Diaper Story Ideas

Here are three ideas I have for stories to post, give me your thoughts on them and say which one you like best, if any that is. I’m bored and need to let off some steam. Figure writing some more on this forum is a good bet.

The Diapered Spies
Basically, it centers on two male teenage spies who are working for the CIA, have a tragic past, and are completely incontinent, which doesn’t stop them from taking on high risk missions, but they still need to deal with it. And no, teenager spies isn’t the only concept I have, for those of you with a good memory. What other concepts do I have? You guys didn’t want to hear them before. I assume you don’t want to hear them again. There’d be some drama and action as well.

The Outbreak
Basically my take on the diaper story sub-genre I like to call “World in Diapers”, where a large amount of a population somehow end up in diapers, and diapers themselves are integrated and made more normal in that population. I’m pretty sure you know what type of story I’m talking about here. In this one, there’d be a titular outbreak in the USA of a currently incurable virus or some such thing, that has no symptoms, and causes complete incontinence. The government refuses to mandate research for a cure or tracking system for the virus due to budget constraints, and the fact that the virus isn’t deadly, and only causes a minor thing to happen. A noticeable amount of the people start getting the virus, this in turn causing all of the diaper manufacturers to merge into two companies that produce and sell diapers for all ages. This also eventually causes potty training to be abandoned. It’d be an anthology of stories from different stages of this.

Trapped In a Mansion
As the title suggests, some teenage characters get trapped and lost in a mansion that has no bathrooms they can find, and since they decide sticking together is their best option for escaping, they get really desperate for the restroom. They eventually find a bunch of adult diapers, there are arguments between them, and so on and so forth.

And if it seems as though I’m giving away to much information, it’s okay, I’ve got things figured out.

Re: Diaper Story Ideas

Diapered spies seems like the best out of all of them.The other too dont fell like they’ll work out but i dont realy know.you could alway put extra twist into them to make them more interesting.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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I like the mansion one, but I think it would only work if you write it in a tone that’s as ridiculous as its premise.

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I have to also add my 2-cents for option 3. The other two have been done more then once

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The mansion idea is the most interesting. I think it has the greatest potential, both to rock awesome and to suck horribly. The second, meh. The first seems like the most “unique” as a story, but not in a good way.

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i like the mansion, maybe the story should be more mystic, like have giant two headed dragon with a eye patch. TWO-HEADED PIRATE DRAGON