Diaper Dystopia Story Idea -- Please give feedback

I have an idea for a story, it came to me while reading “A New World: Semester One,” which is an ebook set in the nearish future in which all men are incontinent and have to wear diapers, this leads to a radical societal restructuring. I’m imagining a story set in the more immediate future that’s a sort of feminist dystopia where a virus or something makes all women incontinent, it becomes normal for women to wear diapers and then we see an unwinding of women’s rights until they are basically minors under their fathers or husbands like coverture. I’d love feedback and suggestions as to what you’d like to see in this dystopian world.

I’m not gonna comment on the concept, it is what it is.

The important part is how you sell it, what you do with it. If it’s gonna be fetishy fun, then the intricacies of the idea don’t matter too much.

But if you’re gonna really dive deep into this world and how it works or how it doesn’t; if you’re gonna show us characters with personalities, needs and desires, relationships, emotions and opinions, then yeah, I’m interested.