[Diaper Dimension] Wishes Do Come True

Okay, here’s the disclaimer: This is a one-shot. I have no interest in trying to make a full-sized story out of this, I’m not subverting any tropes, this one is really straightforward and cliché. This is not a work of art, this is not a greater message about the nature of man - if you want character growth or deeper meaning, go read one of my other stories. This is tropey garbage, and it’s intended to be just that.

This idea was suggested on an idea proposal thread elsewhere on the Internet and it tickled my fancy, so here we go.

I hope you enjoy it.

Wishes Do Come True

Felicity Morgan hated her birthday. She absolutely loathed it. Every year, her mommy made her wear the poofiest, frilliest, most ridiculous dresses. Every year she invited the same six people to celebrate and every year she had to put up with a clown, or a piñata, or mandatory dancing, or a day at the pool. Her life was bad enough under normal circumstances, but her birthday was the worst.

She had been turning three years old every year for the past six years. And tomorrow, she would be two years old again. There was no growth, no advancement, no hope that she’d ever be out of the diapers that her mommy kept her in, day in and day out. She was resigned to it, mostly. She was a Little, she had known from a very early age that this was the most statistically likely outcome. She was born with naturally curly blonde hair and big blue eyes and rosy red lips… she had been doomed from birth. She had actually made it farther than she expected before she had been snapped up. All the way to her twenty-third birthday.

Poop, I’m twenty-nine years old now. I’ll be thirty next year!

But she wouldn’t. Next year, she would be three… for a whole day.

Just like today.

She toddled down the hall, the skirts of her dress flouncing overtop the ruffled petticoat. This year she was Bo Peep and all of her “friends” had been dressed as sheep and they hated her for it.

“It’s not my fault,” she said defensively to Janie in the hall. “My mommy picked the theme and called everyone else’s Amazons!”

“Yeah well,” Janie said in her woolen sheep costume that bulged out at the crotch - the other Littles were all given extra thick diapers to compensate for the fact that no one would be able to see their diapers under the sheep costumes. “You still suck, Felicity.”

Janie bumped into her on purpose as she walked by, knocking Felicity to the ground… unfortunately, her diaper was so thick and so heavy - she hadn’t been changed in hours and had already been fed four bottles - that she couldn’t manage to stand up again.

And so her birthday continued to get worse.

“Mommy!” she called helplessly from her spot on the ground, wiggling and kicking her feet but unable to do so much as roll over in the ridiculous pink monstrosity that was her dress. The dancing sheep on the skirt stared up at her, mocking, as she flailed. “Mommy help!”

“Did my little baby fall down?” her mommy cooed. Penelope Morgan was the pinnacle of “soccer mom” despite the fact that her own kids were grown and left years ago and she’d never let Felicity even think about joining a sport. She wore yoga pants year round and whatever blouse style was trendy at the time. Right now it was “cold shoulder” and she was wearing a dark blue blouse with tiny flowers all over it… with big round holes where the shoulders should have been. Her sandy blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail and her sunglasses rested atop her head, despite the fact that she probably wouldn’t be going outside at any point during the party.

“Help Mommy,” Felicity held her hands out for help, but her mommy only crouched nearby to tease her.

“Such a little baby,” she cooed. "Are we sure you’re turning three this year? Maybe you should be turning one. Cora’s mommy decided that she was turning one this year and she got put back in crawler diapers. Maybe that’s what we should do with you! You’d be so cute crawling around all the time… "

“No mommy, please!” she began, feeling flustered and helpless, but she remembered Penelope’s weakness. “If you did that… I wouldn’t be able to wear dresses!”

“Oh pooh,” her mommy huffed, scooping her up. “You’re right, my sweet little baby. I guess you’re turning three after all. I’d hate for all of those lovely skirts and dresses to go to waste.”

Felicity hated dresses. She hated frills. She hated the color pink. She had hated it all long before she had been “adopted”, she had been a strictly t-shirt and blue jeans woman, athletic, outgoing. A tomboy through and through. But Penelope had put a stop to all of that the moment she had claimed poor Felicity. From that moment forward it had been fussy dresses and fussy hairstyles and pink painted fingernails. She had pierced Felicity’s ears and promised that the girl would never have to wear yucky old pants ever again.

She missed pants. She missed pockets. She missed being able to walk without skirts bouncing and diapers crinkling. She missed being an adult.

And she never missed it more than on her birthday.

“Okay, birthday girl,” her mommy beamed, setting her down in the high chair of honor at the head of the table. Sheep glared at her from all around, Janie and Cora, Eden and Molly, Paige and Logan. All of her “friends” - the Littles she was forced to play with regularly. She disliked most of them - she felt bad for Cora, she hated Paige… the only one she even liked a little was Molly. Molly had been a tomboy too and had been in diaper-and-dress hell for three years. They commiserated. Paige was the worst, she had started out as Peter but her mommy had decided she wanted a girl instead… but Paige liked it. She was a tattletale and a brat, she declared herself the princess of everything and would scream - literally scream - if she didn’t get her way. And then everyone else would get in trouble for making “poor little Paige” scream.

“Happy birthday Felicity!” Paige giggled. Felicity often dreamed about wishes. She wished on a star ever night… just last night she had wished that Paige would be eaten by a bear. But that didn’t seem likely. “I hope you get the frilliest, most wonderfullest dresses for your birthday!”

Felicity begged her mommy to stop inviting Paige, but it got ignored.

Paige was a “proper little girl” and was seen as a good influence.

With six pairs of sheep eyes on her, most of them angry, she sighed and waited for whatever confectionary monstrosity awaited her this year.

The cake was a big green meadow with cotton candy sheep jumping over fences and a frilly Bo Peep standing at the center, wearing an obvious diaper.

“It’s perfect!” Felicity’s mommy cheered, and the other mommies and daddies clapped along as they put the candle - the big number three - on the cake for the sixth year in a row. Felicity remembered how she had hope that first year, that they’d let her grow up. Three was too old for diapers, after all.

It had been a terrible shock to wake up the next morning to be told that she was back to being two.

It wouldn’t be a shock this year. It was how Penelope always started the day after her birthday. With a series of reminders that she was a Little, and that she would be two years old, sucking on bottles and pacifiers, eating in a high chair, sleeping in a crib, and helplessly wetting her diapers… forever.

“Make a wish, Felicity dear,” her mommy grinned as she slid the lit cake nearer the birthday girl.

I wish I were the Amazon and you were the Little, she wished with all her might before blowing out the candle.

“Hooray!” everyone cheered.

“I hope you wished for new dresses,” her mommy grinned, holding up a dress with a skirt so short it may as well have been a belt. “This year’s fashion is short short skirts! I won’t even have to squeeze your diaper to check, isn’t that fun?”

“Yay!” Felicity cheered, false enthusiasm in her voice. She would be trying on at least three of her new dresses before the end of the party, before her mommy sat in the middle of the living room and breastfed her in front of everyone.

Like she did every year.

She knew better than to fuss, she knew better than to groan. She would cheer and bounce at every new dress or she would be punished. And birthday punishments were always the worst. Last year she had to sing the awful teapot song until every mommy said it was perfect, but every time someone had a complaint - a foot in the wrong place, not looking happy enough, her diaper not being messy enough. She had been put to bed in tears, sobbing her heart out and wishing the day would just end.

Felicity was already wishing the day would just end. But she had many hours yet to suffer through.

When she was finally stripped of her ridiculously puffy birthday diaper, when it was sodden and beyond disgusting, it was bedtime. She was given a quick bath - she didn’t even remember what it was like to bathe alone - and put in sheep pajamas, of course, with a think nighttime diaper.

“Well birthday girl,” her mommy said, hugging her close. “It was another great day. I love you so much, my little sweetie. I’m so glad you’re never going to grow up. Three is all you’ll ever be, and that is so perfect.

“I love you mommy,” she said with a smile, hating the woman with everything she was.

“I love you too, sweet pea,” her mommy kissed her on the forehead and laid her down in the crib, her nightly prison, before pulling up the bars until they did their sickening click.

Felicity stared out the window after her door was closed, using the bars of the crib to help her pull herself to her feet. She frowned when she realized her diaper was already wet - her toilet training was long since gone.

She looked every night for shooting stars, for one to wish on. Usually she wished for freedom, but tonight she hoped for something else. And she almost cried out in joy - watching for little things, for rays of hope, was the only thing that kept her sane. She saw it - a real shooting star.

I wish I were the Amazon and Penelope was the Little, she wished with all she was, from the tip of her nose to the tips of her toes.

The shooting star streaked across the sky, twinkling, and she laid back down in her bed, pulling the blanket over her and hugging her only true friend in the world, Murphy the Bear - the one she pretended would eat Paige some day.

With heavy eyes and a heavy heart, she drifted off to sleep, not looking forward to tomorrow - when her mommy would welcome her back to being two.

She had the strangest dreams, Felicity realized as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She sat up with her eyes clenched shut and stretched a big stretch. She felt around for Murphy… and opened her eyes when she could find them. He was gone.

So were the crib bars. So was her nursery!

She jolted, looking around… the room was familiar, but the angle was all wrong. This was mommy’s room! But she was…

It took her a long moment of her heart pounding before she realized that she could get out of bed. ON HER OWN!

Felicity swung her legs out of bed and stood on her own two feet, towering above everything - the dresser, the bed, she was a giant! She had grown! She streched, slapping the pull-chain of the ceiling fan easily.

“This is the best dream ever!” she crowed… but her voice sounded strange.

“Hello?” a small voice came from the baby monitor beside the bed. "Hello? Something’s gone wrong… "

Felicity blinked several times before rushing to mommy’s vanity… and seeing Penelope Morgan in the mirror.

“Holy mother of monkeys,” she breathed, the strongest swear she knew, “my wish came true! My wish came true!” She jumped for joy and it was only then that she realized… “I’m not wearing a diaper!” She patted her bottom, felt the skimpy underwear beneath the nightie. Her breasts felt much heavier than she expected, they weren’t just bumps on her chest, they had weight and they swung a bit when she moved. And for some reason, they hurt a little.

“Hello?” the small voice called. "I need help, I seem to be in my daughter’s nursery… "

A wicked grin spread across Penelope’s face in the mirror. Felicity startled herself, she had seen that look on mommy’s face before… and it took her a moment to realize that was her face now. And that she was the mommy. With delight, she put on a bra - struggling with the clasp, she hadn’t worn one in years and her chest had never been that big, and a blouse, and yoga pants and strode to the nursery on her giant legs.

The nursery smelled amazing. The scent of baby powder tickled her nose, the scent was familiar but new at the same time. She walked over toward the crib - seeing it from this angle was bizarre. It seemed so small… and the red-faced baby inside seemed equally as small.

That’s not a baby, she reminded herself. That’s Penelope, the woman who has been torturing me for six years.

“Good morning, baby Felicity,” the Amazon cooed, attempting the same voice that she had heard countless mornings. “Your birthday is over, congratulations! You’re two years old again!”

“I’m not Felicity,” the Little protested. “I’m Penelope! Something’s gone wrong, I swear I’m you!”

“Oh we’re being a silly-butt this morning?” Felicity teased her tormentor, lowering the bars of the crib and lifting her high in the air. Her mommy’s Little-eyes bulged and she quivered in fear at the height. Felicity grinned and threw the Little in the air, laughing. “My bouncing baby girl!”

“Stop!” her mommy screamed. “Stop, I’m scared!”

“Oh there’s nothing to be scared of,” Felicity cooed, bringing Penelope in for a tight hug. “Mommy would never drop her precious princess.”

“Please, something’s gone wrong - there’s been a mistake!” Penelope continued to protest, tears threatening the corners of her eyes.

“I’ll say something’s wrong,” Felicity agreed, relishing the ruse. “Someone has a wet diaper! Let’s change your bottom and get you out of your pretty PJs and into a cute dress.”

“I’m not a Little,” Penelope protested. "I’m an Amazon! I don’t know what’s happened… "

“My silly baby and her pretend games,” Felicity laughed as she carried Penelope over to the changing table and laid her down, buckling the hated strap over her mommy’s Little tummy after stripping her of the sheep PJs. “You look like a Little, and you sound like a Little with an overactive imagination. You just had too much sugar yesterday, didn’t you?”

Felicity hated that excuse. She didn’t ever choose to eat the sugar, she ate what she was given and then her feelings were blamed on the sugar - it was infuriating… but so delightful to use it against the same woman who had tormented her.

“I need you to listen to me,” Penelope was getting flustered, and it was delicious to Felicity. “I went to bed last night as an Amazon.” The Little Penelope winced as Felicity tore the tapes from her diaper and balled the wet thing up, pretending that she wasn’t listening.

She looked at the stacks of diapers, trying to decide which one she wanted to inflict upon the one person she knew deserved it more than anyone else.

On the one hand, she thought, I could go with the thinner one and let her experience what a leak feels like… but she won’t know the absolute joyof being unable to walk correctly. On the other hand, I could put her in the thick ones, but she won’t leak…

“And when I woke up this morning,” Penelope continued as Felicity took out the thinner diaper and slid it under her Little-mommy, trying not to grin. It was so different for her, looking from this angle. She powered Penelope and taped - knowing that her Little hands wouldn’t be able to remove it - the diaper securely. “I was a Little in a crib! I need to see a doctor or something.”

“Well,” Felicity laughed, walking to the closet and selecting one of her brand new ultra-short dresses, one that she had gotten for her birthday just yesterday. “I put a Little down in that crib last night, Felicity dear - and this morning a Little in a wet diaper was waiting for me. So everything seems normal to me.”

“You’re not listening!” Penelope screeched. Felicity felt an unexpected wave of irritation, an urge to punish Penelope that took her by surprise. She reached down and grabbed a Silencer pacifier and popped it in the Little’s mouth, inflating it until her cheeks bulged. Penelope clawed at it helplessly, tugging on the shield, pulling on the ring, trying desperately to deflate it… but she didn’t have the strength. Felicity knew all too well that the Little body lacked the power to stop any of the torments the Amazons could bring.

“I am listening,” Felicity smirked. “I’m listening to a fussy Little who has woken up on the wrong side of bed. You’re probably just dehydrated, dear. Let’s go fix that.”

Her heart actually felt a little sad as the first tears began to roll down Penelope’s cheeks, her cheeks - the Little cheeks she had worn her whole life. But it was only fair - it’s exactly what Penelope would have done to her. She unbuckled the strap and pulled the dress on over the Little’s head, working her arms through the sleeves, before scooping her up and grabbing Murphy the Bear from the crib.

“Here comes Murphy,” Felicity held the bear up, bringing it closer. “Oh, he looks hungry,” she teased. Penelope often made her toys ‘come to life’, the turnabout felt right. “He’s going to eat you!” Felicity used the stuffed bear, making growling and chomping sounds as she attacked every ticklish spot she knew that Little body had - the neck, the tummy, the ribs. Soon, Penelope was snorting with laughter behind the pacifier… and the sound brought genuine joy to my heart. The laughter coming from her was… musical, magical, even when muffled by the pacifier.

It was confusing.

Felicity carried the sniffling Penelope to the kitchen, intending to give her the first of what would be many, many bottles that day. She felt she had so much time to make up for.

She has my body, Felicity thought, the body that she ruined. She’ll have no bladder control, let’s see how she likes it.

She plopped Penelope in the high chair, the same one Felicity herself had made her birthday wish from the day before, and set about preparing the electrolyte fluid that Penelope used on her any time she was declared to be ‘dehydrated’. Everything was so much easier to reach! Cabinets opened easily, nothing required shifting or maneuvering - for the first time in her life, she was living in a world sized for her. Penelope would take this for granted, she’d never been on the other side. Felicity hoped that the wish was permanent, but if she was only going to get one day, she was going to make sure Penelope understood the hell it was to be Little.

Using her Amazon hands, which were able to lift and carry so much more than she was used to, she quickly mixed up the beverage and popped the ring on the Silencer, deflating it.

"Plea- " Penelope began, but was quickly met with the nipple of a bottle. She turned her head sideways and spit it out. “Please, listen!”

“Felicity Alexis Morgan,” Felicity snapped, relishing the feeling of using all three names the same way Penelope did - only the first name was actually hers, Penelope had changed her middle name and her last name when the awful woman “adopted” her. “You are dehydrated. You are going to drink this bottle like a good girl, or I’m going to get your feeder paci. Is that how you really want to start today?”

Felicity hated the feeder paci. She was tempted to get it anyway, to make Penelope experience the helplessness and frustration of not being able to control the flow of the liquid or escape it as it filled her mouth over and over, forcing her to swallow constantly until her throat hurt from it.

But Penelope took the bottle in both hands and began sucking at the fluid. The rhythmic sucking from the Little’s lips was strangely musical. Steady. Sure. Unexpectedly, Felicity’s chest began to hurt and her right nipple felt cold. She reached down and felt a wet spot - listening to Penelope suckle at the bottle was making her lactate. She wanted little more than to take the bottle from her and replace it with her own nipple… but one thing she did want more was to have Penelope suffer the effects of the rehydrating beverage.

She stood there, staring down at the adorable angel as she chugged, breathing through her nose between gulps from the bottle. She had to admit that the little red strawberry dress with its micro-skirt looked really cute on her body… the way her curly blonde hair bounced on her shoulders as she drank, the tiny click in her throat as she suckled. The way her eyes closed… she was really, really cute and Felicity had an overwhelming urge to snuggle her. Which was bizarre, because she was having those urges about her own body.

The second the last drop was gone from the bottle, she released Penelope from the high chair… only to carry her to the couch. She lifted her blouse and fumbled with her bra… a large wet spot was forming on each one. She unclipped the panel, freeing her nipple.

“Wait,” Penelope protested in her lap. "I don’t want that! I’m really full, I don’t want- "

“Littles don’t get a say,” Felicity countered. “Littles never get a say. Amazons just do whatever they want, whenever they want and the Little just has to deal with it.”

Penelope’s eyes widened as Felicity finally broke character - they both knew that Penelope wouldn’t go off on a rant like that, but before she could say anything, her lips were around Felicity’s Amazon nipple, Felicity’s hand on the back of Penelope’s head, forcing her forward, tilting her head back to encourage her mouth to open, forcing her to latch. And soon she was suckling contentedly.

Felicity knew very well what feelings Penelope was having - conflicted feelings. Feelings of intense pleasure from the flavor of the milk, from the smell of it, mixed with feelings of resentment and helplessness. She wouldn’t be able to pull away until the milk was gone. Felicity had never managed it, no matter how badly she wanted to.

What she hadn’t expected, what she didn’t know, was how it felt from the Amazon side. The feeling was intense. Gratifying. Fulfilling. As the milk flowed from her body, as it was drawn out of her by the rhythmic suckling of the Little, she felt her heart flutter. She felt… love. She deeply loved the Little in her lap. The feeling caught her by surprise. She couldn’t tell if it was a biological urge, if she was feeling Penelope’s lingering emotions, if it was a fondness for herself… the last one seemed highly unlikely, she hadn’t been able to look at herself in the mirror without wanting to cry since she’d been adopted.

Her breast emptied too quickly. Penelope popped off and sat up, rubbing her eye with the back of one hand.

“Felicity?” she mumbled. "Felicity, are you- "

Felicity cut her off again, flipping her over and guiding her to the other nipple. She was ready for the rush of emotion this time, however. That same sense of overpowering calm, of contentment, of love, poured over her as her milk poured out of her and she found herself humming. It took her a moment to realize what it was… she had unconsciously begun humming the same song that her mommy always hummed during feedings. She stroked the Little’s back - while Penelope was suckling, the feeling of their skin touching as she caressed the Little was electric, enticing… addicting.

“Oh wow,” Felicity murmured. She had no idea how incredible nursing felt for Penelope - if her mommy had actually had these feelings. Once again, it was over too soon.

“Felicity,” Penelope said groggily as she sat up again, "I really need to go… " she trailed off mid-sentence and her eyes widened. Felicity felt the diaper grow warm on her lap as Penelope finally got to experience what Felicity had felt several times a day for many years - the feeling of her body betraying her, of wetting her diaper like an infant, against her will. The Little’s face clouded up in incredible sadness. “I peed myself!” she wailed.

Felicity expected herself to feel bad, to feel guilty… but instead she felt needed. Penelope needed her. It felt… good. It felt good to watch Penelope sob her heart out. And it felt good on multiple levels. Felicity got a malicious, vengeful satisfaction out of it, out of her tormentor suffering the same way she had been made to suffer, but there was also another layer to it. That feeling of being wanted, of being necessary. She wiped Penelope’s tears away from the Little cheeks.

“Pretty awful, isn’t it?” she asked. “You’re in for a lot of it, too. Because I’m going to get that feeder and you’re going to have another rehydrating bottle.”

“Please no,” Penelope sobbed, her body shaking. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea that it felt this awful being Little.”

“Oh you’ve only gotten the tiniest taste, Felicity,” the Amazon laughed. She didn’t feel the slightest pang of guilt or remorse at the Little’s tears. Deep down, somewhere in her Amazon heart, she knew that Littles cried. It was just a thing they did, like breathing. “Because you’re Felicity now. I’m Penelope. I’m mommy. And we’re going to fill you up nice and full and then you’re going to do the teapot dance for ME. Do you remember how many times you made me sing that stupid song last year? It had to be a hundred. I stood there and danced and sang until I couldn’t stand any more.”

“I’m sorry!” Penelope sobbed. “I’m sorry, I was wrong! It was wrong! I swear, change us back… I’ll let you grow up… I won’t treat you like a baby any more. I’m so sorry!”

“Oh, you’re sorry?” Felicity laughed a harsh laugh. “You’ve been me for all of two hours, my little prissy princess. I was trapped under your thumb for six years. You think two hours of drinking from a bottle and breastfeeding gives you an idea of the kind of life I lead? I think you need some time in the bouncer. I think you need to watch some cartoons. I think you need to be left alone in the playpen for an hour. But most importantly,” Felicity said, lifting Penelope and cradling her, rocking her gently. “You need to calm down before you make yourself sick.”

She had done that enough times, and she really had no interest in being responsible for cleaning it up. She walked circles around the living room, rocking and shushing Penelope until she calmed down… only to take her back to the kitchen for another bottle.

“Please Felicity,” she whispered, her voice hoarse from crying. “No more.”

“Ah ah,” Felicity scolded. “You’re Felicity now. I’m mommy. You’ll never guess what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles yesterday. Well… you probably will since you’re living it.” She felt the diaper growing warm again as Penelope wet herself. “Ask me for your bottle, Felicity.”

“I don’t want another bottle,” she protested.

“You’re going to get another one or you’re going to get the feeder - it’s your choice. So, either ask me very nicely with your most perfect prissy princess manners for your bottle, or I’ll get the feeder.”

“Please mommy,” Penelope said, her eyes downcast. “May I have another bottle?”

“You may, my sweet girl,” Felicity smiled, preparing another rehydrating bottle. Penelope was a constant fountain now, she was overfull with the fluid and milk. It wouldn’t be long at all now… she walked over to the plastic-bottomed playpen in the living room and stood Penelope in it, holding the bottle in the Little’s mouth while she drank. “Don’t you stop until it’s gone, silly girl - or I’ll refill it and we’ll start again with the feeder.” After another minute or so, she guided Penelope’s hands up to hold it and stepped back.

She was cute. Standing there, sucking a bottle, her diaper swollen and completely unhidden by the micro skirt, her blonde curls bouncing. Felicity went to her mommy’s room - her room - to fetch her comm and take a photo… as she walked back to the room, she heard a forlorn wail.

"Oh no… "

“What’s wrong, sweet princess?” Felicity asked innocently, holding up her comm and snapping a picture of the Little looking down as urine ran down her leg.

"It leaked… "

“What leaked, sweet girl?” Felicity asked with a smile.

“The diaper leaked,” Penelope said softly.

Whose diaper leaked?” Felicity grinned, leaning down and taking another photo.

“My diaper leaked, mommy,” Penelope whimpered.

“Ask me for a thicker diaper, my cute, soggy-bottomed baby,” Felicity laughed softly.

“I never made you beg for a thicker diaper,” Penelope said resentfully, staring up at Felicity.

“Bullpoopie!” Felicity shouted. “You’ve made me beg for everything, you made me thank you for everything you did to me. Now beg or you’re going to learn how much a spanking from an Amazon hurts a Little bottom.”

“Please mommy,” Penelope quailed, “please will you put me in a thicker diaper?”

“Of course, sweetiekins,” Felicity snapped one last picture before guiding the bottle back into Penelope’s mouth and carrying her back to the nursery. She didn’t bother with the thicker daytime diapers, she went straight for the extra thick nighttime diaper. She stripped the sodden thinner diaper from the Little and tossed it, wiping her down and powdering her and loving every sweet moment of pulling that extra thick diaper closed and taping it snugly. She pulled the bottle out of Penelope’s hands and set her down on the floor. “There you go, one nice and thick diaper. Now, try to take it off.”

“What?” Penelope looked at her quizzically.

“Try to take it off,” Felicity repeated. “Undo the tapes, wiggle out of it. Take it off.” Felicity watched with perverse glee as Penelope tried with all her might, yanking on the tapes, wiggling her hips, but it was useless. Just as Felicity knew it would be. “Amazons sure do make diapers that a Little can’t remove,” she smirked. “And that thick diaper should last you a while, even though you RUINED MY BODY.”

“I… I didn’t know,” Penelope stammered.

“You didn’t know?” Felicity echoed. “You didn’t know that if you forcefeed someone liquids constantly and never let them use a toilet that their muscles eventually weaken to the point that they’re useless? I don’t believe for a moment that you didn’t know.”

"Littles just have weak bladders, everyone knows that… " Penelope said defensively.

“I got along just fine before you adopted me,” Felicity snapped. “I was twenty-three years old. I had my whole life ahead of me, but I had a hard time - other Littles didn’t want to be around me, and do you know why?”

“Why?” Penelope asked meekly.

“Because I was a target for predators,” Felicity growled. “I had curly blonde hair and blue eyes and I was SHORT, even for a Little. And that made me… what, Mommy?”

"Cute… " Penelope admitted.

“A walking ‘adopt me’ sign,” Felicity pushed Penelope gently on the back. “Walk to the living room,” she commanded. Penelope tried her best, but she was obviously having a great deal of trouble walking with her legs spread apart by the massive diaper. “If you can’t walk, you know what to do.”

“Yes mommy,” the Little squeaked, dropping to her hands and knees.

That heart flutter came as Felicity watched the adorable girl crawl, her butt way up in the air as it shook back and forth from the effort of crawling. She didn’t understand these feelings, these urges that she got when looking at… what was essentially herself.

“You see,” Felicity continued, her gaze fixed on the Little’s padded butt… even now, the wetness indicator was alerting her that Penelope was peeing. “No other Little wanted to get close to me. Because if I got snatched… when I got snatched, they might be caught along with me. And no Little wants that. How’s that diaper feeling, sweetie? Is it still dry and comfy?”

“I think I had an accident,” Penelope said mournfully, “I really don’t like it. How did you swap us?”

“I wished upon a star,” Felicity shrugged. “I guess sometimes wishes do come true. Maybe I just made enough of them that the universe felt it owed me one. I wished for freedom almost every night for the past six years.”

“I thought you were happy,” Penelope sat down on her well-padded butt, sitting several inches off the ground from the padding alone, her legs splayed as tears welled up in her eyes. “You always said you loved me. I love you… I give you everything.”

“You torture me!” Felicity shouted. "You torment me, and if I fight back even the smallest amount, you punish me! You tell me I’m dehydrated or tired or I had too much sugar or I’m just fussy. You minimize me, you diminish me, you ignore me, you… "

Penelope had started bawling again, her arms hanging limply at her sides as she sobbed.

“Why are you crying?” Felicity demanded.

“I don’t know!” Penelope wailed. “I can’t stop it!” Felicity understood that feeling all too well. Her torment was unending, she found herself crying a lot. She had a lot to cry about. But Penelope didn’t, she’d barely done anything to her yet. Again, Felicity felt that wave of satisfaction, that feeling of being needed. She scooped Penelope up and sat on the couch, holding the sobbing Little in her lap and rocking her, soothing her.

She was surprised when Penelope fell asleep in her lap.

“You won’t get to sleep too long,” Felicity promised. “We have a lot of ground to cover yet, Penelope Morgan.”

She let the Little nap for an hour or so, and then delighted in feeding her lunch - puréed prunes. And trapping her in the bouncer and watching her dangle helplessly there. But as the day continued, her glee that was powered by her much-deserved vengeance lessened and she just found herself enjoying caring for Penelope, who was often a sobbing mess. She was taking the whole idea of being Little very hard.

By late afternoon, Felicity had given up on revenge and spent most of her time snuggling. She breastfed Penelope again, relishing those amazing feelings. Feeding her just felt RIGHT. Like all was right and good with the world.

She prepared a dinner of chicken nuggets and honey, with carrot sticks and apple juice… her favorite. Her favorite when she had been a Little. Now it tasted… wrong. The honey was too sweet, the carrot sticks too bland.

“You like spicy food,” Penelope suggested. “There should be some left over vindaloo in the fridge.” It was so strange to watch her Amazon body grimacing at the chicken nuggets. Amazons hated Little food in general, it was too sweet, too strange. Her diaper felt soggy and awful underneath her and she’d been trapped in it all day. She watched Felicity go to reheat the leftovers… and just enjoyed her own meal. The chicken nuggets were amazing. The honey was equally amazing. The flavors together were better than she had ever imagined. Littles experienced everything with so much more intensity than Amazons. She felt like her emotions had been out of control all day.

But the Little comfort food made up for some of that… and she had no idea that her own breastmilk would be so staggeringly good. She still felt the lingering taste of it on her tongue, and she wanted more.

She laughed when Felicity’s face lit up at the flavor of the vindaloo - it tended to get even spicier if you let it stew in the fridge for a day.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Want a bite?” Felicity offered.

“No no,” Penelope refused quickly. "If our tastes are switched, if the taste belongs to the body and not our mind… I would hate it now and that would make me… " she paused. Her stomach felt strange. She felt the urge to lift herself off her seat slightly… and gasped as she felt her bowels empty, filling the diaper. “Oh no,” she moaned. “That feels awful!” She felt the tears welling up yet again, it seemed like she had spent the majority of the day overwhelmed and crying, but the warm, sticky mess on her behind felt terrible.

“Did my princess make a poopie?” Felicity asked with a grin. Penelope quailed - the afternoon had actually been pleasant, she felt close to Felicity and had hope that they could work things out, but that malicious glint was back in her eye.

“It’s disgusting!” she heard herself say before she even realized it.

“Finish your dinner, sweetie, then I’ll change you,” Felicity grinned.

“But it’s so gross! Please, change me now!”

“Do you have any idea how many times you’ve said no to that very request, O mommy mine?” Felicity sneered.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know… " Penelope whimpered, begging.

“You’ve said that so much today. It’s like you never listened to me.” Of course she hadn’t listened - Felicity was a Little. Littles complained and fussed, Littles didn’t know what was good for them. But now she understood how volatile Littles were, how real their feelings were. “Finish your meal, then we’ll change you.”

The chicken wasn’t so sweet then, the honey tasted like ash. She was resentful and wished it were all over and done with.

And she had no idea that she’d be thankful for a clean diaper. Felicity seemed… almost content as she changed Penelope into a fresh nighttime diaper and a sleeper. The fluffy sheep pajamas.

“Well my cute little princess,” Felicity grinned as she lowered Penelope back into the crib and raised the inescapable bars. “Today was fun. Let’s see what tomorrow holds. Sweet dreams, I’m going to go find some fun Amazon things to do now that my helpless Little is off to beddy-bye.” Felicity kissed Penelope on the forehead, lingering for a moment, the kiss becoming tender. And then she left.

Penelope pulled herself up using the crib bars and stared out the window, hoping… but there were no shooting stars. Nothing to wish on. And sleep took her faster than she expected.

When Penelope awoke the next morning in her own body, she actually leapt out of bed and crowed with joy… only to find that she had a headache. There were wine bottles all over the room… Felicity had really gone to town. She felt a little queasy… but everything was worth it. Still in her nightgown, she strode into the nursery, over to the crib and lifted her still sleeping Little.

Little Felicity woke slowly, but with a start when she regained consciousness.

“I love you mommy,” she said fearfully.

“You don’t,” Penelope said sadly. “But we’re going to see if we can’t fix that, my sweet angel.”

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Tropey garbage can be fun at times when it’s well written, like this. While reading, I was wondering how you were going to end it. I figured it would be one of two very standard ways, but I am happily surprised by that last line. I can’t tell if Penelope was remorseful or malicious with that last line. Maybe neither? It doesn’t need an answer I think.

Brava as always on the excellent writing.

The ending would be lesser with a clear answer, I think :slight_smile:

Thank you for the compliment, I enjoyed writing this story even if there isn’t much substance to it. Thank you for reading <3

What an wonder “one off” this turned out to be. I loved it from beginning to end. It was nice to see the struggle both Amazon and little deal with in their bodies. Urges that possess them to behave the way they do.

Thankies for posting!!! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Peaches <3

I had fun weaving those Amazon/Little instincts in there in what I hoped was a subtle way. It’s not my best story, but I enjoyed writing it :slight_smile:

Thanks as always for commenting!

If younever decide on a sequel I would love to read it, just to see what happens next

Well written!
I don’t know so well the DD but you describe quite well a strange mix of emotions and even if the exchanges like that are usually strange here it’s a pleasure to read.