Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life

Well, this is my attempt at the first chapter of a story. I know it’s not good, but hopefully I’ll get better. All comments are welcome. I am open to any suggestions you may have as well as criticisms, as long as it is constructive. And, yes, I am sorry for doing the same old beginning with having the main character wet the bed. In the original story I was going to write, it was a Djin who wreaked havoc on the main character but writer’s block quickly set in, so I abandoned it. So, I apologize. That’s enough of me talking, here’s the story. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Everything is the universe has a story. The story might be boring, pointless, meaningful, or exciting. It could be funny or sad, accurate or inaccurate. But every story has a beginning, middle, and an end, a where and a when.
The end of this story takes place in the year 2034. The when and where of the end is a cold, dark room in the Alaskan Tundra. The beginning of the story took place in the year 2003. The when and where is a small apartment in a small town near Lancaster, Pa. Watch…something that is going to start this story is going to happen.
She looked around her in fright. Samantha was in a room and it was dark. It was simply no light, because that is just the absence of light. This was the dark you got as a kid, the kind that absorbed the light, the colors, and your happiness. The kind of dark that you could feel sucking at you and you just wish for your mommy or daddy to come, but knowing that really something awful will come. And even though you know it will come, you are still scared out of your mind when it does come. In fact, that is what is happening to Samantha. She is crying, wishing her mommy would come. Light appears, but is muffled by the sheer darkness. A dark figure walks through this rectangle of light and shuffles toward Samantha. She cries out, hoping it is her mommy, but knowing it was not. As the hands reached out for her….
Samantha woke with a start, gasping for breath. She grabbed her glasses and rammed them onto her face. The dreams were back, which means…Samantha looked down and sighed. Yeah, it means she had to do more laundry from now on. Brushing her black hair out of her eyes she began doing the old task of stripping her damp sheets off her bed.
She threw all her wet clothes and sheets into the washing machine and went to the bathroom. Samantha sighed as she studied herself in the mirror. “I thought they were over,” she muttered as she combed her shoulder-length black hair. She adjusted her glasses and groaned at the bags under her brown eyes. “Of course…baggy eyes on the day I go for an interview…”
After washing up and getting dressed, Samantha went into the kitchen and fixed herself some cereal. As she ate, she composed a list of things she had to do in her head. “Let’s see…I have to vacuum, wash the dishes, and take care of the sheets so they won’t get stained. I have a job interview at 10, so I should leave about 9:30, giving me plenty of time so I won’t be late. After that, I’ll go shopping…I need milk, eggs, flour…shoot…I guess some diapers as well. I never thought I’d say that again…”

Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life

Chapter Two

Samantha started on her chores, washing dishes, vacuuming, and everyday normal things. You could never tell she was a victim of night terrors and, consequently, bed wetting. She had overcome her fears when she was twelve, but now, eight years later, they were back. Samantha pinned it down as stress over the upcoming job interview…which reminded her. Quickly she looked at the clock, worried she was behind schedule, but she still had time before she needed to go. Still, she put away the vacuum cleaner and got dressed to go. By the time she was ready, it was only 9:10, still 50 minutes to go before she had to be there. Samantha tried to wait, but was too anxious to wait. So, she hoped in her car and drove to the office. By the time she got there, it was 9:20. Samantha signed in with the receptionist and settled down into the waiting chairs for the wait.
Samantha woke up with a start. She was in her bed…but it wasn’t her room. It was the dark room. This time she cried out for her daddy, but no light came. No figure came. This was somehow worse…
Someone was shaking her arm. It was the receptionist. “Are you all right dear?” she asked, concerned. “You fell asleep and were screaming.” “I’m okay…thanks,” said Samantha. The receptionist looked Samantha up and down. “Maybe you should reschedule the interview.” Samantha stared at her and asked, “Why?” But right after she said those words, she realized. She slowly agreed with the receptionist and got a new time. She managed to get out of the building before bursting out in tears. She ran to her car, pants dripping pee all the way. She got in the car, slammed the door in angry, and cursed for a long time before driving home to get changed. Samantha would have to go shopping after she changed her clothes…

Chapter Three

Samantha drove home as quickly as she could, crying and cursing the whole way. She could not believe she had just wet herself at the office of the company she hoped would hire her. “They’ll never interview me, let alone hire me, now.” By the time she got home, Samantha had calmed down. She walked into her apartment and immediately went to the bathroom to clean up. When she was finished, she got dressed and got into her car to drive to the store. “Maybe I should just get diapers…I don’t really need the other things. Besides, I doubt I have enough money for everything and, now that I’m not going to get that job, I have to be careful with my money.”
She thought back to her last job and cursed the company. They had closed down without warning, but, luckily, her severance pay was pretty good. It was enough to keep her on her feet until she found a job. If she could have gotten that job at Nitram Inc., the place she wet herself at, she would have been doing well. But, Samantha knew they would never hire her. For what seemed to be the hundredth time that day, she sighed as she parked near a pharmacy. She went in and was greeted by the man at the cash register. She smiled at him and walked past, looking around. “Do you need help with anything ma’am?” he called out. Samantha replied, “No, thank you.” “Okay, don’t hesitate to ask!” She smiled. “I’ll have to remember this place. The people here are so kind,” she thought. Samantha quickly found what she was looking for and looked at wonder at all the choices she had. There were never this many diapers when she was a girl, embarrassed at looking for diapers to help her with her bedwetting. As Samantha gazed at all the different brands, she became overwhelmed. Blushing, she walked up to the cash register. “Uhm…Excuse me, is that offer for help still good?” The man smiled. “Of course ma’am, what can I do for you?” She turned a deeper red. “I…I need some help picking the right…d…diaper for me,” she stammered. “All right ma’am. They are right this way.” He led her to where the diapers were. “Now, what do you need them for?” “Bedwetting,” she replied. He looked up and down the rows before grabbing a pack. “I recommend the store brand. It might look a little…juvenile and thick, but they absorb a lot and don’t cost as much as the brand type.” He handed her the pack and Samantha looked at the diapers. She looked back at him, “They’re pink.” He laughed, “Yeah…the company likes bright colors.” She giggled and walked with him back up to the register. Samantha paid for the new diapers and thanked the man for his help. “Anytime,” he replied. “Come back if you need anything else.” Samantha promised she would and left. As she drove away, she looked at the name of the store. Takkun’s Pharmacy, huh? She decided to come back next time she needed diapers.
She was in a dark place. It didn’t seem like a room, because it felt so big, like there were no boundaries…but, no that’s wrong. There was light…a rectangular light that looked like a door. Samantha tried to walk towards but found she could not move. She cried out for help, for her mommy, her daddy, anyone. Suddenly, a dark figure filled the door. It began walking towards her, reaching out. Its hand almost to her arm…Samantha braced herself for the cold touch, the sharp nails that would dig into her.
She woke up with a start. Groaning, she felt her diaper, expecting it have the old, warm, wet feeling to it. She looked surprised. She didn’t pee herself! She jumped out of bed in joy and stared to cheer when…the smell hit her. Her eyes widened and she slowly un-taped her diaper. Her mouth dropped open as she saw what she never would have expected. She had messed her diaper in her sleep.

Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life

Chapter Four

Samantha took of her messy diaper slowly. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she walked dejectedly to the bathroom. Samantha threw the diaper away and got into the shower. While she was washing herself off, it finally sunk in. Samantha sat down on hard on the floor. “Why?” she asked the world. “Why does it have to be me? It isn’t fair…” Samantha started sobbing hysterically. “It isn’t fair!!!” she screamed.

The next morning, Samantha trudged through her chores, feeling sorry for herself. She had called her doctor and made an appointment for the next day. She sighed as she finished washing her dishes and glanced over at the calendar. Her eyes widened and Samantha dropped the cup she was drying. She ran into her room and threw clothes on and raced out of her apartment, slamming the door behind her. She could not believe she forgot the rescheduled interview. Samantha somehow made it to Nitram Inc. The receptionist smiled at her as she signed in. Samantha noticed it was the same one as last time and blushed. “Don’t worry dear, I didn’t tell them what really happened. If they ask, you were called away on a personal matter.” Samantha smiled at the receptionist. “Thank you so much! I hope I will get the chance to work with you.” The receptionist nodded and pointed Samantha to where she had to go.

Forty minutes later, Samantha emerged, grinning widely. She felt the interview went great and why she had to leave the first time did not really come up. She cheerfully said good-bye to the receptionist as she signed out and walked calmly out of the office. The job was hers…she knew it.

Darkness…pure darkness that enveloped her, that sucked at her skin, trying to get inside her, burrowing into her, stealing her light, her happiness, her life…her being…
This time when Samantha woke up, she had only wet her diaper. She cheered, deciding to take her victories where she could get them. Things were beginning to look up.

Chapter Five

Samantha was sitting on the couch, relaxing and watching some television when it happened. Her phone rang. She casually wandered over to it, and, craning her neck to see the TV, answered. Samantha suddenly grinned and said thank you. She carefully hung up the phone and leapt in the air cheering. She had gotten the job with Nitram Inc.! Starting Monday, she was a working woman again. Samantha decided to go to a bar to celebrate. Samantha glanced at the calendar. Today was Thursday and her appointment at the doctor’s wasn’t until Saturday. There was plenty of time to recuperate if she drank too much. She went into her room and put her sexiest dress on and left the apartment to a new bar she heard of. Samantha smiled as she started walking. It was a nice night and not too far away. She hadn’t had the money to go to a bar for awhile. Samantha was going to enjoy herself.

She sat at the counter, looking around at everyone there, and drinking a screwdriver. She smiled, letting the music wash over her. Samantha finished her drink and went on to the dance floor. She was going to have some fun.

Samantha groaned, wishing she hadn’t drunk so much. She stumbled, but managed to catch herself before she hit the sidewalk. “Forget this,” she muttered. Samantha hailed a cab and got in. She told the driver where she lived and looked out the window as he drove. “Wait! Stop!” she cried out. The driver slammed on his breaks. They were in front of Takkun’s Pharmacy. “I just need to get something,” Samantha said. “It will only take a minute.” She got out of the cab and walked into the pharmacy. The same man who was there last time greeted her. “Hi! …I doubt you remember me but…” The man smiled and nodded. “I remember you. How is the store brand?” “Great! I just wanted to buy some more.” Samantha started walking to where the diapers were when she tripped.
Darkness rushed up to her. Darkness that stung her body, which whipped at her, gashing her skin, making her cry out in pain. Darkness that was…
The man rushed over and helped Samantha up. “Are you all right?” he asked. Samantha nodded yes. The man’s brow furrowed, and he looked her up and down. “Have you been drinking?” he asked. Samantha nodded. “I have a cab right out front though.” The man handed her a pack of diapers. She smiled at him. “Thanks,” she said. “Look…I don’t mean to embarrass you or anything, but, I think you need to change.” Samantha looked at him puzzled. What was wrong with her clothes, she though. “No, I’m all right.” She paid for the diapers and got back into the cab. The driver looked at Samantha strangely, and then drove her rest of the way to the apartment. Samantha paid the cab driver, and then went into the apartment. She went into the bedroom and took of her dress. She began taking off her underwear when she stopped. Her eyes widened. For the second time, Samantha had pooped herself. She ran to the bathroom and tore off the messy panties. She jumped into the shower and rinsed herself off. When she was clean, Samantha sat down in the tub and to have a long cry.

Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life

Chapter Six

Samantha gazed around blearily. Her brow furrowed. Why was she in a bathtub? Samantha started to stand up, then quickly sat back down, clutching her head in pain. She groaned at the massive headache. Last night was coming back to her through a misty fog. She groaned again, but this time in embarrassment. She pooped herself in front of that nice guy at the Pharmacy. “Did I really tell him I was fine when he asked if she needed to get changed?” Samantha asked aloud. She hoped it did not really happen. She glanced down and noticed she was naked. Samantha peered from out of the tub and saw her ruined underwear. “Darn…it really did happen. How am I going to show my face there again?” she wondered. She slowly and carefully got out of the tub and went into her room to get dressed. She stumbled into her room and put on a pair of panties and a bra. Samantha went into the living room, hitting the TV on as she collapsed onto the couch. She closed her eyes and massaged her neck as she let the soft sound of soap opera voices wash over her.

Darkness, pure darkness, the type of darkness that you could cut with a knife. The darkness that was everywhere and no where at the same time. Darkness that had depth and thickness. And the door of light she could never quite reach. A figure that would come and reach out for her, and she would brace herself, waiting for the cold talons that would scratch her, that would rip into her. Talons of solid dark.

Samantha opened her eyes wide, gasping. Someone’s voice talking about something meaningless quickly drew her back to the real world. She put her forehead in her hands, tears silently falling from her eyes. “It seemed so real…” she whispered. Wiping her eyes, she walked into the bathroom to do the now familiar act of washing off the pee. She went back into her room, hesitating at her dresser drawer for a few minutes, before grabbing a diaper and distastefully putting it on. Samantha went to her phone and called her doctor to see if she could get her appointment moved up to the nearest time. She thanked the receptionist gratefully when she got squeezed in the next day. Samantha spent the rest of the day in a diaper, trying not to think of the dreams.

Chapter Seven

Samantha walked into the doctor’s office a few minutes before her appointment in case she needed to fill out any paperwork. She quickly signed in and, taking the papers the receptionist gave her, she sat down, beginning the arduous task of filling out the papers. Samantha breathed a sigh of relief when she finally finished. She gave the paperwork back to the receptionist, shaking her hand to get rid of her cramp. She walked back to her seat and sat down, blushing at the seemingly loud crinkle. Samantha looked around quickly to see if anyone noticed the sound her diaper had made. Thankfully, everyone seemed to be oblivious.
Samantha settled into her chair and stared into space, lost in thought. “Maybe I shouldn’t have worn a diaper. But, I did have that accident in the daytime. It would be so embarrassing if it would happen in public. Maybe it would be best if I just wear diapers all the time. I doubt anyone would know, and if they do, well, so what? It could be a medical problem. I’m sure that’s what is. The doctor will look me in the eyes and say, ‘Yes, Samantha, there is a problem.’ Why am I fantasizing about having a medical condition? …because the alternative is worse.” At that point the receptionist called Samantha’s name to tell her that Doctor Kuno was ready for her.

Samantha sat on the examining table, nervously swinging her legs, while she waited for Doctor Kuno. Finally, Kuno came in; looking at the papers she filled out. “So, Samantha…was having control problems, huh?” “I still am Doctor Kuno.” He nodded. “All right, take off your clothes and we’ll check this out.” As Samantha undressed, he asked, “Have you been doing anything for these accidents?” He looked up as Samantha pulled don her pants. “Ah…diapers, eh?” Samantha blushed and nodded. “Very colorful,” Kuno commented. “Take it off as well please.” Samantha did so and Kuno began the examination.
“Well, I don’t see anything wrong Samantha. But we’re going to get a urine sample from you as well as a blood sample. The results should be in by tomorrow.” Samantha nodded. Kuno smiled at her. “Don’t worry. I doubt it’s anything, and even if it is something, it probably won’t be serious. Nothing some exercises can’t fix at least.” Samantha thanked him and went to get the samples.
On her way home, Samantha noticed an urgent pressure that demanded to be taken care of. She looked around for someplace to stop, but could see nothing that would help. Samantha tried to hold it, but became desperate. Sighing, she emptied her bowels in her diaper. “Well…that’s what diapers are for…” she muttered as she drove the rest of the way home.

Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life

Chapter Eight

There was nothing but darkness. A darkness that seemed to be everywhere, yet focused on her. A darkness that invaded her sense, leaving everything dull and lifeless. Far away, a door opened, and she could see the hint of light. She could not move towards it. She cried out, begging someone to come and help her. But no one came. She yelled louder, screaming for anyone to carry her, to help her go to the light, to get away from the crushing dark.
Samantha woke up with a wet and messy diaper. Sighing, she waddled into the bathroom and began cleaning up. As she was washing off, she heard the phone ring. “It never fails…” she muttered. When she was finally finished washing herself and putting a new diaper on, Samantha hit play on her answering machine.
“Hello Samantha. This is Dr. Kuno calling. We got your test results back, and they all turned up negative. If you want to, we can schedule you to get an x-ray. All right, bye Samantha.”
Samantha stared at the answering machine. She replayed the message, listening carefully, and tears formed in her eyes. It wasn’t something medical…that could only mean… Samantha burst out in tears, sobbing loudly. She hated psychologists. Last time she had this problem; it was sheer torture to go see a psychologist. Samantha called the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment for the x-ray. She knew they would not find anything, but Samantha was hopeful.
Samantha spent her last day before starting her new job lounging around in diapers. She did not use the diapers though. After re-taping her diaper for the third time, she decided to go out and buy pull-up diapers for daytime, just using the regular kind for when she goes to bed. Samantha quickly got dressed and hoped into her car for a quick drive to Takkun’s Pharmacy. She went in and blushed fiercely when she saw the guy that had been there the past few times. He greeted her and asked if she needed help. Samantha quickly composed herself. “I would like to apologize for last time I was in here. I had a little too much to drink, celebrating my new job.” The guy smiled, “It’s all right. By the way, the name’s Alicanto.” Samantha smiled back. “It’s nice to meet you Alicanto. My name is Samantha.” They shook hands and Samantha scurried down to the diaper aisle. She grabbed some Depend pull-ups. She walked back to the cash register and handed them to Alicanto. While he rang it up, Samantha had an inner battle. After paying for the diapers, she suddenly asked, “Would you like to go out sometime?” Alicanto heisted before nodding. Samantha smiled and quickly wrote her phone number on the back of the receipt. “Call me sometime and we can set a date.” Alicanto promised he would. Samantha walked out, her face lit up in a smile.
That night, she subconsciously began sucking her thumb while drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Nine

Weeks went by and not much happened except for a few key events. Samantha started working and loved her new job at Nitram Inc. She had the x-rays done, but they turned out negative. Samantha started dating Alicanto, and they really hit it off. Alicanto did not care about her wearing pull-ups and having the occasional accident during the day. Samantha still wore diapers at night. The messing stopped and the bedwetting was getting very rare. The daytime accidents also began disappearing. Samantha switched from pull-ups to pads but remained in diapers for the night.
There was darkness all around her. Thick darkness, the type you got as a kid. Darkness that would suck away all light. A darkness that would smother you, try to get inside you to take away the happiness. A door opened and Samantha could see a speck of light coming through it. She tried to move towards but couldn’t. She cried out for help, cried for her mommy, her daddy, anyone, to come help her. The darkness intensified, trying to tear into her, to keep her there forever. She cried louder, begging someone to come. The small speck of light was blocked for a minute by a figure. It began walking towards her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the cold hands to grab her, the slimy tentacles to wrap around her. A soft, warm hand took her by the hand. Samantha opened her eyes slowly and saw the smiling face of Alicanto. Gently, he pulled her towards the door. The trip took months, but it seemed like seconds. She was at the door. Samantha gazed into the bright light pouring from the door, smiling. She turned around and looked back into the darkness. It did not seem as bad. It was less dark, less threatening, and less thick. The darkness seemed like nothing but a momentary bad time that was not as bad as it looked. Samantha gazed up at the smiling Alicanto. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the light with him.

Samantha blinked at the sudden light. She turned to Alicanto. “What was that place?” she asked. Alicanto smiled widely. He began speaking in a voice that was not his. The voice sounded familiar to Samantha, but she could not think of where she remembered from. It seemed like a…inherited memory. A memory of a voice imprinted in the subconscious of the human species. “Where you were,” he said, “Was a place where everyone has been at least once. The crushing darkness that sucked away all your happiness, it came from you.” His smile toned down to a playful grin. “All humans go to that place. Most leave it quickly, but a few stay there. You looked like you were going to be the latter and I always try to help those people. So, help was sent. Enjoy your life Samantha…” He leaned over and lightly kissed her on the cheek. Samantha looked at him and his features started morphing. It was not Alicanto, it was…

Samantha woke up. She smiled at the beautiful dream and cuddled up close to the figure beside her. Samantha gently kissed Alicanto on the cheek and went back to sleep, curled up at his side.

And that, dear readers, is where I leave Samantha. But it is not the end of her life. She married Alicanto. Samantha stopped wearing diapers, but did wear to relive stress, for long car trips, and for the sheer joy of it. Alicanto always let her indulge, and would participate in the diaper play. Samantha stopped after having the first of their two kids. She was happy and the dreams of darkness only came back once in her life. But that is another story. Maybe some day it will be told…

Darkness Surrounds began giving me problems. I had no idea where to go from where chapter 8 left off. I knew the ending in the beginning so, I wrote it out and have posted it above this message. I am sorry for ending it so soon, but I doubt I would have been able to get past the writer’s block. And, if I had forced it, the story would have been bad. I honestly believe it is better to end now. So, that’s the end. I would like to take this time to thank those who read it again. I would also like to thank Wing Z and Victoriah Nichole for making this board and Ken for…well, being Ken.