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Contest winners

First Place
“The Girl in My Closet” by CS Fox

Second Place
“Her Name is Lea” by Silent Virus

Third Place (tie)
“Life and Death Choices Made Casually” by Write and Left
“My Real Country Family” by CS Fox

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s contest.

Re: Contest winners

Hi Folks,

Congrats to all three of you.

Fox, I was glad to see “The Girl in My Closet” win. It’s a great story with a unique line.

Silent Virus, I was also happy to see “Her Name is Lea” place. Very well done.

Write and Left, while “Life and Death Choices Made Casually” isn’t my type of story, your ability to tell a good story comes through.

Again, congratulations!


Re: Contest winners

Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved!

Although CS - Can you hurry up with the Girl in my Closet already?! :smiley: Now’s its won the top prize, you should think of finishing it nudge nudge

Re: Contest winners

In the five years we have run this contest, I think only one … maybe two of the winning stories has ever been finished. lol One we didn’t think was, but I am pretty sure later on Teekabell came back to it and finished it up. The other finished one was BabyButt’s story from last year.

Re: Contest winners

Thank you all, and I’m very honored. I’ve always wanted to win one year. I think I’ve had a story up for voting at least the last three or four years running.

I plan to finish ‘The Girl in my closet’, just as I plan to finish all my stories (It took 5 years, but French Whines got finished >.< and Country Girl is done…) … so… um… working on it =3

Re: Contest winners

Surrogate by
Calliope was finished

Congratulations to CS Fox, Silent Virus and Write and Left

Re: Contest winners

Is this our own version of a Kanye West moment?

Re: Contest winners

Tawnye West indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Contest winners

Sweet. I just discovered I tied for third place. Thanks people. Yes, I plan on finishing Life and Death Choices.

Re: Contest winners

And I just discovered taw changed his post after we called him Tawnye West. lol