Daniel's Secret

Hi, I hope no-one minds me jumping straight in with a story. I’ve been lurking around the boards for a little bit and reading other peoples stories.
I have a couple of story ideas, but they’re not written down, so I’ll just be updating these as I go along with a chapter or so at a time, so they may be a little rough and they may end up changing from my initial idea, but I hope they come out ok and you like them.

Chapter 1
“So, I might be a little late… Are you listening?”

Donna looks over at Daniel sat on the bed in his dressing gown, he seems to be in a world of his own. On realising he is being spoken to, he looks up.

“Sorry, I was uh…” he begins.

“It’s ok.” replies Donna “I was just saying, a meeting this afternoon has a habit of overrunning, so I might be home a bit late. But you’re sorting tea since you’re home today ok? Are you doing much today?”

“Not much, just chilling I guess.” he answers.

“That’s fine, you take it easy. How do I look?”

Daniel surveys his girlfriend stood in front of him. She looks smart in a freshly pressed blouse and a grey knee length skirt. As she asks, she pulls on a matching jacket.

“You look great.”

Donna smiles and walks over to Daniel, leaning over, she kisses him on the cheek.

“Ok, See you later then. If you get a chance, do some washing ok?”
She doesn’t wait for a response before turning and leaving the room.

“Bye. Love you.” Daniel calls after her.

He listens as her footsteps descend the staircase and after a moment, the front door opening and closing again behind her. He moves over to the window and peeks between the blinds to see her lowering herself into the car and watches as she pulls away down the road.

Daniel feels a surge of excitement. He doesn’t often get days off by himself, so he wants to make the most of it when he does. He walks out of the bedroom and makes his way down the stairs. He enters the kitchen and looks out through the window, he isn’t sure why, because he already saw her driving away, but he is making doubly sure that Donna has gone. He picks up a dining chair from the kitchen table and carries it back upstairs with him and places it on the landing. He makes sure the chair is steady before climbing up and standing on the chair, he can now reach the ceiling and with his arms outretched can now lift the door to the loft, pushing it to one side, he feels around the edge until his hand finds what he is looking for, a black bag.

Daniel’s excitement is building as he carries the bag back through to the bedroom and places it on the floor. he opens it to reveal the contents, Tena, medium, a large bumper pack. He felt like he had been looking forward to this forever, a couple of weeks ago, he had finally got up the nerve to walk into a pharmacy and buy them after what felt like years, years of watching videos of people wearing adult diapers on the internet and wishing he could be one of them and there they had waited, hidden in the loft until an opportunity came along to try them on.

He rips open the packaging and gently caresses the row of white pads, a shudder of excitement running down his spine. Finally, he takes one out and places it on the bed. Taking off his dressing gown and then his underwear so he is completely naked, he unfolds it and spreads it out, making sure to pay attention to where the tape is. He lowers himself down, then lays back so he can fold it up over himself, then feels for the tapes and pulls them up and over, first one side and then the other.

He feels a sense of relief all of a sudden, something he had been waiting on for so long and now here he was wearing one. He can’t believe how comfortable it feels, he rubs his hand gently over his crotch, just enjoying the soft padded feeling.

He stands up and walks into the bathroom so he can look at himself in the mirror, he has to lean in close so he can see the diaper, it’s a little uneven, the side he taped first clearly pulled further over than the other and he thinks he looks a little silly, the puffy pants clearly not standard underwear with some loose bits around the waist band.

He wants more than anything to use it, to wet it. That is what they’re for after all, but as he stands there, he cannot make himself go. He decides it can wait, he will just enjoy wearing for a while, he is sure to need one later.

In the meantime, he decides to make the most of it, waddling back the bedroom as he finds he cannot walk normally with the added bulk between his legs, he grabs his laptop from the bedside and boots it up. He opens his favourite pornography website and finds himself a video, in it there is a couple, to begin with, they are lying side by side and they are rubbing each others diapers.

Daniel can feel his own crotch starting to bulge. Placing the laptop beside him on the bed, he rolls onto his side and as he watches the action escalate on the screen, he pushes his hand down his waistband and starts rubbing himself in time with the action on screen.

He becomes completely engrossed with the video, so he doesn’t realise something is amiss until a shadow appears on his screen. He rolls back and looks up to see Donna standing in the bedroom doorway.

Chapter 2
Daniel quickly slams the lid of his laptop and pulling his hand out of the waistband, he moves as if trying to hide his diaper from his girlfriend.He doesn’t know how long she has been standing there, but he knows it is already too late, she has already seen everything.

He lies looking up at her, a look of complete shock has taken over her face, the silence is excruciating and he is desperate to come up with something to say, a succinct explanation for what she is looking at, but nothing will come out. Finally Donna breaks the silence.

“I… Forgot my.” She begins, before turning and running back down the stairs.

Daniel jumps off the bed and runs after her, as he descends the stairs, the front door is slammed behind Donna, Daniel runs to the door and reaches for the handle, before realising what he is wearing. Whatever Donna’s opinion after catching him lying in bed wearing nothing but a diaper, was not likely to be improved if he chased her out into the street dressed like that. Outside he can hear the car starting and taking off down the street.

“Shit.” Daniel exclaims to himself.

He walks back up the stairs and sits back down on the bed, suddenly he feels sick. Any excitement he had felt about his diaper has diminished, he looks down at the padding starting to bunch between his legs and feels a deep shame and embarrassment.

He peels back the tapes and allows it to fall back open, before pulling it out from under him and dropping it to the floor. It is still clean apart from a small sticky spot from his pre-ejaculate, looking at it he feels a pang of regret that he didn’t get more use out of it and felt as though he should have wet it before taking it off, but following Donna’s reaction, it no longer feels right, he rolls it up and drops it into the black bag next to his nearly full pack of diapers.

After getting dressed, he grabs the black bag and carries it downstairs with him. He considers throwing it away, but decides he should probably keep it with him to discuss with Donna when she gets home. Besides, they were expensive.

He waits anxiously in front of the TV, but is unable to concentrate on anything, he finds himself watching the clock slowly counting down to the end of the day. He remembers about sorting the tea, so he decides to order Donna’s favourite, Chinese.

Even accounting for an overrunning meeting, Donna’s expected arrival time comes and passes. The chines food arrives and is left on the kitchen worktop.

Daniel pulls out his phone and dials her number. No answer.

Several hours pass, the food remains uneaten and many calls to Donna go unanswered, until finally late in the evening, his call is answered, but nothing is said on the other side.

“Donna?” Daniel asks into the phone.

A couple of seconds later, a Woman’s voice begins talking that Daniel immediately recognises as Donna’s sister Emma.

“Listen Diaper freak, she doesn’t want to speak to you, so just leave her alone, ok?”

Mind? I think it’s fantastic. More stories are always welcome. Especially ones that feel set in the real world.

This one’s written in an interesting tense - not sure if it’s present tense or if there’s a more suitable term - which makes it more difficult to read and a lot more difficult to write. You are however consistent throughout so it’s a valid choice.

I would though suggest some white space between your paragraphs, just to help break the text up. The paragraphs themselves are fine, the English is better than mine, it’s just the spacing.

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Keep going Tell us more.

Decent start, but spaces between ¶s would go a long way.

The story is relatable. I remember being that excited after years of not having the opportunity to wear diapers, to go buy some when my parents left on vacation for a week. The feelings are well described. I guess we get to see if being caught is a plus or minus in later chapters.

Thank you for the comments on formatting, I have added white space between the paragraphs.

Regarding the unusual tense, I will just say that I thought it was present tense, so I must have done it wrong.

Regarding whether it was a plus or minus, I will just say that yes, someone else commented that it felt set in the real world and I felt that in the real world most people probably don’t react like pornstars, so yes, I went with negative because stories should have an arc.

Hope you like the second chapter

I said ‘interesting’ rather than unusual, although I guess it’s interesting because it’s unusual. I thought it was present tense too, so no, you haven’t done it wrong. Most story tellers are telling of something that happened, rather than narrating something that’s happening now; I think both are valid and if you’re comfortable with how you’ve started then absolutely continue that way.

This is exactly what made it feel set in the real world, and why it’s so welcome.

Bouncing to the other extreme - revulsion based on ‘I saw a man in a diaper’ - will be tricky to keep grounded, but it’s your story and I look forward to reading more.

Could you though perhaps add each new chapter as a new post? I didn’t even realise you’d added chapter 2 when I started typing this response.

Sorry anyone waiting for more of this. I’ll try and be more regular. When I was last here, I did see someone say I should add a new post for a new chapter though. So here goes.

Chapter 3

After a fitful night’s sleep. Daniel lays staring at the ceiling. He had never really liked Donna’s sister Emma. She was always involving herself in other people’s business and she was never nice to her husband Steve. So her tone and her reaction was unsurprising, but it means that now he doesn’t know who else might know.

He sits up on the bed and looks over at the black bag still sat on the floor. Raising it onto his lap he looks inside, the one he wore remains unsoiled and is on top and below the opened pack still has the rest neatly stacked next to each other. He runs his finger along the backs again enjoying the light crinkling noise and the feel under his finger. He hesitates for a moment before pulling the bag closed once again.

He stands and carries the bag out of the room with him. As he crosses the landing, he looks up at the trapdoor to the attic and considers popping them back inside, but then he decides against it. He decides to take them downstairs with him and throw them away.

As he makes his way down the stairs, the doorbell rings. He wants to dispose of his bag of diapers first, but realises he will be unable to do that without going outside and the person at the door seeing him. He doesn’t think it is possible to see what he is carrying anyway, so holding the bag in one hand, he opens the latch and pulls the door open.

“Hi Daniel.” It’s Steve, Emma’s husband. “You got a minute?”

Daniel hesitates for a moment before gesturing for Steve to enter.

“Sure, Come on in.”

Steve leads the way into Daniels lounge and Daniel follows awkwardly, holding the bag as though trying to hide it. Steve sits himself down in an armchair and Daniel sits opposite on the edge of the couch carefully placing the bag by his feet. There is a moment of silence between the two of them.

“I suppose you know Donna’s staying at ours?” Begins Steve.

“Yea I…” stammers Daniel, “I’m sorry if she’s in the way. I’m not sure I can get her to come home though…”

“Oh no. It’s nothing like that.” Steve responds. “I erm. I heard the phone call last night. I wanted to say, I’m sorry about Emma. You know what she can be like. She’s not very understanding about… things.”

“Oh. So you know about erm…?” Daniel asks sheepishly.

“Might have picked something up. yea. Anyway. Donna, she was wanting to speak to you, it was Emma that convinced her not to. She might come around, just give her time.”

Daniel looks down at the bag next to him. He feels he has to explain what Steve might have heard.

“Steve, I… It’s not… like you might think… I…”

“Hey, it’s cool man.” Steve Interrupts. “I get it.”

“You do?” Daniel asks, surprised to hear him say that.

“Yea. Never really thought about it before, but I bet it’s pretty common. Make you feel safe. Like a kid again?”

“Yea. I guess so.” Daniel begins to reply.

“Is this them?” Steve asks suddenly while gesturing at the bag by Daniel’s feet.

Daniel looks down and instinctively grabs hold of the bag again. He looks for a way to respond to the question but his mind goes completely blank.

“I told you man, it’s cool.” Steve continues. “Listen, the reason I came by today. It wasn’t just to apologise for Emma.”

“Well, then what?” Daniel asks, looking up at him for the first time since realising he knew about his little secret.

“I…” It is Steve’s turn to stammer and look sheepish. “I’d like to try it.”

I didn’t expect the twist but can’t wait for the next chapter

Chapter 4

“So what do you reckon?” Asks Steve eagerly following a moment of silence between the two of them.

“What do you mean? You want to wear one of my Diapers?” Daniel responds.

“Yea. I was hoping you would let me wear it here.”

Daniel is surprised by this turn of events. He knew there were other people like him, there was plenty of content and there were several communities on the internet full of people just like him, but he had always felt like an outsider, he never expected to find someone else with the same desires and feeling as him.

Steve is still looking at Daniel expectantly.

“Please.” He says finally.

Daniel looks down at the bag by his feet and slowly opens the top. He feels a strange thrill and a feeling of fear. Even with Donna having caught him, he never expected to outwardly share this part of himself. The row of diapers in the pack still look completely pristine. He finds he is trembling as he picks one out and it opens slightly as he raises it into view.

Holding it out towards Steve, he looks up and sees the smile on his face. Steve reaches his arm out and grasps the diaper in his hand.

“Err. You can use the bathroom” Daniel gestures behind him towards the bathroom door, Steve stands up and carrying his precious cargo follows his gesture and shuts himself into the bathroom.

Daniel sits staring at his now slightly depleted pack of diapers. He can make out a gap where the one he just handed to Steve used to be.

A few minutes later, Steve emerges. He is carrying his trousers and at the top of his now bare legs is the unmistakable white bulge of a diaper. The straps look a bit scruffy, which Daniel knew himself could be quite hard to get right, particularly when you’re not used to it.

Steve strolls past and sits himself back down in the armchair, placing his trousers and underwear over the arm of the chair.

Daniel looks for something to say, he finds it slightly awkward.

“What do you want to do now?” he asks eventually.

“I don’t know” he replies. “I just figured we could hang around for a while. Are you…” he hesitates for a moment. “Are you going to put one on?”

“Oh err, No.” Daniel looks sheepish again. “I… Donna left and all. I figure I should just get rid of them and try to sort that out.”

“Well. I don’t know if throwing them away will really make any difference to be honest.” Steve says seriously now. “She already caught you. I don’t know if she’s going to come around or anything, but you probably need to talk this thing through with her properly. One thing I do know though, Is you bought and put on diapers for a reason. Because you like them. Or at least thought you would. So I say put one on. Hang out with me in diapers and see how much you really like them before deciding to ignore your desires.”

Daniel watches Steve’s face as he speaks. He really made a lot of sense. He grabs another diaper from the bag, stands up and makes his way into his bathroom before shutting the door behind himself.

Chapter 5

Daniel leaves the bathroom having similarly clad himself in a brand new diaper. He carries his trousers with him having also decided to leave his legs bare. He feels giddy when he returns and stands before Steve by way of presentation.

“Ta da” he says holding his arms out to allow his T-Shirt to raise sligthly to put his diaper on display.

“Very good” replies Steve.

“So what do you want to do now” Daniel asks as he takes his seat. “I’m as new as you to hanging out in diapers.”

“I don’t have anywhere I need to be, Do you have any movies we could put on?” Steve asks glancing over at the TV.

“Sure, what do you like”

“Got anything with diapers in?” Steve suggests.

“I don’t think so… Tell you what, if we do this again, you look up good movies with diapers in, but for now, how about we watch Star Wars? We can pretend the stormtroopers are. Those suits are probably a massive pain to get out of.”

“Sure” Steve says with a chuckle.

“Are you hungry?” Daniel asks Steve. “I have some leftover Chinese food.”

Having eaten their way through an entire Chinese takeaway and watched their way through the movie, Daniel stands and turns the light back on.

“That was fun, I should probably be getting back.” Steve says. “What should I do with this?” he asks gesturing towards his diaper.

Daniel looks down and notices that Steve’s diaper has discoloured and is now yellow, the wetness indicator line is fully visible.

“You used it?” Daniel exclaims, shocked.

“Of course” Steve responds bemusedly. “You do know that’s what they’re for don’t you?”

“Obviously” he replies “But you know, I couldn’t” He gestures at his own dry diaper “a lifetime of toilet training. And what if you had leaked onto my chair? You know we’re not exactly aimed right into the padding here.”

“Oh yea, sorry” Steve answers sheepishly “I didn’t think of that. I needed to go and thought, great. I’m already wearing a toilet. But look, it held out fine, nothing to worry about.”

Daniel looks once again and sees that the chair is in fact dry, the diaper did what it was supposed to. He stops himself as he realises that he is simply staring right at Steve’s crotch.

“I’ll go get you a bin bag” he says before heading towards the kitchen.

He is holding a black bag when he returns.

“Just take it off in the bathroom and put it in there. You can put it in the bin on your way out.”

Steve takes the bag and picks up his trousers and underwear off the arm of the chair and takes them with him into the bathroom.

“I can’t tell whether I also smell of pee or if it’s just the diaper” Steve says when he emerges dressed back in his trousers and carrying the bag. “I wiped myself as well as I could though.”

Daniel smiles and gestures towards the door as Steve makes his way out. Daniel closes the door immediately since he has nothing covering his diaper, but he can hear as the lid of the bin is closed and moments later, Steve’s car engine starts on the street outside.

Daniel looks down at his still dry diaper and decides that he wants to use it too. He spreads his legs slightly and tries to concentrate on urinating. But nothing happens, it’s almost impossible to make yourself go. Walking back through the lounge, he grabs his trousers and picks up the bag of diapers and carries them back upstairs with him. He places them on his bedroom floor and sits down on his bed trying to make himself go. Still nothing.

An idea hits him. He leaves his bedroom and heads into his bathroom. He tries standing in front of the toilet, then sitting on the toilet to try and trick himself into going, still nothing. He tries running the tap on the sink hoping that the running water will make him need to go, but he remains as dry as a bone.

From his seat on the toilet he looks up and sees his shower head. Of course, taking a shower always makes him need to go.

He turns on the shower and stands in the tub, he stands back to avoid getting properly wet, but can see a few droplets on the outside of the diaper. As hoped he immediately starts needing to go, he lets it all come out and he feels a rush of warmth surrounding his crotch and running down toward his buttocks. He lets out an involuntary shiver of enjoyment as he can feel the warmth spread. A small trickle runs out of the side and down his leg.

“I knew they might leak” he says to himself. “Good job I’m in the tub. I’ll have to get some of those plastic pants.”

He turns off the shower and steps out. He takes a look at himself in the mirror, he is wearing a T-Shirt and can see below the bottom of that a yellow bulge where he has just wet. He removes his T-Shirt so he is now just wearing the diaper, he turns so he can see the back and he sees the wetness creeping up the back side.

He reaches down and rubs it into himself, enjoying the sensation.

He feels he would like to do this all day, but decides against it. He pulls back the tapes and allows the diaper to drop to the floor, which it does with an added thud due to the extra weight. He turns the shower back on and jumps in to clean himself up.

After he has finished, he steps past the diaper and realising he didn’t bring a bag decides to leave it where it is for a moment. Weaing nothing but a towel, he heads back to his bedroom. When he gets there he notices the bag of diapers sat on the floor. Next to them are his trousers and regular underwear, he looks between them for a minute, it feels as though they are both vying for his attention. It was fun hanging out and using his diaper, but perhaps now it is time to put on regular pants?

After a moment he makes up his mind. He reaches down and picks up a fresh diaper.