I asked this in another thread but considering the product itself now exists I’ll start a thread for it and ask again.

If there were a company that made a baby-ish looking diaper, almost an exact replica of a normal baby diaper just blown up in size for adults, would you buy it? Would it even be practical considering the difference in body shape between an infant and an adult (speaking mainly about the 1 tape system thing).

Now, ABuniverse is notorious for having babyish but otherwise awful diapers, so I’m definitely not inclined to trust this automatically. Furthermore, 1.90 for a diaper if you buy bulk, that’s insane; and the price only goes up with each lesser quantity you purchase (seriously how the fuck do they think they can get away with 9 bucks for a 2 pack?)

Now, I know Bambinos have the whole babyish feel to them but this looks a lot like a huggies diaper from this day and age, and it looks far more awesome. Unfortunately, that’s just the look of the diaper, not the practicality or functionality.

The only known review is from Riley Kilo who got a sneak peak-

Currently some problems I have with this new diaper, and it isn’t even out-
~ABuniverse is notorious for expensive and leaky diapers, so I don’t believe them when they say the diapers get a 5 star absorbency rating.
~No pink/purple girl version available
~The first picture in the Riley Kilo blog, the tape doesn’t look like it makes the diaper fit right
~What is the point of getting a pack of diapers with all the same babyish motif’s on it when I could mimic that feeling far cheaper, easier, and better with a diaper cover? What other things does this have that could grab my attention as the motif is their main selling point.

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Nope, I wouldn’t. Besides the fact that I’m not into the whole AB thing, the price is insane.

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Maybe if they sell well, they can start mass producing them and drop the price a little more. Right now…it really is a ripoff.

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As long as people are willing to buy them at that price, why would they bother lowering it?

If they lowered it more people would have to buy them in order for them to make the same amount of profit they would have made if the price was what it is now.

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There are some AB things that I am willing to pay a bit of $$ for, but I cannot justify $9 for two dang diapers. If they were cloth that would be another story. I’ve never had anything from ABuniverse, so I cannot say what kind of quality your getting. If they did introduce a purple/pink one like jaclyn said I may consider it a little more… I said may…

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I would not pay it, I would rather be cautious with my money as I always am now as I am financially better off. I don’t plan on buying expensive ‘adult baby’ diapers, I’ll stick to the Abena X-Pluses I use thank you very much. And before anyone comments, the reason I buy those is because Depends don’t fit me worth a damn. They aren’t made for tall, former ex-baseball players like me.


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Holy crap.

I just looked at the first link Jaclyn posted and they have probably the worst promotional photo I have ever seen.

Kinda creeps me out, TBH.

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But everything starts slow (Bambinos).

Also - Jaclyn- are you happy still to be called Jaks for short, or anything for short, for that matter?

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I don’t care if you still call me Jaks, I’d prefer you don’t make up any names for me.

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Having looked at the initial pictures of this diaper and read Riley Kilo’s review, it seems plainly evident to me that this is a diaper that will gain a share of our special niche market and keep it for a long time to come, if for no other reason than the pure novelty of having this diaper. When I saw it, my first reaction was, “well, it’s about time!” and my next thought was to wonder why the good folks over at Bambino didn’t do it first. I do agree that these initial prices are steep, but to me Bambinos (even though far more reasonably priced and higher quality) are still expensive, as are Abenas. With Bambinos and Abenas, however, you’re paying for the quality of the product, which has been proven time and again by user experimentation and review, and since both products have come out, the prices have become more reasonable, if a little steep (what can I say, I’m next to broke).

These Cushies diapers are a novelty that appeal to all of us who still wish we could wear Pampers (myself included), but quite literally cannot for anything other than a stuffer in a regular (and very plain) adult diaper. Over time, as has been mentioned previously, it is likely that ABU will cave to their customers demand for more reasonable prices, but for the next six months at least, we can expect the prices to stay where they are, because they have to offset their investment. It makes perfect business sense, even if we all might wish that their products were higher quality. In time, the quality of these products will improve.

ABU’s most notable deficiency is that it is a three-person operation, and not run by former industry professionals like Bambino is. Were it run by people who used to make these products for the mass market, it’s likely we would have a different song to sing about ABU at present. However, being who I am, I will say this: neither Bambino or ABU has a pro photographer on retainer. Otherwise BOTH companies would have better product display pictures, but this is just my own personal gripe.

My opinion on these diapers is this: I say buy them and review them in a positive fashion (meaning tell ABU what you think about their quality without degenerating into flame-mailing), encourage them with pros and cons (much like Riley has done), and if you think they absolutely suck at absorbing fluids, go over to Bambino, buy a box of their Duo pads, and add them to your Cushies, thus combining a product that might or might not be mediocre in performance with a product that has received exceptional reviews, and end up with a combined operation that is somewhere between mediocre and great. Funds and privacy permitting, that’s probably what I’ll do. These diapers just look that cool.

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I hate to say this Nighthawk, but your entire posts suggests that not only is the look of the diaper the primary reason for buying said diaper but virtually the -only- reason, and that still brings to mind my earlier question, would it not produce the same effect if I used Bambinos or Abenas and a diaper cover if I wanted the diaper to “look” babyish?

There are so many varieties out there of diaper covers, thick, thin, ruffled, plain, patterned, colored, so on and so forth. Hell most cloth diapers can be used as a diaper cover and then any accidental leaks from the diaper itself are usually caught by the cloth diaper (allowing you to not have to wash your entire comforter or sheets because of a diaper just a bit too full).

So if I have that option, what else is there to make me want to buy the diaper above? I don’t care about the advertised pictures, when I look at a picture of a product, I’m not looking for professional photography, I’m looking for what the product looks like and in that regard, ABU has done so adequately. The one tape system doesn’t look very neat and organized (by that I mean it doesn’t even remotely keep the diaper straight and there are a bunch of loose flaps), and for a diaper that is designed just for the look, shape is just as much a factor as color and design.

I dunno, maybe I’m just too cynical but the point is, due to the shape of the product, the price, and the reputation of the company behind the product, this isn’t really a viable or worthwhile kind of diaper to buy.

If at least one of those three aforementioned problems behind this product did not exist, I would be more inclined to buy and test it (even if there are no pink ones yet :P).

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Yes, that basically of what I’m saying. When responding to a different thread inquiring about ABU products (in the Product Review section of the forum) I commented that their everyday diapers looked like the very cheap and low-quality diapers that Walgreens used to sell (the Walgreens I’ve been in lately don’t carry them anymore, or I just didn’t look long enough or hard enough to see the packages). What this diaper does is respond to a niche market demand for printed diapers that are more like modern baby diapers in appearance, if not in form and function. It’s the look of this diaper that will help it sell, not its quality or lack thereof.

With regards to the bunching and tape issues, I agree they aren’t as neat and tidy as they could be, but this I attribute to the operation not being quite as professional as Bambino and the drawback of making a single-tape diaper for full-grown adults. Could they have cut the diaper differently to mitigate this? Yes, absolutely… provided they had the resources to acquire the machinery with which to do that. I’m not familiar with diaper-making machines, but I would assume that the more you want to individualize your product, the more intricate your tooling becomes, whereas a generic design for the shell, while not exactly exciting or scientific in its fitting to adults, saves money.

Sure, it would have the same effect, provided that was the look you were going for. I don’t mean to discount or otherwise disparage diaper covers, but some ABs and DLs want to feel like they’re wearing Pampers while wearing a product that comes as close to looking (and hopefully feeling) like Pampers as possible, without needing to resort to a diaper cover. Bambino Classico diapers are pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to wearing a big baby diaper that looks like a big baby diaper. Second to that is taking your preferred diaper brand and putting the diaper tape on the front panel utilizing one of the three designs that company offers( ). Me personally, given the choice between a diaper that’s plain white and accompanied by a diaper cover, or a diaper that looks like a modern Pamper but I have to add boosters or a second diaper, I would opt for the second solution, because that would be my preferred look.

So, I guess the response to your earlier question would be that it would depend on the consumer. Also, if you inferred that I was telling you specifically to buy the diapers and review them, I apologize; I was intending a blanket suggestion to anyone reading these posts and considering the merit of the product. Based on other posts regarding this company and its products, you’re probably spot on with regard to the diaper’s viability for routine, everyday use among ABs who wear 24/7 or more often than not, especially without using a booster pad of some sort. For DLs and recreational diaperists like myself who don’t intend to be deliberately diaper-dependent or who don’t wear diapers with great frequency, this product will probably work just fine… but I’m speculating at present. Time and reviews after the diapers start shipping will tell the tale.

Have hope, though; if they came out with a diaper that looks like the current blue Pampers design, I’m sure a pink diaper is soon to follow. If nothing else, write to ABU and suggest that they release the same design in pink. Might get the ball rolling, who knows. At the very least, it can’t hurt to demonstrate interest.

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And I should explain- I sometimes have to wear diapers, I still have bladder and other issues I have had since the 1990s. Still, I would not spend my money on adult baby diapers cause they are too expensive. I have thought of ordering some of those Bambinos, but I just don’t feel right spending money on something that is more for looks.

Well, my two cents. Maybe one day I’ll order a preview pack but wait and see… Oh well- I just don’t like throwing my money away.


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Just tell her they’re more absorbent. I’m sure you can think of something. You wouldn’t believe the shit I had to make up in college. My Dad paid for everything when I went to school too. He didn’t know I wore though, so it was a bit tricky. I had to open up another checking account and get a credit card in my name and transfer money by taking it out as cash and depositing in so I could buy diapers. Now that I have a job, I don’t have to do that. My fiance mostly orders or picks everything up anyway.

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The blog “I Heart Diapers” lays out a very succinct study of the cost per unit for several favoured brands of adult diapers here Its worth a read.

Quite frankly, the unit price for ABUs is just insane. I’m paying…I think somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.80 or so per unit for my Abenas (Molicares were slightly more expensive, but some math proved that in the long run it actually came out to a significant difference…those cents sure add up!).

What I find interesting is the hype over these “Cushies”…when what they’re aping isn’t really the diapers that many of us grew up with (plastic, tape area across the front, otherwise just plain white), but rather the later generations of diapers that displayed an odd, almost underwear pattern to them that was more prevalent on Pull-Ups than anywhere else.

I gotta say, I don’t like the design on them. If it were more affordable and a design on adult pull-ups I’d consider it…but on diapers? Nah. If I feel the need to be really sentimental I’ll use the Bambinos I have stashed away for special occasions. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my Abenas or Molicares (if I’m flush).

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Eh, something I don’t get.

I look at the Cushies and it looks exactly like the diapers I grew up with, but everyone else here says that they aren’t even remotely the same as the ones they grew up with. Considering I’m 21 and most of the people who are saying that are between 30-40 years of age, is there really that big a difference in diapers between those 10-20 years?

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Possibly a baby-boom externality…

Yeah, I don’t remember much about baby diapers from when I was actually -in- them, but the earliest commercial for baby diapers I remember is the one where the stretchable tapes were starting to be used. I’m sure I’ve seen more before, but that’s the only one I clearly and vividly remember.

Eh, the cushies look like baby diapers from my era then, and I like that. But…as mentioned numerous times before, the price and reputation of the company makes it hard to even want to test them out.

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I was born in 1990, and I remember wearing pullups from 1993, and that was about it. I remember they had bows or something like that on them. I found an add on youtube for what I remember

The cushies to me look sorta like the diapers more of today.

I don’t remember wearing these, but i found one at my parents few years back and looked around and it was a huggies from 1992.

Personally I would like the cushies to look more like those huggies, I would possibly consider getting those for special occasions.

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SCREAMING!!! $10.21 FOR 2!

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Bloody hell, that’s outrageous.