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Diapers for Jessica By Lauren

Chapter 1

It was a bright, sunny June day as Jessica Anderson arrived home after the last cheerleading practice of the year. She shut the door to her red convertible, grabbed her bookbag and headed into the house to shower and change before heading next door to baby-sit her neighbors’, the Roberts, two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Amanda for the evening.

Upon entering the house, Jessica went upstairs to her room where she placed her books on her bed before undressing for her shower. Throwing her uniform into the laundry and wrapping a towel around herself, she headed to the bathroom to freshen up after a vigorous practice session.

Having showered, Jessica wrapped a towel around herself and went back to her room to change. She chose a matching thong and bra, as well as a pair of blue denim shorts and a pink baby doll t-shirt. After drying herself thoroughly, she put her clothing on and stood in front of the full-sized mirror in her room to comb her straight, shoulder-length brown hair. Taking a scrunchie from her dresser, she put her hair into a ponytail and put on a pair of flip-flops. Grabbing her purse and her keys, she headed next door to the Roberts’. On her way down the stairs, she passed her fourteen-year-old sister Elizabeth.

“If anyone asks, I’m next door baby-sitting Amanda. I told Mom I was going but just in case she forgets, please remind her.” Jessica said.

“Sure thing, Jess. Have fun.” replied Elizabeth.

“Thanks.” said Jessica as she headed next door. She loved sitting for Amanda. She was so adorable and so full of energy.

Little did Jessica realize that her entire summer would be shaped by this particular evening. Just as she got to the door Mrs. Roberts opened it for her.

“Hi, Jess.” Mrs. Roberts said. “I was just about to come see if you had forgotten about this evening. Come on in. Amanda is napping right now so you don’t have to worry about her just yet.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Roberts. Sorry I wasn’t here earlier. I had my last cheerleading practice today, so I needed to shower before I came over.”

“That’s ok, sweetie. Mr. Roberts and I are leaving now. The emergency numbers are on the refrigerator where they usually are, so if you need anything you know where to reach us. We’ll be home around ten this evening. You have fun now.”

“Ok, I will, you too!”

Jessica walked into the nursery where Amanda was sleeping soundly. She admired her there, sleeping in her crib without a care in the world. She took the receiver of the baby monitor and went into the living room to watch television. She turned the television on and started flipping through channels looking for something to watch. Eventually she settled on Bugs and Daffy cartoons on Cartoon Network. Within a half hour, she was sound asleep on the couch.

As she drifted into sleep she had the strangest and most wonderful dream imaginable. Images of herself as a baby flashed in her mind on rapid fire before fading into a scene where her seventeen-year-old self was lying in a crib just like Amanda’s in a room just like Amanda’s. Just as the fade-in was complete, baby Jessica awoke and the perspective changed to inside her head.
It was a really strange feeling, Jessica’s dream self noted. She was looking through the eyes of a seventeen-year-old at the body of a seventeen-year-old dressed as a baby lying in a crib. She sat up in order to get a better sense of her surroundings. As she shifted her weight underneath her bottom she heard a distinct crinkling sound. It was just then that she noticed her diaper. It was just like the diapers that Amanda wore. It fit her snugly and was oddly comforting. She wondered if she was experiencing through her dream what it was like to be Amanda. Everything looked huge from this new perspective. The nursery looked enormous. If she stood up, she doubted that her head would reach above the railing on the crib. Yet somehow, she felt strangely soothed. Dwarfed by her surroundings though she was, she felt oddly comforted. She lay back down and put her thumb in her mouth, instinctively. The scene faded to black.

The next scene that faded in was one Jess couldn’t make sense of. She was still lying in a crib, still sucking her thumb, and still wearing a snug diaper, but she was not in the Roberts’ house. The room surrounding the crib she was in was her own room in her own house. She recognized all the Britney Spears posters on her wall and her desk. The crib she lay in was where her bed was supposed to be. Where her red oak dresser used to be there was a pink-painted pine changing table completely stocked with disposable diapers, baby wipes and powder.

Then her dream became stranger. Elizabeth, her fourteen-year-old sister walked in and stood at the railing of the crib, staring down at her.

“Hi there, baby girl” Elizabeth cooed as she lowered the crib railing. “You’re awake, I see. I just thought I’d come up and see if your diaper needed changing.”

Jessica could hardly believe her ears. She realized that since she was apparently sleeping in a crib, sucking her thumb, and wearing a diaper, that it was entirely possible that her diaper needed changing. Still, didn’t Elizabeth remember that Jessica was three years older than she was? This was all very strange. Nonetheless, Elizabeth coaxed her out of the crib and onto the changing table across the room. Just as Elizabeth removed the tapes and pulled the front of the diaper from between Jessica’s legs to rest on the changing table was Jessica startled by the sound of crying.

Jarringly awoken from her strange dream, Jessica became aware of her surroundings. She realized that the crying she was hearing was Amanda via the baby monitor. As she got up to go to the nursery she realized she was sucking her thumb in her sleep. She removed her thumb from her mouth and wiped it on her shorts. “What a strange dream!” she thought to herself.

Upon entering the nursery, she lowered the crib railing and picked Amanda up to realize that she was in need of a diaper change.

“How ironic,” thought Jessica. She carried Amanda over to the changing table and lay her down. She was extremely self-conscious as a result of the weird dream she just had. She changed Amanda’s diaper, trying not to think about what she had just seen. She looked at the clock. It was now eight-thirty. The Roberts would be home in an hour and a half. She decided it was about time the two of them had some dinner. She carried Amanda into the kitchen where she placed her in her high-chair while she fixed her a bottle of formula. She microwaved it for a minute or so, then tested on her wrist to make sure that it wasn’t too hot. Picking Amanda back up, she carried her over to the couch where she fed her the bottle. After finishing the bottle, Jessica put Amanda in her playpen in the living room so that she could fix herself something to eat.

After making herself a sandwich and having a glass of milk, Jessica returned to the living room to find Amanda playing with some blocks in her playpen. Jessica picked her up and then carried her over to the couch where she held her and turned on the television. The two of them sat like that until about 9:30 when Amanda fell asleep. Jessica carried Amanda back up to her crib and tucked her into it. She was about to head downstairs when the package of diapers caught her eye. “I doubt the Roberts will notice if I take one or two.” Jessica thought to herself as she took two of Amanda’s diapers out of the package and brought them downstairs where she stashed them into her purse. Just as she was zipping her purse, the Roberts walked in the door.

“Well, hello.” Jessica said half-nervously, wondering if Mrs. Roberts had caught a glimpse of the diapers in her purse as she zipped it.

“Hi Jess,” Mrs. Roberts replied cheerfully, “I hope we didn’t startle you. How was your evening?”

“Oh, no! It was just fine. I put Amanda back in her crib about half an hour ago. She was an angel as usual.”

“Oh that’s good to hear. Here’s the money for this evening. Thanks so much once again for your help.”

“Oh it was my pleasure.” Jessica said as she grabbed her purse, took the money from Mrs. Roberts and headed out the door.

Having checked in on her sleeping Amanda, Mrs. Roberts glanced at the package of diapers and a smile of growing comprehension appeared on her face.

“John, honey,” she said to her husband in the other room.

“Yes, dear?”

“It looks like Amanda’s almost out of diapers, would you mind picking up some the next time you go to the store?”

“Sure thing, dear.”


“And there’s a moral to this story. Or there was supposed to be a moral to this story. But, because I’m dyslexic, it is, in fact, a marble.” - Eddie Izzard



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Diapers for Jessica

By Lauren

Chapter 2

Arriving home, Jessica went straight up to her room. It was just as she remembered it. No changing table, no crib. That was a relief. It was not, however, devoid of diapers. There were two in her purse, which she took out and threw under her bed.

Slightly ashamed of what she had done, and still a little nervous that Mrs. Roberts might have seen them in her purse before she’d gotten it completely zipped, she decided to block the incident from her mind. School was out for the summer; there was a lot of fun to be had this summer.

Jessica decided the best thing she could do was go to bed. With any luck her mind would be a little clearer tomorrow. She undressed, put on a summer nightgown and lay down to go to sleep. “Everything will be better tomorrow” Jessica told herself.

Whether or not that was true would remain to be seen. She drifted off to sleep and her thumb drifted comfortably back into her mouth as she slipped into the land of dreams.

Like when she fell asleep at the Roberts’, her dreams began with a series of incoherent images such as tigers playing banjos that gave way to a more sensible story, even if Jessica’s conscious mind couldn’t necessarily make sense of it.

This time, it was if she were filming a movie. The “camera” suddenly zoomed around her room like a homing device set on “diaper.” As if it were possible, her dream was even stranger than the one from the past afternoon. Whatever she was seeing through the eyes of attracted the diapers to its hand as though they were magnetic. The next thing she saw was the sheet fly off from on top of her. She was about to be diapered. But this time it was her grown, seventeen-year-old body and not some strange mixture of her mind encased in a real baby’s body.

The angle changed, and what she saw was unbelievable. It was her mother who was about to diaper her. She unfolded one of the diapers and lay it down on Jessica’s bed. Next she grabbed Jessica’s ankles and lifted her bottom from the surface of her bed while she slid the diaper underneath. Then she laid her back down upon it. Next her mother sprinkled Jessica’s diaper area with baby powder and rubbed it in. She pulled the diaper up between Jessica’s legs and taped it into place. She saw herself sit up on her bed as her mother brought her a pink t-shirt that showed off her midriff and, rather obviously, her diaper. Her mother stood her up, took a good look at her, and then hugged her tightly, patting her diapered bottom lovingly. “You’re such a good baby girl.” her mother told her.

Her mother took her hand and led her downstairs in just her t-shirt and diaper as if that was perfectly normal. This dream was certainly strange. Her mother led her to the table where there was a highchair waiting for her. The tray was removed and her mother picked her up and placed her in the chair, strapping her in and then replacing the tray. Next a bib was tied around her neck and some jars of baby food placed onto the tray.

“Elizabeth, please come feed your sister.” Jessica heard her mother say. She was mortified. Not only had her sister apparently seen her in her diapers she was about to spoon-feed her while she was sitting in a highchair. Elizabeth came into the room and pulled a chair up to the highchair that Jessica was sitting in. Elizabeth opened the first jar and began to spoon-feed her sister.
Much to her surprise, the self sitting in the highchair ate the baby food without any protest, as if she knew she were a baby. Just as she finished eating Elizabeth wiped her mouth, rinsed out the jars of baby food, took Jessica’s bib off and let her out of the highchair. Elizabeth went to the fridge and got a bottle of juice and led Jessica over to the couch where she sat down and beckoned Jessica to where she lay with her head in her sister’s lap and thirstily sucked on the bottle. She was just finishing the bottle when she heard her alarm clock go off.

Jessica awoke, startled, to find that she was once again in the room of her seventeen-year-old self. She was not wearing a diaper and she had not been bottle-fed by her sister. She was however, once again, sucking her thumb.
Jessica learned instantaneously, however, that the hardest thing to do was to put something like this out of her mind. She got dressed and went downstairs to watch television. She turned on the news. She figured that the news was least likely to show anything diaper related. Still, she was so self-conscious she felt like she had “diaper girl” written across her forehead in permanent marker. Elizabeth came into the room and sat down beside her sister.

“Since when did you start watching the news?” Elizabeth asked.

“There was nothing else on.” Jessica replied with a forced cool.

“Not usually when I start watching the news, but to each their own I suppose. I’m going to see what’s for breakfast. You enjoy your news.”

Just as Elizabeth got up and left Jessica to her news watching the television cut to commercial. Much to Jessica’s chagrin, it was an advertisement for Huggies diapers. Just what she needed. However, instead of changing the channel, she sat there almost mesmerized by what she saw. The babies looked so adorable and happy parading around in nothing but their diapers. She had a mind to run upstairs right now, close and lock her door and try on one of the diapers she had snuck from the Roberts’ the night before. Just as she was about to get up, Elizabeth intruded into her thoughts.

“Breakfast is ready, it’s waffles.” she said.

“Oh. Thanks.” replied Jessica, trying not to sound as startled as she felt.
Heading to the table, Jessica tried to shake herself from her reverie. She grabbed some waffles and the butter and syrup. She began to butter her waffles feeling the most self-conscious she had ever felt. She poured the syrup onto her waffles and nearly
spilled some all over her top.

“Are you ok, Jess?” her mother asked. “You seem really distracted this morning.”

“Yeah, Mom. I’m ok. I guess I’m still tired.”

“Perhaps. By the way, Mrs. Roberts called and asked if you’d baby-sit for Amanda again tomorrow evening between 5 and 10 so that she and Mr. Roberts can go out to a dinner that his company is hosting.”

At the mention of the Roberts’, Jessica felt a pang of guilt at having snuck two of Amanda’s diapers and she wondered if either Mrs. Roberts had seen them or, if she had, what she thought of her.

“Sure, Mom, I’ll let her know that I’ll do it.” Jessica replied.

The rest of the meal went by in silence. Jessica tried not to make eye contact with anyone as she ate her waffles and drank her milk. She got up from the table, cleared her place and tried as nonchalantly as possible to walk slowly up to her room as if nothing were waiting up there for her.

Chapter 3

Walking into her room, Jessica stealthily closed the door and locked it. It was the first day of summer vacation. She knelt next to her bed and removed one of the diapers from underneath it. She stared at it in her hands as she felt it and turned it over in her hands. She set it on her bed as she unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall too the floor along with her panties. She grabbed a blanket to lay over her on the bed in hopes to muffle some of the noise. She lay down and spread the blanket over her. She took the diaper and unfolded it, then lifted her bottom so she could put the diaper between it and her bed. She lay her bottom down and brought the diaper up between her legs. It was a little too small for her but she managed to get the tapes onto the front of the diaper. It was extremely snug, but technically it “fit.”

Feeling the diaper against her skin was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt. She kept moving her legs to hear it crinkle just like Amanda’s. She was unable to describe the feelings going through her as she lay there in the diaper. She would need to find some to fit her better, that’s for sure, but in the meantime these would suffice. She got out of bed and walked to her mirror slowly, reveling in each step as her diaper crinkled. The sight in the mirror caught her a little off guard. For some reason, though it made no logical sense, she did not expect that she would see exactly what she’d been dreaming about. She somehow thought that her image wearing a diaper in a dream would be different from her image wearing a diaper in real life.

Excited beyond belief, she got down onto her hands and knees and began crawling around her room, paying no attention to how loud her diaper actually sounded. It was as she was doing this that Elizabeth emerged from her room across the hall and started to head downstairs. Upon hearing the crinkling, she paused. She listened at Jessica’s door, puzzled, for about five minutes. Then, shrugging, she headed back downstairs and paid it no mind.

Too wrapped up in her new-found joy to even notice that her sister had been standing outside her door for five minutes or more, Jessica continued crawling around he room. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, sucked her thumb, and laid on her back and played with her feet like real babies do.

By this time it was almost lunch and she figured she’d better actually show her face around the house lest someone think she were up to something. Not wanting to take her diaper off, she decided to be extra-careful. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts and pulled them over her diaper, not thinking to check for a bulge in the mirror. She put on a shirt just long enough to cover her waist. Shrugging, she headed out her door and downstairs for lunch, not paying mind to the fact that the waistband of her diaper would show if she bent over.

Walking carefully down the stairs, she was now even more self-conscious than she had been before. But at least, now she had something legitimate to be self-conscious about. She was actually wearing a diaper. Instead of feeling self-conscious, however, she felt exhilarated. Of course, she practically had to learn to walk again. There was a big difference between wearing a thin layer of cloth and a thick bulky diaper between your legs.

Walking into the kitchen, she noticed that Elizabeth was the only one making lunch. All the better, she thought. The last thing she needed was to get noticed by her entire family. She decided she would make herself a ham sandwich. She took the ham and cheese out of the fridge without much trouble. She put them on the counter and went to get the bread, lettuce and a tomato.

“What are your plans for summer, Jess?” Elizabeth asked.

“Oh not much. I’ll probably spend most of it babysitting like I do every summer.” replied Jessica as she bent down to get the lettuce and tomatoes out of the drawer. Her shirt lifted and the waistband of her diaper was briefly glimpsed by her younger sister, Elizabeth, who went wide-eyed.

“That sounds like fun. Hey, can you hand me the mustard?” replied Elizabeth.

“Sure thing, sis.” said Jessica as she leaned to the far back of the refrigerator looking for the mustard. Her shirt lifted again and if there had been any doubt in Elizabeth’s mind about Jessica’s diaper it was quickly dispelled. Coupled with a subtle crinkle when she straightened back up and an obvious bulge, the confusion from earlier this morning cleared in Elizabeth’s mind, just to be replaced with new confusions. Shrugging it off for now, she smiled, hoping that her understanding would continue to grow. Jessica sliced the tomato and ripped some lettuce for her sandwich, completely oblivious to what Elizabeth had seen and heard.

Still elated with the way the diaper made her feel, Jessica made her sandwich and put the leftover food back into the refrigerator. Standing behind her marveling at her diaper, Elizabeth waited to put the mustard back.
Jessica took her sandwich into the living room where she set it down on the coffee table and sat on the couch. She grabbed the remote. She flipped through channels until she found nothing on and then put on MTV. A Britney Spears video was just ending and they were about to cut to commercial. Just as the commercial was coming on, Elizabeth joined her sister in the living room with her lunch. Just her luck, it was an advertisement for Pampers. She wondered if Elizabeth could read “diaper girl” across her forehead now, but Elizabeth didn’t seem to give any sign that she knew that her sister was wearing a diaper. Music videos came back on and Elizabeth finished her lunch, and got up to go about her day. Jessica was still feeling too self-conscious to move, wondering whether her sister could or could not read her like a book.

Elizabeth gone, Jessica suddenly felt the need to pee. She got up and began to head into the bathroom when a voice inside her spoke up.

“Going to the bathroom? Aren’t you wearing a diaper?” the voice asked.

“Uh, yeah.” she heard herself answer sheepishly. she heard herself answer.

“So you stole two diapers from your next-door neighbor and you don’t plan on using them?” it asked.

“I didn’t steal them. I took them.” she replied defensively.

“Suit yourself, but don’t you think that since you’ll have to take the diaper off anyway you should at least wet it before you do, to get the experience? What are you so tense about? Just relax and let the pee flood your diaper. Babies wear diapers and they’re not self-conscious about wetting them, neither should you be.” the voice reasoned.

With that, the voice inside her head disappeared as suddenly as it had come and Jessica felt her bladder relax. As her warm urine flooded the diaper she felt a total relaxation. Any adult cares or worries she might have had were gone in that instant. Relaxed to the point of almost being in a trance, she walked upstairs to her room and lay down on her bed.
Instinctively, she put her thumb in her mouth and just lay on her bed in a state of utter elation for about twenty minutes, after which she decided she might want to get changed and rid herself of the evidence.

Chapter 4

Jessica un-taped the diaper and slid it out from under her waist. It was at this point that she realized she didn’t have any baby wipes. Not wanting her panties to smell like the urine her skin was damp with, and having loved the experience of wearing and wetting the last diaper, Jessica took the other diaper out from underneath her bed and proceeded to re-diaper herself.

Freshly diapered and still a little elated from the whole experience, Jessica wondered what to do with the wet diaper she just took off. She couldn’t keep it in her room, because it would begin to smell. She had to dispose of it somehow. She grabbed a plastic bag and threw the diaper into it, throwing some garbage from her room on top. She then headed downstairs. On her way outside to the garbage can, Elizabeth stopped her to see what was up.

“Hey sis.” Elizabeth said.

Of all the times to be around, Elizabeth had chosen the worst all day today.

“What’s up, Liz?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, nothing much, u?” Elizabeth replied.

“Not much. Just cleaned my room and now I’m throwing out some garbage.” Jessica said slightly irritably.

“Fun” said Elizabeth, and she moved to get out of Jessica’s path. She chuckled to herself as she watched her sister’s diapered bottom walk out the door and to the garbage.

Having thrown out her first diaper and wearing her second, Jessica wondered how she would go about getting more. One option, though it made Jessica feel really guilty, was to continue to steal from the Roberts. Diapers made her feel really comfortable and happy; she didn’t want to have to go without them now that she had experienced their joy. “One step at a time” she thought to her self. “I’m babysitting tomorrow night, I might be able to sneak another diaper or two then.”

Until then, she would have to make due with the diaper she had on. Perhaps she could make it last the rest of the day.
She spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and daydreaming. She wondered whether or not she would be able to keep up a diaper habit. There were just so many things to consider. Where would she get the diapers? Where would she hide them? How would she dispose of them? Could she avoid getting caught? If so, how?

Throughout the rest of the day her head was spinning. She spent an entire hour in front of her mirror modeling her diaper. She wore different kinds of shirts, no shirt, different bras, just to get an idea of what looked best with it. She ate dinner as quickly as she could just to get back to her room where she could kick back in her diaper and a t-shirt. She couldn’t believe how wonderful wearing a diaper made her feel. She crawled around her room for hours, finally knowing what it was like to be happy like Amanda in her playpen. Finally, all tuckered out, she fell asleep right on her floor.

This time, as her thumb slid gently into her mouth, she saw pictures of Amanda and her room and her diapers flash rapidly before settling into a narrative. When the actual story faded in, She craned in to see her hand held by her sister Elizabeth. She was dressed in a short pink dress that did nothing to hide her diaper underneath it. Elizabeth was leading her to her mother’s car where she was to be put in a car seat. This time, too, the big baby Jessica was going willingly, as if nothing in this situation seemed wrong to anyone. Elizabeth helped baby Jessica into the car seat as her mother came from the house and got into the car herself.

“We’re going grocery shopping, sweetie” Jessica’s mother cooed to her as she backed out of the driveway and drove off.
Pulling into BJ’s Wholesale Club, Elizabeth helped baby Jessica out of her car seat. Taking her by the hand, she led her into the store, her mother with the shopping cart following behind.

Once there, they headed straight for the baby aisle. Jessica could hardly believe what she was seeing. Walls of diapers as far as the eye could see. Her mother wheeled the cart towards them as Elizabeth led baby Jessica behind the cart. Jessica saw her mother pick out a huge box of Pampers Princess brand diapers. These, Jessica read, were for teens who still needed protection at times. She noticed that there were 96 diapers in the case. Seemed like she’d be wearing them for a while.

“These oughta keep my princess for a while” Jessica’s mother said.

“Yes, Mommy” baby Jessica cooed.

Next to go into the cart were baby wipes, lotion, and two packages of the new Carnation formula for teens. Her mother picked up a few other items in the store and then proceeded to the checkout. Just as she finished loading items onto the belt, Jessica awoke.

Chapter 5

Jessica was surprised to see that she was still on the floor, and still wearing a diaper. “At least it’s dry.” she thought to herself as she pulled her thumb out of her mouth. "but these dreams are getting stranger and stranger.

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good diaper, she allowed herself to flood it before taking it off to shower. Hiding the diaper temporarily in a plastic bag in her closet, she threw her bathrobe around her loosely and went to take a shower.

Returning after her shower, she sighed with disappointment at having no diapers to wear. She hoped she would be able to get some soon. She was growing rather fond of the way they made her feel. Selecting a pair of briefs with matching bra, she threw on shorts and a babydoll tee and went downstairs to breakfast.

“Jess, sweetheart, Mrs. Roberts called while you were showering and wanted to know if you could watch Amanda all day today from about 2pm to 10 instead of just this evening.” her mother told her.

“Ok, Mom. I’ll call her back and let her know I’ll do it.” Jessica replied. Walking into the living room, Jessica picked up the phone and called Mrs. Roberts.

“Hello?” Mrs. Roberts answered.

“Hi, Mrs. Roberts, it’s Jessica” she said. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m more than happy to watch Amanda for you today.”

“Thank you very much dear. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

“See you soon. Bye.”


Jessica’s heart leapt with excitement. Eight whole hours of babysitting. She couldn’t wait. She figured she could probably sneak two or three diapers without Mrs. Roberts noticing. The thought of it exhilarated her.

She made herself some breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice and then washed the dishes. Then she watched television until about ten minutes to two.

“Mom, I’ll be next door for the day. I’ll be back around 10.” Jessica said as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door to the Roberts’.

“Sure thing, honey. Have fun.” Her mother replied.

She rang the doorbell and waited for Mrs. Roberts to answer. The anticipation was almost more than she could bear.

“Hi Jess, sweetie” said Mrs. Roberts as she opened the door to let Jessica in. “I’m so glad that you’re able to watch Amanda. She’s really fond of you.”

“My pleasure, Mrs. Roberts.” Jessica replied.

“I’ve left a little extra money in case you need anything during the course of the day. Amanda is in her playpen and she was just changed and fed, so it should be a while before you have to actually do anything. The emergency numbers are where they always are. Have fun!”

“Oh I plan on it.” Jessica thought to herself. She figured she could allow herself to snag three diapers from Amanda. After that she would really have to figure out a plan to get her own a little more honestly. She would be mortified if Mrs. Roberts thought her untrustworthy and didn’t allow her to baby-sit for Amanda anymore, or even worse that she was stealing diapers from her to wear herself. Still the utter ecstasy she experienced from wearing the diapers overpowered her. As if by a will not entirely her own she was propelled up the stairs to Amanda’s nursery. The first thing she noticed was that the Roberts had bought more diapers since she had last babysat. There were now 3 packages each containing roughly sixteen diapers each. Surely they wouldn’t miss three extra. She took three diapers from the bag and brought them downstairs. She put two of them in her purse and brought the third into the bathroom to change into. Deciding to forgo her shorts for a few hours, at least until it got closer to ten, she returned downstairs in her tee and her diaper, placing her panties in her purse and her shorts on top of them. Thusly attired she lifted Amanda out of her playpen and went to watch some television with her.

“Look, Amanda, Jessie’s wearing a diaper too, just like you!” Jessica cooed.

Amanda just smiled at Jessica and giggled.

Jessica and Amanda played a lot of babyish games like peek-a-boo and patty-cake as they watched Sesame Street on television. Then Amanda got put down for a nap and Jessica decided she was going to continue playing baby. She went back into the living room and crawled around in her tee and her diaper. She fixed herself a bottle of juice and lay back down on the floor. Just then a commercial came on the television that would change everything for Jessica.

“Is your teen still wetting?” Jessica heard the voice-over ask. “Some girls need a little extra protection well into their teen years. Here at Pampers, we understand. This is why we’re introducing new Pampers Princess diapers. Studies have shown that you shouldn’t pressure your teen to toilet train if she’s not ready. So, for the first time, Pampers is offering her a diaper much like that she wore when she was a baby. Thick and soft, Pampers Princess diapers are both capable of handling your teen’s messes and extremely comfortable. Pamper you teen; keep her happy and dry. Now for babies of all ages. Check for Pampers Princess diapers wherever Pampers products are sold.”

So excited was Jessica by the idea of getting diapers in her size that her bladder relaxed completely and her warm urine flooded her diaper. She was startled at first, but realized that the commercial was right. If she was not ready for big girl panties, no one should force her out of diapers. She decided she would go to the store tonight after the Roberts’ got home to buy them. She couldn’t wait. She decided she would put the two diapers in her purse back into Amanda’s stock because she was getting big baby diapers soon; she wouldn’t need diapers that were a little too tight for her. Just as she got the diapers returned to Amanda’s room she heard the Roberts’ car pull into the driveway. They were home early! She flew downstairs and just managed to get her shorts buttoned as the door opened.

“You’re home early!” Jessica said, trying desperately to mask her surprise. “I wasn’t expecting you for another few hours.”

“Yes, dear.” Mrs. Robers replied. “We were out visiting a relative and expected to be out well into the evening, but Mr. Roberts began to feel unwell so we figured we’d better come home. Did everything go ok?”

“Oh yeah. Everything was just fine. Amanda was an angel as usual.”

“That’s good. You can keep the extra money, dear. Thanks so much for your trouble.”

“Thanks so much, Mrs. Roberts. Call me whenever you need a sitter for Amanda in the future; I’m more than happy to watch her.”
Bending over to pick up her purse, Jessica’s shirt lifted to betray the waistband of her diaper yet again, this time to Mrs. Roberts, who said nothing as Jessica straightened back up and went home.

“John,” she said as her husband walked in the door, “I just witnessed the strangest thing.”

“Oh?” John replied.

“I think we have a baby for a babysitter.” Mrs. Roberts mused.

“What do you mean by that.”

“I came in the house just now and the living room smelled like a wet diaper, but Amanda was nowhere to be seen so I assume she was sleeping in her crib. When Jessica bent down to pick up her purse I noticed that she was wearing a diaper, probably one of Amanda’s. As she walked out I could make out the outline of her diaper under her shorts.”

“What should we do about this? Should we tell Jess’ parents?”

“No, I think everything will work itself out in due course.”

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REPOST Diapers for Jessica Chapters 6-10
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Diapers for Jessica

By Lauren

Chapter 6

Jessica walked back into the house and ever so carefully went up to her room. She opened her top dresser drawer and pulled out a manila envelope in which she kept the money she earned from babysitting. In it, she had about one hundred dollars she was saving for a rainy day. “Well, it’s not raining,” Jessica thought to herself, “but I could sure use this money now.” Deciding to wait until she got home to change out of her wet diaper and into a fresh one, she put the money in her purse and headed downstairs and out to her car.

Sitting down for the first time since she’d wet, she realized how close to leaking her diaper actually was. “Not much I can do now except hope that it doesn’t leak between here and the store.” she thought to herself. She put on a pair of sunglasses and backed out of her driveway. A wide grin spread across her face as she drove out towards the Baby Depot. It took her about twenty minutes to get there with traffic and all. She got out of her car and grabbed a shopping cart. Her heart was racing and she was immediately self-conscious. What if she ran into someone she knew? What if the Roberts were here shopping for Amanda?
The first thing Jessica did when she entered the store was to scope it out looking for people she knew. Seeing no one, she walked slowly to the diaper aisle, hoping that her heart would stop pounding. She walked up to the side of the aisle with the girls’ diapers and began scanning them for Pampers Princess brand. So busy with her scanning was she that she didn’t notice that a sales associate walked right up to her.

“Excuse me, miss, can I help you find something.” Nicole, the associate asked, scaring Jessica half to death and causing her to jump. “I didn’t mean to frighten you, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s all right.” Jessica replied. “I’m looking for the new Pampers Princess brand.”

“Oh they’re on the end cap of the aisle. Because they’re so new we don’t have them with the rest of the diapers on the shelf. Sorry about that.” Nicole led Jessica to where the Pampers Princess diapers were located.

“Oh thank you.” Jessica said as politely as she could muster. She didn’t want the sound of her voice to betray how much she wanted Nicole to just go away and leave her alone so she could pick out her diapers and get the hell out of the store.

“They’re sized just like panties, so whatever size panties the girl you’re shopping for wears, that’s the size diaper she would best fit in.” Nicole chimed in upon seeing Jessica’s bewilderment before the stack of diaper packages.

“Thanks.” Jessica said, a little more irritably.

“Well, let me know if there’s anything else I can help you find.” Nicole walked back to the middle of the aisle to assist other customers. Meanwhile, Jessica located her size.

She looked at the package. Each one contained twenty-six diapers and cost fifteen dollars each. She picked up four packages and put them in her cart. In the aisle next to the one Nicole was standing in, baby wipes caught her eye so she strolled down the aisle to pick them up. She quickly found the baby lotion and threw some in the cart with everything else. Having acquired everything she thought she came for, Jessica headed towards the checkout. Standing behind a woman obviously shopping for a younger baby than she, Jessica spotted a pink pacifier with Minnie Mouse on it. She threw it into the cart, thinking it would be better for her than sucking her thumb every night.

As the woman in front of her pushed her cart away from the checkout, Jessica loaded her items onto the cart. She avoided eye contact with the cashier hoping she wouldn’t ask about the items. Her luck was running thin.

“Some lucky girl is back in diapers I see.” Jill the cashier said cheerfully. Why did they always have to be so cheerful? Why did they have to comment? Why couldn’t they just leave her alone. Jessica forced a smile and the cashier proceeded to ring up her items without further comment. “That’ll be $70.42 altogether.” Jill told Jessica. Jessica handed her eighty dollars in cash, took her change and headed for her car. She headed for her car as inconspicuously as she could manage. Sure enough, she managed to get her packages into her car without being seen by anyone she knew. She supposed the humiliation she suffered at the hands of Nicole and Jill was a small price to pay to not be caught by the Roberts.

She grabbed a diaper out of one of the bags and put everything else into the trunk of her car. “Time to get this diaper changed before it leaks.” Jessica thought to herself as she put the fresh diaper into her purse and headed to the Office Max next to Baby Depot. She located the bathroom and made a bee-line for it. Locking herself into a stall she pulled her pants down and un-taped the sopping wet diaper. And rolled it up. She then grabbed some toilet paper and wiped herself clean. That done, she opened her purse and pulled out her brand new diaper. She smelled it and it was almost as ecstatic as when she first put one of Amanda’s diapers on. She unfolded it and rubbed the inside of it against her cheek to feel how soft it was. The smell wafting from the diaper was ethereal. She was in heaven as she fed the diaper between her legs and sat down on the toilet seat lid to tape it up. She taped it into place. She looked down at her bottom to observe how snugly the diaper hugged her figure. It was perfect. As she stood up, she patted her bottom at a job well done and pulled her shorts up over the diaper.

The first thing she noticed was an increase in the thickness over the diapers Amanda wore and that she’d been wearing recently. She smiled to herself as she though that perhaps this would reduce the risk of leaking, though she would have to renegotiate the way she walked. Going from skimpy, barely-existent panties to a diaper then a thicker diaper wasn’t easy. It was going to take some skill if She were going to walk around in public and at home without being noticed. One thing at a time, though. Now that she was wearing a fresh diaper, Jessica could go back to her car and go home. She opened the door to the stall and stepped out. Placing the used diaper into the trash, she left the ladies’ room and headed for her car. Grinning ear to ear at her success, she got in and drove home.

As she got closer to home she started to wonder how she was going to get her things into the house without anyone noticing. For a while she could leave everything out in the trunk of her car if she had to but she didn’t want to have to do that long-term. Pulling into the driveway, it appeared that no one was home. Upon entering the house, she ascertained that fact before taking her packages out of the car and up to her room. “What luck!” Jessica thought as she lugged her diapers to her room. “I figured they’d all be home waiting for me in the living room.” Stashing her diapers and things temporarily in her closet, she lay down on her bed to catch her breath. As her heartbeat slowed, she ran her fingers along the leakguards of her diaper. The feeling of her hands tickled her inner thigh, but she was in heaven. And this time, she had diapers to change into for quite awhile.

Chapter 7

“Ashley,” John Roberts said over dinner that evening, “what do you suppose we ought to do about Jessica? It’s really unlike her to do something like this.”

“Well, other than taking Amanda’s diapers she seems her regular old self, dear. I’m not sure what to do.”

“Don’t forget you saw her wearing one, Ashley. She’s seventeen, a little old for diapers, I think.”

“It’s probably just a phase she’s going through. After all, she spends so much time with Amanda she’s probably wondering what being a baby feels like. It’s tough to remember fifteen years later.”

“So you’re saying we shouldn’t say anything to her parents?”

“Well, she’s maybe taken three diapers from Amanda. If she’s curious, I’m ok with that. If diapers keep disappearing, then I suppose we’ll have to do something. For now though she is still technically a child, let her experiment. It hasn’t impacted her ability to care for Amanda. We’ve never walked in on her asleep on the couch in a diaper while Amanda was crying upstairs. Besides, there are far more harmful things for Jessie to be experimenting with. If I were her mother, I’d be much more comfortable knowing that she was hooked on diapers than on drugs. If she starts taking five diapers at a time, something that would actually be noticeable and financially detrimental to us, then I think we should intervene, but if it’s only one or two occasionally I can think of far worse things to happen, either to us or to her.”

“All right, darling. Whatever you think is best.”

Deep down inside, Ashley found the idea of Jessica having a thing for diapers incredibly cute. She wished there were something more that she could do for her. Sadly, until Jessica was capable of admitting what she wanted there was nothing anyone in the world could do for her.

Having eaten dinner with her family, Jessica nearly ran back up to her room and shut the door. She loved the way these new diapers made her feel. She felt protected from much more than just an occasional wetting. She unwrapped the pacifier she had bought and stuck it in her mouth. Taking off her shorts, she stood in front of her mirror for another hour admiring the baby saw in the mirror. She looked so cute and innocent.

At about 8pm, her reverie was interrupted by her mother’s voice calling up the stairs. “Jessica! Phone call!”

Scrambling to get her shorts back on over her diaper, Jessie wondered who it could be. She ran down the stairs, oblivious to any noise her diaper was making.

“Who is it, Mom?” Jessica asked.

"It’s Mrs. Roberts. She wants to know if you’ll sit for Amanda for a couple hours this evening.

“Hello?” Jessica said as she put the receiver to her ear.

“Hi Jessie, it’s Mrs. Roberts. Sorry about the short notice but I was wondering if you would watch Amanda this evening for a couple hours while Mr. Roberts and I go out to a movie.”

“Sure thing. I’ll be over in about 5 minutes.” Jessica said.

“I’m going next door for a couple hours, Mom. I’ll be back around 10.” Jess told her mother as she ran upstairs for her purse. Into it, she threw an extra diaper in case she needed a change. She ran down the stairs and out the door, slowing just as she got down her walk so as to walk ever so nonchalantly to the Anderson’s.

“Thanks again for sitting on such short notice, Jessie. We really appreciate it. Have fun with Amanda, we’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Mrs. Roberts said as she and Mr. Roberts got into their car and drove away.

Walking into the house, Jessica found Amanda playing in her playpen. She put her purse on the couch and then walked over to the playpen to lift Amanda out.

“I’m wearing a diaper just like you are, Amanda” Jessica cooed softly. Amanda just giggled and smiled up at her.

The evening passed quietly without incident until about 9:30 when Amanda suddenly felt the urge for a bowel movement. Just as she got up and headed for the bathroom, she heard that voice in her head again.

“Where are you going, little one?” the voice asked.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Jessica replied.

“You just went and bought 100 diapers and you’re going to the bathroom?!?”

“You can’t honestly expect me to mess myself do you? I’m seventeen years old. I’m not a baby anymore.”

“Well then you’re not wearing a diaper just like Amanda is, are you? You’re a fraud. You’re prancing around wearing a diaper hoping to look cute, not caring that your whole conception of Baby Jessie is a façade. What’s it gonna hurt? There’s no one here but Amanda. Clearly she’s not going to know you’re to ‘old’ to be messing your diaper. Give it a try. You might just like it.”

Not wanting to be ridiculed by whatever voice it was speaking in her head, Jessica took her shorts off to be more comfortable, squatted and braced herself. Wetting herself was one thing, but after thirteen years of being toilet trained, messing herself was another matter entirely. Try as she might, nothing happened. Finally a thought struck her.

“Maybe if I get down on my hands and knees it’ll be easier.” she thought to herself. Lowering herself onto her hands and knees she was bewildered by what she was trying to do. Nonetheless, she was resolved to make a mess in her diaper one way or another. She pushed, then relaxed, then pushed, then relaxed. Slowly but surely her bowels emptied themselves into her diaper. A mixture of emotions flooded her consciousness at about the same time. She went form relieved to exhilarated to ashamed. Then reality sunk in. For Amanda to mess her diaper was one thing. She always had someone around who could change her. Jessica would have to clean this mess up herself.

Jessie proceeded to the upstairs bathroom where she grabbed a can of Lysol to spray the living room to rid it of the smell. Satisfied with her efforts, she turned her attention to the sagging diaper around her waist. Grabbing some baby wipes from Amanda’s room, she went to work on her bottom. Un-taping her diaper, she emptied the mess inside into the toilet and flushed it. She wrapped the diaper in itself and set it aside. Then with the thoroughness of only the truly paranoid, she attacked her nether regions with the baby wipes making sure that there was no mess on any spot of her body before she unfolded the fresh diaper and secured it to her. She replaced her shorts back over her diaper, grabbed the used diaper and walked downstairs to dispose of it in the outside trash. Just as she was returning from the outside garbage can, she heard the slam of a car door and realized the Roberts were home. After making brief small talk, Jessica grabbed her purse and headed home. On entering the house, Jessica found her mother in the kitchen washing the dishes.

“Hi, Mom” Jess said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Hi Jess.” Mrs. Anderson replied. “How was your evening?”

“Oh, the usual.” Jess said as she unwrapped a fortune cookie and opened it.

“Do not try and be someone you’re not.” The fortune cookie said. Jessica crumpled the wrapper and the fortune and tried throwing them into the waste basket near the kitchen table. Just as Jess bent down to pick them up her mother glanced over at her. If the white plastic waistband didn’t give it all away, the diaper-shaped bulge and the crinkle she made when she straightened up most certainly did. Mrs. Anderson, however, said nothing. “At least not yet.” she thought to herself.
Chapter 8

As Jessica grew more and more comfortable with her diapered state over the next couple of weeks, she also grew more and more careless. Mrs. Anderson began to notice the complete lack of Jessica’s panties in the laundry. Jessica’s room smelled constantly like a baby’s nursery, and was beginning to take on the look of one, too. She often left her pacifier out on top of her dresser where anyone who walked into her room would see it, and left piles of unused diapers out in the open on her floor. She descended into a state of nonchalance about her diaper-wearing that could become dangerous if left unchecked.

As long as wearing diapers wasn’t effecting her ability to function normally, Mrs. Anderson and her husband John weren’t all that concerned. There would be a time when Jessica might be forced to choose between her baby self and her adult self, but it was likely a ways off. It was summer and she was capable of babysitting Amanda. Unless Jessica started regressing into an infant who needed constant care, thereby rendering her no longer a responsible teenager, Mrs. Anderson saw no reason to intervene. It was one thing for Jessica to have a fetish. People led perfectly normal lives while simultaneously liking diapers. True, Jessica not cover her tracks as well as perhaps she could, but anyone could slip up. It would be another thing altogether if Jessica lost control of herself and could no longer separate baby Jessie from adult Jessica. This was Jessica’s life, and no one could live it for her. If she preferred diapers to panties and could function as an otherwise normal adult in society, then she was better off than some who were delinquent but wore more “age-appropriate” underwear.

In the end, it would be Jessica’s choice whether to give up diapers or panties entirely and fully embrace the other. No one could make that decision for her. As her mother, Mrs. Anderson would do her part to make that choice as easy as possible for her, and would encourage her husband and Elizabeth to do the same. If Jessica made a choice, she would stand by it, even if that meant transforming her room back into a nursery and accommodating a seventeen-year-old sized infant. It was on the brink of indecision, staring into the precipice unable to choose neither one nor the other that she did not want to see Jessica go through.

As fate would have it, the longer Jessica wore diapers, the easier relieving herself became. She was babysitting for Amanda nearly everyday now that the summer was in full swing. Wetting in her diapers became almost second nature to her. Messing herself wasn’t the challenge it was the first time, but it still required some serious concentration and effort on her part.

The more time that passed, the more Jessica took for granted. Whenever she was at the Roberts watching Amanda, she was almost exclusively wearing just her t-shirt and a diaper until roughly fifteen minutes before the Roberts came home. While there, she messed herself just about once daily. Everything was going just fine until one evening a month after she’d started wearing twenty-four seven.

Lying down on her bed, she closed her eyes and relaxed completely. As warm urine found its way along the familiar path into her thirsty diaper, Jessica drifted off to sleep. The camera craned in from the sky down through her bedroom window to reveal Jessica sleeping soundly on her bed, uncovered, wearing a bra and a diaper, sucking happily on her Minnie Mouse pacifier. It was early morning, probably seven a.m. The angle swiveled and zoomed out to reveal that the person whose eyes she was looking through a minute ago were her mothers, staring down at her as she was sleeping. She said nothing, but pulled a chair over next to Jessica’s bed.

Jessica’s dream-self awoke, yawned and tried to get her eyes to focus. Once the blurry image before her registered as her mother, Jessica opened her mouth to scream. The only sound she heard was of the pacifier hitting her floor.

“Hush, hush little one.” She heard her mother say. “Mommy’s here.”

Jessica was terrified. And, just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, her bladder chose this particular moment, of all the moments in all eternity, to empty itself into her diaper.

“It’s okay, baby girl.” her mother said as she put her arms around Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica wrestled free of her mother’s loving arms and began to cry.

“I’m not a baby! I’m seventeen years old.” Jessica cried out through her tears in protest.

"It doesn’t look like you’re a seventeen year old to me, sweetheart. It looks like you’re about eighteen months old. You’ve just woken up from your nap and you need a diaper change and some breakfast. That’s why I’ve come to get you. I’m going to change you and then take you downstairs for some food, sweetheart.

“No! I won’t go!” Jessica cried out.

“Young lady,” her mothers voice was now stern. “You are coming downstairs for breakfast with me. You don’t have to have your diaper changed; if you’d prefer to stay in that wet one, that’s fine by me. But you’re going down for breakfast and you can do it with or without a spanking.”

“I’m not going!”

Without a second to realize what happened next Jessica was over her mother’s lap being spanked with a firm wooden hairbrush. She got a good fifteen swats. “There.” her mother said with a note of triumph in her voice. “Now you’ve got something to cry about. You’re going down to breakfast without another word, and you’ll get your diaper changed later when you’ve learned how to behave.” The scene faded out.

When the dream faded back in, Jessica’s cries were reduced to whimpers. She was strapped into a highchair wearing a bib and her sister Elizabeth was spoon-feeding her Gerber bananas from a baby food jar.
“What a good baby you are!” Elizabeth cooed to her. Jessica opened her mouth to tell her sister off but in that instant her mother shot her an “I’ll let your sister spank you if you misbehave” look. Sobbing, she ate the rest of her breakfast like a well-behaved baby girl.

“Elizabeth” Mrs. Anderson said, “If you’d like you can take the baby upstairs and change her into a fresh diaper. I think she’d like that. Wouldn’t you baby Jessie?”

Jessica said nothing. “Wouldn’t you, baby Jessie?” Mrs. Anderson repeated.

“Yes, Mommy.” Jessica sighed, knowing she was beat.

“That’s Mommy’s girl.” Mrs. Anderson cooed. “Oh, and Elizabeth?”

“Yes, Mom?”

“Be sure to spank her if she gives you any trouble.”

“Of course, Mom.” Elizabeth grinned as she let Jessie out of the highchair, took her by the hand, and led her upstairs to get changed. Once inside her room, Jessica sighed with relief.
“I can’t believe all that just happened, like I’m some kind of baby or something.” Jessica said to her sister.

“Jess,” her sister admonished as she grabbed a fresh diaper, baby wipes and lotion, “just lie down on your bed so I can change you. I really don’t want any trouble.”

“Don’t want any trouble??? Who do you think you are, my older sister???” Jessica demanded.

With unbelievable agility, Elizabeth grabbed Jessica by the hand, pulled her across her lap, and sat down in the chair next to her bed all in one swift motion. Putting her right leg over Jessie’s left to render her unable to get out from her grasp, Elizabeth pulled off the sopping diaper Jessie had been wearing and, with a strength and force Jessica never knew she had in her, began to spank her.

Unlike earlier, Jessie no longer had a diaper covering her rump to absorb some of the shock from her sister’s swats. It took all of three swats from Elizabeth’s hand before Jessie was wailing for mercy, but Elizabeth was intent on teaching her a lesson she wouldn’t soon forget. About thirty swats later, Jessica felt Elizabeth’s body relax. As Elizabeth moved her leg out of the way, Jessie crumpled to the floor at her feet, sobbing hysterically in pain and humiliation. She trembled as her sister began to speak again.

“Now, I’m going downstairs for a few minutes. I’m going to use the big girl potty and then I’ll probably get something to drink. In the meantime, you are to have your cry and collect yourself. When I come back up here, I want to see the most cooperative baby girl ever, ready to have her diaper put back on.” With that, Jessie was left to her sobbing as she knelt on the floor, naked from the waist down.

Chapter 9

Sitting bolt upright in bed, Jessica spit her Minnie Mouse pacifier clear across h

Re: diapers for jessica

Chapter 9

Sitting bolt upright in bed, Jessica spit her Minnie Mouse pacifier clear across her room. She was in a state of utter shock. She awoke to find she had been sweating profusely in her sleep and that her sheets were in a deranged mess. Her top sheet was strewn on her floor while the only thing keeping her bottom sheet on her mattress was that she was still on top of it.

“What a nightmare!” Jess thought to herself as she began to collect her thoughts. “Is that’s what’s to become of me? Am I to become the baby of the house and to allow Elizabeth to dominate over me?”

Jess shuddered at the thought of it all. Diapers were one thing, she supposed to herself, but to surrender her status as an adult was quite another altogether. She decided to put an immediate stop and to re-assert herself as the near-eighteen-year-old she was. Jumping out of bed, she hastily ripped her diaper off, taped it up and threw it in her trashcan. Grabbing her pink bathrobe she headed for the bathroom for a shower.

“I am not a baby. I am not a baby. I am not a baby” Jess repeated to herself as she showered. Much to her surprise, the inner voice that seemed to be encouraging Jess’ babyish activities had no comment on the matter, and kept silent. She repeated this phrase to herself as she dried herself off and donned her pink silk bra and matching bikini panties. She was slightly startled as she slid the panties up over her hips. The lack of bulk between her legs was jarring all of a sudden; as if she’d need to learn to walk yet a third time now she was no longer in diapers.

Back in her room, Jess dressed herself in a pair of short, blue denim shorts and a pink tank top.

“I’m not a baby. I’m not a baby. I’m not a baby” She kept repeating to herself as she descended the stairs where she found Elizabeth watching television and having a bowl of cereal.

“Good morning, sis” Elizabeth cheerily greeted her sister. “Sleep well?” she asked.

“Yeah” Jess yawned. “Like the dead. What’s for breakfast?”

“I’m having cereal, though I saw oatmeal and I think there might be waffles.”

“Not a baby. Not a baby.” she thought as she opened the freezer door and pulled out the box of Eggo waffles. Popping two in the toaster, she put the box back in the freezer, grabbed the milk and butter from the refrigerator, set those on the table and headed to the cupboard for a plate, some silverware and a glass.

Suddenly, she felt the urge to pee. Instinctively she just began to relax. Realizing what was about to happen a split second before it was too late, she ran like a bat out of hell to the bathroom, nearly ripping the button off of her jeans as she pulled them down; getting her panties down just as the urine began to flow.

“You are not a baby” Jess chided herself. "and you are not wearing a diaper. Need to remember that.

Feeling her pulse slow and her breathing return to normal, she finished her business and returned to the kitchen.

“You all right, Jess?” Elizabeth asked, not looking up from her cereal.

“Yeah, just didn’t realize I needed to use the bathroom until the nick of time, I suppose.” Jess replied, busying herself again with making breakfast.

“Happens I guess. Still, better not a minute too soon than a minute too late.”

“Yeah…” Jess said aloofly. She finished preparing her breakfast in silence. She carried her plate and glass of milk into the living room and sat on the other end of the couch from Elizabeth. As if someone were playing a cruel joke, whatever Liz had been watching cut to commercial.

"Since the 1950’s when Victor Mills sought an easier way to diaper his grandson, Pampers has been revolutionizing the diaper industry. Recently, Pampers introduced their newest line, Pampers Princess diapers for teen girls. Research has sown that many teen girls need or desire the comfort that comes from the soft, think protection only Pampers products provide. But don’t just take our word for it. Actress Emma Watson shares her thoughts:

(The camera pans to the left, where Emma is seen laying upon a changing table as a diaper is being brought up between her legs and fastened by her attendant. She sits up.)

“Acting is hard work. A girl simply can’t face monstrous trolls and You-know-who without a lot of support. That’s what I love about Pampers. Thick, soft, and snug, they provide just the thing I need to help me bounce back day in and day out. Probably the coolest thing about my job is being able to enact Ms. J. K. Rowling’s wonderful books, but knowing that Pampers is there to protect me when I wet myself out of fear is a close second…”

“Not a baby. Don’t need diapers. Not a baby. Don’t need diapers.” Jess’ repetitions reached such a ferocious pitch within her own head she thought she’d go deaf from the echo." It was an effort just to pry her attention to her plate to eat her breakfast.

“Something wrong, Jess?” Elizabeth inquired, noticing Jessica’s distractedness.

“What? Er…” Jess replied, jarred back into reality. “No, I’m fine, just a little tired I guess.”

Jess managed to keep her mind reasonably clear long enough to cut her food and begin to eat.

Chapter 10

Finishing her breakfast, Jess put the dishes into the dishwasher and headed upstairs to her room. Putting on her sandals, she grabbed her car keys and headed out the door, stopping to tell Elizabeth that she was headed for the mall, in case her parents should ask.

“Whatever you say, sis” Elizabeth said, not looking away from the television.

As if by strange coincidence, the minute Jess closed the door behind her, the show Elizabeth had been watching cut to commercial. This was not just any commercial, it was about to change the lives of everyone in the Anderson family for a long time to come.

An attractive woman in her mid-thirties appeared on the screen. "I’m Susan Valentine, head of the research and development division of Proctor & Gamble. Recently, we introduced the newest product in our Pampers line, Pampers Princess diapers for teenage girls. The success of this product is beyond our wildest dreams. In the past month alone, since Princess first appeared on the shelves, over one million packages nationwide have been sold. Many retailers cannot seem to keep them on their shelves. We here at Proctor & Gamble, particularly the Pampers division are delighted that Princess has met a need or desire for so many teen girls. To celebrate this success, we are proud to announce a contest. One hundred lucky semi-finalists will be invited to visit the Pampers production center, where they will be able to sample new products as well as see how the whole operation works. They will also have the chance to meet other women like themselves who need or desire the comfort and protection that only Pampers Princess diapers provide. Each semi-finalist will receive complete accommodations free of charge. Rooming will be provided in a nursery-style facility with two girls to a room. During the stay, of course, each girl’s diapers will be courtesy of Pampers. Upon the conclusion of the conference, each semi-finalist will receive, in addition to random giveaways during the conference, a two-year supply of Pampers Princess, as well as a “yearbook” featuring photos taken during the event at various of the seminars and activities. One very special young lady, the grand-prize winner, will be crowned the Pampers Princess, and in addition to the gifts that the semi-finalists receive, she will be offered a position on the Pampers testing staff, and receive a lifetime supply of Pampers Princess diapers. No purchase necessary, entry forms are available wherever Pampers Princess products are sold.

“That gives me an idea” Elizabeth thought to herself, a huge grin spreading over her face.

Chapter 11

“Mom, can I talk to you about something kinda private??” Elizabeth asked one night after dinner while Jessica was watching TV and Mr. Anderson was out doing some shopping.

“Sure, sweetie, let’s go into the study where we shouldn’t be disturbed.” said Mrs. Anderson, leading the way. “What’s on your mind, Liz?” she asked as she closed the door behind her.

“Well, I feel really bad for even discussing this with you but I think you should know. It’s about Jess.”

“I see,” replied Mrs. Anderson in a knowing tone, but she let Elizabeth take the lead.

"About a month ago, I guess, I caught Jess wearing a diaper around the house. We were making lunch one Saturday morning and she bent over to grab something and when her shirt rid up, I caught a glimpse of the waistband. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I asked her to hand me the mustard or something and sure enough, I saw the waistband of a disposable diaper. Then, when she was turned around I was able to make out the outline of her diaper underneath her jeans.

“I didn’t say anything at the time, but I’m pretty sure she’s been wearing constantly ever since. That is, of course, until the other day. I was sitting around watching TV and she all of a sudden sprinted for the bathroom and, from what I can figure out, nearly had an accident. What made her stop wearing all of a sudden I’m not really sure. But she just sat down to lunch when the show I was watching cut to commercial and, as luck would have it, it was for those new Pampers Princess diapers they came out with for teens. She seemed really distracted. I asked her if she was all right and she said she was still tired or something, but I don’t know that I believe that.”

“Elizabeth, I think you did the right thing. You are concerned about Jessica’s welfare and that is commendable. Your father and I, however, both know that Jess has been wearing diapers for about the past month. She’s going through something that she needs to deal with herself when she’s ready, we feel. The best we can do for her is to be supportive. That includes you, Elizabeth.” replied her mother.

“Ah, yeah…” Elizabeth continued. “I have a confession to make that I’m not exactly proud of, but I believe I did the right thing. I was watching TV about a week ago, around the same time Jess nearly had that accident, and just as she’d gone out to the mall or wherever it was she was going a new Pampers Princess commercial came on advertising a contest with the grand prize to be crowned the Pampers Princess, receive a lifetime supply of diapers, attend a conference where you can see how their company operates and so forth. I kinda entered Jess. I thought you should know in case she gets selected, there’s like 100 semi-finalists that get selected and even they get like 2 year supplies of diapers, so I figured it’d be best you knew before Pampers started delivering to the house. I didn’t do it to be mean, I just think that she needs to either choose diapers or not or something. I feel like she’s gotta choose something and be ok with it.”

Mrs. Anderson chuckled. "Sometimes you amaze me, Liz. I really ought to be upset with you, but I suppose if I’m not upset with Jess for her diaper-wearing, I can’t be upset with you for wanting her to come to terms with it. From what you have described, I suspect that something happened that made her have second thoughts about the road she was traveling. Perhaps she had a nightmare that have her a jolt and made her remember that she’s soon to be eighteen and that some aspects of being eighteen and wearing diapers don’t mix. It certainly sounds like she binged on diapers and is now trying to purge herself of the guilt she’s feeling.
"I also saw the commercial about the contest. While I didn’t go so far as to enter Jess, I do agree it’d be a good experience for her. She obviously has some needs that aren’t being met, but if she’s unwilling to tell us what they are there’s nothing we can do for her.

"However, if she does get selected, I think I will see to it that she goes to this thing. The Roberts have gone on vacation, so she will not be needing her as a babysitter. At the very least I think she needs time away to sort this out. Being with other children around her age with similar desires may help her to realize that there’s nothing wrong with her wearing diapers if that’s what she wants.

“What if she runs with it and comes back and wants to regress to be a total baby?” Elizabeth asked her mother.

"That would be between Jessica, your father, and me. Personally, I feel that if she chooses to embrace her diapers and give up big girl’s panties I’m fine with that, but your father has a right to a say in the matter and so I can’t go making a decision. However, I would like to ask you, in that event to be as supportive as you can of your sister. She’ll need to know that we accept her for who she is.

“In the meantime, all we can do is wait. Do you know when the drawing is?”

“I think the entry form said that semi-finalists would be notified by the end of the month, which is 2 weeks from tomorrow.”

“That gives us two weeks to prepare ourselves in the event Jess is chosen. I want you to know that I am not sure that I think you did the right thing, but I believe you had the right intentions, and so I will support your actions. I will make your father aware of the circumstances and urge him to back me in urging Jess to attend this thing if she is selected.”

“But, you need to understand that I suspect that she will not like what you’ve done, particularly at first. You’ve had a really solid relationship, much better than I would have expected among siblings. I suspect she’ll feel hurt and a bit betrayed at first. Hopefully with time she’ll realize that you had her best interests in mind in doing this but at first you need to be ready for the worst. I don’t even think she knows that any of us have found her out, which shall make the blow even more painful. Still, we won’t know unless she gets selected. We can prepare, but there’s no sense in worrying until the time comes.”

“You’re right, Mom. Thanks for understanding where I was coming from in what I’ve done. I hope it works out for the best.”

“I hope so, too, Liz. I hope so too.”

As Mrs. Anderson reached for the doorknob to the study, a thought sprung into Liz’s head.

“Mom,” she said.

“Yes, dear?” said Mrs. Anderson as she turned the doorknob but had not yet pulled the door open.

“If you need a babysitter, I’m your girl,” Elizabeth smiled genuinely.

Mrs. Anderson smiled back. “I’m glad I can count on you, Liz.”

Chapter 12

Truth be told, Elizabeth was actually excited. Being the younger sibling always made her feel as if she were in Jessica’s shadow. Deep down there was a part of her that would like to have a baby around the house, even if the “baby” were a chronological adult. Jess and Liz used to be best friends, and since this whole diaper episode started, Liz felt Jess was hiding something from her. She was unsure whether she thought it was easier or harder now that she knew what it was Jess was hiding. She wanted to reach out to her sister and let her know she was there for her, but she couldn’t. Entering her into this contest was the closest she could come to showing her support, and if Jess won, it really wouldn’t look like she was supporting her at all. Admittedly, it would seem kind of strange changing her older sister’s diapers, but Liz deeply and sincerely cared about her sister, and would rather have this diaper thing out in the open than have Jess try and hide something from the people who cared about her most, especially considering they already knew.

When she went to the store to fill out the contest entry form for Jess, she picked up a brochure explaining what the prizes were and more about the Pampers Princess line. Since she went to the store on the same day the contest was announced, Pampers had a table set up at the local grocery store where there was a company representative there to answer questions. They were also handing out one free diaper to each person who entered the contest. Liz found the whole experience odd.

“Thank you for filling out our entry form. What size sample would you like?” the rep asked.

“Er, sample?” Liz pretending to be Jess, asked.

“Yes, every contest entry comes with one free diaper.”

“Oh. I see. Um… I haven’t really tried your product out, I’m embarrassed to say…” Liz was even more embarrassed to be having this conversation. “…how do the sizes run?”

“They run the same as your panty size, dear. That’s all right. Not everyone who wants to be back in diapers gets to before a chance like this comes along. That’s what Pampers Princess and this contest are about”

“Ah…right…well, I wear a size six panty.” Liz said nervously.

“Right then, here you are.” The rep said as she handed Liz a size six Princess diaper. “Also, here’s a pamphlet describing Pampers new line of teen-sized diapers as well as the prizes for the contest. Happy diapering and good luck.”

“Right, er, thanks.” That had to be the single most embarrassing moment in Liz’s entire life. Stashing the diaper and pamphlet in her purse so as not to be seen with it, she nearly ran out of the store. “I almost hope Jess wins this blasted contest just for what I had to go through to get her entered.” she thought to herself.

Liz put the diaper in her closet and near forgot about it. She found herself reading the pamphlet about Pampers Princess and the contest nearly everyday until the drawing. She could practically recite it one week before the semi-finalists were announced. She was so excited that you would have thought she had entered herself instead of her sister.

Now, a week before the drawing, Liz looked over the pamphlet yet again. If Jessica were selected as a semi-finalist she would be invited to the “Pampers Nursery” for a two-week stay, during which time she would receive “first-class, nursery-style accommodations, each room complete with two teen-sized cribs, a teen-sized changing table, and, of course, plenty of Pampers Princess diapers.”

“While at the Pampers Nursery,” Liz read on, "each girl will have the opportunity to attend classes and seminars related to her own particular interests, however both “Pampers Princess and You(r Bottom): The Future of Pampers Products for Teens” and “Dealing with Diapers” will be required of all participants. The first is a seminar on the future of Pampers products, both an opportunity for the members of the market to find out what Pampers will be providing and for them to give feedback and make suggestions about what they want in their products. The second is a course in how to adjust to being a diapergirl, from maintaining family and friendship relations to general diaper do’s and don’ts. The rest of the seminars and courses are about various diaper-related topics. Some of these cater to the diaper-loving girl, who just wears diapers, others to teen-baby girls, who wear diapers as a means of regressing and feeling like a baby.

"For each girl Pampers will provide several t-shirts, each with the Pampers Princess logo and various sayings such as ‘I’m a Pampers Princess,’ ‘I need to be Pampered,’ and so forth. As aforementioned, Pampers will also provide all the diapers each girl will need during the conference.

"Because Pampers believes that each girl should learn to be proud of who she is, the only attire to be allowed at the conference is one Pampers t-shirt, and Pampers Princess diapers. Each participant is required to abide by this dress code. Further, because each girl is supplied with diapers, bathroom use will be restricted to bathing only.

“Each floor will have ten participants on it, split up into five “nurseries,” two girls to a nursery. Two staff babysitters will be assigned to each floor for diaper changing, bathing, bottle feeding, and other needs as may arise…”

Normally, Elizabeth would be having thoughts about what she had done, as she and her sister were best friends. But, she felt that Jess needed to realize that what she was going through was not only ok, that there were other girls out there going through the same thing. She might take time to adjust, but it would be worth it in the end. It actually sounded kind of cool to Elizabeth. Pampers was shelling out and bringing two hundred girls to be treated like real princesses. She really hoped Jessica would win. While, on the one hand, if she lost Liz would never have to hear about what she had done, she would likely never realize what her needs are and be able to try and have them met. A little sibling strife is worth meeting Jess’ needs, even if she’s not aware of them. Only one more week until the notice should arrive in the mail. Liz all but prayed that Jess would be selected. There were one hundred semi-finalists, surely she had a shot.

Chapter 13

It was the day before the contest drawing when Jess finally found out about it. She’d spent all her time and energy trying to block babyish things out of her life. She’d had several very close calls since she started wearing big girl panties exclusively again, including one incident where she actually started tinkling in her shorts, though luckily she’d been in the bathroom and had gotten them down in time before any noticeable damage was done. Still, she was mortified about it. Needless to say the more she tried to push diapers out of her mind the firmer they stuck. Her resistance, firm at first, was becoming more and more shaken as time went by.

Everyone in the house had gone out and Jess was alone watching television when the commercial came on. “Susan Valentine here, head of the research and development division here at Pampers” Jess heard the woman say.

“Great another freakin diaper commercial. Enough already.” She sat up to grab for the remote when the scene changed and Jess was entranced. Pictures of the facilities for the contest were flashing across the screen. They showed pictures of the nurseries, complete with two cribs, a changing table, and what looked like floor to celing packages of Pampers Princess diapers.

“Thousands of teenage girls have entered the Pampers Princess sweepstakes” Ms. Valentine continued, “and one hundred lucky girls will be accommodated for two weeks in these facilities, and will have the opportunity to learn more about Pampers’ product line while enjoying a babyish lifestyle. Each girl will be provided with all the diapers she needs while at the conference plus a two-year supply of Pampers Princess diapers compliments of the staff here at Pampers. One lucky girl will be chosen as the Pampers Princess from among all the participants, and she will receive a lifetime supply of diapers as well as a position on the Pampers staff where she will be able to help us develop better products to meet our customers’ needs. The one-hundred semi-finalists should e receiving their notification via mail tomorrow. To all who have entered, we here at Pampers wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you when the conference begins.”

“Wow” thought Jess. “I wish I’d known about that; it looks awesome. I don’t know what Mom and Dad would say if two years worth of diapers started arriving at the house, but the whole thing sounds so fun. And that grand prize! I wouldn’t have to worry about a job!”

The voice inside her head awoke. "I thought you were an adult who didn’t need diapers. I thought diapers were for babies.

She was caught by her own psyche. “Well,” she argued, “I don’t really know. I want to be a responsible adult, but the diapers felt so good on my behind and they’d have solved the problems of those two near-accidents I had.”

“Those weren’t accidents, Jess” the voice replied, “that’s what happens when you give up the toilet for a month, you start to lose control. It’s ok to want to be your mommy’s little girl again. It’s ok not to want to grow up, but quit the nonsense Jess. If you want to be a baby again that’s ok.”

“I AM NOT A BABY!” Jess screamed. Suddenly she was glad no one was home to hear her; it would have been quite the embarrassment, particularly considering she was screaming at the voices in her head. She shut the TV off and sat there, indignant. She was not a baby, plain and simple. Matter of fact, she was going to go upstairs right now and throw the rest of her diapers out.

She headed upstairs and into her room. Standing at the closet door, looking down on her diapers, however, she discovered herself to be immobilized. She couldn’t throw them out. She picked one up and the smell wafted up through her nose and the soft feel of it in her hand brought on a rush of feeling and excitement.

“I don’t want to be a baby!” she whined. “I want to be an adult. I’m almost eighteen. I want to be my sister’s role model and I want to be an adult and I want to go off to college and get a job and be an adult.”

“Perhaps,” the voice argued, “the real mature thing in this situation is to know you’re still your mommy’s baby.”

“Shut up!”

Chapter 14

The sun pried its way through the clouds to reveal a warm Saturday morning. Yawning, Elizabeth stretched and opened her eyes. Realizing what day it was, she nearly jumped out of bed and ran for the shower. After getting dressed, the big wait officially began.

“You ok, sis?” Jess asked, noticing her sister’s overflowing energy.

“Yeah I’m just full of energy today for some reason.” Liz replied.

“Ah. I see.”

Liz felt like she had ADD for the first time in her life. She couldn’t sit still, and she couldn’t keep her attention fixed on anything for longer than five minutes.

Three hours later, the mail still hadn’t come. She sat, feeling drained and dejected in front of the TV. Her mind was suddenly clouded with doubts that Jessica would even become a semi-finalist in the contest. Then, it occurred to her that if she were to win, it would mean quite the rift between herself and Jess for the first time in her life. Better to prepare herself in the case of that, than listen for the mail.

She wondered what Jess’ reaction would be. She suspected it wouldn’t be pretty. She hoped she would be able to make Jess see that she had the best of intentions. All she could do now was wait and hope for the best.

As luck would have it, just as Liz was about to give up hope of the mail ever coming, she heard the familiar sound of the mailbox being opened and closed again. Like lightning, she was up and at the front door, opening it and grabbing the mail.

“Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad, Mom,” she thought as she sorted through the envelopes. Of course it was the last one in the pile. It was a thick pink envelope addressed to Ms. Jessica Anderson. The return address was the pink Pampers logo that everyone was all too familiar with.

Stuffing the envelope into her back pocket, Liz put the mail on the table in the living room and made to head upstairs ever so nonchalantly.

“Anything exciting?” Jess asked, peering away from the television.

“No, I got a thing about some college though, or it looks like that anyway.” Liz replied. Her heart was pounding and she tried very hard not to betray her excitement to her sister. She forced herself to walk slowly back up to her room. Shutting the door behind her, she grabbed the envelope from her back pocket and flung herself onto her bed.

“Dear Ms. Jessica Anderson” Elizabeth read, unfolding the first page of the letter. “Thank you for entering our Pampers Princess Sweepstakes. We are pleased to announce that you have been selected as one of the one hundred semi-finalists. You will find all the necessary information within this packet. We look forward to seeing you in two weeks at the start of this conference. Sincerely, Susan Valentine”

Looking through the rest of the packet, Elizabeth noted descriptions of the various activities, courses and panels to be conducted at the conference. There was also a description of the accommodations and benefits the participants would receive. There was a diaper size request form, both for conference use and for the two years’ free diapers. Also on that form was a space for t-shirt size so that each baby could be provided with the right size uniform shirts. Just then, there was a knock at Liz’s door. Shoving the paperwork underneath her pillow, Liz opened the door to find her mother standing there. She let her mother pass into the room and shut the door behind her.

“Well?” Mrs. Anderson asked conspiratorially.

“She’s in.” Elizabeth replied. She blushed at the thought that she was responsible for all this. She really believed she did the right thing, though. Here’s the information." Liz said as she handed her mother the information packet. “Any idea how you’re going to break the news to her?”

“I’ve got an idea. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. I told your father about the whole thing and, while he wasn’t too happy with you at first, I was able to persuade him that you had Jess’ best interests at heart and that this type of experience, should she be selected, might be able to help her sort out her feelings about diapers and so forth, and he’s behind me 100%. The three of us will have to talk about the way things will be when she gets back as soon as she’s gone. I trust I can still count on you to be the big sister, Elizabeth?”

“Of course, Mom. I kinda feel I owe it to Jess after what I’ve done.”

“Perhaps. Let’s just hope when she gets back she won’t take it the wrong way.”

That night, as the dishes were being cleared away and a delicious caramel apple pie being laid out for dessert, Mrs. Anderson took the envelope from her back pocket and took a deep breath.

“Jessica, honey, this came for you in the mail today.” Mrs. Anderson said, handing Jessica the envelope.

“Why didn’t Liz hand it to me when she took the mail in, I was sitting right there?” Jess inquired as she took the envelope,

“Yes, well…” Liz started.

“There’s no need, Elizabeth.” Mrs. Anderson chided. Mr. Anderson said nothing during this whole proceeding.

A look of utter shock grew over Jessica’s face as she opened the envelope and examined the contents.

“What the hell is this? How did this all happen?”

“Well, Jess,” Elizabeth began, stammering at first, but then mastering her voice, “I kind of entered you in that contest. That letter came today, announcing that you’ve been chosen as a semi-finalist.”

“And WHY did you enter me?” Jessica demanded. “Do you think I’m some kind of baby or something?”

“Jess,” Elizabeth began nerouvsly, “a few weeks back we were around the house watching TV. As we were making lunch, I caught a glimpse of a white plastic waistband when you bent over to grab something from the fridge. I asked you to hand me the mustard, not believing my eyes, and, sure enough, I saw the waistband of your diaper. When you stood up I could make out the outline of your diaper beneath your jeans. When I found out about this contest I thought it would be good for you. You’re my sister and you’re still my best friend and I love you. I did this because I want what’s best for you.”

“Well surely then you would have noticed that I stopped wearing diapers about two weeks ago.” Jess retorted indignantly.

“Yes, Jess, I did notice. I also noticed the other day when you nearly wet your pants because you weren’t wearing a diaper and didn’t realize you needed to pee until it was almost too late.”

Jess had to concede that point. It was true that she nearly wet her pants. This didn’t forgive her sister’s actions, however. Suddenly she raged at her sister.


“Your father and I have both decided” Mrs. Anderson began, “that you will be going to this conference, sweetie. It will be good for you. We’re not mad at you. We want to support you. And the reason your sister doesn’t know what’s going on in your life is the same reason that your father and I don’t. You won’t tell us. We know that you snuck diapers from the Roberts’ while you were babysitting Amanda, and you were a little careless about hiding the fact that you were wearing the diapers you had bought for yourself. Elizabeth is not the only one to have caught you. But you’re missing the point. This is not a punishment. We’re trying to help you to figure out what you want and what you need. If you go to this conference and come back and decide you want to be back in diapers, then that’s fine by us. Your father, sister and I will do what we can to accommodate you. If you want to be babied, we’ll see what we can Do; if it’s just diapers that’s fine as well. But you need to be honest, first and foremost with yourself but also with your family. We love you, diapers or not.”

At this point, Jessica burst into tears. “I’m not a baby. I’m not a baby. I’m not a baby,” she sobbed.

In spite of her words, urine was flooding into her shorts. She only noticed it as she was catching her breath and beginning to calm down. Elizabeth, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson all caught each other’s eyes and waited for Jess to recognize what she was doing.

Sure enough, no sooner had Jess’ breath returned to normal and her heart rate slowed a little than she realized that she had indeed wet her pants just like the baby she said she wasn’t. So horrifically ashamed was she that she ran up stairs to her room, slammed the door behind her and flung herself on her bed, not even bothering to put on something dry, crying, utterly ashamed of herself.

“I’m proud of you, Liz,” Mr. Anderson said. “It took a lot of courage to do what you did. I just hope, for Jess’ sake, that the desired effect is achieved.”

“I believe we all do, Dad.” Liz remarked.

Upstairs, Jess was an utter disaster. Her emotions were at war with each other. She was horrified and angry with Elizabeth for entering her into that contest, yet she knew she wanted to go. She should be happy that her parents want her to go. She didn’t think they’d understand if she had been able to enter the contest normally. Here was the opportunity she should be longing for, but it had awful timing and even worse delivery. Deep down she knew that her sister and parents wanted what was best for her and that Liz did what she thought would work out best in the end, but it was just the way it happened. Here she thought no one know about what had transpired since she snuck those first couple diapers at the Roberts, and it turns out that everyone knew. It was as if the bigger secret was that Jess’ secret wasn’t secret.

As if that weren’t bad enough just as she finished asserting that she wasn’t a baby she realized she was wetting her pants. That was real mature of her, wetting her pants like a three year old. Jess just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Yes, crawl. That would be awful fitting for a big baby who needs to be put back in diapers where she belongs.

In spite of her incessant sobbing, Jess heard a soft knock at the door. “Go away! I don’t want to talk to anyone!”

“Jess, it’s your mother.”

“I said I don’t want to talk to anyone!”

“Jess, I love you. You know what you do when you love someone, Jess? You stand by them through thick and thin. If you think I’m going anywhere until you let me in to talk to you, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Chapter 15

Jess gave pause, touched by what her mother had just told her. Now, of all times, she needed to know her family loved her. But like the awful timing and delivery of every diaper lover’s and teen baby’s greatest fantasy, Jess wished this all could have happened differently. Slowly she got up from her bed where she’d been laying and walked to the door.

“I love you, Jess.” Mrs. Anderson said softly.

A smile spread across Jess’ tear-stained face. “I love you too, Mommy” she said as she opened the door wider for her mother to pass through.

“Jess, why are you still wearing those wet shorts? Please take them off and go take a shower. I see you were laying on your bed in them. Tell you what, you go take a shower. I’ll throw your wet bedding and clothing into the wash, remake your bed and I’ll wait here so we can have our chat.”

“Ok, Mom. Can you, uh, leave so I can take off these clothes?” Jess asked awkwardly.

“Jess, I would, but it wouldn’t be the first time I saw you naked, and if you decide to take up diapers again, it may not be the last.”

Sighing, she unbuttoned her shorts and let them and her wet panties fall to the floor, grabbing her bathrobe and flinging it around her. She caught her mother’s eye on her way to the shower. Mrs. Anderson was smiling, and Jess found she couldn’t help but smile too.

Jess had to admit it was good to get out of those wet clothes. She was feeling a little better after that brief talk with her mother, though she did not know what would be in the talk to come. She suspected her mother wanted her to go to this conference. Jess did want to go but she felt as if she had to give up her adult identity to embrace her inner baby and she wasn’t sure she wanted to do that. She felt incredibly insecure and unsure of which way to turn. But, she supposed, that was the purpose of this whole mess. To top it off, she had screamed at her sister. She screamed at her own best friend whom she’d had since she could remember. Closer than anyone she’d met at school. Jess felt truly awful for that. She would have to come up with a way to make it up to Liz.

Mrs. Anderson, meanwhile, stripped Jess’ bed and threw her sheets and her wet clothing into the washroom. On the way down she passed Liz.

“How is Jess?” Liz asked tentatively.

“Well, she seems a little better, though she’s got a long way to go. I haven’t had my actual talk with her yet, but I’ve convinced her to go shower and I’m changing her bedclothes and throwing her wet stuff in the laundry. Once she’s done showering, we’ll have our talk. I’m going to try and get her to apologize to you.”

“That’s not necessary, Mom. I understand why she did what she did. She has a right to feel upset, she probably thinks that I betrayed a trust she hadn’t even put in me. I’d feel the same way if I were her.”

“That may be, however feelings do not always excuse actions, and I would like her to apologize to you. You two always got along so well. If she goes through with this whole conference thing and decides she wants to embrace diapers and/or a babyish lifestyle, she’s going to need you there for her more than ever. Amends need to be made between you.”

'I understand Mom. Good luck."

“Thanks. I’m hoping things’ll go well.”

Returning from the washroom, Mrs. Anderson remade her bed. She was sitting on it when Jess returned from the shower. Jess headed for her dresser drawer to pick out some clothing.

“Jess,” Mrs. Anderson said, “I’d like to talk to you before you get dressed. Please come sit here on the bed with me.”

“Ok, Mom” Jess said as she walked to her bed and took a seat beside her mother.

“Now, Jess, what did I tell you after I knocked on your door?” her mother asked.

“You told me that you loved me and that you would stand by me through thick and thin.” Jess recalled.

Mrs. Anderson put her arm around Jessica’s waist and kissed her forehead. “I hope you know nothing has changed between then and now. And nothing is going to change that, ever. I would like to talk about these diapers of yours.”

Jessica sighed. She recounted to her mother how the whole thing began. She told her mother about sneaking diapers from the Roberts and the dreams she was having and how wonderful it felt to feel like a baby again with not a care in the world. She told her how she first saw the Pampers Princess commercials on TV and how she went out and bought a case of them. She recounted how she started wearing them constantly and how, one night she had even messed herself while watching Amanda. Once she got started unraveling this tale it seemed to tell itself. Having found a sympathetic ear, Jessica felt the burden of the whole thing lifting from her the further into her story she got.

Finally she got to the part about the nightmare she had. Mrs. Anderson began to understand what was going on and why things had unfolded the way they did.

“I can see how the idea of being spanked by your younger sister for not behaving during a diaper change can be quite traumatic” Mrs. Anderson said sympathetically. “Still, as evidenced by your recent wettings it seems not to have been the wisest course of action, though I do certainly understand why you chose it.”

"I’m glad you have finally been honest with me, Jessica. I want to talk now about what is going to happen from here on out, but I want you first to know that you are my firstborn child. No one can take that status away from you. Whether you choose to go the “adult” route and wear panties all the time and never think about diapers or baby things again or whether you say you want to regress for a little while before the responsibilities of adulthood overtake you, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re my firstborn child. Even if Elizabeth does end up babysitting you and changing your diapers and feeding you bottles and baby food and playing baby games with you, you’re still my firstborn, and I still love you very, very much.

“Now, you’ve been entered into this contest and selected as a semi-finalist” Mrs. Anderson said as she pulled the information packet out of her pocket. "Your family wants you to go. You can choose to be a baby or an adult after you’ve gone and had the experience. You’ve been playing baby on the sly, it’s about time you were able to indulge this fantasy of yours and find out how it really feels without any pressures from home. You’ll be able to be around people with similar feelings and desires and your father and I both agree that this will be healthy for you. You know what being an adult is like. Go and find out what it’s like to be a baby again! You seem interested; don’t be afraid of it. When the conference is over then you can make an informed choice. You can give up diapers if that’s what you want with full knowledge of what it would have been like. Besides, I was reading in the fine print of the pamphlet that says in addition to the position on the research and development staff, if you win first prize you get to model for commercials and package designs. That does sound kind of cool. No matter what happens, Jess, your father, Elizabeth, and I all love you very much, and we want you to be happy. Honestly, Jess, I would much rather have you walking around the house in panties one minute and crawling in diapers the next than wanting something and suppressing it. So please, go to this conference and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the opportunity to relax, to regress to an age where you hadn’t a care in the world. The opportunity doesn’t come around every day. When it knocks you need to open the door.

“Mommy,” Jess said, her eyes welling up with fresh tears, “I don’t even know what to say. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not have to hide from everyone. I thought I was good at it and it was such a blow when I found out you all knew and I flipped out at Liz and I feel so bad about it. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and are doing for me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

“That’s my girl” cooed Mrs. Anderson. “Now, I want you to do two things for me, and then I want you to go to bed.”

“Mommy, I’ll do anything you want me to.” Jessica said, grateful that her mother accepted her.

“I want you to let me get you dressed with no fuss, and then I want you to go apologize to your sister. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Good girl, now please take your robe off and lay down here on the bed.”

Mrs. Anderson got up from the bed so that Jess could lay down. She walked over to the closet and pulled out Jess’ baby powder and one of her diapers. From her dresser drawer she picked out a nice pink top that she knew wouldn’t cover Jess’ midriff.
Mrs. Anderson laid the shirt and the baby powder aside and unfolded the disposable diaper. Jess heard the crinkling and braced herself for what was to come. She was half enthralled and half mortified at the idea that she was nearly eighteen years old and about to be diapered by her own mother. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and relaxed.

Mrs. Anderson put her hand on Jess’ thigh and rubbed it. “I need you to lift your legs up for me sweetie” she said.

Obediently, Jess lifted her legs and Mrs. Anderson slid the diaper underneath Jess’ bottom. Grabbing the bottle of baby powder, she sprinkled it over Jess body and rubbed it in.

“That’s Mommy’s girl. You can lower your legs now.” Jess lowered her legs while still entranced by the whole experience. She felt her mother pull the diaper up between her legs and fasten it quite snugly. “There you go, baby girl.” Mrs. Anderson said, patting Jess’ newly diapered bottom. “Sit up for Mommy so I can put this top on you.” Jess sat up and opened her eyes. She lifted her arms as Mrs Anderson slid her top over her head and into place.

“Go look at yourself fin the mirror, baby girl.”

Jess waddled over to the mirror and admired herself. She couldn’t believe all that had happened to her in the past few hours.
“I love you, Mommy.” She cooed in babytalk.

“I love you too, Jessie.”

Her mother walked over to her and gave her a big hug. “Now, sweetie, I want you to go to apologize to your sister.”

In all the rapture of being diapered by her mother, Jess forgot that she would have to apologize to Liz. She knew she owed it to her, but her attention was suddenly awakened to her state of dress.

“You mean like this?!?” Jess asked her mother.

“Yes, Jessica, I want you to go to your sister’s room wearing that top and that diaper and I want you to apologize to her. She’ll be seeing plenty of you in diapers if you decide to embrace them, there’s no reason not to start now.”

Mrs. Anderson started walking towards the door so as to force Jessica out of the room. “I will be in here when you get back to tuck you in and say good night, sweetie. Off you go!” With that, she swatted Jessica’s diapered behind out the door.

Once out in the hall, Jess was conscious of every crinkle her diaper made. “Guess I better get used to this” she thought and swallowed her pride and headed for her Elizabeth’s room.

Lying on her bed in her room across the hall, Elizabeth was also conscious of every crinkle Jess’ diaper made, and smiled to herself when Jess stopped outside her door and knocked.

“Lizzy?” a timid voice came. Jess had never called her “Lizzy” before.

“It’s open Jessie, come on in.” she replied from within.

Jess took a deep breath, opened the door and walked into her sister’s room. She found Elizabeth sitting on her bed as if awaiting her.

“Come over here and sit with me, sis.” Elizabeth beckoned.

Jess closed the door behind her and toddled towards Elizabeth’s bed, where she took a seat across from her. Elizabeth took the sight of her in. There was her older sister, her best friend and someone she’d always looked up to, wearing a shirt that didn’t cover her belly button and a thick, disposable diaper. It awakened a sense of maternity within her. She thought Jess incredibly cute.

“I want to apologize for the way I acted towards you tonight, Lizzy. I was completely wrong. It’s just I didn’t know anyone else knew about my secret and, upon finding out, I was afraid that you would all think less of me for it. I was supposed to be the older sister. I’m supposed to be going off to college. And I couldn’t, and really still can’t for that matter, reconcile those ideas with the image you see here, which might actually be the real me. I was afraid. I’m still a little afraid, and I flipped out in defense, perhaps of someone I’m not. I knew that you looked up to me and I was afraid of what would happen if you found out at the person you looked up to for so long was just a big baby.”

Jess heaved a sigh. “Come here” Elizabeth said soothingly and Jess was inclined to obey. She found her way into her sister’s arms. She found her sister’s embrace to be much like her mother’s, soothing and protective. “You’re my big sister, Jess, and I love you.” Liz continued. “but you’ve got the whole maturity thing all wrong. You’re confusing maturity with blindness and strength with stupidity. Maturity is having the wisdom to recognize that you’re not quite ready for the real world out there and that part of you still longs for your mommy’s embrace. Maturity is the acceptance of the fact that when faced with the unknown of the real world you might well crap your pants and it might be better than not to be wearing a diaper. Strength isn’t about being better than everyone else. It’s not about being faster or being able to lift more. Strength comes from knowing that, no matter what, there’s someone in your corner that you can count on to catch you when you fall and help you pick up the pieces and start over. Wearing diapers or being a baby doesn’t make you less mature or less of an adult. It makes you more of one, because you know what you’re about. You know what you can do and what you can’t do and you know that, like everyone else in the world, you have fears and needs. So if you think for a minute that I will respect you less, you’re out of your cotton-pickin mind. You’re my big sister, and even if I end up changing your diapers and baby-sitting you, you’re still my big sister, and you’ll always be my best friend. I love you, Jess.”

There were tears in her eyes as Elizabeth finished. She surprised herself with the force of what she said. She took her sister in her arms and held her. At last, after what seemed an eternity, Liz loosened the embrace and Jess got up to go to bed.

“I can’t tell you what all this means to me, Liz. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

“Well it’s a good thing you don’t need to” Liz said, and all of a sudden swatted Jess’ diapered behind. Jess stared, her mouth hanging open. Catching Liz’s eye, they both started laughing.

“Well I need to head to bed. Mom’s been waiting for me I think.”

“G’night Jessie.”

“G’night Lizzy.”

Toddling back to her room, Jess found her mother sitting on her bed, although not where she’d been. She was holding something Jess couldn’t discern in her hand.

“I trust that went well?” Mrs. Anderson inquired.

“Much better than I expected,” Jess smiled.

"Good. Now, baby girl, it’s time for bed. Come here and let me tuck you in.

Jess toddled over to her bed. Her mother lifted the sole sheet that was on it, it being the middle of summer, and laid it back down on top of her.

“I found this on your floor,” Mrs. Anderson said, brandishing Jess’ Minnie Mouse pacifier. “I washed it for you; I figured you might like it.” she said as she popped it into Jess’s mouth. Jess smiled.

“Good night, baby girl,” Mrs. Anderson said a she turned out the light and headed for the door.

“I love you, Mommy.” Jess said sleepily.

Chapter 16

A bright, yellow sun rose early on that clear July morning. Jessica Anderson was lying in her bed, deep in pleasant dream when the sun shone down through her bedroom window and the birds began to call. Opening her eyes, she yawned as she glanced over at her alarm clock, which read five-thirty a.m., still one hour to go until she needed to get up and shower before the trip into Cincinnati where her two weeks at Pampers would begin. Elizabeth and both of her parents would be making the trip to see her off. They were all very proud of her, and wanted to wish her the best. Turning over to fall back asleep, Jess heard the crinkle of her diaper. Smiling, she nodded off and began to dream.

It hardly seemed as if fifteen minutes had passed when the buzzing of her alarm broke in upon her dreaming. Jessica sat up in bed, reached over to the night table and shut her alarm off. Stretching, Jessica yawned again. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she got out of bed and headed for the shower, but not before she completely flooded her dry diaper, so as not to let it go to waste.

Having showered, Jess was surprised to see her mother sitting on her bed, waiting for her upon her return. Seeing the fresh diaper she was holding, Jess got the idea. She took off her robe and hung it up in her closet. Lying down upon her bed, Jess awaited her diapering.

“I feel really strange saying this,” Mrs. Anderson said as she unfolded the diaper and slid it underneath Jess’ behind, “but I think I’ll actually miss changing you while you’re gone over the next two weeks, Jessie. I feel like having you back in diapers has brought us closer than we’ve been since the last time you were in diapers.” Mrs. Anderson rubbed the powder in with more tenderness than Jess was used to and it caused her to purr after a fashion. “I really hope,” Mrs. Anderson continued, “that if you decide to give diapers up after this conference, that we won’t lose this renewed closeness. I didn’t realize this until recently, but I now know I’m not ready to lose my baby girl with the idea of you going off to college and being an adult. I also realize that giving that up may be inevitable s you move into another stage in your life. Having you back in diapers over the past week has made me realize that even if you decide to give them up, I want never to lose this closeness we’ve shared.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Mommy.” Jess said sincerely, though she did not elaborate as to exactly what she was referring. Mrs. Anderson smiled. In her mind, changing diapers was a small price to pay to have her baby girl back. Fastening the last couple of tapes on Jess’ diaper, Mrs. Anderson patted Jess’ bottom, as had become her habit of late, and gave her baby girl a big hug

“What would you like for breakfast, sweetie?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“May I please have raisins and spice oatmeal and some milk, Mommy?” Jessica said sweetly.

“Of course you may sweetheart. I’ll put the water on for your oatmeal and pour your milk. You come down when you’re ready.”

“Thank you, Mommy.”

Mrs. Anderson headed downstairs and into the kitchen where she put some water on the stove for Jess’ oatmeal. Rummaging around for a whisk she’d been looking for, she came across a baby bottle hidden in the recesses of the drawers, probably from when Liz was still on the bottle. “Couldn’t hurt” she thought to herself as she gave it a good washing, dried it, and set it aside for Jess’ milk.

Just as Jess opened the door to her room to head downstairs, Elizabeth emerged from her own room.

“Morning, Jessica, sleep well?” Elizabeth asked cheerily.

“Like a baby.” Jess giggled at the thought of it.

Elizabeth chuckled. “So, you ready for your big day?”

“I’m nervous. I don’t know why but I’m just nervous about the whole thing, even though I really want to go; it looked really awesome on TV.”

“Come here you big baby.” Liz laughed playfully.

Jessica blushed as she was enveloped in her sister’s embrace. “You’re going to be just fine, and you’ll make lots of friends and have an awesome time. I bet by the end of today you’ll have forgotten why you were apprehensive. And, who knows, maybe you’ll win the grand prize! Even I have to admit that sounds kind of cool. And you’d come home and I’d call you ‘Your Pamperedness’ or something”

At this, Jess had to laugh. She squeezed Liz tight. “You’re the best sister a big baby could ask for” she said, kissing her on the cheek.

“I learned it from you, Jess.” Liz kissed Jessica on the forehead and patted her diapered behind. “Let’s go get breakfast.”

“Morning, pumpkin,” Mr. Anderson said, “all ready for your big day?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Jess cooed as she headed for the table. She could tell her place right away, not by the piping hot bowl of raisins and spice oatmeal, but rather by the baby bottle full of milk set next to it. Jess just rolled her eyes and giggled. “Thank you, Mommy.” she said.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”

Chapter 17

Searching through the basement, Mrs. Anderson came across the diaper bag she had used for both Jessica and Elizabeth when they were younger. It was white with pink stripes and pictures of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and Eyore on it. Shaking the dust from it, she brought it upstairs to pack it for the car trip.

“I’m going to pack Jessie’s diaper bag,” she told the girls as she headed upstairs towards Jessie’s room, “why don’t you girls make sure you’re ready to leave by the time I’m done. I won’t be more than ten minutes.”

Jess giggled at the idea that she needed a diaper bag everywhere she went, though she realized a three-hour car trip in a wet diaper would be no fun at all, especially if she leaked, an experience which, fortunately, she had not yet had.

“Come on, baby girl,” Elizabeth said, taking Jessie by the hand and leading her outside. “Let’s go wait in the car with Daddy while Mommy packs up your diaper bag.”

Jessie giggled again at the idea of her diaper bag and followed her sister outside. So wrapped up was she in what was going on, she hadn’t time to think about the fact that she was outside in a t-shirt that didn’t even cover her belly button and a nice, thick, disposable diaper. She must have been a sight to be seen.

“There’s my baby girl. All ready for you big trip pumpkin?” Mr. Anderson asked as she wrapped his arms around Jessie and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Yes, Daddy, I think so.” Jess replied.

Elizabeth, excited at the prospect of having a new baby in the house, helped Jessica into the car and buckled her seatbelt for her, then kissed her on the forehead.

“Jeez, Liz, I’m not a complete baby.” she chided.

“I know, sis, you’re so just darned cute!!!”

Jessica just shook her head. “Guess this is the price I pay.” she thought to herself.

Just then, Mrs. Anderson came out to the car carrying Jess’ newly stocked diaper bag. Placing it in the back seat between the two girls, she buckled her seatbelt. “All ready!” she said excitedly, as if they were leaving for a family vacation.

“Are you all ready, Jessie?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m all set.” Jessie said smiling. With that, the embarked on the three-hour trip from their house to the Pampers facilities in Cincinnati.

'Oh Jessie, baby." Mrs. Anderson interjected about twenty minutes into the trip, handing Jessie a stack of papers and a pen. “there’s some preliminary paperwork you need to fill out before you get there.”

“Can I look at the brochure again while Jessie’s filling all that out?” Elizabeth asked suddenly.

“Thinking of entering next year, Liz?” her father asked teasingly.

"Yeah I thought maybe, you know, if you and mom didn’t find one teenager in

Re: diapers for jessica

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Re: diapers for jessica

“Yeah I thought maybe, you know, if you and mom didn’t find one teenager in diapers to be enough of a handful that maybe I’d check it out.” Liz spat back sarcastically.

“No need to wait, Lizzy,” Mrs. Anderson retorted, “I packed enough diapers in Jess’ bag so I wouldn’t have to pack it again too soon. We can always pull over and get you out of those icky big girl panties of yours if you’d like. You just say the word.”

“Thanks but no thanks, Mom. I’m quite content the way I am.”

“Suit yourself, Elizabeth” Mrs. Anderson chuckled “just remember the offer’s on the table should you change your mind.”

“Riiiiiiiiiiiight….anyway, Jess, how’s that paperwork comin?” Liz asked, changing the subject.

“Oh it’s not too bad. A lot of it’s just rules and regulations type things that I have to sign and such. There was a diaper request form in there for my two-years free diapers, so they get me the right size, and there’s some information on the different courses they’re offering at this conference. I have to admit, I’m really glad you entered me, Liz. I wouldn’t have had the guts, had I known about it, to enter myself for fear of what Mom and Dad and you would think.”

“Well, then hopefully you can forgive me for entering you on the sly, Jessie. I still feel really awful about that.”

“Don’t mention it, Liz. Besides, if it doesn’t quite balance out, watching you change my diapers might take care of the remainder.” Jess had to laugh out loud at the look on her sister’s face.

"Speaking of changing diapers, Mrs. Anderson suddenly said, “do you need to be changed, Jess?”

“Yes, Mommy, this diaper is near soaked.” Jessica said.

“Why didn’t you say something? From now 'til the end of this trip I’m just going to have Elizabeth check if I can’t trust you to tell me you need to be changed. Honey,” she addressed her husband, “please stop at the next rest stop with a bathroom so I can change this baby.”

“Sure thing, sweetie.” Mr. Anderson laughed.

Pulling into the rest stop, Mr. Anderson let the ladies out near the bathrooms and then headed over to get some gas. “I’ll meet you ladies back here” he said as Mrs. Anderson pulled the diaper bag out of the car, took Jessie by the hand and led the way to the women’s restroom.

Ignoring the curious stares of onlookers who saw a woman in her mid-forties carrying a diaper bag leading a diapered teenager by the hand, she got Jess into a nice and spacious handicapped stall in the women’s room. Mrs. Anderson beheld a big baby in a sopping wet diaper.

“Well at least you’ll be getting a two-year supply of quality diapers.” she mock-scolded her daughter. 'Seriously though, Jess, you need to pay closer attention to how full your diaper is or I’m going to have to have your sister or your father or I check you more regularly. It’s up to you. I’m sure your father doesn’t want you leaking all over the car, and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t find a leaky diaper very enjoyable. Now let’s get you changed!"

Untaping the diaper, Mrs. Anderson took it out from underneath Jess’ legs. She took a baby wipe from the container in Jess’ diaper bag and wiped her bottom and vaginal area clean. Cupping some baby powder into her hands she managed to powder Jess’ diaper area before putting on her fresh diaper.

Having just enough room for Jess to lay down to have a fresh diaper put on her, Mrs. Anderson hoped she would not need to be changed again between now and their arrival at Pampers. Finishing the job, she handed Jess her shorts and let her out of the stall. “Elizabeth?” she called deviously, “come here please.”

“Yes, Mother?” Liz asked, peering into the stall Jessie had just emerged from.

“It’s your turn.” Mrs. Anderson said, holding a diaper out for Elizabeth to see.

“Of all the humiliating things you could possibly do, mother!” Elizabeth said as she stormed off. Mrs. Anderson laughed heartily.

Chapter 18

“You’ve created a monster, Jessie.” Elizabeth said heatedly. “Do you know what mom did back there???”

“Let me guess, she offered you a diaper again?” Jess ventured.

“She calls me over to the stall where she’d changed you and, holding a diaper in her hand, tells me it’s ‘my turn.’ I swear! In public no less!”

Jess had to laugh. “I’m sorry, Liz. I’m not really laughing at you. I know it must have been embarrassing.”

Just then, Mrs. Anderson caught up with the two girls back at the car where her husband had parked it and was waiting. He didn’t say a word during the exchange between Liz and Jess, but rather just rolled his eyes and kept his mouth shut.

“Elizabeth, honey,” Mrs. Anderson said calmly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that, I was just trying to be funny. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Hmph” Elizabeth retorted indignantly. “Just cut it out, okay???”

“Yes, dear. Can you do me a favor and be Mommy’s big girl and check your sister’s diaper from time to time and tell me if it’s wet? I don’t want to wait that long before changing her again if it can be helped. I especially would like to avoid any leakage.”

“Sure, Mom, whatever.”

From there, the journey continued without incident. Before long, the monstrosity that is the Proctor & Gamble complex came into view. It was about ten minutes before noon when the Andersons pulled onto the long stretch that was the driveway. There was a security guard at the entrance to the drive directing traffic. Mr. Anderson rolled his window down.

“Good morning” the guard said.

“Good morning, my daughter, Jessica Anderson will be participating in the Pampers Princess conference.” said Mr. Anderson

“Very good, the Pampers facility will be on the right as you follow this road until it curves around a bend. There are giant banners and throngs of people. You shouldn’t miss it. Enjoy your stay at P&G.”

Arriving just around the bend as the guard said, there was a huge, pink Pampers logo banner atop a large tent with a throng of people standing underneath it.

Jessica toddled over to her Mommy and took her hand. Mr. Anderson and Elizabeth walked on either side of them towards the registration table underneath the giant Pampers tent. After waiting in line for what seemed an eternity, she reached the table where she turned in her paperwork.

“Welcome, Jessica, my name is Michele.” said the young woman sitting at the table. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing! Here is a brand new Pampers Teen diaper bag. Inside you’ll find all sorts of giveaways from the various sponsors of the event. If memory serves, there’s a binky in there and a bottle as well as a pair of frilly plastic panties for wear over your diapers if you so desire. They can help prevent leaks. If you’ll come this way I’ll introduce you to your hall babysitter and she’ll take you up to your room.”

Michele led the way over to a table with a sign on the front that said “Babysitters” in the pink Pampers font. “Now let’s see. You’re on floor three so your babysitter is Kristen. Kristen!” Michele called.

A stunning young woman who looked to be about twenty-five years of age wearing short denim shorts and a Pampers Princess t-shirt walked over to meet Jessica and her family.

“Jessica Anderson and her family” Michele said by way of introduction, “I’d like you to meet Kristen Lawrence. Jessica, Kristen will be your babysitter for the next two weeks. You can approach her with any questions and concerns throughout your two-week stay.”

“Nice meeting you, Michele” said Mrs. Anderson, “and you as well, Kristen.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.” Michele said, “and if you will now excuse me I’ve got other duties to attend to. On behalf of everyone here at Pampers, Jessica, I wish you the best of experiences during your stay here. Kristen, you can take it from here.”

“Thanks, Michele.” Kristen said, bidding Michele good afternoon and leading the Andersons towards Jessica’s nursery. “Now, Jessica, as Michele told you, I’m going to be your hall babysitter for the next two weeks. I will be in charge of changing your diapers and am able to answer any questions you may have about Pampers or the Princess program here. We went through a rigorous five-week training program to learn to be good babysitters. Pampers trusts us to be able to care for all your needs.”

“Wow, sis,” Elizabeth interjected, “looks like Pampers went all out for you little ones.”

Jess smiled. She was beginning to sense that her sister was right about this whole thing.

“This is your nursery here, Jess sweetie” Kristen said opening the door. Everyone was taken aback at what she’d seen. Two white and pink teen sized cribs on either side of the room, and, in the center of the room by the window a teen-sized changing table. It looked so pretty. “Here, on the wall,” Kristen pointed to a walkie-talkie attached to the wall, "is the baby monitor. If you need anything during your stay, a bottle, a diaper change, just press the button and let me know. That monitor is tied to a cell phone they provide the staff with so that you can reach me anytime, day or night. And here comes your nursery-mate, Jill Stevenson, and family.

“Jill, I want you to meet your roommate, Jessica Anderson, and family.”

“Pleased to meet you, Jessica. I’m so excited to be here” Jill giggled.

“There will be a meeting tonight of all the babies in the hall tonight at five o’clock and then we will go down to dinner. More policies and procedures will be explained in greater depth. For now you and Jill should get to know each other a little and relax until the meeting. I’ll come and get you when it’s time.”

Lowering the rail on Jessica’s crib, Kristen made to leave the room. “Just feel free to contact me if you need anything.”

“Thanks so much, Kristen, I sure will!” Jessica said, excited. She sat down on her crib. Suddenly she realized that her parents and sister would be leaving.

“I’m really gonna miss you all these next two weeks.” Jess said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I can’t tell you how much your support has meant to me.”

“Do you need to be changed before we go, sweetie?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“Yes, please Mommy.” Jill watched as Jessica hopped up on the changing table for one last diaper change from her mother before two weeks of being away. With extreme tenderness, Mrs. Anderson unfastened Jessie’s wet diaper and slid it out from underneath her. She cleaned her ever so gently with a baby wipe and sprinkled baby powder all over her, rubbing it in soothingly. Bringing her diaper up between her legs and fastening it into place, she patted her daughter’s diapered behind for the last time for two weeks.

Suddenly, from somewhere deep within herself, Elizabeth felt a twinge of jealousy. Watching her mother affectionately change Jessie’s diaper made her realize how her sister must have felt when she came along and divided her parents’ attention. Now, Baby Jessie had her Mommy’s undivided attention. She almost wished she were in Jessie’s place. Was that offer still on the table? Was her mother serious?

Suddenly, repulsed by her own thoughts, Elizabeth shook herself back to her wits. She was needed to be her big sister’s babysitter when this whole conference thing was over. She had offered to babysit Baby Jessie and be her big sister. Still, she couldn’t help but feel jealous of her sister right now.

Mrs. Anderson gave Jessie a big hug and a kiss, and both Mr. Anderson and Elizabeth followed suit.

“Take care, Jess, and have fun!” Liz said.

“Thanks so much for everything. I will never be able to thank you enough.”

“That’s what family is for.” said Mrs. Anderson.

Chapter 19

Having said their good-byes, the Andersons headed back for their car for their journey home. Meanwhile, Jess investigated the room. There were to closets, each on either side of the door. Within each closet was a dresser, containing the provided uniform shirts. Jess pulled one out and set it on the mattress in her crib. It was pink with the logo screened in pink and the word “Baby” printed right beneath the logo. Taking off the shirt she’d arrived in, Jess put on the new shirt and admired herself in the mirror. Like the shirt her mother dressed her in that morning, this one made no attempt whatsoever to cover her midriff. Turning this way and that, she admired how cute her diaper looked.

“What brings you here, Jess?” Jill asked cheerfully, trying to break the ice.

Jess giggled. “Well it’s a long story. To shorten it a bit, I like wearing diapers, but I wouldn’t be here if my younger sister Elizabeth hadn’t entered the contest in my name. I was having trouble reconciling my love for diapers with the adult I was expected to be, or that I thought I was expected to be. I went from wearing diapers all the time to giving them up entirely, or trying to quite the binge and then purge. Had a couple of really close calls and when my family confronted me about this whole thing, which was actually the same day I found out that not only had Liz entered me but that I’d been selected, I totally lost control and wet myself something fierce. Luckily I realized it was all in my best interests and I’m really glad that I’m here and that my family supports me.”

“Wow, that’s really cool. I’m really excited to be here. I wear diapers because I wet the bed. I really hated it at first, it was so humiliating, but a wet diaper in the morning is so much better than a wet bed. Since then, I’ve grown to enjoy wearing diapers and have done so more than just at night. When I found out about this contest I just knew I had to enter. I can’t wait for everything to officially begin, I’m so excited.”

By uncanny coincidence, just as Jill finished saying this there came a knock on the door. It was Kristen. “Come along girls,” she said, “it’s time for our floor meeting.”

It was the most amazing thing Jessica had ever seen. Nine other diapered behinds headed for the floor lounge. Each girl found a seat on one of several crouches set in a square around the room. Kristen pulled up a chair in the center of the room. Silence descended upon the girls; they were very excited to hear what she had to say.

"Girls, once again my name is Kristen Lawrence, " she began, "and I will be your babysitter while you are staying here at Pampers. Pampers put me through a five-week training course so that I would be able to deal with ninety-nine percent of any problems that may arise. If you need your diaper changed, would like a bottle, or anything else while on the hall, just use the baby monitor in your room to buzz me and I’ll make sure you get well taken care of. Before I go into all the rules and regulations and all that jazz, I would like to go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves. Please at least say your name, how old you are, where you’re from, and one thing you hope to get out of your experience here at Pampers.
I will start, and then we’ll go around the room clockwise.

"My name as I said before is Kristen Lawrence. I’m twenty-five and originally from Seattle, Washington, and my hope is to provide each of you with the love and care you need while you’re here at Pampers.

“My name is Jasmine Avery” said the girl sitting next to Kristen, “I’m seventeen and from Bangor, Maine. I hope to make a lot of friends who won’t judge me because of my diapers.”

“My name is Cassandra Kelly and I’m sixteen from Boston, Massachusetts. I hope to indulge my inner baby and begin to learn how to balance both a babyish and adult lifestyle.”

“My name is Hannah Davenport. I’m sixteen from Denver, Colorado. I want to learn how to be my mommy’s little baby again.”

"My name is Jill Stevenson, I’m fourteen from Newark, New Jersey. I want to make a lot of friends who wear diapers, too.

“My name is Vanessa Newman. I’m fifteen years old from South Burlington, Vermont, and I want to learn how to be a baby again.”

One by one the rest of the girls went. Finally, it was Jessica’s turn.

“My name is Jessica Anderson. I’m seventeen from Winton Terrace, Ohio. I hope to figure out whether I’m ready to be a big girl or if I’m just a big baby who needs her mommy.”

“Very good, everyone.” Kristen said. "I hope each of you is successful at finding what you’re looking for. Now, I want to go over some rules and regulations with you, as well as some other information that you’ll need to know for successful participation in this conference.

"First of all, your diapers. They are to be worn at all times, and only a babysitter or other staff person may change you. That means that if you are around the hall, you need to come to me to have your diaper changed. If you are out and about, you need to find a diaper changing station where a staff person will assist you. No exceptions.

"Secondly, your daily uniform will consist of your diaper and one of the provided Pampers t-shirts you will find in the dresser in your nursery. When I come to change you in the morning, you will pick out a shirt to be dressed in.

"Thirdly, in addition to diapers, if you would like a bottle of milk or juice at any time, just contact me on the baby monitor.

"The staff here at Pampers have done everything they can to make your experience here an enjoyable and successful one. In return, we have a few expectations. Each girl is to be on her best behavior. Any girl that cannot follow simple directions will receive a spanking in front of the rest of the girls in her hall. Repeated infractions will result in expulsion from the program.

"That being said, this conference is set up in such a way that you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. With this in mind, you will find in your conference packet a list of seminar descriptions. Each girl will be required to attend ‘Pampers Princess and You(r Bottom)’ and ‘Dealing with Diapers.’ These classes meet at 10 and 11am, respectively

“‘Pampers Princess and You(r Bottom)’ is a course in the various products being developed by Pampers to meet the needs of the teenage girl community. As representatives of this population, we want your input as to what you want and what you need. We have many products that we would like you to sample during this course, from different diaper styles to different models of pacifiers. We will also be showing a line of teen-type training pants that we’re thinking of marketing, for those teens who decide they are ready for training. Incidentally, the staff spent those five weeks wearing Pampers Princess and now we’ll be trying out the trainers between now and the end of the conference.”

“You mean you’re wearing training pants?” Vanessa asked incredulously, gaping at Kristen.

“Sure am!” Kristen said as with one easy gesture she removed her shorts to model the trainers. “They hold just about as much the Princesses do. The idea was that to be able to care for you all, we should know what it was like to have to wear them at all times. I admit, being asked to wear, wet, and mess diapers at twenty-five seemed kind of silly at first, but actually it was kind of cool. Anyway, they figured that with five solid weeks of being in diapers we probably ought not to make the jump straight back to panties, so we’re in trainers until the end of the conference.”

“Yeah, take it from me” Jessica laughed. “I was wearing basically 24/7 for about a month and then tried to give diapers up cold turkey. It didn’t work very well at all.”

“Well, now you’re back in diapers where you belong, so all is well.” Kristen said, and the girls all giggled. "But we digress. The other course, ‘Dealing with Diapers,’ is a course in how to adapt, socially speaking, to wearing diapers. Many of you, I expect, are oldest siblings. This course will explore coping strategies for coping with being the baby again. It will hopefully help those older siblings adjust to the idea of giving up that ‘older sibling status’ to the younger ones. It’s a trade, you give up the status in favor of extra attention. The course will also examine how to adjust in other social situations, such as among friends. Also among the issues this course hopes to explore is the sacrifice of privacy that you can expect to experience. ‘Going to the bathroom’ as you used to call it, is no longer a private affair that only involves you.

“The elective seminars deal with various topics, some more diaper-related, some more related to being a baby. You’ll want to read through the course descriptions and choose ones that sound interesting to you. Remember, to qualify for the two-years supply of Princess diapers, you have to attend at least one elective per day plus the two required courses that meet daily. There will be a brief amount of time after the opening ceremony in which you can look through the brochure and choose your electives, but we need to get going soon. Does anyone’s diaper need to be changed before we go?”

Vanessa, Jill and Hannah raised their hands, and, true enough, the front sides of their diapers were yellow with pee. “Anyone else?” Kristen asked. No one spoke up. “All right, all you girls stay right here, I’ll just grab three diapers and some wipes and powder from the Babysitters stash and be right back.”

Vanessa, Jill and Hannah all went wide-eyed with shock “She’s going to change us here?!? In front of everyone?” Hannah exclaimed.

“I guess so,” Vanessa said. “She did tell us about a sacrificing of privacy that goes along with wearing diapers. At least we’re not the only three wearing diapers. We just happen to be the only three wet ones. I bet before the conference is over, we’ll have seen every other of us get changed at one point or another.”

“That’s probably true enough.” Jill said, smiling. Just then, Kristen returned with the three fresh diapers, the wipes and baby powder, and a changing mat. Slung over her shoulder was a diaper bag, larger than usual.

“Okay, who wants to go first?” Kristen said cheerily.

Hannah took a deep breath and stepped forward. Lying down upon the mat, Kristen un-taped the wet diaper and slid it out from underneath Hannah’s bottom.

“My, my little one, you’re soaked. Good thing I asked who needed changes when I did.” Kristen cooed.
Hannah turned beet red, it was all too easy to tell that she wasn’t used to having her diaper changed in front of nine other on-lookers, even if they were all wearing diapers. Kristen wiped her down gently but thoroughly with a baby wipe and then sprinkled powder all over her diaper area. As she rubbed it in, Hannah closed her eyes. Her humiliation gave way to feelings of total relaxation and bliss. She didn’t even notice as Kristen pulled the front of the diaper between her legs and taped it into place. It was a bit jarring when there came two loving pats on her freshly diapered behind.

“All set, baby girl.” Kristen said cheerily.

“Wow, Kristen, that was the best diaper change ever!” Hannah said.

“Thank you, Hannah. I’ve been well trained” Kristen smiled. “Who’s next?”

Vanessa stepped forward and lay down where Hannah had been. She experienced much the same bliss that Hannah did only moments earlier, however was able to focus her attention so that she knew when Kristen was finished with her. After Jill’s diaper was changed, Kristen rounded up the girls and led them off to the opening ceremonies.

Chapter 20

The trip home was silent. There was still tension in the air after the incident in the bathroom. Luckily, the diaper bag was safely in the trunk now that it didn’t need to be easily accessible. Upon arriving home, Mrs. Anderson broke the silence as she and Elizabeth were heading into the house.

“Elizabeth, honey,” she said. “your father and I are going to redecorate your sister’s room over the next two weeks. Would
you like to help?”

Elizabeth looked for a sarcastic comment, but couldn’t find one. It was probably just as well; her last got her told it was her turn for a diaper change. "Sure, Mom, whatever.’ she said tersely.

“You don’t have to, Liz.” Mrs. Anderson replied simply. “I just thought you might like to help, seeing as you and Jess are so close.”

“Great,” Liz thought, “She’s not even here and she’s getting all the freakin attention…Maybe I should have just laid down for that diapering Mom offered. I wonder what she would have done. My luck, she’d have diapered me and then I’d have to wet the stupid thing because she’d tell me that I ‘wanted’ to wear it…”

“And what if Jess has her two weeks of diapers and decides to give them up?” Liz asked sarcastically. “You’d have two years worth of diapers but no baby!”

"Keep it up, young lady, and she’ll get your room and you will be back in diapers until you can learn to act like you’re fourteen years old and not two. Really, Elizabeth, I’m surprised at you. You’re Jessica’s best friend, did you forget that? Yes, she’s going to be getting a lot of attention from your father and me, but she spent fourteen years being your older sibling. She watched us get all excited on your first day of school and when you were being toilet trained. I kind of feel we might have done more for her while you were the star of the show, and here is an opportunity to make it up to Jess. I’m sorry if you’re feeling neglected, Liz, and I will try my hardest not to just burden you with extra responsibilities. That’s why I asked if you wanted to help with Jess’ nursery. Not because I don’t want to do it all myself, but rather because I value your opinion.

“This whole experience for Jess is going to reshape us as a family, regardless what she decides when she gets back. Even you’ll have to admit that watching your older sister toddle around in a t-shirt and diaper takes some getting used to.”

“Yeah…” Elizabeth found she had to laugh. “I guess I just got so used to being the youngest that it was a bit jarring when the attention was totally shifted. I guess that’s how Jess felt at times when we were growing up. And I guess, what with her turning eighteen next month and all, I thought I’d be able to totally have your and Dad’s undivided attention, and now we’re expecting another baby, only it’ll be Jess, which is really disorienting.”

“You also are taking for granted a lot of the privileges that come with being a teenager. Yes, your father and I will need you to be there for your sister, to babysit and so forth, but don’t think that we would ask you to change your sister’s diapers without some sort of compensation. It won’t always be monetary and it may not really be all that much, but we’ll do what we can. You’re also forgetting that your sister will be giving up a lot if not all of her privacy. Where you can go off and do things by yourself, Jess won’t be able to, unless she wanted to carry a diaper bag everywhere she goes. And, honestly, I don’t want her changing her own diapers. I know we told her that we would rather her be wearing panties one moment and diapers the next than binging and purging until she figured out what she wants, but I really want her to choose one or the other, as a mix will not be healthy. It’s not that I enjoy changing her diapers, especially after she’s had a good bowel movement, but I understand that changing diapers is a time of great intimacy for a baby and it will be an integral part in Jess’ development. My hope is that she’ll satisfy her curiosity or whatever need she’s dealing with in time and then resume her status as an adult.”

Elizabeth wanted to interject with “and if she doesn’t?” but instantly thought better of it. “What are you planning to do with the room?” she asked.

“I’m thinking of repainting the room white to begin with. I’m also toying with the idea of pink hearts sporadically placed around the room. Your father has agreed to build her a matching crib and changing table, which I think I’ll paint white and pink to match the room. Beyond that? I have no idea.”

“Hmm… I’ll have to give it some thought.” Elizabeth said as she headed up to her room.

Despite this pleasant turn of affairs from earlier this morning, Elizabeth’s emotions were a mess. It wasn’t just her mother’s cracks about putting her back in diapers. A lot had happened so quickly around the house that Elizabeth felt as if everything were spinning around her. And partly, she wondered if it weren’t her fault. She wondered what would be happening right now if she hadn’t entered Jessica into that contest. She never intended that action to be malicious, but somehow Jess’ getting a dream vacation out of the deal seemed less than ideal for Elizabeth. Somehow, she’d expected just the least bit of shock or something. It was all so subdued. Her parents didn’t even punish her for entering Jess into the contest. On top of that they already knew she was wearing diapers. Could she affect nothing?!? At the very least Jessica had the common decency to be angry at her, but that got resolved so quickly. And now the only thing that Liz could see for herself out of the deal was added responsibility. Not that she could think of anything that should have turned out differently.

Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. Elizabeth opened it to find her mother standing there. “Can I come in, Liz?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure, Mom.” Liz opened the door so her mother could pass through. Mrs. Anderson took a seat on Liz’s bed.

“I came to apologize for earlier” she began. "I know that this might be a difficult time for you, what with all that’s happened in the last few weeks. It hasn’t been easy on me either. There’s something jarring about the idea that your oldest daughter wants to wear diapers again and be a baby. I wonder if maybe somehow it’s my fault. I wonder if I should have done something at some point during Jess’ development that I didn’t do. So I’m a little out of sorts, too. I wanted to make this whole thing as easy as possible for Jess. In the midst of dealing with it and making it easy for her, I guess I forgot that you were dealing with it, too. I forgot that you’d recently found out you didn’t know your best friend as well as you thought you did. I forgot that the idea of having to babysit someone whom you’ve looked up to your entire life might just well be enough to make your head spin. I forgot that just being a fifteen-year-old girl wasn’t a hell of a lot of shit to deal with already, and now you’re being asked to step up and assume more maturity and responsibility.

“I came to tell you that I love you very much. I always have and I always will. Sometimes I don’t know how to show it, and sometimes I forget that even though you’re almost grown you still need to know it, so I’m saying it now. Elizabeth Jaime Anderson I love you very much, and I’m extremely proud of you.”
“Oh Mommy!” Liz flung herself into her mother’s arms.

“But listen, and I’m serious about it this time, if you find the responsibility to be too much for you, it’s ok. I won’t judge you if the task of being a big sister to a seventeen year old toddler is too great. Your father and I both know you’re not the only one capable of babysitting your sister, so if you feel the weight of everything gets to be too great, you can walk away from it without any judgment from us. You’re our daughter, and we both love you very much, no matter what choices you make. So, in the event you change your mind, I want you to have this.”

Mrs. Anderson presented Elizabeth with a large gift bag nicely decked with pink tissue paper. Liz rolled her eyes and laughed. She did not need to inspect the bag’s contents.

“They gave me one when I entered Jess into that contest. It was really embarrassing. There I was pretending to be Jess and I didn’t realize they were giving away one free sample with every contest entry. So there I was and they’re like ‘what size sample would you like?’ and I’m like ‘er, sample?’ not wanting to break character, and the rep there was so innocent, she thought I was someone who had entered without previously trying them. Ugh, I was so embarrassed I bet it’s still in my purse where I’d stashed it, hoping no one would see it.”

“Well, now you have two. Would you like me to, er…?”

“No, thanks, Mom.” Liz said earnestly. “I’ll hold on to it and I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

“Just as long as you know the offer’s on the table. I can’t be holding a double-standard, you know.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Thanks, Mom. I appreciate that.”

Re: diapers for jessica

Diapers for Jessica

Chapter 21

One hundred diaper-clad behinds found their way into a huge auditorium where they were directed by their hall babysitters into rows of benches and tables where a delicious looking chicken parmesans was laid out before each place setting.

“You might act and dress like babies,” Kristen said to the girls in her row" but we know you need a lot of nourishment."

Having had their bibs put on by Kristen, the girls dug into the amazing food. Each girl also had a bottle of milk to drink.

After everyone had finished eating, the places were cleared away and the bibs sent to be washed. The lights dimmed and the opening ceremony began.

The head of the Pampers division of Proctor & Gamble said a few words of welcome and expressed excitement about the things that would take place over the next two weeks as the girls learned about the direction in which Pampers was headed and were able to give input as to what they as consumers would like to see from Pampers. He then turned the podium over to Susan Valentine, the event chair.

“Good evening” Susan said. "It gives me such great pleasure to welcome you all here this evening. Ever since Pampers told me about the idea of a product for teens, I have been envisioning this type of conference where we got to meet with our consumers and find out what they want, need, and expect from us, their providers. Sure we could have assumed that they would want much the same protection and comfort that they received when they were babies wearing our diapers, but I didn’t feel that was enough. Wearing diapers as a teen is so much different than wearing diapers as a baby, and we at Pampers want to do our best to cater to all your needs and wishes. You’ll learn more about the different aspects of the Pampers operation over the next two weeks in various seminars and programs put on by the staff here at Pampers.

“Your hall babysitters will tell you if they have not already about the expectations that the Pampers staff has for you while you’re here. Overall, the theory is pretty simple. We want you to help us to help you. As you know, to qualify for the Pampers Princess finals, you must attend Pampers Princess and You(r Behind) as well as Dealing with Diapers everyday. Each day you will get a stamp to prove your attendance. Beyond those two courses, we want you to attend ten different seminars or demonstrations that you are interested in, where you will also get a stamp on your attendance record. You will hand the record to your babysitter at the end of next week. They will be sorted to make sure that each girl has fulfilled the requirements, and one lucky young lady will be drawn randomly and crowned the Pampers Princess. Each seminar is designed to be of interest to you. For example, there is a seminar called Stylish Diapers, which will examine different styles and different ideas to make teen diapers trendy. Several seminars will address issues involved with wearing diapers all the time or being a teen baby and how to negotiate the teen and the baby within your one body. The more seminars you attend and the more input you give will help us to create better products to suit your needs. You are representative of the future consumers of the Pampers line of products for teens. Make your voice heard and tell us what you want. I wish you all the best over the next two weeks. May you stay happy and dry.”

One hundred very excited girls were led by their babysitters back to their floors to get them ready for bed.

“Now, girls,” Kristen admonished, “I can tell you’re full of energy, but you’re going back to your rooms where each of you will have your diaper changed and be given a bottle. Then you will be put into your cribs for the night. There will be no getting out of your cribs until the morning. I do not want to have to spank any of you. Please drink your bottles and try and get some sleep, tomorrow will be a big day. I will come around in the morning and let you out of your cribs and you will be changed again before breakfast. If you need to be changed during the night, don’t hesitate to contact me using the baby monitors in each of your cribs.”

Each of the girls went back to their rooms and awaited their diaper changes amidst endless whispers of excitement over what was to come. There would be so much to see and learn and do. And at the end of the two weeks would be the drawing for the Pampers Princess. Secretly, each girl yearned to be crowned Princess over all Pamperdom. Yet, looking around themselves, each one found reasons to think it would be someone else and not them.

Having taken care of Jill, Kristen now turned her attention to Jessica. 'Are you all ready, little one?" she cooed.

“Yes, Krissy” Jessica cooed instinctively.

“Awwww, you are just too cute! Hop up on this changing table for me, sweetie pie.”

Jessica lifted herself up onto the changing table, turned her body, and lay down. The mattress was warm and soft beneath her body, making her feel very comfortable. Kristen handed Jess her bottle of milk and Jess began to nurse while Kristen untaped her diaper and took it out from underneath her. Laying it aside, she grabbed Jess’ ankles with her left hand and a baby wipe with her right. Jessica purred like a kitten as her diaper area was cleaned ever so gently. Jess held her legs in place as Kristen threw the baby wipe out and grabbed a fresh diaper from the stack underneath the changing table. Unfolding it, Jess lifted up and the fresh diaper was slid underneath. Kristen sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder onto Jess’ skin and gently rubbed it in. Lowering Jess’ legs onto the table, Kristen brought the diaper up between Jess’ legs and taped it into place, fixing the leakguards to make sure they were snug. Then she helped Jess off the table and into her crib. Raising the bar, she whispered good night to the two big babies, turned off the light and closed the door behind her.

Jess could hardly believe what was happening. Here she was in a giant crib nursing a bottle and wearing a diaper. It was everything she had ever dreamed it could be. And it was only the beginning. Finishing her milk, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, dreaming about things to come.

Chapter 22

After a quick breakfast the girls were back in their rooms, tearing apart their diaper bags and inspecting all the freebies inside. The Pampers staff had thought of everything. There was a notebook to take notes in, pens to write with, stickers, a pretty pink pacifier, all with the Pampers logo on it. It also had the schedule of courses and seminars plus the necessary attendance records. Plus the diaper bag was teen-sized; completely capable of carrying everything a teen girl would need.

Grabbing the notebook, attendance record and a pen, Jess and Jill headed for the lounge where the rest of the girls from her hall were assembled. Once all were accounted for and ready, Kristen led them off to their first course session, Pampers and You(r Behind).

The instructor introduced herself as Ms. Stephanie Jbara. “You will find that the material in this course will overlap with some of the things explored in the various seminars you will be attending throughout your time here. You will find the same to be true of the material to be covered in Dealing with Diapers. This is because the people who designed this conference set goals for each of you. We want you to walk away from this experience with at least a certain amount of base information about what your needs as a teen in diapers will be and how Pampers proposes to meet those needs. Then we wish to give you the opportunity to explore certain things that might interest you more in depth…”

Ms. Jbara began with an overview of Pampers since the beginning, paying particular attention to the developments made in the diaper industry since the early 1980’s, including how Pampers has kept up with the competition.

"What we’re aiming for with the Princess line is to create a product with a name that people know and trust. Adolescence and the teenage years can be trying times for a lot of people, as many of you no doubt know, and we here at Pampers feel we might be able to provide a little bit of extra comfort and support.

“So, over the next two weeks we’ll be charting both familiar and unfamiliar territory. We have some products that you’ll be able to try and we have some ideas that we want your input on. That will be all for today. I’ll stamp your attendance record on the way out the door; make sure you don’t leave without a stamp. See you tomorrow.”

“Wow, that was, like, the fastest fifty minutes of my entire life.” Hannah said. “And we’re not going to just be lectured at. We’ll get to try products as well. That’s awesome. I wonder what we’ll get to try out.”

“Diapers, I expect.” Jill said, chuckling.

“Naw, really? Who’d have thunk it?” Hannah stuck her tongue out. Jill returned the sentiment. Jessica and Cassandra just rolled their eyes and headed out of the lecture hall where they met up with Kristen, ready to take them to Dealing with Diapers.

“Dealing with Diapers” Ms. Michele Bailey began as the girls finally got seated, “isn’t as easy as any of you might think. There’s a lot of things that one doesn’t think about at first when they encounter diapers as an adolescent or teenager. One basic one is overcoming the years of being toilet trained. I expect most of you have already wet your diapers since you’ve been here, but can I see a show of hands as to how many have messed in their diapers?”

A few girls blushed and raised their hands, but it was five girls at the most.

"After having been trained to use the toilet and having it engrained in your head that wetting or messing yourself is bad, it’s very difficult to overcome that stigma. One way to overcome it, as you’ll realize over the next two weeks, is to force yourself to use your diapers by denying yourself toilet access.

“Another issue, far less embarrassing, hopefully, how many of you are oldest siblings?”

Nearly every hand in the room went up. Ms. Bailey nodded assent. "Our research has shown that 98% of those teenagers who wear diapers for pleasure are older siblings. We expect this to be indicative of the fact that they want to regress to a time in which they received all their parents’ attention, and there is probably no time of greater parental attention than when a child is in diapers.

"But what happens when an oldest sibling gets put back in diapers, either for punishment or because they want to? Are they still really the older sibling? Often when teens receive baby treatment, it is expected that they are unable to care for themselves, and so are left with babysitters, often their younger siblings. How does one reconcile that in their mind?

"Research is showing us that when an eldest sibling returns to diapers it can upset a natural equilibrium within the family. When the oldest child decides they want to be the youngest, it affects everyone else in the family. Younger siblings oftentimes resent the fact that the attention that used to be theirs has been taken from them, causing tension throughout the family. Your decision to return to diapers can affect much more than just yourself. It can simply be an underwear choice. Some girls choose briefs, some bikini’s, some diapers, but more often than not it is indicative of a larger lifestyle decision that can upset the balance in the family. In this course, and in several of the seminars these next two weeks, we’ll be taking a look at how to deal with wearing diapers.

Along with diapers, we will be examining the pro’s and con’s of disclosing your diapered identity to friends, other family members and so forth, and taking a look at how to decide to whom and whom not you should be disclosing this information. Teen babyhood can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience but there are so many factors that need to be just right in order for that to work. More often than not, it requires a lot of compromise, both on the part of the baby and the family involved.

As we have already discovered in this brief introduction, dealing with wearing diapers is not as simple as it seems, and it is always made more difficult when you add in all the already difficult stuff going on in your everyday lives. Hopefully by the end of these two weeks you’ll at least have a basis in how to incorporate your diapered identity into your larger identity and have it cause as few problems as possible. That will be all for today. I will stamp your records on the way out and see you tomorrow!

“Wow, I think I’m going to get a lot out of this class,” Jess observed. “I’ve got a fourteen year old sister who’s about to become my big sister. And yeah, I guess I knew that would be the case, but I never thought about the implications of it. My mommy scolded me on the car ride up here for not telling her my diaper needed to be changed and then she asked my sister, Elizabeth to periodically check me after I’d been put in a dry diaper so that it wouldn’t happen again. I kinda laughed at it at the time, and also at the idea of her having to change my diapers, but I’m beginning to see it’s a lot more serious and complex than that. Like, unless she comes and checks me normally, I might have to go to her and ask her to change me. We’ve always been the best of friends but there’s nothing to say she wouldn’t take advantage of my diapered state and humiliate me about it. I had this one nightmare where she actually spanked me!”

“Oh I know what you mean,” Cassandra said. "I’ve been in diapers for about three weeks now full time, and my parents have strictly forbidden me to change myself, so I have to go ask my twelve-year-old sister, Meghan. It’s utterly devastating. She can never just change my diaper and be done with it. It’s always got to be a big production. There was this one time when her friends were over and I was going to wait until my Mom came home from work but I was sopping wet and it wouldn’t hold anymore, and I was afraid if I wet again it would leak. I always get spanked when my diaper leaks because I wouldn’t ask my sister to change me. So I go up to my room, I was wearing shorts over my diapers, and I knock gently on her door. ‘Yes?’ she says, ‘come in.’ and so I enter and I said ‘Meghan, can I see you a minute?’ and she’s like ‘what is it, Cassie, does the big baby need her diaper changed?’ and I turned beet red and her friends start laughing at me. ‘Well? Let me see your diaper, little girl!’ Meghan demanded. I slowly fumbled with the button to my shorts, totally humiliated. ‘Young lady, do you want to get spanked?’ she asked me. ‘You get to spank your older sister?’ her friends stared blankly at me, I thought I was going to cry. ‘She is not my older sister. Cassie, it turns out, is an overgrown two-year-old who acts and wets her diaper just like a baby. And no, I don’t get to personally spank her, but if she doesn’t get those shorts off in the next ten seconds I’ll refuse to change her. If she leaks, she’ll get spanked when Mom gets home and finds her.’ So of course I had to swallow my pride and take my shorts off. ‘That’s a good baby’ my sister cooed to me. ‘Now, did you bring me a fresh diaper?’ I hung my head in shame ‘No.’ I mumbled. ‘Excuse me young lady I asked you a question,’ she demanded. ‘No I did not bring you a fresh diaper,’ I said more clearly. ‘Well,’ she said ‘I can’t exactly change you if you don’t bring me a fresh diaper. So I’ll tell you what, you are going to hold your big sister’s hand, and Joan and Britney and I will come down to your nursery where you will have your diaper changed and my friends can see what a big baby you are.’

"Taking my shorts away from me, she made me walk ahead of her friends downstairs and into my room, with my sopping wet diaper in full view and into my nursery, complete with a crib and changing table and rocking horse and a playpen. It was my sixteenth birthday present last month.

"‘Up on the changing table, little girl’ Meghan commanded. I was so humiliated. I got up on the changing table and she was just merciless, talking to her friends the whole time, telling them about other times she had to change me and how wet or messy my diapers had been. Finally, it ended and she allowed me to get off the table. ‘Can I have my shorts back, please?’ I asked her. ‘No, I don’t think you’ll be needing them.’ she said ‘Besides, you have nothing to hide, we already know what a little diaper girl you are.’ That was absolutely the most horrifying experience of my entire life. I doubt it’s going to get better once I go back home. At least I have you girls for two weeks before I have to deal with it.

“You sure do, Cassie.” Jess said, swatting Cassie’s diapered behind playfully.

“Hey!” Cassie said, swatting Jess back.

“Hey Cassie, guess what!” Jess smiled.


A warm stream of urine flooded Jess’ diaper. Cassie threw her arms around her and let loose into her own diaper.

“Looks like we have two little ones who need to be changed before lunch!” Kristen said, eyeing the two girls and smiling broadly. Cassie and Jess smiled right back.

Chapter 23

“Hey ladies!” Kristen called as she walked towards her gathered pack of little ones gathered in the floor lounge.

“Hey, Kristen,” Jess said, “Can you help us with something?”

“Sure what’s up?”

“Well, we’re having trouble deciding which elective to go to this afternoon.”

“Well, just realize that you don’t need to go all together. You could go in small groups or even individually and then if you wanted to at the end of the day you could compare notes.”

“Yeah, that’s true” Vanessa said.

“Hmmm” Kristen said, glancing at the schedule of electives. “I see here that a lot of the stuff being offered this week will also be offered next week at the same times, so if you two things you want in the same slot, you can always choose one this week and go to the other next week. But if you want my honest, opinion, I see here that coming up at two-thirty is Diapers and You: The Cultivation of a Diapered Identity. I would strongly urge all of you to go to that seminar. I expect that you will find that incorporating diapers into your everyday lifestyle, whether it’s just diapers or diapers as part of a larger babyish lifestyle, it’s going to take some adjustment. A lot of the other complications regarding the lifestyle stem out of the concept of identity formation, so I think it would be a good foundation from which to build. Like a lot of the other seminars, you will see overlap with Dealing with Diapers, but this may take a different approach. Either way, I cannot stress how important identity-formation is. It’s as if you were about to re-enter your teens and begin to form your identity all over again. It would be good to find out where you fit into the larger scheme of girls that wear diapers as early as possible, because it is only once you have figured out and declared your own identity that you can have successful, healthy, and fulfilling relationships with other people. I’ll get off the soapbox now and let you all make a decision.”

“I’m definitely game for that” Jess said “it’s part of what I came here to do.”

“Yeah, especially because there’s just so many different aspects under the big umbrella of ‘wearing diapers.’” said Cassie. The rest of the girls agreed that there was wisdom in Kristen’s words and at around two-fifteen ten diapered behinds were seen toddling over towards Diapers and You.

"Good afternoon, my name is Elizabeth Murphy, and this is the seminar on Diapers and You: The Cultivation of a Diapered Identity. I hope the first day is going well for you all so far and that you have already picked up some information about Pampers and about wearing diapers as a teenager that you didn’t know before.

“The theory behind this seminar is that in order to relate to your family and boyfriends and everyone you come into contact with from now on, you need to figure out how the wearing of diapers ties in to your identity as you have established it throughout your social development. Some of you may be particularly drawn to the feeling of wearing a diaper. Others may be drawn to the idea of diapers as a gateway to being a baby; a time during which you received the utmost attention and care. Still others of you may enjoy the convenience of being able to use your diapers, rather than find or wait in line for a bathroom in a public place. So that’s step one: you must ask yourself what the draw of diapers is for each one of you.”

“Definitely the love and care and attention that I received as a baby.” thought Jess.

“You may find it helpful to think of your diapered self as a personality separate from your normal identity. Where the teenage you likes going to the mall and talking on the phone, the baby you wants nothing more than to lay in mommy’s arms and nurse a bottle of warm milk. It is important to get to know this other identity. Spend time with her. You want to know all about her. You want to know why she wears diapers, what she wants out of life, what she likes to have for breakfast, and so on. The more you know about your inner-baby the better able you will be to incorporate her into the identity you’ve already formed, which is a difficult task but thoroughly worthwhile. The first step is the knowledge that you like wearing diapers and that there is nothing wrong with that. Once you accept diapers as a part of who you are, there is no limit as to what you can do. For example, how many teen babies do we have in the room? By teen baby, of course, I mean teens who are interested in diapers as part of being a baby, who are also interested in bottles, crawling and everything babyish?”
An overwhelming number of girls raised their hands.

"Excellent, that is about what we expected. Now, once you can say to yourself ‘I can wet or mess in my diaper because I am a baby and babies wet or mess in their diapers,’ and you are thoroughly convinced of that, you will find it much easier. Or, perhaps you are trying to overcome the embarrassment. 'I am a baby. It is perfectly natural that babies toddle around the house in a t-shirt and a diaper no matter who is around, ergo it is perfectly natural that I should toddle around in a t-shirt and diaper and not care. The sky is the limit; really, once you set your mind to something you can do anything you want.

"Let’s suppose, for example that you want your parents to turn you back into a baby and you’re out at the mall with your mommy and you wet your diaper. Your mommy wants to take you to the ladies’ room and change you into a fresh diaper, but you feel humiliated that other people will see you. That’s because you are viewing it through the eyes of a teenager and not of the little girl you really are. When you shift your perspective, you’ll see that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Having wet your diaper you obviously have proven that you belong in them, regardless of your age, it is only natural that you should have someone to change them for you. So when you’re laying somewhere having your diaper changed and someone walks in and sees you, you need to let go of the adult idea of humiliation. For a diaper-wearing baby, humiliation doesn’t exist. They have no shame.

"Or perhaps the shame is an important part of it for you. Perhaps you a teenager who feels she needs to be put back in diapers as punishment for bad behavior or poor grades. This isn’t as rare as it might sound. Perhaps for you it’s diaper discipline, which is not to be confused with punishment. The word discipline means ‘to teach;’ punishment is something entirely different. Perhaps you need that element to help you to be a better person, a more successful person.

"Regardless of what your goals might be, once you define them, then you can begin to achieve them. Part of that in this case is figuring out what your diaper identity is and asserting it. Perhaps part of it is saying to yourself ‘I’m going to wear a diaper to the mall today and if someone hears it crinkle, then fine!’

"No matter what your goals are they can be met. You can completely incorporate diapers into your life if you have the determination and the will. It will require some sacrifice and some things which may look like failures and losses might turn out to be net gains.

"And it’s perfectly all right to find out after trying something that it wasn’t all you thought it would be. Many people who enjoy wearing diapers dream of being treated like a baby by their parents. When they finally get it, they find out that it is completely damaging for themselves, their parents and their relationship. So it’s best to start with small, baby-steps and work toward your larger goals.

“And it looks like we’re just about out of time. I am sorry if you came here expecting that I would tell you who you are or why you are the way you are. I cannot do that. What I hope that you take with you today is that once you assert your diaper-wearing as part of who you are, it can open doors that will take you beyond your wildest dreams. It isn’t easy and it takes a great amount of strength, but it can happen. So I would encourage you to take a notebook and write down ideas about who your inner diaper-wearer is. What does she look like? Does she look exactly like you but with a diaper? Is her hair different? Does she dress differently? Does she act differently? Does she relate to her parents differently than you do? These are but some of the questions that you should be asking. And the answers to these questions will only lead to more questions, but it is through this process of continual questioning that you will discover who you are. Thank you everyone for participating and enjoy the rest of the conference.”

Wide-eyed and completely blown away, Hanna, Vanessa, and Jessica looked at each other.

“Wow.” was all Jess could say.

Chapter 24

“Need any help?” Elizabeth asked, walking into the construction zone that would end up being Jess’ nursery.

“Yeah, Liz, would you mind holding this piece of wood steady so I can cut it?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“Sure thing, Dad.” Elizabeth held the beam in place under her foot and Mr. Anderson began to cut the piece he needed.

“Thanks, sweetie.” he said, handing her another piece to hold.

“Um, Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, honey, what’s on your mind?”

“How do you feel about all that’s been going on around here lately?”

Mr. Anderson chuckled. 'I guess I haven’t really given it much thought, really. I mean, as long as it isn’t harmful, I don’t necessarily have a problem with it. I won’t be changing your sister’s diapers because I feel it is inappropriate for a father to change his seventeen-year-old daughter’s diapers; there’s way too much room for sexuality to be involved for my own personal comfort. Your mother agrees with my views on that. Beyond that, I’ve just been trying to keep your mother from losing it. I think she may be feeling like she’d done something wrong when Jessica was growing up. I think that’s why she’s been so tense lately. Jessica, regardless of actions or appearances, will be an adult in a few weeks. How she decides to live her life from that point forward is entirely up to her. As long as she’s not doing something potentially harmful, it seems ok to me. If she decides she wants to be treated totally like a baby and never grow up again, that might be a point at which to intervene, but if it helps her to fill some kind of hole in her maturation and helps her to become a better person, then I’m ok with it."

“That’s good to know. I definitely think Mom’s going way overboard on this whole thing. She put one of Jess’ diapers in a giftbag the other day and gave it to me. It really creeped me out, to be perfectly honest. I’m fourteen years old, I’m not really feeling the whole wetting and messing myself thing.”

“Well, like I said, I think your mother is having difficulty dealing with this whole situation. I expect that diapers hold some kind of significance for Jess and that is why she’s been wearing them. However, what is significant for one person does not need to be significant for everyone else. So while for Jess it’s diapers, if you were going through the same thing it could be different entirely.”

“Yeah I see where you’re coming from there. I’m kind of nervous about Jess coming home again. We all kind of expect that she’ll come back as a baby, but what if she doesn’t? What if she’s had her fill of everything and comes back ready to assume her adult responsibilities?”

“Well, your mother and I talked about that, and it is a very real possibility. I think your mother actually hopes that she comes back as a baby; she’s constantly talking about how things will be, and how we’ll deal with it and so on. I personally just hope that Jess finds what she’s looking for, in one place or another. If she comes back and wants to be an adult I guess we can sell the furniture. There’s always Ebay if worst comes to worst. There’d have to be people out there somewhere that would buy it. I won’t let Mom give Jess your room, don’t worry.”

Liz laughed. “Thanks, Dad, I really appreciate that. She’s really had me kinda scared lately. Between threatening me with diapers and then offering me one I feel like she wants me to wear them.”

“Don’t discount that possibility. Somehow the idea that your mother wants both of her babies back doesn’t really surprise me all that much.”

“Er, yeah. So, what’s left to do around the nursery before Jess gets home?”

“Well, as you can probably tell, right now I’m working on the railings for Jess’ crib. After these are cut they need to get sanded and the whole crib needs to get put together. Next after that’ll probably be the changing table.” Mr. Anderson said, handing Liz the plan to look at.

“Wow that looks pretty cool, so there’s the top and then cabinet space underneath for her diapers and wipes and things.”

“That’s the idea. It oughta look pretty nice when it’s done. I think your mother wants it done in pink or white, but I was thinking we could do the room in white and pink and put a nice wood stain on the furniture. The crib & changing table will be the bulk of the work, I think. Your mother wants a high-chair for the kitchen. Beyond that, it’s largely decorating. I was thinking of ripping up this carpet and putting down a new one, but I decided against it, thinking that two weeks wouldn’t be long enough to get everything done. I want the room finished when Jess gets back. I don’t want her to come back without a room to stay in because her old stuff is gone and the new room isn’t done.”

“Yeah I can understand that. I’d feel the same way. Let me know what I can do to help.”

“Well, it’s about noon now, I expect to have this crib done and ready to be painted tonight if you’d like to do that. Once the crib is done I’ll start the changing table. Maybe you can get Mom to help you with painting the crib, to split up the work a little.”

“No thanks, she might try and make me sleep in it or something.”

Mr. Anderson laughed. “Okay, okay. Please make sure you ask your mother what color she wants it before you start though.”

“Yeah I will. So, after the furniture is built and stained it’s largely decoration from there, right?”

“Yes, I’m going to leave that to your mother though, I can’t read her mind so I don’t want to have to deal with her telling me I got something wrong. I’m as likely to stay out of her way as you are, Liz.”

It was Liz’s turn to laugh. “Yeah she’s gotten a little zany since this whole thing started. I mean yeah, ok, I’m glad that I forced Jess into confronting this side of her personality, but it hasn’t exactly come easy. It’s like Mom’s expecting a new baby. I’m surprised we haven’t had a shower.”

“Well, Mom is expecting a new baby, it just happens to be that the one she’s expecting will be turning eighteen soon.”


“But, seriously, once the room is done and decorated, the little details need some attention. Your mother will be picking out sheets for the crib, and she needs to decide what to do with Jess’ old wardrobe, but that largely depends on what Jess decides when she gets home, and whether she’ll be an adult, an adult in diapers, or a baby in diapers. Plus we need to stock the changing table and put a mobile over the crib, little things like that.”

“Yeah. I forgot Jess’ eighteenth birthday was in a couple of weeks. It’s like a week after she gets back. We’re throwing her a party, I expect?”

“Of some sort. That’s another thing that depends on what Jess decides. So yes, in some form or other we’ll be throwing a party for Jessica. It might be an eighteenth birthday party or it might be like a baby shower that we didn’t get around to throwing until after she was born.”

“That’s funny. But, especially with the way Mom’s been acting, I can totally see your meaning. I guess I haven’t really given much thought about being a big sister when Jess gets back. It’s enough trouble to get Mom to stop from coming into my bedroom and diaper me before bedtime.”

“Has she actually done that, Liz?”

"Well, not yet, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it were on her agenda for this evening. If I thought maybe it would shock her back to reality maybe I would let her do it, but it would backfire and I’d end up back in diapers. And, as if that’s not bad enough, Mom would think I actually wanted to wear them.

“But yeah, I have a feeling I won’t know what it’s going to be like until Jess gets home. That is, assuming Jess is a baby when she comes back.”

“Do you really think Jess is going to come back as an adult?”

“Not really, no. I guess I don’t.”

Chapter 25

“So, what do you girls think of the conference so far?” Kristen asked at a hall meeting on Wednesday just after lunch.

“This is so cool” Jill said. “I never imagined there was so much to be learned about diapers. I figured it was just like 'you wear them and use them and that’s it.”

“Yeah I have definitely learned a lot that I didn’t expect to learn” said Jess. "And I’m hoping to learn a lot more.

“So, are they thinking of making this a yearly thing, Kristen?” Cassandra asked.

“I was at a staff meeting last night” Kristen replied “and it was definitely mentioned. We were asked for our input, and an overwhelming number of the staff showed interest in making this a yearly thing. I’d like to see it happen. One thing they also talked about was a similar thing for boys. Pampers does not yet have a product like Princess for boys, but I hear one is currently being developed. So that’s a possibility. If you would like to see this type of thing done again, you should definitely mention it in your end of conference evaluation forms. Also, if something like this is held again, there were talks last night about asking you all back as staff members.”

“Ew, does that mean we’d have to wear training pants?” Hannah asked disgustedly. Everyone laughed.

“Who knows? Maybe if this conference is held again the staff might be able to wear diapers at all times. It might be easiest, honestly. They had us wear diapers like I told you for the five weeks of training, so they gave us training pants just in case of accidents. But an accident in training pants is basically no different than doing your business on purpose in your diapers. So maybe something could be worked out.”

“That’d be awesome.” Jill said. “So, what’s everyone going to this afternoon?”

“I’m going to ‘Overcoming Embarrasment.’” Jess said.

“I was looking at that one too, Jess.” Cassie said.

“Yeah that sounds good, I’m in. How about you, Vanessa?” Hannah asked.

“Sure, why not? I remember how mortified I was at the idea of walking around the conference in just a t-shirt and a nice thick diaper. Honestly, I’m still a little weirded out by it, but then I see all you girls dressed the same way and I feel a little better.” Vanessa said.

Toddling over early, the four girls stopped to get some ice cream.

“Jessica?!?” they heard someone say from about 10 feet away. Jessica turned around. “It is you!”

“Looks like we didn’t get to that overcoming embarrassment seminar quickly enough” Hannah chuckled.

Jessica stood dumbstruck, mouth agape, staring at her cousin Missy.

"Missy, uh………, hi. Didn’t expect to see you here. Allow me to introduce my friends. Hannah Davenport, Cassandra Kelly, Vanessa Newman, and Jill Stevenson, this is my cousin, Missy Hoskins.

“Pleased to meet you all” Missy extended excited handshakes to each of the girls in turn.

“Likewise” The girls chorused.

“So, Missy, are you headed anywhere?” Cassie asked.

“I was thinking about that overcoming embarrassment seminar” Missy replied.

“That’s where we’re headed, why don’t you come with us?”

“Sure, that’d be great. So, Jess, I don’t mean to embarrass you. I do hope I haven’t. I so didn’t expect to see anyone I knew here. At least we’re on the same footing. It’d be a little mortifying if you were on staff and found out I was in diapers again.”

Having regained her composure, Jess joined in the conversation. “Yeah, lucky for you I’m not. Then, I’m glad we can at least keep each other’s secrets. I feel bad, here you are, my cousin and I don’t even really know you that well. Somehow, at least in light of recent events, I feel like I should.”

“Well, we can hang out this next week and a half if you really feel like you want to. If not, I totally understand. I mean, I’m fourteen; you’re seventeen. Anytime there was a family gathering I’d just hang out with Liz because we’re the same age.”

“Yeah, true. Liz. I wonder how she’s getting along at home. Mom offered her diapers on the trip up, more than once actually. I wonder if she’s ready to be my big sister when I get back.”

“Actually, when I saw you I was kind of surprised not to see her.”

“In a way, it’s for the best. She’s the reason I’m here actually. She entered me into the contest because I’d been on a diaper binge and purge cycle and it really wasn’t working out too well for me. Matter of fact, the night the letter came I flipped out at her and ended up wetting my pants. Talk about the need to overcome embarrassment. Why are you here, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Well, I snuck some diapers while babysitting and my parents caught me wearing them. That was about three weeks before the contest was announced. They put me back in diapers and then when they found out about the conference they made me enter. I don’t know what they hoped to accomplish, really. It’s not like I’m wearing diapers and the rest of you aren’t. So it’s kind of a vacation in a way. That Cultivation of a Diapered Identity thing the other day was really helpful. I mean it didn’t tell me who I am, but if I go home and tell them I want to wear diapers because it’s part of who I am and they say ‘well, fine! You’re back in diapers for good!’ I can’t exactly complain, now can I? So I’m hoping I can work through some of the questions that session put forward and begin to figure out where diapers come into my self-concept. That and the idea of being crowned Pampers Princess does sound kind of cool.”

Jess laughed sincerely. “Good for you!” Her friends nodded in agreement. “I’m just trying to figure out where I fit into all this mess. And yeah, I don’t think there’s a girl here who would mind the lifetime supply or the crown or the modeling contract.”

“Certainly not me.” Cassandra said, striking a pose. “What do you think? Thumb in my mouth or hands on my hips?”

“Come on ladies, we don’t want to be late for this session. It may make or break our diapered careers. How do you expect to model if you can’t handle being seen in a diaper in public?” Hannah interjected.

“Wow, I suppose you’re right. Let’s go.” Jess said. “That includes you, Missy.” She patted Missy’s diapered behind and put her arm around her shoulder. “From now on, you’re with us.”

Chapter 26

“You’ll never guess who I ran into while at Baby Depot this afternoon while picking up a few things for the nursery,” Mrs. Anderson said to her husband and Liz who just sat down to a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

“Who, Mom?” Liz asked.

“John and Ashley Roberts. Apparently they’re back from their vacation. They asked after both you and Jess.”

“And what did you say about Jess?”

“Well, I told them the truth, naturally. I mean honestly, she was sneaking Amanda’s diapers, they have a right to know that something was done about that. And, as Jess will no longer be fit to baby-sit for Amanda, I felt doubly justified in explaining to them what has happened over the last few weeks since they’ve been gone.”

“And how did they take the news?”

“Well, they didn’t necessarily feel that Jess ought to be punished for what she’d done, but was glad to hear that she will get a chance to figure things out for herself. They did ask if you’d be up for babysitting Amanda, Liz, and I’d told them I’d mention it to you. Please give it some thought and let them know.”

“Yeah, although I could have my hands tied up here, what with the new baby on the way and all.”

“Speaking of the new baby, Jennie” Mr. Anderson addressed his wife, “have you any idea what you want to do about her upcoming birthday?”

“Well, Chris, I have given it some thought. I was talking to my sister Nicole, and it so happens that Missy is at that conference with Jess. I sort of wonder whether or not they’ve run, er, toddled into each other.”

“Very funny, Mom. Missy’s there too?” Liz asked. “I never would have guessed. Then, until I caught her wearing them I wouldn’t have guessed about Jessica either.”

“Well, it’s slightly different with Missy. According to Aunt Nicole, Missy was caught sneaking diapers, and so she’s being punished.”

“Some punishment,” Liz chuckled, “from the look of that brochure, Aunt Nicole sent Missy on the vacation of a lifetime, if diapers are really her thing. I wonder if she’s prepared for what’ll happen when Missy gets back and is wetting and messing and speaking babytalk.”

“Poetic justice, I suppose, but seriously I figure we could invite Nicole and Steven and Missy. Beyond that, I have no idea who would be comfortable seeing Jess in diapers. I’ll invite the Roberts and Amanda, and perhaps some of Jess’ new friends will want to come.”

“Well, that’ll make a short line for the bathroom at least. But, please can I not be the designated diaper-changer?”

“We wouldn’t do that to you, Liz” her father said. "As one of the few adults at the party, you can take part in the adults’ activities.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

“But the offer I made you is still on the table should you change your mind,” Jennie said.

Noticing the lack of teasing or jest in her mother’s tone, Liz replied maturely, “Yes, Mom, thank you. I’ll make sure to let you know if I want to be put back in diapers. In the meantime, I believe I’ll stick with my panties.”

“Honestly, Lizzy, you make it sound as if wearing a diaper for a second after you’re toilet trained means giving up panties for the rest of your life. If you think that I want Jess to be in diapers and acting like a baby until she’s thirty, you have another thing coming. I know it doesn’t look like it because I’m preparing for Jess’ homecoming as if I were expecting a newborn, but honestly I do hope that this is just a phase that she’s going through. If she comes back and chooses diapers and a baby life, she’s going to get it. And just like a real toddler, when she shows signs of being ready for toilet training and other big girl things, she’ll be allowed to grow up all over again. Hopefully it will be for good at that point. All I’m trying to say is that if you find at the party that you have trouble fitting in with what adults are there and feel like a diaper might help you fit in better with the children, that you can most certainly wear one.”

“Sometimes, Mom, I really do think you want me back in diapers, and I’m unsure that I believe you hope it’s ‘just a phase’ with Jess. I think you’re delighted to have one of your baby girls back and want the other one back as well.”

“What are you saying, Elizabeth?”

“I’m saying that if I want a diaper, I will most certainly let you know,” said Elizabeth as she stood up from the table and walked to her room.

Shutting the door behind her, Liz went straight for her dresser where she’d stashed the diaper given to her by the Pampers rep the day she entered Jess in that contest.

'It really is amazing," Liz pondered, “how such an inconsequential thing can have such an impact on the course of events. Why is it even affecting me? Why does it have to be such a production?”

Lying down, Liz closed her eyes as she tried to quieten her thoughts. Still she couldn’t figure out why it was that an inanimate object had caused so much trouble. All she did was enter Jess into a contest. Why was it such a big deal. If Jess were a die-hard wearer of briefs and one day decided to wear a thong no one would make a commotion about it. True, switching from briefs to a thong would not exactly cause her to decide to stop using the toilet and using her pants instead. Or at least, Liz would hope not. Why all this over a diaper? Shouldn’t one be able to choose? Just as a girl can wear briefs one day and a thong the next, why shouldn’t she be able to wear a diaper the day after that? What was the big deal? This mess of thoughts gave way to heaviness in her eyelids and soon, Liz curled into the fetal position on her bed, and fast asleep.

The energy could be cut with a knife it was so dense as one hundred girls toddled into the huge lecture hall on that beautiful Friday afternoon for what some girls considered to be the highlight of the conference: Modeling in Diapers. Settling into their seats, each girl found before her a folder containing sample photos and video commercial scripts from the portfolios of several different models, along with an outline for the presentation and a modeling release form.

“This is going to be awesome!” exclaimed Jasmine. “Just imagine! We could be in commercials!”

“Good afternoon, My name is Amanda Jameson, and I will be your instructor and coach for this session,” said the vibrant twenty-four-year-old woman in the front of the room. "As you are all hopefully aware, this course will meet today as well as on Monday.

"Today, in this three-hour session, we will cover the basics of diaper modeling that you must know in order to be successful. We will discuss two modeling in terms of two different media: television and magazine ads. Using Pampers’ philosophy of advertising, we will focus on their target group for three different products in the Pampers Princess line: Pampers Princess Ultra-thin, Pampers Princess ultra-thick, and Pampers Princess Sport. The target group, as might be blatantly obvious, is young women ages roughly from thirteen to twenty-one. A small proportion of the initiative, the Pampers Princess ultra-thick product, is geared specifically towards teen baby girls who already like wearing diapers and who want amore babyish feel through a thicker diaper and a name they trust. The Pampers Princess Sport diapers are being marketed mostly to girls who either already diapers or are just starting. The bulk of these advertisements, however, are geared towards young women who do not already wear diapers, but whom we feel could benefit from them.

“Wow, this is pretty serious stuff,” Jessica whispered to Hannah, who was sitting next to her.
“Yeah no kidding; here I thought we’d just show up smile for the camera and go along on our merry way,” Hannah whispered back.

“Over the weekend,” Ms. Jameson continued, "you are invited to get hands-on experience with diaper modeling. You may sign up for slots up to six hours in length with one of the fifty photographers that have provided their services for the conference. Each has been well-trained in the subtle art of diaper photography; you can rest assured that you will look your best while wearing Pampers Princess. We have also furnished twenty-five rooms as nurseries and twenty-five rooms to be more teen-looking, so you should have ample opportunity to do as many different shoots as you would like during your time slot. We also may be able to arrange to do some shoots outside, weather-permitting.

"You will also be able to choose from an enormous variety of costumes and outfits we have acquired from a local costume shop. To top that, we have several beauticians capable of giving you just about any look you can imagine. Please begin thinking about what types of modeling you would like to do during this session as we talk about different ideas and I will have a sign-up sheet posted as you leave so that you can sign up for a time and throw down some concept ideas.

"One thing you will want to think about is what media you wish to model for. We have both video and still modeling available. You can most certainly do both. In fact, we would probably encourage that you do both, because it gives you a feel for how they are different and, should you consider a career as a model, it is important to be capable of both forms of modeling. There are sample scripts in the back of your packet, and you can create your own. They are not very complex, but rather straight and to the point claims that our diaper enables this person to do this like never before, or something like that.

“All of that said, let us get one bit of paperwork out of the way before we get down to business. In the folder on your desks you will find a model release form. Basically what this says, as you can read it for yourselves, is that any and all photos taken of you during the shoot become the property of Pampers and may be used for marketing the products featured. You will be provided with copies of your work for your own use, but the copyright of the photos will belong to Pampers. If you do not sign this form, unfortunately, we will not be able to photograph you. If you do not wish to be photographed, you may still attend this session and get conference credit for it, but you may not participate in the actual shoot. So, those of you who are willing to allow Pampers to use your photos, please read through the agreement and then sign and date on the line by the “x.” Then, if you’ll kindly pass the signed forms to your left, we’ll get on with this presentation.”

The total silence as each girl read over the contract was suddenly broken like a spring torrent with the cacophony of pens hitting paper. The agreements signed, they were passed to the end of the row.

"Now, as I’m sure you’ve all had enough of my voice, I’m going to show you prototype video advertisements for each of the three products we’re currently working on, Princess, ultra-thin, Princess ultra-thick, and Princess Sport.

Ms. Jameson flicked a light switch and two-thirds of the lights in the room turned off. On the video screen, the Pampers Princess logo faded in. When it faded back out, a woman in her mid-forties appeared.

"Hi, I’m Elizabeth Strix, and I’m seventeen years old. This past Halloween, I decided I was going to go trick-or-treating dressed as a baby. A week before, mom helped me find an old pacifier and a bib lying around the house from when my younger sister was a baby, and she sewed me a bonnet. It was cute, but I felt like something was missing. Finally, Halloween arrived and, since I couldn’t put my finger on what made my costume incomplete, I resigned myself to wearing my bonnet and bib with a pair of overalls I found. That was, at least, until Mom came home from work.

‘You’re not going out of the house like that, young lady,’ she said crossly.

‘But why not?!?’ I asked, ‘I thought we agreed I could go as a baby!’ I protested.

‘We did,’ she said, ‘and you can, but not unless you’re wearing one of these,’ she said, tossing me the package of Ultra-Thick Pampers Princess. Of course! Diapers! How could I have forgotten? So Mom helped me into the ultra-thick, soft diaper. It felt so good!

‘There, now you’re ready for trick-or-treating. You look like and feel like a baby, which is what you want,’ Mom said, ‘plus you can be out for a long time and not need a bathroom break, and I don’t have to worry about you leaking, because Pampers Princess Ultra-Thick are super-absorbent with new and improved leak-guards, which is what I want, because new Pampers Princess Ultra-Thick are for babies of all ages.’

‘Thanks, Mommy, and thank YOU, Pampers!’"

“As you can see,” Ms. Jameson began, "this advertisement is sort of a blend between one for a girl who already wears diapers and one who doesn’t, because we can’t tell which girl Elizabeth is. What she does tell us, however, is that her Pampers complete her baby costume by making her look and feel like a baby because they’re thick and soft. And her mother tells us that she no longer has to worry about leaks.

“Now let’s take a look at a different strategy. This next ad is for the Princess Sport. These ads target teens for whom diapers can make sports more enjoyable. This ad in particular features a girl who already wears diapers, as you will see.”

A new, Pampers Princess Sport logo, flashed on the screen; when it faded, the camera focused in on two girls standing on opposite sides of a tennis net, racquets in hand.

“‘Lauren,’” the girl on the left asked, “’ how is it that every time we play tennis you never need a bathroom break? I feel like every twenty minutes or so I need to pee and you never seem to use the bathroom!’”

“'Oh Amanda, the answer is simple: Pampers Princess Sport,” Lauren smiled.

“‘Pampers? You mean like diapers?’” Amanda asked bewildered, “‘aren’t you a little old for diapers?’”

‘These aren’t just any diapers, Amanda,’" Lauren said, lifting the back of her skirt to show Amanda her diaper, "‘these are Pampers Princess Sport, a diaper designed just for active young women like us who love our game and hate to interrupt it for something as mundane as the bathroom. A new design featuring a breathable yet leak-proof shell, Pampers Princess Sport diapers allow your skin to breathe, thus preventing the chances of a rash, all the while doing precisely what a diaper is supposed to do. And, the best part is that I barely know I’m wearing it feels so soft.’

‘Wow, Lauren, I had no idea! Do you have an extra I could try for the next set?’

‘Of course I do, Amanda!’"

The current scene faded out and the image of the end of the current set faded in.

“‘Match Point!’” Amanda called, holding the ball against the racquet and preparing to serve. She tossed the ball into the air and executed a beautiful overhand serve that Lauren wasn’t quick enough to make the return.

“‘Wow, Amanda, that’s the best I’ve ever seen you play!’” Lauren said.

“‘Yeah, I guess I just needed a little extra support. Thank you, Pampers!’”

Onto the screen faded a picture of a package of Pampers Princess Sport, underneath which were printed the words “Pampers: Improving the game of young women since they were born, simply.”

“Here you can see,” said Ms. Jameson, "that Pampers is trying to sell diapers to young female athletes as a method of improving their game, as the ad clearly states. You can also see two friends, Lauren, who wears diapers, and Amanda who, in the beginning, does not. The ad claims that it is not only ok for teens to wear diapers, but that it can be an improvement in their lives. So these are the kinds of things we are looking for in our advertising campaigns, and also the things you will see in the sample scripts provided in your packets.

"Many of the print ads you see in your packets are still advertisements from magazines taken directly from the video ads you see. Studies show that our target audience will be better reached through television than through print ads, but they are both necessary because we don’t want to leave one front uncovered. However, a lot of the still work you’ll be doing will be derivative from the videos. One reason for this is that it will save you time. You will be able to do still photography in the same costumes from your videos. Plus it enables us to basically reuse the ads in a new medium. This next ad we’re going to look at is also for Princess Sport, but approaches the product from a different angle, targeting girls who already wear Princess diapers.

“‘Hi, my name is Heather Wakefield,’” said a tall, slender young brown-haired woman straddling a chair, wearing a Pampers Princess t-shirt and a diaper. “‘Being a teenage girl is really hard work. As if that’s not enough stress, I’m captain of my cheerleading squad and class president as well! There’s so much maintenance. I feel like I’m constantly checking my make-up, trying to keep up with the latest fashions. Luckily, one thing is constant in my life, and that is the comfort and protection that I have come to count on from Pampers Princess brand diapers. Whether I’m wearing the Ultra-Thick because my inner baby is feeling needy or the Ultra-Thin because I’m trying to be an adult but still need some protection, Pampers Princess takes very good care of me. And, now they’ve introduced Pampers Princess Sport for the active girl. No longer will I have to wear panties to cheerleading practice or a game and worry about having an accident, because Pampers Princess Sport diapers feature a breathable fabric that will let fresh air in without letting moisture escape, without sacrificing their capacity. I wear my Pampers Princess Sport to cheerleading or any other workout because I know that I can push myself as hard as I want, Pampers Princess Sport are designed to help prevent a diaper rash. So whether you want to feel more like a baby or get more out of your game, pick up a package of Pampers Princess today and focus on the more important things in life.’”

"Now that we’ve talked about the three different ad campaigns and seen three different examples of the advertisements in each category, I want you to break into small groups and start brainstorming ideas about what you might do to make your advertisements unique. You should begin by selecting your target demographic, which should include at least age group, and can be extended to include certain activities. Then you should think about how big the cast of your ad is going to be. The ads you’ve seen so far have featured one and two girls, but the cast can be larger; just make sure that you differentiate between the “star” of the ad and the “ensemble” of the ad. So, I’d like to take the next half hour and have you start brainstorming. While you’re breaking into groups I will pass out paper and pens. I’ll also put a list of available costumes, for those who are interested, up on the board.

“Oh my God! This is going to be the best ever!” said Jessica, eager to begin.

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Okay - this does not look like an end, but it is the end of what I got sent and may be all that was ever written to it. Thanks to Baby Chris, who sent it to me for posting.

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there was a second story jessica won the modeling contract to be the pampers princess from what i remember

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bshn do you happen to know where the rest of this story is or does anyone else know because it does leave you hanging. Does Elizabeth (liz) eventually decide to wear diapers? Does Jessica come back as an adult or baby? If liz decides to be a baby how does that affect the family relationship? Questions I wondered as the story ended. Also where did babychris find this story at just curious

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I know this is an odd time to bump to this but I do have the next 8 chapters somewhere on floppy, it was actually a form story that multiple people wrote, I did add some to it when it was in progress I can send them to Kita once I find out where they are :stuck_out_tongue:

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well only 1 problem :-[ ……I have like 1000 or so floppy discs and my current pc doesn’t have a drive. It may take about a week to find it but I do have the rest of this somewhere :-[

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okay so after a long time away I am finally back. Due to some issues I was dealing with, I sadly lost the remaining couple of chapters of the story, when I had them and was working on posting them, The story only had 29 chapters. I am vary sorry they are lost, however the ending was recovered, jumbled up in random scribbles of words, so I posted the final bit, I apologize :’(

“Two weeks later jess came home and a big party was throne for her. Jess your diaper is soaked lets get you changed. I will do it mom said Elizabeth thank you honey said Mrs. Anderson. Thanks big sis Jessica said to Elizabeth no problem lil sis.”

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babyw did she win the competition in what you did find of the story?

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i have seen all of the story somewhere i cant remeber but there is more of it out there u just gotta look if anyone wants to know the ending just ask me

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Can you let me know how the story ends? I have looked everywhere and this is the only site that has the most chapters on it. Please and thank you ElfenLied

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put it shortly from the version i read(still cant find it looking more still) both sisters end up in diapers, and there mom is happy as can be that she has both her babys back but they want some rules so she doesnt go overbored but have a fairly normal life

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if u find it can u post it plz

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if anyone has found the rest yet please post it

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has anyoe found the rest yet