Diaper Dimension.

Can someone explain the diaper dimension to me?

Is it something that one person created? Can anyone write on it? Is the definition in the eye or in this case mind of the author?

I’ve never been sure.

The source is a story called “Alyssa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension” by Princess Pottypants. It was originally intended to be humorous - the only rule about the universe is that all diaper story tropes are true in it, and it is basically run by humanoid creatures that are on average twelve to fourteen feet tall and perceive, to varying degrees, small humans (as we would be considered) as infants in need of being cared for.

Everything else is open to interpretation. Hundreds have contributed to the unofficial canon over the years.

It was a story setting created by PrincessPottyPants in a story Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension.

She generously offered the setting for use by other authors and it’s proved a fun and popular story locale.

Although (and because) her original story came from her enjoying writing all the abdl tropes into a single story it led to the creation of a setting that allows adults to be entirely and completely treated as children, with or without their consent, and a world in which any abdl fantasy you’d like to explore is viable and possible.

That helps authors tremendously, providing a lot of story scaffolding, a premade world that lets them focus on characters, situations and plot, and also neatly avoids any real life considerations around abuse and safeguarding that might come from a ‘adult treated as baby’ scenario.

The result is a broad variety of stories, almost all of which conform to the major world elements the original story set out. Size disparities, unfair laws, daycare, robonannies, non-consensual infantilism in all its forms and terrible outcomes are commonplace and often expected not just by readers but also the characters in the story. However there isn’t a strict definition anywhere, and each author tweaks and adjusts the setting to suit their story, writing style and preferences. This means that there isn’t coherence or consistency across all of the stories set in the Diaper Dimension, but they’re recognisably part of that universe and a multi-universe interpretation allows them to all sit neatly together as DD stories.

My first abdl writing was set in the diaper dimension, not because I had a story to tell but because it’s a rich and interesting environment with insidious rules and you can’t win. That’s led to some deep and emotional stories that stand out amongst the masturbatory morass of abdl fiction, with real tales to be told and credible relationships to write and read.

It’s also possible to just have a lot of fun there as an author :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve always wondered where that came from. I have a better understanding of what it is now.

I was just curious about what I meant


Something else I have noticed in the DD is technology tends to be years ahead, so one story mentioned the use of nanites.

It really opens the door for different scenarios.