Donations Needed

First, let me apologize for posting this as an announcement that goes out via email. The situation, unfortunately, does necessitate it.

Due to the recent cancellation of several recurring donations the forums are in danger of shutting down permanently. Donations have dropped the point where I can’t make up the difference with my own income.

Worse, earlier this month I had to use my rent money and much of my utility money to pay a plumber to fix a burst pipe because my landlord is an asshole and wouldn’t answer my calls. He refuses to reimburse me or cut me any slack on my rent which has put me in a serious financial situation.

Essentially I need to come up with $425 by 2020-08-11T22:00:00Z or I’ll be evicted. I was informed of this fact just a few hours before posting this. Worse, is that on top of that I need an additional $50 by 2020-08-21T02:00:00Z to keep the forums online.

Luckily my utilities have agreed to mostly work with me, so they’re not a huge issue with one notable exception, my electric bill, which needs to be paid by 2020-08-29T05:00:00Z and is $108.95

So essentially, I need more money than my actual monthly income to get all this taken care of right now. Yes, the cancelled donations combined with my landlord being an asshole has ruined me financially, because I can’t even afford to save my stuff if I do get evicted!

If you can donate anything at all it would help. For information on how you can donate, see the Donation Info page.

Any help at all would really be appreciated.

Donated !


I hope my contribution helps solve this problem.


I’ll help out sorry it won’t be big but I hope it helps


As of right now, the server bill is covered, and I have $40 towards the rent.

I can’t do much but i’ve done what i can


I don’t have much, but I gave what I could.


If you donated and don’t see the #donors-lounge (or that link gives you an error), let me know. As of 3 minutes ago I added all the accounts I was able to match to the group that the script couldn’t auto-match.

How close are you to making rent ?

As of the most recent donation I received, I still need $280 for the rent.

Made a donation, hope it helps. Keep up the great work


Have you checked into any potential legal avenues you have to seek reimbursement for the property management you were forced to do? I am just curious, as renters do have rights and the upkeep of the property is the sole liability of the property owner/manager to handle. Document everything, never the less, and keep your receipts. I cannot donate except for $4.00, as that is all that I have to my name, but this coulld save you some headaches for any lease clause regarding modifications.

In Arkansas, renters have no legal recourse in situations like this.

I’m sorry about that. It’s like Georgia which bans malpractice litigation. Damn!

Yeah, Arkansas really sucks when it comes to renter’s rights. Basically having a clause in your lease that says the landlord gets to decide if an out of pocket payment for things like plumbing is “necessary” lets them get out of reimbursing you.

And it’s actually worse in this case because he doesn’t own a property management company, he does it all directly, which limits legal options further. The few renter’s rights laws on the books here in Arkansas only apply if you’re renting through a property management company.

Okay, after doing some more manual matching, only two donor’s are still not in the access group for the Donor’s Lounge and I have contacted them via the email address I received from PayPal.

To everyone who has donated so far, THANK YOU!

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Speaking as someone who’s been a landlord elsewhere for years, Arkansas’ tenancy law sounds pretty draconian. I read a little more and I’m appalled.

Donated and setup a monthly contribution (I think, I’ll check my PayPal tomorrow to make sure it worked).


Yeah, Arkansas law is designed to protect the landlord, not the tenent.

It did, although it took awhile for the first payment to actually process. I’m standing in line waiting to pay my rent, but when I get home I’ll make to add you to Donor’s Lounge if the system hasn’t already taken care of it by the time I get home. :slight_smile: