her so I could get cleaned up. I followed her into the bathroom.

There was a long line, so we waited outside. “I was going to save this for the plane just incase you got tired; but I bought you pajamas. They will definitely be more comfortable and it might be easier to change in here than on the plane.” Her logic made sense, so I agreed. We finally got to the front of the line and a stall opened up. It was one of the large stall. We both walked in and she unzipped her carry on bag. A took of the dress and handed it to her. She pulled out something from her bag- it was not pajamas though.

"I think that since it will be a long flight and that since you might fall asleep we should be careful. I know that you have been having accidents in your sleep so we are going to put one of these on you just in case. It was a diaper- not like the pull ups that I had been wearing, but a diaper from the box she got yesterday. I didn’t put up a fight. She went to the wall and opened the thing on the wall. She then told me to sit up there. I did as was told and sat on the plastic. She then told me to lay down, so I put my head to the edge and let the lower half of my body to hang. She slid off my panties and place them in the bag and unfolded the diaper.

She lifted my legs and placed the diaper under me. She then doused the diaper and the region it covered in baby powder. After that, she tucked myself between my legs, then pulled the front of the diaper up. She reached for one of the tabs and stretched it as far to the front as possible and put it in place. She then did the same for the other side. She told me to stand up and asked if I was good. “It is really tight” I said trying to take a step. I couldn’t really walk right though, so I had to waddle a little. “That’s okay, it makes sure that there are no leaks. This one will hold more.”

She reached back into the bag pulling out something else. “I know that you said that these felt good, so I figured I’d get you your own special PJ’s” she said handing me something.…

These will fit a little bit better, they are bigger than Bri’s. I looked at the footed pajamas, then down at my diaper. Dora was staring back up at me. I decided to put on the PJ’s so she wouldn’t stare at strangers. I went to lift my leg, but could only lift it to the side since the diaper was so tight. Em’s mom noticed my struggle, so she picked me up sitting me back down on the table. She placed my feet in the PJs and stood me back up. I placed my arms through the holes and looked for the zipper. It was all the way down at my feet. I bent over and zipped it up. I started to walk out of the stall, but was waddling really slow and clumsily. “Here I’ll make it easier” Em’s mom said lifting me up and carrying me like a toddler. We exited the bathroom, returning to the girls.

“Those look cute” Bri said. “And comfy too” Em chirped rubbing my back as her mom held me. She reached my diaper, I felt her hand stop. “All ready for the flight” she said patting my diaper. “Yep” Em’s mom said as she starting bouncing up and down. I turned away from Em, hiding in shame and placed me head on her mom’s shoulders as the bouncing was making me nauseous. Em’s mom started to repeatedly patting my diaper, the sound was taunting me. I closed my eyes that way I didn’t look at anybody.

I was in a diaper and footie pajamas being held like a baby. At least we were going to Florida I thought to myself. While this was happening, I noticed that my body was becoming less tense and how soothing the bouncing and patting felt. With my eyes closed, I ended up falling asleep.

I woke up, Em’s mom reaching over me, fastening my seatbelt. I looked around, the plane was crowded; there appeared to be no open seats. After Em’s mom fastened my seatbelt, she walked away. I was sat in a window seat, Em sat next to me, then Bri sat on the outside of our section. Em’s mom sat behind us as there were only three seats per row.

I looked at the reflection in the window, it was no longer me but Sarah. Sarah had a pink flower clip in her hair and her makeup done; she had all of my facial features, but for some reason she looked nothing like me. I was a boy but Sarah was definitely a girl. I had to remind myself that I was actually Sarah. I looked down at my clothes. My body was covered neck to foot in purple fabric decorated with cupcakes. Looking past the design, I realized how comfortable my current outfit was.

The cotton fabric kept my entire body warm, my socks tickled my fit, and even the diaper I was wearing -while tight- made me feel secure. I looked over at the girls, we hadn’t even taken off yet, but they were already fast asleep. I couldn’t really blame them though- I had already fallen asleep once and it was getting really late. Em’s head leaned over on my shoulder so I placed my head on hers, closing my eyes and falling back asleep.

I woke back up and looked around, everybody was still sleeping. I had a familiar feeling but couldn’t put my finger on what it was; that is, until my stomach rumbled- and no, I wasn’t hungry. I had to release my bowels. Em was still leaning on me, I looked down and tried to unbuckle my seatbelt but couldn’t get it. I hit my button that called for a flight attendant. She arrived shortly, “can I get you something? A pillow or a drink?” she asked.

“Can you tell me how to unfasten my seatbelt?” After her explanation, I freed myself. I slowly stood up and snuck past the girls. I forgot that I couldn’t walk very well, but I slowly waddled to the bathroom. It was occupied so I leaned against the wall and waited. A couple minutes later the door opened and the man inside exited. I entered the bathroom and shut the door behind me. There was not much room in here at all. I started to unzip my pajamas and got about halfway down until I realized that I could not bend over. Since the bathroom was so small and my diaper was so tight, I struggled to lean over and unzip my PJs the rest of the way. I slipped my arms out and started to wiggle my clothes off, exposing my diaper. I looked down and noticed the tabs. I couldn’t slide these ones off and if I undid the tabs, I wasn’t sure if I could refasten them. I did not want to go back out there and ask Em’s mom for another diaper or to change mine; especially since there was no room in here so she would have to change me in the open.

After weighing my options, I decided that it may be best to use my diaper for its intended use. I sat on the potty, since I couldn’t keep my legs together, which caused Dora to stare at me once again. “Sorry” I whispered to her, not believing that I was actually choosing to mess myself. I thought about the consequences. It might smell out there, but I didn’t think we had much time left in our trip. I closed my eyes, that way I didn’t have to look Dora in the face. I pushed and relieved myself. It took me a little bit but I think I got it all out. The diaper pushed back when I was pushing out, so I could feel the waste spreading all over my backside. After, I sat in defeat. I sat there for a while, not wanting to go back out there; however, the flight attendant knocked on the door asking if I was alright. I said yes and struggled to pull my jammies back up. I headed back out to the plane. I thought walking was hard before, but it was nearly impossible now. I waddled back to my seat. I slid myself back to my seat, making sure to keep my smelly backside out of the girls face. I sat back down and buckled up.

I couldn’t fall back asleep, but shortly the flight attendant began walking around waking people up and telling them to buckle up. I must not have smelled too much because nobody had said anything. We landed after a few minutes and were told to exit our flight. We stood up and Em grabbed my hand. Em’s mom exited right behind us and noticed how bad I was struggling to walk. She decided to pick me up and walk me off the plane. When she did, she noticed what I had done a few minutes earlier. “We are going to have to get you changed” she said.

Eventually, we exited the plane into the airport. We waited for our luggage at the carousel, when it came, Em’s mom grabbed hers and asked Em to get mine. Em’s mom looked for the closest bathroom. We found one with a long line but the girls were ready to leave. “We have to get our rented car anyways, so you wait in line with him and I will do that. If I finish before you, I will wait for you outside the restroom.” She set me down and started to dig in her carry on bag. She handed Em one of my diapers, told Bri to help grab our stuff, and headed to get our car. Em looked at the diaper, placed it at her side, then grabbed my hand with her free one. I started to waddle slowly and she became impatient. She really wanted to go back to the hotel, so she picked me up and started to walk to the bathroom.

“I can’t wait to go back to sleep” she said. “It’ll be much more comfortable than the plane. We will have pillows, blankets, a soft bed, plus we will be able to snuggle”. I looked at her, then back towards the ground. I really liked her and she really liked me, so I knew I had to overlook the fact that she was carrying me to go get my diaper changed. We waited in the back of the line. We talked about what we were most excited for on the trip and she told me how glad she was I came. After what felt like an eternity, we still hadn’t moved much. Em’s mom had returned with Bri, the luggage, and car keys. “Wow, you haven’t moved much, it might be another 30 minutes before you get inside.” Em’s mom said. The girls groaned. I didn’t want to sit in a dirty diaper all the way back to the hotel, but I also didn’t want the girls to get mad at me for making them wait. “I can just get changed when we get back to the hotel” I chirped.

The girls were totally on board with that idea, so Bri and her mom grabbed the luggage as Em carried me out to the rental car. We approached a van, much like the one they had back home. We loaded up the car, our bodies included, and headed to the hotel. The smell coming from my diaper filled the van which made everybody roll their window down. I realized that I had to go potty again and thought I should hold it. Then I remembered what Em’s mom had said about this diaper holding more, so I decided that maybe I should just go. I wet myself. The warmth filled my diaper.

We pulled into the hotel. Em’s mom told the girls to get the luggage and that she would check us in. She then picked me up and headed inside. I didn’t want the people there to know that I was being carried because I couldn’t walk with my diaper, so I pretended to be asleep. The girls came in behind us. We finished checking into the hotel and headed to room 127. Em used a key card to open the door and we piled in. Em’s mom sat me on the bed closest to the window and said that would be mine and Em’s bed and that her and Bri would have the one closest to the door. Our bags were scattered on the floor. The smell began to fill the room. “Go start to get your PJ’s off and I’ll be in the bathroom to change you in a minute” Em’s mom stated.

I waddled into the bathroom. When I entered, I stopped to look in the mirror. I then unzipped my jammies half way down like I had done earlier and slid my arms out. I saw that Dora was trying to peek her head out. I then wiggled my hips which caused my jammies to hit the floor. I looked back up in the mirror and saw how bad my diaper was sagging. “Lay down” Em’s mom said entering the bathroom. I laid back on the cold tiled floor. She ripped the tabs off causing my diaper to plop to the floor. I asked her if it had leaked. “Nope, you had room for plenty more. I told you they held alot” she responded. She continued by lifting my legs in the air, wiping my bottom and front with a baby wipe. She folded up my dirty diaper and slid a new one under me. She filled it with baby powder and re-diapered me, pulling the tabs tight again. She then put me back in my jammies and zipped them up. I waddled out of the bathroom and saw Em putting the last of our clothes in the drawers. I went to her. She pulled open the top drawer, “These clothes are yours” she said as well as the ones hanging on the left side in the closet." “Now let’s go to bed, I whooped” she said kissing me on the forehead. She began to take off her clothes, changing into her pajamas. I climbed over into our bed.

She climbed in shortly after, wrapping my arms around her and pressing my diaper against her bottom.

I woke up. Bri was sitting on their bed watching Spongebob. I sat up and heard Em and her mom in the bathroom. Bri must have already gotten around for the day. I started to watch TV. I know that Spongebob was meant for kids, but it was kind of funny. Em came out of the bathroom. “Good morning sleepy head” she said kissing my cheek. “Good morning” I said. “Go pick some clothes for the day. Me and mom are almost finished, then you can get in here. We are going out to breakfast since we slept in past the hotel’s breakfast times. After you shower and change, we will teach you to do your hair and makeup.” Em then headed back to the bathroom. I got up and went over to my drawer. I had no idea what I should wear.

I decided to start at the underwear as that was the easiest choice. I just grabbed the first ones on the pile. It was the one with the stars from the package I picked. They were white with pink elastic bands. It was covered with purple, green, pink, orange, and yellow stars of various sizes. That was the only thing that I picked out while shopping. I then decided that since we were in Florida that it was probably warm. I should either wear a dress, skirt, or shorts. I picked up a skirt since I remembered liking the feeling of the wind when I was wearing a dress and I knew that nobody would recognize me down here. I grabbed the first skirt I saw:…

Next I needed a top. I looked for something that matched my skirt. I decided that the white shirt with pink sleeves should do.…

I saw that there were some white flip flops with a large flower on top of the toe divider. I thought that those would go good with the outfit I picked out. I grabbed my clothes and sat them on the bed. When Em and her mom were finished, I entered the bathroom. I got inside and closed the door. I then started the process that was taking off my jammies with a diaper on. After I slid them off, I looked at my diaper. It was soaked. I had wet myself in my sleep again without realizing that I had, I had painted Dora’s sky yellow with urine. I took off my tabs and folded up the diaper like I saw Em’s mom do the night before. I placed the diaper in the trash can, right next to the one I had messed yesterday. I then hopped in the shower and showered. I was hungry so I did that quickly. I rubbed the soap on my skin, which was still smooth so I wouldn’t need to shave again. I hopped out and dried off. I slid the star undies up my legs and onto my waist. I then slid up the skirt after. Next I put on my shirt and headed out of the bathroom.

The girls commented on how they liked my outfit. Em and her mom led me back into the bathroom and showed me how I should brush my hair, which way to part it and how to put a clip in. They then took it out and asked me to do it. I did it and it didn’t look bad, but I asked if they could do it again so it would be perfect. Em’s mom said that she would just show me another hair style. She proceeded to show me how to put my hair in pigtails. She placed the two hair ties in my hair. Next, they showed me how to apply makeup. Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, the whole nine yards. Finally, they showed me how to paint my nails, both my toe and fingernails. Since I was wearing a pink outfit, we used the nail polish that matched. We let my nails dry and then I proceeded to put on my sandals. We were ready to go to breakfast. It was the first day in Florida with us four girls…

Re: Compromising Situation


Em grabbed my hand as we walked outside. It felt good to be able to walk in public again, instead of being carried. We exited to the parking lot, the breeze hit my legs and up my skirt. I remember liking that feeling but forgot how much I liked it. Em’s mom said that there was an IHOP down a couple of blocks and that we could just walk there. We headed down the sidewalk. There was a lot of people walking around, way more than I was used to back home. There were all kinds of people, old/young, guy/girl, different races and varying amounts of clothing. I got the occasional smile from a passing stranger and I did my best to flash a smile back. The girls kept rambling on about all kinds of things. We entered IHOP and were sat down immediately.

I ordered a waffle, bacon, sausage, and some eggs along with milk. I told Em that it was kind of ironic that not too long ago I went into a Denny’s and met her and now we are eating breakfast together at IHOP. Everybody got a kick out of that. We ate our food and discussed plans for the day. Em’s mom said that tomorrow we were going to Disney, but today was wide open so we could do whatever we wanted. We all agreed that we should spend some time at the beach today and Em suggested that me and her could possibly go to a movie tonight. I was really looking forward to that, that would be our first date.

After we finished eating, we headed back to the hotel to pick up our swim gear. We decided that since the beach was so close, that we should change in here. When it was my turn, Em handed me my swimsuit and I entered the bathroom. I took off my skirt and shirt, but left my undies on to hide my bulge like I did at the block party. I then unfolded my swimsuit.…

I didn’t recognize the princess on the front but I was glad to see that it had a skirt. I put it on and tucked my undies inside. When I exited the bathroom, we were out the door. Walking to the beach, I noticed that the strangers continued to smile at me and I smiled back. I was happy to not be worried about somebody recognizing me. We got to the sand and we all stopped to take our sandals off and place them in the beach bag. The sand felt good between my toes. We set up shop near the edge of the water, laid our blanket down, and headed to the water. The water was really warm, so I ran right in.

For the next hour or so, we were back and forth between the water and the sand; playing chicken, marco polo, volleyball, building sand castles, you name it and we did it. After a while, I had to go potty. I asked Em’s mom where to go and she grabbed my hand leading me to the nearest port-a-potty. Once I got in, I took off my bathing suit; there was no place to put it so a sat it on my lap. I slid my undies down to my ankles and sat down. I finished pooping in the potty like a big kid and looked around for toilet paper. I couldn’t find any so I yelled for Em’s mom outside. She told me to open the door and she would give me wipes. I leaned forward, lifting myself off of the seat, and unlocked the door. She reached her hands in, handing me the wipes. I sat back down realizing that my bathing suit was now slipping between my legs. I pinched them together catching it, but not before the majority of it was now hanging inside the toilet. I pulled the portion I got with my legs out and held it up to look at it. There were now blue streaks on the side, from the cleaner that they use; but that probably meant there was something else on it too. I finished wiping and contemplated on what to do now. I yelled out my situation to Em’s mom and asked her to run back into the hotel to get me one of my other suits.

She said that she did not want to and that I could just wear the extra shirt that she had packed and my undies. They were just like the bottoms of a two piece bathing suit. I stood up and pulled my undies back up around my waist. I looked down to see if I could get away with wearing just these. There was a pretty noticeable bulge and since my undies were white you could see through them. I asked for the shirt, to see if it would cover the evidence that I was a boy. She reached in and handed me the shirt.…

I put it on and just as I expected, it only came to the top of my waistband. I opened the door and told Em’s mom that this was not going to work out. She looked at me, “If you are going to be in the water the whole time, it won’t be noticeable.” I didn’t know if I was going to be swimming the whole time as I wanted to hang out with Em and I didn’t want to be found out. “It’s either this or I can get you a swim diaper from one of the vendors.” I decided that I would rather wear that just incase, besides I didn’t care if people found out that I wore diapers- I mean, they didn’t know who I was, the only thing they knew is that I was a girl. I asked her to do that. She told me to sit tight and returned a few minutes later handing me my swim diaper."…

It had Nemo on it, which was fitting for the beach. “A large was the biggest size they have, hope it fits.” I slid off my undies and slid up the diaper. I then balled up my clothes and handed them to Em’s mom as I walked out of the port-a-potty. The diaper seemed to fit alright, I was walking pretty normal as Em’s mom led me back to our spot. I saw that Em and Bri were back on the sand, making adjustments to our castle. I plopped down next to them. They asked about my swimsuit, so I told them the story. The found it humorous but mentioned nothing of my diaper. For the next couple of hours, we continued to play at the beach.

Eventually, it was time to head back; we packed up our stuff and walked to our room. We all took turns showering, I was surprised on how much sand I carried back. When I exited the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and headed out to find some clothes. Em was the only one in the room. I asked where her mom and Bri went. “Since we are going to a movie anyways, I figured we could go out to eat. Bri and mom went on a walk to go eat, so let’s get ready to go out.” I started to pick out my clothes, first pulling out undies. Em stopped me, “are you sure you want to wear those? We are going to watch a eat then a movie, you might want to wear some protection so you don’t miss out.” While I didn’t like that she was suggesting that I wear diapers, I knew she was right and she has seen me in them before and still found me attractive. I figured that I might as well, just in case. I told her that she had a point and agreed to wear diapers. She told me to lay down on the floor. She placed a diaper under me, powdered me, and taped me back up. I told her not to tape me up as tight, that way I could walk. After she finished, I stood up. I went to pick out the rest of my clothes.

I decided to pick my socks out first.…

I picked out one Elsa sock and one Anna sock. I saw that a lot of girls liked mismatched socks, so I decided to fit in. Next I threw on a plain white t-shirt. I looked for some shorts, but didn’t feel like wearing any of the ones I saw. I headed over to the closet and saw the perfect thing for this outfit.…

I put this on, over my Dora diaper and t-shirt. I then went into the bathroom and did my own hair and makeup. The makeup was pretty good so I moved on to my hair. After I brushed it over, I placed a pink flower clip in it. I was proud of the outcome. I walked back into the room and met Em. “Oh, look who is an expert now” she said. I smiled. "Throw on your shoes and lets head out. I looked at my options and picked the pair that looked the coolest to wear with the outfit.…

I covered up Anna and Elsa, laced up, and was ready to go. Em grabbed my hand and we were headed to the van. I was officially on my first date with Em. We got in the van and drove to a local Italian restaurant. The waitress came over and took our drink order. I ordered a water and so did Em. She asked if we wanted our food too and we said sure. Em ordered a salad and I ordered pasta. The waitress said that she would be back with our order, but before leaving, commented on my outfit. I was really proud of how I had done. We spent the whole time talking and laughing, which was usually the sign of a good first date. Our food came and went and so did our desert. When it was time to pay, Em paid and left a tip. “Usually that is the guys responsibility, but I guess since we are both girls you can pay this time” I joked. For some reason, when I was with Em, I felt comfortable wearing whatever.

We then headed to the movies and decided that we would watch The Scorch Trials. This I didn’t see the first movie, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. However, during the movie me and Em made eye contact and we kissed. They say that you can tell how you and somebody will connect by the first kiss; well let’s say that we were a pretty good fit. We continued to watch the movie, but after a few minutes the Italian restaurant got to me. I really had to go potty. I figured that we had planned for this, so it would be fine if I had went. At first, I thought I just had to pee, but I also had to poop. I closed my eyes and took care of business. I stayed there in my mess and continued to watch the movie. It was about 35 minutes into the movie, so I figured it’d be over soon.

About another hour later, I had to go again. I remember Em’s mom telling me that this diaper had plenty of room last time I used it, so I decided it would be okay to go again. I figured that there wasn’t much time left in the movie, so we would be going home soon. I let myself go. The little bit of discomfort had now increased to a lot of discomfort but I decided to finish the movie. If the smell wasn’t already noticeable, it was now. Em looked over at me, then back at the screen. I knew that she knew, but she didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t realize this movie was so long, but after about another 30 minutes, the credits rolled. The lights came on and I looked over at Em. “That was pretty good, thanks for taking me” I said. “Yeah, I had a really good time; we should definitely go on another one soon” she smiled. We both stood up; I realized that I would have to waddle a bit, since I filled my protection.

“I didn’t bring extras, sorry. We can change you when we get back” she said, alluding to my problem. She patted my backside and began to pick me up. “Can I walk?” I asked. She stopped picking me up and agreed. We slowly advanced towards the exit. She said that she was going to stop at the restroom first and told me that I should come in with her. So we waited in line and eventually we made it into a handicap stall. While we were talking she slid down her pants and sat down. I looked away. “I’ve seen you plenty of times, you don’t have to look away.” she remarked. I looked back and we continued to talk.

After she had finished, we slowly made out way back to the parking lot. I sat back down in my seat, but more uncomfortably, my feces. We started the drive back. Now the popcorn and soda was getting to me. I decided that since we were almost home that I could probably wait. But as soon as we turned down our street to the hotel, I lost it and relieved myself once again. This time, there was liquid coming out of the back and front. I didn’t feel sick, so I must have not had enough solid food today. I reached under myself and felt around to see if I had leaked. Nothing yet.

We pulled back into the hotel and got out of the car. Now it was really hard for me to walk. Em asked if I needed help. I said I guess and she picked me up, once again I pretended to be asleep on her shoulders that way people wouldn’t ask questions. We arrived at our room and Em’s mom and Bri were already sleeping. Em told me to lay down and she would change me before she got ready for bed. I decided that I wanted to test the strength of my diapers, so I told her that I had to go again and that she should get ready first. While she was getting ready, I tried to force what ever was left inside of me into my diaper. I heard Em get out of the shower, so I decided to take off my outfit. I threw my outfit, socks, shoes, and shirt into the corner and was left only wearing my diaper. I could not believe that it hadn’t leaked yet. It was sagging a good 6 inches and smelled, but it still held. I felt the bottom; it was really warm and there were solids in there. The weird thing was that I didn’t hate the feeling.

Em walked out. “Oh my!” she exclaimed. Dora’s face was stretched out pretty far and brown and yellow was visible from the outside. “It’s a good thing that we decided to wear those, huh?” I agreed. She told me to lay down. She got me cleaned up and started my shower. I cleaned myself off and got out. She re-diapered me. She then gave me my pajamas for the night.……

I placed the minion nightie on over my diaper and then slid on my pink fuzzy socks. Em asked me if I would go to the front desk to get towels for tomorrow. I agreed and walked out of my room. As I waddled to the front desk, I saw a family talking with the lady. There was a mom, a dad, a girl, and a baby . While the adults were talking, the girl said hello to me. She showed me that she was also wearing a minion shirt. I told her that was awesome and tried to ignore her. The adults stopped their conversation and the lady asked what I needed. I asked for a couple of towels. The lady reached under the desk then placed the towels on top. I started to walk to retrieve them, but since I could only waddle, I accidently tripped on one of the families bags, falling face first on the ground. “She is wearing a diaper like Rose” I heard the girl yell. I hung my head in shame and started to tear up. It was one thing to know that people saw you wearing a diaper at the beach, but for some reason, hearing it was embarrassing. The mom helped me up and gave me a hug. For whatever reason, I started crying harder- probably because I was pretty tired. The mom then picked me up and started to bounce me. This was more embarrassing, so I whined a little bit more. Next thing I know, something was being shoved in my mouth.

“Don’t worry, this is new. It was just one of Rosie’s extras; but you can use it to calm down”. I remember this feeling, it was a pacifier. Instinctively, I started to suck on it. The mom started to pat my butt while bouncing. I slowly stopped crying. The mom put me back down and handed me the towels. “Do you need help getting back to your room” I shook my head no and handed her back the pacifier. “Keep it” she said. I really didn’t want it, but I didn’t want to be disrespectful. I put it on the towels and began to waddle back to my room.

After a few steps, I felt myself being lifted. “That’s going to take you forever. I want to talk to your parents anyways, so I’ll just carry you.” I started to cry again; however, that was cut short by the pacifier being shoved back in my mouth. “What room are you in?” She asked. “127” I mumbled through my pacifier. I was carried through the hall and she stopped at my room. She knocked on the door and Em swung it open. As soon as I saw her, I reached for her to get me away from this lady. She took me, but continued to hold me.

“Hi I am Kim. Your sister fell in the lobby and hurt herself while getting towels. Are your parents here?” Em explained that she was sleeping. “Oh, well our family is on vacation and wondered if we could arrange a play date. Our Laura would love to play with your…” she stopped not knowing my name.

“Sarah” Em finished. I put my head down on Em’s shoulders, trying not to be a part of this conversation.

Em continued, “I’m sure that would be fine, I will have to talk to mom. I know that we are going to Disney the next three days, but either at night or a day after that should work.”

“Awesome! Laura will be excited. Also, I gave her one of our new pacifiers to calm her down since she was crying in the lobby; but she can keep it. We have plenty more”

They continued to talk, while Em was still holding me. I stopped listening and started to suck on my pacifier. I was really happy to be going to Disney tomorrow but I was really tired. While thinking about tomorrow, I nodded off on Emily’s shoulder.

I woke up with my legs being lifted into the air. “Good morning sweetie” Em’s mom said. I tried to reply, but my words were stopped by something inside of my mouth. I spit out my pacifier from the night before, which I now realized was in my mouth the whole night, meaning that the girls had saw me. I started to tear up and my lip began to quiver, I was embarrassed- only babies sucked on pacifiers and I was not a baby. “Good morning” I said fighting through my urge to cry.

“We woke up kind of late, so I sent the girls to the lobby to get us breakfast. We will hurry up and get ready, eat, then head to the park so we can get there a little before it opens.”

I looked down and noticed her taping a new diaper on me, then picking up a clearly wet one from the bed.

“Why can’t I wear my undies?” I asked, realizing that she had put a diaper on me for a reason.

“Well, since we will have to wait in line to ride rides, we didn;t want to spend time at the restroom or leave lines to get to one. We thought that you and Bri could wear one, to save time. Me and Em would, but they are too small for us.”

“Bri is wearing a diaper?” I asked

“She is wearing one of the ones that you brought, but since you don’t have many left we thought that you could wear the Dora ones since you are used to them. Is that okay?”

I wasn’t going to tell her no. “Sure” I said. She threw me some clothes to wear for the day and told me to get ready. I stood up and ripped of my nightie and socks. I looked at the clothes that she had picked out for me:………

She had picked out one yellow Anna sock and one pink Elsa one. I slid the shorts over my diaper; there was a noticeable bulge, but I didn’t care- we were going to Disney. I thought about the hypocrisy, I almost cried about using a pacifier but hadn’t cared when I wore just a swimmer at the beach and now about to wear a diaper to Disney World.

I walked to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth. While I was doing that, Em’s mom snuck behind me and begain to do my hair. After finished, she told me to turn around and put something in my hair.…

She said that the girls didn’t want to wear it, but she thought it was cute and that I should wear it. I agreed. She continued to touch up my make up. I decided that I would just wear my Nike slides for shoes. I slid those on and Em’s mom grabbed my hand. We went to the lobby. Since I was wearing my diaper, I walked slower that usual. We eventually made it to the lobby and proceeded to inhale our breakfast. That was the fastest that I have ever eaten. Everybody was eating, so there wasn’t much talking. I was then dragged to the van.

The ride to Disney felt like it was taking forever, our excitement growing the closer we got. When we got there, it had already been opened, so we were a little later that we wanted to be. It was okay though, we were gonna be here all day. Em’s mom said that we were only going to Magic Kingdom today and we would go to the other parks a different day. The girls ran towards the entrance- which was something that I could not do. I was not looking forward to walking in a diaper all day, but at least I would be sitting for the fun parts.

Em’s mom noticed my struggle and decided to pick me up and carry me to chase after the girls. I was appreciative this time, as I also wanted to get in the park as fast as I could. I was carried through the entrance and we took a sharp turn to the right. We gathered to talk before we explored the park.

“Alright, we all need to stay together so no running ahead. We have all day, so we will try and do everything. I have money to spend on food, drinks, and gift so if you want something let me know and I’ll see if we can get it. Before we do anything though, lets puut on sunblock.” Em’s mom opened the bag she had brought and pulled out sunblock.

Em began to put sunblock on me as her mom did the same to Bri.

“Are you going to be able to keep up?” she asked.

“I don’t know I can’t walk very fast. Maybe you and your mom can take turns carrying me.” I suggested.

Em’s mom overheard our conversation and interrupted.

“We aren’t going to do that; but we could rent a stroller. Then I wouldn’t have to carry this bag either.” She said.

I thought over the idea. We might get strange looks, but we would get places faster and I didn’t know anybody here anyways. “Sure” I responded.

Em finished putting sunblock on me and I began lathering her up. After we finsihed, Em picked me up. “I can carry you to the stroller rental though.”

We walked towards the stroller rental but stopped when we noticed Mickey Mouse. Em’s mom suggested that we get a picture. She handed her phone to a stranger who agreed to take our picture. Em carried me over to Mickey Mouse and we posed with him. Afterwards, we looked at the photo the stranger took. I looked like the youngest in the photo, since Em was holding me like a toddler. We continued to the stroller rental and waited in line. When we got to the front, we recieved our stroller.

Em placed me in the seat as her mom had put the backpack behind me. I placed my feet on the footrest and ducked my head under the canopy. Em reached behind me and fastened me in. I didn’t really need to be buckled in but didn’t stop her. Em’s mom began to push me, I realized that while it may look embarassing, I was lucky I didn’t have to walk the entire park.

We all agreed that Space Mountain should be the first ride we ride. We began to make our way there. Once we arrived, I saw the line. It looked like we were going to be waiting for a while. It was a 30 minute wait, but eventually we reached the front. Em unbuckled me from my stroller and picked me up out of it. The attendant gave us a weird look but said nothing. She placed me on the ground and pushed the stroller near the exit gate. I took my place on the ride and placed the lab belt on me. The ride began and it was awesome.

After it was over, we were released and I was helped out of the car. I waddled over to my stroller and Em fastened me back into the stroller. We continued the process, wait in line, ride the ride, find the next one. We had rode around 4 rides and decided that we should go to the new Seven Dwarf Mine Train. There was a 40 minute wait, but we were told that this was going to be the best it would be.

About 20 minutes into the wait, I had to pee. I decided to try to wait it out, as I really didn’t want to wear a wet diaper and thought Em or her mom might need a potty break after this ride. We made it to the front and I entered the car. I was locked in and we were off. It was kind of a dark ride but it was a really fun ride. When we hit a turn, I felt my bladder realease. I had wet my diaper, but that is what it was for.

We exited the ride and continued to a few more. We finally arrived to Splash Mountain. This was everybodys favorite ride. Em’s mom said that we could go potty after this one. Another 40 minute wait. Once again we got to the front of the line. Before going on, Em reached into the bag and got out a poncho for me and her.…

“I packed these for us, I don’t want to get soaked.” She took me out of the stroller and I put it on. I noticed that Bri and her mom already had thier on. I noticed that theirs didn’t have any designs, but I didn’t argue. I put it on and sat in the car. I sat in the front.

The ride started and it was also really fun. I was not prepared when the big drop came. When we dropped I screamed and at the bottom I realized that I had done more than that. I had pooped myself. I was alarmed on how easy that was but was thankful that I had a diaper on. I looked down at my shorts, realizing that the poncho had not lifted up since I didn’t sit on it. I exited the ride and headed back to the stroller, we all headed to the potty.

The line for the potty was as long as the line for the rides. Since I needed to be changed, Em’s mom and I waited for the large stall to open up. There was a changing table inside, so Em’s mom opened it and laid me down.

“Wow, these are soaked” she said taking off my shorts ,placing them on the table. She then figured out I had used my diaper but didn’t say anything. She also took off my socks as they were also soaked. She re-diapered me then looked in the bag. “I am going to put these on top of the stroller and hope they dry” she said. I wasn’t pleased when I realized she wasn’t planning on me putting my pants back on. I started to complain, but was stopped when my pacifier was shoved in my mouth.

“Are you going to be good, or do you need this to calm you down”

I shook my head no. She then put a new pair of socks on me. They were the different Olaf ones. I was then placed back in the stroller, strapped back in, and my paci was removed and placed back in my bag.

Em’s mom called for Em. Em came in the stall with Bri and she then pushed me out. I realized that it was Bri’s time for a diaper change. Em pushed me out of the bathroom and into the sun. She lifted my canopy over my head and said that she wanted my shorts to be in the sun so they could dry better. We talked about how much fun we were having. Shortly after, I heard her gasp.

She unbuckled me and lifted me out of the stroller. She picked me up and walked me towards a big crowd. I started to complain as I didn’t want to go infront of people in only a diaper. She placed the pacifier back in my mouth. I started to tear up. “Don’t cry” she said kissing my forehead, I just want a picture with Elsa and Anna. She handed me her camera and pushed through the crowd. She sat me down and approached them asking them for a picture. She then pointed over at me. I took the picture and then looked away. Em came up to me and said that I should get one too. Before I could say anything she picked me up and carried me to Elsa. Even though Elsa was only a few inches taller than I was, she still took me from Em. Elsa then lifted. my legs and I wrapped them around her. “Nice socks” Anna said grabbing my Frozen covered feet. I smiled through my paci as we took the picture. Em then came back over and grabbed me from Elsa. Anna patted my diapered bottom, “see you later beautifrul.”

I was embarrassed, but I thought it was over. That was until Em noticed another character while we were walking back to the stroller. She then walked over to Tinkerbell and placed me on the ground. “Can we have a picture?” she asked. Tinkerbell agreed. She placed her arm around me so I did the same and we took a picture. Em thanked her then carried back to my stroller. Em showed me the pictures, I looked like a really big baby.

Em’s mom and Bri joined us. Em showed them what had just happened. They responded with praise. We then went to eat. We had pizza from a pizza vendor, we sat at a table but I decided to just chill in the stroller. After eating, Em’s mom said my shorts were still not dry, but we could go to the store and try to find me something to cover up my diaper. I happily agreed.

When we entered the shop, we headed to the clothing section. As we were looking for clothes, we stumbled upon some my size. Em’s mom suggested that I get a skirt as it was easier to change my diaper and I agreed. Bri then came over with some costumes. She said that we should try some on. Bri wanted to wear the Cinderella outfit. Em said that there were not princess costumes that fit her, so she decided to wear the Peter Pan costume. She said that I should be her Tink. I agreed and she pushed me into the fitting room.

She took off my shirt and had me step into the dress. She then put the wings on me. Next she changed into the Peter Pan outfit. She then asked to take a selfie, which we did. Afterwards we walked out to show her mom. She said that she wanted a picture too. So we posed for another one. Em said that next halloween, we should go as this. I was so shocked that she planned on being together all the way until next year, so I agreed. We then went to change again, when we exited Em’s mom approached me with a newly purchased skirt. I put it on.…

She said that since the skirt didn’t match, she bought me another shirt and socks. I went into the changing room and put those on too.……

I was now dressed as Minnie Mouse, my headwear complementing the whole outfit. I stepped out, the girls all complemented my new look. We spent the rest of the night riding rides, posing with characters, and walking around. I only used 2 other diapers. We stayed until the fireworks show, and then proceeded to go home. I was carried back to the car and I fell asleep. I awoke while I was laying on my bed. I started to open my eyes and talk, but was hushed. I felt my skirt being slid off. My paci was placed in my mouth, so I closed my eyes and began to suck.

I felt my legs up in the air and my diaper being changed. I had to go potty but when I started to speak I was hushed. After my diaper was retaped, Em crawled into bed beside me. She wrapped her arms around me pulling my diapered butt against her body. I really had to go potty and knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I did. I decided to empty my bladder and bowels into my diaper. I didn’t want to bother anybody, especially since I had just had my diaper changed, so I closed my eyes and nodded off to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be another busy day.

I awoke in the middle of the night, my tummy did not feel very good. Em had her arms draped around me. I removed them had headed to the bathroom. I kneeled over the potty because I felt like I had to throw up. As I had guessed, I hurled. I also had a huge headache, so when I threw up, pain shot to my head. I also had to release my bowels, however, I had to puke too. I decided to keep my diaper on and use that for the intended use and use the toilet for my vomit.

I released my bowels into my diaper, it was not solid though. I had diarrhea. Stuff continued to flow out of both ends. “Are you okay?” I heard Em’s mom say as she snuck up behind me. “I don’t feel very good” I replied. She patted me on the back as I threw up into the toilet once more. I had felt like everything had came out so I stood up. She returned, placing something in my ear. “100.1, your’e burning up.” I realized that she had just used a thermometer.

“I don’t think we should go back to Disney World today.” she said. I told her that I was fine and that we have to girls and if not, the girls would be crushed. “Don’t worry about the girls, I might be able to figure something out.” Em’s mom said. Em’s mom handed me a measuring cup with some medicine in it. She told me to drink up and that she would get me changed and back to bed. I drank the syrup and lied down on the floor.

Em’s mom re-diapered me and helped me back to my bed. I laid back down and covered up, rewrapping Em’s arms around me. I quickly dozed off to sleep.

Re: Compromising Situation


I awoke again but this time I was not in my bed. I tried to stretch my arms and legs, but was stopped by a mesh barrier. I looked through and saw the same layout as my room, but all of our stuff was not there and it was replaced by somebody else’s stuff. I saw that the bathroom light was on so I called out but my paci was stopping me. I spit it out, “Em?” I hollered.

A figure came out of the bathroom. Instead of Emily, it was the mom from the other night. “Our other baby girl is awake” she said talking to the baby that she was carrying. “Where is my family?” I asked.

“Disney Land” she responded. “I ran into your mommy at the breakfast this morning and she said that you were not feeling good, she said that meant that you and the girls were going to have to stay here all day. I offered to watch you so that her and the girls could go and you could hang out with us all day. I insisted that, even though you were sick, that it would be fine.” Great I thought to myself.

She continued, “your mommy said that you wanted the girls and her to still be able to go, so she took me up on my offer. She then said that since she already had an extra ticket, that Lauren could go, that way she didn’t have to stay inside and have the possibilty of getting sick too, and I knew Lauren always wanted to go, so I agreed. I told my husband that he should probably also get out of the house so he didn’t get sick either. He decided that he would golf and hang around town all day, so it is just you, me, and Rosie.”

“Thanks Miss-” I stopped not knowing what to call her.

“You can call me Auntie if you want” she replied.

I really didn’t want to but she didn’t give me a name to call her. “Well Auntie, thanks for offering to watch me, but I can watch myself” I insisted.

“Nonsense, I told your mommy I would watch you, so that’s what I am going to do; now lets get you cleaned up” she said, placing her baby in the place I was currently sitting in and picking me up. She laid me on the bed and reached down for my diaper. I pulled on the bottom of my Minnie Mouse shirt trying to cover up my diaper so she couldn’t undo it. I did not want her to see my secret.

"Don’t be silly baby, your mommy already told me about your situation. I was really glad I didn’t set up a play date with my daughter to play with a grown man. I know that you just wanted to see what it was like to be a girl and that you had accidents. The diapers will come in handy since you are sick.

I froze when she said that she knew I was a man. She capitalized on this moment, untaping my diaper and starting to clean me up. Defeated, I let it happen. This was not how I planned on spending today but I guess I didn’t really have a choice. She powdered me and taped another Dora diaper on me, I realized that Em’s mom must have given her supplies. She then turned on the tv and handed me a baby doll, “Sit here and play, and I will return with some food.” She then popped my paci in my mouth and walked away.

She went to the fridge in the hotel and looked around for food. I placed the doll on the bed, not wanting to play with it, and looked at the TV. There was a show called Paw Patrol on, it was a cartoon about dogs solving problems.

Shortly, Auntie returned with a sandwich. I was hungy, so I took a bite; however, I couldn’t swallow it. I spit it out, it happened to fall on my shirt.
“I can’t eat this. I mean I am hungry but I just can’t eat” I said to Auntie. She came over to me and took the sandwich, including the part that I spit out, " I have an idea" she said. She walked away and my eyes fell back on to the TV. The dogs were trying to figure out their shenanigans. Auntie returned, sitting me up. She wrapped something around my neck. I looked down, realizing that it was a pink bib that said “Mommy’s Girl”. “This is so we don’t make a mess” she said. She lifted me onto her lap, placing my head on her shoulders.

She forced something into my mouth, instinctively I began to suck and noticed something coming out. It was a liquid and it kind of tasted like milk but not exactly. I looked down at what she was holding, it was a bottle. I realized that I was drinking formula and tried to spit out the bottle and liquid with it. That caused formula to go all over my face, bib, and Auntie. She pulled out the bottle and wiped my face with my bib. “Since you can’t eat food and you have to eat, you will drink this. If you don’t you will get a spanking. Now finish this while I go clean up.” She forced the bottly back in my mouth and laid me back on the bed.

I realized that while drinking out of a bottle was embarrassing, she was right that I needed to eat. Plus I didn’t want a stranger to give me a spanking. I picked up the bottle and began to drink. Auntie tended to Rosie as I was doing this, so I focused my eyes back on the TV.

A few minutes later, I realized that I was sucking on air, so I spit the bottle out. Auntie had just finished rocking Rosie to sleep, so she laid her in the playpen and came over to me. She took the bottle and placed it on the table. She then went into the bathroom and I heard the water running. She came back out, “we need to get you ready.” She then picked me up, carried me into the bathroom, and laid me on the floor. She helped me get my shirt off, then my socks, finally my diaper. As I laid naked on the floor, she lifted me up and placed me in the tub.

“I can bathe myself” I protested.

“Just relax. I noticed that you had some stubble growing, so I thought that we could take care of that and I would make sure that your are totally clean. Just enjoy your bubble bath, play with these and let me do the work.”

She handed me two Barbie dolls. I decided that maybe it was best to play with these and try to distract me from what was about to happen. I pretended that the Barbies were the girls and pretended they were at Disney Land. This did an okay job as a distraction. I was interupted by the occasional “Arms up”,“Head back”,“Lift your leg”, and finally “Roll over”.

After about 25 minutes, Auntie pulled the plug on the tub and told me to sit tight as she returned with my towel. I watched the water swirl around the drain, realizing that this is the first time I have seen this sensation since I was a kid. I hadn’t taken a bath in a really long time. Auntie picked my up, waking me from my hypnotic state and placed me on the bath rug. She rubbed me dry from my head all the way to my toes. I noticed that all of my stubble was gone and I was completely shaven including my arms this time. Auntie wrapped me in my towel, locking my arms inside and carried me back to the bed.

She laid me down and shoved my paci back in my mouth. She unwrapped me from my towel and proceeded to diaper me, once again. She then placed some socks on me:…

Next she grabbed a shirt and pulled it over my head.…

She then sat me up and started to do my hair. “What about my pants?” I asked.

“Your mommy packed you jean shorts and those are harder to take on and off. Since we are just going to be hanging out here all day, you dont need pants. Plus you don’t feel goo, so I might need to do a lot of changing.”

She continued to do my hair. On cue, I felt an urge to go potty. Before I could even say anything, I relieved my self in my diaper. Thankfully it was only a number one. Auntie continued to do my hair and make up. I continued to watch TV, it was now a show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This was a cartoon spinoff of Peter Pan. I watched the show as there was nothing better to do. After Auntie finished, she asked how I was feeling. I told her that I was feeling better but still kind of hungry. “How about I give you another bottle and for dinner we can try solid food?” Before I could answer, she left and returned with another bottle. She picked me up and sat down in a chair, resting my head on her shoulder, and shoving the bottle in my mouth.

I started to drink. While drinking, she started to rock and eventually I nodded off to sleep.

I woke up again, this time back in the playpen. “Good, just in time. How are you feeling?”

“Fine” I said groggily.

“Okay, it is time to go get dinner” she said picking me up. “We will be right back” I heard her say looking over at somebody else in the room.

“Where are we going” I asked.

“Your uncle came home early, so I decided to go get some food for everybody. He said that he is not going to be responsible for somebody else’s baby so I decided to take you with me.”

I became unhappy with her and her husband calling me a baby; however, that reminded me that I was only wearing a diaper for pants. “I need pants” I said, nearly shouting.

She shoved my paci in my mouth, “Don’t worry, it’ll only be a few minutes and nobody will care.” I started to kick my legs and swing my arms, trying to shake loose. She placed me on the ground and smacked me as hard as she could against my diapered bottom. I started to walk away back towards the bed as my diaper saved me from the pain. She then came behind me, lifting me up and throwing my on the bed. She then sat on my back and asked Uncle for help. He came over and held me down and she stood up, pulled down the back of my diaper. Smack Smack Smack, three quick, hard spankings.

Those ones hurt, so I began to tear up. She pulled the back of my diaper back up, placed my slides back on me and carried me once more. She shoved my paci back in my mouth, which fell out during the spanking. “Now are you going to be good, or will I have to do that again?” she asked. I nodded, confirming that I would not fight what was about to happen.

We exited the hotel room and headed to the lobby. Instead of heading out the door, we stopped at the front desk. She sat me up on the desk and rang the bell. A worker approached her, giving me a strange look he asked her

“What can I help you with.” She asked for more towels to be delivered to their room. After that, she picked me back up and headed towards the parking lot. We went to her car and she opened the back door. Inside, there was a booster seat, which she sat me in and then buckled me up. I was going to argue but then remembered what happened last time I did that.

She got in the driver seat and we were headed to get some food. She stopped at a Mexican restaurant and got me out of the car. She lifted me up and we headed inside. Once again, I recieved a lot of weird looks but nobody said anything. She sat me down on the table and ordered a bunch of food, including one tacos for me to try eating. Inside the restaurant, I felt the urge to go potty. Once again, before I could do anything about it, I relieved myself- going number 1 and number 2. At least the number 2 was solid this time. I didn’t say anything and after placing the order, Auntie helped off the table and we walked over to the waiting bench.

Another 20 minutes went by and we were told our food was ready. She asked if I would walk to the car since she had to carry the food. I happily agreed and slowly waddled behind Auntie to the car. When we got there, I opened the back door, sat in the booster seat, and buckled myself up. Auntie told me how proud of my she was and we headed back to the hotel.

Auntie placed the food on a table at the common room and told me to watch it while she got Uncle and Rosie. I sat down, realizing that I was wearing a dirty diaper in public. I knew if I told Auntie, she would change me whereever we were so I decided to wait until we got back to the hotel room. I hoped that the smell wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Auntie, Uncle, and Rosie returned and I began to pass out the food. Auntie and Uncle started to chow down and I decided to try to eat my taco. I put it in my mouth to chew but once again, I couldn’t swallow so I spit it out.

“Don’t like it?” Uncle asked.

“I just can’t eat it” I responded.

“Well, we will get you some different food when we get back to the room” Auntie said.

I watched as they ate their food and Rosie drank out of her bottle. I wondered if I looked like that much of a baby when I did it. A few people walked through the lobby as they were eating. I tried to shrink down so they couldn’t see me. Also during this time, I emptied my bowels for another time, filling the diaper.

After they finished eating, Auntie picked me up and carried me back to the room. Uncle did the same with Rosie. Auntie felt my full diaper and said that she would change me while I was eating. She said that the formula I have been drinking was full of fiber so she understood that I had to go potty alot. Auntie sat me on the bed and went to get me food. She returned, placing a bib back on me and shoving a bottle into my mouth.

“Come on, really? He is 20 years old, wearing a diaper dressed as a girl wasn’t bad enough? Now he drinks from a bottle?” Uncle murmurred not so quietly.

I began to tear up, Auntie recognized my displeasure immediately. “Be nice,
he is just exploring his desire to dress as a girl. I don’t want to hear anything else about it.” She picked me up and started to bounce me and pat my stinky bottom, trying to calm me down as I drink from my bottle.
He had a point though. Was I really acting like this? Did I like it? These questions ran through my mind as I was feeding. A knock on the door interrupted them. Auntie opened it, “Mommy is here!” “Mommy” I questioned aloud.

“Hey sweetie” she said. taking me from Auntie. “Is that good?” she asked.

I spit the bottle out of my mouth causing it to fall on the floor. Lauren picked it up and handed it back to me. “There you go baby” she said.
Auntie explained to Mommy that I couldn’t eat so that was our only option.

“Well then you better eat” Mommy said placing the bottle back in my mouth. Reluctantly, I sucked back on the bottle.

Mommy and Auntie conversed back and forth about how me and Lauren were really good, and we had fun, etc. During this conversation, I felt myself use my diaper to empty my bowels, again without a warning. My diaper filled, nearly to explostion. Mommy must have felt her arm get warm from me filling my diaper and said that we had to go back to our room to change me. Auntie apologized, saying that she was going to but got sidetracked. Mommy said it was okay and then we headed back to our room.

We entered the door and were greeted instantly by Em. This caused me to drop my bottle on the floor. She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and told me she missed me. She then set me down and bent over to get my bottle.

“Oh, you can take this” she said surprised at what she was holding.
“It’s the only thing they had” I explained.

“Ok” she said patting my bottom, "we should probably get you changed. I walked into the bathroom and laid on the floor. Em’s mom came in the bathroom with another diaper. As she started to remove my used one, she recognized my bib. “Mommy’s Girl?” she asked. I pulled out my bottle, “I guess that makes me your girl, according to Auntie” I said placing my bottle back in my mouth. “Auntie huh?” she said removing my diaper. She cleaned me up and placed a new diaper on me. “Let’s get you in your PJs, then we can watch a movie before bed.”

Mommy returned, taking my bottle, and helping me out of my day clothes and into my jammies.…

She then returned my bottle, lifted me up, and carried me to my bed. Em was sitting all the way by the headboard with her legs spread. Em’s mom placed me in between her legs, so I leaned back resting my head on her stomach. I continued to suck on my bottle as Em started to play with my hair and tell me all about her day.

Em’s mom started the movie, it was the new Cinderella. They had picked it up today at the theme park. As we were watching the movie and while I was drinking from my bottle, resting on Em while she played with my hair, I fell asleep.

I spent the rest of my vacation as a glorified baby. I recovered from my sickness, but I never went back to wearing my undies; instead, I got into the habit of using my diapers and having either Em, Mommy, or Auntie change me. Even though I could eat solid food again, I still used a bottle as a snack or filled it with water or juice when we left the hotel.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to walk around in public wearing only a diaper and a shirt- our last day at Disney, I didn’t even wear pants. People would sometimes give me strange looks but I had already been embarrassed to an extreme, so nothing else really got to me. I also went on another date with Em, only wearing a diaper; we went to a local fair and spent time together. Having somebody carry me, push me in a stroller, and change me so I didn’t have to go potty was a convience for me. I decided that the clothes were much more comfortable than boy clothes, so I didn’t even try to argue and went with the flow.

We had woken up on our last day and packed our suitcases and bags. I threw on socks and a shirt, but I decided to not even bother to wear pants as I would have to get a diaper change eventually.……

Since I was diapers almost full time, I had run out of my Dora ones, so Mommy had to buy new ones for me.…

These ones had Minnie and Mickey on them. These ones were designed for movement, so I didn’t need to be carried everywhere. We carried out luggage out to the van and headed to the airport.

We checked our bags in and went through security. There was a lady who screened me, she gave me a pat on my diaper and said that I needed a “pat down”. She thought it was hilarious but we continued to our flight. We stayed up the whole flight talking about how fun vacation was. I had used my portable potty (diaper) a few times, so when we got off, I needed to be changed. I was not worried about being found out as I still looked like a little girl.

I followed Em into a stall and she proceeded to change me. When we arrived, we noticed the snow on the ground, so Em pulled out warmer clothes from out bags and placed me in them.…

We then went back to Em’s house.

“So, what do you think?” Em’s mom said. I was unsure about the question and she could tell. “Are you going to go back to wearing boy or girl clothes?”

I remembered why we even started this in the first place. Even if I wanted to wear my boy clothes, I think I would have to wear my diapers until I re-potty trained myself.

“I think I should try my boy clothes again and I can make the decision tomorrow.” I then went and got my clothes from Em’s room and put them back on. I decided to leave the diaper on, as I didn’t want to have an accident. I then used Em’s computer and checked my school email, something I haven’t done all vacation. One of them was a notification telling me that my roomate had moved out. I continued scrolling and noticed one from him telling me he had moved in with his girlfriend.

I told the girls. “Well, maybe Em could fill that spot” Em’s mom said. “I haven’t really talked to anybody about this yet, but with the money I got, I was thinking about moving into a different house. One better fit for living. If Em were to live on campus, I wouldn’t have to worry about location as much.” Within an hour of having this conversation, Em was signed up to live with me.

As we were all tired from vacation, we decided to save unpacking for tomorrow and go to bed. I fell asleep, this time in my boy clothes. I awoke multiple times in the night, I wasn’t really sure why. In the morning, I entered the kitchen and sat down for breakfast. My diaper was once again wet, but that was no longer a surprise.Once again, I was asked about my decision for clothes.

“If you were to start wearing girl clothes, now would be a good time. I would be your roommate and since it’s the start of a new semester, you would have all new classes. I bet you could have the school change your name on the teachers roster, so nobody would suspect that you were a boy!”

She had a point. “Either way, I would have to wear diapers since I have lost control of myself. I guess pretending to be a girl would at least be comfortable, as long as nobody would notice me.”

“I promise they won’t! We can call the school tomorrow, I know that they can have your name changed and I will make sure that they won’t change it on your degree or maybe we can change it back before hand.” Em was excited.

I guess it seemed possible, “I think I want to get out of the diapers, even though not walking down to the bathroom would be convinient” I commented.

“We can do that, I watched mom potty train Bri, so I can help you. We can get you a sticker chart and everything. Maybe we could even take you underwear shopping and use those as incentive. We should also get you less kiddy clothes, we can take you back to school shopping! I can’t wait to room with you my love!” Em exclaimed.

I loved that Em was excited and I was lowkey excited too. I wanted to get out of my boy clothes and back into my new wardrobe. I picked out the following outfit:………

And that was the start of my first semester as Sarah.

Re: Compromising Situation

Baby Sarah Ch 1

This next part is the continuation of Compromising Situation. The author just named it differently.

The rest of winter break was spent preparing for my new living arrangements. I called the school and told them that I would like my name changed in the system so the professors would only have my new name; however, I told them to keep my real name on my legal documents. They made that happen. Em and her mom had gone out and bought me a new wardrobe. We also decided on me getting a part-time job, so I could start saving to pay off my debts. Since Em quit her job at IHOP so she could go on vacation with us, she would also be searching for a new job; we planned on getting a job together.

As luck would have it, a movie theater had called us both. We were both going to be interviewed and if it went well, we would both be hired. Em picked out some interview clothes for her and me. Since I had become accidently un-potty trained over break, I continued to wear diapers. We needed an outfit that would cover that up. I suggested that I could wear my big girl undies but Em’s mom convinced me that I should stay diapered, in case I unknowingly went potty during the interview.

Em returned with a new wardrobe for me. I had her change my diaper; she taped up my Minnie Mouse diaper and stood me up. The first thing she handed me were a pair of black tights. I slid them up my legs and over my diaper. Next, I was handed a dress. The dress had a black top, the dress part had black and white horizontal striped. It poofed out right before my waist, so my diaper was definitely concealed. I then put on plain black flats. After doing my hair, makeup, and painting my nails, I was ready to go to my interview.

I had practiced my girl voice, so I was pretty sure nobody would mistake me for a guy. My adam’s apple was not very prominent, so that was an added bonus. I was flat chested; however, I know of many girls who are and I figured nobody would be rude enough to point that out.

Em walked out, wearing a similar outfit to mine, except she did not have any tights on. I piled into the van and Em drove us to the movie theater. We walked into the door and the managers met us. They said that they would interview me first and pulled me into a side office. There was one boy manager and one girl manager. They seemed pretty close, so I wondered if they were dating. The girl, Sarah, led the interview while the boy, Nate, chirped in every once in a while.

They looked over my application, which I filled out as Sarah, and told me everything looked great. They asked if I had any questions. I had only one, “What is the dress code?” Sarah said that guy and girls were very similar. Black pants and shoes, white button up top. They said that since I was a girl, I could also wear leggings and my flats I had on would be great. “Now, we will start training you Monday night, see you then!” I had gotten the job. I walked out, just as Em walked in. I whispered that I had gotten it and told her good luck. 20 minutes later, Em walked out. She ran up and bear hugged me. Apparantly she had also gotten hired. She told me that she had convinced them to schedule us together, as it would be more convient for ride purposes.

We went out and celebrated at Panera. The rest of break flew by and eventually it was time for Em and I to move into our new dorm room. Em asked if I was worried about being recognized by others who lived in the dorm. I told her that since I left before everybody in the morining and went straight to my room when I got home, that I was not worried. I had only seen a few people and never engaged in coversation. Em’s mom said that she had hired people to help us move and that when we got there, Em and I should walk our class schedule and she would stay with the movers.

After showering and shaving, I had to pick my wardrobe for the day. Since we would be walking outside, I decided to dress warm. I grabbed a pair of fuzzy knee high socks. They were purple and had purple, blue, and white polka dots on them. I also decided to wear a pair of my footed pajamas. I grabbed my white ones, with pink and blue snowflakes, as well as penguins all over them. I had Em come change my diaper, as I had wet it again overnight. After she finished, I threw on my pajamas. Next, I grabbed my new winter coat. It was a thick pink coat, with white fur around the hood. I then put on my new gloves and hat. They were also pink, with white, pink, and red hearts covering them. Finally, I threw on my new Ugg boots and headed out the door.

We first dropped Bri off at school and then headed to campus. A Uhal followed us to the dorms. I walked Em and her mom to what was now our dorm room and let them in. Em’s mom said she had it from here and sent us to walk our schedule.

This was my first time walking on campus as Sarah. I think I pulled off my new self pretty well. I recieved zero strange looks, people just saw two girls walking around campus and had no reason to be suspicious.

We spent the next two hours walking our class schedule, meeting our professors, and stopping by Starbucks to get a coffee. Eventually, we decided to head back. Returning to our dorm, I noticed more than a few changes. The walls were decorated with pictures and posters, most of which were from our vacation. I immediately recognized my picture with Anna and Elsa and my picture with Tinkerbell. I became lowkey upset since my diapers were clearly exposed in many pictures. Em convinced me that they were not that noticeable and I look much younger in the photos so people wouldn’t even know. Also, we didn’t plan to have people in our dorm anyways, so everything would be fine.

After I calmed down, Em’s mom started to give us a tour of our room. First, opening the top drawer of a large, white and pink dresser, she revealed my diapers.

“There are diapers and pull-ups in here, they should last you for a while. When you need more, just call me up and I will bring them to you.”

Opening the second drawer, she revealed baby powder, wipes, and other materials for diaper changes and diaper care. Opening the third drawer, she exposed baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, bibs, and everything else a baby might need.

“I know you might not need these, but just in case” she said.

She then walked over to a large white table on the other side of the room. I recognized the padding on it, it was a changing table. “This is a dual purpose table, it is designed for changing; however, if it is clean, you can also do homework on it.” She pointed to a trash can-like object next to it. “This is your diaper pail, clean it out once a week.”

She pointed at our beds, which were put back as bunk beds. “Sarah, you will sleep on the bottom. I have put a plastic sheet on it, as I don’t know when or how you plan on potty training. So just to be safe.”

I lifted the pink comforter, then the cinderella micro-fiber blanket. I then lifted the pink sheets and noticed the plastic sheets. Em’s bed was the top bunk, which looked much like mine, minus the plastic sheets.

“Speaking of potty training, when your ready…” Em’s mom opened the closet door. In huge, sparkly pink letters, I read ‘Sarah’s Potty Chart’ written on a large piece of white poster board. “…to potty train, everytime you use the potty you will get to place 1 sticker on that day” She handed me a collection of Frozen stickers.

I couldn’t believe that not only did I have to be re-potty trained, but I had a public record hanging inside of my closet. I heard Em’s voice.

“I was thinking, if you go 7 whole days without using your diaper, you can wear your undies during the day. The same deal with night time.” The sooner the better, I thought to myself. I looked over at Em, who was now standing by the other large dresser in the room. She was holding a familiar plastic package, I knew that it contained my big girl undies. She placed them back in the top drawer.

2 months ago I would have never said this, but I could not wait to wear those again. I noticed that on another table, across the room, we had a large TV and our desks contained 2 new laptops and school utensils. I could get used to that.

Em’s mom said that she had to go pick Bri up but suggested that we go to the lobby to meet other people on our floor. “While we were moving you in, a group of girls said that they were hanging out in the lobby and would love to meet their new floormates. Don’t worry, they didn’t see any of your stuff” She said. With that she gave us a hug and a kiss and left.

Em wanted to meet the new girls, but suggested that first I change my diaper. Without even realizing it, I had wet and messed myself. Em laid me down on the changing table, took off my jammies, and changed my diaper. She then put my jammies back on. I put on my Uggs and followed her to the lobby. There were five girls sitting on the couches.

They all said hello and introduced themselves. There was Kate and Danielle, who were roommates, Hannah and Gabby, who were roommates, and Jamie who said her roommate Natalie would be out later. Gabby, who was wearing pajama pants, exclaimed “Where did you get those, I’ve been looking all over for a pair?” pointing at my jammies. “Uhh, I don’t remember” I responded. “Kohl’s, I’m pretty sure” Em chimed in.

For the next three hours or so, we chatted with the girls. They were all really nice and excited about the upcoming semester. When our conversation died down a little bit, Em asked me to go back to our dorm with her. “I like them” I said on our way back. “Me too” she said. She then sat me up on the changing table. I hadn’t realized that I messed myself again. I started to tear up. “What’s wrong?” Em asked. “I just want to get out of these diapers” I exclaimed. Em suggested that I start potty training right away, I agreed without hesitation.

She walked over to my diaper dresser. “Night time will be harder than day time, so let’s start with the day time. From now on, during the day, you will wear pullups instead of diapers. We have the ones with the easy tear sides, so I can still change you. but hopefully you won’t need that.” She brought one over, but before changing me, she put something pink on my wrist.

“This will help you train, I know it had Dora on it but there wasn’t any plain ones.”

“A watch?” I asked. Looking at it, which displayed the time.

"Kind of, it’s a potty watch. If you hit the button on the side, it will count down from an hour. After an hour it will beep. Every time it beeps, I want you to go find a potty and try to use it, even if you don’t think you have to go. "

“Now you can walk down to the bathrooms every hour, but if you don’t want to, you can use this.” She was now pulling something out of the closet. “It is a plastic potty, I will just dump it out the window if you use it. Let’s give it a test run.” She helped me out of my jammies and diaper and had me sit down on the pink potty. It was embarrassing, but if it would get me out of diapers, I was down to try.

I pushed and pushed, but nothing came out. I sat in defeat. When I started to get up, Em told me to sit there for at least 5 minutes everytime I try. So I sat back down as she proceeded to change into her pajamas. She threw on an oversized T-shirt and shorts. After 5 minutes, nothing happened, so she picked me back up and laid me on the changing table. She slid some princess pull-ups on me and helped me back in my jammies. “Click the button and start your timer” She said. I pushed the button. She helped me down. “When it beeps, we will head down to the bathrooms and get ready for bed.” She then led me back down to the lobby.

We returned and noticed Natalie had shown up. We introduced ourselves and continued to converse. Beep Beep my watch went off. “Time for your pill, huh?” Kate asked. Nobody said anything about Dora being on my watch. “Haha yep” Em replied. We got up and started to leave. “Catch you guys later” Natalie said.

While walking back to our room, “Pill?” I asked.

“Birth control, it’s a good cover” Em responded. We continued to our room and grabbed a few materials. We then headed to the bathroom. I went into a stall and sat down, as that is what girls do. Em began to brush her teeth. I looked at my watch and began to try to go potty. To my surprise it worked. Even though I finished, I sat on for the whole 5 minutes thinking that Em must know what she was doing, she probably watched her mom potty train Bri. After the five minutes, I flushed and exited the stall. Em was waiting outside. “I went” I said excitedly.

“Next time, if you go, don’t flush and show me. I will be able to give you a sticker that day. If you flush, it doesn’t count.” She said. I was disappointed, as I wanted to get as many stickers so I could get out of these stupid diapers. “Also, for future references, even though you had to take your jammies off all of the way, don’t slide your pullups down so far. Leave them about knee level so people don’t see them from outside the stall.”

I didn’t even think about that, but it was good advice. I’m glad nobody walked in and saw my pullups right now.

Next I brushed my teeth, removed my makeup, and brushed my hair. I followed Em back to our room. She put me back on the changing table and suggested that I wear diapers every night. She changed me and then carried me over to my bed and laid me down. She climbed in behind me and pulled the covers over us. The first day of Sarah on campus was a success. Classes and work started tomorrow, so I dozed off quickly.

Our alarm went off. Em rolled over out of bed and picked me up. She put me on the changing table, removed my jammies and diaper, and wrapped me in a towel. “No sticker for tonight” She said, revealing that I had wet during the night. We walked down to the bathrooms to go get ready. Since my classes were later that last semester, a bunch of people were already showering. When one opened up, Em suggested we shower together. We placed our stuff in the buffer room and entered the shower together, naked. This wasn’t the first time we had seen eachother naked, but this time we were an item.

We showered together, helping eachother out with soap. This semester was already better than last semester. We dried off, Em taught me how to use a towel to put my hair up. I was then handed a pullup, which I quickly put on. She then handed me all black leggings. I slid them up as well, realizing that my pullup still caused a small bulge, although way smaller than my diaper. She then handed me a white camisole and an oversized white button up shirt. This went below my butt, so my pull up was covered. I realized that she was dressing me in my work outfit. “After your last class, I will meet you there and we will take the bus to work.” I put on my flats and walked out of the shower with Em. We brushed our teeth, did our makeup and then did our hair. Afterwards, we walked back to our room and packed our stuff.

“Your class doesn’t start for another hour, but I have to go. I have packed you extra pullups, but hopefully you won’t need them. If you leak, wrap your sweatshirt around your waist and I’ll bring you extra clothes when I get a chance. Also, if you use the potty, send me a selfie with it, and I will get you a sticker later.” She gave me a kiss and rushed out the door.

“Send me a selfie?” I thought. “Oh well, I’ll do whatever it takes to get out of these things”. I decided to go get a coffee before class. I sat down at Starbucks and ordered a pumpkin spice latte. After that, it was eventually time to go to class. As soon as I sat my stuff down, my watch beeped. I hurried to a potty and sat down. After 5 minutes, nothing had come out, so I pulled my pullups back up and went back to class.

Class went smoothly. I had another hour or so before my next class, so I decided to sit outside at the pavillion. Before that, my alarm went off and I went potty. This time, a little had came out. I pulled up my pullups and stood up. Using my phone, I took a selfie with the potty and sent it to Em. “GOOD JOB! You get to choose 1 sticker!” she responded. I then took a seat on a bench.

“Sarah?” I heard a voice say. I looked and saw Hannah. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug. We talked for a minute before she had to go to class. This was the first time I really talked to a friend on campus, it was nice. Eventually, she left and I decided to head to class.

The rest of the day went fine. I tried to go potty every hour, which resulted in two more stickers. After my last class, I met Em. We took the bus and headed to the theater. My alarm went off on the bus, so when we arrived I went straight for the potty. Afterwards, Nate brought us behind the snack counter. “You will usually work the concessions, so we are going to teach you as much as you can tonight.” For the next hour, we were taught to do the register, popcorn, and drink machines. We also learned how to sell candy and showed all of the specials. The only thing we hadn’t done were the pretzels and nachos, but those were easy Nate said. Beep Beep. My alarm went off. “What about bathroom breaks?” I asked.

“You can go whenever, but try to wait until it isn’t busy. Usually when the movies begin.” After another 7 minutes, the line died down as the movies had started. I decided to go. When I returned, we learned how to do pretzels and nachos. We were told our benefits were free drinks, popcorn, and we can watch movies for free on days we don’t work. The rest of the night went smoothly and we took the bus home.

When we returned to our dorm, Em got out the stickers and I chose 4. Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. I put them on today’s date. Em gave me a big kiss. She then lifted me up on the changing table and discussed tomorrow’s plan. “Since we both only have morning classes, we can meet back up here and do homework before we go to work.” She took off my leggings and ripped off the sides of my pullup. She set me back down and told me to sit on the potty. Nothing happened, so she picked me back up and diapered me.

She then grabbed a Hello Kitty nightie and slid it over my head. She then grabbed some knee high, pink and white striped Hello Kitty socks, and threw them over to me. I put them on as she changed into pajamas. We both climbed into bed. Another successful day as Sarah.

Our alarm went off again. We went through the same routine. I wet myself overnight again, so no night sticker but only six more dry days until I could wear my undies. We showered together again. Today’s outfit consisted off Princess Pullups, blue Elsa socks, dark jeggings, a pink crewneck with a large picture of a cat, and my converses. We brushed our teeth and headed back to the dorm. Since we had classes at the same time, we both got on the bus together. Em got off at her building first then I got off at mine.

I walked into class and the instructor began to lecture. Beep Beep My alarm went off. I got up to leave. I went to the nearest potty and 5 minutes later , after not earning a sticker, I returned. I sat back down until my instructor finished. As I was starting to leave, he called me to the front.

I approched him. “You left while we were discussing how I will grade the class, so I thought I would fill you in.” I proceeded to listen to him talk about how much weight the exam and homework will have. He began to search his cart. “It appears I misplaced the schedule, but if you follow me back to my office I can get you a copy.” Just as it did an hour earlier, my alarm went off. “It’s okay, can you just get it to me next class?” I asked.

“Nonsense, it won’t take that long, follow me.” He said. Reluctantly, I followed. We walked all the way back to his office. He sat down behind his computer and told me to take a seat. He said he had to print another copy off and then he would walk me through the tentative plan. As he began printing off a copy, I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt in two days. I began to mess my diaper. Although it was promising that I actually realized what was happening, I couldn’t stop it. I began to tear up, realizing that I would have to start over and would wear undies for at least another 7 days. My professor realized I was tearing up and asked what was up. “Nothing, just allergies” I responded. I sat there in my mess, hoping he wouldn’t smell anything, as he spent the next 5 minutes walking me through the tentative schedule.

We both stood up and I shook his hand. " I don’t want to sound rude Sarah, so for future references, if you need to use the bathroom just let me know. I would have understood."

Shocked, I tried to cover it up. “What?” I asked trying to sound confused.

“I smell poop. At first, I thought it was just a fart, but when I shook your hand, I noticed your wrist. My daughter has the same potty watch.”

I began to full out cry. “Do you have any classes right now?” He asked.

I shook my head no. “Well I have to go to another class, but if you want, you can regain your composure in here. I will lock the door, just make sure it is shut when you leave.”

Through my tears, I thanked him.

“Also, if you want, I have some extra pullups in my drawer for when I bring my dauger in here. I know that might be embarassing, but it would be better than walking around in poop stained underwear.” He said pulling out a pullup from his drawer and placing it on his desk. Realizing that he thought I was wearing undies, I decided to take his offer. If I didn’t accept, I figured he would be suspicous. I also didn’t want to tell him that I had a change on me. Defeated, I picked up the pull up.

“If you don’t want to carry those around on you, you can just throw them away in the trash outside my door. They haven’t changed the trash yet today, but they usually do in about 15 minutes. And anytime you leave my class in the future, I’ll understand.” With that he exited his room, locking and shutting the door behind him.

I could not believe that professor knew I was potty training and offerend me a pullup after I messed myself; however, I was greatful he understood. Closing the blind, I took off my shoes and socks, followed by my leggings. Realizing that I probably had smeared poop all over my bottom, I looked back in the drawer he pulled the pull up out of and grabbed a few wipes. Next, I slid off my pullups and wiped my bottom, afterwards, placing the wipes in my pullup and folding it up like I have seen Em do it. Next I grabbed the pullup he offered me.

These were different than the ones I wore. The box in his drawer said Well Beginnings and the design on these ones were My Little Pony. I slid them up, stretching out Rainbow Dash’s face. I then slid up my jegging and put my socks and shoes back on. I cracked open the door and reached out for the trash. It wasn’t too far away, so I don’t think anybody saw my used Pullup. I had stopped crying so I decided to head back to my dorm. When I got there, Em greeted me with a hug. We sat down and began to do homework. Eventually, my alarm went off.

I pulled the potty out from the closet, pulled down my clothes, and sat on the potty. A flow started to come out. After 5 minutes, I stood up and told Em that I had went. I then pulled my pullups up as she checked. She gave me a kiss and pulled out the stickers. I asked for a Sven one. She handed me the sticker.

"Those aren’t the pullups that you had on this morning are they? Em asked me. Trying to keep my streak alive I shook my head no. I then went over to put my sticker on the chart. I pulled up the rest of my clothes and sat down on the chair to do homework again. Em called me over to her chair.

“I just checked the diaper drawer, is there something that you want to tell me?” She asked.

I shook my head no again.

“You don’t have any My Little Pony pullups. Where did you get them?”

I shrugged.

“I’m going to give you one more chance, where did you get these?”

I decided to tell her the truth. She then thanked me for being honest. “But, since you lied three times, you get thirty spankings. Come here” Instead of going to her, I backed up. She stood up and grabbed me. Bending me over her knee, she pulled down my jeggings and pullups. She then gave me thirty bare-bottomed, hard spankings.

They hurt, so I began to bawl. When she was finished, she pulled my pullup back up. She began to talk, but I was crying so loud, I couldn’t hear anything. I walked over to my bed and plopped down. Suddenly, I felt myself being rolled over. A pacifier was shoved into my mouth. Crying, I spit it out. It was shoved back in. Realizing I was participating in a battle I wasn’t going to win, I left it in. Em then picked me up, held me like a toddler, began bouncing up and down and patting my butt. Slowly, I stopped crying.

“I love you, but how is our relationship going to work if you lie to me. I am not mad you had an accident, I expect those to happen. I just don’t want you to lie. Do you understand?”

I mumbled yes through my pacifier. She then sat me back on my bed, told me she loved me, and started to work on homework. There was a knock on the door. Em went to answer it, I shot up and pulled my jeggings over my pullups and spit my pacifier out. I laid down and tried to pretend to sleep that way people didn’t think I was crying. Em cracked open the door. It was Natalie.

“Everything okay?” She asked, trying to poke her head in the door. “Yeah” Em said. Nat responded, “Oh, I thought I heard crying.” “Not in here,” Em said. They then talked about their plans for the night. Before the conversation got too in-depth, Nat walked away.

After homework, we got changed for work. At work, everything went smoothly. Me and Em ran the shop with manager supervision. Jill watched us and everything went great. Through our shift, I earned 2 stickers; putting my daily total at 3 (including the plastic potty). When we got home, Em gave me my stickers. I put them on the board. Although I got 3, my day count started over.

Em lifted me on the table and diapered me in my night time diapers. She then dressed me in micro-fiber My Little Pony pajama pants and a pink heart t-shirt. She gave me pink fuzzy socks. After getting changed, we hopped into bed. I planned to begin my journy back into undies all over again tomorrow.

I awoke to the door slamming. Em was coming back from her shower. “Good morning baby” she exclaimed.

I knew that she meant no harm, as baby is just a pet name; but I became frustrated. I didn’t say anything.

She continued, “It looks like you have the day off, since you don’t have class and we don’t have to work today.” She continued to get dressed, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, probably stay here all day.” Exciting plans, I know. Em said okay, gave me a kiss, and headed on her way. I decided to get up and check my email. I opened up one I had recieved from work. It read:

'Dear Sarah,

We have noticed that you have being going to the bathroom many times throughout your shift. I know that we said you can go whenever, but I do not want this to hinder your work performance. We have had this issue with former employees and one thing that we noticed that worked, is for those employees to wear protection. While we will not force you to, we highly suggest that you wear some form of protection. There are things called ‘Goodnites’ that run big and provide good protection without making the protection noticeable. Once again, we are not going to check if you are using protection, but we suggest that you look into it.

Nate and Jill’

Looking at my desk, I noticed a sticky note. It read:

‘Noticed that you recieved an e-mail that you were taking too many potty breaks at work. Accidents at work will not count against your Potty Chart, so you don’t have to take so many breaks. Love, EM’

Really?!? I was sick of these diapers. I just needed out of them. Before I could react anymore, there was a knock on my door. It was Hannah and Gabby,

“We are going to go to the mall today. We asked Em if she wanted to come but she said she had class. Do you want to come?”

This was the first time a college friend had ever asked me to do something, besides Em. I was pretty excited, “Yeah, can you wait for me to get ready?”

“Yep, can you meet us at our room in an hour?”

I agreed and the went on their way. Before showering, I had to pick my outfit for the day. I went over to my diaper drawer. I was so upset that Em, my professor, and now my managers wanted me to wear diapers. All I wanted was out of them. I had only had one accident the last 2 days anyways, so I don’t really need them. I shut the door and headed over to the other dresser.

I ripped open one of the plasitc packages containing my undies. I pulled the first ones out. I then grabbed some black leggings, as well as a black shirt repping our college. I decided to wear long blue fuzzy socks as well. I ripped off my clothes, placing my wet diaper in my diaper pail, and wrapped my towel around me.

I headed down to the showers. After my shower I put on my clothes. I picked up my undies. They were blue WonderWoman ones, covered in stars and WondeWomen’s logo. They also had pink lace trim. I slid them up over my hips and adjusted myself. I forgot how good these felt. Next I put on my leggings, socks, and t-shirt. I brushed my teeth and hair, then did my makeup. I went back to my dorm, put my towel away, put on my flip-flops, and grabbed my purse.

I met up with the girls. We walked out to Hannah’s car and I piled in the back. For the next 4 hours, we shopped around town. We stopped at Meijer, Target, an outlet mall, and finally the town mall. My potty watch went off every hour and I quickly found a potty around that time. We ate at the food court in the mall, then headed to Victoria’s Secret.

We shopped for underwear, I helped the girl’s pick out a bunch. They asked if I was going to get any but I told them I had enough, not wanting to tell them I liked the style I had on. My watch went off again as we were waiting in line. I told them I had to go use the girl’s room, but they told me that I should wait for them as they had to go to. I really didn’t want to do that, but agreed. We spent what felt like an eternity in line, but eventually escaped. The girls wanted to stop at a store before we went potty but I convinced them not to.

We turned the corner to the bathroom and ran into a line. We had to decide whether or not to wait in this line or find another potty. Ultimately, we had no decision because when we were discussing it, my bladder released. I looked down at the puddle I had formed and started to tear up. The girls in the line recognized what had happened and gladly let me skip them to a stall. I ran inside and shut the door. Hannah and Gabby were locked out but wanted to help.

“What can we do?” they asked.

I had no idea, usually Em would help me out. I would text her but I wasn’t supposed to wear these undies unless I was potty trained. If I asked her, she would be me mad and spank me again. “I don’t know” I responded.

I heard them talking to somebody else. After a minute, I noticed a hand under the stall door. “Here, this is all we could think of.” I looked at the item and to my displeasure recognized a pullup. “You will just have to wear this, we can get you pants at the next store we go into.” Awesome, I was going to be wearing a pullup in public once again, this time infront of my new friends. I hastefully grabbed the stupid thing. I took off my socks and flip-flops, then my leggings and undies. Throwing them on the floor. The girls handed me a plastic bag to put them in. I placed the clothes in there and the girls took it and threw it away.

I then looked at the pullup. It was pink with the blue monster from Monster’s Inc. I slid them up my body and walked out. “Oh I love Sully” Gabby said, talking about the Moster on my diaper. I know that she was trying to make light of the situation, but it was irritating. We walked to the closest store, which was Forever 21. A bunch of people gave me weird looks, I mean I was a college student in a pullup; but I was used to it. We grabbed a pair of black drawstring sweatpants. I threw them on over my pullup and walked up to the counter. I paid for them and we continued to shop. The next 2 hours went by slowly. Right before we left, Gabby innocently asked if I had to go to the bathroom since there might be traffic on the way home.

I didn’t, and even if I did, I wouldn’t admit to it. I would just use the pull up. We piled in her car and headed back to campus. They asked if I would hang out with them for the day. I said sure and that I had to drop off my stuff first and change out of this stupid outfit. We entered our building and I opened my room. The girls followed me in, without being invited. Sure that is what friends normally do, but it was not what I wanted. I threw my bags on the floor and started to head towards the door.

“Didn’t you want to change out of your clothes?” Gabby asked.

“Yeah, I want to see this ‘I don’t need anymore panties’ collection.” Hannah added opening a drawer I didn’t want her to open.

She looked inside and saw all of my diapers. “Oh…” she said. I started to cry. “It’s okay, you still always look cute” she said, trying to change the subject. While doing this, she opened my closet to show off my clothes, but unknowingly displayed my potty chart to her and Gabby. I flung myself on my bed in embarrassment.

“We know you don’t wear diapers all the time, we saw that you were wearing panties today, we say your panty line” Gabby said trying to cheer me up. She walked over to my other dresser, probably trying to grab me real underwear, and noticed all my kid underwear packaged up.

This made me cry even more; however, they both came over and gave me a hug. “It’s okay,” they said. “We are fine with you wearing diapers, we still love you.” “Now hurry up and get changed, we still have to go to our girls night at our place.” They then left and went to their dorm.

While I was embarrassed, I thought that girl’s night may fix the problem. I decided to keep this pullup on as it hadn’t been used yet and threw on some of my footed pajamas over my shirt. I also put on rainbow striped socks underneath my jammies. After I got changed, I sent Em a text telling her where I would be when she got back from class. I then walked down to Hannah and Gabby’s room. I saw that they propped it open, so I walked in.

When I entered, they were both sitting on the bed in nothing but a t-shirt and pullups. They must have lifted some from my room. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“Well, we didn’t want you to be embarrassed, so we decided to put some on too.”

I was flattered. “If you don’t mind us asking, how did this start?”. Since they were being so nice, I decided to tell them that we went on vacation and I got sick. I then told them about the girl that watched me while the girls went to Disney and even told them that she gave me a pacifier and bottles. I continued to tell them that I somehow became unpotty trained and was working my way back.

“How did it feel to be babied?” Hannah asked.

“It is very embarrassing.” I said.

“I think it would be cool, we should try it sometime.” Gabby added.

"I could arrange that, " I said.

“Right now?” Hannah asked.

“If you want.”

“Let’s go!” Gabby shouted.

I told them to follow me back to my room. We stood up and sprinted from their room to mine, not wanted to be caught by anyone else. Once inside, I opened up the 2nd and 3rd drawer of my baby dresser. They looked through pacifiers, bottles, teething toys, and dollies. Within 5 minutes, it looked like there were three grown babies in my room. Gabby had on a pullup, a bonnet, fuzzy socks, a pacifier, and plastic pants. Hannah was wearing a diaper and a bib, while drinking out of a baby bottle. I was in my footed pajamas. drinking out of a bottle and put my hair in pigtails, placing ribbons in each. “Baby Girls Night!” Gabby exclaimed. The girls looked around the room, seeing the diaper pail, kids clothes, and all the pictures of me from Disney. “Your’e soooo cute” they cooed.

We turned on Netflix and began watching The Croods. We were all cuddled up on the bottom bunk when Em walked in. “Oh, what’s happening?” She asked.

“Baby girls night” Hannah reponded.

“Oh, I see he told you” Em responded.

“HE!!!” They both shouted.

“Know I said she” Em tried to cover up, but the redness in her face gave it away. I was trapped between the girls, so I couldn’t move. They only thing I could do is cry.

Em came over, picked me up, placed a pacifier in my mouth and began bouncing me. While doing this, she explained everything to the girls. While this was happening, I nodded off to sleep. My trek to underwear would start all over again, tomorrow.

I awoke to our alarm. Em rolled out of bed and lifted me onto the changing table. So took off my diaper and wiped me clean, since I had messed it overnight. I was determined to go the next seven days without an accident. I only had one class today, with the professor who understood if I left class and didn’t have to work until tomorrow. Today would be a good day to start. I walked to the shower to start my daily routine.

The outfit for the day was my pullup, khaki pants, a white longsleeve shirt, grey winter boots, and long grey sweater with snowflakes, and a kahki colored scarf. I finished getting ready and went to class. I decided to sit by the door, to avoid distraction. Every hour my watch went off and I went to the potty. That day I earned five stickers and had zero accidents.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern. I would wake up wearing a used diaper, I would go to class and sit right by the door, I would try to go potty every hour, and I would be rediapered for the night. On the days that I had to work, I only had three accidents, but because of the email I had recieved, Em said that accidents at work did not count. At the end of the seven days, I had done it: I graduated to undies.

My potty chart was decorated in many stickers, both Em and I were really excited.

“Good job baby! Tomorrow you can wear your big girl underwear!” Em said while putting me in my night time diaper. “Unless….”

“No unless” I interupted.

“Okay I was just making sure. I didn’t know if you liked wearing diapers. Last week when I caught you, Hannah, and Gabby wearing them I thought that meant you wanted to stay in them.”

This was really the first time I talked about ‘Baby Girls Night’ since it happened. Throughout the week I talked to Gabby and Hannah and they acted like nothing even happened. They still treated me like one of the girls and they didn’t tell any of my other friends what happened, at least to my knowledge.

“Oh, the girls just wondered what it felt like to be treated like a baby. It was fun hanging out with them, but I don’t want to wear diapers…” I responded.

“Ok, then big girl undies it is. You will still wear a pullup to work until you can go 7 workshifts without an accident and you will wear night diapers until you go 7 nights without an accident. But we should celebrate your accomplishment, what do you want to do?”

I wasn’t expecting this, so I wasn’t sure. " I don’t know" I murmered.

“How about you, me, mom, Bri, Gabby, and Hannah all go to Dave & Buster’s tonight, since we don’t have to work.” I agreed. “Anyone else…?” Em added. I wouldn’t mind the other girls on our floor to come, except they didn’t know about my problems and I didn’t want anyone to slip up.

“No” I replied. Em finished diapering me and zipping up my jammies. We laid down in bed and fell asleep.

I awoke to our alarm, as I usually did. Em picked me up and took off my jammies and diaper. She wrapped me in a towel and told me that I get to pick my clothes for the day. The first thing I did was head to the dresser with my undies. I opened a new package and grabbed a pair. Unrolling them, I revealed undies from my Paw Patrol package. They were pink with Skye, pink and purple pawprints, and the Paw Patrol logo. I then picked a pair of black leggings. I wanted to wear something really tight as I did not have to hide a bulge today. I then picked out a long sleeve shirt that was purple and blue striped. I grabbed a pair of fuzzy socks that matched, as well as my Ugg boots. We went through our usual routine and then I took off for class.

I was still wearing my potty watch and still sat by the door. I still went to the bathroom every hour, but this time I was wearing undies. At the end of class, we were assigned groups for a project due at the end of the semester. I met with them and then we were released from class. Before exited, my professor called me over. He gave me a high-five, then an awkward one arm hug. “Good job” he whispered.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“I noticed that you weren’t wearing any diapers or pullups today, so you are making progress.” He said.

Embarrassed, I thanked him and ran off, heading back to my dorm. Around 5 o’clock, we heard a knock on our door. Em opened it up and let her mom and Bri in. I was greeted with a hug drom both of them. Bri handed me a present. “When I was potty training the girls, I gave them a present every time they did good.” I opened the present and revealed an iPad. “Thank you!” I shouted. "

“When you become totally independent, we will have to upgrade your laptop” Em’s mom continued. "Now lets get a picture. ". She swung open my closet door and had me stand in front of the potty chart, holding my new iPad. She then pulled out her phone. “Show us your new underwear” she said. I hesitated. She noticed my hesitation and continued, “When I potty trained the girls, that is how we took the pictures. Nobody will know, it is just for us.” Realizing she wouldn’t give in, I caved. I whipped down my leggings, taking them completely off, and tossing them to the side, exposing my pink Paw Patrol undies. I posed with my iPad and poster. Em’s mom took a picture.

“Now one with the girls” she said. Em and Bri squeezed in. Before the picture was taken, there was a knock on the door. “It’s Hannah and Gab, let us in”. Em’s mom told us to sit tight for a minute as she opened the door. Hannah and Gabby walked in. Em’s mom took the picture. “You girls get in one too.” Em’s mom suggested. They squeezed their way in between the girls and me. “Okay good, I’ll send these to you later, Em” The group separated.

“Cute” Gabby said, snapping my waistaband. Hannah squeezed me tightly, “I’m so proud of you” I fought off the hug and proceeded to put my pants back on. Em’s mom hurried us out the door and we walked into the parking lot. We approached a white van. “Who’s car is this?” Em asked.

“Your’s” Em’s mom replied handing her the keys. “I figured this would help with getting to and from work.” Em squeezed her mom tight and headed up into the front. The back opened and Em’s mom took the backpack she was carrying off, which contained extra clothes and diapers for me, just incase I had an accident. I noticed a carseat in the back. “What’s that for” I asked, fearing the worst.

"Well, just like when I potty trained my girls, I want to prevent you from regressing. So if you have a daytime accident, you will be treated like a baby for the rest of the day. You will be diapered and the iPad will be taken away. You will have to let Em know when you go potty and if you don’t have an accident for the next 24 hours, you can return to normal clothes. If you have to go anywhere in the punishment time, you will need to sit in a carseat, be carried, or pushed in a stroller. You will be fed, so you will need a bib and a high chair or booster seat. If you are sleeping, you will sleep in the portable play pen. All of the materials necessary are in your closet now. If you have to work or go to class during your punishment time, the time pauses and will resume after; unless it becomes routine, then the punishment will be more severe. "

I did not want that to happen so I decided that I should continue to keep up the good work. I piled into the back seat with Gabby and Hannah. Em drove us to Dave & Busters. When we got there, we went straight for the games. We played skee-ball, flappy birds, the basketball game, racing, and all other kinds of games. We went back for a brief second and ordered our food, but returned to the games.

After eating and running out of credits, we went to the shop to redeem our points. Em and I combined our credits for an oversized Hello Kitty stuffed animal and some candy. Gabby and Hannah came over and placed a tiara on my head. “Here you go, for our new Princess of the Potty” they said. We decided to save the rest of our credits for when we came back next time. We piled back into the car and headed to the dorm. We dropped Em’s mom and Bri off at their car and parked ours. The girls followed us back into our dorm. Since we didn’t finish watching The Croods the other night, we decided to finish. My alarm went off on my watch once more. The movie was almost over, so I waited until the end. I thought that Hannah and Gabby were going to leave but they didn’t.

I had to go potty and didn’t want to have an accident, so I pulled out my potty from the closet and told them to look away. When they turned, I slid my leggings and undies down to my ankles and sat down. I began to urinate. Doing so, the noise must have startled them. They both looked over at me. “Turn around!” I said. The listened to my commands. When the five minutes were up, I stood and returned my clothes to their proper place. Em came over, picked up my potty, and dumped the liquid out the window. She then returned the potty to the closet. “It’s probably time to get ready to go to bed.” Em said. She then lifted me on the table. She went over to the diaper dresser and pulled one out. “Can I do it?” Hannah asked. “I guess it’s up to Sarah” Em responded. Hannah looked over at me.

I shrugged, “I guess”. I didn’t really want her to but she already knew my secret, so it couldn’t hurt. Hannah excitedly grabbed my diaper from Em and apporached the table. Gabby also looked on. I laid down, as I usually do, and Hannah began removing my leggings. She took them all the way off, then started sliding off my undies, revealing my secret. “So do I do it differently than I would changing a babies diaper?” Hannah asked. Em told her no and Hannah became more confident.

She lifted my legs in the air and slid the diaper under me. She then powdered my bottom, with a large amount of powder. She then dropped my legs and pulled the diaper over my front. She finished by fastening my diaper extremely tight. Em then handed me a Minnie Mouse t-shirt and pink micro-fiber pajama bottoms. I hopped down from the table. Gabby and Hannah both gave me a hug goodnight. After they left, Em and I slid into bed. The next step was to get to the point where I could wear undies at night too.

Re: Compromising Situation

Baby Sarah ch 2

Over the next two weeks, everything was normal- or at least as normal as they could be. I was still having accidents on most nights, but I haven’t had an accident during the day time. This includes work. I even graduated to being able to wear undies at work. I still wore the potty watch as a reminder, but I was becoming more independent.

I had gotten my paycheck each week, so that meant I was spending more time at the mall. Gab, Han, Em, and I spent every night we didn’t work together. Right before bedtime, any of the girls would diaper me; but that was our little secret. Everything was great, including school. I was ahead of schedule in all of my classes and our group has made good progress on our project.

Thursday had come around, which meant I had class with Professor J- the teacher that offered me the pullup. After class had ended, he called me to the front.

“Normally, I don’t do this, but do you have plans tomorrow night?”

I told him that I didn’t and allowed him to continue. “My wife and I are going to a conference tomorrow and I don’t have anybody to watch my daughter. Would you like to? We will pay you $100.”

Although that is more money than I normally make and I could use the extra money, due to my circumstances I came up with an excuse.

"I don’t have a car, so I can’t make it out there. I said.

“Don’t worry, after my last class on Friday, I can give you a ride out there. Since it is a late conference and it is pretty far away, you can stay in our guest bedroom. How about I give you $200. Normally Grandma would take her, but she is busy. We didn’t get much notice.”

$200?!? Just to watch a kid for a few hours? Still I wear diapers at night and I didn’t want them to know.

“It would be nice for her to hang around with someone else who knows her situation. She is struggling to potty train; I mean, she is 8 and is still in pullups. It would be good for her to know that she is not alone and maybe you can give her tips.”

Since he already partially knew, I decided I could tell him why I was hesitant. “You see proffessor J, I still have nighttime accidents, so maybe I am not the best choice.”

He didn’t give it a second thought. “Just bring whatever you need over, I think you two will be good for eachother.” I couldn’t really see a downside, so I agreed. He told me to meet him at his office at 5 o’clock tomorrow, ready to go.

I went home and told Em about my job. “What about nighttime?” She asked. I told her that I would be able to diaper myself and that everything would be fine. She agreed and told me that she would pack my stuff for tonight. We went to work that night then headed home and went to bed.

Waking up the next day, we went through our normal Friday routine. At 4:30, I was getting ready to meet up with Professor J. Em handed me my backpack. “I packed you clothes for tomorrow, your footed PJs for tonight, your nighttime diaper, and a pair of plastic pants to make sure that you don’t leak. All of your bathroom stuff is in the ziplock bag as well. I will pick you up at 9am tomorrow” I thanked her, gave her a hug, and headed to Prof J’s office.

When I got there, he was already ready to go, so I followed him to his car. I got buckled in and he thanked me again. After a 15 minute drive, we arrived at his house and I followed him to his door. He was greeted by his wife, who also gave me a hug.

“Thank you so much for doing this Sarah. You know of Vanessa’s situation. She can put on her pullups by herself, she doesn’t like to wear them though, so every once in a while just ask her if she has one on. She should know all of the rules, bedtimes 10o’clock- but if you are having fun it can be a little later than that. I left some money on the table for you to order pizza as well. Speaking of money, here is yours,” she said handing me two Ben Franklins. “If you have any other questions, just give us a call. The number is on the fridge”

Vanessa entered the living room. “Hey Ness, this is Sarah, she is going to hang out with you while we go to our conference.” She said hey and told her parents goodbye; shortly after, they left.

“Hey Ness” I said. “What do you want to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know, let’s watch TV or something” she said sitting on the couch, grabbing the remote. I sat down next to her. I probably wasn’t even sitting down for a minute, when my watch went off. “Hey I have one of those too” she said. We bonded over that for a little bit. I told her that I just recently got out of pullups and all I had to do was try my best to not have an accident. She seemed really excited that I also had her problem. I sat on the potty, when I returned Ness was waiting for me.

“Can we play outside?” she asked. I told her to hold on and went to check my bag. Em didn’t really pack me any play clothes for outside. “I don’t have anything to wear” I said. Ness at first looked disappointed, but that look changed as she darted into another room. She returned holding a pile of clothes. “Here you can wear my snowpants,boots, coat, hat, and gloves; and I will wear my old ones.” I told her that we could, but we should order our food first. Then when our food came is when we would go back in.

I changed into the bright pink snowpants, pink boots, panda hat, purple coat, and Frozen gloves. I looked ridiculous, but at least I would be warm. Before going outside, I ordered our pizza. We then went outside and played in the snow. We had a snowball fight, built a snowman, and even went sledding. We were having a lot of fun until Ness’s face turned beat red. I knew that look; she just had an accident. She quickly ran inside and I followed. She ran into her room, so I decided to go to the bathroom to take off my snow stuff. I unclipped my snowpants, took off my coat, and boots and dressed back down to my clothes. When I looked down, I noticed a very large wet spot that had formed on my jeans, I had wet myself.

I didn’t know what to do. My bag was in the living room and I was trapped in the bathroom. I heard Ness talking outside of the door, “when you finish taking off your snow stuff, we should wash them.” Perfect, I could wash my jeans and undies with them and nobody would suspect a thing. First I had to find a way get my bag. I formulated a plan. “Ness, can you bring me my backpack, I think I am going to change into my jammies.” She agreed and ran off. She hurried back and knocked on the door. I cracked it open just enough to grab my bag, but she barged in.

“I couldn’t find you-” she stopped mid sentence, noticing my wet spot.
“Just a second, I’ll grab you a pullup” she said, acting like this was a normal occurence.

“No, I have a change of clothes in here, thanks though” I responded.

“Well, if you don’t have to wear pullups, then I don’t either” she said. I argued with her. I was not going to wear pullups but I knew her parents wanted her too. I told her that since I was potty trained, that I didn’t have to.

“Fine, let’s call daddy and find out” I did not want the girl I was babysitting to tell her dad that I had wet myself. “Fine, get me a pullup. It will be our secret.” I said.

She returned with a My Little Pony pullup. I told her to stand outside while I changed. After sliding the pullup above my waist, I piled up my clothes and headed to the washroom. I started filled the washer with our snow clothes, including my jeans and undies, then started it. I began to head to the living room.

“Sarah, where is the money?” Ness asked.

I looked up and noticed that Ness had opened the door for the pizza guy. I was wearing nothing but my t-shirt and pullup.

“Haha nice diaper…” he said.

Frustrated, I gave him just enough money for the pizza, no tip. I then shut the door on his face. I set the pizza on the table and got plates out. Ness and I ate our pizza at the table. Standing up to put the dishes in the sink, I heard:

“Oh nice, we are wearing the same one”. I knew that she was talking about my pullup. I was wearing the same pullup as the girl I was babysitting.

The night continued. We watched a movie, I switched the laundry over, and eventually it was 10o’clock. I told Ness that it was time for bed. After she got settled in, I headed to the bathroom. I removed my pullup and tossed it in the trash can. I then proceeded to diaper myself. I made a mess with the powder and the tabs were not nearly as tight as they were when one of the girls did it. I pulled out the plastic pants from my bag. They were all white, with pink and blue butterflies and flowers. I slid them on over my diaper.

I was going to put on my jammies, but the house was pretty warm. I decided to go back on the couch and watch TV until my clothes dried, then I would wear my jammies right before bed. I went back out to the couch and began to watch Spongebob. Sometime between the beginning and the end of the episode, I dozed off on the couch.

When I awoke, I was laying on the bed in the guest bedroom. I got up and noticed that I was still only wearing a t-shirt, diaper, and my plastic pants. I looked around for my bag or jammies and realized that they must be in the living room still. I figured that somebody had to have put me here, so it wouldn’t be anymore emabarrassing walking out. Before entering the living room, I was met in the kitchen where Prof J, his wife, and Ness were sitting at the table. “Sit down and grab a plate” Prof J said. I told him that I’d be back in a second. “Nonsense, sit down” his wife insisted. I did as instructed and popped a squat. I felt poop smush up against the back of my butt. I had messed myself overnight. I began to eat some pancakes.

“I hope you don’t mind that I carried you to the bed last night” Prof J said. Trying not to be rude, I told him it was good and thanked him. They asked about last night, I told them that everything went great. Ness added that she had so much fun and wanted me to be her permanent baby sitter. I told her that I would do it anytime. The conversation was interuppeted by a knock on the door.

Prof J went to answer it. It was Em. She came in and said hello. She said that she was in a hurry and that we needed to go. I got up, picked up my bag, and walked over to her. She said nothing about my appearance. Before we could leave, Mrs. J stopped us. She rushed over and handed me my neatly folded jeans and undies. “These were in the dryer, I think they are yours.” Before I could come up with an excuse, Em asked why. Ness shouted out that I had an accident. “Really?” Em said. This was my first accident in weeks, so hopefully she would be lenient. I was wrong.

She didn’t even let me put my pants on. She picked me up and carried me to the van. Sitting me down on the hood, she went to the back of the van and strapped my carseat in. She then placed me in it and buckled me in. I began to cry. She shoved a pacifier in my mouth and pulled out of their driveway.

It was a quiet ride back to campus. When we arrived, she parked. She got out and went into the back again. Coming around the corner, she set me free momentarily, until placing me in a stroller. She then paraded me through campus all the way back to our dorm. On the way back to the dorm, we passed by the lobby, where everyone was sitting. Intrigued, Kate, Danielle, Han, Gab, Nat, and Jamie all followed us to our room. We entered and they entered behind us. I asked Em to get them to leave, but she said nothing. Instead, she grabbed my iPad and opened to the photo of me with my Potty Chart. “What happened to this?” She said. I began to cry because I was being publicly humiliated. She shoved a pacifier back into my mouth. “No iPad today for you.” She said picking me up and placing me on the changing table. She slid off my plastic pants and threw them in the hamper. My diaper was filled near capacity, as I had wet and messed myself again during this process.

She undid my diaper. “Good thing you were wearing those plastic pants, you might have leaked on their bed.” she said. She then rediapered me infront of everybody- any frinds of mine that didn’t know my secret, now did. She put new plastic pants on me, these ones just plain pink. Next she went over to the diaper dresser and pulled out something I had never seen before. It was like a shirt, she pulled it over my head.
I recognized the design. It was one of the old pink Hello Kitty shirts I had worn before I got my new wardrobe. It was a little different though. The sleeves were a little bit shorter. *Snap, Snap, I looked down between my legs and noticed that she had snapped the back of the shirt to the front. This hugged my diaper tightly. They had altered this into a onesie for my punishment. She then placed Hello Kitty fuzzy socks on my feet.

The girls didn’t say anything. I looked over at them. Em set me down next to Gabby and asked her to walk me to the lobby. Gabby grabbed my hand a led me and the rest of the girls down there. On the way, Gabby explained to everybody else what was going on. I just kept my mouth shut. A few minutes after we entered the lobby, Em joined us. She was carrying something. After pulling it out of its carrying case, so started to assemble a portable play pen. She filled it with toys and blankets, then picked me up and placed me in it. She told me that I was going to stay in there until we went back into the room. She then handed me a bottle full of milk.

I pushed the toys all to one side, piled the blankets into a pillow, rested my head and began to drink. Today was going to be a long day.

Laying in the playpen, I had to hear all of the questions.
“So she is a boy?”, “Why is he wearing a diaper?”, “Does he like being treated like a baby?” “Oh, but he actually wanted to dress as a girl?”. I listened to Em field all of the questions. The girls laughed and made fun, but at the end, they all agreed that I would still be treated the same… except for the time of my punishment. Then I would be treated like a baby.

Over the next few hours, the girls each took their turn checking my diapers, holding me, placing my pacifier in my mouth, and playing with me as a real baby would. There was even a few people passing by that would come up and inquire about the baby. Everybody that talked to me, talked to me like I was an infant; this was different than how I was previously treated by people who saw me wearing diapers and I did not like it. Occassionally, somebody would say something that wasn’t necessarily mean, such as “Can Natty check her wittle baby’s diapey?”, but reminded me of how I was being treated, so I would began to cry. This usually resulted in one of the girls picking me up or sitting with me on the couch (for the girls I was taller than) and holding me close to their body, rocking me, trying to sooth me.

After a while, a familiar voice entered the room, “I brought food!” It was Em’s mom, her and Bri and brought everybody some food from the local Chinese restaraunt. Em got up and left while Em’s mom passed out food to the girls. I was left in the playpen as I watched all of the girls grab their foor and thank Em’s mom. “Don’t worry Mommy brought food for her baby too” she said grabbing both of my cheeks, “we just need sissy to bring me something.” On cue, Em returned with a larger contraption. Putting it together, I realized that it was a high chair, customized to fit me. Em then lifted me from the playpen and sat me in the chair. She buckled me in and then connected a large tray onto the chair. She then grabbed a new bottle, which looked to contain juice., a put it in the drink holder part of the tray. While this was happening, Em’s mom wrapped a large pink bib around my neck and attatched the velcro. The bib read 'Mommy’s Girl" and had hearts and butterflies. Em then placed my food onto the tray, unfloding the carton into it’s plate form, leaving the chow mein on top. “Dig in” she said.

I looked around for utensils- chopsticks or forks, it really didn’t matter- and found nothing. I inquired about how they expected me to eat. “Don’t be siwwy baby, forks are sharp. Babies use their hands…” Em’s mom said. They really expected me to eat this with my hands. I picked up a noodle, trying to be as neat as possible; however, I still got some of it on my face. I continued to do this for a few more noodles, but still managed to make a mess. I tried wiping my hands onto my bib, but that only spread the mess more on my hands. Realizing that I had hardly made a dent on my food and how hungry I was, I decided to forget about being clean and started to shove handfuls into my mouth.

As expected, I had made a mess everywhere. My face was covered check to check and from chin to nose, my hands were completely covered. I had dropped some noodles, so I picked them up from my seat and shoved them in my mouth before finishing my bottle. A flash went off, I looked over and noticed that Em’s mom had taken a picture. Embarrassed, I began to cry. Another flash had went off. Another bottle was shoved into my mouth. A final flash had gone off.

Em then came over, took off my bib, released me from the high-chair and laid me on the floor. She grabbed a wet wipe and began to wipe off my hands, arms, legs, and face. Realizing that I had also made a mess on my onesie, she proceeded to take that off as well. I was now laying on the floor of my lobby wearing nothing but a diaper.

“Let’s get going” Em’s mom said. Confused, I asked where. “Did Em forget to tell you, we are going to get pictures for our church directory.”

“Ok, well can I stay here then?” I asked.

“No, we don’t have a babysitter. Plus, you are family so you need to be in the picture.”

“Well can I atleast wear my big girl undies?”

“No, you are in trouble for having an accident remember. Besides everyone will see you at church tomorrow”

“What? We haven’t had to go to church in so long, why do we have to go tomorrow?” I protested.

“Exactly, we need to start going again. Plus there is a lunch tomorrow after service and they asked everybody to come.”

Knowing that I wasn’t going to win this battle, backed down. Em said that she was going to grab a change of clothes for me and that her mom should take me down to the van and get me buckled in. Em then placed me in the stroller and headed to our room. I was still only in a diaper as Mommy and Bri paraded me through the dorm and out to the van.

When we got there Mommy unbuckled me and allowed me to go sit in my seat. She proceeded to put the stroller away and asked Bri to buckle me in. She buckled me in, both across my chest and around my legs. Em arrived, placed things in the back, and then went to the driver seat.

On the way to the church, Mommy tried to get me to talk about school, but I refused, trying to show my displeasure of the situation. “Fine, just listen” she said.

“When we get there, I asked one of the moms to cut your hair, since it is getting pretty long. Then you guys can play until it is our turn to take the picture.” We pulled up to the church, Em undid me from my carseat and picked me up. I pleaded for clothes but Mommy said that I would wear them later, because she didn’t want me to get them dirty before hand. There were only one or two families there at a time, since you only had to show up for a minute to get your picture taken. We snuck past them, into the church building and into the bathroom. Inside, there was a high chair set up and a woman inside. Em set me in the high chair, which was not met to accommodate somebody my size, so it was a tight squeeze. Somehow, she managed to buckle me in, which made it so I could not move. With no warning, she began to work on my hair. She explained to Mommy that she was going to give me a straight bob haircut. Mommy agreed.

Shortly after, Mommy thanked the girl and Em picked me up and carried me away. She carried me all the way outside, past the picture area, and to the swingset. She placed me in a baby swing and started to push. I decided that I was not going to talk to her either since I was mad. She didn’t seem to care and pushed me nonetheless. After about 15 minutes, Bri ran up to us and told us we needed to get changed. Em carried me back into the bathroom to change. All of the girls were wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt with black shoes; I, however, was dressed in all white tights, a small white dress, white shoes, and a white flower was placed in my hair.

We walked out photo session and the lady taking photos welcomed us. She had us stand infront of the camera; Em was holding me like a toddler as Bri stood in the middle of Em and Mommy. We were all told to smile, but I didn’t oblige. Instead of arguing with me, Mommy went to her purse, pulled out a white pacifier shaped like a butterfly and shoved it in my mouth. “If you spit that out, you will stay in diapers for the rest of your life” she said. Noticing that her threat was serious, I listened. After taking the photos, Em took a look. “I love it” she said.

“Alright, what’s next?” the camera lady asked “I am supposed to do some individual photos…”

“Ahh yes, since my newest baby never had their photos done, you will be doing her.” Mommy said.

I now realized that we were the last family on purpose, as Mommy must have paid for a photo shoot as part of my punishment.

Em sat me on the ground. “For the next hour, we will be doing a photo shoot. We will change your outfits and backgrounds. Since you are a baby, you cannot walk our talk.”

I noticed the camera lady was setting up a fence around me, which she must use to make sure babies do not leave the photo shoot area. I was laying with my back on the ground and the camera lady came over to me and took a picture. Deciding that I would try to ruin the photoshoot, instead of holding my tears, I let them go. That didn’t stop the lady, she took a picture anyways. Next she began to tickle my stomach and I couldn’t hold back my laughter. Another picture was snapped. Trying to get away and remember that I couldn’t walk, I decided to crawl towards the fence. “Sarah” I heard. I looked back and another picture was snapped. I made it over to the fence. Em met me and placed me on my back. She removed my shoes, flower, tights, and dress, leaving me only in a diaper. Another picture was snapped. I was then placed in a pink shirt that read, ‘Baby Girl’. I moved around in the boundries while Em sat up props. Pictures were continuously being snapped. Looking at Em, I saw n oversized teddy bear and blocks with the letters a,r,a,h. Em picked me up and sat me between the bears legs, then she handed me an S block. Another picture was snapped.

Throughout the hour, I was dressed in many different dresses, onesies tights, shirts, pants, socks, and even diapers. I posed with cribs, stuffed animals, dollies, blankets, and even Mommy, Bri, and Em. Finally, the hour was over and Mommy was handed a disk. We thanked the lady and headed back to the van. I was currently wearing my last outfit, which was a pink dress with flowers along the waist, a pink flower in my hair, and pink cowboy boots (now you see how my day was going). I was placed in my carseat and we headed back to the dorm. Not wanting to get the stroller back out, Em decided to carry me back inside.

We passed the lobby, where the girls still were. They all complimented my outfit and my haircut, which prompted Mommy to tell them what we just did. All of the girls complained that they wish they would have been there to see it. Not wanting to disappoint, Mommy grabbed her CD and placed it in one of the girls computers. This brought up the hundreds of photos that were taken. “I want this one”, “I want that one” was being shouted by all of the girls. “Don’t worry, we will order most of them. If you write down the number of the ones you want, we will make sure to get extra.” Realizing that Mommy was going to get a copy of my baby pictures to my friends, I began to cry.

“It looks like somebody is getting fussy, it must be bedtime.” She looked down at her watch, “actually 5 minutes past”. I checked the clock, “But it is only 7…” I complained. Mommy responded, “Babies need a lot of sleep, so their bedtime is 7.” Em then carried me down to our dorm.

Upon entering, I realized that the reason I had to have a photoshoot was to stall for this surprise. There were no longer two beds in our room, instead just mine- Em always used mine anyways. Half of the room looked like it had before, the other half was way different. The diaper dresser was still there, but now painted very babyish, pink, and had blocks that spelled out Sarah on them. There was a new, oversized changing table. One with rails and could accomodate me- it was clear that it was for me. The diaper pail now read ‘Baby Sarah’s Diapers’. The walls were now decorated with princess, ballerinas, hearts, and butterflies. There was a pink high chair in the corner and my potty was no longer hidden in the closet. The biggest change however, was the large pink crib in the room. Em set me inside of it, and then lifted the shorter rail. I stood up, holding on to the rail, and noticed that the top of the rail came up to my chin. The bed itself was really low to the ground. I tried to get out, but due to the diaper, I couldn’t lift my leg that high. I decided to just lean over the edge but caught myself when I realized that I would be swan diving into the floor. Before I could correct myself, I felt a hard smack on my behind. I fell to the mattress. “Don’t try to get out or you will hurt yourself” Mommy said, “we wouldn’t want that; now let’s get you changed.”

Not wanting to change, I laid down underneath the Princess covers and revealed my Princess sheets. They were no longer hiding the fact that I was a ‘little girl’. I knew that their arms couldn’t reach down to pick me up as the rails were too tall. I knew that but was surprised when I heard a noise. I peeked out to see Em was pushing a button on a remote that was raising my mattress. She raised it high enough to where she could lift me out of the crib. I was then carried to my new changing table. I had wet my diaper earlier, so I was informed that I had to go all day tomorrow without an accident to return to undies by Monday. I was then changed and placed into my footie pajamas- light blue ones with pink and white cupcakes covering them. I was then picked back up, layed down in my crib, covered up, given a bottle, and lowered to the floor. Em then attatched a mobile to the top of my crib and started it up. She turned on a baby monitor and everyone had left.

I was left there, laying down at 7pm in a crib, drinking a bottle. I looked up and watched the lit up butterflies fly around a lit up moon, while listening to the comforting sound. There was no way that I was going to fall asleep this early, so I sucked down on my bottle. It was then I realized that I had to go potty. I was going to call out for Mommy or Em, but realized that calling out for them would mean that everybody in the lobby would hear me. I decided to just let it go. Trying only to go number 1, I accidently went number 2 as well. My diaper flled and filled as I hadn’t went potty since earlier and it was only a number 1. I sat in my messy diaper and listened to the comforting song. Time passed, I finished my bottle and thought about how tomorrow would play out. The last time I checked the clock, it was 9:45. Sometime after that I fell asleep.

I awoke to my diaper being changed. I looked up and it was Hannah.

“Your guy’s alarm went off late, so Em decided to take a shower and wanted me to help you get dressed for today.”

Thinking it would be easier to convince Hannah to let me wear big girl undies, I gave it a shot.

“No, you have to be a baby again today; but we can try for Monday” she said as she finished diapering me. She then started to pull up red tights, with black spots. She then proceed to pull a shirt over my head, in which she started snapping, revealing that it was a onesie. I looked down at the onesie that was also covered with a skirt. The shirt part was white and had a lady bug on it as well as the name Sarah underneath it. I realized that it was custom made just for me- what a lucky guy I was. Hannah then started to put shoes on me. These shoes were white converses. Em had returned just as Hannah was finished putting a ladybug hair clip in my hair. Em then carried me down to the bathroom and brushed my teeth for me. Before exiting the bathroom, Em placed a pacifier shaped like a lady bug in my mouth.

We then went out to the car, in which I was placed back in my carseat. Hannah followed us and got in the front seat. She was coming to church with us. When we arrived, we met up with Mommy and Bri. We walked in and Mommy checked us in. I was getting ready to go with Bri as I did last time, but instead was carried to a different room, a room with a bunch of babies. We were let in by a younger women, who was about the same age as we were. She introduced herself as Ms. Lizzy. Em sat me down on the floor next to a few of the other babies and started to talk to Ms. Lizzy. I looked around and found nothing that sparked my interest, so I just sat there bored out of my mind. Em came over and gave me a kiss and proceeded to exit the room.

Ms. Lizzy came over and crouched next me. “Hey Sarah! Aren’t you just a cutie, I am Ms. Lizzy and I am in charge of the nursery. Now I know that you are a little bit more advanced that the other babies and that you are potty training. Emmy wanted me to tell you that if you have to go potty to let you know and we can take care of that.” She then intoduced me to the other babies and then the helpers (which were 7th and 8th graders that didn’t want to sit in on service.

One of the babies started to cry and Ms. Lizzy went to attend to them. The next 45 minutes were brutal, I did absolutely nothing. I sat there and watched how the others interacted with eachother, but tried my best to keep to myself. However, I felt my stomach rumble, I crawled to Ms Lizzy and told her I needed to go potty. She told one of the helpers that they were in charge while she took me to go potty and tried to pick me up. She wasn’t strong enough though, so she had me stand up and hold her hand as she walked me to the potty. Once there, she followed me inside and closed the door beind us. I unsnapped my onesie and pulled down my tights, revealing to Ms. Lizzy my diaper. I then tried to pull off my diaper, but it was too tight. I had to undo the tabs and I sat down on the potty.

After going, I tried to rediaper myself. Noticing my struggle, Ms. Lizzy came over to help. She did not mention my extra part, so I assumed Em told her already. She said that the tabs were no longer sticky, so she would have to get another one. She told me to sit tight and she would be back. When she returned, she said that Em had not left any extras, so she sent a helper to get one. The helper returned with a diaper. Ms. Lizzy told her to wait outside. Ms. Lizzy rediapered me and then called the helper back in. The helper was a 7th grade girl. Ms. Lizzy asked her to finish clothing me and then to walk me back to the nursery. The 7th grader came over and while I was laying on the ground, pulled up my tights and snapped my onesie back up. She then proceeded to help me up and had me take her hand. I was then led back down to the nursery, holding a hand of a girl that was almost 10 years younger than me- talk about embarassing.

Returning to the nursery, Ms. Lizzy called me over. She pulled me onto her lap.

“I told Emmy about what happened and that you actually went potty but the tabs were worn down. This way it won’t count against you.” Just then one of the helpers came over and handed Ms. Lizzy a book. With me still on her lap, she read the story book aloud.

At the conclusion of the book, guardians entered the room. Hannah approached me and took me from Ms. Lizzy’s lap. She had me thank Ms. Lizzy and proceeded to take me to the exit. Before we made it there, we ran into Kate and Tara (the girls from the block party in compromising situation 2). They immediately recognized me and both gave me a hug. They were also heading to lunch. We followed them and met up with Mommy, Em, and Bri. I got a hug from all of them too, Em congradulated me on going potty. Tara and Kate wanted to take me and Bri to the kid’s table.

“Bri can go, but Sarah has to stay with us” Mommy said.

“Why?” they asked in unison.

“Because Sarah needs to sit in her high chair” Mommy responded.

The girls bursted in laughter, “So you are a baby, like you were at our house” Tara added.

Bri ran off with them and Em carried me to my seat. She strapped me into a high chair and closed the tray on me. This was not designed for me, so it was a tight fit, but they made it work.

Hannah went off to get her’s and my plate, while Em and Mommy stayed with me. During this time, strangers approached us and began to be friendly. So many people grabbed my face or my hang while I was trapped in the high chair. It was like they couldn’t see I wasn’t a real baby. Hannah returned and placed both plates on the table. This allowed the other girls to get their food. The next thing I knew, a fork with food on it was coming towards my face along accompanied with airplane noises. I looked at Hannah. “Look, you are not supposed to use utensils and are supposed to be treated like a baby” This must have reminded her to place a bib back on me. Hannah alternated bites with me, feeding herself first then myself. The other girls returned with their plates as well.

A few minutes into lunch, Kate, Tara, and Bri came over. “Can I feed her?” Tara asked. Hannah agreed and gave over the fork to Tara. I continued to eat, but this time being fed by Tara. She spoke to me in baby talk, made the airplane noises, and purposely made it hard for me to eat without causing a mess. After I had finished, Ms. Lizzy came over.

“We are going to take a photo as a nursery, do you want me to take Sarah and clean her up?” Mommy thought that was a good idea and Ms. Lizzy took me out of my high chair. She took me back to the bathroom and wiped my hands and face. She then led me back to the nursery with a camera. All of the babies were being held on the laps of a helper. I followed Ms. Lizzy to her seat, but she sent me away because if she had a baby it would look like she had a favorite. Instead, I was sent to the girl that had helped me earlier. Since all of the helpers were sitting Indian style, I had to sit in her lap. I did as instructed,trying my best not to squish her. I had to lean slightly to the left, so her face would be visible; however, the photographer made it happen. I heard somebody tell us to hold on because parents wanted a picture. I saw Tara, Em, Hannah, and Mommy all taking pictures with their phone.

After the spectacle was over, Em came over and picked me up. She took me back to the car and fastened me back into the carseat. We then headed back to the dorm. We entered our room and Em opened a packet that she had been carrying. She revealed that the contents were my pictures from yesterday. The picture quality was great, but it was too great. You could clearly see that I was an adult wearing diapers and baby clothes. Em pin probably 40 photos to a tack board and then hung that on our wall. She then posted many in picture frames and put the rest in the scrap book. She handed Hannah the two that she ordered, one of me with the blocks and teddy bear and another of me wearing a white onesie with my name in polka dots, rainbow striped tights, and a rainbow colored tutu.

She then turned around a large frame, 30 by 40, which I didn’t recognize Hannah carrying. It was a photo of me sitting on a pink blanket in perfect focus and Em and Bri posing in the background, unfocused. They were wearing their jeans and a t-shirt, I was wearing a white t-shirt and my diaper. My diaper was clearly visible and due to the size of the painting, could be visible from 100 yards away. Em hung that up right above my diaper dresser. I thought the two photos of me with Disney characters was bad, pictures of me and my diapered bottom now plastered our room. I also noticed aa picture frame a little smaller that the 30 by 40 hanging next to my door. It was the photo of me and all of my friends posing with my potty chart.

In my state of awe, I was picked up by Em and carried door to door, passing out the pictures that my other friends had order. After that was done, we wento to Hannah and Gabby’s room. I spent the rest of my night in just my diaper over there. We watched movies and ate sandwiches. 7oclock came around and I had not had an accident yet.

I was carried back to my room, wearing only my diaper. I was then changed into a thicker diaper and placed into my pajamas. Tonight I was wearing my Jasmine jammies, they were purple microfiber pants with blue, purple, pink, and white stars and a purple and blue long sleeve shirt with Jasmine on the front.

I was picked up and set down in my crib and given a bottle. My crib was then lowered. I had made it through the day without an accident, so I was able to wear undies tomorrow. However, I had to go so my night time streak would just have to start tomorrow. I relieved myself and began to drink my bottle. Mesmorized by the mobile and its music, I nodded off to sleep.

Re: Compromising Situation

Baby Sarah CH3

Over the next few months, I did not have a daytime accident again. I did not want a punishment like that again. Over these next two months, I actually graduated to big girl undies full time. I had stopped having nighttime and work accidents, It took me about a month and a half to be fully potty trained; however, I had done it.

There were a few occassions when Hannah and Gabby wanted to have a baby girl’s night; sometimes we would even have Mommy come (or Em would pretend to be our Mommy). Those were the only nights that I slept in a crib, used a pacifier, or dressed as a baby (I continued to wear footed jammies since they were comfortable). That was okay though because it was my choice. There were also a few car trips in which I would choose to wear pullups due to the length of the ride. The only time I had to pretend to be a younger girl in public was at church since everybody there thought I was younger than I actually was. I was still in Ms. Lizzy’s class, but now wore undies.

March came around, which meant my birthday was coming up. This year my birthday fell on Easter. This meant I would have to dress as a younger girl on my birthday, but Mommy said that she would throw me a party for after church- so I still had something to look forward to.

Finally, that Saturday had approached and Em decided that we should go stay at Mommy’s new house since we had not seen it yet. We would just ride together to church from there. Mommy had not talked about my birthday party, so I figured there would be a surprise and that staying there would help set that up. I agreed and we went to Mommy’s.

We arrived and greeted Mommy. She was with another man, who was introduced as her boyfriend, Brian. We were unaware that Mommy had a new boyfriend, but he seemed like a really nice guy. We were taken through a tour of the house, it was a really large house with a really large yard. We ate dinner there and watched a movie in the theater room. Eventually, it was time to get ready for bed. “Where are we going to sleep?” Em asked.

“Well, we haven’t gotten beds for our guest room yet, so you are going to have to sleep on the couch” Mommy said responding to the question. The couch was not very big at all, so I wondered how Em and I were both going to fit. Mommy answered my question.

“Sarah, you will have to sleep over here” Mommy said while dragging me to the staird. I have slept with Em everynight since I had first met her, except the times I slept in the crib. Mommy interupted my thinking.

“Now, when we moved in this house, I told Brian about your punishments if you had an accident. I also told him that if that was the case, you couldn’t be left alone, so we might have to babysit you.”

I did not like where this was going. Mommy had opened a door, that I was previously unaware of, that led underneath the stairs. “So Brian decided that we should build you a room just in case” Mommy said, revealing a surprisingly large bedroom.

Of course, this was no typical bedroom and instead was built for an oversized baby. The walls were painted bright pink, with Hello Kitty decals on the side walls. The wall opposite of the entrance had a large Hello Kitty painted holding a pink baby block with the letter S on it. The rest of the large block letters finished spelling my name. There were frames on the wall that were filled with pictures of me in a diaper and in childish situations. The word baby was spelled in smaller blocks above the artwork. There was an oversized dresser, filled with baby clothes and diapers I assume, in the corner. On top, there was an oversized changing station and a baby monitor. The floor was carpeted with white carpet. There was a section with a large Hello Kitty toybox, that part of the floor was covered with a letter puzzle mat. Next to the toy area was a neatly stacked pile of oversized stuffed animal. Along the side wall was a large crib. There was pink polka dot skirting around the crib and the sheets were polka dot Hello Kitty sheets.The sides of the crib were raised well above the bedding, so I figured I would not be able to get out without help. Draped over one side was a large hello kitty quilt and hanging on a corner was a Hello Kitty baby blanket. THere was a Hello Kitty mobile hanging over the crib. There was also an oversized rocking horse in the corner.

“Brian handcrafted all of the furniture and I decorated. I know that you have been a big girl and not had an accident, but you are going to stay here tonight.” I begged to sleep with Em on the couch but my request was shot down. Realizing defeat I said ok. “One more thing…” Mommy continued. I also did not like where this was going.

“This room is designed so you cannot get out from the inside when the door shuts, as it was supposed to be a punishment. This means that once we shut the door, you will not have access to the kitchen or the potty. This means that you should probably wear diapers.”

Knowing that I would not get out of this, I sighed. “Let’s get you changed” Mommy said. She then told Brian to leave, which I was happy about. After he had left, I hopped up on the changing station. “He doesn’t know your biggest secret at least.” Mommy said trying to comfort me. She began to take off my clothes and started to diaper me. She told me that she had left some food and bottles in the top drawer in case I get hungry or thirsty. She continued, telling me that there were stairs so I could get into the crib, but once I got in, I would be stuck in there until tomorrow morning.

She taped my diaper up and then slid on pink plastic pants. She pulled my pajamas out of the bag that I had packed and helped me in them. Unknowingly fitting the situation, I had packed my pink Hello Kitty pajamas. Mommy zipped them up, gave me a big kiss, turned on the baby monitor, and left shutting the door behind her. After she left, I walked to where the exit would be and sure enough there was no way to exit. I decided to walk around the room and explore.

I was kind of tired but I didn’t want to commit to bed yet. I opened the top drawer and saw three bottles of milk, a couple sandwiches, and a bowl of applesause. I decided to eat before I went to bed. I grabbed a bottle of milk, the bowl of applesause, and a PB&J sandwich. I also grabbed the spoon that was sitting in the drawer. It was a small spoon with a rubber covered tip. I walked over to the padded letters and sat down next to it. It took a while to eat, as the spoon was so small. After I finished, I set the spoon, empty bowl and empty bottle back in the drawer. I figured that now was a good of time as any to head to bed. I grabbed another bottle, just in case I woke up in the middle of the night and was thirsty. I threw that in the crib and walked to the stuffed animals. I figured that since I had gotten used to sleeping with Em, that I should sleep with a life-sized animal to simulate Emily. I grabbed the largest one, which was a teddy bear that was larger than me. I shut off the lights and carried the bear over to the crib, walked up the stairs and jumped in.

The mattress was the softest mattress I have ever felt, so my landing was cushioned. However, I did land on a pacifier that was laying in the crib. I threw that to the side and grabbed the two blankets and covered myslef. I snuggled the teddy bear and looked out the crib bars. I noticed a large light projected on the wall. There were many stars and moons being omitted from the night light. After about 20 minutes, I had still not fallen asleep, so I decided to turn on the mobile like I would have on a girls night. The mobile had started to spin, but that did not help. 20 minutes later, I was still awake. I decided that maybe I should try to drink my bottle to go to sleep. After finishing the bottle, I was still awake.

Not only was I awake, I had to go potty. Knowing that I could not exit the crib, I relieved myself. I filled my diaper and laid back down. This was the first time I had messed a diaper in a long time, so I became uncomfortable. The mess smeared against my bottom and the warmth spread across my diapered area. Deciding to try anything to go to sleep, I grabbed the pacifier and placed it in my mouth. I closed my eys and began sucking. After another 10 minutes I was sleeping.

Through the night, I woke up twice. Having no access to a potty, I messed myself both times. I woke up again for a third time, but I felt well rested. I figured that this meant that it was morning. Not knowing what else to do, I started to make a lot of noise, hoping somebody would hear me on the baby monitor. Shortly after, the door opened. It was Brian.

He approached the crib and asked me to stand up. I did as instructed and he lifted me over the crib. He smelled my mess and said that I should get changed. I began to look for my bag but it was nowhere in sight. He said that everybody else was still sleeping so he would quietly check the rest of the house. He returned with no bag.

“I guess I will just put on another diaper” I said.

“Hop up on the changing table and I’ll get you set” he said. I was not about to let that happen and told him I could do it myself.

“Your mom said that if you messed yourself, you had to have somebody change you, that way you don’t make a mess everywhere. So it’s either I change you or we wait until somebody else wakes up.” I told him that I guess we will have to wait. He said ok and told me to quietly follow him to the kitchen and he would get me some breakfast. However, since my diaper was full I stuggled to walk. He offered to carry me but I decided to crawl, not wanting him near my diapered bottom. Crawling behind him to the kitchen, he got me a bowl of cereal. After finishing it, he asked me to bring it to the sink. I began to try to walk, however since my diaper was full, I wobbled and spilled milk all over the front of my jammies. I began to cry.

“No need to cry over spilled milk” he said trying to ease the situation. He then told me that he had just started laundry, so I could give him my jammies so they wouldn’t stain. I complied, revealing my messy diaper. There was a large bulge and you could see yellow and brown stains in plastic pants. My diaper had leaked and was about to explode. As I handed him my pajamas, he began to speak.

“We can’t have you walking around the house in just that. Your plastic pants might leak. If you don’t want me to change you, you will have to crawl back into your room and wait until somebody comes and gets you.”

Not wanting him to change me, I agreed. He stopped me first.

“Take this back to your room, it must have fallen into your jammies overnight” He then handed me my pacifier.

Since I had to crawl back to my room, I placed the pacifier in my mouth. I made it all the way to my room and went to the toy area. I found a coloring book and crayons, so I began to color. After coloring 3 pages, I heard a familiar voice.

“Wow, that is a pungent smell. Oh my, look at that diaper!” It was Em. She came over and picked me up. “Why are you still wearing that?” I confessed that I did not want Brian to change me and that I couldn’t find my bag. Em started to look for it but she also could not find it. “Well we need to get you out of this one, at least.” She placed me on the changing station and placed me in a new diaper. “Happy Birthday by the way” she said. She taped a new diaper on me.

Since we can’t find your bag, we will just leave you in this for now. I then followed Em out to the living room and watched TV. Shortly after, Mommy entered the room. “Happy Birtday!” she shouted. Bri mimicked Mommy, also wishing me a happy birtday. Before saying anything else, I asked her if she knew where my bag was at. She told me to follow her. We went back into the bedroom, lifting up the crib skirt, she revealed my bag. “Right here silly, but you won’t need it; I have your birthday outfit already picked out.”

She handed me a ruffled pink dress. “Your gonna be a birthday princess” she continued. I argued that I would still need undies.

“I have a pair for you, but I thought that since you are wearing a diaper anyways that you could just wear that. The dress will cover it, plus the dress is tough to take off” I protested, but as usual, she was not having it. She instead put the dress on me, tied the bow, and zipped up the back. She then handed me long, white, satin gloves. She then had me step into pink tights with hearts all over them.

“Since this is our first birthday with you, that is the theme.” I groaned, no longer excited about the possibility of a surprise. I was then forced into silver flats with many rhinestones on them. To complete the outfit, I was given a tiara that read ‘Birthday Princess’.

Not long after that, we were shoved into the van and headed to church. We were checked in and I went to the nursery. I approached Ms. Lizzy and began to tell her what Mommy wanted me to. “Today, since I am wearing this dress, I have diapers on. So you might need to change me.” Which of course, due to Murphy’s law, had to happen. She changed me right before I left. The other classes had made me birthday cards in class, so on the way home, I read through those. It was apparant that all of the kids still looked at me like a baby. This was not how I wanted to spend my birthday.

On the way home, we stopped at the store, so I was paraded through Walmart. Whatever Mommy wanted must not have been there, so we left empty handed. We returned home and we walked inside. Mommy said that she had a surprise for me so we had to go to the back yard. She blindfolded me and led me out. “Take off your blindfold.” she commanded.

“Surprise!!” I looked at the yard. There were many tables set up with chairs and a large inflatable castle. There was a sandbox, a swingset/playhouse castle combination. Oh and there was also about 80 people!

I saw a lot of people from church, the girls from school, , Prof J and his family, Kate and Tara and their family, Ms. Lizzy, and a bunch of other people I knew. A flash went off, I noticed the photographer from the photoshoot. All of the girls were dressed as princesses and all of the men were dressed as knights and princes. I noticed that somehow my family had also changed.

I stood, frozen in awe. How was I going to handle this? I looked closer and noticed all of the baloons said 1st birthday. I inquired about that. “This is your first birthday with us” Mommy said. I was then led to a chair shaped like a princess throne.

I was not happy but I had to pretend I was. I greeted everybody there, including a lot of faces that I had never seen before. A lot of them said that they were Em’s family members (Uncles, Aunts, cousins, and Grandparents). The rest were Mommy’s friends. All of the people I knew were also happy to see me. Eventually, I had greeted everybody. It was time to eat, so I was able to sit with my friends. The cups, plates, silverware, napkins, and everything else was princess themed. There was a buffet of food as well. After eating, Mommy approached me.

“Now that you sat with the big girls,” meaning my real friends, “you need to go play with your other friends so they don’t feel left out.” I realized she meant Kate, Bri, Tara, Ness, and the other young kids from church and Em’s family. My group of friends chuckled as I was led over to the boucehouse.

“Mommy, I have to go potty” I admitted. She thought I was using that as an excuse to get out of playing. She made me enter the bouce house. I spent the next 30 minutes playing princesses with a bunch of girls way younger than me. We went from the bounce house to the playhouse, to the sandbox. During that time, I asked Mommy to go potty again but she said I was not getting out of playing. Instead, I had to use my diaper. I wet and messed it and hoped nobody would smell.

Mommy came over to the sandbox and grabbed my hand. I did not want to tell her I had an accident, since I would be punished. Instead I figured I would wait until I went back to playing, then take it off and hide it. Mommy had me sit back in my throne. It was time to open presents. I sat infront of 80 people opening presents; since people thought I was different ages, there was a wide variety. From the church people I usually got dress up clothes, dolls, or other babyish toys; Em’s family got me childish looking clothing; and my friends just go me money. Since there was so many people this process took about 30 minutes. During that time, I used my diaper again.

We finally finished and Mommy left. Before I could sneak off, the church mom that did my hair, stopped me. She told me to hold still and told me to turn around. I did as instructed. I felt her tugging my dress, so I must have messed it up when I was playing. The next thing I know, my dress dropped to the ground. I quickly bent down and slid it up over my chest. I looked around hoping nobody noticed my diaper through my tights.

The mom grabbed my hands, causing the dress to fall back to the ground. I tried to fight it off, but she resisted. “Stop, we need to get you changed.” she said. I didn’t know why, but I still protested, “Not right here, everybody can see me.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be quick.” Decided that I should hurry, I let her put the shirt she was holding on my. I looked down, it didn’t cover my diaper, but hopefully my tights made it so people couldn’t realize. I knew that most people have seen me diapered, but that was a long time ago. Most of them thought I was out of them, plus Mommy’s family and friends hadn’t seen me diapered. I looked down and read my pink shirt. ‘1st Birthday!’. I heard the camera go off. This distracted me long enough for the mom to pull my tights down to my ankles. This revealed my messy diaper. I began to cry, but the lady didn’t stop. She lifted my feet out of the tights. She then dragged me. Even though I was resisting, I was still moved.

By now, everybody noticed what was going on and looked over. I guess people knew that I wore diapers again. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore, I followed the mom. She had me sit back down in my throne. I did as instructed, she returned with a tray that she slid, locking me in the throne. Great, I was basically in a high chair on my birthday.

To make things worse, people began to gather around. I really hoped that the tray covered my mess diaper. After everybody was around, they began to sing happy birthday. Mommy moved past the crowd and placed a small cake on my tray. It was decorated with Disney Princess and there was a candle that was a 1. I blew it out, not wanting anymore trouble.

The crowd was still gathered around, “Go ahead and eat it”. I realized that there was no silverware, so I knew what she wanted me to do. I decided that I would make it clear that I was not a baby.

“I am not 1, this is not my first birthday; I want to eat cake like a normal person.”

Mommy responded, “everybody knows you are not 1, but this is our first birthday with you; we just thought it would be fun”. Knowing that her intentions were good, I decided to comply. I grabbed handfuls of cake and shoved them in my mouth. There is no good way to do this, so I made a mess. The photographer, who had already taken pictures of me playing with babies, opening presents, being changed, and a lot of other embarassing photos, was not taking a bunch of pictures of me eating cake like a 1 year old.

Everybody watched as I ate the entire cake. After finishing, they dived into the cake for them. While this was happening I was stuck in the chair. That was, until, Mommy’s cousin came up to me. “Let’s get you cleaned up” she said freeing me from the chair. I started to run inside, trying to make sure people didn’t see my messy diaper. She grabbed my hand. She then wiped off my face and hands with baby wipes. Moving down to my diaper, so noticed that it was used. She grabbed my hand and walked to the table where Mommy was handing out cake.

“Hey, your new baby has a messy diaper” she shouted, ensuring that everybody around heard. I began to cry as everybody looked at my stained diaper. Expecting comfort, I got a pacifier shoved in my mouth instead. This made things worse.

“I’ll take this” Hannah said, grabbing my hand and leading me inside. She saved me from further embarrassment. I led her to the baby room, where my backpack was. The decorations startled her, she then suggested that baby girls night should be here. We looked for my backpack, but it once again was nowhere to be found. We looked under the crib, nothing. Hannah went to ask Mommy. She returned saying that since I had an accident, I had to be punished. So Hannah changed me back into a diaper. I was then given a pink t-shirt with Elsa on it. Hannah gave me pink Cinderella socks and then grabbed my pink crocs. The final addition was a pacifier that was clipped to my shirt.

I was then led back outside. Before I could get off the porch, Mommy stopped me and gathered everyone around. I felt the tears coming, but they were interrupted by the pacifier being shoved in my mouth. “Since it is Easter, we decided to have an easter egg hunt as well; everybody under 8 is allowed to find 20 pink eggs. Adults can find 5 purple eggs. Everybody is looking for the 1 silver egg.” We were then all handed baskets, Mommy telling me that I was to find pink eggs. During this time, the photographer followed me around snapping hundreds of photos. Mommy made it a rule that somebody had to hold my hand, so I was passed around to the girls and Mommy’s family.

This was the most humiliating birthday and Easter. Eventually, the hunt was over and people began to leave. The people that said goodbye before they left were encouraged to take a picture with me for my memory book. By 5 O’clock, everybody had left and I was led back inside. I had wet my diaper pretty badly while outside but sat on the couch and waited for a change.Mommy approached me.

“We have a surprise for you, which requires you to change into a pair of boy clothes from before. So let’s get you changed out of your used diaper…” Before they could finish, there was a knock on the door. I looked over and Mommy told me to hurry to my room. Before I even realized what was happening, I was stopped in my tracks. Bri had let an older couple inside. “Mom, some people are here, I don’t know who they are”. They walked in and introduced themselves. They finally approached me, I still hadn’t moved. I was standing in a little girls shirt and socks, wearing a diaper for pants. I had my hair done, nails done, and was wearing make-up. My crown read birthday princess.

“And what is your name?” the woman asked, clearly confused about this persons outfit. She looked a little bit closer.

“Son…?” my birth mother asked me. Not knowing what else to do, I erupted in tears. Em rushed over, picked me up, and carried me into the bathroom. She bounced me to try to soothe me. 10 minutes later, I began to calm down.

“They wanted to see you on your birthday, so we told them to meet us here at 7. That way we would have time to clean up and dress you like a boy. They just got here really early… I’m sorry. But they are going to stay until they can talk to you, so we can’t hide in here all night.”

She put me down and I braced my self to face them. I opened the door and headed back to the living room. I saw them on the couch talking with Mommy, Bri, and Brian. Brian was just as confused as my birth parents.

I had not seen them in years, I actually wanted nothing to do with them. We never had a good relationship and I purposely moved far away to get away from them.

They looked over. “Why are you even here?” I asked.

My mom responded, “We haven’t seen you in a long time and our last meeting wasn’t on the best of terms. We came to apologize and celebrate your birthday with you. We showed up yesterday and called the school to try and surprise you; they gave us Emily’s email and we set up this meeting. We were so impatient that we showed up early and figured we would wait until you got here; but when we saw movement in the house, we decided to knock.”

I appreciated the effort they were trying to put in, but was extremely embarrassed.

“We heard your situation and we are on board. We were the reason you were unhappy before and don’t want to cause that again. Will you agree to talk to us?”

I agreed but first asked to get changed. I went into Bri’s room, where Mommy was storing my boy clothes. I picked out a pair of sweatpants and a black NIke t-shirt. I grabbed a pair of my boxers and socks. Em took my diaper and threw it away. I put on my boxers, but couldn’t stand how free everything hung. “Em, do you think I could get a pair of my big girl undies, they can’t see them through my jeans anyways. Also, can you get me black girl socks?” She agreed and returned.

“Mom didn’t have any black socks for you, but these could pass as boy socks; as long as you wear pants.” I slid on the socks. The heel and toes were red, the rest of the sock was black and white striped. From the calf up, there were red hearts covering the socks. She then handed me my undies. I pulled up the blue underwear, they were covered with Rainbow Dash. I then put on my sweatpants and t-shirt and went down stairs.

Returning to the couch, I talked with my parents. They told me what they have been up to and I told them parts of what I have done. I let them know I went to Florida, got a job, and that college is going well. I left out all of the specific details, so our conversation was short. With nothing left to talk about, my dad spoke.

“You didn’t have to change if you didn’t want to, we are ok if you want to be a girl of whatever age.” I knew the intentions were good, but didn’t like the question.

“Well, I don’t want to be a girl; I want to be a boy. I like girls- Em is my girlfriend. It is just that girl clothes are more comfortable.”

My mother thought about it for a second, “Well what is it that is comfortable? Maybe we can find boy clothes that feel the same way.” I didn’t respond.

“Well, what about the diaper? You were wearing one when we came in, what do you like about that.” I became defensive.

“I didn’t want to wear that, I just had an accident.”

“Are you okay? Why are you having accidents?” dad said.

“Well, I wore diapers on vacation and used them. I continued to wear them at school. I weakened my bladder, so I have accidents now.”

“So you did like to wear them?”

“Well, kind of I guess. It is nice not having to worry about finding a bathroom. It is like they provide a sense of security; plus they feel like women’s undies. I just don’t want to use them all the time…” I confessed.

“So wait, you do like wearing diapers…?” Em interupted. ‘’

“I mean yeah, when me, Gab, and Han wear them. I just don’t like not having bladder control. I want to wear them on my choice.” I admitted for the first time.

“Girl’s underwear?” dad asked, realizing what I had said.

“Well, when I don’t wear diapers, I wear girls underwear to keep up my facade.”

“So you don’t like wearing them?” He asked.

“Well, I guess I do. It keeps everything in check; so nothing swings around and bumbs into things. Plus they are really soft.” I said. It felt good to say these things outloud.

“Well, what about now?” Mom aksed, questioning my current apparel.

I decided to be honest with them the rest of the way. If they didn’t like it, they could go back to not being in my life. I took off my pants, revealing my My Little Pony undies and girl socks. My parents were shocked but tried to hide it. I sat back down.

“I don’t really care for the design, but this size is the most comfortable. They just only come in cartoon and girly designs. These also aren’t my favorite girl socks but they are still more comfortable than my boy ones.”

“What ones are your favorite?” My dad inquired.

“The fuzzy ones. I also like when I wear a skirt or dress and the wind rides up and breezed against your undies. I also like the feeling of leggings and tights. The shirts are softer, the winter wear is warmer. Even girly blankets and sheets are better. Plus the pajamas…” I ranted.

“What about the pajamas?”

“When it is cold, the footie jammies are perfect. It is like wearing a blanket. The pajamas shorts and pants are made of microfiber, which is super comfortable. When it is too hot you can wear a nightie or if you don’t care being seen a t-shirt and undies is perfect. I like it all better than boy pajamas.”

“So you have worn it all? I wished I could have seen you. I mean, you were pretty cute when we walked in.” Mom said.

“If it’s okay with you, we I have a bunch of photos we can show them.” Mommy said. I allowed it.

“So you want to wear girl clothes full-time?” my dad asked, continuing our coversation.

“Well not full-time. I can wear the undies and socks full-time and I don’t mind being Sarah until I graduate. But when it is time to get a job, I think it would be better if I wore boy clothes. When I get home, I could wear girl clothes or baby clothes or whatever; but in public I think I want to be dressed as a boy.”

My parents said they could get on board with that. “What about in front of family?”

“Well Em’s family already thinks I am a girl. I guess I can dress as whatever in front of you guys.”

“Ok. But what about other family? We haven’t really ever seen them, but we are trying to build relationships because we now realize family is important. We were invited to a family reunion this summer and plan on going. You don’t have to but we would like you to come. You can dress as a boy and wear girls panties and socks if you want.”

I understood what they were talking about. After being with Em and their family, I understood the importance and realized that I had missed out. I agreed to go with them for now but didn’t tell them how I wanted to dress because I didn’t even know.

Mommy returned with photo albums and we spent the next hour flipping through them. We discussed my apparel. They thought that I was cute in all of them, whether it was diapered at Disney, my ‘baby’ photos, or wearing a one-piece at the beach. I filled them in with all of the details that I had left out when discussing life earlier.

"Oh, we almost forgot. We have a present for you, follow us. I followed them outside. They walked over to a white car that looked brand new. Dad then handed me the keys. “This is the Jaguar XE and it’s yours. Happy Birthday” I hugged and thanked them both. I had never owned a car but now my car was the nicest in the driveway. I decided to take it for a test ride. I drove my car, Em drove hers, and mom and dad drove theirs and we drove back to campus.

I decided to show them around campus and my dorm room, so Em gave us alone time. She went to Hannah’s room. My parents were surprised at the baby stuff and asked if I liked using it. I admitted that I kind of did.

Finally, after talking for another hour; I told them that I should probably get ready for bed. We exchanged phone numbers and I stood up.

“Are you going to wear a diaper?” my mom asked.

“Umm, I think I have to why?” I said remembering that my punishment requires me to wear one until tomorrow.

“Well, just in case you want to wear them when we go to our reunion, I was thinking I should practice putting one on you.” I realized that she just missed me and wanted to be a part of my interests. I agreed. I sat up on the changing table and told mom where to get my supplies. She came over and took off all of my clothes, incliding my undies and socks. She then placed a diaper underneath me, powdered me, and taped it up. She then put a pair of fuzzy socks (pink and white striped) on my feet. Next she started to put me in a pair of my footie jammies. They were my purple ones with the Paw Patrol characters on it.

She then asked if she could brush my hair. I agreed and sat up. She came over with a brush and started to use it. She counted 100 strokes and then stopped. “Are you ready for bed?” she asked. I said yes and she asked dad for help. Dad came over and picked me up, setting me in my crib. They didn’t lower it because they didn’t know how but I didn’t say anything. My dad set me in my blanket and then proceeded to swaddle me in it. He made it so I couldn’t move my feet or arms. Mom then placed a pacifier in my mouth. She turned off the lights and started my mobile. Both of my parents stood next to the crib and began to tell a story.

The story was about a knight who screwed up and got the princess kidnapped. He then began a quest redeem himself to save her. In order to do that, he had to slay a dragon. Some time after he beat the wizard in the forest, I fell asleep.

School came to a close and I accepted my diploma dressed as a boy with my boy name, except my pink Little Mermaid panties and my pink argyle socks of course. Nobody there knew who I really was. When we went out to celebrate, I dressed back up as Sarah. The girl’s had taken me to a bar with them, so inistead of dressing in my usual childish attire, I wore a tight red dress, some heels, and even stuffed a bra to make it look like I had boobs. I don’t remember the rest of the night and I awoke in my crib at Mommy’s house wearing a diaper(Em’s mom).

I continued to stay there for the summer, mostly dressed as Sarah and alternating between diapers and panties. The only time I really dressed up as a boy was when I had job interviews and even then still wore girly undergarments. Unfortunately, nobody had hired me.

Eventually it came time to go with my parents on our family reunion. Em was busy, so it would just be my parents and myself for the weekend. We were going to drive up to my Aunt’s house on Friday, stay there Friday and Saturday night, and head home on Sunday. So Friday morning came and my birth parents showed up at Mommy’s house. When they arrived, the first thing they asked me to get my bags and throw them in the trunk.

Ulitimately, I decided to go as Sarah; this was what I was more comfortable as and I know my mom secretly wanted me to go as Sarah as well. I threw my clothes ( and diapers) in the trunk and proceeded to get ready. Before we left, my mom had a suggestion:

“It is going to be a long trip, so to prevent a lot of stops, you might want to wear diapers…” she said.

I knew that my mom had secretly wanted me to be Sarah, but I had a growing suspicion that she wanted me to be her baby again too. My suspicion was confirmed, when Em asked if I needed me carseat and my mom answered yes with no hesitation. I figured I might as well give my mom what she wants and agreed to wearing the diaper.

She dragged me into my baby room and I hopped up on the changing station. My mom proceeded to place a diaper on me. However, she then placed another diaper over that. I asked her what that was about, she replied saying the more protection, the less stops. She finally placed a pair of plastic pants over those diapers. I tried to place my jeans overtop of my padding but to no avail.

“Don’t worry about those…” My mom insisted. I decided to pull on my pink Avengers shirt but it did not even cover the waistband of my diapers. Realizing that I wasn’t able to wear pants I decided to put on a pair of knee-high fuzzy pinks socks for warmth.

I had enough trouble walking in one diaper, let alone two. My mom had already left the room, so I had to crawl out of it. I crawled all the way over to the door, where my dad picked me up and led me to the car. He placed me in my car-seat and shut the door. My parents got in the car and we drove off, saying goodbye to my other family.

Pulling out of the driveway, my mom reached back and handed me a bottle. My dad put on some music: If Your’e Happy and You Know It began to play. My mom turned around revealing the case, ‘50 Sing-Along Classics’. This says it’s 133 minutes long, so two playthroughs and we will almost be there! She said that like it wasn’t going to be a long car ride. Seeing their excitement, I decided not to protest.

The next 6 hours were a drag. I finished my bottle and tried to sleep but the obnoxious music wasn’t helping. When I expressed my hunger we made a pit stop; only long enough for my mother to slide in the back seat and feed me while we were driving. She began to feed me what I believed to be applesause, but I was way wrong. It was babyfood! If I hadn’t mistaken it for applesause, I would have appealed my mother’s decision; however, after taking a bite, I realized that it was pretty good.

My mom fed me two cans of squash and two cans of bananas. Since she was feeding me in a car, it was not the cleanest affair. She cleaned me up just as the CD ended. I needed to do something to prevent them replaying the CD, so I quickly asked them to finish the tale they told me for my bedtime story. Mom handed me another bottle and a soft Little Mermaid blanket. As they told the story, I was finally able to catch some z’s.

I awoke with my legs high in the air. During the ride, I took advantage of my diaper. We were apparantly inside a bathroom and I was getting changed. I looked up; it was not my mother who I saw, but instead my father. He double dia[ered me and replaced my plastic pants. Picking me up I rested my head on his shoulder. I realized that I also had a pacifier in my mouth that I was actively sucking on. My dad carried me out of the bathroom and exposed me to an entire foodcourt. We were stopped at a mall. I was carried over to a table and squeezed into a high chair that the mall had available.

Mom returned with some food and a dress bag of some sort. “Did you tell her the good new?” she asked my dad. The had not. Dad began to feed me pizza from Sbarros.

“They are holding a beauty pageant here and we signed you up! It is in an hour.” I was not amused, but my mom continued. “I have also wanted my little girl to enter a beauty pageant and now she can. The littles go on first, then the big girls; so we won’t have to stay for too long.”

I interjected, “How do you suppose I will be able to enter the littles category?”

“We already brought you over to them and they said it would be fine!”

“Well what am I supposed to do?”

“I will be able to walk with you up there and you just have to smile!”

Once again, I did not want to disappoint my mom and figured that since I didn’t know anybody here, it wouldn’t hurt. Besides, how many people would even be there?

After we finished eating, my mom took me to the girls room… She proceeded to take off my shirt and began to dress me in my pageant dress. “The lady told me that this was the best dress they had, she said and I quote ‘Fantasia’s Eden Wood Glitz and Rhineston Pageant Dress would win the pageant’” Mom straigtened out the dress, I realized that even though it was super poofy, it barely covered my diaper. Next she threw on a pair of white socks with ribbon and lace on them and a pair of white Mary Janes.

She then began to do my hair. We stayed in the bathroom for almost 50 minutes. We were finally ready. Exiting the bathroom, we met my dad who picked me up and carried me to the center of the mall. I was looking at my mom as she was talking to me. She was telling me to just be myself and have fun and that should would be right there with me. My dad carried me up a set of stairs and set me down next to a bunch of little girls. Reading a sign, I aw that nobody in my division was older than 3, how did my parents get an exception. Mom grabbed my hand.

The other moms and kids looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything. Finally, the announcers began to announce names and slowly but surely, parents and kids funneled through the curtains. Then I head, “Sarah, accompanied by her mother.” My mom pushed me to the entrance, where I walked through the curtain.

After my eyes adjusted to the light, I froze. Looking back at me where not a few, but a couple hundred pairs of eyes staring at me, along with many cameras including 3 news stations. I began to tear up. My mom continued to push me toward the center of the stage.

I shot a fake smile through my embarassment. the announcer read “Sarah was born March 27th! She is the daughter of Joe and Steve. Her favorite hobbies include dancing, makeovers, watching tv, and eating! Her favorite TV show is Paw Patrol, her favorite song is Wheels on the Bus, and Her favorite movie is Frozen!. Her favorite celebrities are Anna and Elsa and she has already met them before.”

I looked back and noticed the screen was projecting photos of me, including the one from Disney of me with Anna and Elsa in a diaper.

“The person she admires most is her daddy, who does everything he can to make her and her mommy happy. Everybody, let’s hear it for Sarah!”

The crowd had erupted with laughter already a few times, but that set it off. I began to cry and my mom hugged me! She began playing with my hair as I buried my head in her chest. The pageant continued and I heard the rest of the girls get called. At the end the judges were called to the stage. They gave out side awards first. They did things such as best smile, best hair, and other things of that nature. One then stopped at me. “Best Outfit goes to Sarah!” The then placed a sash over my shoulder that read best outfit and a tiara on my head. They handed my mom an envelope and continued with award. Thankfully, I did not win anymore awards. When we were released, I ran to dad. He came over and picked me up. After forcing me to take photos with him, mom, and by myself, we left. I was carried back to the car, my dress taken off me and placed in my carseat. On the bright side, mom told me that I had won $150. I was given another bottle and dad started to play the music again. 120 long minutes later, we had arrived at our destination.

Looking out of the car window, I noticed a very large house. The house was far from the road in the middle of the woods, something like you would see in a horror movie. I noticed there were six other cars in the driveway. It was starting to get dark. Dad pulled me out of my car seat and carried me towards the door of the cabin. Upon knocking on the door, we were welcomed in.

The door was opened by an older woman, who was ecstatic to see us. It was my grandma. I don’t ever remember meeting her before but it was apparent that she recognized me.

“Oh my, you have gotten so much bigger since I last saw you” she said pinching my cheek. I didn’t say anything.

“Well mom, you remember our son; this is your granddaughter Sarah.” My mom said patting my diaper.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Granny responded. She said that everybody was outside; they were preparing to have a bonfire. She pointed us towards the direction but mom asked if we could use the restroom first. Dad set me down, which resulted in Granny grabbing my hand. She led mom and I through the house to the bathroom. Mom pulled me inside.

She had me lay down and proceeded to re-diaper me. Next she put me in a pair of footed pajamas- my green ones with monkeys and peace signs, as well as monkey heads for feet. She then placed a pacifier in my mouth and put my hair in pigtails. She walked me to the door, where my father met me and picked me up.

I was carried out to a swingset, where there were a couple of girls playing. They were both about 8 years old and were talking to eachother. Dad had placed me in the baby swing while mom began talking to this other woman there. Shortly after being placed in the swing, the lady apporached me. She looked to be my real age, maybe a couple of years older. She introduced herself as Amy and apparently was my cousin.

“Aren’t you so cute. I could eat you up” she said grabbing my feet. She then proceeded to pretend to eat my feet. I couldn’t help but laugh at how messed up this must have looked. She then handed me the blanket that my mom had brought out with her. It was just a pink blanket. After I had my blanket, Amy began to push me.

She then proceded to pretend like I kicked her multiple times. My parents were called over to the fire, so they left me with Amy. The other girls there came over and wanted to help Amy push me. She stopped me from swinging and introduced me to my other cousins, Gina and Holly. They began to push me while Amy watched.

Finally, the girls must have gotten tired and ran away. Amy stopped me again. “Let’s take that paci out of your mouth, so you can talk.” Not really wanting to talk, I bit down as she tried to pull. Eventually, Amy gave up tugging and picked me up. I was amazed with her strength, I was taller than her yet she still lifted me like a toddler. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around her.

She carried me over to the fire and placed me in the portable playpen that was set up. Mom came over placed a couple of stuffed animals in the playpen. Over the course of the night, more and more people came up and introduced themselves. Honestly, I forgot most of them. Eventually, it was time to make smores. Amy looked over and asked if I wanted one. Expecting her to make me one, I shook my head yes. She came over and lifted me out of the playpen and sat me on her lap in her chair. Together we made smores, which apparantly was a picture perfect moment, as I saw cameras flashes from multiple directions.

After making the smores, Amy began to feed me mine. Really wanting a smore, I did not dispute what was happening. I realized that this was probably how the weekend was going to go. After we finished eating, I stayed on Amy’s lap. I listened to the many stories that my family members shared.

After a while, I began to become tired. I looked over at my mom, “I am kind of tired” I said through my pacifier. She reached in my playpen and grabbed my blanket, then in her bag she grabbed a bottle.

Expecting to go inside, I started to shake free from Amy. Instead, she pulled me closer, “I got this” she said to my mom. She took my blanket and draped it over me while I was still on her lap. She shifted me so my legs now hung off the same side and my head rested on her arm which was on the arm rest. She asked Holly to get a stuffed animal from the playpen and she returned with a small Hello Kitty and placed it on my chest. I grabbed it, so it wouldn’t fall, and Amy took my pacifier from my mouth replacing it with the bottle. Sucking down on my bottle, I fell asleep in Amy’s arms.

Re: Compromising Situation

Baby Sarah CH4

I opened my eyes, only to realize I was now in a bed. I looked over to my left and noticed my mom and to my right, I noticed my father. I was a college graduate wearing diapers and sleeping with my parents. I tried to slide out of the covers, only to wake up my mom. “Good morning sweetie” she said grabbing my arm. She then awoke my father, saying it was time to get up. My dad rolled out of bed and put on some pants and then proceeded to pick me up. Mom handed me my blanket and readjusted my pigtails.

Dad carried me down the stairs and into the kitchen. The rest of the family was already there. Amy meet us at the doorway, “Good morning beautiful” she exclaimed, taking me from my fathers arms. She led me over to the table, where an assortment of food was already laid out. She grabbed a plate from the table and started to point at foods. “Do you want these?” she said pointing to the eggs, I nooded. Next she grabbed some bacon, sausage, waffles, and hashbrowns. She carried me and my plate over to the high chair in the corner of the room. After buckling me in, she pulled up a chair beside me and began to feed me my breakfast. Inbetween all of the plane and train noises, she discussed a plan.

“Me and my fiance are getting married on 6 days from now, so on Friday. I invited your parents but they said they couldn’t make it; since Gina and Holly are going to be at their mom’s and she said that they couldn’t come, so I am in desperate need of a flower girl, you parents have agreed to let you stay with me for the week, so you can do it.”

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked.

“Oh, you already are going to. I just figured, if you agree to it, we could make it a little bit more fun. Besides, the only people you know there will be from our family.”

Realizing I really didn’t have a choice, I agreed. She was so excited, she told me that it would also be good practice for when her and her fiance had a baby. She kept talking about it the rest of the time that she fed me. After I was finished eating, mom came over and told me that “baby needed a bath”. “I’ll do it, it’ll be good practice” Amy interupted.

She then unbuckled me from my high chair and picked me up once again. She carried me into the bathroom. Amy began to run the water of the bath and put bubble in the water. She then proceeded to take my jammies off of me, leaving me in my plastic pants. She went to check on the water again. She returned and began to take off my padding. Instinctively, I tried to cover up, “It’s okay, everybody knows, but we all agreed to pretend like its not even there” she reasured me. I uncovered myself. She carried my naked body to the tub and placed me inside; she threw in two rubber ducks as bath toys.

She used a was cloth and scrubbed me clean as I played with the two ducks. She also used bubbles to pretend I had a beard and mustache and also to cover up my boy parts. Besides the fact that she was treating me like a baby, I liked Amy; she was pretty funny. During bath time, she told me how she read in a family letter one year that I liked video games and she told me about the games that I could play at her house.

“Head back” she instructed as she used a cup to wash the shampoo out of my hair. After doing that, she drained the tub. Once it was empty, she used a yellow towel to dry me off. She wrapped the towel around me and put more of it over my head. Looking in the mirror, I realized the towel had a duck hood; I also realized that unless I lifted my knees around Amy’s body, my boy parts were completely exposed.

She carried me to the bedroom I awoke in. Amy laid me on the bed and double-diapered me. Next she put on a yellow t-shirt with a large rhinestone butterfly on me, followed by an almost see through yellow skirt that did not cover my double-diapered bottom. Amy continued by brushing my hair and then placing two large white bows on each side of my head, finishing off my outfit with yellow and white tweety bird socks.

She picked me up and carried me back down to the living room area. When we got there, Amy took me to a corner of the room, where she presented me with a life sized teddy bear. She told me that it was one of m gifts for agreeing to be her flower girl. I thanked her and she told me to follow her. I did as instructed, “Don’t forget your bear” she added. I complied and started to haul this giagantic stuffed animal as Amy grabbed my hand. She led me outside and to one of the picnic tables outside.

More and more people showed up and began to introduce themselves.I realized that when I was with my parents, people tended to ask me more about my outfit compared to when I was with Amy, so I stuck by Amy’s side for most of the day. I still got the occassional “why” and “how” but when I was around my parents, they made me tell the story whereas Amy deflected their questions to my parents.

For the most part, the only people that seemed okay with me dressing this way, was my grandma, Amy, my parents, and the younger children. The others were very judgemental and sometimes outwordly spoke against it. I talked to Amy about it and she devised a plan.

“Since they think that it is so outlandish, maybe you should make it outlandish.” To do this, we planned for me to act overly babyish, since they all already knew about my situation. Since babies did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted; I did exactly that. My parents caught on pretty quickly and my grandma actually thought that I had regressed to a baby; so I had people that would defend me.

The rest of the day was spent sucking my thumb, obnoxiously playing in the sandbox or swingset, constantly asking strangers do refill my cup, playing with my food, and doing anything else I could do to cause a scene. Throughout the day, more and more of the adults just did what ever I asked them just so I would quit bothering them. I was constantly carrying around my blanket and my new teddy bear. I ate all of my food with my hands and asked strangers to help me wash them.

One time, I asked my uncle to tie my shoes for me. “Do it yourself, your’e actually an adult you know.” he responded harshly. I pretended to cry really obnoxiously so everybody would look over here. He acted like he didn’t even notice me. Granny came over to check on me. When she asked what was wrong, I just continued to cry and shake my head no. After a few more questions, I used my bear’s are to point at my uncle. I then hid behind my bear and raised my voice to make my bear talk. “He yelled at Sarah” I- or rather my bear- said to Granny.

Grannie made him apologize and I went on my way. A short while later, somebody got a sprinkler out so the kids could play. Since I didn’t have a suit, I ran around in only my diapers. Running around, I slipped and fell in the mud. I seized this opportunity. I got up crying again and ran over to my uncle. I hugged him with my muddy and wet body. “Up” I said. At first he refused but I assume that Granny shot him a look because when I said it again, he lifted me like a toddler. I placed my muddy head on his shoulder and began sucking my thumb.

Amy must have though he had had enough, so she came over to grab me; but not before I could give him a big kiss. Amy laughed as we walked away. When we apporached mom and dad, they were talking with Granny about my beauty pageant. All of the younger children wanted to see my dress, so Amy took me out to the car and put it on me. I ran around in that for the next few hours. Finally, people were wanting to leave so Granny was going to make us take a picture first. Insisting that I wear new clothes, we went to the guest room and looked for something I could wear.

I picked out the most childish, mismatched outfit I could find. I left my white tights and pink converses on, then grabbed a horizontal rainbow striped polo and an almost see though, green and whit horizontal striped skirt. My diapers were clearly visible. We went out for the photo, in which dad had to hold me. After that everybody left for home, including Amy; which meant that I was to go with her. After switching my carseat and bags over, I said goodbye to mom and dad.

The ride home went by fast. Me and Amy talked about how much fun we had today and the plans for the week. She said that tomorrow we were going to stay home all day and clean the house for when Adam (her fiance) gets home. Sunday night we were going to spend with him. Monday, Amy had to do things for the wedding, so I would spend most of the day with Adam at home and we could play video games or whatever. Tuesday, I had to go with Amy to get my flower girl dress fitted. Wednesday, we were going to chill at home all day. Thurday was the bachelor/bachelorette party and I got to choose which one I wanted to go to. And Friday was the day of the wedding. After the wedding we would hang out at the reception and afterwards somebody would bring me to my parents house.

When we got to Amy’s, she decided that she really didn’t want to unpack anything but my diaper bag. We went inside, where she gave me a bath and then diapered me. I wore a pair of her pajamas and went to sleep with her in her bed. Only 6 more days until the wedding!

When I awoke, Amy was already awake. We laid in bed for a few minutes and talked before she said that we should probably get around. Amy made us breakfast and afterwards, she gave me a bath. Since I had not packed for an extra week, Amy let me borrow a shirt and some socks that I could walk around in, as well as my diaper. Amy turned on the TV and I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians while she showered.

After she got around, we began to unpack from the trip and clean up around the house. Since I probably wouldn’t ever be here again, I was not ashamed to walk outside with my diaper exposed. After we finished cleaning, we watched TV until Adam came home.

“Sarah, I assume?” he asked walking through the door. I introduced myself as Sarah, since I didn’t know how much Amy had told him. We followed him to the living room, where we proceeded to watch football. A few minutes later, Amy went to the kitchen to cook dinner, leaving me with Adam.

“So are girl clothes really more comfortable than boy’s clothes?” he asked revealing that he knew my secret.

“I think so…” I admitted.

“Hmmm, I’ll take your word for it. What is the reason behind the diapers?” he asked.

I explained to him how I liked them. He shrugged and continued to talk.

“So who do you like in this game?” He asked referring to the football game. That was the last he talked about my apparel for the day. He seemed to be cool; and he was one of the few people that treated me like I was treated before the change. The rest of the night was spent hanging out in the living room. When it was time for bed, Amy set up the playpen that we unpacked and placed it in the corner of their room. We all went to bed; even though I was pretty uncomfortable sleeping in the same room as them.

The week was pretty uneventful, until Thursday. I awoke in the playpen on Monday. Nobody was in the room, so I just sat there. I noticed that I was wearing a different diaper than I was the night before, so Amy must have changed me in the night. After about 30 minutes, Adam walked in the room. He looked at me, “You gonna sit in there all day?”

I confessed that since I was diapered, I couldn’t lift my leg over the edges to get out. He came over and helped me out of the playpen. “Alright, Amy left for the day, so we are going to have to set some ground rules” I agreed.

“Amy thought it would be a good idea to have you around the house, to practice just in case we wanted to have a baby; however, I never agreed to that. So today, you are on your own. I am not going to change your diapers or bathe you or anything.” I said that was fine and proceeded to get ready by myself.

Picking out one of Amy’s shirts, I went to the bathroom and got ready. I then went to the kitchen and grabbed some cereal and sat on the couch next to Adam. He threw me a controller and we played FIFA on his game system. We ordered pizza for lunch, and after we ate, we played Halo. It was kind of nice being one of the boys again.

Sometime during the day, we heard the ice cream truck. His inner kid showed, as he looked at me and suggested we get some. We both ran outside and ran towards the truck. There were a bunch of other people near the truck, who looked at me funny, as I was only wearing a diaper and a t-shirt. But whatever, we got ice cream. Amy returned later in the day and we hung out in the living room for the rest of the night.

Tuesday morning came and I was once again treated like a baby by Amy. She bathed me and dressed me for the day. I was given a pink dress that must have been one from her younger years. I was then given a pair of flip flops and Amy painted my nails. Today was the day I had to get my dress fitted.

We went to the tailor and I was measured so my dress could be adjusted. The tailor mentioned that my diaper should be covered in my dress. We then went out to eat. Em asked if I was planning on going to the bachelor party or the bachelorette party. Even though Adam was cool, I felt more comfortable around Amy; so I told her I would go with her. She said it was a princess themed party, so I would have to choose a princess that wasn’t already chosen.

So far, she was Cinderella and her freinds were Elsa, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, and Jasmine. We went to the costume store and went to the women’s section. I was pleasantly surprised when we weren’t in the kid’s section. I decided on a Belle costume. After checking out, we went back to the tailor.

The adjustments had been made, so I was now able to try on the dress. The dress fit perfectly. The top was skin tight white satin, there was a blue ribbon around my ribcage with a blue rose off-centered. The dress part was silky and went past my knees, and the bottom part was decorated with blue rose petals. Afterwards, we went home and chilled out.

Like I said, the week was pretty uneventful; I was used to being treated like a baby so that was nothing new. However, Thurday night rolled around and it was time for the bachelorette party. I wore my diaper out, but instead of wearing childish clothing, I had a sexy Belle costume over it. The corset was constricting but actually felt pretty neat. The double layered miniskirt covered my diaper. I also wore a white garter belt over my diaper and underneath the dress, which kept my white stockings pulled up tightly. I got used to walking in heels pretty quickly. Amy did my hair and make up, so I actually looked like an adult girl without developed breasts. However, I still passed as a girl. Finally, I was given a rose to complement my outfit.

The rest of the princesses knocked on the door and led us to a white limo. We went to a club on the other side of town. Amy wore a sash letting everybody know that she was the bride to be. It must have looked funny to see a group of girls dressed as sexy princesses walking into a club, but the bouncer let us in regardless. We headed to a booth and the maid of honor(Sleeping Beauty) handed us out sheets of papers. The headind "Amy’s Scavenger Hunt. The instructions said that throughout the night, we were to complete the tasks with photo or video evidence to gain points. Each task was a point, and the bridesmaid (or in my case, flower girl)with the most points won a special prize. The lists was as followed:

-Get a picure with a cop.
-Get five random strangers numbers.
-Get a condom from a stranger
-Get a picture with somebody with the name Adam.
-Get somebody to buy the group a shot.
-Get 5 strangers to buy you a shot.
-Kiss the bartender.
-Pinch somebody’s butt.
-Drink somebody’s drink without asking.
-Have a Dance-Off with a stranger
-Dance on a Table.
-Recieve a Spanking from a Stranger.

  • Have Somebody Sign Your Booty
    -Have a Stranger Post an IG photo with you
    -Convince a Guy to Wear Your Underwear
    -Photo Bomb a stranger’s photo
    -Flash a stranger your boobs

For the rest of the night, we were to try to complete these 17 tasks and use our camcorders(handed out by Snow White) to recoord evidence. Not wanting to be a party pooper, I decided to try to do the easy ones.

I started tp walk around and try to find guys named Adam. It was surprisingly easy to talk to guys, as they would just approach me to try to hit on me. I was carrying around a martini that was given to all of the bridesmaids. In my search of an Adam, I ended up getting 3 guys to buy me shots. I also took a selfie with a guy, who posted it on IG- so I was able to cross that one off of the list.

Another hour and a half went by and I was able to cross off a few things. I found an Adam, recieved 5 shots, had somebody order the group shots, photobombed a stranger, and got 5 guys numbers. We returned to check in with the group; where all the other girls were at least done with 8 of them. Not wanting to be the worst one in the group, I decided I had to try harder ones; no matter what cost- which was probably not my best decision if I was trying to be discrete. I was also beginning to become drunk, so that assisted in me making poor decisions.

I walked over to the dance floor and noticed a man who was pretty drunk himself. I challenged him to a dance-off. I was a terrible dancer, so apparantly he thought I was trying to dance with him. He began grabbed me as I began to grind on him like a girl would. Luckily he was drunk, so he didn’t notice my diaper pressing up against him. Eventually, we separated and I restarted the dance off. He recognized what was going on and started to dance as well. A small circle formed around us and for the rest of the song we ‘battled’. It was the worst dance off of all time and everybody was laughing at us, but I was able to cross another item off of my list.

I walked up to the bar and sat next to Elsa. We began to talk about some of the tasks. There were two bartenders behind the bar; one male and one female. During our conversation, the male bartender walked over and Elsa managed to steal a kiss. Realizing that I too needed to kiss a bartender, I called the female over. I told her that it was part of our scavenger hunt; but she refused saying that she would never kiss a girl. “I’ll do it” the male bartender chimed in. Being drunk and realizing that I may be the only one to not finish the checklist; I took a shot and agreed. I went for a peck but he stuck his tongue down my throat. I shoved him away, which angered him. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever done; but I was able to cross something off of my checklist. I was also able to get a guy to give me a condom.

Next, I walked over to an empty table, stepped on it and began to dance like I had seen girls do in the music videos. Amy came over, “I can see your diapey” she sang. I quickly hopped down, which caused me to fall on my face. She helped me up. We talked for a minute, during which, I lost control of my bladder and released it into my diaper.

I decided to continue my challenges. Since the rules didn’t specify a gender, I decided to pinch a girl’s butt. She looked back at me as I smiled. She shoved me away from her, causing me to stumble into a table. The people sitting at the table looked at me. I looked at one of the men and then at the table. I grabbed his drink and chugged it. He tried to steal it from me, so I began to walk away. This led to a chase, as I continued to try and down his drink. Eventually, I got near an exit, which caused me to bump into somebody and fall down.

The man whose drink I stole helped me up. “Now I am a cop and should have you thrown out of the club…” the word cop caught my attention. I lifted the camcorder and shouted selfie, taking a picture of me with him; another thing off of my list. He grabbed both of my shoulders so I was forced to face him. “but I noticed your unusaul attire, so instead I have other plans.” He led me back over to their seat, where his buddies were also sitting. He told me to bend over. I did as instructed. “Somebody has been a bad baby!” he said lifting my skirt and showing my diaper to everyone that was looking. His buddies began laughing hysterically, “Did you need protection since you can’t handle your liquor?” one of them asked. “Since I turned 35 today, baby will get all of my birthday spankings”. He began swatting my bottom pretty hard. Even though I was kind of happy that he was unintentionally fulfilling a task, I began to cry due to the pain and the embarassment as many people (including the bridal party) gathered around to see me getting spanked in a diaper.

After he had finished, I gimpily ran into the bathroom. Amy followed me and calmed me down. She led me back out to the booth and we were able to recount our totals. The leader had 15 and I also had 14. I figured that since everybody knew my secret anyways, I might as well go for the win. I looked at my remaining tasks: Flash a stranger, have somebody sign your butt, and convince somebody to wear your undies. Two of those seemed obtainable.

I walked over to the darkest corner of the room, where a group of guys were talking. I decided to try and get a guy by himself, so I ‘flirted’ with him for about 20 minutes. Eventually, he took me to a booth where we sat on the same side. He asked about my diapers as he must have saw the scene; I just said I wore them because I didn’t want to get drunk and wet myself. This didn’t push him away, so I decided to go for the last two. “Do you want to see it” I said, still talking about my diaper. He said yeah, as if he was into it. I turned around a lifted my skirt. “My bottom could be yours” I said trying to be as sexual as possible. “If you really want it, you should sign it” I continued. I turned to give him a pen and pushed the bottom of my diaper up revealing my bare bottom. He signed it. Holding my diaper up, caused me to get urine on my hands. I was now tied for the lead. I told him to sit tight so I could go to the bathroom- I needed to wash my hands although I wouldn’t tell him. I got up to leave, where I ran into Snow White. She showed me her checklist, which was only missing one thing. I had to flash my boobs to a stranger just to tie it…

I walked into the bathroom and washed my hands. The man I was talking to entered, and snuck up behind me. I turned to him and decided now was a good as time as ever. “What are you doing?” I asked. He told me that he just couldn’t wait too long and asked what I was doing since I didn’t go into a stall. “I needed to freshen up” I covered, “I have to look good to compete with all of the busty women” I continued trying to lead into me flashing my flat chest; while keeping my girly identity. I began to unlace my corset. “Let me see” he said. I finished unlacing it and pulled down my top, revealing my hairless, flat-chest. He lied and said that he liked it. He then grabbed my skirt and pulled my outfit all the way to the floor, leaving me in my garter belt and diaper. I had now tied the score up.

He noticed that I was wet. “Maybe we should get you out of your wet diaper” He said, trying to get me to strip for him. Time to go for broke.

“I think it would be sexy if you wore it for me. It would show me that you were committed.” I added. He was thrown off guard but approached me. He grabbed the waist band and was going to undo the tabs. I slapped his hand. “Not so I fast” I quipped trying to prevent him from seeing my manhood. I pulled my costume back up, I began to walk to the corner of the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

I stepped out of my heels, then untaped one tab, allowing my diaper to fall to the floor. This gave me time to tuck my manhood up into my garter belt. It was uncomfortable, but prevented me from accidently revealing my self. I turned around, bent down and picked up my wet diaper. I carried it to him and held it out like you would when you were showing somebody a cute pair of panties. “Sooo……???” I didn’t expect him to take it but figured I’d try.

Surprisingly he took it and walked into a stall. After a minute, he came out. Not holding the diaper anymore. I noticed a bulge from his pants. “Let me see” I said. He told me to strip first. I approached him and began unbuttoning his shirt. He began to untie my corset again. I then unbuckled his belt and threw his pants and boxers to the ground. I took a step back. Sure enough, he was wearing my used diaper. “Cute!” I said, realizing that I had checked off everything off my check list. I was about to just walk out of the bathroom, when the door opened. It was Amy!

She began to laugh hysterically. She told me it was time to go and grabbed my hand leading me back to the limo. I showed all of the girls my video, since I had left my camera running the whole night. They all laughed and declared me the winner. I was handed a gift bag. I opened it up and revealed the contents.

There was a red-ball gag, furry handcuffs, and a pair of black vibrating panties. I embarrassed myslef all night for stupid gifts. Oh well, I was too drunk to be mad. When I got home, Amy diapered me and put me in my playpen; where I fell asleep. Tomorrow was the wedding day.

I awoke, only in my diaper. Amy helped me out of the playpen and walked me into the living room. One of her bridesmaids was sitting on the couch, I shyly moved behind Amy. Baily was dressed as Elsa the night before.

“Hey Sarah, I have to go prepare for my wedding , so Bailey is going to take care of you this morning.”

Amy hurried out the door, leaving me with Bailey.

“You were something else last night.” She said approaching me, grabbing my hand. “It is especialy funny, knowing that you are a baby girl in a boy’s body!” Apparantly Amy told her my secret. “Now let’s get you some breakfast.”

We walked to the kitchen, where Bailey made me eggs and toast. Afterwards, she led me into the bathroom and proceeded to give me a bath. This was weird, but I just accepted it. When the bath was finished, she dried me off and double-diapered me. Next, she sat me down in a chair and started to do my hair. She finished doing my hair, by putting a headband with a blue rose in it. We finished the morning by repainting my nails blue and loading me up in the car. I was walked out to the car in just a diaper and placed in a carseat.

We went to the wedding venue and I was paraded through the church in just a diaper. We entered a side room, where Amy and the rest of the girls were getting ready. Granny was also there. She came over and gave me a big kiss. The girls all reminisced about last night; while getting ready. I was put in a pair of opaque white tights and my dress was then put on me. I finished by putting on my dress shoes.

We were taken to the front of the church and had a photoshoot. After about 600 pictures, we were finished and the wedding was about to start. The guests arrived and were seated and the bridesmaids, groomsmen and groom were already in place. I was next. The music started to play and I began walking. Every step or so, I reached into my basket and dropped petals into the walkway. The church was packed, hundreds of eyes stared at me. One pair of eyes caught my attention. They were Em’s! She came to the wedding with her camera.

I made it to the end of the aisle, where Bailey greeted me and stood me infront of her. Before I could notice anything else, Amy began to walk down the aisle and all eyes turned to her.

The wedding began and lasted an hour. During this hour, I had to go potty, so I relieved myself in my diaper. After they kissed, Bailey grabbed my hand and we walked down the aisle to the back. She then led us to the entrance of the church, where we made a tunnel. All of the guests piled around where we watched the bride and groom enter their limo.

Afterwards, Em approached me and gave me a big hug. She asked Bailey to take a picture of us, where she picked me up like a toddler. We posed for another one, with me standing up. We eventually had to go to the wedding reception where many more photos were taken. Em had me dance with her a lot; but I also danced with all of the other bridesmaids, Granny, and Amy. One time, I was forced to dance with Adam- which neither of us were fans of, but it made Granny happy.

I was becoming tired, so Em suggested that I get out of my dress and into my jammies. She led me to the bathroom where she took off my dress. She noticed that my diaper was messy, so she changed me out of that as well. She finished pulling up my zipper on my jammies and led me back to the reception. She sat me on her lap and I laid my head on her shoulder.

Bailey came over and commented on how she loved my PJs. They were my pink footies with penguins and stars on them. After a while, I nodded off to sleep; when I awoke, I was back in mine and Em’s bed.

Re: Compromising Situation

Baby Sarah CH5

Since I was back home, things went back to normal… well normal being a male college graduate dressing as a little girl, wearing diapers, and sleeping in an oversized nursery. Things continued to go smoothly at home; however, the job search was not going so well. The job market around the area was not good. I continued to apply loacally, not quite sure if I wanted to broaden the area where I job search. I really liked it where I was at.

One day while I was messing around on my tablet, Em came through the door. She told me that some of the girls from college where asking about how to connect with me. While they knew I was a boy, I guess they never got my name, so they couldn’t follow me on social media.

I missed the girls but I did not want them to accidently announce my not-so-hidden secret for the few people who didn’t know. Em suggested that Sarah create a Facebook account. This wasn’t the worst idea I had ever heard, so I agreed. I downloaded the app on my tablet and began to create my new account. I had to create a new email as well. I went through and added Sarah’s name and her information. I then finished up filling out my interests and other things about me. Before I finished, I had to choose a profile picture. Em suggested that we take one together. I waddled over and sat on her lap, bringing my tablet with me. I proceeded to take a selfie while Em kissed my cheek. I took a second look at the picture. As expected, I passed as Sarah- my make-up, pigtails, and overall feminine features sealed the deal.

Em said that she would finish, as I got ready for bed. I waddled out of the room and into my nursery, where Em’s mom was waiting. I laid down on the changing table, where she lifted my legs and proceded to change me into a fresh diaper, unlike the soiled one I was currently sitting in. She cleaned me and taped me up. Next, she put me in my purple Elsa footed pajamas. She lifted me and put me in my crib, where I was handed my blankie, teddy, bottle, and paci. She gave me a kiss and left the room. A few minutes later, Em entered and placed my tablet on my dresser. She said that she uploaded some pictures and sent some friend requests and in the morning I could check out it out. She then started my mobile, sat down and began to read me a story. As I was downing my bottle, listening to her voice, I nodded of to sleep.

In the morning I awoke, with a full diaper. I stood up and reached for the tablet, remembering my new Facebook Account. I opened the app and noticed the changes that Em had made. I had around 40 likes on my Facebook Profile picture. I had over 100 friends: ranging from my college friends, friends from the wedding, family members on both my parents and Em’s side, church friends, including my classmates at Sunday School. I was not too embarassed, since they had all seen me diapered anyways. I looked through the photos and was surprised at the amount of pictures. There was a Disney Album, college album, church photos, wedding photos, family reunion photos, birthday photos, and other random photos not hiding the fact that I was wearing a diaper. There were photos of me wearing nothing but a poopy diaper, photos of me in a onesie, in a high chair, swimsuit, dresses, and photos of me exposing my childish panties. Any photo taken since I had met Em was uploaded. My mom had tagged me in pagaent photos from their page, Amy had photos of her bachelorette party, and the college girls had tagged me in photos I don’t even remember taking.

Over the course of the next few months, I had reached out to most people who knew I was Sarah and even met new friends. I had more action on this account than I ever did on my normal account.

However, this time wasn’t all good. In Febuary my mother had passed away and my father passed four months later. That is when I decided to expand my job search. Three weeks later, I had secured a job all the way across the country. I broke the news to Em and her family and Em decided that she wanted to come with me. Her mother said she would buy us a house and help us move. A few days later, we began to pack. It was when we entered the nursery, I broke more news to the family.

“I think that this move will provide us with a fresh start. I think that I should dress as an adult male now.” Em agreed and I decided to never be Sarah again. I packed all of my guy clothes and that was it; as I didn’t have many male items in this house. Em’s mom picked me up some additional clothes and took me to get my hair cut. I still kept it semi-long, but it was styled as a boys would be.

The moving company came over and packed our boxes and we stayed our last night with Em’s mom. The next morning we took a flight to Washington and eventually arrived at our new house. Our house was a two story house with a large fenced in yard. My bedroom was something I wasn’t used to, instead of a crib there was a queen sized bed that Em and I would share. The only remnant of my old life, were the last package of pullups that we brought so I could potty train myself overnight once again. After that last package, I no longer had to wear a diaper.

We spent the next year in Washington, meeting new friends and coworkers. I was working as an IT assistant but was slowly moving up in the company and Em stayed at home. The only money she made was twice a week when she babysat the neighbors child next door. She had to pick up Pam from her 5th grade class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and waited until her mother picked her up. Em suggested that we bear a child of our own; however, I was not on board. Our life was now what society would claim to be normal.

At the quarter, I recieved a promotion that would need me to travel to other company locations across the nation and demonstrate the use of our new technology. The next three months, I travelled to NY, FL, and CA. I did not spend much time at home; but began to rake in the cash. But once again, as things began to get good; tragedy struck. I recieved a phone call while in Utah; Em had gotten into a car accident. I rushed home, but by time I got there, it was too late.

I flew back to her mom’s house where the funeral was held. I spent a week with her family before I headed back home. Em’s mom asked that I keep in touch, but I couldn’t do that, it would be too painful. Instead, I tried to use work to keep my mind off it. After about six months, I realized that I couldn’t manage the house and work at the same time. I decided that I should hire a cleaner.

For the next two years, the only people who ever entered my house was Maria (my cleaning lady) and myself. Occasionally I would visit the neighbors, as that family was the closest family to me since I had moved. Gary and Sal were very supportive while I grieved over Em, and Pam was always cheerful. It was amazing how fast she was growing. That was, until the office work party. At the party, I met somebody. Erin was an higher-up at our company and we sort of just clicked. We exchanged numbers and for the first time in years, I went on a date. And then another, and some more. And then she stayed over. Then she stayed over on a weekend. Four months later, she moved in.

She was the first traditional girlfriend I had in a while. She didn’t make me forget about Em, but she made me feel happy. She understood that I would reminisce on Em occasionally, and she was okay with that. She told me that she knew she couldn’t replace her but she wanted to be by my side for the rest of my life.

During this time, I had recieved another promotion (Erin assisted in getting me this). I was now able to work from home. I was in charge of the company website and answering IT questions over email or on the phone. Erin still worked during the day, so I was home alone throughout the day. I spent a lot of time hanging with Maria and the neighbors would come over on occassion. Pat would also come over so I could help her with her homework when her parents were out of town.

One day, Erin decided to stay home so we could rearrange the bedroom. We gave Maria the day off and slept in. We eventually got to work, moving the bed, dressers, and nightstands. Next we decided to move the bookshelf. Upon moving it, we noticed something strange. There appeared to be a door. We struggled to open it so I decided to go to the garage and get a crow bar. I returned and noticed that the door was open and Erin was gone.

I peeked inside and saw her sitting on the floor flipping through a book. I crept up beside her and looked in the book. This was no ordinary book however, this was a photo album. A photo album of Sarah.

“Is this you?” Erin asked flipping through the pages.

Ashamed I admitted that it was me and that it was a phase that I went through that Em supported.

She shut the book without saying anything. We started to go through the other boxes. There were a ton of boxes full of Sarah’s clothes, both baby and toddler styled. There were crib and other furniture pieces, as well as picture frames, toys, and stuffed animals. Everything from Em’s moms house was hidden in this room. Em must have kept it just in case I changed my mind.

“I don’t do this anymore” I defended myself.

“I know…” Erin responded. “It’s too bad, I wouldn’t mind seeing you in these” She turned around holding a pair of pink Dora panties. She laughed and proceeded to walk towards me and gave me a kiss. “For real though, how do these even fit you?” she asked.

“They just did” I said. I was just happy that she didn’t run away yet.

“Show me” Erin added. She threw the panties on my head and walked out of the hidden storage room.

Surely she couldn’t be serious. I placed them back in the box and followed her.

“Oh come on, be a sport” she said, turning me around and facing me towards the newly discovered door. I walked back in and decided to play alongs. I took off my pajama pants and went over to the box. I pulled out the panties that she handed me and noticed the fuzzy socks on top. I really missed those, so decided to wear them and just play it off as part of the joke.

I slid off my boxers and pulled up the Dora panties, stretching out Dora’s face. I then slid on the pink and white fuzzy knee high socks; finally pulling my pajama bottoms back up. Erin came back inside. She grabbed the bottom of my flannel top and lifted it above my belly button. She noticed the waistband, “ooh la la”. She then started to pull down my pants but I stopped her when the waistband was mid-thigh level. “I’ll do it, if you do” she said. She then took off her pajama bottoms. Her lace panties were only slightly exposed toward the bottom of her pajama top. She then started to take off my pants too. I allowed it. Dora’s face was mostly covered by my top, but Erin lifted it up. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me back toward the bedroom. I was hesitant.

“Look, Maria has the day off, the doors are locked, let’s just finish moving the book shelf and hang out the rest of the day.” I reluctantly agreed.

She pulled me into the bedroom where she mentioned that she loved my socks. I laughed, “gotta play the part” I chirpped. We finished moving the dresser, shut the door, and then headed to the kitchen.

We made some soup and watched TV on the couch. We blared music and danced together, wearing nothing but our shirts and panties. We played video games and watched another movie. We had a great day off, but all good things come to an end.

We began to get ready for bed. I began to take off by panties but was stopped. “Can you humor me one more time?” Erin asked. I was sure that I wouldn’t like where this was going but agreed anyway. She told me to sit on the bed and headed into the hidden room. She returned with two familiar items in hand. In one, there was a pair of green cupcake footed pajamas, in the other a Tinkerbell diaper. Erin told me to lay down. She then headed back into the room and grabbed a few more items. She came back and took off my shirt. She then slid off my panties. Next, she lifted my legs and slid the diaper under me. She then powdered me and taped me up tight. She gave me a pat on the bottom and chuckled. She then stood me up and had me step into my jammies.

“You know, if you want, you can go back to wearing these sometimes.” she smiled. I told her that I was done with that and that I was only doing this because she wanted me too. She said ok as she zipped me up. She then popped a pink butterfly pacifier in my mouth.

“Let’s go to bed”. She pulled me down and began to spoon me. She ran her fingers threw my hair as we both nodded off to sleep.

When I awoke, I remembered my apparel. I looked over and noticed that Erin had already left for work. I now had to decide my plans for today. My first idea was to hang out in my diaper and jammies while I worked from home- I had actually missed dressing up; however, I wouldn’t admit it to Erin. I was almost on my way down to the kitchen, when I had another thought. Maria was scheduled to come today, so I should probably change into my clothes so I do not get caught. I unzipped my jammies and walked into the secret room. I then walked out and resealed the door shut. Upon shutting it, I discovered a severet release lever about knee high. It was well covered, so I latched the door and did not worry about anybody accidently finding themselves inside that room.

Next, I took off my diaper and wrapped it in a plastic bag that was laying in our room. I walked to the bathroom and shoved it underneath some of the garbage already in the can. I proceeded to get ready. After showering and getting dressed, I walked to the kitchen where I ran into Maria. It was a good thing I had decided against my first idea. I got on my laptop and went to work. I worked until Erin came home. I greeted her at the door and we ate dinner, everything was like a normal night. She reminded me of the meeting that I had to attend on Friday and asked that I help the new employees technology while I am there. We then had a dinner with the neighbors after work- so we were going to go straight from work.

After dinner, we went watched some television and eventually headed to bed. When we entered are room, Erin noticed the hidden room was closed. “Didn’t want to have any more fun?” she said, referring to the door. I chuckled, “I told you that I was past that phase”. She went over to the spot where the door was and pushed it but the door did not budge, “how do you get in here?” she asked. “I don’t know? But we won’t need to go in their anymore so its fine” I said. “I was thinking, if you don’t need those anymore, maybe we can throw them away and make this room a home office” she suggested. I said sure, trying to act like I didn’t care. We headed to bed and nothing was said again of the room.

The rest of the week went smoothly and eventually it was Friday. My alarm clock went off and I got ready. I did not miss waking up and heading into work. Erin had to be there early, so we drove separately. I finished getting ready and headed into work. I dragged myself into the break room to grab some coffee before heading into the meeting. The meeting, as expected was boring. I decided to pull out my iPad and play around.

After running out of things to distract me, my curiosity got the best of me. I went on the internet and signed into Sarah’s Facebook account. I was bombarded with notifications: messages, comments, pokes, likes, and everything else. There #TBT posts from Amy and her husband, wall posts from Han and Gab wanting to meet up, even messages from Kata and Tara wanting to set up a “play date”. I was surprised to how popular Sarah was. I decided to check the email account next. There I found many letters updating me on how everybody’s family was doing in their family newsletters/Christmas letters.

This made me miss being Sarah and for the rest of the meeting I tried to come up with conjectures on how I could sneak into these outfits. Ultimately, I decided against the ideas and figured it would be best to continue the life I had set up for me. The rest of the work day dragged but eventually, it was time to leave. I drove home, where I met Erin in the driveway. We parked our cars and headed to the neighbors.

Dinner was good. We caught up on how work was going. Pam also updated us on how her school was going. She also said she was looking for a job and asked us to employ her at the company. We had a good laugh and told her that if anything opened up we would let her know. We then headed into the living room and watched some TV before we decided to head home.

We walked back to our house and I plopped down on the couch. Erin said that I was in charge for picking what we watch tonight and went to go change out of her work clothes.I was flipping through the channels when Erin returned. She grabbed me hand, “come here”. I followed her as she led me into the bedroom. Maybe we weren’t going to watch TV after all. She opened the door, “Ta-Da! I had some workers come over and fix this up.” I looked around the room until my eyes stopped at a new door leading to where the hidden room was. Em had set up the home office. I walked over to the door and opened it up.

All I saw was pink. There was pink carpet and pink walls. Upon further inspection I noticed something from my past, my crib! And my toy box, dressers, wall decorations, mobile, changing table, rugs/mats and stuffed animals. The hidden room was turned into a giant nursery, resembling one like the room at Em’s mom’s house; except this one was more babyish and more girly- if that was possible. There was a makeup table in the corner. There was also a giant baby swing hanging from the ceiling.

I didn’t know what to say. But I had to say something. “Erin-”

I was cutoff. "Don’t say anything yet. I don’t want you to pretend not to like it because you want to impress me. That day when you wore panties and a diaper, you were the happiest I have seen you. I want you to be that happy all the time. You can work from home still and wear whatever you want.:

I was shocked, “uhhhh thank you?” I said still not sure how to react.

“Let’s go get you changed.” Erin picked me up and sat me on the changing table. She placed a pacifier in my mouth and started to take off my clothes. Just as she did a couple days ago, she diapered me and placed my jammies on me. Tonight, it was my Hello Kitty nightie. She then placed Hello Kitty knee highs on my feet and picked me back up. She set me in my crib.

“Does this mean I can’t sleep with you?” I asked.

“You can if you want” she responded.

I told her that I still wanted to. She told me okay and that I would have to sit tight for a minute while she got situated. She left the room, leaving me in my crib.

I sat, wondering if I was dreaming. After concluding that I was not; I now had a decision to make. Allow this to happen or protest it. Erin was right, I was happier when dressed like this; it reminded me of the relationships I had when I was Sarah. I guess if she was cool with me wearing girl clothes on occassion, I would not protest. She returned.

She came over, grabbed my Hello Kitty stuffed animal and handed it to me. She then picked me up as well as picking up a fleece Cinderella blanket. She took my paci and pinned it to my shirt, then opened a fridge that I was previously unaware of. She pulled out a baby bottle and forced it in my mouth. Milk had never tasted so good. She laid me on my back on the bed and laid next to me. I proceeded to cuddle up to her and lifed my leg over her hip. I laid my head on her chest. I continued to suck down my milk, holding my blankie in my other hand. She wrapped her hand around me and began gently patting my padded behind. I drifted to sleep.

I awoke the next morning, still cuddling with Erin. I felt a familiar feeling- a familiar wetness between my legs; I had wet myself. I tried to roll away to go change, but this awoke Erin. She squeezed me tighter, “Good morning baby”. This was a phrase she had said many times before but this time had a different feeling. She picked me up and took me into the bathroom, where she stripped me down and ran a bath. She then proceeded to give me a bubble bath. During this bath, she applied nair to my legs and my private area, as well as my armpits, chest, back, and arm hair. I now had no body hair.

After the bath, she dried me off and wrapped me in a towel. She carried me back to the nursery and laid me on the changing table. She began to rediaper me.

“Do I have to wear diapers?” I asked.

“Not all the time, you can wear your panties sometimes too. But I want to practice taking care of you so, I want to diaper you today. Plus, you look super cute in a dipaer anyways.”

I allowed her to diaper me. Next she put me in an all white onesie with a pink heart on the chest and snapped me up. She then put a white skirt with many different colored hearts on it. She carried me over to my makeup table and asked if I wanted help. I told her that I should probably do it and began to give myself a makeover. Just like th old days, I put on my make up and then placed my hair in pigtails. While I was doing this, Erin painted my nails.

She then stood me up and applauded our effort. She handed me my blankie and then a sippy cup with juice in it. She then carried me downstairs to get something to eat. When we arrived at the kitchen, I got a unsuspected surprise…


She had come over- even though she wasn’t scheduled to- and cooked us breakfast. “Oh Baby!” she said excitedly. I buried my head on Erin’s shoulders. I definitely did not want this to happen.

“Oh, don’t be shy. She would eventually see you during the day or when she cleans the nursery.”

I guess Erin was right. If I were to continue to do this, I’d probably be caught. And her paycheck depended on my happiness so she wouldn’t tell. I had been in more embarassing situations anyway.

“Besides, who is going to take care of you when I am gone.” Erin added.

Maria reached into her bag and pulled out something pink. I couldn’t tell what they were, until she placed them on my feet. She had hand-knitted me an over-sized pair of pink booties. Erin thanked her for the gift and handed me over to her. Maria was now holding me, while Erin fixed me a plate. Maria carried me over to the high-chair now in the kitchen and strapped me in.

“Don’t worry, we will put this away after every use” Erin said, sensing my nervousness. Erin then came over and began to feed me my breakfast.

After breakfast, Erin carried me up to my nursery and Maria followed. I was set in the corner with my toys. Erin and Maria talked, while they watched me play. After playing with dolls for a while, I got bored and told them I was going to go get my iPad. I thought maybe I could talk to me old friends as Sarah again.

I walked back to the living room. Upon turning the corner, I heard the fron door swing open. “Hello?” a familar voice asked. I was staring the neighbor girl, Pam in the eyes. To make matters worse, we where wearing the same skirt. She walked closer to me, I was frozen. “Mr. -?”

Pam was caught off guard. I nodded my head yes. Still shocked, she tried to continue her question. “Can you help me with my homework?”

I agreed and we walked over to the table. I began to help her with her homework, when she asked me if I was wearing a diaper. Once again caught off guard, I answered with the only thing that was on my mind, “I don’t know”. I was saved by Erin who was worried that I had not returned yet.

She explained to Pam that I had to wear these clothes whether I liked it or not. She then had an idea to keep her from telling her parents. “If you want, maybe the days I work late, you can come over and babysit him after Maria leaves. He -or she- cannot be left alone. We will pay you- the only thing is you can’t tell your parents why. Just tell them you are coming over for help on a project or an assignment.”

She agreed without hesitation. “Well I guess we should show you around then” Erin said, leading Pat to my nursery. She placed me by my toys and showed Pat where my clothes, diapers, and bottles were at. Afterwards, Pat came over and began to play with me. We played with Barbies. After about an hour, Amy spoke up “Nap Time!”. She came over and placed me in my crib. She handed me my Hello Kitty and my blankie, as well as a bottle. She then turned on my mobile and a baby monitor. She led the others out of my nursery and shut the door.

As soon as it clicked, I climbed out of the crib and headed to the door. Unlike Em’s house, the door opened. I went out to the living room, where they were assembled. Erin came over, “I thought I said it was nap time” she then picked me up and carried me back to the nursery. “Stay in here for an hour and then we will come and get you baby. All babies could use a nap.” She set me in my crib and handed me my bottle. She covered me up and then left once again.

I was really tired but didn’t want to nap out of principal. However, after sucking on my bottle, the tiredness overwhelmed me and I fell asleep.

I awoke from my nap, realizing that I had messed my diaper. “Hello?” I called out, hoping that somebody had heard me on the baby monitor. Not too much later, the three girls walked into the room and smelled my situation. Erin picked me up and laid me on the changing table. She asked Pam to leave.

“But what about when I watch her? I have to see sometime.” she argued.

“Well when you watch her, she will just have to stay in a messy diaper until somebody else comes and changes her” Erin reasoned. I was glad to hear that Pam would not be changing me. Erin changed me and picked me back up. For the rest of the day, Pam, Maria, and Erin hung out taking turns babying me. I could get used to this.

On Sunday, Maria did not come over and for most of the day it was just me and Erin. Around five o’clock, Erin decided to go grocery shopping and asked if I wanted to come. I didn’t want to go out dressed like this but I didn’t really want to change, so I expressed that to Erin. She said that was okay and left. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. Erin answered it, it was Pam. Erin had called her to babysit me while she went shopping. Erin showed Pam where dinner was, came over and kissed me, then left. Pam came over to me and we talked for a little bit.

She asked if I was going to be dressed like this for a while and I told her probably, but I may not always have to wear diapers. We talked a little bit more about our situation but eventually the conversation died down and Pam began to work on her homework. I got out the tablet and worked on updating my friends on how life has been going. I put together a newsletter that I sent to friends and family. A few of them responded, asking to see the new house and new pictures of me. I sent some photos of the house, including my nursery and took some selfies of myself.

I wasn’t a fan of people around here finding out about my situation but I wanted to show it off to my old life. I walked downstairs, where I was met with another surprise. Sitting at the table with Pam, were two of her classmates. They were working on a group project.

They snickered at the sight that they saw. While I didn’t look old, it was pretty clear that I was older than them.

“This is the girl that you are babysitting?” “She is like 16- why is she wearing a diaper?” They rattled off questions. Pam answered them all surprisingly well, without giving away that I was infact not a 16 year old girl wearing diapers but an adult male wearing diapers.

The two girls came over and pinched my cheeks and patted my diaper; complementing my apparel- trying to make fun of me. I was used to it, so I shrugged it off. “Maybe we should give baby a diaper change?” one suggested. I actually was wet, but they couldn’t change me. “She doesn’t need one right now, let’s finish our project.” she brought the group back together.

I decided to go back up to the nursery and continue my conversations with my old friends. I had suggested meeting up with Gab and Han sometime in the near future, as well as Amy. I was interrupted when Pam grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. My high-chair was set up around the table and I was instructed to sit. I climbed up and Pam strapped me in. She then came over with the food and began to feed me. Her friends also wanted to feed me; which she allowed. The deliberately made eating messy for me and had a lot of laughs. They tried to take pictures but Pam did not let them.

After my prolonged, messy, feeding, Pam’s friends left. She unbuckled me and used my bib to clean my hands and face. She led me back upstairs to my nursery where she picked out new clothes for me to wear, since my white onesie was messy. She unbuttoned it and lifted it over my head. She decided that it was close enough to bedtime where she could put me in my jammies. At this point, my diaper was clearly sagging due to how full it was, but Pam could do nothing. She had me step into my pink star footed jammies and zipped it up. She also handed me my bottle and suggest that we play up here until Erin got home. We spent the rest of the time coloring in my coloring books.

Erin got back at 7:40. She paid Pam and relieved her of her duties. Pam thanked her and told me she would see me later. Erin smelled my mess and decided to give me a bath before bedtime. She took me to the bathroom and bathed me. She placed me in a new diaper and back in my jammies where I was then laid in the bed. My bedtime now was 8 o’clock and Erin would read me a story until I fell asleep.

This went on for three more weeks. I began alternating between panties and diapers about every other day. When I wore panties I was able to go potty, since it was easier to get them on and off. I especially wore panties on the days I knew that Pam was coming over, since I didn’t know how long I would be wearing a messy diaper. However, I found it a lot easier to complete my work when I was diapered. I spent less time on the potty and more time working.

Things were great, until one Tuesday afternoon. Maria was packing up to leave and Pam was supposed to come over and watch me. I was wearing a pair of Spongebob Undies, purple shorts, a plain white t-shirt, and fuzzy knee high rainbow socks. The door opened, which I assumed was Pam. However, it was not just Paml but her parents as well. I dropped my sippy cup on the ground.

At first they were also speechless; however, that quickly turned to anger.

“You are paying my daughter to treat you like a little girl- perv” They shouted. This went on for a couple of minutes, which caused me to cry. The crying was followed by me wetting myself. Maria came over and picked me up, telling the neighbors to stay where they were. She took me to my nursery, where she took of my shorts and undies and placed me in a diaper. She carried me back downstairs.

This did not make them any happier. “She better not change you… you will go to jail for that.”

Maria and Pam both reassured them that she was not allowed to change me. I had to defend myself. I told the neighbors to follow me and I took them to my nursery. They were still heated, but complied. I showed them my photo album.

“I have been doing this for a while. I no that it is strange and you may not accept it, but I am not a pervert by any means. These clothes are what is most comfortable for me and my close friends are okay with it, so I am too. As for your daughter, we felt that this may be a good way for her to make some money. I get to act how I like to, having no responsibilities- and she gets paid to cook, clean, and play. I have no underlying intentions, I just want to be myself and help her out too.”

They were still skeptical, but didn’t want to take away their daughter’s job and requested to hang out and watch what she would do on a given day. So for the rest of the day, they observed Pam feeding me and playing with me.

Erin came home and was surprised by our guests. I explained the situation and she helped further explain the details of Pam’s babysitting job to our friends. They began to understand and even apogized for their harsh reaction. They agreed that this may be good for their daughter, although admitted to the fact that it was weird. After Pam wsa paid, they all went back home.

So now that they knew, the next month went by pretty well. Pam and Maria continued to watch me while Erin worked and Erin and I hung out at home. I went with Erin to work on take your daughter to work day. While I worked at this company, I had actually never met any of her higher up coworkers. We played it off that I was only 13 years old and that I was a visiting cousin. That day I did not wear diapers, I wore my undies instead. I wore a pair of Barbie undies, along with a pink dress and white tights. Work went well and afterwards, we decided to go to the store. I started to go outside of the house more, whether it was to play in the pool (it was getting near the end of pool weather, so I had to maximize the time left), play in the swing/play house, go on walks/bike rides, and even play on the local playground. I went shopping with Erin and did other errands as well. However, I only wore a diaper once outside. The only downfall of my new life style was the fact that I was having increased accidents. This was okay the days I was diapered, but problematic on the days I wore undies. I had one accident in the grocery store, one on the playground, and many more in the yard or around the house. The other downfall was the lack of sexual activity. I would normally have to perform myself and on a rare occassion, Erin would help by rubbing me. Em took care of herself with a few toys she had and would not let me help her. I was scared she would cheat but she assured me she wouldn’t.

In fact, she did the exact opposite. One day, she threw on a dress over my diaper, put me in the carseat and took me to the secretary of state. We met the neighbors (who had come a long way from their initial reaction- we ate dinner at their house more often, they even had a high chair for me, and they also bought me some new clothes). Their we got married. The people had to double check I was who I said I was, which was awkward, but other than that it was a good day.

We had a couple of special weekends as well. One weekend, Gab and Han flew over and stayed with us. They were going to a concert and we were able to all hang out and catch up. Another weekend I flew with Erin to a meeting where we were able to stay with Amy and her husband. I got to reconnect with the girls from the bridal shower. One final weekend, Em’s mom requested that I come stay with her; where she took me to church and I was able to hang out with her, her boyfriend, and Bri.

Things were pretty great. I slowly transitioned to diapers and dressing as Sarah full-time , minus the four quarterly meetings where I wore panties and tights under my men’s clothes. This was actually hard to pull off due to my haircut- I looked more girly than manly but my clothes suggested that I was just a boy with a bad haircut and my coworkers bought it. For Halloween, Pam took me trick-or-treating. I went as a cowgirl. For Thanksgiving, we went to my Granny’s, where my aunts, uncles, and cousins still did not agree with my decisions, but ultimately accepted it. In December, I was taken to the mall and took my first picture as Sarah sitting on Santa’s lap. When I awoke on Christmas morning, our tree was full of presents. I recieved a bunch of new clothes, pacis, toys, and even an oversized rocking horse. We then went to the neighbors where we exchanged our gifts. They also showered me with baby gifts. This was now my life.

For the next six years, Pam was my babysitter after Maria would leave. I attended her graduation as Sarah. After Pam, another girl took over. Teresa was a Freshman and she babysat me for the next four years. The pattern continued, where we would hire a girl to watch me for her four years of high school.

Throughout all of these times, pictures were posted all over Facebook. And many of them were shared. One day I recieved an email from an adult baby website where they would sell adult baby items. They asked me to come and model for them, which I agreed to. I modelled with their clothes, pacifiers, toys, furniture, and diapers and got paid to do so. My modelling continued on various websites- my pagaent experience was definitely helping.

For 361 days out of every year, I was now Sarah; something I was initially against and embarassed to be, was now an everyday norm and something I embraced.

Re: Compromising Situation

A very good and long story.