Dr. Robert's Miracle elixer

Author’s Note: I like stories that while perhaps slightly improbable are still grounded in reality.

Chapter 1

From: Dr. Robert Wallton
To: Doug Scott

Mr. Scott thank you for your purchase of Formula 9, the only solution in the world that can create both temporary bowel and bladder incontinence. With only a capful of the formula you can experience life without control and be completely dependent on diapers for 2 to 3 days. You should be receiving your package in the mail Friday October 3rd. If you have any additional questions please ask.

Thank You,

Dr. Robert Wallton

Doug turned away from his computer screen and stared at the package in his hand for several minutes before finally ripping open the padded paper envelope. Inside he found a small unmarked plastic bottle and nothing else. He had been expecting this for over a week and his hand was literally shaking with anticipation about what the fluid in this bottle would do for him. He opened the cap and carefully filled it to the top with the white milky fluid then downed it one swallow. It burned his throat and he hacked and his eyes watered, this stuff had more bite then the most powerful alcohol that Doug had ever drank, but it should considering its intended effect of producing temporary complete bowel and urinary incontinence.

Doug had found the advertisement on a popular adult baby website, the formula was being sold by a doctor as a safe and effective way to become incontinence for a period of 2-3 days per dose and since 1 dose was one cap and their was obviously enough doses to last a long time. Doug’s wife was going to be out of town for business for the next week and Doug planned this weekend out to be a complete baby weekend. Doug’s wife, Amanda, knew about his adult baby desires but didn’t really like it. She tolerated a very occasional diaper but didn’t want to participate in her husband’s odd fetish and didn’t like him having baby things around the house. Especially since their ten year marriage had yet to produce a baby of their own.

Doug was wearing a disposable diaper underneath his shorts and T-shirt, he had put it on this morning after his wife left for her flight. Right after she left he headed across town to the farthest away Walgreen’s and bought some Depends, then made a stop by Wal-Mart and bought some pampers size 7 to use as stuffers and baby supplies, all that wasn’t used would be thrown away by the end of the week He was already pretty wet at ten o’clock this Friday morning. If this stuff worked like it was supposed too Doug may not even know if he was wetting so he took off the diaper and put on a new one without a stuffer.

Thirty minutes later Doug was still dry, despite a couple large glasses of iced tea. He needed to pee but was having no problems holding it. Out of frustration he grabbed the bottle and took a swig, and then the doorbell rang.

Doug peeked through the window and saw his brother by the door, he made a quick glance and saw that all the diaper stuff was stashed away so he opened the door and let Tom in.

“Hey, just in the neighborhood and thought I would swing by,” his brother said as he stepped in.

“Yeah, come on in,” Doug answered.

Tom plopped down on the couch and Doug crashed into his recliner.

“So the wife is out of town this week?”

“Yeah she left this morning, I’m on my own for two weekends, she won’t be back until the Monday after next.”

“Hey man we’ll have to hit the greens, how about Sunday?” Tom asked.

“Yeah sure I can do that.”

A loud “Grrrrrughhhh,” sound suddenly issued from Doug’s midsection.

“Woo man, you need to eat breakfast that was one hell of a growl,” Tom said.

“Yeah, dang,” Doug said starting to turn red. He still felt the urge to pee but now felt a strong pressure from his bowels.

“So you catch the game last night?” Tom asked.

“Yeah that was one hell of a play by, that one guy,” Doug answered. Tom went into a blistering assessment of each teams weaknesses that for the most part flew over his brothers head. Just as he was about to finish his dissertation a long, loud and wet fart came from his brother’s general direction.

“Damn man you shit your pants?” Tom asked. His brother had indeed shit his pants, he felt growing warmth spread up his butt crack and felt it spread out around the waistband of his diaper and out into his shorts. This was followed up by a gradual warm wetness spreading out from the front of his diaper. Doug did all this without the slightest bit of control it just happened. In an instant he felt a sudden need to poop and his muscles completely relaxed and just let it out, the exact opposite of what he told them to do, then the need to pee that he had been feeling for the last hour became overwhelming and no amount of effort could hold back the flood of urine.

“What have you been eating man, beans and cabbage, damn that stinks,” Tom said with a laugh.

“Huh, yeah we had chili last night, man it tore me up.” Doug answered.

“Well what I really stopped by for was that I needed to borrow your weedeater, if you don’t mind, I can’t get mine to work,” Doug said. Of all the times that his brother could come borrowing it has to be now when my diaper is so full I’m not sure I can even walk in it. Doug thought about lying and saying it didn’t work but he knew if he gave his brother what he wanted he would go away.

“Allright, let me just go unlock my shed,” Doug said as he carefully stood up. The loaded diaper was very heavy but it wasn’t going to fall down. Doug pointed towards the door and said, “after you.” Tom and Doug went around back, Doug walking slow and stopping to pull the diaper up when he did he felt poop squeeze around and spread out. Outside there was not noticeable noise and the nylon shorts did a great job of hiding the diaper, but with Tom in front it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Tom stopped by the door and Doug entered the combination on the padlock of the shed.

“Man, did you let out another one, dude you seriously reek.”

“Yeah it was Amanda’s going away present for me,” Doug answered back with a laugh, “these are silent and deadly.”

While he stepped into the shed he felt the sudden uncontrollable urge again to pee and despite his best efforts he couldn’t hold it back. A warm stream ran down his leg and paddled up in his sandal. Staying in the dark of the shed he thrust the weedeater out into his brother’s hands.

“Thanks, I’m going to take off and get this done, want me to bring back the weedeater tonight?” Tom asked.

“No, keep it as long as you want, I hate to weedeat,” Doug answered. Tom said goodbye and headed back to his truck. Tom made out that he was organizing his shed. He bent over to pick up some junk and suddenly felt that helpless feeling again, a pressure on his sphincter so strong that holding it back was impossible. This poop made the first one look like a wet fart, a watery mess exploded from his anus and the diaper had no chance whatsoever of stopping it, it blew out the side and back waistband like they weren’t even there. It ran into his shorts and then down his leg in a brown sticky wave, it ran into the front and up his crouch until it ran out of the front of the diaper. Both legs were brown and his sandals were soaked in poop. The inevitable “after poop” pee came next and ran right out the side of the diaper and down his legs. Doug was standing in a yellowish brown puddle now.

The diaper was now completely saturated and so droppy that only the shorts were keeping it from completely falling off. Doug was frantic, he peaked out the door of the shed, and watched his brother’s truck pull away. Thank God he though, but his neighbor, ole Mrs. Henkly was out in her yard, less then 50 feet away. Doug slunk back into the shed and considered his options. There was nothing in the shed he could use to wipe his legs off. He realized there was no longer any point in wearing the diaper, so he shut the door and took it off. He rolled it up trying to keep as much mess inside it as he could, then he pulled his soiled shorts back on. Doug took a deep breath and with the rolled up diaper in his hand opened the door of his shed. Standing directly in front of him was Mrs. Henkly, her eyes opened wide upon seeing Doug’s messy brown legs and the puddle he was standing in. Mrs. Henkly is a retired school teacher who was at least 30 years older then Doug, but managed to keep a youthful appearance about her, she was a very pleasant neighbor and Doug often said one of the hottest old women he had ever seen.

“Oh my I’m very sorry, I… I was just going to ask if you would start my lawnmower. I didn’t realize you were ahhh…” said Mrs. Henkly.
Doug said the first thing that popped into his head, “I’m having some severe diarrhea and I’ve had an accident.”

“Let me help you, stay right here, I’ll be right back,” Mrs. Henkly said as she went back to her house. Doug considered making a run for it, but saw that his neighbors to the left had just came out on their patio and were enjoying a BBQ. He decided the damage with Mrs. Henkly had already been done so he waited to see what she was going to do. In a short time she returned with a black trashbag and a couple of towels and stepped into the shed.

“Throw your diaper in here,” she said as she held open the trashbag. Doug did without saying a word.

“Clean yourself up and you can keep these towels,” Mrs Henkly said as she handed them to Doug how began to clean off his legs.

“Ummm, thank you very much, could you, um, not say anything about this,” Doug stammered as he was wiping off.

“Look Mr. Scott, I’ve been incontinence for the last 15 years. I taught class wearing diapers for years. There is nothing to be ashamed of.” To illustrate her point she pulled down the side of her pants revealing a plastic backed diaper. Doug’s mind was literally blown. He had been living beside Mrs. Henkly for years and hadn’t noticed. He just stared with his jaw kind of dropped.

“Yeah it surprises everyone I tell, the truth is as long as you avoid tight fitting pants no one would ever notice. Look I don’t mean to pry and its none of my business but what kind of diaper was that you were wearing,” she asked.

“Umm, Depends,” Doug embarrassedly answered.

“Well that is your first problem, I’m going to let you go clean up, but if you ever want to talk about it I can offer your some advise, just come over.”

Doug brought his eyes up and looked into Mrs. Henkly’s face, he was bright red, more embarrassed then he had ever been in his life, he smiled and thanked Mrs. Henkly then after she left hetook his trashbag to the house.

After getting cleaned up Doug took no chance with another messy accident. This time he put Pampers in as a stuffer and doubled up his Depend. He grabbed a beer and crashed out on the couch to watch some TV, but all he could think about was his encounter with Mrs. Henkly. Again he felt a warm wetness spread through the front of his diaper, this time he barely felt the need to pee before it flowed. The more he thought about Mrs. Henkly the hornier he got. He started thinking that if he went to her house she might let him changer her diaper, and she would change his. Soon his hand began rubbing the front of the diaper, he checked his watch, it was only 2 in the afternoon, he didn’t want to masturbate yet, but he couldn’t stop himself. The warm clumpy wetness felt so good. Afterwhile his hand slipped into the diaper and he stroked himself to the point where his body was thrusting against the couch. Masturbating in a diaper always gave Doug the biggest orgasms, much bigger then actual sex, but this orgasm blew everyone he had ever had away. He screamed out in pleasure as he climaxed thrusting and coming into the diaper, his whole body tingling with pleasure as he continued pumping into the soft warm diaper.

Afterward Doug faced a unique problem, after masturbating he usually lost all interest in diapers, and this time was no different. The problem of course was that he had to remain diapered whether he wanted to or not. The best way Doug found to deal with the problem was to drink another beer, then one more after that. Before long the problem went away and Doug was getting hungry. His adult baby desires were back in full swing so he went to his baby stash and got out a baby T shirt he had made, just a regular T-shirt that he cut real short with a Pampers logo iron on. He then got out a Disney princess bib and put it on. He spread out a baby blanket and layed out several bowls of food from the stash he had bought this morning, there was applesauce, baby cereal, pudding, and several gerber deserts. He ate everything with his hands and while he didn’t go out of his way to make a mess when you’re eating goop with your hands its going to be messy. Eating like a baby was one of Doug’s favorite adult baby pastimes and by the time all the food was gone he was sticky and messy from head to toe, he even had chocolate pudding in his hair.

Doug got out his baby wipes and cleaned himself up then did another diaper change, again using a baby diaper as a stuffer and two depends. This time he wasn’t messy just wet. He was beginning to think that the medicine was just a really strong diuretic and laxative and he was pretty sure he would have control back in the next few hours. He spent the rest of his evening drinking beer and watching a game on TV then got online and started chatting with some people on adult baby sites. No one he talked to believed there was a medicine that you could take that would cause you to loose continence and when he tried to find the post where he originally found the medicine it was gone, but Doug wasn’t concentrating to well and was pretty drunk by this time. In fact he barely noticed the need to poop before a sticky mess filled his diaper.

Doug layed back down on his baby blanket and changed his poopy diaper baby style, cleaning himself up the best he could in his inebriated state which wasn’t all that well. He taped up the fresh diaper then stumbled off to bed where he collapsed and fell almost immediately to sleep.