Diaper Dimension stories

The 3 latest stories from the diaper dimension " The Biggest Little Vacation , Exchanged and The Bureau " have had no activity for more than 2 weeks from the authors.
Are they all just taking a break to enjoy real life ?

Who knows. They could be dead, taking a hiatus, or just not posting for the hell of it. Only they know. Although being early May I would assume BabySofia is on vacation as this is the time of year it usually happens :slight_smile:

No clue about the others, but BabySofia posted a status update on the DD Exchaged thread:

Some people just get busy with life. I have a few stories here that are from 2013. They’re not even under my name anymore; they just say “guest.” I have an unfinished story on my computer I started two years ago.

Hi - I’m bbykimmy (the forgot password isn’t working so I had to make a new account).

I can’t speak for anyone else but the reason that The Biggest Little Vacation is on hold is because I got wrapped up in another project. My partner and I were doing a writing exercise together… when it kind of took on a life of its own. What was supposed to be a silly little short story turned into a novel, and then the novel turned into a trilogy, and then the trilogy grew into a 7 book series… we just finished writing Book 5 and are probably halfway through Book 6 and all of this is since January 15th… I can’t work on Vacation until this book series is written, I just can’t get in the headspace.

Sorry for the delay, I have every intention on finishing the story… but I’ve gotta follow the muse!

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I’ dealing with finals so my stories are on very very temp hiatus