Decisions: Ashley's Side

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Decisions: Ashley’s Side

Chapter 1

Despite having the white drapes blocking the sunlight, Ashley felt herself groggily waking up. Slowly rising up, she began to wipe her eyes off. Brushing her backside length dark brown hair, she contemplated going back to sleep. Reaching for her light blue and cartoonish cloud cover phone, she checked the time. It showed 10am, which was still quite early for her on this Tuesday morning.

As she shifted her legs, she was reminded by a soggy diaper around her waist. She knew she didn’t go the night before, so she had another night time accident. She slid a finger down her waist to check just how wet she was.

After feeling her light blue diaper, she found the diaper quite soaked. This meant she probably should get up rather than risk soaking through her diaper again if she went back to sleep.

Then the thought occurred to her if she needed to pee. As like most mornings for her, she would need to go. She wasn’t sure if the diaper would be able to hold another wetting, nor if she wanted to go without her sister Melina being present. But despite her thoughts on wetting again, she didn’t feel the urge to go. This however did cause her to have thoughts about the previous day and for what could happen next.

This really is so strange. There was no way in knowing this could have happened. Wetting the bed, and having to wear diapers. At first, I was so scared that I wet the bed but Melina really does have magic to make me feel better. I still don’t think it is right that a girl my age should be wetting the bed, but I feel better about it at least. Ashley slightly tugged the waist of her pajama pants to peek at her diaper. I didn’t like the idea of having to wear one at night. But at the same time, I knew that if I were to wet the bed I should probably wear protection at least. Melina really is kind to have accepted the proposal I made. There’s no way a girl of her age would even think about wearing a diaper. I only thought of that plan because no matter how embarrassing or weird something may be, as long as Melina is also with me I can relax and smile.

She drifted her head towards the white ceiling, releasing the waist she tugged at. This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this either. There have been many occasions where she would stoop down to my level just so we all could have fun. I can remember the first time quite well. I was six and always enjoyed having tea parties and pretend princesses even though I spent the events alone when mother was busy. She was having her best friend over and were doing something ten year olds would do. Ashley didn’t remember exactly what her sister did when she was ten, but she faintly knew it was somewhat a common thing. But she looked at me. Ashley started to tear up from the memory. Then she came over and said would it be alright for her friend and her to join me. They didn’t care that what I was doing was rather childish but participated anyways. My sister and I were both beautiful princesses that day, and her best friend Lisa was a wonderful caretaker. Even though they didn’t need to stoop so low for me, they still ended up with a smile at the end. And ever since then, Melina has been continuing to stoop low to participate with me. Or even sacrifice herself to save me, like when Mom goes on her baby talks. I’d leave the room since I couldn’t take hearing it, while she would take it all in to spare me.

This is why I have wished to at least let me be able to do the same for her. But no matter what I seem to do, it doesn’t work. That’s why when she strangely was thinking about accepting Mom’s idea for wearing diapers during the day, I knew that I shouldn’t judge her but help her. And that’s how I came up with the idea of wearing one with her. She’s already made the sacrifice to wear one during the night for my sake, I might as well for her. I don’t care about how embarrassing or strange or even bizarre the situation is, as long as I am with my sister I know I can find a way to smile through.

Her hand reached the front of the soggy diaper. Though, I won’t deny it was rather really strange to go through all those things. But only thinking of my sister helps me get through it all despite how strange it is. Even though I didn’t like the idea of wearing a diaper even during the night, right now it’s a little better. They still feel strange, but it never did feel completely uncomfortable. But, I can’t deny the fact I like the idea of seeing my older sister in a dirty diaper. I wonder if she went in her diaper like a baby. She grew a fairly large smile at the amusing thought.

Ashley then got out of bed and her soggy diaper flopped down. The weight caused a bulge to appear from her pajama pants letting all who see what she has done. She then patted her soggy bottom with her left hand and couldn’t deny that even how strange it felt, it was still was a tiny bit amusing. This led her to the worrisome thought she felt before she went to sleep. My sister and I are absolutely strange, weird and bizarre huh. Nobody our ages would even think once about wearing a diaper. She began to hang her head low, as she didn’t like the idea of being weird or strange.

Another quick pat and a squeeze, she raised her head and only thought for what could come that day. But first things first, she needed to get changed. So she proceeded to open her door with her left hand.

After the door was opened, she could see Melina in her white pajamas. The first thing she noticed was Melina’s chest. Ashley felt bad for how small her breasts were compared to her sister. But when she actually said this once, Melina and their mother told her she’ll grow to be like them eventually. Melina would add the comment “if were like our mother, then we’ll end up with melons in not too long,” just to reassure Ashley that she shouldn’t feel bad about how small she may be. But she was glad to at least be a little bigger than her best friend Emily.

The next thing she noticed was the slightly larger bulge around Melina’s waist. It very much was like her own which must have meant Melina went just like a baby like Ashley had hoped.

“Did you umm, you know?” Melina politely asked. Ashley thought Melina must still be feeling bad for her that she’s having night time issues. She just wanted to reassure Melina that it’s alright for now.

She tried her best to speak with a smile, “Yeah, I had another night time accident.” But her sister’s reaction still showed signs of concern for her. She was glad to be cared for, but didn’t think being concerned here can be very beneficial. It was just having night time accidents, it’ll pass over eventually. Nothing else can be done. So Ashley tried her best to shake that concerned look quickly, “Well, we should get changed.” Ashley wasn’t lying as she knew they needed a change, but it did indeed remove the stare she was receiving.

“Alright, you can take a shower first then,” Melina smiled at her. She decided to accept going in the shower first. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about her sister using up the hot water.

Ashley’s main attention wasn’t partially towards Melina’s eyes, but more towards her waist. Seeing the bulge had Ashley curious as to when her sister may have used it. She hoped she wasn’t having bed wetting issues like she was. “Um, sis,” Ashley couldn’t help but stumble for what she was about to ask. “When did you, you know?”

“Oh, I ended up going sometime last night before I went to bed,” Melina spoke while patting the front of her diaper. Ashley could only think about why her sister would use it during the night as well. She knew Melina originally agreed to wear during the night along with her, but she didn’t expect her sister would be using the diaper like they had during the day. But Ashley felt more like wearing during the day was more for Melina’s sake, so when it came to night time it was for her own. This Melina did not have to sacrifice for Ashley.

“Oh jeez, you know you don’t have to use it at night too?” Ashley replied.

“Well, this way was easier,” Melina said with a smile. This also caused Ashley to smile. She also grew a smirk at the same time, the thought of her older sister making use of her pants because she didn’t want to think about getting up to go to the restroom.

“Maybe you’re still a baby or something,” Ashley stated with her smirk still intact. The immediate reaction she got from Melina was a blush and then a chuckle.

“Hehe, maybe you’re right,” Melina blushed a fine scarlet. Despite her not wanting her sister to sacrifice for her sake during the night, she still enjoyed the idea of her sister acting like a baby. Ashley decided that maybe she should just hope her sister act like a baby even at night, it seemed to make her happy. “But wouldn’t that make us both babies?” Ashley blushed at her sister’s comeback as well as her sister’s hand that touched her soggy diaper.

She didn’t know how to take the statement, whether she liked it or not. It would be true as both of them were wearing diapers especially with wet ones, but she still felt a little strange from it. This caused Ashley to remember feeling how weird they must appear.

“Maybe so, but I was thinking how weird we must be,” Ashley said while hanging her head down. She didn’t think there could have been anyone else to enjoy acting like babies as they did. “Just, there can’t be anybody else who’d enjoy this like us.” Ashley couldn’t help but returning to her thoughts. It is way too impossible, who’d be willing to look at us and not think gross. Even though we are having fun together, it’s not like there’d be anyone else who could understand us.

Her thoughts were then disturbed by a voice. “Well we should get changed at least,” Melina voiced. Ashley stopped thinking for that second and nodded. She then walked off towards their mother’s bedroom.

As she entered the bedroom, she could see her mother sitting reading a book. Her mother quickly looked at her then put a book marker in and set the book down. Ashley could only picture her mother saying something like “I’ve been expecting you.” Even though the evil villainous saying doesn’t fit their mother, it just seemed to work in that second. While she noticed her mother was in her room when she entered, she decided to pay it no attention.

“Do you need a change Ashley?” her mother asked. She was quite thankful her mother stopped calling her baby after she said how weird being called that seemed. So for the time being, she said call her what she’d normally call her.

“Yeah,” Ashley nodded with a blush.

“Did you have another accident during the night?” her mother said as she led her to the bed.

“Yup,” Ashley simply responded. Didn’t need to make a scene out of it.

“Well, at least you were wearing your diaper,” her mother said laying her back.

“Yeah, otherwise it would have been a nasty clean up,” Ashley replied.

“Good, I’m glad you understand,” her mother said as she started pulling her blue pajama pants down. Ashley was rather embarrassed her first time getting changed by her mother, but now it was a nice process to her. Especially how much easier it probably makes getting changes. “Well, I’ll ask you again for today alright?” Ashley just nodded. “Are you wanting to wear diapers again today?”

She then went into a deep thought. Well, if my sister will be wearing one today, then I better make her feel better by joining her. It didn’t take her long to come to this realization, “Yeah, I’d like to wear diapers again.” The look on her mother’s face was full of delight. Ashley started to wonder if her mother actually wanted her to go back into diapers. But she didn’t deny that making her mother happy in this way didn’t make her happy as well. She could only hope that she wouldn’t be chained down to be forced into a diaper as her mother states in an evil saying, “I’ve been expecting you.” Though, the thought caused Ashley to laugh.

“Alright sweetie,” her mother slipped it out. “Let me get the changing mat and the powder so we can get you changed up.”

“Wait,” Ashley stopped her mother. She was wanting a shower first, so getting changed now was rather pointless. “I was wanting to take a shower first.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” her mother stated. “That is a good idea too, I’ll have to change Melina after her shower.” Ashley quickly thought her mother was jumping to conclusions.

“That is if she’s wanting another diaper,” Ashley corrected her.

“That is true, well I’ll suggest it either way,” her mother said while beginning to un-tape her blue diaper. “Alright, there, now go enjoy your shower sweetie.” Her mother smiled as she walked out with her bottom bare. She couldn’t help but smile along as well.

Even though it seemed awkward to Ashley that her mother would be perfectly fine doing this and allowing the two grown girls to wear diapers again, she was somewhat happy how her mother was handling it. It was starting to make her feel like if her mother suggested her diapers again, she could almost wear one just from her mother’s smile. At that thought, Ashley couldn’t help but feel warm. She really loved her mother’s kindness. And wasn’t the first time her mother did something to make her feel this much love either.

As she was showering, she started to feel strange fluttery feelings for that day. Like somehow it was going to be another good day—especially to be a girl. She decided that she’ll dress very feminine that day.

After her shower she dried herself with a blue towel and then wrapped it around her. Despite the only people in the household at the time being all being female, she still felt a little self-conscious about her own body.

Never did she have to worry about running into her father though. He was usually away on some business trip, which made Ashley feel a little sad. But whenever he was home, she would always feel happy when her whole family could spend time together. She really enjoyed it when the two of them spent some time together as well, it made her feel like a princess. However, she felt a little awkward with feeling like a princess as she felt she shouldn’t be. But the feeling was always pleasant.

Ashley checked to make sure her feet were dry before walking out. She then proceeded to walk out of the bathroom and into her mother’s bedroom. There she found her mother reading the same book that she didn’t know what it was and a changing mat with a blue diaper. She started to wonder if the chains were about to yank her in as her mother looked up at her with a smile.

“Good evening,” Her mother said in a terrible Dracula impression. “Let us begin.” Ashley couldn’t believe what she was hearing nor seeing. Her mother was sitting there with an expression that was trying to match something that would match Dracula’s. However, it only caused her to laugh.

“Hehe, what’s that all about?” Ashley giggled. “It’s not even close to being evening.”

“I know, I was just trying to impersonate a vampire for you,” her mother said. “You were reading a series that had vampires right? Twilight wasn’t it?” Ashley couldn’t help but scoff at that statement.

“No, it’s not Twilight,” Ashley corrected her. “It’s a manga, the two aren’t even close.”

“Ah that’s right,” her mother said like a light bulb appeared. “Well, let’s get you changed into a fresh diaper.” Ashley hesitated moving while she looked at the blue diaper. Her mother quickly noticed her hesitation. “What’s wrong? You changed your mind.” Ashley shook her head, but she wasn’t wanting the blue diaper.

“It’s that I um,” Ashley began to blush. “I wanted a pink one for today.” After hearing this her mother now realized what she wanted—a pink diaper.

“That’s fine, let me get it then,” her mother said standing up. She pulled a pink diaper from under the bed and swapped it with the blue one. “Alright, this better?” Ashley nodded and proceeded to walk towards the changing mat.

So that’s where the diapers are being kept, Ashley thought. Well, guess it’s time for me to get diapered again. I know how strange this seems, but it will be fun with my sister. And that’s what’s most important, making her feel happy. As for today, I think I’ll try to make my outfit quite girly then to match my girly pink diaper.

As her mother unraveled her towel, Ashley began to blush. Then she laid down on top of the changing mat feeling her new pink diaper under her. In a quick procession, she had powder and a lotion applied to her bottom. Before she could think, her pink diaper was getting snugly tapped up to her waist. The feeling of this fresh diaper wasn’t as strange as it was the first time, but the bulk of it still was odd. Other than that, Ashley could feel it starting to be a bit comfy.

With a pat to her diapered butt, Ashley blushed at her smiling mother. “You look cute in a pink one too,” her mother stated. She couldn’t help but feel bashful at the complement.

“Thank you mom,” Ashley replied before walking out.

For today, she wanted to dress somewhat girly, so she got out a baby blue shirt and a frilly skirt. After putting these on, she proceeded to brushing her long hair and had a thought about what she could do about it. She grabbed a blue ribbon and tied her hair up in a ponytail. After several more brush strokes to her hair, her hair canvas had a nice and silky appearance. Being contented with how she looks, she unplugged her tablet and walked down the stairs.

As she was walking down, she heard her sister getting in the shower. Ashley began to wonder what her sister said to her mother. I wonder if she chose to wear another diaper today. Kind of hope she does, would be kind of embarrassing to wear alone.

Her racing thoughts continued as she continued to read along on her manga series on her tablet. She almost couldn’t pay full attention to the love between a human male and a vampire girl that was on the screen. Just thinking of her sister in a diaper acting like a baby continued to bring a smile to her face.

Just as she continued her thoughts, she saw her sister appear on the other side of the couch that she sat in. The appearance her sister chose was rather plain, just a white shirt and a logo as well as a pair of blue jeans. But she couldn’t help but looking to see if a diaper bulged out or not. She noticed a slight bulge, but it wouldn’t be a dead giveaway that it was in fact a diaper.

Ashley just decided to ask her and find out. “Did you say yes today too?” she asked. Immediately after asking her question, Melina nodded. This answered her thoughts about whether or not her sister was diapered or not for the day. She felt quite relieved. “Oh good. Can I see it?” Ashley couldn’t help herself as she smirked.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Melina fired back. And Ashley could only think that was a fair trade.

“Okay, then on the count of three,” She said as she grabbed her skirt. Seeing her sister nod and begin to unbutton her pants gave her the cue. “One, two, three!” Right after she had said three, she pulled her skirt up revealing her pink diaper. She also saw her sister pull her pants down and reveal her pink and flowery pattern diaper. Both eyes affixed on each other’s diaper.

“Not blue today?” Melina looked shocked. Ashley could understand why as well. She’d normally go for anything light blue.

Thinking of her reasons why she went pink, she began to blush. “I was feeling extra girly today.” She looked at the smile her sister formed and made her feel happy about the choice she made. While looking at her sister’s diaper, she felt she should reply to her sister’s appearance. “You’re looking cute, and I mean in a babyish way.” She couldn’t help but smirk at her sister, which also caused Melina to smile more.

“Well, should we help mother with breakfast?” Melina asked. Ashley did enjoy cooking a bit. For breakfast, she’d always love to cook pancakes.

“Sure, only if I get to help with the pancakes,” She replied with a smile.

“Alright,” Melina replied with her own smile. It had been awhile since she had last cooked pancakes. But she more importantly liked the idea of helping her sister and mother with cooking. She didn’t feel she was the best at it, but would at least try her best.

Ashley thoroughly enjoyed cooking with the three of them, but it was also a wonderful sight to see once all the foods done. There were pancakes with fruit, French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. It didn’t just look good, but it also tasted great. The salivating wait was over once they started to dig in. And once they started, they couldn’t stop. This breakfast was almost like a curse. Unlike nasty potions, this one tasted wonderful. It wasn’t long till nothing left remained.

There sure was a lot, but we ate it all, even the flowers in the vase. Hehe, we didn’t eat flowers but I bet we may have if they were on the plate. After chuckling to herself she walked back out to the couch. There she was joined by Melina again who looked at her.

“What would you like to do for today?” Melina asked. Ashley already had her tablet up and continuing on in her series. She was quite far into it and there was no way she could put it down now.

“I think I’m going to try and finish this series up,” She summed up her day.

“Alright, I guess I’ll watch something then,” Melina said while sitting her padded bottom down.

Thinking about what she was doing for that day caused her to think on the situation. Well, it’s probably better this way since school will be starting next week. Plus we do have our friends coming to spend the night for a few nights before after tomorrow. So if I wanted to have time to read this, now would be the time.

Melina and Ashley continued to do the same thing as well after they had a scrumptious lunch. Ashley couldn’t put her series down, but saw Melina was changing over to playing a game. The one in particular Ashley really liked.

She so would play that game right here right now. It’s almost like she wants to torment me. Well, at least my file is way much further ahead. Just as she was about to ignore her sister, she saw their mother sit down on the couch to watch Melina play. I wonder if it is fun at all for her to just watch? I don’t think I could take watching at all. Rather than showing me a screen, I’d rather be shown the controller. But it’s not like we haven’t had her try to play along, she’s just not really that great. Well, maybe she’ll learn something by watching. Though she’d learn a lot more from me! She smiled to her superior thoughts as she went back to reading her series.

After swiping to the next chapter, she noticed her sister starting to cross her legs. A smirk came to her face that as she went deep into thought. I wonder if my sister has to pee? She is crossing her legs rather hard. Must have to go pretty bad. But you are wearing a diaper, so you shouldn’t have to worry. Just go and feel better. Her thoughts were dedicated to her sister’s predicament. She didn’t want her to feel any sort of stress, she just wanted her to relax and let go of her worries. Even if that did mean releasing her bladder. Though, she still felt a little sinister of a smile with the thought of her sister using the diaper like a baby.

Watching her sister started to cause her own predicament. Ashley now started to grow an urgency to relieve her own bladder. But unlike following her own thoughts, she wasn’t sure to just let it go then. With Melina right there, she felt she shouldn’t have any issues, as she’d be there with her sister. But seeing that there mother is also there, she couldn’t help but feel the need to deliberate on it.

Just as she was starting to hold herself with her growing urge, she noticed her sister beginning to grow a relaxed look. Melina appeared quite relieved and was starting to blush. Ashley could only guess she had just wet herself. As she smiled, she noticed their mother slipping her fingers into her pants.

“Looks like someone needs a change,” Her mother said with a smile. This confirmed her thought that her sister did indeed wet herself. She couldn’t help but smile at what her sister did.

“Uh oh, did my sister have an accident?” Ashley said with a smirk. She couldn’t resist making it seem like her older sister was still a little girl. And the result got a redder face on Melina. Now Ashley felt like she went a little overboard and wanted to calm her sister down. “It’s fine, I mean that’s what the diaper is for.” After stating that, her mother nodded to let Melina know it was perfectly okay for her to have gone in her diaper. Melina smiled after the two cheered her up.

Ashley’s mother then walked towards her and flipped her skirt up. Checking her diaper while she crossed her legs, her mother found her diaper to be dry. “Looks like you are still dry,” Her mother stated.

“Yeah,” Ashley could only state. But for how long is the real question. I have to go right now pretty badly, and going now would have me join my sister. I’d like to join her, but I’m just not sure about going in front of you. But I also did just say, that’s what the diaper is for…

Ashley continued to contemplate going right then when she saw Melina finishing up the stage she was on and getting up. Both Melina and their mother were walking up the stairs, most likely for a change. Now she was left completely alone. But she could only concentrate on her full bladder. Mother is gone now, but so is Melina. I haven’t gone in my diaper without Melina, except during when I sleep. She has taken up the embarrassment out of it so I don’t really know what it’s like to wet on my own. Will it feel weird, or will I not like it? I really don’t know how I alone feel about this. It’s quite strange, but doesn’t entirely feel that way either.

She continued to try and read on her tablet but the urge just kept her locked up. The urgency was at the point where she had to hold herself with her hand while crossing her legs. I could just go up and use the restroom, but I’m somewhat curious at the same time. Should I just go, or should I not? Ashley was starting to blush with her predicament and started to remember some earlier words. It’s fine, I mean that’s what the diaper is for. I know that’s what I told my sister, but I’m just not sure. Part of me was saying that to tell her it was okay to be a baby and to calm her down. But I’m just not sure if I want to be like a baby. Though she did quite like what I said too.

With her growing contemplation and desperation, she started to wonder was it really what she wanted. I know I’m doing this for Melina, but do I really want this? Do I really want to continue on like this? I could stop here and go back to being normal. But at the same time something inside of me feels different. What in the world do I do? I suppose I should just make a decision right here and now. If I want to end it, I’ll go up and use the toilet right now. But if I somehow decide to continue, I’ll go in my diaper.

The growing urge was driving her insane and she just wanted to let it loose soon. So she decided to go back to being normal and use the toilet. Getting up from the couch wasn’t the easiest thing when she had to go this bad. Once she gained footing on the ground, she started to waddle slowly towards the stairs. She could see the bathroom door open and thought about making a break for it. After she’d go, she’d just have to tell their mother she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore, except at night since she had no choice.

Just before she was going to walk up the stairs, her mind raced again. Am I sure this is what I want? Part of me is somehow telling me to go back to the couch and relax. But doing so would be weird. I’d be normal to go up and use the toilet. That’s when her earlier saying recycled into her mind. It’s fine, I mean that’s what the diaper is for. She started to blush as her earlier statement started to haunt her.

She started to move her leg up the first step towards the bathroom. That’s when a new thought entered her mind. Just go, and you’ll feel all better. It was a critical hit to her as she couldn’t move. The saying that seemed more like it crept from her inner self than her regular thought process put her at a stagnant state. She started to feel there was a lot more to this saying than what it actually implied, but couldn’t quite picture it.

Her thought regained back to making use of the toilet and moved her other foot up the next step. That’s when it hit her again. Just go, and you’ll feel all better. Her mysterious thought held her frozen again. She was getting even more desperate to the point where she may actually have an accident if she’d wait any longer. Just go, and you’ll feel all better. After it appeared in her mind again, she moved her legs back down the stairs. Once both legs reached ground level, she faced the couch. Her decision was now to continue wearing diapers, which meant she should just go back and relax.

Ashley couldn’t take another step however. With her decision in place, she shouldn’t care where she was to just relax and go. And with no counter arguments to her decision, she started to relax on the spot. She quickly felt her bladder starting to ready itself to relieve in her diaper. One spurt came out and leaked out into the ready diaper. Getting absorbed while spreading a warmth on the spot. Knowing her ultimate decision, Ashley decided to not stop and just let it all out. With that thought, she felt herself beginning to go. It began full force out into the diaper. She could only feel enveloped in a warmth that was on her waist as she was going. With a blush, she couldn’t quite picture how it was feeling to her. One thing was certain at that point, it was very relieving.

Now with her newly wet diaper, she knew she was in for some more. Well, better go sit back and relax for my turn to change. I just hope I’m not weird. That’s when her earlier statement returned. It’s fine, I mean that’s what the diaper is for. Well, that may be true but doesn’t it seem a little strange? But that’s not how it seems to me. Wait, do I actually find it to feel…good?! Ashley blushed more at her realization. She didn’t find it gross, but it felt very relieving. And the warmth that was around her had what else but a warm touch. I guess I need more time to think about what I think about this…on my own of course.

While swiping to the next page, she heard Melina and their mother come down. Ashley could only help but blush at the warm diaper around her waist. Knowing that if her mother was going to check her again like earlier, she’d be announced.

Just as that thought continued, she felt a hand going up her skirt—it was her mothers. “Oh, looks like someone’s wet now,” Her mother announced with a smile. Ashley turned redder and almost felt like she may even cry.

“It’s okay Ashley, didn’t it feel better to go?” She heard Melina ask. The question helped her disregard that her situation should be embarrassing but fine. She quickly then turned to her sister and smiled with red cheeks.

“Yeah, it did,” She said feeling more calm. Ashley wasn’t lying either, as her experience presented just that.

“You should get a change now sweetie,” Her mother said. She agreed that she should get changed, but couldn’t help but look at her tablet. For that day she wanted to finish up her story, so wondered maybe she could continue reading while getting changed.

“Can I bring my tablet with?” She tried her best to ask politely. And her mother responded with a nod. So the two of them began to walk up the stairs.

Her change was relatively simple as she only had to look at her tablet. All she had to do was raise her legs and her mother did the rest. After a few seconds, she was already in a new pink diaper. She realized that her mother chose the same color for her. Once she stood up to go back down stairs, her mother patted her bottom.

“How’s the story coming?” Her mother asked.

“It’s really starting to get interesting,” Ashley replied. “The guy was just about to go and rescue the vampire girl from the church and then…” Before she could continue her mother stopped her.

“Sounds interesting, but there was something I was wanting to tell both you girls,” Her mother said with a chuckle. This only had Ashley wonder what this “something” was.

Once she was back on the same spot, her mother followed in front. Ashley was now about to find out what their mother was wanting to talk to them about. She was fine with them wearing diapers, but maybe it was part of that subject.

“I wanted to let you know, that we should probably tell your father of this,” Their mother said. After hearing this, Ashley began to panic. She completely forgot about their father in this picture. What would he have to say about his two little girls actually being two little girls? “He’ll be home for just tonight, so I’ll let him know then. Don’t worry though, you know how open of a man he is. Trust me, I should know. Should I tell you the time I told him of a strange interest of mine?” Ashley didn’t quite get what her mother was saying here, but it did seem to make sense about her father being open-minded. “So don’t worry, I’ll work it out with him, and he won’t even mention it for a while till you get more comfortable around him with it.” She wasn’t sure exactly how to take it, her father knowing was rather scary to her.

“Alright, I understand,” Melina spoke. Ashley wished she did as well.

“Oh good, I’m glad you did,” Her mother said with a smile. But she still could only feel the fears.

“I’m still a little afraid,” She shyly said.

“It’ll be fine, remember the time he acted as a princess so you could be a prince for the day?” Melina said with a smile. Ashley instantly remembered that time.

How could I have forgotten that? It was hilarious seeing daddy with a tiara and prancing around like he was a ballerina. If I remember correctly, he even acted like a helpless princess so I could be the helpful prince in shining armor. That made me really happy when he let me do that. A good memory, but quite funny as well. The thought caused her to smile.

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” She said with a laugh.

“So you girls shouldn’t have to worry about it, just relax and continue with what you like okay?” Ashley’s mother stated. She didn’t think about this statement much. The only thought was whether she made the right decision or not.

It wasn’t long till it was the two girl’s bedtime. So they got another quick wet diaper change and went to their rooms. Once she got to her room, Ashley changed into a pink nightgown. She thought the girly feeling was rather pleasant especially for the events of that day.

After changing her clothes Ashley saw her sister enter her room with a concerned look. “How are you doing tonight?” Melina asked.

“I’m feeling fine, you?” Ashley replied.

“Ah I’m doing great, just wondering, well good night.” Melina smiled.

“Good night sis,” Ashley replied with a smile. After that, Melina walked out.

Ashley wondered what that was all about, but shook it off and crawled into bed while reading a few more chapters of her story. The story was starting to take an interesting turn at this point, she couldn’t feel the need to sleep until the part was resolved.

After she got to the next chapter, she heard a knock on her door. “Yeah?” Ashley said letting whoever was at the door know that she was still up. Then she wondered if it was her father. She blushed at the thought, but realized she’d hear the front door open first. But when the door opened, she saw her sister come in with a frilly pink nightgown. This put her to wonder if being girly was starting to become a competition. But she also wondered why her sister entered her room at this time.

“I just looked up whether we were weird or not,” Melina said rapidly. Ashley didn’t have the faintest idea as to what Melina was saying. “There are several others who are like us.” Now Ashley started to get the idea what she was talking about. It was about her earlier worry about being weird for wearing diapers. She couldn’t help but blush at the thought. “So don’t feel bad, were not weird. Even if we seem strange to others, we are who we are and nothing can change that. If it makes us happy, then we shouldn’t need to worry. It’ll just be a part of who we are.” Ashley started to get worked up from what Melina had said. She was glad they weren’t alone, but was glad to hear this piece from her sister.

The only thought she could continue was showing her sister gratitude. She quickly got out of bed and went to hug her.

“Thank you sis,” She couldn’t help but start to form tears. “That really makes me feel happy!”

“I’m glad!” Melina squeezed her tighter. Ashley couldn’t help but go into her own world.

I love you so much sis, you don’t know how much I do. This really makes me so happy to feel accepted, because I have always accepted you!

Once they were done hugging, they heard the front door. Ashley assumed that it must have been their father. With that thought, she saw Melina bolt out the door and run down the stairs.

Just like a little girl running to her daddy. After her thoughts, she decided to head down as well. With a blush about her diapered status caused her to stop at the top of the stairs. She then saw their mother coming out of her room. Her mother was dressed in a black nightgown that made her quite cute. It also formed around her curves rather well.

“You look cute tonight mother,” Ashley couldn’t to help comment. “What’s the occasion?”

“Thanks sweetie,” Her mother blushed. “Your father quite likes this outfit.”

After their brief encounter, they began to descend down the stairs. Once they were about half way down, they could see Melina in their father’s arms getting a kiss on the cheek. Just like a little girl. Ashley couldn’t help but smirk at the sight.

“How was the trip dad?” she said as she was getting her turn to hug. Fluttery feelings sprung through her as the two embraced one another. I guess I might be like a little girl too. Then she feared he may actually find out what she was wearing below. She could only blush as she continued to hold onto her father.

“It went alright, I wouldn’t mind if any of the other employees actually looked up what they were supposed to do, but just another day at work I suppose,” He replied. Ashley could only imagine that the job didn’t go so smoothly.

Once she received her kiss on her scarlet cheek, they released. His immediate move was then towards their mother. The dark haired emerald eyes man walked up to her revealing that he wasn’t that much taller. “Oh, hello there,” He spoke. “Just who might you be?” Ashley wondered if he was actually stating the truth or not.

“Me?” Their mother looked both ways like there were other people around her. After turning her head towards the man, she smiled. “I might be a princess, but I’m in love with my prince in shining armor.” Once stated, the two instantly kissed. Ashley thought adults must like to act out stuff as well.

The two of them didn’t get to meet all the time so Ashley understood they probably wanted to embrace each other. But she still felt a little flustered at the thought about them having a chat about their two daughters wearing diapers.

They stayed up another hour talking about their stories on what they all missed. Ashley walked up stairs first as she still had another chapter to go in her story and didn’t want to stay up too late. So she slipped into bed and felt her padding touch her skin. Even though it still was rather strange to her, she was starting to grasp at her decision towards wearing them.

Chapter 2

The world Ashley looked at had a hazy feel. It didn’t feel quite real but couldn’t be discerned at the same time. Once she looked to her left, she saw her older sister sitting in nothing but a pink shirt and a diaper. With a pacifier in mouth, her older sister appeared pleased. She was building with some blocks, or more like stacking them in this case. Either way, Ashley’s sister looked very much like a baby at this time.

Ashley noticed herself in a similar situation. She was wearing a baby blue dress with many frills on the skirt as well as a diaper under. In front of her was some crayons and a piece of paper with a drawing that looked as if a toddler drew it. This was when she realized she’s been drawing such a pitiful piece. There wasn’t a pacifier in her mouth, which made Ashley feel jealous of her older sister who sat there sucking on a pink pacifier.

A person then walked up to her, once she looked she noticed it was her mother. “How are my babies doing?” she asked. Ashley couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, but at the same time she felt very happy. That was when she realized she being made to lay down as a bottle of milk went in her mouth. This babyish bottle, held by her mother, started to squeeze a cold liquid of milk into her mouth. As the milk continued to pour in, she felt a warm liquid pour out into her diaper. She couldn’t even feel the need to go, it was as if she was going on her own. Looking at her sister, who also was laying on her back, she noticed her legs were raised. A bulge appeared on her diaper, Melina was most likely pooping. Ashely then noticed her own legs were raising. She wondered if she was about to do the same as her older sister. Instead of feeling weird or gross, she felt content. Before she could pleasantly poop in her pants, a sudden noise appeared almost as if it was knocking. After hearing this noise, Ashley’s vision cleared and she noticed the room she went to sleep in the night before. This must have meant the hazy things she saw was all but a dream. Despite being a dream, Ashley couldn’t quite say she wasn’t pleased by it.

Ashley groaned a little as she stood up, “What is it?”

“Mom was wanting to talk to us,” Melina answered back opening the door.

“About what?” Ashley felt puzzled at what their mother could want to talk about.

“I think it’s about our diapers,” Melina stated. Ashley couldn’t help but blush. The thought of diapers, especially after that dream, made for an instantons reaction. Within that moment, she tried to sneak her hand under her night gown without her sister noticing. After a quick inspection, she confirmed another accident during the night. However, her diaper didn’t feel all too wet. “Oh and umm, did you know?”

She looked into Melina’s eyes and knew she was asking if she had another night time accident. “Seems so.” Ashley didn’t feel uncomfortable about telling her older sister.

“I’d say get up and get ready before hand, but I don’t think it should matter.”

“Alright,” Ashley said while glancing over her phone. The time said 11:12am, not only that but she had three unread emails. Though after a quick inspection, she could clarify these emails as junk. Afterwards, she got out of bed and followed Melina down.

Once they were all sitting on the couch, having Melina dressed while Ashley remaining in her nightgown and their mother in a black skirt down to her knees with a light blue shirt having no sleeves. Ashley was curious as to what their mother was wanting them for. If it was about their diapers then what did she want to discuss.

That was when their mother took a short breath, “As you may wonder what I wanted to talk to you two about, I’ll make it short. I decided that for today you two should get ready normally, meaning no diapers for the day time.” Ashley wasn’t sure how she was taking this. She felt a feeling of sadness with a side of confusion. She didn’t know for sure if she truly would be missing her diapers during the day, but at the same time she felt like she’d miss the fun times with her sister. Even though she currently was wearing one.

“The reason for this is because I didn’t think you two would want to wear in front of your friends for the rest of the week. So rather than stop tomorrow, I thought it’d be better to halt it today.”

Ashley felt a little relieved, but looked at her sister who appeared almost like she had just wet herself. Maybe she’s really glad that we’re not actually going to stop wearing.

“That’s all I really wanted to say, so don’t worry if you thought I was wanting you to stop completely,” their mother smiled. “You can continue again after they leave, which actually makes me think I should have asked you two first. So I’ll ask you real fast, do you want to wear diapers during the day while they are over here?” Ashley quickly shook her head, not realizing Melina was as well. There was no way she’d want to be showing her friend a diaper on her waist. “That’s what I was thinking, which also makes me believe you most likely won’t want to wear them to school either.”

“Yeah, that’d be kind of embarrassing,” Melina bluntly spoke with a tinge of blush. Ashley couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Was our mother really going to just let us go to school wearing diapers? I mean I haven’t even thought about it, but that would be really scary. If I got caught wearing a diaper, I’d probably-no I would need to move to escape being a laughing stock.

“That’s why I was going to ask you two again, do you want to continue wearing during the day?” Asked their mother. “If you do then I could just have you come home to a warm diaper after school then. I’ll ask you two later individually alright. So think about it and make your decision then.” Ashley wasn’t sure how to think about it. She mostly felt confused whether she wanted to or not. So she just silently nodded in acceptance to her mother’s declaration.

Seeing Melina standing up, made Ashley think they must have finished their discussion causing her to also stand. “Hold it, I have one last thing to say. For night times, we’ll be doing the same thing as usual. No escaping Melina, I think if your sister has to wear one during the night with your friends over, you should too,” their mother said with a devilish smirk.

The next word from Melina surprised Ashley, “Alright.” Ashley wondered since Melina didn’t need any diapers during the night, then why would she be alright with it. Even though it made her feel a little relieved. Then it reminded of what she was currently wearing, a wet diaper. Sure it was from an accident during the night, but it gave her an odd sense while they were sitting there.

Then her mother began to pat Melina on her head, “That’s my good girl, I’ll even help you two escape anything unnecessary if it comes to it.” Ashley felt quite happy knowing she had someone she knew she could trust in order to defend her secret.

Once her mother began to walk off, Ashley thought that must’ve been the end of the conversation—thus causing her to rise. The feeling of her soggy diaper between her legs falling back into place.

Before Ashley could move a single inch, she heard Melina speak. “U-um, I was wondering.” Their mother quickly turned around giving her full attention. “How did the conversation with dad go?”

A joyful expression appeared on their mother’s face, “Oh that, I almost forgot about that.” Ashley wasn’t thinking about it too much, but she felt a little curious as well. “Well, here’s what he said. It took him a few minutes to adjust to what I had told him.” The three of them continued to stand there, in complete silence. It felt quite suspenseful as if their father’s comments were going to be something bad about the two of them. “No wait it was actually a few seconds. Anyways, all he said was…” Their mother took a second to clear her throat, put her hand up on her chin pointing her fingers towards the floor. Ashley has come to recognize this as her mother giving an impression of their father. “If they found something they like, as long as it’s harmless, let’s nurture it.”

“Oh, so he’s alright with it then?” Melina asked. Ashley couldn’t help but sigh. It was scary to her the thought of her father having to put down his foot. Thankfully that won’t be the case.

“Yup, though he thinks that changing your diapers is a mother’s job.” They began to laugh, and walk off. Ashley followed them out into the kitchen.

In the kitchen they each took their own seats. Ashley to the left of Melina on one end with their mother sitting across from them. On each of their plates was sausage, eggs, hash browns and a glass of milk.

“Oh before I forget, I was wondering if you’d like to run to the store with me Melina.” Asked their mother. Ashley knew she more than likely shouldn’t be running to the store in what she wore. It’d probably be better if she stayed home and got ready for the day.

“Sure,” came Melina’s response.

“Alright, just was wanting to get some things ready for when your friends come over.” After making that statement, Ashley’s mother and Melina both began to eat. Ashley followed in suit.

While they were eating, a predicament for Ashley came up, a twinge on her bladder told Ashley it was time to go. This was when several words reappeared in her mind. Just go, and you’ll feel all better. She was quickly reminded of the already wet diaper tapped on her waist. Could it hold another wetting, or would it leak? Ashley didn’t think too much on it after re-hearing the words in her head. The only thing she did was relax her bladder and spread her legs apart. Sitting silently at the table staring straight making her not sense her surroundings. Sighing in her own little world, she sat there ready—ready to wet herself. A warm stream began to flow out into her already wet diaper. The diaper began to regain its warmth as it spread through her crotch. Ashley blushed as she continued to relieve herself at the table, in her diaper.

Once the stream came to an end, Ashley blushed with total relief. The strange but good feeling of the warmth brought her back to the world. She realized what she had done, she had just wet herself right there at the table in front of Melina and more importantly her mother.

A slight chuckle came from her mother as she was directly looking at her. Ashley couldn’t help but look down and blush. Nothing gets past a mother huh? Her mother must have known what she did. Looking at Melina, who was also looking back at her, she only saw confusion in her eyes. Maybe she doesn’t know? Or maybe she’s questioning me and what I just did? She didn’t continue her line of thinking as it only caused her to blush more. So she continued to eat.

After the dishes were all cleaned, Melina and their mother began to head out. Before they walked outside though, her mother came up to her and whispered in her ear. “You can just take you’re soaked diaper off and throw it away when you get ready. Though, if you need to you can just wait till you need to poop and go in your diaper then get cleaned up.” Ashley couldn’t help but blush and nod.

They were walking out when Ashley returned to reality and waved off to them, “I’ll see you later then.”

Melina waved back, “Yup, see ya later.” Once they got in the silver van, they drove off. Thus leaving Ashley alone at the house.

Ashley was in debate whether she was going to do as her mother said and wait till she had to go again—specifically number two. She hasn’t put much thought into using her diaper for that reason. But she knew at this time she didn’t especially feel a real need to go, but it had her wonder about it. So while she started to undress, throw her soaked diaper away and jump in the shower she kept her mind in wonder.

Essentially it’s about the same as pee, since it’s just something you do for going in the potty, but it’s definitely different than peeing. It’s a lot more smelly, and noticeable. Despite me doing it once already, I’m unsure about going number two in my pants or well diaper again. Maybe if Melina’s there, but on my own I don’t know.

After finishing up her thoughts, she got out of the shower and began drying herself off. For today Ashley decided to wear a light blue skirt and shirt combo. However, fluttering her skirt reminded her of today being a bit different—no diaper. So she was forced to take one of her light blue underwear and slide it on. Despite her not being so sure with her feelings about the diapers she’s been wearing for the last few days, she felt used to it.

Now that she was fully dressed, Ashley proceeded down stairs to play some games. Plugging in the last save file, she sat on the couch without the extra puff she had felt not too long ago. She now would now have to make sure she took potty breaks when she needed them.

About an hour into her gaming and she heard the car pull into the drive way. That must be mom and Melina. The next second she heard the door open with Melina racing across the room and up the stairs without a second look. What happened to her? Following slowly behind was her mother.

“Oh Ashley sweetie, that’s a cute look for today,” Ashley’s mother remarked. “Did someone have any accidents while we were away?”

The immediate reaction Ashley gave was a light blush, “No.”

“Teehee, I was just teasing you. Though I wouldn’t care if you did.”

Ashley then began to wonder about how Melina was rushing up the stairs. “Is something wrong with Melina?”

“She had to pee badly, so I told her it was fine to just let it go if it got to this point though.”

“She almost had an accident?” Ashley wondered.

“Yeah, though I wouldn’t mind if she did ended up having an accident in the car. It looked like she was struggling badly, so I sort of wanted her to just let it go than to continue to hold it in.”

“You were okay with her going in the car?” Ashley questioned.

“Mhm, though the cleanup wouldn’t be too pleasing. Though if it allowed her to feel relieved I wouldn’t mind. I should’ve just told her to treat it like she was wearing a diaper.”

“I see,” Ashley responded. “I wouldn’t have liked her to go through pain either.”

Her mother proceeded to walk further into the room, “Well if you ever find yourself in that situation, don’t wait just let it go okay?” Walking off with a slight chuckle, causing Ashley to blush, her mother walked off.

The rest of the day went like how it usually went for Ashley. Only the difference was she didn’t have a puffy diaper on her waist. But once it reached nighttime, the routine continued. After seeing her sister Melina walking out of their mothers room with a clear indication she was padded, told her it was her turn. Once she returned to her room with a new diaper on, she began to pat her diapered bum.

I don’t know how I feel about this reunion. Some part of me is happy, but another part I’m just not sure.

She then heard the sound of her door opening with her mother entering.

“Hey, I was coming to check in with you two about the one question I asked before,” her mother stated. Ashley was however drawing a blank. “The one where I asked if you wanted to continue wearing diapers during the day when school started.”

Now Ashley remembered the question that was asked. However, Ashley forgot about it almost completely and started drawing a blank at this point. She didn’t think very much about it at all. The only thing she could think of at this point was what Melina said. “What did Melina say?”

Her mother shrugged, “This time, I think I’d like to hear what you think.”

Ashley felt a little panicked, “I see.” She felt a little frozen, mind wandering in millions of degrees. What did she want?

“I can always come back another time to ask,” her mother stated.

In that time, she continued to think about what she wanted. Did she in fact want to continue to wear diapers? That was when she remembered what happened not too long ago, with her already deciding she wanted to try diapers more. “Actually…” Her mother stopped to pay full attention to her. “I think I want to…”

“Really?” her mother smiled. Ashley nodded back with a blush. “Alright, I won’t ask anymore then. I look forward to changing my young girl into a warm diaper after school. So look forward to it!”

“Okay,” Ashley shyly replied. She felt a little happy, but at the same time embarrassed, and shy about her decision.

Her mother left her room after kissing her forehead goodnight. There she continued to read some of her manga on her tablet while lying in bed. Often thinking about whether she really did want to continue wearing diapers or not. While the thought of sleep reminded her of her dream she had before. Would she have another strange dream that night? Or did she actually want a strange dream as such? She couldn’t exactly understand herself, but slowly tired herself to sleep.

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I noticed this story was recently tagged as “abandoned”.

Takumi41 recently finished this story in March and posted it on Wattpad and other forums. It can be found here with their commentary: Decisions: Ashley's Side - takumi41 - Wattpad

The author talks about what it was like to write two perspectives of the same story at once.

Melina’s Curiosity, the original short story from Takumi41, has long been one of my favorites, so I was happy to see more from the author and to see the story come to a conclusion.

Hey, thanks for the link.
I’ve enjoyed Takumi’s works before, but haven’t read this particular one other than to determine it as abandoned as it’s not been touched here in over five years.

Looks like Takumi hasn’t logged in since the forum switch to Discourse. I don’t personally have a contact for them, but I’d certainly like to see their return.

Wow! I’m sure glad I got a notification for the replies. Tbh, I thought the site went down. I’m guessing that’s when the switch occurred. But, that is why I haven’t posted on this site. I’ll have to fix that soon then! Aka: I’ll have it all posted in about a day or so.

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I sent out a mass email after the migration, not sure why you didn’t get it.

Chapter 3

Ashley found herself waking up to the chirping birds out her window. She knew right away that today would be going back to normal—or was it? The previous days of her bedwetting had been abnormal for sure, but they hadn’t been so unpleasant. Either way, Ashley knew her friends would be coming over later and would be spending the night. There was a high chance for them to discover the truth to her bedwetting.

I’ll have to be prepared for the worst, whether I want to or not. How would they react if I told them I also wore diapers in the previous day?

Despite the conflicting question, Ashley met with her mother for her morning change and preparation—without a diaper.

Ashley met Melina on the couch to watch tv with lunch and the early change taken care of. Now the two of them would have to await the arrival of their friends.

“Ding dong,” the doorbell alarmed. Oh! Someone’s here! Ashley smiled to herself with hopes that it was her best friend who arrived first. Melina, on the other hand, already beat her to the door.

Melina opened the door as if she had no care for the object, revealing the guest behind it. Outside the doorway was a cute girl around Ashley’s age with chest-length red chestnut hair and brown eyes. Her gaze wasn’t the most expressive, but she wore a white graphic tee along with a pair of jeans.

“Ashley!” Melina yelled out as if Ashley were still in the other room. “Emily’s here!”

I’m right here! You didn’t need to shout it! Despite Melina yelling, Ashley still held a bright smile. Emily was her closest friend since she was around eight. The girl was rather shy but sweet. It makes me glad we accidentally bumped into each other those years ago.

She shook her head and began to pout, given Melina’s yell. “I’m right here! Hey Emi!” Emi was the nickname Ashley came up with several years back. It was mostly on the spot, but she had almost religiously called the girl by that nickname ever since. Emily never once stopped her either. Perhaps she has long enjoyed the given nickname.

Emily gave a smile while tilting her head, “Hey Ashley.” This was her standard greeting. Though, she rarely called anyone she didn’t know well by their name.

“Looks like you got here first,” Melina announced.

“I did? So, Lisa isn’t here yet?” Lisa was Melina’s close friend, though Ashley enjoyed spending time with the three of them. Although, Ashley found Lisa a little tough to understand sometimes.

Melina nodded in response, “Yeah, but you two can have fun.”


“Okay,” Emily replied, taking her white sneakers off as she entered. “Ashley, we have to talk.”

Oh yes, we do! Though, I shouldn’t say some things. But Emi might understand? “Okay,” Ashley nodded. The usual talking spot was in her room upstairs.

“How has it been for you the last few days?” Emily questioned. Her question was sound as the two hadn’t been in contact.

“It’s been interesting,” Ashley responded. You wouldn’t believe what has happened even if I told you. “Nothing bad, but interesting.”

“How so?”

“Well…” Ashley began reciting the events without anything to deal with her bedwetting nor diaper experiences.

“I see. Doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary. I was worried for a second you found a boyfriend.”

“Haha, please.” I have too much to worry about than having a love interest at this point! “What about you?”

“Oh, you know. Hanging out with my many boyfriends…”

“Haha,” both girls laughed at the joke. Ashley was far aware that they were still relatively young, even though her older sister didn’t have one. But regardless, “boyfriends” were not going to be in the picture anytime soon. Plus, Ashley wasn’t sure if she wanted to have one till she was even older.

“I recently got to talk with my younger cousin again.”

“Oh? How is she?”

“She’s doing great!” Emily’s younger cousin was named Annie. Annie was still relatively young, though she turned five recently. She spent time with Annie about a year back and really enjoyed the company, or so Ashley thought. “They said they might visit once again. We can pway again soon, hehe!”

“Hehe!” Ashley giggled, thinking of Emily and Annie playing together. Annie was a very short brunette and so cute you’d wish to cuddle with her every night as if she were a plush.

Emily began to blush as she averted her gaze. Ashley began to wonder if she should perhaps share her secret now.

Emi will be sleeping over tonight. I should at least tell her I wet the bed, right? She’d be able to understand me, right? She wouldn’t think something was wrong or make fun of me?

Before Ashly could open her mouth mouth, a voice popped into the room, “Hey, want to watch the show now?” Ashley looked to the entrance of her door, finding Melina. The show in question was a cartoon that all four of the girls have started and watched together. They made a rule that no one shall watch it without a friend. On rare occasions, Ashley watched it with Emily and would tell Melina to watch it with Lisa. Even on more infrequent occasions, Ashley would watch it with her sister proceeding the two friends to watch it on their own.

“Yes!” voiced Emily as if she won a prize.

Ashley grew a smile, knowing Emily had most likely not watched the recent episode. “You haven’t seen it either?”

“Nope, I made sure not to.” Emily’s response was instant and expected. This only confirmed Ashley’s thought.

“Good,” Melina began nodding her head and held out her hands. Ashley took her sister’s hand that helped the two of them stand up.

With all the girls resting on the couch as if they were plants, Melina began scrolling through the TV’s menu to retrieve the latest episode. Ashley now had both Melina and Lisa in her view. Lisa had shoulder-length jet-black hair paired with the black and white striped shirt she wore under the magenta button-up shirt currently unbuttoned. With a pair of dark leggings, Lisa gave a relatively serene atmosphere. Ashley envied the cool-girl look, though she couldn’t escape her pink and blue habitat.

Melina can say many things…I wouldn’t be surprised if she mentioned how she wore diapers. Despite the question in her mind, it would be trouble to even bring it up. Even if her thought was on-point, it’d reveal to Emily a truth she wasn’t sure if she wanted out. So, Ashley took a breath as the cartoon was loaded up.

This show was developed for a younger audience given it had magical creatures and an adventure they go on. However, Ashley couldn’t help smiling as the opening song echoed into the living room.

Near the end, Ashley began brushing her legs together as if they were glued. The call to nature struck her like a surprised creature in front of the headlights of a semi. She didn’t want to stop the video from playing as it was nearing the end. Thus, she’d have to try and hold it.

Once the episode concluded, like Ashley, each girl stood up, proceeding to exit their seating like a fire alarm sounded. Ashley closed her legs to keep the pressure within her bladder at bay, but she wasn’t sure for how long that may last. Thus, she departed from her spot and rushed to the nearby restroom.

Before Ashley could come close to the entrance, she saw her sister enter, closing the door behind her. The restroom now occupied, deterring Ashley’s goal of relieving herself in that restroom.

There were three other restrooms in the house. Thus, Ashley didn’t need to wait and instead go upstairs. However, Ashley was greeted again with the bathroom doors closed. She found herself clenching her legs in front of the bathroom in her parents’ room. Feeling that the pressure inside her expand like a raging bull, Ashley knocked on the door. “I need to go soon!”

“I’m almost finished,” sounded Emily’s voice through the door. That sense of hope eased Ashley as she took a deep breath.

Contradictory to her conviction, a bursting pressure raced through. Like a pot boiling over, Ashley felt her bladder ease into her shorts—causing a wet stain to form. Doing her best to regain composure, another burst of liquids shot into her shorts before coming to a halt. The pressure, on the other hand, wasn’t letting up. Ashley now lowered her head with her hands on her waist, doing all she could to prevent the inevitable. With the door closed, she may be wetting herself.

What I wouldn’t do to be wearing a diaper right now… It would be far better than wetting myself like a child! I’m only wetting the bed, not in the day! With that thought, another burst of liquids drained into the side of her shorts. This is so humiliating! Emi’s so going to make fun of me… Even if wearing a diaper is childish, it sure feels better than this.

Giving up on the last remaining hope, Ashley released her waist to let her body take its course. She could not move to a better location to do her business than the carpet of her mother’s room. Releasing a sniffle into her eyes, her body was readying itself as if landing a plane. Before she could proceed into wetting her pants and staining the carpet below her, the bathroom door opened wide with Emily giving a look of concern taking a quick glance. With the bathroom open, Ashley’s eyes went wide as she tackled through her own friend while pulling her largely stained shorts and drenched undies down.

I made it… I went a little in my pants, but I still made it. Ashley’s torrent of urine crashed itself into the bowl of the toilet. With her rush to the throne, Ashley neglected to shut Emily out of the restroom. Emi…please don’t make fun of me! Ashley averted her gaze with a few tears crawling down her cheeks.

“Oh no!” Emily stated delayed from the shock. She then shut the bathroom door for Ashley. “Let me get you a change of clothes.” That was followed by a swift footstep away from the bathroom.

Maybe she’ll bring me one of my diapers? I probably deserve to wear it after that…

Ashley had flushed her business but looked solemnly towards her stained clothes.

“Knock, knock.” Emily must have returned, given she knocked. “Ashley, it’s me.” Hearing Emily’s voice confirmed the identity of the knock. “Is it okay if I come in?”

Ashley was shocked to hear her friend wanting to barge in. If Emily was honest in her bringing a set of clothes, she’d have just left them in front of the door for Ashley. Perhaps, Emily actually was out to get her. Though, Ashley wanted to trust her best friend, as she was her best friend for a reason. “Okay…sniff.”

The door swiftly opened, followed by Emily entering and closing the door just as fast. She held in her hands a pair of slightly lighter blue shorts and pink undies. “Here, I brought these as the shorts are close to what you were wearing now. So, hopefully, nobody would notice, right, haha? Um…are you okay?” Her worried expression pierced into Ashley’s tearful face hanging low. Emily gripped her hands before smiling and wrapping her arms around the crying girl.

Ashley felt a sudden warmth that caused her to cry even more.

“It’s okay! I don’t mind that you almost wet yourself. You’re my friend, no best friend! I love you too much to think anything wrong. So, I don’t mind at all. I only hope no one will notice, is all.”

Ashley took another sniffle feeling the girl’s tight embrace and body on hers. She was currently nude below the waist, but that didn’t matter. The two had often bathed together anyway, so Ashley was familiar with seeing her best friends’ own body numerous times. My Emi…I love you too! She wrapped her arms around the girl, “Thanks! I love you too!”

“Heehee! Tell you what, I’ll tell you a story about an ‘accident’ I had after you get changed.”

“Okay?” Ashley proceeded to change into the clean set of clothes, thanks to Emily. The dry clothes felt far better than the wet ones. Though, Ashley couldn’t help thinking that even a damp diaper felt better than wet clothes.

They returned to Ashley’s room with Emily acting as a guide to stealth the dirty clothes away. Once they returned safely, albeit sweating, Emily closed her door.

“Alright, as I promised, I’ll tell you the time I had an accident.”

“Okay. I don’t ever recall you having any since we’ve met?”

“Haha, well, I’ve had my fair share in the past like you’d have, I’d imagine. You’ll have to tell me some of your stories later!”

Ashley wasn’t sure if she should be happy or surprised at the proposal, “Sure.”

“Anyways, you remember my cousin?”

“Annie, right?”

“Yup, well, this was about a year ago.”

Hearing the mention “little over a year ago” caused Ashley’s eyes to go wide. Emi wet herself a year ago? I didn’t even know…

“My cute cousin had begun her potty training, and yes, I know she was four at the time. But she had many issues making it to the potty on time. She honestly went more in her diapers than the toilet, though. Except, there was this one time we let her wear underwear, and she had a big accident that caused her to cry. I was babysitting her at the time while my family ran some errands, and it felt like there was little I could do to help her feel better. That’s when I really had to pee…” Emily began to turn red.

“Aw! So, you wet yourself to help her?”

“Mhm, she freaked out, though, once I started going. But I wanted her to know it was okay to have accidents.”

“Well, that’s sweet of you. Though, I’m glad you didn’t do that for me, haha.”

“Ehehe, yeah!”

“Huh?” sounded Melina’s voice. Ashley had been drawn into Emily that she didn’t even notice Melina opening the door. However, the sudden intrusion caused both girls to turn red.

“It’s uh, nothing,” Ashley responded with the first thing that entered her mind. Though the sudden intrusion couldn’t have been for nothing. “What is it, Melina?”

Melina didn’t delay her response, “I was wondering if you’d two would like to go on a walk with us. We could revisit some of the old parks nearby since this might be your last time.”

The old park in question was one Ashley played on when she was younger and struck some excellent memories. Now that she was getting older, the times she’s been to the park had decreased.

“I’d like to swing again,” Emily said with a bright blush. Ashley also turned red as their thoughts matched.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Well, then. We should get going before dinner time.” Ashley and Emily followed Melina down the stairs joining up with Lisa at the door. Swiftly putting on their shoes, they walked out the door after Melina told their mother where they headed.

Ashley felt a hand slip into hers. The hand belonged to a smiling Melina, which caused the young girl to turn red. I’m not a child anymore! But, I do miss walking hand-in-hand like we used too… Although I’m happier, she hasn’t commented on my change of clothing.

“Weee!” Emily shouted with delight as she swung back and forth. Ashley felt a similar thrill as she propelled the swing forward and back. The swing carried her weight well despite her being older than when she last swung here. Though, Ashley knew this would be her last time swinging here as she’ll be growing soon.

I’m sure going to miss this park. It has been a joy to all of us when we were younger. Ashley began recalling times where Melina, close to the age of ten, stomping around, calling out activities for the girls to do. None of the girls had the gall to choose what to do. Thus, they enjoyed the lead Melina brought them. However, no matter the times Ashley can recall it, Melina wouldn’t return to the age of ten, nor would she return to six.

Given it was the last time, Ashley and Emily both took turns going down the green slide one last time, even if they were a little too large for it.

Once the four girls returned, they were indeed starving for dinner. Thankfully, dinner wasn’t long away, and they each had their fill. Now that they could settle in once again, they turned on a gaming console. The kind of games they enjoyed playing altogether was typically a family-oriented party-game.

“Lisa won again!” Melina cried out. This was the third game in which everyone except for Lisa alternated in rank. “This just isn’t fair!”

“Haha, you just have to practice more,” Lisa chuckled.

Ashley nodded, thinking that Melina and herself never did play the game by themselves. “We don’t play this one too much.”

“I don’t either,” Emily added.

Ashley could see a look of determination in her sister’s eyes as if they found a new objective in life. She didn’t want to admit to it, but she didn’t mind the idea of playing the game more with her sister. We could get better if we played more. Maybe I can invite Emi over, and the three of us can practice then?

Before Ashley could think any longer, her mother walked in with a smile, “Girls, I know you are all having fun, but remember you have school in the morning. It’d be best if you got ready for bed now.”

“Okay,” the girls replied.

“Ashley, Melina, I’d like some help with something first if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, sure. We can do that, right Ashley?” came Melina’s slightly paused response.

I do have to get ready for my nightly diaper. A little late, given my earlier accident. Due to the recall, Ashley began to blink rapidly. “Um, okay.”

Melina rose from the couch, “I trust you with cleaning up the game.” She walked over to Ashley and helped the girl up.

I don’t need help, sis! “Uwah,” Ashley blushed. “I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“I know. I kind of miss it, though.”

Ashley slipped her tongue quietly while looking away, “I do too…”

“Perfect, now we’ll be going to my room then.”

“Oh!” Ashley gave a shocked look. She was afraid if any traces of her accident remained at all.

Within the master bedroom, Melina’s mother closed the door behind the girls. “Let’s get you two changed real fast, not to worry your friends.”

“Yeah,” Melina nodded, hopping on the bed. Ashley nodded along, figuring she should join her sister.

“I was going to change you one at a time, but I guess this works too.” Ashley’s mother gave a big smile before stripping the two girls’ shorts and undies off. Ashley was worried for a second she’d maybe catch on to the change of clothes, but no comment was made. As per change, she applied the usual steps, just simultaneously using it to both girls at once. She finished with a smile as both were safely taped in place.

Ashley felt the bulk as she was in the childish padding once again for the night. If I wore one of these earlier, I wouldn’t have had such a close call. I could have just sat there and… She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to wear diapers or not. On the other hand, Melina appeared to be happy to be back in her diaper, given how she brushed it.

“I went ahead and picked your pajamas out. So, let mommy help change you into these as well!”

Melina began pulling her light blue shirt off, “Okay!” With her shirt off, she was left in a pink diaper and a pink bra. Ashley’s mother assisted her first by pulling her pink collared shirt off, leaving her in her training bra and diaper. A hand began to stroke the young girl’s petit chest. This hand belonged to a smirking Melina. “Hmhm! Pretty soon, you’ll be moving up in sizes.”

Ashley flailed about with a red pout, “Melina!”

“Arms,” her mother ordered, forcing her to take the massages from her sister. A light blue nightshirt was pulled over before her mother gave a smirking smile. “Your sisters right, though hehe.”

She turned an even brighter shade, “Not you too, mom!” I know I’m still growing! You don’t need to point it out! Maybe I like being as small as I am! I’ve heard Melina, and you complain about how heavy they are.

Ashley was adorned in a matching light blue nightshirt and pants, while Melina sported a pink set. With a slight bulge between the girl’s waist, the change was complete.

The young girl couldn’t help wiggling her butt about given the bulge it caused. This will be noticed…

“You can’t tell, right?” Melina questioned.

Yes…it should be easy to tell.

“Nope,” their mother smiled. “Not at all.”

Wait? Are you sure? I really don’t want to walk in front of Emi like this…

Ashley blushed as Melina slipped her hand in hers. The two sisters walked back out to join their friends. Given that they took some time to change, it wasn’t surprising to notice the two friends also had done the same—albeit without padding. Emily wore a cute white unicorn tee and white cotton pants. Lisa wore plain lime green pajamas.

“I see you got ready too,” Lisa voiced.

“Yup!” Melina answered.

Ashley couldn’t look at any of the girls, given what she wore under hers. The blatant question kept surfacing on her mind—should I tell them? Thus, the young girl had to face her friends with a red expression.

“Is something wrong?” Emily asked.

“Everything should be fine, right dears?” Ashley’s mother stated.

Yes…I wish. “I…” Ashley did her best to voice herself. Maybe I really should…tell the truth. She felt a snug feeling at her hand from her sister, who still held her hand. That caused her to smile, feeling gracious towards her kind sister. Taking a deep breath, Ashley resolved herself. “I feel bad for keeping secrets. The truth is…” She looked down towards the floor. “I wet the bed…” Oh gosh…Please don’t make fun of me! It isn’t my fault! I’m not a little girl!

Melina held her hand tighter, “I-it isn’t that bad, though, right? “S-so what right? I mean, you have to wear…protection, but it isn’t bad, right?”

Melina! You just told them I wear diapers! Now they won’t think I’m anything but a little girl…

Her “best friend” walked up towards her.

Emi…you’re going to laugh in my face, aren’t you…

Emily gave a pleasant smile wrapping her arms around her. “I don’t mind. That has to be tough to deal with, but I don’t mind. I don’t care if you wet the bed. You’re still my best friend!”

“Emi…” Ashley proceeded to drench her cheeks.

“I don’t mind either,” Lisa stated. “You’re still like a cute little sister to me after all.”

“Aw, Lisa!” Melina awed.

“Aww, and here I was going to try and help keep it a secret,” Ashley’s mother smiled. “Looks like we don’t have to, huh?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Ashley wiped her teary face. They really didn’t mind at all. I wanted to believe in them, and I was able to!

Emily took Ashley’s off-hand, “You wear protection at least. That’s good. It’d be bad not to since you know hehe.”

“Emi…” Ashley turned red once again. “I do cause yeah, it’d be a mess every morning…” Though, I wonder if you’re making a comment to my earlier accident!

“I uh,” Melina stumbled, her words turning red. “I wear them too…I-I mean, I wear them, so she doesn’t have to feel so bad about being the only one to wear them.”

“Ah, I see,” Lisa gave a smile. “That’s a nice sister. I’d do the same if I were you.”

“Mhm! I would too!” Emily stated.

From what you said earlier, I’d believe it.

“Haha, thanks,” Melina blushed.

“Umm,” Emily turned red. “On that thought, would it okay if I helped too? I mean, I don’t want to waste your supplies, but…”


“I’m delighted to hear you want to help,” Ashley’s mother smiled. “We have enough supplies, so you don’t have to worry. Just let me know in a short bit if you want to wear one of Ashley’s dia—protection, and I’ll supply you one.”

“Okay, I’d be glad to.”

“Well then, follow me.” Emily smiled towards Ashley before following their mother.

I’m shocked…Now I wouldn’t be surprised if she woke up faking that she wet the bed just because I did! Ashley felt herself beginning to pout but smile at the same time.

Minutes later, Emily walked back down with a cheerful grin. Melina, Ashley, and Lisa finished setting up their blankets and pillows, given they would sleep in the living room. Ashley flashed a smile back towards Emily.

“Look, Ashley!” Emily pulled her pants down slightly to reveal a matching diaper to Ashley. “Hehe! They aren’t that bad, huh?”

“Mmm,” Ashley shook her head. “They aren’t at all. Thanks!”

“That’s what friends are for, silly! You are wearing one too, right?”

“Mhm,” Ashley pulled her pajama pants slightly down, revealing a matching diaper. “It was embarrassing to wear at first, but I think they are comfy now.”

“I can see what you mean. It’s sort of like wearing a pillow, haha.”

“Yeah, it kind of is. You don’t think I’m like a little girl do you?”

“Of course,” Emily stated with a grin. “But we’re both little girls still, aren’t we?”

The comment caused Ashley to blush, “Hmm, yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Maybe it isn’t so bad after all?

“Vzzzt,” sounded Melina’s phone, followed by a song. This announced to the girls that it was officially time to get ready for their first day back to school.

Ashley quickly blinked into reality. She quickly realized the padding between her legs was useful once again.

“Did you have a good sleep?” Emily asked.

“Yeah,” Ashley nodded. “What about you?”

“Haha, funny how we said it was comfy last night. It was a little tough falling asleep. I think I wasn’t used to it, but I still feel well-rested.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. But that’s good.”

“How is it? Did you umm, you know?”

Given she already found her diaper swollen, she could only nod. However, it didn’t feel embarrassing as it did to announce the secret. “Mhm, I did.” She quickly recalled the thought that her best friend might have done the same. “What about you?”

Emily turned red flailing her hands about, “I’m dry!”

“Hehe,” the two girls began to giggle.

Ashley looked over to her sister, who stood up. She probably did wet herself. The diaper between her sister’s legs did appear a little bulkier.

“Ashley,” Melina held her hand over to her sister. “We should get ready.”

“Okay,” Ashley nodded, taking her sister’s hand.

Melina leaned in to whisper to her sister, “We should get changed first.”

Ashley gave a blush and a smile, “Hehe, okay.” This confirmed Ashley’s thought. The two sisters told their friends they’d be visiting their mother to report Ashley and secretly Melina’s “accident.”

Chapter 4

Ashley’s grade level increased, but hadn’t transferred out of the middle school building. Thus, Ashley was acquainted with finding her way to each of the classes listed on her schedule. Unlike her recent days, Ashley was back to being a “big girl.” If you’d call cartoonish print undies for big girls, that is.

Her first class listed on the schedule was for biology. Friends and family called it rather unfortunate, given little prep-time before any test that may occur throughout the semester. However, Ashley didn’t mind it, as the concept interested her enough.

She was thankful that she could partake in the first class in the morning with her best friend—Emily. Even if Emily hadn’t been the brightest in the science department.

“Hey Ashley,” Emily initiated with a whisper. “I wanted to let you know again that your secret is safe with me. You know, um bedwetting.”

“Shh! Shh!” Ashley hushed her loudest as she turned red. “Not here, Emi!” Thankfully, there was barely any outside attention being drawn before her hushing. “But thanks.”

“Haha, sorry,” Emily slapped her head lightly. “But they aren’t that bad to wear, huh?”

Ashley perceived her friend’s suggestion towards the diapers they wore in the night. “Yeah, they aren’t that bad.” This reminded Ashley of what was going to happen after school. I’m going to be wearing another one, huh? They are comfy…

“It was kind of comfy,” Emily stated, almost taking Ashley’s word from her mind. “Hehe, maybe I should sleep over again?”

“Maybe we should share during the day, too,” Ashley gave a slight smirk. I wouldn’t mind it if you didn’t.

“Maybe we should,” Emily tilted her head with a grin. “Hehe, just kidding. That’d be strange.”

“Yeah…” Maybe I am weird…

“But I am looking forward to the next visit.”

“I am as well.”

Just as their conversation began wrapping up, the middle-aged male teacher stood in front of the classroom. “Good morning, class. I will be your instructor for the class. You may call me Mr. Bergstrom.” This was followed by the general introduction to the class.

Despite it being a general introduction, Ashley had her notebook out and ready with jotting different things in the margins. She began taking notes after completely forgetting about a project that was due in elementary school. The sheer panic caused Ashley to do her best afterwards.

Ashley’s second period, physical education, came to an end. They gave the rundown of what each student would need to bring for the class. The traditional clothes to change into, shoes to wear, and a lock for the locker alongside protocol to follow. The course would start with stretches before their activity. Despite each activity radiating in the eyes of athletic students, Ashley dreaded what neared her future in the class. She wasn’t the most athletic and hadn’t a desire for any of the activities.

Thankfully, the first day of the class was over. Ashley was now able to move onto her third period—History.

“Hey Ashley,” stated a short brunette-haired girl as she took a seat next to Ashley.

“Oh nice, we have a class together!” beamed a medium-length pony-tail blonde-girl as she took the left of Ashley.

“Hey,” Ashley shyly waved back. “I’m glad we have history together, Lucy.”

“Yeah,” Lucy, the blonde-girl, grinned. “I was worried we weren’t going to have any classes together this year.”

“Haha, I have Ashley in two classes together then.”

“Oh! I’m jealous of you, Andrea!”

“PE isn’t getting any easier, though.”

“Yeah, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.”

“So, PE’s your second class then? It’s my fourth class for the day.”

“Good luck,” Andrea smirked.

“Thanks, but I won’t need it. It’s the first day, after all.”

“You’ve been more athletic from what I recall,” Ashley pointed out.

“Yeah, though I’ve been a little lazy since summer.”

“Oh? What have you been up to?” Andrea asked.

For the next few minutes before class began, the trio gave a fast outline of their day-to-day routine over the summer break. Andrea had taken a vacation to her grandparents. Besides meeting with cousins and swimming in the backyard or occasional games, she had a leisurely time spent.

On the other hand, Lucy decided to spend most of her time watching a collection of shows built upon her list. It was safe to assume Lucy binged through at least ten different shows with very little else done.

Before they could get to Ashley, the class began. Ashley couldn’t remove the image of a diaper strapped to her waist like it was the hottest accessory on the market. Thus, she was content being left out. They were her friends, but she hadn’t wanted to let them know she had wet the bed. Unlike Emily, who was trusted to house all the darkest secrets sealed in the dungeon that was her mind, Lucy and Andrea could barely hold a stuffed rabbit.

Throughout the class period, Ashley shifted in her seat, attempting to feel a non-existent padding. Despite the short time with a diaper, standard underwear hadn’t felt the same. And given the contract built by her mother, warm padding had her name on it when she arrived at home.

Do I want to wear diapers? Ashley felt conflicted. Diapers had a soft texture than plain undies, not to mention it was a diaper that some infants might wear. She was a big girl, or at least she thought she was.

Perhaps due to her thought of a toilet impaired garment, Ashley felt herself needing to pee. If I had a diaper now,… She did the best she could to shake the thought and return her attention to the class—that neared adjourning.

“Finally!” Melina cheered with glee. “We’re home!”

“Today sure dragged on,” Ashley replied with a yawn.

“Yeah, the potty breaks were a little annoying.”

Ashley turned red. I-I mean, she isn’t wrong…

“Well, they won’t be anymore!” stated an approaching voice. Ashley’s mother stepped in and twirled on the spot, finishing with a large grin. “Hey girls! How was your day?” She held her hands out.

Melina grabbed her right hand first. “I’d say it was about as typical as your first day would be. No homework, thankfully. But I’m happy to be able to my other friends more now.”

“That’s good.”

Ashley slowly put her hand out. Once her hand met her mother’s, she smiled. Realizing how childish this moment was, she turned away. “It was pretty much that.”

Melina and Ashley’s mother crossed her arms to flip around and walk forward. “With that day out of the way, I bet you’ll want to relax. A good thing I made some snacks for you, huh?”

“Yay!” Ashley cheered. However, she felt her response was childish, so she blushed once more. I shouldn’t be that happy for snacks…

“Aw,” Melina awed in a babyish voice. “It okay. I happy too!”


“Heehee! You two are so cute! I’m so blessed to have such adorable daughters. But why don’t we get you both into something a little more comfortable.”

She’s going to take us to get changed, isn’t she?

“Let us start with you, Ashley.”

“Okay,” Ashley continued following her mother. Melina dispersed from the held hand once they reached the top of the stairs.

“That’s my girl!” Ashley’s mother beamed. A diaper and changing supplies on-scene and ready to go. “Come and lay back so I can get you changed. You can tell me about your day then!”

“Okay,” Ashley smiled back. She had well trusted her caring mother and allowed her body to relax on the bed. Her mother’s skilled hands went to work around her legs and waist. “Today was good. I’m glad that I have Emi in over half my classes, and my other friends as well.” Despite the lack of Emily in her second and third period, the majority of her classes had Emily. This was a blessing Ashley didn’t want to let go.

“That’s great! I’d be sad if you didn’t have any of your friends in your classes.” Her mother continued to silently guide Ashley to raise her legs for the padding under. “Almost done, sweetie!”

With a few seconds passed, a spread of powder, tapes pressed against Ashley’s body—a diaper change completed.

“You really are darling!” Ashley’s mother smiled as she helped her daughter off the bed. However, Ashley’s shorts were not reapplied.

I’ll be going without shorts, I’m guessing? Ashley pondered the guess.

“Since it’ll be just you girls, you might as well share the same treatment.”

“Okay,” Ashley nodded. “So, Melina agreed to it.”

“Yup, she seemed rather eager for it.”

“I bet.”

“Aren’t you happy with it?”

The question caused Ashley to turn red. “I-I…”

“Aw,” Ashley’s mother hugged her. “It’s okay. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it. I’ll love you no matter what. So, whether you want to wear diapers or not is up to you. Why don’t you join your sister and relax for the day, you can tell me what you think when you’re ready. Or if you want me to take the diaper off you, that is fine too.”

“I-I…” Ashley couldn’t voice herself. She couldn’t even process the moment in her head and locked it in place.

“Should I take the diaper off then?” A moment of silence passed before her mother moved her hands to the tapes.

“Ngh,” Ashley covered her waist without a thought.

Ashley’s mother proceeded to embrace her once again, “It’s alright, I understand. I’ll keep changing you until you don’t want me to. But if you want me to keep changing you, that is fine too.” She finished with a kiss on her daughter’s forehead. “I love you, sweetie.”

Ashley hugged her mother back, “I-I wove you too! Mommy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, sweetie?”

“C-can…can you call me princess…” Ashley turned red.

“Aw, of course, I can.” She gripped even tighter. “Princess.”


Their mother was honest, though she forgot to mention that the sweets were tainted with poison—that had the girls addicted to the first bite. Ashley was delighted that Melina accepted the show of her choice. Thus, the two girls lounged on the couch. The sight of Melina’s diaper, true to their mother’s pick for the lack of pants, brought a smile to Ashley.

However, that smile came to an abrupt halt as if a random stop sign were placed on the highway. For an urgent response filled Ashley’s body senses—to urinate.

Given she was wearing the almost cloud-like padding, she didn’t need to get up nor even mention her business. Thus, Ashley began to blush and relax with a few deep breaths.

“Hiss,” came from her diaper’s direction. Though the hiss was quiet, Ashley reluctantly caught herself for a moment. The diaper already warm and soggy at the touch, pointless to hold back. Still, at the ready from the prior launch, her diaper slowly swelled up once again.

Ah, much better! “Hehe,” Ashley quietly giggled to herself. Diapers really aren’t bad to have, huh? I know I’m wearing one with my sister right now…but it really is comfy! Well…quite warm and wet now, ehehe!

Just as she had that thought, a scent filled the space as if several babies were nearby. Given it was just the two of them and no army of babies in the room, the culprit was likely Melina—the only other baby in the room.

Uh oh! Did Melina have an accident? “Hehe!” Ashley giggled. Realizing she was recognized, she continued her thought to her sister. “Sis, you went poo-poo!”

Melina matched Ashley’s tone, “Hehe, yup! I made a big stinky! I bet you’ll be making one soon too!”

This comment caused Ashley to go red. I-I don’t have to go right now…but given this circumstance, I wouldn’t mind doing it. Although, Melina, you sure don’t seem to mind making messes in your pants, do you?

“Heehee!” Melina giggled, which then caused Ashley to laugh along.

Following her big stinky sister, Ashley received her change. With clean padding, she reported back to her room. Soft padding to soft comforter contact brought Ashley a smile. The padding really was soft and comforting.

…Maybe I shouldn’t hold back any longer…Diapers are extra soft and useful. So what if it isn’t normal! Maybe I don’t like being normal then! Diapers are great, and that’s final! If I have to poop, then like Melina, I’ll let it all go where I stand! “Heehee! I’ll have to let mother know when I do just that!”

“Vrrbt,” Ashley’s phone vibrated. Her mother couldn’t have somehow sensed a potential decision; thus, this message was from a different candidate.

The present sender’s candidate was Emily giving a quick text, Hey Ashley, want to come over tomorrow?”

This may have been a short text, but it caused Ashley to smile regardless. “Sure,” Ashley spoke aloud her response. Given the past, Ashley knew well-enough that her mother would be fine with it. She’ll make sure to let her know before the day has ended to evade the endless worries and potential amber alert of her mother.

“Ehehe, perhaps I should wear a diaper! I’m sure Emi wouldn’t mind!”

Ashley found the second day to be the first day, part two. As such, nothing of note concluded. However, as she pictured, Ashley’s mother gave consent to her visiting Emily after school. Following through with the plan, Ashley now sat next to Emily on her cute full-sized pink bed.

Emily’s room was similar to Ashley’s, but with brighter colors. It was well organized and childish in certain areas. Not to mention the countless stuffed animals scattered about.

Similar to a ritual, Ashley and Emily held a creature of their own choosing. Unlike the one that required sacrifices, this ritual required constant cuddling. Ashley had her white rabbit tight as she looked towards Emily, who held a teddy bear. Sweets and drinks were accessible on a nearby table.

“Hey,” Emily began her thought. “Did you hear about Lucy joining the track team?”

“Yeah,” Ashley replied. “I guess she didn’t like how lazy she was over summer, haha.”

“Mhm, and she’s rather athletic as well. She might as well put it to good use.”

“I agree. We’ll have to cheer her on in one of her meets.”

“Yeah. I also heard Andrea was going to have a cousin move nearby soon.”

“I didn’t ask how young her cousin was, but it sounded like she was in elementary school still.”

“They’re in the third grade, if I recall. We might have to ask for clarification. I mean, we might have to show her around the middle school next year.”

“I bet Andrea will be embarrassed.”

“Yeah,” Emily nodded along, showing her only-child experience on her face—clearly didn’t picture how Andrea could be embarrassed or tormented the way Ashley knew.

“Didn’t you have a cousin live with you for some time?”

“I did,” Emily broke into a blush. “Though she’s about to start kindergarten soon. Umm, how’s Melina been?”

Ashley looked at her friend for a second. That was a strange shift. Well, perhaps it didn’t leave any good memories for her. “We’ve been having fun…” Ashley stopped herself for a second. I-I can’t mention we’ve been wearing diapers for fun! Hmmm, how should I phrase it… “Uh, playing a new game.” Please don’t ask me about it… “Melina seems to enjoy it more than I do, though. I’ve come to enjoy it now, though.”

“Ah, I see. You’ll have to share it with me soon then!”

Oh, Emi…I’d certainly love to wear diapers together, but I don’t think you would.

Silence filled the space for a few minutes. Emily began to blush once more, “Uh, how’s your um, problem been…You know, uh bedwetting…”

“I still soak the diaper every night.” Ashley smiled, turning slightly red.

“I-I see. I didn’t know it was that bad.”

“It was at first, but I’m completely fine with it now.” Especially when I get home, hehe! Ashley debated asking her mother to change her regardless, even when her mother threw her the question if she wanted a change now or later. Still, she decided against wearing a diaper—even if Emily was her best friend forever.

“That’s good. It’s also real nice of your sister to you know. Given her age and all…”

“Haha yeah,” Ashley laughed at the reality. “Thanks for wearing one with me when you spent the night.”

“Oh, of course! I’m your best friend after all!” Emily began to turn slightly red. “You know, I’ve been a little jealous about you and Melina, if I’m being honest. Maybe more so on Melina…”

“Oh? You have? I wouldn’t call us anything that special.”

“You may say that, but…ugh,” Emily heaved a sigh. “Well, I’m your best friend, so you can feel your secret is safe with me!”

“Heehee, thanks!” What would she say to the whole secret, though?

“Um, uh,” Emily turned red. “Given we are BFF’s, would you mind hearing one of mine?”

“Um, sure? I don’t mind, but you don’t have to.”

“No…I think I should…It’s been bothering me lately. And, kind of why I’m jealous of both of you…and you…”

“I’m all ears then, Emi. You don’t need to feel afraid telling me anything.” I-I mean, what could be stranger than me thinking about being at home and squatting to poop my pants! How can I put her at ease? Once Ashley thought about her sister and mother for what they’d do, she shifted closer to Emily and wrapped her arms around her. “See! We BFF’s, you can tell me anything!” The sudden baby-talk mixed in her voice caused Ashley to turn red.

“Aw, thanks, Ashley! I try my best too!” Emily seemed eager to play along. “I-I guess. Give me some time to give you the story then…”

“Okay, take as much time as you need!”

“If I take all night, we’ll need to get you a diaper then hehe!”

“Haha, yeah!”

Chapter 5

After many minutes and heaves and sighs, Emily began her story. “You see, it started about a year ago when my cousin came over…” Annie was Emily’s cute and adorable four-year-old cousin. Emily’s aunt and uncle had a job in the area and decided to take the family along. However, they couldn’t have been with Annie the whole time, so they left her in the care of Emily’s family.

It was also a surprise to Emily and her family when the young four-year-old crapped her pants when her parents left. They discovered diapers and other supplies that Emily’s aunt and uncle left along with Annie. Despite being four, she wasn’t adequately potty-trained.

With it being over a school break for Emily, Emily was often left alone with Annie until the afternoon. Emily didn’t amuse herself with the idea of babysitting until her first day. Annie wasn’t like any other bratty child she encountered in her past. She was a rather adorable saint of a child. Her smile brought Emily into cloud nine—she adored her.

The first few days were all Emily could do to play with the young girl. Given Emily’s age, she didn’t practically have anything in common with the youngster. However, she let Annie have her way and followed along with the girl’s interests sacrificing her own.

Emily learned what it was like to be a youthful child from observing Annie. Thus, the following days Emily attempted her best to act like Annie. Annie smiled brightly, having another toddler friend, and brought Emily great delight. Even though the act was childish, the innocents of the action was a joyful procedure.

However, when Emily’s mother returned home, Emily would return back to her own age—as if little Emily didn’t exist in the first place. Annie questioned where did her “wittle” friend go the following day. Emily felt hurt that she couldn’t continue said act and have fun with Annie.

Proceeding with the next day, Emily told her mother that she would like to act Annie’s age—to help her fit in their family. Emily’s mother said to her that she shouldn’t, which caused Emily to stomp off. Instead of having a tantrum in her room, Emily found Annie along the way. Emily began her “wittle” talk asking “wittle” Annie if she had an accident, but eventually lead Emily to be tugged out to the living room to play more.

Emily decided to ignore her mother and act as Annie’s age. Her mother’s presence caused her to be concerned, but no comment was made within the first minute. Minutes to an hour had gone by, and the only thing was an observation.

Annie was nodding off. Thus, Emily brought her for a nap and began to snuggle next to her. However, Emily’s mother called for her to talk in the other room first.

Emily’s mother stated she wasn’t mad but intrigued by her daughter’s “wittle” act. She found it remarkably adorable and pictured Annie as her younger sister than a cousin. So, she gave consent for Emily to continue that activity. Emily smiled but wasn’t sure what she meant when her mother said that her father will die when he sees her.

Now with consent, Emily snuggled next to Annie to join her in her nap. This proceeded to another joint playtime, with comments from Emily’s mother talking to them as if they both were babies. Followed by dinner, where her mother spoon-fed what she called “the baby sisters.” This time spent with the young Annie was one Emily continued to have dreams in the days to come.

“And that’s the most of the story,” Emily concluded.

“Wow, I remember you mentioned you were busy last year because of your cousin. But I see it was for this. You didn’t have to hide it from me, you know! It’s…” Ashley began to hold her cheeks as she smiled. “so adorable!”

“Ashley!” Emily blushed, looking away. “But yes, that was about a year ago. Even now, I still get to talk with wittle Annie hehe. Ahem, I mean I send emails to her, and her mother helps read and write replies back. Auntie writes notes too, like how Annie can’t wait to visit again soon.”

“Oh? So is Annie going to visit again?”

“Yeah, she loved the time here so much that she begged her mother if she could stay.” Emily and Ashley proceeded to giggle after that comment. “But her mother told her that she’ll get to revisit the following year. I guess that’ll be in some months though from now.”

“I see. You’ll have to introduce me to wittle Annie!” Ashley began talking in a babyish tone.

“Kay!” Emily replied in kind.

“That didn’t seem that bad of a story, though. I’m not sure what the secret to keep is?”

“Oh…I’m kind of embarrassed since I went all out on acting like Annie.”

“I think it’s cute. I’m kind of jealous now, heehee.”

“Well, it’s not just that…I kind of…want to act like wittle Annie again.”

“I see. You’ll get your chance when she comes over again.”

“Yeah…” Emily began to turn red. “I was kind of hoping I could do it…you know, more often…And to be honest…I kind of want to do more than just an act…The times I changed Annie, the more I got umm…curious….” Emily grew silent.

“Curious about Annie?”

“Well, umm…how she uh…wears…. d-d…”

Where the comment was trailing towards caused Ashley to turn red. Emily’s curious…about DIAPERS??? My best friend…is…DIAPERS?!? Ashley’s mind swam in circles worse than a swan ride on steroid speed. However, Ashley did her best to recompose herself as her BFF just froze mid-sentence and wasn’t likely to return to the living. Ashley smiled brightly, given her best friend’s train of thought matched her own secret, and put her hand on Emily’s hand.

“Diapers?” Ashley questioned. This caused her to turn red as she didn’t construct a proper sentence herself. “Uh uwa, I mean, is it about diapers? The kind Annie wore, I mean…”

Emily turned bright red and looked away—but nodded. “T-this…is why I’ve been slightly jealous…of you…and Melina as well…”

I see…she’s jealous cause I have to wear diapers while she can’t. She must be really jealous of Melina being my older sister since her younger sister or well cousin lives away. Although…we now wear them during the day…what would she say now?

“I still dream of what it’d be like every day! …sniff…” Emily began to cry. “I-I’m sorry…I’m such a weird person!”

Emily proceeded to tremble next to Ashley. Thus, Ashley wrapped her arms around Emily. “It’s okay!” Ashley stated reassuringly. “You’re not weird! Your secret is safe wif…sniff me! We’re…still BFFs! I’d never want to change that! Waaah!” Ashley began to cry alongside Emily. Both girls tightened their grip on each other and the stuffed animal they held.

Once the two best friends calmed down, Ashley gave a smile. “Did you want to wear more diapers then?”

Emily blushed with a nod, “Yeah.”

“Ehehe! I guess we need to spend more time together then.”

“I need to spend more nights!”

“Heeheehee!” Both girls giggled.

Maybe I don’t need to be afraid then? I don’t think she would mind given her secret she just told now. Ashley began to blush, “Well…Since you told me a secret of yours, I can tell you one of mine.”

“Okay,” Emily smiled back. “Though I don’t think anything’s going to top mine. But you shouldn’t have to feel bad about whatever it is then.”

“Hehe,” Ashley giggled. We’ll see about that! “Well, I’ll keep it short and simple—you’re not the only one! I umm…” Ashley began to turn red. “I don’t just wear diapers at night…”

Emily’s face looked dumbfounded. “Really?! Are you right now?!?”

Ashley shook her head, “No, but I kind of wanted to. Well, I guess it’s been something like this…”

She began to give a short recap of the first night, the first day, and the days after. Leaving most of the portions of what she did in her diaper and Melina out of the recap.

“Wow…” Emily appeared stunned. “You like diapers too. So uh, have you wet then? You know, outside of wetting the bed.”

“Uh-huh,” Ashley nodded with a smile.

“Wow…have you um, pooped?”


“Oh my! I remember Annie saying she didn’t mind what she did. What about you?”

“Haha, I think we have a lot to talk about in diapers.”

“Yeah, for certain! Please, tell me everything!” Emily sure has had a full day. The first activity was school. Proceeded by telling the darkest story kept under lock and key, but the key is swallowed by a dragon. Now to full-blown excitement about her friend’s similar secret. “Would you help me wear some too? I mean, during the day.”

“Of course, I would! I’m your best friend, and I absolutely enjoy this idea. I think it’d be really fun if we wore diapers together!”

“Yay! I can’t wait! I can’t wait to watch you poop your pants!”

“Heehee, I can’t wait to see you make a stinky either!”

Several weeks passed since the fateful day Ashley and Emily’s secrets were unfolded. Now Ashley found herself after her third-period History class, accepting the homework she will have to do and a short walk to the restroom. Not that she really needed to go, but for a different reason that required some privacy.

Along the way, she saw Emily heading in her direction. “Hey Ashley,” she waved. Emily got up closer to Ashley’s ear to whisper, “Did you wet?”

Ashley gave a smile and nodded. “Hehe, yup, I was going to the restroom now.”

“Okay, I’m good now, but I’ll walk you there.”

“Kay,” Ashley gave in a slightly babyish tone. I’m so glad we can do this now… Ashley began to recall the days that followed their secrets being told.

The day right after Emily and Ashley slew their own dragons to free their secrets, Emily asked to spend the night—aka wear a diaper. Ashley’s mother, not being aware, gladly accepted. Given Emily wore a diaper before, she had asked to do so again. However, Emily and Ashley, we’re able to be more open towards the padding they wore than before. Many comments towards the diaper’s soft comfort and cute build left the girls giggling through the night.

They both slept wonderfully, though Ashley woke up wet—as expected.

“Did you wet again?” Emily wondered.

“Yup!” Ashley grinned. “I wonder if I’ll ever not wet the bed?”

“Maybe you shouldn’t. Since you know.”

“Hmm, that’s true. It’d be bad if it didn’t seem like I really needed diapers anymore.” Though, I’m sure mommy would still let me wear them!

“How does it feel?”

“All squishy! Though it is a bit cold and meh now. It’d feel better had I just done it now.”

“Ah, can I see?”

“Sure,” Ashley pulled down her light blue pajama pants.

“Wow! You really did wet.” Emily helplessly began patting the front of Ashley’s diaper. “It really is squishy, ehehe!”

Ashley began to blush, “Well, don’t you need to go?”

“Ummm,” Emily turned red. “I do…”

“Well, you know what you’re wearing, right?”

“I was thinking about doing it, but I don’t know if I could hide it from your mother…”

“Oh please, it’ll be fine! You can take it off, and I know where to stash it later. Don’t you want to know how it feels to go? The warmth that spreads and the bliss of not having gone to the potty. Having acted a bit wike a wittle girl!”


“Then just go!”

“…Ok-kay! Baby Emi need potty!”

“Baby Emi has diapey!”

“Hehe, I go potty!” Emily pulled her purple pajama pants down and began to blush. A few minutes passed, “Hsss,” echoed from her diaper. Followed by the front of her diaper staining with the urine’s entry.

This didn’t take long at all. Jeez, Emi! How long were you holding it?! You could’ve ended up having an actual accident!

“Aah!” Emily smiled with bliss and relief. “All done!”

“Heehee! All squishy!” Ashley began to pat her best friend’s now swollen diaper.

“Eheehee! I all warm and squshy!”

The two girls have forgone their pajama pants to opt for diapers only. They watched a children’s cartoon as they helplessly giggled like little girls—that they both currently pictured themselves as.

However, their fun was swiftly ruined. “Ahem,” Ashley’s mother tilted her head in confusion at the situation. “Did you wet the bed too, Emily?” Given Emily let loose in her diaper and was on display, that was the likely question to be asking.

Emily began to turn red, struggling to respond.

“It’s okay. I’d like you to be honest, though. I don’t mind either way.”


Oh gosh…Mom, why did you have to come in now!

“I didn’t…”

“Aw, that’s okay. So, you just went, huh? I saw you were both sleeping not too long ago.” Ashley’s mother’s eyes went wide as Emily began to cry. “You don’t need to cry. It’s okay. I don’t mind what you did, really!”

“Y-you don’t?”

“No, of course not. I’m not sure if you wanted to help Ashley feel better, though. But I’m sure she’s glad you’re her friend regardless.”

“Hehe, yup!” Ashley beamed.

“See, it’s all okay! We should get you girls changed, though.”

“Mommy,” Ashley stood up. “Maybe we should tell?”


“It’s okay, mommy knows actually…”


“What do I know about?”

“Kay, mommy. It went wike dis!” Ashley blushed as she was still in mid-baby talk. But she gave a quick rundown of how they shared their secrets, and now Ashely wanted to help Emily wear diapers.

“I see,” Ashley’s mother smiled. “I don’t see that being bad. I think that’s cute, actually.”

“I know, right!” Ashley agreed. Wanting to wear diapers with her cute wittle cousin ehehe!

“Well, I guess you won’t mind wearing a diaper with Emily around, huh, princess?”


“Okay, that’s one baby to change. As for you, Emily, I’d be delighted to help…but I think you should talk with your mother first. She is rather understanding, so she might be okay with it. But I’d rather have her consent before secretly treating you differently than what she’d like.”


Emily was rather down about what she had to do. However, Ashley continued her baby act which helped. Ashley got Emily to join her for the afternoon till she had to go home. However, Ashley agreed to help Emily convince her mother to let her be padded once more. Not to mention showing off another freshly wet diaper. Ashley was thankful Melina had gone over to her own best friend’s house.

Ashley was accepted over, which gave Emily hope and worry. However, Ashley helped Emily bring about the secret she was storing for the past year. Though unlike Ashley’s mother’s statement, Emily’s mother seemed frozen at the thought. She thought Emily was adorable acting like Annie, but she wasn’t sure. But she still thanked her daughter for being honest and for Ashley being her friend.

It wasn’t till the next day Ashley received a call from Emily. “SHE’S FINE WITH IT!”

The sudden volume increase caused Ashley to recoil. “Whoa, Emi. What’s going on?”

“Mommy! She said SHE’S FINE WITH IT!”

“Wait…You don’t mean?”

“YES! She told me I can wear diapers!”

“Wow!” Ashley smiled as bright as the sun shining through her window. “I’m so happy! Do you have one on now?”

“No, but we’re about to go shopping now!”

A voice in the back crept on the line, “Sweetie, time to go.”

“Oh! Time for me to get going! I just wanted to let you know!”

“Okay! Go get a cute diaper!”

“Heeheeeheee! I will!”

Ashley recalled after that phone call, an hour later, Emily had called back. This time, she was currently padded like Ashley—though not soaked like Ashley was. Emily kept mentioning how excited she was to be wearing a diaper like Annie was. Given the past emails, Annie made progress but mainly was diapered in the night and partially in the day. Perhaps Annie wouldn’t feel alone when they’d meet in a few months. And better yet, they could have a third “wittle” sister—Ashley.

Given little, Annie had made little progress but enough to earn the next tier of padding—pull-ups. Emily’s mother suggested that she, too, should get some to join the girl on her quest for potty-training. With potty-training in mind, this next visit wasn’t going to be the same for sure—with two babies in the house.

However, it was thanks to this suggestion that Ashley was able to proceed with a different plan. The one that she currently followed now.

Emily walked Ashley into the girls’ restroom or the two pictured as “wittle” girls’ room now, and Ashley found an empty stall. She dropped the bag on her shoulder to the floor before taking off her shorts.

With her shorts off, she revealed a swollen pull-up diaper. It wasn’t as absorbent as her diapers but worked well enough to continue wearing in public.

Ashley had soaked herself during history class and was content not having to run to the restroom. But she still needed to make sure she changed herself before the next class began. Thus, she began tearing the sides and placing the soaked garment in a bag that she used to collect the used pull-ups. Then, she wiped herself clean with a wipe before pulling on a new pull-up.

Ah, I love this so much! Now only if I could wear these during PE… This thought was a challenge to work with, as Ashley would need to change in front of her peers. As much as Emily was as diaper-loving as she was, there was no guarantee that her fellow students would be as well. Thus, the plan was for her to change into pull-ups after PE. Though, this usually resulted in a back-to-back pull-up change after history.

I think this works out rather well myself! She pulled her shorts back up before giving her rear a quick patting and a slight giggle.

Once the school day ended, Ashley followed Emily home to her house. They made a plan to play and do homework—but mostly play.

“Hey, Ashley,” Emily’s mother greeted. “How was both your day at school?”

“Oh, you know, the usual,” Emily replied.

“Yeah, nothing too big. Just a couple assignments in some classes,” Ashley added.

“How’re you both doing now?” Emily’s mother asked. This question may have been a simple, “how do you do,” but it referred to something else to Ashley and Emily.

“I’m all clean!” Emily smiled.

“Same, I’m dry,” Ashley replied.

“We could leave you in your clean pull-ups if you like. Or I could change you both…”

“Yay!” Ashley and Emily cheered.

“Well, that answers that. Shall we get you all diapered up, Ashley?”

“Kay!” Ashley answered in a babyish voice.

Emily’s mother didn’t take too long to adjust to her daughter returning to diapers. Given they all knew Ashley was aware of Emily, they shared Ashley’s secret as well. This was well accepted and granted the two girls what they wanted—to wear diapers together.

“My, look at the cute babies in the room!” Emily’s mother admired their looks. With both babies changed, they were left in just their shirt and diaper to proceed to work—aka play in Emily’s room.

“Mom!” Emily blushed with embarrassment.

“Haha,” Ashley giggled. She swiftly crawled over to pick out the stuffed rabbit she adored. Wrapping her arms around it, she began to gnaw on the stuffed toy’s ear.

Emily joined her with a teddy bear in her arm, “Hehe!” She giggled before giving the ear a slight chew herself.

Maybe we need pacifiers? Ashley thought to herself as the two girls continued to saturate the ears of the creatures in hand.

Close to about thirty minutes into playing with different stuffed toys, Ashley felt it was time to go potty. With the diaper wrapped around her waist, there was no need for a toilet break. So, she continued to play with the rabbit in hand as she leaned forward. Without much trouble at all, the warmth spread around her waist, all while pretending the rabbit hopped around.

Ashley smiled, feeling great relief from the duty. She looked over towards Emily, and she gave a similar expression. Emily’s diaper was indeed in a similar saturation state that Ashley’s was in.

“Frrbt,” Emily let loose a fart followed by a blush.

Uh oh! Does she have to do what I think she does? “Do you have to go two?” Ashley asked in a babyish tone. Emily nodded. “Kay, I do too. Can we ty someting?”

“Sure,” Emily replied.

Ashley’s suggestion led the two to crawl next to each other to be side-by-side. They would then hold each other’s hand and squat to do their business. Emily’s right hand was relatively warm, which brought comfort. Ashley smiled as both shifted their positions in unison.

“Heehee!” Ashley giggled. Time to wet woose!

“Rrrpt!” Emily sounded first as her diaper expanded.

Ashley gave a big push, “Frrpt, rrrpt.” She was unable to stop the mess once it began to push out. The warm mass shifted into her diaper before spreading around her rear.

Both girls finished with sitting back down on the floor, “Ehehe!” They had finished soiling their pants.

“So squishy!” Emily commented.

“Hehe!” Ashley could only giggle as the mush spread.

“I’m so happy you’re my BFF, Ashley!”

“Me too!” You know, I don’t think I’ve asked this. “Are you really enjoying diapers now?”

“Yup! Just like you, I love wearing them ehehe!”

“Well, I still wet the bed.”

“I could too! Though, who knows.”

The two girls continued to giggle as they returned to their playtime, ignoring the smell that filled the room.

“Oh my, it’s quite smelly in here,” Emily’s mother commented. “You could at least crack a window, you know?”

“Sowwy I messed,” Ashley babbled.

“Oh, it’s fine. I’ve had to clean a fair share of dirty diapers from the other stinker anyways.”

“Hahaha!” Emily laughed.

“So, I’m rather used to it. Though, your mother made an excellent point which has helped me through this.”

“Oh?” Ashley wondered.

“Huhu, it’s a secret! Well, the stinky guest shall be changed first then.”

“Ehehe!” Ashley and Emily giggled together.


Today was a typical day for Ashley now with a couple months passing. She was sitting next to her BFF on the couch at her house. Her diaper was exposed under a short skirt but clean. So too was Ashley’s own diaper.

To Ashley’s right was her sister, Melina. Melina’s diaper was completely exposed and clean. And on a separate sofa sat Lisa.

Ashley beamed brightly, knowing that no secrets were needing to be kept in this room. The three girls wore diapers, and all of them knew it.

She looked over to her sister. Melina sure has taken a real shine to diapers. Maybe a little more than I have. But it was easy to share Emily’s secret with her, given she also liked them. Ashley then looked over to Lisa. It surprised me the most to find out that Lisa liked the idea of us wearing diapers. So far, she’s played along with us and even changed us!

An urge seared through Ashley’s body—to urinate. Without hesitating, the warmth swiftly spread through her diaper. Aw, so nice to wear a diaper!

However, a foul scent blew through the air. Given Ashley had just wet herself, it couldn’t have been herself the culprit. Which baby did it!

“Which baby made the mess?” Lisa questioned.

“Ehehehe!” Melina began to giggle.

Ah, so it’s my big sis who’s the stinky baby!

Lisa smiled, “It is alright. Let us get you cleaned up then.” She took Melina off the couch and most likely to her room.

“Hehehe!” Ashley and Emily giggled.

“Uh oh!” Emily remarked.

“You go?” Ashley asked.

“You did silwy!”

“Oh, ehehe!” I’m so glad I chose to wear diapers! Even though it was a problem at first, I’m so happy how it’s turned out! Who knew such a problem like bedwetting would have brought me something so wonderful!

The End.


It has been a relatively long time since I first started Melina’s curiosity. But here, it is finally coming to a close. Due to a request, I had also written from the perspective of Ashley. Though, much of the same events occur (same as the next few paragraphs in both the afterword).

Now I must be honest, I do not regret writing both sides, but it wasn’t fun to write them both. Taking one portion of the story and rewriting it, so it was in the perspective of another character, was mainly done. Changing a lot of the text and presentation makes one side more or less unique from the other. However, the story isn’t any different, so it ends up being the same regardless. I’m also keeping in mind the fact not everyone will read both sides. One side will be favored more than the other to some. Regardless of that, if you combine all the chapters, I wrote 12 chapters, including the prologues. A lot of time really was spent making an effort to write both sides.

I’ve learned from this that I don’t want to write two perspectives simultaneously in the future. If anything, I’d do it for a story that was well completed just to give it a new flair. So, for the readers who are doing their best to their own writings, seeing this, I don’t recommend writing two perspectives. You’ll get a lot more mileage in writing two unique stories. Not to mention it’s a lot more enjoyable!

A detail I’m willing to share is the order these chapters were written. It went as such:

Melina’s Curiosity

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 1

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 1

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 2

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 2

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 3

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 3

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 4

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 5

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 4

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 5

Ashley’s Bedwetting

After chapter 3 of both sides, I decided to dedicate my time to one before the other. This helped make it more enjoyable and flow. Also, to note, I did write Ashley’s Bedwetting last. So, in a way, I finished off where I began.

Ashley’s side of the story has been a little more fun to write about (if I’m being honest). She didn’t really click with diapers right away unlike Melina. So, she had to discover a lot about herself through multiple padded experiences. Perhaps a real girl could do the same for me (hahaha…yeah in my dreams I suppose)…

I decided on writing Ashley’s side to Melina’s Curiosity. Hence Ashley’s Bedwetting is now a thing. Mainly because the stories are both so similar, it’d be up to the reader to pick which side they’d like to observe from. Though, I really should have started the story in first-person perspective (haha…). Instead of changing things later, I might as well keep it consistent. I guess I could edit the story later, but that just sounds like way too much work at this point. Plus, this story wasn’t intended to be extended as it has.

Interestingly enough, Ashley’s side turned out to be the lengthier story of the two. I’m guessing this is due to Ashley having to think a bit more than Melina does.

I think an interesting turn Ashley takes in this story is that she starts to laugh a lot more later. Perhaps diapers helped her open up to life a bit more. Though, it is rather apparent that Ashley and Emily are definitely ABDL. Where Melina, I think, is more intended to be on the DL side.

There may have been some loose ends, which I’ve decided to leave up to the reader to imagine! Like how is this next visit for Emily and Annie going to go? I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even pictured the Annie idea until much later in writing. But I think the idea is adorable! So, I hope this was how it turned out for you—the reader.

Anyways, I’d like to close things out by saying thank you! Thanks for being patient with me for this story. I never like leaving things left unfinished unless I really have to. And I hope you have enjoyed the story for what it is!

Thank you, keep your comfy padding, and may we meet again in another story!