Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

So, really meant to get this posted sooner but issues came up that prevented, sorry.

Winners: If you haven’t already, look for a PM from me in the next day or two about your prizes. :slight_smile:

So first up the winners:

Tied for first place: Don’t Forget Your Costume by ally and Redeeming Clara by Write and Left.

The other winner was Witch’s Brew by Cute-Kitten.

If you look at the topic listing all the stories are already shown as posted by their original authors but for completeness here is the rest of the list:

(Note: I’ll add the links later for these)

Mike and Sally - WBDaddy
Abomination - SashaButters
Babyward Baby Ward - Vearynope
The Harvest Festival - Vearynope
Boo! - Les Lea
The Fourth Roommate - ludib
The New Wing - Selv14
Stay - Elibean

Amusing facts:

Mike and Sally was the story for which it was most common for incorrect author guesses. It amazes me how many people insisted this was written by someone who didn’t submit a story :stuck_out_tongue:

Mike and Sally was the story people consistently insisted it could not have been written by its author after being told who it was.

Don’t Forget Your Costume was the story most commonly guessed correctly on the first try.

Almost no one guessed correctly that Vearynope was the author of two stories. Most common incorrect guesses? Ally and WBDaddy

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

I liked all the submitted stories, but the winners stood out among the rest. A big congratulations to the winners. Well deserved. I’m already looking forward to the next contest.

I also want to thank Renko for organizing this and everyone who participated and voted for their favorites stories. I want to leave feedback on them when I have the time to do so properly.

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

Congratulations to all three of you.

I’m really surprised I came in 4th in the voting. I didn’t expect to get many votes at all because of the nature of the piece, being very smutty and not very Halloween-y.

But I did accomplish what I set out to do, which was to fool most of you to the point where people refused to believe I wrote it even after the reveal. :smiley:

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

Funny you should mention not being very Halloween-y. A couple of people complained about that. My standard reply was “Of course it is, the story itself is wearing a costume.” :slight_smile:

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

I figured that would happen too. And yeah, I was thinking the same thing as I submitted it.

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

Congratulations, well deserved winners!
This has definitely been fun. Good reads, all of them.

Big thanks to Renko for hosting the event.

Which is why I think keeping the author list a secret would be much more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see that being understandable after Curiosity was posted, but didn’t you say elsewhere that most of the correct votes came in before that?

I’m not making excuses, but I’m now convinced that writing it as two stories was a terrible idea, and actually worsened both the story, and my chances. ::slight_smile:

Re: Congratulations to the Winners (and reveals)

Congrats to the winners and a huge thanks to Renko for organising this event.

It’s great to even be in the company of such fine writers and I’m pleased that a few readers liked BOO.

I hope there will be more such competitions in future.

Again - great job gang. :wink: