country names in the Diaper Dimension?

I’m currently delving into the backstory of the Diaper Dimension. My question is regarding the names of countries in their dimension. This being a shared universe, I’d like to keep some consistency in names. Thus far I have Eire (Ireland), Albion (England), Libertalia (United States), and a mention of Gaule (France?).

What nations have been represented so far and what were their names? My characters are becoming amateur anthropologists at the moment, so I think it will be important.

Thanks to to all other authors in this shared universe for their help!

Sounds like you’ve gotten the main ones. I think BabyKimmy and BabySophia did a lot of world building in their DD stories so I’d check those two out. I think Audspr might have done some too but I’m not sure.

Also, Catalon (Spain). And I believe the continent is Europa. Those and the ones listed are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Usually, authors just call them the Islands (where Littles are from) or the Mainland (where Amazons dominate). Although, I’ve only seen that distinction in stories that don’t have portal Littles.