Discussion on diaper-dimension ideas

This is just some thoughts on diaper dimension ideas

But anyway I’m am someone who loves diaper dimension stories a lot like my favourite stories. I would love to see a story based truly on a somewhat mean Amazon like I who exclusively uses newborn or crawler diapers whilst keeping babies mind and he or she goes to a day care for littles etc and gets the proper treatment so they can live a ‘happy life’ as per there mommy wants.

A bit like Chloe treats her littles in the exchanged diaper dimension story I believe it is

If anyone knows a story already like this that would be cool!

Also what would others want in diaper dimension stores let’s through out ideas here like what is your favourite part about these stories maybe what can you relate to in them etc?

Would love to hear what others think.

Kind regards jackchef

Once apon a time there was a very mean amazon who only kept her little in Crawler’s Diapers. Lilly, the mean amazon’s little, was tired of this. So she made a fuss.

Lol we could turn this into a story chain…

Who will determine the next part of Lilly’s fate?

I might try to turn this into a story too we will see…

I would love that I would love a story where the mommy has her little in crawler diapers all the time!