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Danielle Diapered in Jail - Katieindiapers


“Danielle, it’s time to wake up, we have to look at these brochures”

The 15 year old girl opened her eyes to the sound of her mother’s rather loud request. As she got out of bed, she remembered what her parents were looking at in the brochures. It was about a week ago she had gotten into trouble with the law……again. But, this time it looked like she was going to have to go to a juvenile detention facility. She was very nervous about this but was hopeful her parents would be able to get her out of this. Downstairs they were already looking at brochures for some schools for troubled girls that the judge might allow her to go to instead of to a jail type facility.

Danielle was generally a well behaved girl but had a bad choice of friends, so her parents would say.

“It’s about time young lady, now sit down and we’ll go over some options for your future”. Danielle loved her dad but sometimes he could be very demeaning the way he spoke to her.

“OK, here is the first one; this place is called Bosworth correctional facility for Girls”. Her father passed out a copy for Danielle and her mother and began to read the introduction.

"At Bosworth, we provide a strict environment for girls between the ages of 13 and 18. We provide a very prison style setting with the goal of scaring young girls straight before they end up in adult prison. The girls are housed in separate jail cells and are allowed into a day room and classroom. The daily routine consists of the following:

Wake up: 5:00 a.m.
Breakfast (eaten in cell): 5:30-6:00 a.m.
Showers (supervised): 6:00-6:15 a.m.
Dress (supervised): 6:15-6:30 a.m.
Class: 6:30-10:30a.m.
Confined to cell: 10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.; (lunch eaten in cell)
Class: 12:30-4:00pm
Confined to cell 4:00 to 9:00 (dinner eaten in cell)
Lights out- 9:00 p.m.

The difference between Bosworth and many of the state run facilities are many but the main ones are:

Girls are housed in separate cells and supervised 24/7 which will significantly reduce the chances of same sex tendencies and/or lesbian relationships which are common in similar facilities.

The amount of free time outside of their cells is limited to a few hours a day, which we believe is closer to a prison setting and will discourage repeat offenders

Lastly, due to procedures and policies, drugs are not a problem here as in many state facilities. We perform daily searches of the inmates and cells to make certain the girls do not have access to drugs."

“I thought you said I wouldn’t have to go to a jail, this sounds horrible”. Danielle couldn’t believe what she was reading. “I mean look at all of the time I would be locked in a cage, basically, plus strip searches?”.

Honey, this is just one option, it doesn’t mean anything. Danielle’s mother sounded just as horrified as the young girl did.

“Well Dani”, most people called her Dani for short, “maybe some time behind bars is what you need”. She hoped her father was kidding. “Let’s look at the next one”

This one was much the same as the first, however the third and final brochure seemed different as her father read out aloud

“Our motto at Washington Facility for Girls is “new beginnings”. We believe that wayward young girls need an opportunity for a new beginning in addition to a strict and confined environment . We believe in starting over and teaching and raising the girls all over again. We do still believe in punishment and a confined environment; however we also provide rehabilitation which the state facilities do not place a great deal of importance. Set up a time to come and tour our facility.”

That doesn’t sound too bad said Danielle’s mother. “Let me call and see if we can go visit this morning yet.”

After finding out they could visit anytime today, Danielle went back upstairs to take a shower and get ready. As she showered, she couldn’t help but wonder what the next years would be like….strip searches, jail cells, same sex tendencies……she couldn’t imagine herself fitting into to a place like that. But that again, she did have some hope as the place they were going to visit didn’t seem so prison like.

Everyone kept to them selves on the hour drive to Washington Facility for Girls until they got to the exit. Danielle’s mother pointed out the window “that must be it over there”.

Dani looked and saw a rather plain looking building except for the high fence with barb wired that surrounded it. Danielle’s dad also pointed out that there looked to be maybe 10 or 15 individual fenced in areas with the fencing running on all sides including the top that surrounded a playground with a swing set and other playground equipment. “That’s weird”, here dad said, I wonder how young the girls actually are that they keep here."

Dani and her parents got out of the car and walked into the front doors. This part seemed more like an office than a prison by the décor. They were met by an older woman who introduced herself as the warden.

Hello, my name is Helen Smith, I’m the warden here at the Washington Facility for Girls….this must be Danielle. Well before we start the tour, let me tell you a little more about our history. We are a privately run program with some oversight and monitoring from the state. We have been operating for over 38 years with a high level of rehabilitation for the girls committed to our facility. We accept all girls from the ages of 13 to 17 who have behavioral problems. A large portion of the girls here are committed by their parents due to problems at home but we also have a number of girls sent here as an alternative to jail or juvenile hall. I believe our Danielle here is looking for an alternative to a possible jail term?

“That is correct” her father replied. “Dani is facing up to 3 years in jail. Because of the trouble she has gotten into, it’s also possible she will be charged as an adult and be sentenced to a prison. I understand that if she is sent to a Women’s prison, she would have to be kept in isolation because she is under 18 years old. For obvious reasons, we are concerned for her well being.”

Warden Smith replied with a concerned look on her face " Yes, I believe you are correct that she could be sent to an adult prison and have to serve her time in isolation. Certainly not a good situation for a 15 year old girl. In most cases that means 23 hours alone in a cell where mental health can begin to deteriorate and 3 years can be a very long time in a place like that"

The entire situation was beginning to set in with Dani as she imagined being in a small cell for such a long time with no one to talk to.

Helen continued, “But, fortunately you may have some other options, first there is always the chance that you could continue with your court proceedings and hope for a dismissal in the case, dropped to a juvenile charge, and/or possibly a reduced sentence. Another option is a program like ours, many times a plea deal can be arranged where she can be placed in a secure facility like ours for a shorter period of time. Many times the judge will accept as low as 40 or 50% of the maximum time she would be facing if found guilty in a trial and sentenced to the maximum amount. So in Danielle’s case, it could be as little as 16 or 18 months.”

Dani and her parents traded looks as if this might be the best decision given her alternatives as the Warden continued her explanation. “The other advantage is that we provide education in that she would be able to pick up very close to where she currently is in school and continue that education during her time here. When she has completed her time, it’s very likely she would be able to return to her current school in the same class as if she never left. This is not necessarily the case in prison or another private secure facility. Additionally, she would be with girls similar in age and be able to interact with the other inmates a large amount of the time.”

Dani’s mother spoke for the first time since they arrived “Well, I have to admit, it certainly sounds like one of the better options we have. As much as I hate to see my little girl locked up in any facility, I can’t stand the thought of her alone in a small isolation cell for so long. Even the other brochures we looked at for private facilities, mentioned individual cells with long periods of confinement.”

Danielle also had to admit that it certainly sounded better than any of the other things she has heard so far.

“Well, let’s not jump to conclusions just yet” the warden replied “we’ve only been discussing one aspect of our program. This facility is also many ways like a prison, as punishment is an unfortunate requirement for girls like Danielle. Along with punishment, we here at Washington Facility for Girls like to also stress rehabilitation and a “new beginning” as you’ve probably read in our introductory brochure.”

Dani’s father agreed, “Let’s let the Warden finish and take the complete tour before we jump to any decisions”.

"Indeed….well let me start from the beginning in terms of the evolution of our punishment and rehabilitation views and practices. 38 years ago when we received our first group of girls and they were housed in individual cells and were in fact locked in their cells for about 18 hours a day, with the other six hours consisting of school classes, outdoor activity, showers, and a small amount of free time in the day room. On the weekends, the girls were confined in their cells for 23 hours a day. The uniforms consisted of orange jumper dresses we operated under this philosophy for many years and were marginally successful at rehabilitation. During this time period, we saw many of the girls return to either our facility or end up in jails or prisons. We also noticed that there was no real behavior change and in many cases, became even worse. It was around this time that the facility began studying this in more detail in order to develop a more rehabilitating environment to fundamentally change the poor behavior from the inmates. The study resulted in many different ideas, of which we tried and evaluated the results. The different things we tried included having the girls spend less time in a cell, more time in a cell, two girls to a cell, four girls to a cell, eight girls to a cell, large sized cells, medium cells, small cells, dress uniforms in different colors, dresses, jumpers, pants, handcuffs, no handcuffs, leg cuffs, no leg cuffs…to make a long story short, we tried hundreds if not thousands of combinations of environments to try and find the best one for teenage girls with behavior problems. "

“What we found the results of our original environment was that the inmates were instilled with a sense of hopelessness and that the mistakes they have made no longer provided them an opportunity for a second chance. They were in an environment that told they would forever be labeled as ‘bad girls’ if you will”.

“I must admit, it sounds like you have done a lot of research on this” Dani could already tell her mom was sold on this place as her home for the next couple of years.

The Warden went on to explain the results of the study. "So we realized that what we really should be doing is giving them hope for a second chance and that they should feel like ‘good girls’ who just need a new beginning

Which of course, leads us to our current motto of “new beginnings”? So, once we identified the overall goal of trying to make the prisoners feel like they were indeed ‘good girls’, we began implementing the changes that our studied shown to be most successful. These included two girls to a cell, groupings of cells where the girls could interact with inmates in other cells, pink jumper skirt uniforms, cell walls painted pink, pink handcuffs, and more outdoor time. The results also showed that we received the best results with very small cells with two girls in each for sleeping and a larger cell with four girls to interact with for times they had to be confined when they were not sleeping. This developed into a schedule of 10 hours in their small cells at night, 2 hours in their larger cell with interaction between all 4 inmates(which housed two small cells), 6 hours of class, and 2 hours of time in their outdoor pens. "

“We found this increased results dramatically with improving general behavior issues and gave the girls a better sense of having a ‘new beginning’.”

“Is that what it is like right now?” asked Danielle speaking for the first time.

“Not quite young lady” replied Helen. “We do in fact have many of these policies in place today but since then we had one more major discovery in our continual efforts to provide rehabilitation and fundamental behavior changes. From time to time over the years we received girls who had bedwetting problems. This in and of itself is no major discovery….many young girls have bedwetting problems and is solved simply by placing the girls in diapers for the night, as we did when we had inmates who had wetting problems. But what was a major discovery was that we noticed the diapers had a very calming effect on these bedwetting girls. We also realized that these girls were more successful in our program and much easier to teach, rehabilitate, and seemed to have a better sense of being a ‘good girl’ and starting over or a new beginning as we like to say.”

Dani’s jaw dropped as she could tell where this was going….for the first time she started to think an isolation cell might not sound so bad.

The warden continued "so we took it a step further and began putting all of the girls in diapers - day and nighttime. The results were astounding. The new beginnings program was more successful than we ever could have dreamed. The next step for us was to continue down this path and explore and test new possibilities. After many years of testing and analyzing different combinations once again, we found out that in order to truly have behavioral new beginning, it was best to start out with a physical new beginning.

"So what we did was take this new concept and combine it with some of the policies and procedures that gave us success in the past. We changed the small cells to cribs, (which of course have a top on it and a locking door), two girls to a crib, two cribs to a larger cell or more of a nursery as we like to call it. The girls are placed in diapers all the time, checked, and changed at regular intervals….the diapers also serve as a good reward system- good girls can have their diaper changed more often. Uniforms are now essentially forms of what a baby or toddler girl in diapers would wear- onesies, sleepers, rompers, dresses, playsuits, etc… And activities tend to be geared more towards toddlers than to a teenage girl. "

The warden cut off Danielle, and her parents “I know you have a lot of questions but let me first explain the 3 major stages that the girls progress through and then we’ll get you on the tour where you will be able to see even more clearly”

"Stage 1 can be compared to a baby…the girls in this stage are confined to their cells (or crib and nursery) more than the stage 2 and 3 girls….they have less freedom and a lot more supervision from our guards and caretakers. It really is more of an adjustment period for the girls to get used to being in diapers and taken care of. It also provides time for the girls to get to know their cell or crib mates better and also is the time we can assess and assign the girls to their cellmates and make sure it is a good fit for both girls.

Stage 2 is comparable to a toddler…more freedom, less supervision.

Stage 3 is comparable to a pre-schooled…Even more freedom, even less supervision, and even some responsibilities with helping out with some of the stage 1 and stage 2 girls.

By the end of stage 3 and you pick up your little girl, I guarantee she will be polite, helpful around the house, and behaving better than you could ever imagine.

There is actually a stage 4 but we do recommend that this stage be enforced at home after the girls are released. We can provide more information to you on our recommendations should you decide to have Danielle here enrolled. That is also a ways down the road so we would have plenty of time to instruct you on this stage."

“I imagine you have a lot of questions so I can answer a few now before your tour”

Danielle’s mouth was opened and was speechless, her father could see that a full tantrum was about to begin from her and cut her off before she could say anything “Dani, if you make a fuss, we will enroll you today so I suggest you bite your tongue until we are at home and can discuss this.” Danielle did just that afraid of being put in a diaper that very moment.

Her mother asked the first question: “I certainly must say that having a daughter that is polite and well behaving is one of the things I wish for the most…but I’m not sure about this- it sounds like you have put a lot of thought and testing into the program but do you have any like side effects on some of the girls?”

"I understand your concerns, but let me reassure you, we have 98% success rate since we’ve implemented our current program. Of the remaining 2%, if they are put through the program a second time, it is then 100% successful. As for side effects, it will take some time to get full control of her body functions back when she is released so there will be a period of….potty training for lack of a better word. "

Her mother seemed somewhat reassured “you do not potty train them in stage 3? Like if Dani was put in here and if she was a good girl in for say all of stage 1- could she be rewarded by not having to wear a diaper?”

“We have experimented with that type of rewards system but found it did not provide the results we get when the girls are left in diapers for all 3 stages.”

At this point, Dani could not bite her tongue any longer and yelled “I’m not wearing diapers, this is ridiculous” Her farther with a very serious look in his face replied “one more time and you will be enrolled that very second”.

He then had a few questions for the Warden also “one of the other brochures we were reading mentioned that with two girls in a cell…or crib, there can be a tendency for same-sex tendencies to form…have you ran into that type of problem with your program?”

A very confident warden replied "that is an excellent question- and I will be honest that over the years we have seen this happen. The reality is that the girls are here to be punished- so confinement to a cell is a reality in a situation like this. As we have growing teenage girls locked up together with a lot of time on their hands, there is the likelihood that they will experiment with a same sex relationship. We have found that a very small percentage of the girls leave here as a lesbian or bisexual and this percentage is consistent with the same percentage of the general population. So we don’t believe our program promotes same sex tendencies as growing up in the regular world would. I will tell you though that we believe the girls in our program will experiment more than a girl growing up outside our facility would but we feel the pro’s outweigh the cons. Now we also take many precautions knowing that this can and does happen. First, the girls are not allowed to take their diapers off themselves, put their hands down their or other girl’s diapers. This is one of our strictest rule and is enforced with zero tolerance. Most of their clothes are also restrictive in that they do not have access to their diapers- mostly this is with zippers in the back that lock. This also cuts down on girls with……how I say this….busy hands and self exploring if you know what I mean. "

He replied " Ok……it seems like you certainly have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s with your program". He turned to this wife and asked if she had any more questions.

“I do have a lot but I have a feeling the tour of the place is going to answer a lot of them, but I am curious, if Dani were here and she was not being a good girl what would her punishment be like?”

“Another excellent question” answered Helen. “This varies on how bad she is and how many times she has been bad….it can be anything from having to stay in her diaper longer without a change to a timeout. A timeout also has several levels, the first is to stand in the corner for a period of time, next can be put in her crib for a period of time, the more severe timeouts consist of an isolation cell but these are relatively rare”

Sensing it was a good time to take a break and have the parents and Dani take a tour the Warden began winding down by saying “just a few more things and why don’t we get started with the tour……before we do that- Dani, if you can be a good girl you can ask a question before we get started”

Danielle, still thinking this was a dream and not able to think clearly, decided to be calm and ask the main questions on her mind: “so like……the girls here have to go #1 and #2 in their diapers? And who changes them?”

“Very good question young lady and I’m proud you are being such a good girl through this……to answer your question, the girls do not have access to any restrooms so their diapers are used for their intended purpose. As for changes, our staff takes care of that. We have both guards and caretakers. The caretakers are the main people who would be changing and taking care of you but the guards who are here 24/7 do change diapers if the need arises when the caretakers are not on site”

Dani was having questions now pop in to her head and blurted them out “and like, what about showers, and getting dressed, and phone calls and….”

The warden stopped her and said" why don’t we start the tour….one of our stage 3prisoners, Sarah, will be joining us and it will be a good time for you to ask more questions. She has been here for two years now and is a very good girl for you to ask questions such as that."

Dani’s parents agreed and started to stand up from their chairs. The warden explained there is just one more item to discuss "at this point, I would ask if you are seriously considering this as an option for Danielle- if so, it may be a good idea for us to get some information about her now. This will allow us to find her diaper size, clothing size, and information so we can be ready for her intake if you decide to enroll her.

Her parents looked at each other and he replied" Yeah, I think so, let’s do that".

“Excellent, it will just take a minute. This will also allow for a shorter transfer time from the county jail. If the judge does agree to a plea bargain, they will take her into custody at court and she will be lodged in the county jail until the transfer can take place. This information will allow that to happen faster so she doesn’t need to be in that jail for longer than she needs to. We will also give you a case of diapers in her size after the tour….if you decide to move forward, it is best to have her start wearing diapers at home so she can adjust quicker when she arrive here with us.”

Helen grabbed a clipboard and started to write while asking questions:

“How tall is Danielle?”

Her mother answered “she’s 5’2”

“And how much does she weigh?”

“She’s 105lb”

Helen filled in the rest as she spoke out loud “and I can see that she has long straight black hair, blue eyes. I’ll just take a quick picture of her, and have you filled out this short application. In the meantime, I will go and get inmate Sarah so I can introduce you to her and then we can start the tour with all of us”.

Dani’s mother took the clipboard and began filling in the blanks….social security, date of birth, home address, parent’s phone numbers….the basics, while the Warden took Dani’s picture. It was this point, Danielle broke down and began to sob.

Just as her mother was completing the form, Helen entered with a young girl who obviously was an inmate and everyone knew had to be Sarah.

The Warden said “everyone this is Sarah, Sarah this is Danielle and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Anderson”.

Sarah replied “very nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Anderson”. Dani and her parents were somewhat surprised at what they saw even though they just spent considerable time listening to the explanations. Her mother reached out her arm in attempt to shake Sarah’s hand but realized she was handcuffed behind her back. “Oh” said her mother, “sorry, I didn’t realize….”

“it’s Ok”…replied the Warden….it’s policy, we are technically outside of the locked facility so she has to wear handcuffs out here….once we get back inside the secured facility we can take them off of her."

Danielle was in shock……Sarah was roughly her height and weight and looked like she was maybe 15 but was not sure. Sarah looked to be a very healthy and happy young girl with brown curly hair that was pulled back into a ponytail with a pink rubber band and pink barrettes, brown eyes and very rosy cheeks. What Danielle focused on the most though was her outfit….Sarah had on a very babyish looking white t-shirt with pink teddy bear designs. Her t-shirt had elastic around the bottom and held up her shirt just above her diaper. Her diaper was a white disposable diaper that looked very bulky on her. Dani looked to see if it was wet but could not really tell. She also had a pacifier hanging from a clip off of her t-shirt. Her socks were short and white with frilly lace and a bow on the collar covered by a pair of white Mary Jane shoes.

Dani and her parents couldn’t help but staring at the teen girl who didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact she was in a diaper and baby clothes, sensing the awkward moment, Helen broke the silence “usually Sarah here would be in a dress at this time of the day but because it is so hot today and Sarah has been a good girl, she was dressed in just her shirt and diaper today….but let’s not delay any further we have a lot to see”.

With that the Warden took Sarah by the arm and began leading the group towards the secured facility, Dani and her parents followed, watching Sarah waddle down the hall and listening to the loud plastic crinkle of her diaper.


With the exception of the noise from Sarah’s diaper, the group continued in silence down the hallway, lead by the warden and Sarah, still handcuffed behind her back. They turned a corner and arrived at a very heavy locked steel door. The warden explained “we are now going to be entering the secured facility, we do ask that Danielle not speak unless spoken too when it comes to adults. She can feel free to talk quietly with Sarah here at her will but when it comes to grownups this is a strict rule we enforce here”

The warden unlocked the heavy door and let the other pass through before slamming it shut and locking it behind her. The group quickly noticed that there was a male guard at a desk posted in front of another locked door, this time it was a open barred door like you would see in a prison.

“Hello Charlie”, the warden greeted the guard.

“Hello Warden, did Sarah behave herself?”

“Yes, indeed she was a very good girl, I think we can take off her bracelets now”. The warden was referring to the handcuffs Sarah was still wearing. Charlie proceed to take Sarah by her arm and have her face the wall while he undid her cuffs. Danni could tell that this seemed very routine to Sarah and looked like she had done this many times before. The guard then took a handheld scanner and ran it across the pink band on Sarah’s wrist.

He mentioned “Just one second while I check her back in and you will be on your way”.

Helen elaborated, “The girls all wear a identification bracelet, this has their name on it, size of diaper they wear, medical history, and the current stage in our program. We have scanners through the facility which helps us track their whereabouts and can use them for many other things on a case by case basis”. Danni’s mother and father nodded approvingly.

Charlie then unlocked and opened the barred door for the group and they continued past the guard a few feet before hearing the door slam shut again. Danni shivered at the sound knowing she would probably be hearing that many more times…whether it be here or at another prison.

The group walked down the hallway until it stopped with only the option to go left or right. The Warden said “at this point I would like to have Sarah lead us as she has been with us for just about 2 years now and has first hand knowledge of how things work. Feel free to ask questions at any point to either Sarah or myself. Danielle, I still ask you do not speak until spoken too unless it is quietly with Sarah. Sarah, you have permission to speak freely for the tour.”

“Thank you Mrs. Smith” Sarah replied softly.

“Why don’t we take a right here Sarah and start out in the take part of the facility” Said the Warden.


Sarah took a right turn, followed by Danielle, and then her parents and the Warden. Danni’s mother feeling like she needed to break the silence asked “So Sarah, how old are you?”

“I’m 16 years old, ma’am”

“Oh, you are so polite Sarah, but you can call me Pam”

The warden interjected “Actually, we do require the girls to address adults as either ma’am, sir, or Mr./Mrs. Anderson”

“Oh, ok, I’m sorry I didn’t really think about that”.

“It’s quite alright, no harm done” replied Helen.

They walked a few more steps before stopping in front another barred door at which you could see it was the entrance to a very large room. The sign above the barred door read INTAKE.

Sarah spoke “Mr. and Mrs. Anderson this is the intake part of the building. This is where we come when we first arrive here.” The warden took her keys and unlocked the door so they could all enter. Once inside, Danielle first noticed that one entire wall was just a bunch of cribs some of them empty and some with girls locked inside them. The second wall was filled with shelves and what looked like hundreds and hundreds of diapers. The rest of the room was filled with what had to be diaper changing stations, some highchairs, and a countertop that had two very large sinks….much larger than normal.

“Sarah, why don’t you explain to Danielle here how this area works. She may be joining us here and we should give her and her parents an idea of what everything is like”.

“Ok…well first they bring you over here” Sarah walked over to the area with the two large sinks. The countertop was much lower than a regular one and the two large sinks actually looked more like small bathtubs closer up. “And give you a bath. After that you get strapped in over here and get put in your diaper”. Sarah lead the group over to the changing stations were more of a countertop also with 2 large changing baby pads on top of them. Next to each changing pad was an assortment of baby wipes, baby powder, baby lotions, Vaseline, and diaper rash crèmes. Below the countertop were several drawers . “After you have your diaper on they dress you with clothes in these drawers, and then put you in your crib”.

The group followed Sarah over to the area with all of the cribs. The cribs were stacked 3 high, with lowest one just a little bit off the ground and the tallest one a little over eye level. There were 5 cribs in a row making a total of 15 cribs in the intake room. Currently 9 of the cribs had girls in them. Each crib had a mattress in it with a pink plastic cover and each had pink plastic sheets as well. The cribs were much larger than a baby’s crib but still looked a little small for teenage girl thought Danni’s Father. Each crib was surrounded on all sides and the top, with pink metal bars very close together and had a small locked door that the girls used to get in and out. The crib on the second and third levels had little steps like on a bunk bed to get to them. Some of the girls in the cribs were sleeping and a few others were awake. All the girls were wearing a pink onesie with their names on the front and back in white stitching, a very noticeable bulge indicating each did in fact have a diaper on, a pink ID bracelet, and a pacifier clipped to their onesies. Just about all of them had their paci’s in their mouths with the exception of a couple that were sleeping and looked like it had fallen out.

Danni’s father turned to Helen “Didn’t you had mentioned that there are two girls to a cell or crib? These seem a little too small for a teenage girl”

The warden replied "Yes, in fact after the girls leave intake, they are placed in a larger crib with another girl. Let me expand upon Sarah’s explanation of this area. The main purpose is to have a period of time for the girls to adjust and for us to evaluate them. One of the main adjustments the girls have to make here is wearing a diaper. We’ve found that for the first several weeks in diapers, the girls are prone to diaper rash, and the best way to get them through those initial bouts of diaper rash are to be keep them confined to a small area to minimize movement which helps heal and prevent diaper rash. During this time we also evaluate them to pair them up as crib and cellmates, and teach them some of the basic rules here. Lastly, this intake period lets the girl get accustomed to being confined, as I’ve mentioned they are also here to be punished and being confined to a cell is a large portion of their time here. "
The answer seemed to satisfy him but Pam now asked “How long are the girls usually here?”

Helen replied “the average stay here in intake is about 30 days but it is decided on a case by case basis. The minimum is about two weeks and the maximum is about 45 days. As I mentioned early, if Danielle will be staying with us, and you put her in diapers at home before she arrives, it should speed up her intake time”

Pam nodded in understanding. “she then turned to Sarah and asked " Sarah, do you remember how long were you here for?”

Sarah thought for a minute and answered “Yes, ma’am, I think I was here for 40 days”

The Warden nodded and added “Yes Sarah, I think you are correct, If I remember you were a little slow with adjusting to your diapers and had a long stretch of diaper rash and had to keep you here longer than most of the other girls.” The young girl nodded in agreement.

Pam was getting a closer look at one of the girls locked in the first row of cribs and asked “Helen, is that what you were talking about when you said restrictive clothing?” as she pointed to the back of the girl’s onesie as she was sleeping in her crib.

“Oh yes indeed, Let me get the key for one of the girls here and we’ll take her out so you can have a closer look”. The warden turned and asked one of the caretakers on watch “Angela, could you get bring over the key to….let me see, it looks like Maggie is awake, could you bring the key to Maggie’s crib over?”

Danielle and her parents spotted Maggie, she was in one of the cribs on the bottom row and was awake and sucking on her paci while sitting Indian style in her crib. From the identification card attached to the front of her crib, Maggie was 13 years old. She had short shoulder length blonde hair, lots of freckles, and the brightest blue eyes, Danni had ever seen.

The warden took the key from Angela the caretaker and began to unlock Maggies crib door. “Maggie, if you be a good girl we’ll take you out just for a second so these folks can see your uniform, OK?”

The young girl nodded excitedly. Helen opened her door and Maggie crawled out. The warden then had her face towards her crib and put her hands on the bars, which the girl did. “See here at the top, there is a zipper on the back with a specially designed lock that does not allow her to undress or access her diaper at all. It is the same on the bottom here which opens to change her diapers but is locked when she is in her crib.”

“Ah, ok, I see how that works” Danni’s father replied while looking impressed with the clever design.

“OK Maggie, back in you go” as the Warden motioned for the teen girl to go back into her crib. Disappointed, the girl reluctantly climbed back into her cage and the Warden patted her diapered bottom as she was just about in adding “good girl Maggie”. The door shut with a metal clanking noise and was locked by the Warden.

Pam leaned down and said “thank you very much Maggie for showing us your uniform, it’s very pretty.”

Maggie replied keeping her paci in her mouth “you’re welcome”

The Warden also leaned down and said “Maggie, what do we say to adults? And this time take your paci out so we can hear you better”.

Maggie took the pink and white paci out of her mouth and said “you’re welcome, ma’am”.

“Good girl” replied the warden. She then turned and said “why don’t we move on, Sarah could you lead us to the Stage I area”.

Sarah turned and the group followed her out of the intake area and down the hall. As they were walking Danni’s father asked “So Sarah, do you still have problems with diaper rash?”

“umm, not really sir, I hardly ever get diaper rash anymore. It happens once in a while but when it does they keep me in my crib for one or two days and it is usually gone after that.”

“And do you like being in your crib, Sarah?” asked Pam

“umm, yes ma’am, I like it and sometimes I stay in my crib even when it’s not locked. but sometimes when it is locked, I would rather be outside of my crib playing or sleeping in our big girl bed, which I get to sleep in sometimes if I’m really good since I’m in stage 3.” Pam couldn’t help smile at the adorable girl and her perfect behavior so far.

The Warden announced “Well here we are at the Stage 1 area of our facility, once I open this door, Sarah will show you around again”.

The warden unlocked the door and Sarah led the group into Stage I. Once through the locked door, they noticed that this area was arranged more like a typical jail or prison. They were at the beginning of a long hallway with large rooms on each side of the hallway, each with its own barred and locked jailcell door. The warden opened the first and let the group in.

“Looks like this group is playing outside at the moment so we can have a look around here and then take a look at the outside play area” Helen said.

This room was much larger than the intake room and had a large open area in the center filled with what looked like a cross between school desks and highchairs. In the corner was a small TV with a rug in front of it along with quite a few toys and stuffed animals, all of the baby variety. Opposite that was another diaper changing area similar to the intake area with two stations. Two sides of the room were lined with barred jail cells. Two cells on each side for a total of four. There was also one more room next to two of the cells, much smaller than the cells with a solid steel door.

Helen explained. “As you can see, we divide the stage 1 girls into groups of 16. Each cell contains two cribs, two girls to a crib so a total of four girls to a cell.” As the Warden opened one of the cells, she asked " Sarah, can you continue"

“yes ma’am”, Sarah replied leading Danielle and her parents into the cell.

“Here are the cribs, two of us stay in one.” The two cribs were stacked on top of each other and were identical to the cribs in the intake area except they looked to be about 20 or 30% larger. You could tell a teenage girl would not be able standup inside it but there was enough room to situp.

Sarah continued “Over here is where we get our diapers changed and given our baths” As she pointed to a similar setup as in the intake room. “Under the changing station, is where they keep our clothes.” As she pointed to several drawers with locks on them.

She continued “Here is a box of toys to plays with when you are locked in the cell but not locked in your crib”. The diapered girl pointed to a pink toybox filled with coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, play-doh, baby rattles, and a few other toys. “Sometimes when you are good they let you take toys into your crib with you to play with”. She added.

“very good Sarah, now how about we show them the dayroom?”

“Ok, ma’am”

Sarah walked out of the cell and continued “this is the dayroom where we have class and get to play with the inmates” She then walked over to one of the 12 highchair/school desks and explained “These are where we sit for class and also where we get fed. You sit in here and then they pull these straps over your shoulders and lock it in the back here”

Danielle thought the chair seemed like a combination of a highchair and a baby car seat because of the restraints. Danni also noticed there were restraints for ankles connected to the legs of the highchair and there were also wrist restraints underneath the food and desk platform. And like everything else around this place, the chair was a combination of white and pink in color.

The girl then lead the group over to the corner, diaper still crinkling loudly, and said “this is where you get to watch TV and play and get free time”.
Danni’s mother asked the warden “what type of shows do you let the girls watch?”

“Here in Stage 1, the girls are limited to G-rated shows only…which mainly consists of cartoons such as rugrats, powerpuff girls, spongebob square pants, and some Disney channel shows and movies. It’s very similar for the girls in Stage 2. Once they enter stage 3 they get to view shows more like Hannah Montana which seems to be the favorite right now with the prisoners”

“Is that your favorite Sarah?” asked Pam

The young girl’s eyes lit up and she nodded excitedly “Yes, ma’am, I love watching Hannah Montana”

The Warden smiled and said “well, should we move outside and see what the girls are up to?”

Danni’s father replied “Sure, but first I think you missed a room, what is that for” pointing to the 5th enclosed room in the area next to two of the cells.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we almost forgot to show you the timeout room” The warden walked over to the room. There was a solid locked door and a large window next to it looking into the room. Inside Danielle and her parents could see that there was a girl locked into a crib that looked very similar to the intake cribs. Also in the room was one highchair, one diaper changing station complete with a bath.

“This is the timeout room where the girls get sent when they are misbehaving. As you can see, the crib is same size as in intake, and everything else need to take care of them is in the room as they are not allowed to leave until there timeout period has been served.”

Danni and her parents looked through the window at the girl currently serving her timeout period. She looked to be about 13 or 14 though it was hard to tell as she had pink pacifier in her mouth and was dressed only in a diaper and pink tanktop. She was laying on her stomach and her head was facing towards the viewing window. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be sleeping.

“Would you like to go inside?” asked the Warden.

“I think we can get the picture from here….and she looks like she’s sound asleep so we don’t need to wake her up” Answered Pam.

“Ok then, why don’t we go outside and view the outdoor playpens” said the Warden. She lead them all towards a door and stopped in front of it. She opened a closet door near the door pulled out a pink baby bonnet with white lace around the edges. “I’m just going to make sure Sarah has a little shade before we go outside since so it’s sunny today”. She turned toward Sarah put the bonnet on her head and tied a little bow down around her chin. She then turned toward the door, unlocked it and lead them outside.
Danni and her parents saw that they were in a large fenced-in area with fencing on the top as well. In the middle of the area was a playground with swings, teeter totters, slides, and a little play house. To the side of the area, there were several smaller fenced in pens with locks on them including one that had a small child’s wading pool complete with two girls in pink swim diapers and pink tank style swimming tops. They were both sitting in the pool, splashing and looking like they were having the best time in the world.

Helen noticed the small swimming pool had their attention and started to walk that way and began explaining “Here you can see that we have a small children’s wading pool…this is actually a reward for the girls that are being especially good. So it is quite a treat for the girls when they are allowed to use it”. These other locked pens are the outdoor timeout areas, so if any of the girls are being bad, the caretakers lock them in here for a period of time"

Danielle looked around and noted the other girls were playing in small groups. Other than the two girls in the wading pool, the rest of them were all wearing the same outfit… Their outfits consisted of pink bonnets like Sarah’s, a short t-shirt that was white with pink sleeves and a small pink bow on the front collar, a pair of very baby looking pink shorts that didn’t seem to cover their diapers completely as every girl seemed to have about 4" of their diaper sticking out the back. The only thing that Danni could compare this place too was her little sister’s daycare where she sometimes went with her mom to drop her baby sister.

“Shall we go back inside and take a look at the stage 2 area?” asked the Warden. Danni’s parents nodded and they all began to walk back the way they came. Once back inside, the Warden removed Sarah’s bonnet and put it back in the closet before they began heading towards the Stage 2 area.

As they were walking, Helen turned to Danielle’s mom and asked her “so I believe I saw in your paperwork that you have another daughter?”

Pam said “that’s correct, her name is Cassie and she’s 18months old right now”.

“And I also noticed that you are a registered nurse?”

“That’s also correct”

"Where do you work? As Danni’s mom and the Warden continued the conversation about Cassie and her mom’s work, Danielle, tired of being silent, turned to Sarah and whispered, “You must hate it here, I can’t imagine all of this”

Sarah in a quiet voice responded “umm, it definitely sucks at first but believe it or not, you get used to it all”.

“I can’t imagine wearing a diaper all the time and actually having to use it and then be changed and stuff”

“well the diapers you get used to pretty quick, like I don’t even notice them really anymore, the hard part is getting used to being in your crib a lot, not being able to do anything yourself……but once you get used to that, it’s not so bad here. And once you get into stage 3 it’s a lot better. I’ll show you my cell when you we get there and you’ll see it gets better as you go”

Danielle hoped Sarah was right because she was getting the feeling that her parents were sold on this place and she would soon be living here.

As the group was arriving at the stage 2 area, The warden unlocked the door and let Sarah through first, it was at this point that Danni first noticed that Sarah’s diaper looked to be a sagging at the bottom.

The warden said. “Well, here we are in the Stage 2 area, the girls are all down for their afternoon nap right now so we’ll just take a quick walk-thru. As you can see it is very similar to the Stage 1 setup with a few small changes”

As they walked around, Danni noticed that the cells did like the same as Stage 1, there were two cribs to a cell with two girls in each crib. She noticed that unlike stage 1, there was a tv in each cell. It was a small 13" TV that was pink with a princess theme design on it. As they walked past the cells, she noticed that all of the girls seemed to be sleeping and wearing just a diaper and pinktop. She also realized that most of the girls were in some form or another cuddling with each other in their cribs. Lastly, Danni noticed that just about all of their diapers looked to be either wet or messy from the very apparent bulges.

Danni’s mom also noticed and mentioned “looks like the changing stations are going to be busy when the girls are done with their naps”

The warden nodded and said “As you can imagine the busiest time for the caretakers to change diapers is when the girls first get up in the morning, after their naps, and right before bedtime”

The group walked around the rest of the stage 2 area and the outdoor play area all of which appeared very similar to the Stage 1 area. As they were walking out, Pam noticed that one set of girls in a crib were not wearing the typical pink tanktop and diaper…these girls were in a onesie similar to the girls in the intake room. “Helen, I’m just curious why the girls in that crib are wearing those restricted access onesies like in the intake room”

The warden replied, “I’m not really sure, let’s go in and take a look”. She unlocked the cell door and the group entered. The four girls in their cribs seem to awake slightly at the sound of the cell door unlocking. The two girls in their pink onesies were rubbing the sleep from their eyes when the warden asked one of the girls to see her ID bracelet. After quickly scanning it she said “Ah, it appears these two girls were getting a little too friendly with each other last night and will be wearing restrictive clothing for a while”

Helen turned and led the group out, locking the cell door behind her. “This is one of those cases we talked about in my office with regards to same sex relationship”

Danni’s parents nodded remembering the explanation they received not too long ago.

The group continued outside the Stage 2 area as Helen said “well we just have two areas left, we have the Stage 3 area and the Visitation room which I would like to show you as well. How does it sound if we go to the Vistation room and take a little rest, grab a quick beverage and sitdown for a little bit?”

“That sounds like a great idea” answered Danielle’s farther.

The group then followed the Warden down the hall. Danielle couldn’t resist any longer and turned to Sarah and quietly asked “umm, I don’t mean to embarrass you or anything but is your diaper wet?”

Sarah looked down at her diaper and seemed to be thinking about the question. “umm, yeah, I think I am wet, but not too bad”

“So like can you ask the warden to change you or something? that must be uncomfortable”

“we’re not allowed to ask for changes…we get checked. But really it’s not that bad, you get used to it and they check you quite a bit so you usually don’t get stuck in a wet or dirty diaper for very long”

Danielle couldn’t help but feel sorry for her but at the same time Sarah genuinely didn’t seem to be bothered that was she was walking around with a group of people in a just a wet diaper and t-shirt.

They now entered a very large room with many round tables, each of which had a highchair arranged at it along with regular seats. Danielle could see through the windows that there were also a fenced in outdoor area with some more playground equipment and some outdoor picnic tables. She also noticed several smaller rooms off the main area with the doors open and Danielle could see changing tables in each one of them.

“How is this table?” The warden asked.

“Just fine” replied Danni’s father.

“Ok, if you folks all want to grab a chair, while I get Sarah strapped into hers”

Danni and her parents all found a chair and sat down and the Warden took the food tray and lifted it up on the hinges until it stayed in the vertical position. She then took Sarah’s hand and helped her climb in. As the girl started to climb in, the warden noticed her soggy diaper for the first time. Once Sarah was seated, the warden moved to the food tray back down over head and back to the horizontal position. She then took the straps located between Sarah’s legs and took one over the girls left should and clicked it into the locked position on the back of the chair, out of Sarah’s reach. She then did the same with the second strap, tightening both of them after the second strap was locked into place. With Sarah, now snug and secured into her highchair, the warden explained she would be back with some refreshments.

She returned shortly after with an assortment of bottled water and soda which she handed out to Danni and her parents. She also brought along a bib, some animal crackers and a pink plastic sippy cup filled with a red liquid for Sarah.

The warden began to explain that the visitation room was obviously where parents came to visit their daughters, and went into more details of the visiting hours. At the same time, she was putting the pink bib onto Sarah’s chest and snapping the back into place. “Sarah, since you’ve been a good girl so far, I brought you a sippy cup instead of a bottle, but try not to spill OK?”

The girl nodded, apparently happy that she got the sippy cup instead of a bottle, and began eating her animal crackers with her hands and drinking from the cup.

The warden turned to the Danni’s parents and said “well I know you folks have a long drive ahead of you , and we’re just about done with the tour. After we take a little break, Sarah here needs a quick diaper change and then we can continue to the Stage 3 section, and you can be on your way. What do you think so far?”

Both of Danni’s parents looked at each other with an approving nod as her father spoke first “well, I must say, I must say I am very impressed the with behavior of all the girls so far. The methods are certainly unique and I’m surprised I’ve never heard of anything like this before”

The warden explained “you are right, not many people know about our facility and the methods we use….we are one of only four facilities in the United States with this type of confinement. That is mostly because it is still in the experimental stage and is nearing a point that we can publish our results and once that happens I suspect this type of punishment and rehabilitation for teen girls will become much more common.”

Pam weighed in “I have to say, it would be beyond my wildest dreams to have my daughter behave like Sarah here. I was initially worried about her having to spend so much time in a diaper and a crib and all of that, but I’m starting to think this may be the best thing for her.”

Danni became slightly nauseous upon hearing this, confirming her earlier suspicions that her parents were impressed and she may soon be wearing a wet diaper and strapped into a highchair like Sarah.

The warden said “well I’m glad you are impressed so far, if you just give me a couple of minutes to change Sarah’s diaper, we can then move on to the last part of the tour.”

“Sure, no problem” replied Pam.

“Actually, Pam, since you are a registered nurse, you can join us if you are interested in any of the products or methods we use for changing diapers.”

“Yeah, I think I would like that”. Pam got up from her chair as Helen unstrapped Sarah from her highchair. Helen took Sarah by the hand and led her into one of the changing rooms off the main visitation room, with Danni’s mom following closely behind.

When they entered the room, Pam saw a changing table with some various straps on it. Next to it was a countertop and drawers underneath it with various baby diaper changing supplies scattered on top. The warden helped Sarah onto the table "Once the girls are up here we do secure them mostly to make sure they don’t fall off but also to keep their hands out of the way. She then took a strap and pulled it over Sarah’s chest connecting it on the other side, giving it a tug to tighten so that girl would not be able to sit up or move around very much. She then took one of Sarah’s wrists and moved it above her head and securing it to a metal handcuff connected at the head of the table then did the same with the other, finally she put the girls paci that was hanging from it’s strap into her mouth. Sarah was now lying on the table with her wrists handcuffed above her head and a restraining strap around her chest. Helen opened one of the drawers and grabbed a new diaper, handing it to Pam.

“This is the type of diaper we use….as you can see it is, they are white disposables, similar to a pampers style diaper but obviously much bigger and thicker for our girls here.”

Pam, feeling the diaper, agreed “these are very much like pampers, where do get them from?”

“We actually get them specially made for us from the same company that makes pampers. In return, we let them come in here a few times a year and they do product testing with the girls…both to improve the diapers we use here and for the baby diapers they make”

Pam said “do you have problems with the girls diapers leaking ever?”

“It is very rare to find a leaky diaper here…as you can tell from the thickness of the diaper, they can hold a lot. We pretty much like to put the girls in as thick of a diaper as possible, but still able to walk somewhat normally. As you’ve probably seen with Sarah, she has a slight waddle due to the bulk of her diaper, but is still somewhat easy for her to walk”.

Helen began untaping Sarah’s wet diaper. “could you grab those baby wipes for me?”

Pam said “sure”, she took the package of baby wipes and moved htem closer to where Sarah was being changed.

Helen finished untaping her diaper and then removed it completely, leaving Sarah exposed on the table. She took the wet diaper and put it in a diaper pail that was on the floor next to the table. She then took several of the baby wipes and began cleaning Sarah’s diaper area, and eventually lift her legs in the air to get her bottom. “we change the girls probably much the same way you change your youngest daughter”

“not too many ways to change a diaper really” Pam commented.

“As far as diaper rash cremes and ointments, we generally use desitin on the girls. We’ve had the most success with that as far as preventing and healing diaper rash and minimizing irritation”. Helen grabbed a tube of desitin and began spreading it on Sarah.

"Yeah, I also use Desitin on Cassie and it works wells. We also use Vaseline on her sometimes "

“Oh ok…we also keep Vaseline here as well…we’ve noticed some girls seem to take better to Vaseline”.

After the warden finished with the desitin, she grabbed a bottle of baby powder and sprinkled it lightly on the young girl as well. “And finally just a touch of baby powder, before we put her new diaper on. Did you want to finish changing her?”

Pam was a little caught off guard but decided she would like to try. “sure, why not”. She was still holding the diaper and moved towards Sarah…she lifted her legs up in the air and slipped the fresh diaper underneath her, pulled the diaper between her legs and finished quickly taping the new diaper onto Sarah.

“well I can certainly tell you have some experience changing diapers” The warden laughed.

“I’ve certainly changed my fair share of dirty diapers” Pam responded while laughed.

The warden began taking off Sarah’s restraints and helped the girl off the table, taking her paci out, she asked “good girl, Sarah, do you feel better?”

“yes, ma’am” Sarah responded, from her expression, Pam could see that the girl was happy to be in dry diaper.


The warden opened the door to the changing room and led Sarah and Pam back to the table where Danielle and her father were waiting.

"Shall we move on to Stage 3? Asked the warden.

The group got up as they nodded and followed the warden out of the visitation room down the hall.

Danni couldn’t resist asking Sarah if she was embarrassed about being changed with her mom in the room.

“Not really…I’ve been changed by so many different people I just don’t care anymore really…as long as I’m getting put in a dry diaper, I don’t care who it is” Sarah giggled.

The group passed through another locked door before entering the stage 3 area. The warden said “well here is stage 3, where Sarah is kept at the moment”.

Danni and her parents looked around and noticed the general layout was very similar to Stage 1 and 2 but they also noticed quite a few differences as well.

The warden said "as you can see, a few differences from stage 2, first each cell only has two girls in it and they still are kept in their crib most of the time but as a special treat if the girls are very, very good, we let them sleep in the big girl bed for one night. "

Danielle was looking around while listening to the warden and noted that the girls in stage 3 all appeared to be in their cells but not locked in their cribs. She noticed they were all mostly watching TV on a small 13" color TV that was in each cell.

The warden continued “Sarah, why don’t you show us around your cell?”

The girl walked over to one of the cells and waited for the warden to unlock the door. Danni and her parents noted that there was a young girl inside the cell dressed in a diaper and pink tshirt. She was sitting Indian style on the big girl bed, with a paci in her mouth and watching the small tv.

“This is Amber, she’s Sarah’s cellmate. I’ll put in her crib so we can take a closer look at their cell.” The warden said as she unlocked the cell door and walked inside the cell by herself. She took Amber by her arm and led her to the open door of the crib, the young girl climbed in and the warden shut and locked the crib door behind her. Amber, still with her paci in her mouth, settled into her crib while continuing to watch the TV.

The warden then let the others into the cell and asked Sarah to explain her cell in more detail.

“well, this our crib where we sleep most of the time….once in a while if we are good we get to sleep in our big girl bed over here”. Sarah pointed to a small bed across from the crib with pink plastic sheets and pink comforter on it. “over here is the tv we get to have in stage 3. And this is where we get changed and given our bathes”. The girl pointed to a similar setup as in the rest of the stages.

“Good girl Sarah, you did a good job today” said the warden. "Wel

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Good stuff, but kind of an abrupt ending…

Re: Danielle Diapered in Jail - Katieindiapers

Looks like they didn’t realise they hit the character limit on the post. I have more of the story than this so I’ll post it.


“Good girl Sarah, you did a good job today” said the warden. “Well folks, we are pretty much at the end of our tour. Of course, I can answer more of your questions and walk you back out, but first I’m going to get Sarah back in her crib. She missed her nap time today and I think she needs to catch up a little bit.”

The warden unlocked the crib door and helped Danni into it and locked the door behind her. The diapered girl looked a little disappointed to be locked up back in her crib but put her paci in her mouth and laid down close to Amber.

“Thank you very much Sarah, you have been such a good girl today” added Pam, who then put her hand inside the crib and patted Sarah on her head."

“good bye Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, it was nice to meet you” the girl replied.

The warden led Danielle and her parents out of the cell and headed back towards her office. “Well, did you want to see anything else or have any questions?”

“Boy, I’m sort of overloaded…so much to digest. But I can’t really think of any questions off the top of my head” said Danni’s father.

“Yeah, I sort of feel the same way” answered Pam.

The warden chuckled “let me reassure, that is a very common response after folks have finished our tour. Danielle, how about you? Do you have any questions?”

“umm, yes ma’am, like if I have to come here can I bring any of my stuff from home?”

“Unfortunately that is not allowed, if you come here, all we need is you and we take care of everything else you will be needing for your time here” Answered the Warden.

“Would I be allowed to use the phone or the internet ever?” asked Danni.

“No, I’m sorry but that is not allowed either. This is a very strict environment, but in the long run, I believe this will be very good for a young lady like yourself”

Reality was beginning to set in for Danni as she realized that her parents were pretty much sold on this place. And she had to admit, two years in here would certainly suck but prison would be no fun either…so it was either two year here or five years in a prison.

They arrived back in the warden’s office and they all sat down. “Well, I would suggest you take some time and think about your options now that you know a little more about our program here.” Said the warden.

“We certainly will.” Answered Danni’s father.

“Yes….certainly a lot to digest” added Danni’s mother.

The warden replied “I understand, it’s definitely a lot to take in. Can I interest you in taking a case of diapers with you? As I mentioned, if you decide to enroll Danielle, it’s best to get her adjusted to diapers as soon as possible to cutdown on the amount of time she will have to spend in Intake.”

Danni’s parents looked at each other and nodded. Pam replied “Yes, I think we will as this is a very viable option.”

“perfect” replied the warden. “unless you folks have any other questions, I’ll help you carry the items to your car”.

Danni’s father replied “I think we are all set and should be getting back on the road”.

They all got up and followed the warden towards a table in her office. Danni’s father picked up the case of 72 diapers, while the warden picked up a diaper bag that appeared to be filled with some supplies. The group went out of her office and walked towards the car.

The warden explained on their way out “I’ll also give you this diaper bag, we have baby powder, desitin, a couple of extra diapers, paci’s, bottles, as well as a pamphlet of our suggestions for getting Danielle adjusted prior to her being committed”

Danni’s father put the case in the trunk and put the diaper bag in the back seat between Danielle’s seat and her little sister’s car seat.

“Well thank you very much, and we will certainly be in touch” said Pam.

They all got in the car and began their drive back home. Not much was said in the car and as everyone seemed pretty deep in though, including Danni who couldn’t help but stare at the diapers inside the bag sitting next to her.

They arrived at Danni’s grandparents house to pick up Cassie, everyone stayed in the car except Pam who ran to pick up Cassie and after a brief wait was back strapping Cassie into her carseat in the back. She then placed Cassie’s diaper bag on the floor before getting back in the front seat for their short ride home.

Danielle couldn’t help but notice that Cassie’s diaper bag was very similar to her own and was embarrassed when she realized that it was probably filled with all of the same stuff.


Danielle awoke abruptly as the lights suddenly came on….it took her a minute to get orientated before she remembered she was in a cell at the county jail. As this was her third day here, she knew that it must be around 6:00 am as that is when she figured they usually turned the lights on each morning as there was no clock in her cell or visible from her cell. She also knew from the two previous days that they would be delivering breakfast soon…in what she guessed would probably be about an hour.

She sat up and depressingly looked around her cell that was about 8’ x 8’ in size. Her bed consisted of a small mattress on top of a concrete ledge and was the most uncomfortable thing she had ever slept on before. The only other item in her cell was a combination stainless steel sink and toilet. On the opposite wall from her bed was a solid steel door cell door with a small window of one-way glass. Next to the cell door was a larger window also with one-way glass. Aside from having no TV, books, or someone to talk to, the thing that bothered Danni the most was not knowing if and when somebody was watching her from outside her cell. She started to cry again, not sure of how she would make it through another day in this cell. She laid back down on her mattress and started to run the past month through her mind thinking about the major changes in her life .

After they had returned from the tour of Washington Facility for girls, Danni and her parents went to back to their normal routine for a couple days without really discussing Danielle’s situation much, other than that her Father was going to be setting up a meeting with her attorney along with trying to see if they could get a tour of the prison Danni would be sent to if she was convicted.

That first night, Danni lay her in bed unable to sleep, thinking of the tour they took earlier that day. Her focus then went to the case of diapers and the diaper bag next to it. She decided she had to know what a diaper felt like. She got out of bed and grabbed one out of the diaper bag. In her hands it was much more bulky than she expected. She unfolded the diaper on her bed before taking her underwear off and sitting on top of it. She quickly taped the diaper on and laid on her back.

Her first reaction was this is strange. Though the diaper was very soft and somewhat comfortable but she noticed that due to the bulk of the diaper between her legs, she could not completely close them which was very strange for her. She got up and tried to walk around. She noticed that the diapers made her waddle, very much like Sarah was earlier in the day, and it made her feel very much like a baby. She took the diaper off quickly and put it in the bottom of her trash can and went back to bed.

Her conclusion on wearing a diaper was that she would rather sit in a solitary confinement cell for 5 years than wear those stupid things. A dry diaper was bad enough but she couldn’t even bear thinking about being in a wet or messy diaper much less having a complete stranger change it for her.

A couple of days after Danni first tried on a diaper, she still had her mind made up that she would never wear one again. Her parents on the other hand were leaning towards putting her in them. That morning her father announced over breakfast that he had heard back from their lawyer, Tom.

“Well, Tom got back to me last night and can meet with us this afternoon.” He said while reading the morning newspaper.

“Oh good” replied Pam. “What time?”

“He said to stop in anytime afternoon, I was thinking about 2:00”

“That sounds good, Danni, make sure you are ready to go by 1:30”. Pam said while turning her attention to her daughter who was eating her breakfast.

“OK…what are we going to talk about?”

“well, Tom has been talking to the prosecutor about a possible deal if you go to Washington Facility for Girls, and he also has some information about the prison you would be sent to if you don’t go to Washington”

Later that day, she and her parents drove to her attorney’s office. After a few minutes of small talk, Tom eventually got to the point.

“Well, let me bring you up to speed with my conversations with the prosecuting attorney. As you know, the trial date is scheduled about a month away. We’ve already discussed that a trial most likely something we want to avoid as the evidence against Danielle is pretty much overwhelming. Unfortunately, the prosecutor is aware of this also, which does not give us much leverage. So the bottom line is the prosecution will agree to 32 months in prison if she pleads guilty and waives the jury trial. If she behaved, she could be out in maybe 2 years or less.”

“Well, that’s not very good news, I was hoping for more like a year in prison.” Replied Danni’s father. “Any chance of them agreeing to less time if we wait until closer to the trail date?”

“I don’t believe so, they have a pretty strong case and as this is not her first offense, they are going to go for the maximum of 5 years if this goes to trial and honestly, there is a good chance she could get the maximum sentence if that happens.”

Pam wanted to know what was meant by prison and asked “what do you mean when you say prison? Where would she be sent?”

“As she is being charged as an adult, she would be sent to one of the State’s Women’s prison. And unfortunately what happens to teens charged and sentenced as adults, they get put in the administrative segregation section of the prison until they turn 18. which basically means 23 hours of lockdown in a segregated cell.”

“What about school? What would she do for her high school education?” asked a concerned Pam.

“Well in prison, her only option would be a GED correspondence course”.

“Did you talk to them about the Washington Facility for Girls?” asked Pam.

“Yes I did. The terms are a little different for that option. They agreed to a minimum of two years at Washington Facility for Girls but she will not be released until she finished all 3 phases. Meaning that if after two years, Danni is only at stage 2, she has to remain there until she completes the program. But, on the plus side, if she was good and complete the program in 2 years, she could be back in her regular high school for her senior year and graduate with all her friends. Lastly, the charge and her time at Washington Facility would be removed from her record upon her completion of the program”

Her parents looked at each other and then back at Tom. Pam asked “how long do we have to decide?”

“Well, we have pretrial conference scheduled for 3 weeks from today, that would be the drop dead date to announce we accepted a plea deal”.

Pam and her husband looked at each other and seem to have come to a decision. “Well thanks for your time, I think we’ll have a decision for you in the next couple of days” announced Danni’s father.

On the drive home, her parents did most of the talking. It basically came down to that they would be sending her to the Washington Facility for girls. When they asked Danni what she thought she just shrugged her shoulders. As much as she hated to admit it, she agreed with her parents. The thought of being able to go to her senior prom and graduate with her friends was too important to her.

Her mother turned around in her seat to face the girl “Danni, I want to you be a part of this decision, if you go to Washington Facility for Girls, you’ll have to do your best or you could be there much longer than if you go to prison. Would you rather go to prison?”

Danni finally answered "I guess I don’t want to go to prison "

“Ok, I’ll take that as yes and that you’ll try….so now that we have that figured out, when we get back we need to start working on getting you used to diapers”

Danielle spent the remainder of the drive home from the lawyer’s office thinking about the next 3 weeks and the brochure and folder from the facility with suggestions on getting girls acquainted with being in diapers. She had seen her mother reading it quite often over the last couple of days, but Danielle had never looked at it.

With a new found determination to return for her senior year, the young girls thoughts turned to making sure she would complete the program in 2 years. She also knew from the tour that the intake section was going to be the worst, so the sooner she adjusted to being in diapers, the sooner she would get to move on to phase 1 and the sooner she could complete the rest of the phases.

Later that night, her mother came into Danni’s room and sat next to her on the bed. Danni knew her time in diapers was about to begin. “Sweetie, I know the next couple of years are going to be very hard on you, and you know your father and I love you very much and we always will”

“I know, Mom”

“We’re going to help you as much as we can along the way and will visit every chance we get.”. She leaned over and hugged her daughter for the first time in a very long time.

“I think it’s important that we follow these suggestions in order to get you adjusted as fast as possible”.

“Yeah, I was thinking that would be good too, mom”

“Have you read any of the information?”

Danielle shook her head.

"That’s Ok. I’m pretty familiar with it and we’ll just take it one step at a time. Pam began by taking all of the items and spreading them out on the girl’s bed along with the suggestion booklet. Danielle saw that there was a tube of desitin diaper rash crème, a box of baby wipes, a pacifier, bottle with a can of formula mix, bib, baby blanket, and 3 pairs of what looked to be pink pull up cloth diapers. Her mom started to explain “Ok, so the booklet says that you should start wearing the disposable diapers to bed everynight, and these trainers during the day. The idea being that the trainers are about the same thickness as the disposables, so you can get used to the bulk. You don’t have to wet or mess in the trainers, but you should start using your disposables. Eventually we work towards you being in disposables all day and night and not using the toilet anymore”

Danni breathed in deeply and exhaled. She kept repeating to herself, you can do this, it will be bad at first but once you get used to it, it will be easy.

Pam continued “they also have these forms that they want us to keep track of things”. She took them out of the folder and walked her daughter through how it works. Essentially, it had a place to write down the time each time she wet or messed and whether it was in a diaper or the toilet. Next to that was an area to mark down any notes on diaper rashes or irritations. Danni realized that every time she used the toilet she would have to report to her mom before going. “but the good thing is if your history of rashes looks good by the time you get admitted, it means less time in intake.”

“Now it also says that it’s best if you don’t change your own diapers, what do you think?” Pam asked her daughter.

Danni turned red with embarrassment and sheepishly responded “I don’t really see how that is important, I mean the main point is to get used to diapers not changes right?”

Pam thought to herself for a moment “why don’t we take that part slow. How about starting tomorrow I start changing you at night before bed and in the morning when you wake up, the other times you can do yourself but after checking with me first though…ok?”

Danni jumped at the opportunity and agreed. She was assuming her mother would follow the booklet to the letter but was relieved at how cool she was being…all things considered.

Pam continued “I think that takes care of the diapers part. For the rest, the booklet says you should start using the pacifier as much as possible. I don’t really see how that is that important, so why don’t you just try it out every now and then?”

“Cool” Danni agreed.

“But I do think it’s important to follow the guidelines with the bottle and formula. It says the formula will make it easier for bowel movements and it’s probably good for your body to make that adjustment sooner. And it can’t hurt for you to get used to drinking from a bottle. So why don’t we plan on having a bottle of formula every morning for breakfast?”

Danni again turned slightly red but agreed. But she was proud of herself at how focused she was staying through this very awkward conversation. She just kept thinking about being with her friends for her senior year of high school.

“I think that covers most of it….we’ll pick up the rest as we go. Ok?” Pam asked her daughter.

Danni nodded. Getting slightly nervous sensing that her time in diapers was about to begin.

“Well, I’m going to go finish up some cleaning downstairs so why don’t you take your time getting your diaper on. But come see me once you have it and before you go to bed.” Pam said as she stood and headed towards the door.

Danni remained sitting on her bed staring at the diaper and the other supplies. She looked at the clock on her wall and realized it was only 8:30 at night. She decided to wait another hour before putting it on. Instead she went on her computer looking to see how many of her IM friends were online. She quickly saw that Ashley, her best friend at her school, was online.

About 45 minutes later, Ashley signed off and headed off to bed. She was so happy to have her as a best friend. They talked about everything and Ashley was the only one outside of her family that knows she was going to Washington Facility for Girls and that she would be in diapers and basically be treated like a little girl.

Danni felt much better about putting on her diaper after talking it over with Ashley. Her best friend was so encouraging and just kept talking about how exciting it would be for their senior year is she could come back, and if that meant wearing a diaper so what….the quicker you get used to them the better was her advice.

Danni exhaled deeply and started undressing. She unfolded the disposable diaper and lay down on top of it. She quickly pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped both sides. The diaper was even more bulky than she remembered from her brief encounter with a few days ago. She just laid there for a second taking the feel of the diaper and then got up to find some pajama’s.

Normally the girl wore a two piece tshirt and pant set to bed. She tried the pants first and realized that they did not hide her diaper’s bulk plus the top of the diaper was sticking out the top of them. Remembering she had to go downstairs to check with her mom, and not wanting her diaper to be so evident, she decided upon a long sleep t-shirt that came down to her knees instead.

Danni took a few laps around her room trying to figure out if she could walk without waddling like Sarah did during their tour. Her hope was she could try to hide her diapers as best she could but there was just no way around it with the amount of padding between her legs.

She left her bedroom and headed downstairs to check in with her mom. Two things that would definitely take some getting used to would be the waddling and the crinkly noise that her diaper gave off whenever she moved even just a little bit. But aside from that, she had to admit the diapers were soft, warm and overall pretty comfortable, all things considered.

She passed through the living room where Dad was watching TV. Even though she knew he had to have heard her diaper crinkling as she walked past, he thankfully didn’t embarrass her any further by saying anything about it.

Pam was drying off the dishes from the kitchen sink when she heard Danni enter the room. She turned and said “everything go OK?”

“yeah, no problems. I’m going to go to bed now OK?” Danielle said.

“Let me check it real quick and see how they fit”. Pam replied.
Danni walked towards her mom and pulled her sleep shirt up quickly and then let it fall. Trying to get this over as quickly as possible, but her mother lifted her sleep shirt up again and inspected her diaper, pulling and tugging to check the fit.

“Good job, it looks they fit pretty good. But did you put on the desitin and baby powder?” Pam asked.

Danni couldn’t believe she forgot. She changed her little sister’s diapers plenty of times and knew better.

“That’s Ok, let’s go upstairs and we’ll just sprinkle some baby powder”. Pam and Danielle together began walking back upstairs to her bedroom.

After saying goodnite to her dad on the way, Danni shyly asked her mom if there was anything she could do about the crinkly noise from the diaper and explained that even when she moved a little bit they made a lot of noise.

“well, when your little sister wears her onesies, that seems to cutdown on the noise. It also helps hold up her soggy diapers. You could wear one under your regular clothes and most people would think it’s just a t-shirt.”

Danni thought for a moment and answered “Can we get one that would fit me?”

“I’m not sure….but I was going to go to the Babies ‘r’ us store tomorrow for some clothes for Cassie. You are pretty small, we might be able to find a large onesie for toddlers that might fit you. Would that be ok?”

“Yeah, I guess” Danni wasn’t too excited about wearing baby style clothing before she got to the facility but figured it was probably worth it.

“why don’t we get up and go early tomorrow before the store gets too busy”

They arrived in Danni’s room and her mother grabbed the bottle of baby powder. She pulled Danni’s shirt up, pulled the front of her diaper out and sprinkled the powder in, and then doing the same in the back.

“We have to be sure from now on to put the rash crème and powder on you though, ok?”

Danni nodded as her mother motioned for the girl to get into bed and then tucked her in. She said goodnite and turned the light off on her way out.

The teen girl was now alone in her dark room with nothing to think about except the diaper she was wearing. She realized that with the baby powder now in her diaper, she smelled exactly like her baby sister.

After about two hours of tossing and turning due to the noise and baby smell coming from her diaper, Danielle finally faded off to sleep

Re: Danielle Diapered in Jail - Katieindiapers


Danielle was startled at the sudden noise of her food port opening. She quickly got up from the bed in her cell and took the breakfast tray from the guard passing it through the opening. Just as quickly the food port was slammed shut and locked.

The girl sat back down on her mattress and began to eat the horrible jailhouse breakfast. Her thoughts returning to the day after her first night in diapers.

Her mother came into her room and woke her up at about 6:30 that morning and asked her how she slept.

“Ok…I kept waking up though.”

“It’ll take some getting used to. But better to get adjusted here than ‘in there’ right?” Danni nodded knowing her mother was right.

As Danni finished wiping the sleep from her eyes, she realized that her mom brought her baby bottle filled with formula. Before she knew it her mom had started to put the bottle into her mom.

“Mom, I just woke up, can this wait” Danni announced with a slight irrigation in her voice.

“Danni, we agreed on this, we need to get you in a routine as fast as possible so you are not stuck in intake for a long time. So you can either drink this bottle yourself or I’ll feed it you, but either way your drinking this.” Pam replied in a stern voice.

The girl took the bottle from her mother and started to drink. Completely embarrassed now in a diaper and drinking from a pink baby bottle, Danni listened to her mother explain the plans for that morning.

“After your done with that bottle, I’ll change you into your training diapers. But I think you need to wet in the diaper your wearing now before that though.”

Danni protested at the notion, but realized that her mom was not in a negotiating mood this morning so decided not to push it.

“Your, Dad, Cassie, and I are about sit down for breakfast so if your still hungry after your bottle come downstairs and join us. Once you wet your diaper come find me and I’ll change you and we can go to babies ‘r’ us for that onesie. Ok?” Pam said.

“OK”, was all Danielle said in reply. Her thoughts now turning to the disgusting idea of wetting her diaper.

Her mother left her room and while Danielle worked on finishing the rest of her bottle, she began to plan the best way to wet her diaper. She had an urgent need to go to the bathroom but didn’t think she was quite ready to start using her diapers.

It was at this point the teen girl broke down and started sobbing. She thought she was prepared for this but now that the time was here she just couldn’t bring herself to wet herself.

Danielle couldn’t hold it anymore and quickly decided wetting her diaper for the first time would have to wait until tomorrow. She slowly walked out of her bedroom, making sure no one was around and quickly dodged into the bathroom. She made her way quickly to the toilet and untapped her diaper, and sat on the toilet to relief herself.

Now, that she didn’t have to worry about feeling like a urine soaked diaper would feel like, she now had to worry about how to deal with her mother. Her mom was very clear that Danielle was supposed to show up downstairs very shortly in a wet diaper to be changed.

She finished and got off the toilet. She hastily put her diaper back on but the tapes weren’t sticking very well. At first she though of pouring some water down it to make it look wet but she knew her mom would know the difference between pee and water.

She did the only thing that might work. She ran back to room, pulled off her disposable diaper and slid on the pink cloth training diaper. She quickly took her disposable diaper and went to her baby sister’s Cassie room and stuffed it into her dirty diaper pail, moving some of Cassie’s used diapers over the top of it in attempt to hide it. Danielle then went back to her room to get dressed, she decided upon a loose skirt and top to try to hide her training diaper as best she could. After trying on several different skirts, she finally found one that seemed to hide her diaper the best and head downstairs to face her parents.

As she walking down the stairs, she realized her training diaper was indeed just as bulky as her disposable diapers causing her to waddle. But thankfully the plastic crinkly noise was gone.

Pam turned to look and watched her daughter come into the kitchen and sitdown at the table, joining everyone else.

“Why are you dressed” asked her mother, in a tone that showed her irritation.

“What?, I thought you said we were late and had to get going right away?” replied Danielle.

“young lady, you were supposed to come down here first once you were wet so I could change you?”

“Yeah, we talked about that last night, but this morning, I thought you wanted me to get ready right away so we weren’t late”

“Danni, did you wet your diaper like you were supposed to?” asked her father.

“yeah, and I changed into my training diaper for the daytime like I’m supposed” Even as she was saying it, Danielle knew what she said was probably going to get her in trouble later.

“what did you do with your wet diaper?” asked her mother.

“I put it in Cassie’s diaper pail”.

Her mother got up and started towards the stairs. Danielle knew exactly where she was going. A few minutes later, Pam came back downstairs with Danni’s unused diaper in her hand.

“you are in big trouble” Was the only words her mother said before taking her by the arm and leading her back upstairs to her bedroom.

When they got to her bedroom, Pam removed her skirt and motioned for Danielle to lay on her bed. Sensing that she pushed things too far, Danielle quickly laid down on her back, knowing she would be back in a disposable diaper shortly.

Her mother quickly removed the training diaper and began using the diaper wipes, desitin, and baby powder before taping the new disposable diaper on to the girl.

Danielle, crying through the entire change, had never been so embarrassed in her life. Not only did being changed make her feel completely helpless, she was back in a disposable diaper after thinking she would get a break from them for the rest of the day.

Her mother added “and you can plan on being in disposable diapers all day today, and don’t even think about using the toilet or changing your own diaper. And I don’t think a onesie is a good idea anymore as you can’t be trusted. It’s better if you just wear your diaper and a t-shirt so we can keep an eye on you.”

Her mother left the room, closing the door on her way, while Danni continued crying until she dozed off to sleep even though she just got up a short a while ago.

Danielle heard the sound of the lock to her food port in the cell door start to open. She got up and was standing by the door ready to pass her now empty breakfast tray to the guard.

The guard took the tray and in return handed a fresh disposable diaper back to Danielle. The girl went back to her cot and lay down, quickly changing into the new diaper. Knowing she was being watched through the one-way glass, she went as quickly as possible before getting back up to hand her old diaper back to the guard, who took the diaper before closing and locking her food port once again.

Danni, stretched a little bit, and did a few laps around her cell before getting back into bed. She knew that it was about a 4 hour wait until lunchtime, which was the one meal and the one time in the day that she was let out of her cell. It only lasted an hour which included lunchtime, shower, and a few moments in a small dayroom, but it was her favorite part of the day as it meant getting out of this horrible cell.

She was completely embarrassed by having to be in diapers in a place like this but at least nobody forced her to use them here. Shortly after arriving here and being put in her diaper and in her cell, she realized that she could use the toilet by leaving her diaper taped on but pulling it down to her knees and then back up again after she went.

She had generally gotten used to being in a fresh diaper to the point where she didn’t think about it as much anymore. They were soft, warm, and actually somewhat comfortable when dry but she still hated using them.

She put her head down on her pillow thinking about how nasty being in dirty diapers can be.

Danni awoke from early morning nap to the sound of drilling coming from the hallway. She got up, dressed in her diaper and tshirt, and peeked out of her bedroom door.

“What are you doing” she asked her father who was working on the bathroom door.

“well, your mom is really angry about this morning, she wants locks installed on both bathrooms.”

“so I supposed that means I can’t use the bathroom anymore?” Danni, visibly upset, asked her father.

“Go ask your mother, I think from now on she’s going to want to supervise you since you lied this morning. And after I’m done here, she wants a lock on the closet in your bedroom too.”

Danni went back in her room to find a pair of shorts to put on over her diaper before going downstairs to talk to her mother. After finding a pair of running shorts and sliding them over her diaper, she went downstairs to find her mom.

Danni found Pam who was in the living room feeding Cassie a bottle.

“So I can’t use the bathroom anymore?” A very irritated Danielle asked her mother.

“Don’t use that tone with me young lady. I’m very mad at you right now and I’m very close to driving you up to Washington Facility for Girls right now and having them admit you early.” She could see the threat had an effect on her daughter whose body language instantly changed.

In a calmer voice Danni asked “so what about wearing the training during the day? Can I put my trainer on now?”

“Your staying in a disposable all day today and don’t even think about asking to use the bathroom. I’m seriously contemplating keeping you in disposables from now, but we’ll see. Maybe once I calm down I’ll change my mind”

Danni knew it was time to shutup, so she sat down on the reclining chair next to her mom and grabbed the TV remote and surfed through the channels for a while. She was thirty and thought about getting something to drink but quickly decided against that as she knew it would just end up in her diaper.

About a half hour later, her father came downstairs and told everyone he was done but asked “what do we have to move into her closet?” he asked.

Pam responded “we’re moving all her diapers and clothes into the closet”. If you take Cassie, Danielle and I will go up and move the rest of the stuff. She handed him the baby and motioned for Danni to follow.

Once they were in her bedroom room, Pam started to open all the drawers in her daughter’s dresser.

“Everything in here we have to move inside your closet, and all the diapers have to go too” She instructed. “I’m going to go get some storage boxes for some of this stuff we won’t needing any more”.

Danni knew she was talking about her panties but decided to stay quiet for today. She began moving all her clothes into her closet which now had a open padlock hanging from it. After her mother returned with a box, they put her panties in it and put it on the top shelf of her closet. Pam then closed the door and locked it.

She then walked out to the hallway and then to the bathroom. As she was Inspecting the lock and making sure it was secure she explained “Now I’ll let you in to take a shower and brush your teeth and stuff but only when I’m with you. In the meantime, you come find me when your wet and I’ll change you, OK?”

Danni just nodded and followed her mother back into the hallway. While her mother went downstairs, Danielle went to her bedroom to pout, and eventually signed on to her computer and chatted with her friends for a while.

Pam decided to catch up on some bills while watching TV. About two hours later, she heard Danni coming down the stairs, the noise of her diaper crinkling was a dead give away. She turned and asked “do you need a change?” she asked.

Danielle turned red in embarrassment from the question and shook her head no. But Pam could tell there was something on the girl’s mind. “well, what is it?” she asked

“um, I have to go to the bathroom but I just can’t go in my diaper….I was thinking maybe if I sat on the toilet in my diaper it would be easier.”

#1 or #2?” her mother asked.

#1” Danielle answered, again blushing.

“OK, let’s give it a try”.

They walked towards the downstairs bathroom and Pam unlocked it letting her daughter in. She could tell the girl had to go bad as she rushed to the toilet and pulled her running pants down and quickly sat down on the toilet. Pam couldn’t help but think how ridiculous it looked sitting on a toilet while she had still had a diaper on.

Danielle looked at her mother as if she wanted some privacy. Pam figured it was Ok and stepped outside the bathroom but left the door half way open. She waited outside for her daughter to finish.

A few minutes later, Danni came out of the bathroom, with a very dejected look on her face.

“did you go?” asked her mother

Danni just nodded while tears welled up in her eyes.

“That’s ok, let’s go upstairs and I’ll change you right away”

They began walking upstairs. Danni had never been more uncomfortable in her life. She could feel the moisture against her skin and it made her want to take a shower.

Once they got to her bedroom, her mother removed her running shorts and told her to lay on the bed, which she did quickly. As her mother unlocked the closet to get her diaper bag, Danni was trying to figure out what was worse, sitting in a wet diaper or having her mother see her naked while changing it. Quickly Danielle decided being changed was the lesser of two evils.

Her mother spread out the diaper, baby powder, wipes, and desitin on the bed next to Danni before realizing that she really should have a changing mat. “I’ll be right back; I’m going to go get one of Cassie’s changing mats real quick”

“Mom, can you hurry up?”

Pam quickly returned and slid the pink plastic changing mat underneath her daughter before untaping her diaper. She quickly lifted her daughter’s legs in the air and removed the wet diaper. She used the wipes, power, and rash crème on the girl before taping a fresh diaper onto her.

“There, I bet that feels good to have a fresh diaper on” her mother asked.

Danni nodded, not willingly to admit to her mother that she felt 100% better now that she was in a dry diaper.

The rest of the day went by relatively uneventful. Danni was kept in her disposable diaper for the rest of the afternoon and early evening and was able to hold off wetting anymore until about 8:30pm when she couldn’t hold it anymore. This time she was in her room on her computer and was able to wet her diaper while sitting in her chair. She quickly got up and went to find her mom to change her wet diaper. A short while later, she found her mom downstairs and asked to have her diaper changed.

“That’s good you were able to wet your diaper without sitting on the toilet” replied Pam. “But can you wait about a half hour? I’ll be changing Cassie about then and putting her to bed and then we can do you too ok?”

“But mom……” started Danielle

“Danni, do you think that every time your diaper is wet I’m going to be able to stop everything and just change you? You need to get used to not getting changed whenever you have a full diaper.”

Danni began to sob while she climbed the stairs back to her room. She couldn’t believe her mom was making her sit in a wet diaper. She laid down on her bed to pass the next 30 minutes. If she laid down just right, and shifted her diaper just right, she could get most of the wetness away from her skin.

Sitting in a wet diaper for a half hour really wasn’t Danni was most upset about. For the past 3 or 4 hours, she felt the urge to make a bowel movement getting stronger. She knew eventually she would have to mess in her diaper but she wanted to the toilet at least one more time. Her only hope was to make it through today and hope her mom put the trainers on the in morning and let her use the bathroom.

Danni’s mother came up the stairs and into her daughter’s bedroom and unlocked her closet door “Can you get all of your things ready while I go change Cassie?”

Danielle, slightly annoyed that she had to wait even longer to be changed, got up and began taking out the changing pad, a new diaper, the baby powder and desitin. She hopped on her bed and laid down on her changing pad…now all she needed was her mom to quit futzing around and finally change her diaper. Pam appeared after a short wait with Danielle’s bottle filled with formula. She put the bottle in the girls mouth while she began to untape the wet diaper. With Danielle quietly sucking on her bottle, Pam quickly wiped her, spread baby powder and desitin and taped a fresh diaper on her.

Danni felt like a new girl that she was in a fresh diaper again. Her mom helped her to the side of the bed where sat and finished her bottle while her mother put all the supplies back into her closet. “I’m happy the rest of today went better than this morning, if you still want a onesie, we can go tomorrow morning”

“yeah, but can I wear my trainers though to the store?” asked Danni

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow” Pam said as she began tucking Danielle into her bed and turning the light off on her way out.

Danni realized it was only 9:00pm…but she was tired and decided she was ready to go to sleep anyway. This night, she was able to fall sleep much faster, despite thinking about having to deal with a bowel movement in the morning somehow.

The next morning, Danielle woke up to the sound of Cassie crying and shortly after the sounds of her mom getting up to check on her and to change her diaper which was most likely wet and messy, however, Danni’s diaper was still dry.

Danielle figured her mother would be over to change her as soon as she was done with Cassie, so if she waited another minute or two before wetting her diaper, she would only have to be in a wet diaper for a few seconds before she was in a clean one.

As she waited, Danielle began to think about how nice it would be to wear her training diaper, assuming her mom would let her this morning after her change. They weren’t the same as her regular underwear but Danni knew it was the closet thing to panties she would have in a long time. Once in her training diapers she would quickly have to ask her mom to use the toilet for #2 as the urge was stronger than she’s ever felt.

She heard the sound of her little sister’s bedroom door open and shortly after the sound of her mother’s footsteps coming towards her bedroom. Danielle quickly shifted around so so that she was lying on her stomach, which she figured was easiest get herself to pee her diaper. Her body still not adjusted to the notion of going in a diaper, she at first could not get herself to pee in her diaper. Hearing her mother coming down the hallway, she knew she only had a few more seconds……she quickly tried again with more effort this time. She immediately knew something was wrong as she felt the back of her diaper begin to bulge. She had accidently messed in her diaper.

Pam walked into her daughter’s bedroom and quickly began untaping the diaper.

“Danni, what happened?” She surprisingly said after quickly realizing that her daughter was wearing a very messy diaper.

The girl began sobbing as she tried to explain “I…I don’t know, I was just trying to wet my diaper and it accidentally happened”

“That’s Ok honey, it’s a diaper and that’s what it’s for. You were going to have to do it eventually anyway.”

Danielle knew her mother was right but it did not make her feel any better at the moment. The only good thing was that it was only a matter of second that she had to be in that messy diaper. But from the very short experience, hanging out in a messy diaper was not going to be on the top of her to-do list.

“Let me clean you up a little bit first and then you can take a shower and then I’ll put you in your training diaper for a while today.” Said Pam.


Danni stretched and got up from her bed and started to walk around her cell. She was to the point where boredom was starting to make her go crazy. She figured it had to be close to her lunchtime which meant one whole hour outside of her cell.

After a few minutes of pacing in her cell, Danielle heard some faint noises coming from the other side of her cell door and then she heard the sound of her food port unlocking.

“Hello Danielle, how are you doing today?” Said a bubbly voice.

Danielle sat down in front of her cell door so she could see outside the food port and realized that it was Janet the guard. “Hi Janet, I’m ok, how are you” replied Danni. Smiling for the first time in a while.

“Oh I’m just peachy. You getting hungry?” asked Janet.

"umm, yeah a little I guess but I’m going crazy in this cell. Is it time for me to get let out yet? Asked Danielle.

“Just a little longer, sweetie. You have about an hour yet before your lunch time. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi” replied Janet but leaned closer and whispered “but if my supervisor isn’t watching, I’ll try to sneak you out 15 minutes early so you have a little more time out of your cell”.

Danni smiled and nodded her head quickly, knowing an extra 15 minutes out of her cell would feel like an extra hour.

Janet smiled and winked before asking “How are your pants doing?”

“They’re a little wet but not too bad yet” replied Danielle, knowing that Janet was referring to her diaper.

“Good. Well Hang in there kiddo, I’ll be back in a little bit”. Janet said before closing and locking the food port.

Janet was by far the nicest of the corrections officer that Danni had met so far. She figured that Janet was probably around 25 years old and was not at all like the other guards. She had a way about her that made those normally very awkward inmate-guard interactions not as bad. Janet helped passed the time sometimes by chatting with Danielle through her foodport. But best of all, Janet sometimes smuggled a spare diaper into her, which saved Danni more than a few hours of sitting in a dirty diaper.

Danni sat back down on her bed, smiling, knowing that lunch was less than an hour away. She couldn’t help but also chuckle thinking about how Janet always refers to her diaper as “pants”, and remembering that her mom used to say the same thing.

“Good morning” said Danielle’s mother as she entered her bedroom.

It was about 6:00 in the morning and Danni had been sound asleep. She slowly opened her eyes to the sight of her mother holding out her morning bottle. The girl took it and began drinking her formula as Pam moved on to Cassie’s room to do the same with her baby sister. She knew her mom would then change and dress Cassie before coming back to do the same with her.

Danni was now in the routine of drinking 3 bottles a day of the formula. Her mother making sure she never missed one. As she continued sucking on her bottle, she also could feel her diaper becoming wet and soggy.

It had been two weeks since her first messy diaper accident, and since then wetting and messing her diaper had become much easier for her. She could now go in her diaper pretty much at will. She also noticed that when she tried holding it in, she could only do it for a short while. About a week ago, she had decided to talk to her mom about it, and found out that the formula she had been and was now drinking contained both a diuretic and a laxative to make using her diapers easier. At first she was mad about it, but quickly realized that it did make things easier, even at the expense of losing some of her ability to hold it in.

She had also become more accustomed to being in a wet diaper. As long as it was just one wetting, she could tolerate it. It was just when it was an unusually large wetting or two in the same diaper that she became very uncomfortable. But messy diapers were a different story.

“How are those pants? Ready for a change?” asked Pam as she walked back into her daughter’s room.

Danni nodded as she was finishing the rest of her bottle. Her mother took the empty the bottle and then took the pacifier from the nightstand and put in Danni’s mouth. “you really should be using this more”

Pam slipped the changing pad underneath the girl and began untaping her diaper. She used the wipes and began putting on the desitin.

“Mom, can you not use so much desitin? It makes me feel like I’m in a wet diaper already” mumbled Danni through the pacifier in her mouth.

“Danni, do you want that rash to come back? You still have a small one and we only have 3 days left before you have to leave” Pam said.


That’s all I have, not sure if more was ever written.

Re: Danielle Diapered in Jail - Katieindiapers

Wow! This has been a really awesome story and sad to think that no more of it can be found. As I finished reading, it really left me hanging because I was looking forward to see how Danielle would spend her time at Washington Facility for girls, If any more of this story can be found by anyone, please post it here. Thank you to Katieindiapers for posting it.

Diaper Girl

THIS was a VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT AND TYPED STORY. IF they had these kind of places for real teenage girls would not be getting in trouble knowing that they will be sent there or a youth jail.
I AM ALL FOR all youth jails use diapers as a tool a a punishment or for some other reason. i would TOTALLY put BULLIES in jail with diapers for at least 2 weeks to teach them that bulling kids has a bad penalty specially if EXTRA TIME is added for REPEAT offenders.
the LIBERAL LAWYERS (ACLU and others) would hate it. BUT if it stops repeating offenders than its WELL worth the money. They can use them in adult prisons for solitary folks to adjust behavior of inmates,any toilets in thee cells can be sealed up so the person cant use it.

Great story, would love to read the rest of it