Diaper Dimension.

Can someone explain the diaper dimension to me?

Is it something that one person created? Can anyone write on it? Is the definition in the eye or in this case mind of the author?

I’ve never been sure.


The source is a story called “Alyssa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension” by Princess Pottypants. It was originally intended to be humorous - the only rule about the universe is that all diaper story tropes are true in it, and it is basically run by humanoid creatures that are on average twelve to fourteen feet tall and perceive, to varying degrees, small humans (as we would be considered) as infants in need of being cared for.

Everything else is open to interpretation. Hundreds have contributed to the unofficial canon over the years.

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Thanks. I’ve always wondered where that came from. I have a better understanding of what it is now.

I was just curious about what I meant


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Something else I have noticed in the DD is technology tends to be years ahead, so one story mentioned the use of nanites.

It really opens the door for different scenarios.

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Let me give you the Cliff Notes version.

In PPP’s Diaper Dimension, a reporter named Alyssa accidentally gets transported to a place where all diaper story tropes are true. The story continues and follows Alyssa’s adventures as she travels through several diaper kink scenarios–the first being protagonist as doll to an unforgiving antagonist, an Amazon. Alyssa is nicknamed Dolly and presented to the woman’s young daughter. She eventually escapes.

As the story progresses, we discover several key things about the Diaper Dimension.

  • Diapers run the economy
  • Technology is much more advanced there. Examples include: devices that resize people, special diapers, nano-technology, dimension displacement technology, advanced hypnosis devices, devices that change the human body, etc.
  • Scientists play the main antagonists, but there are plenty of secondary antagonists in the form of Amazons, school matrons, and various other characters.
  • Pleasure and humiliation are linked for the protagonist
  • The main plot continues throughout the exploration of different diaper tropes so that it’s one continuous story.

People who usually play with the Diaper Dimension fandom on this website usually include a few key elements from the original story:

  • Amazons–giants who strongly desire to care for significantly smaller Littles like children, pets, or realistic dolls, depending on the tone of the story.
  • Futuristic technology
  • Littles–human-sized creatures that Amazons play with and/or care for
  • Diaper wearing and usage, of course

Have fun