Easter Flowers - Part 2

“Kalina!” Crisanta snapped finally, though she quickly calmed herself a little, remembering Camelia was there as well. And noticing the other shoppers around them turning towards her helped, also. “Mom told us to stay together,” she said, lowering her voice. “We’re just here for clothes.”

“It’ll be fine,” Kalina assured her. “I’ll be back before she is.”

“That’s not the point!” Crisanta protested, but her sister was already gone, off to the video game store next door. She could be so frustrating sometimes… It was hard to believe that she was the oldest, if only by twelve minutes.

“Let’s go look at some dresses,” she told Camelia with a sigh, leading her towards the toddler’s section. Camelia followed happily, though from the tugging on her hand just a few moments earlier, she knew that Camelia would rather have gone with Kalina. She would have liked to deny it, but she couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy - she was the one who usually watched Camelia and took care of her when mom and dad weren’t around, not Kalina. Kalina hardly paid any attention to her at all.

“Hurry up,” Crisanta caught herself saying as she tried to pull her little sister along faster than her little legs could go. She slowed back down, though she couldn’t quite find it in herself to voice an apology.

Camelia was easy to please when it came to clothes, so Crisanta didn’t feel too bad about finding what she thought was the cutest little lavender ruffled dress to help her try on. It fit perfectly, and she liked it, so Crisanta carefully put it back onto its hanger and carried it out, making sure to take a longer route over to the older girl’s section of the store, so Camelia wouldn’t catch sight of something else she wanted to try on.

That was the sort of thing that could lead to a seemingly endless cycle, and she wanted to at least have her and Camelia’s clothes picked out by the time her mom got back. It would have been nice to get Kalina’s done, too, but, of course, Kalina’d had to run off on her own. Not that it would likely take her long to decide - she was as easy to please as Camelia, but nowhere near as interested in the whole business. She’d probably just grab the nearest thing she could see that was anywhere close to her size and be done with it.

Crisanta, on the other hand, already knew exactly what she was looking for, if she was lucky enough that it was still there from the last time they’d been to the store. As they got closer, she could see a throng of girls hanging around that area, and sucked in her breath in alarm, but was able to release it calmly when she realized they were looking at something else.

Meanwhile, her top, a light blue babydoll with flowers on the bodice and along the bottom, and butterflies fluttering over them, was safe. She wasn’t too worried about the other half of her outfit, either, since it was a pretty standard skort, white with a ruffled hem, and sure enough there were plenty left, though she did debate for a moment over which size to try, finally deciding to go bigger rather than smaller.

Then they were back to the dressing rooms, mostly just to confirm that the outfit looked good together, though she also had to make absolutely sure that it fit. She was quite confident in both of those things, but it never hurt to be completely positive.

“Well, that was easy,” Crisanta smiled down at Camelia, once she had changed back into her own clothes. Kalina was, of course, nowhere around, so they went back to the toddler’s section for a little bit. Camelia chose a couple dresses to try on, none of which were anywhere near as cute as the one Crisanta had found, and was ready to look for some more once she had tried those on.

“It’s getting kinda late,” Crisanta had to tell her, glancing at the clock on her cell. “Mom’ll be back soon.” She called Kalina, but she didn’t answer. “Probably left it at home,” Crisanta grumbled. She couldn’t very well go after her, not with an armful of clothes she hadn’t paid for. “Let’s go pick out something for Kali,” she said to Camelia. “Since she’s apparently not going to do it herself.”

She vaguely harbored the hope that she’d find her sister over there, already looking for herself; she wasn’t. She considered just getting the same thing she had gotten for herself, but in different colors; she didn’t. They weren’t big fans of matching outfits, and, luckily, their parents never had been, either.

“Do you think she’d like this?” she asked Camelia, holding up a green dress. It wasn’t too bad, really, and it would probably bring out her eyes pretty well. Camelia shrugged, but Crisanta had already made up her mind, and back they went to try it on. It wasn’t as good as Crisanta’s outfit, not by any means, but it fit, and it was good enough for someone who couldn’t be bothered to pick anything out for herself.

She checked her cell again with a sigh. “Come on, mom’ll be looking for us,” she told Camelia, opening the dressing room door.

The girl opened the door a crack, tugging at the hem of her T-shirt as she glanced out at her mother. “What is it?”

“I need you to watch Camelia for a little bit,” she answered. “I have to run over to Mrs. Shubert’s for a few minutes.”

The girl sighed. “Why can’t…”

“Because she’s busy, and because I’m asking you,” her mom said.

“Fine,” the girl rolled her eyes, starting to close her door. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“I really need to get going,” her mom told her. “I’m sure you can do whatever you were up to just as well in the living room.”

The girl began to set her jaw, ready to tell her mom that all she was asking for was a minute of privacy. But she could tell that this wasn’t the best time to get into an argument with her mother, even if she were to ignore the fact that she had a wet diaper on under her hastily thrown on jeans.

“All right, fine,” she conceded, giving her T-shirt one more tug before glancing down to make sure the bulge wasn’t obvious. She opened her door the rest of the way and stepped out of her room, wincing slightly at the seemingly thunderous crinkling that produced.

“Thank you, honey,” her mom smiled, kissing her on the forehead. The girl followed her to the living room, taking careful steps, half expecting her mom to turn around at any second to see if Camelia had somehow gotten behind her. But she was in the living room, where she received her own kiss goodbye.

“Play!” Camelia demanded, once their mother had driven off.

“I will,” the girl promised, kneeling down next to her little sister. “I just have to go take care of something first, okay?”

But Camelia had her hand clamped around the hem of the girl’s T-shirt. “It’ll just be a minute,” the girl tried to reassure her, prying her little fingers free, but she just grabbed hold with the other hand, shaking her head. “Okay, okay,” the girl rolled her eyes. “I guess it can wait.”

Camelia let go, beaming, then shoved what looked like it might have been supposed to be a stuffed leprechaun into her hands. The girl sat down, diaper squishing damply beneath her, reminding her that her sister’s was probably in the same condition. She set the leprechaun down and grabbed Camelia instead, tickling her tummy for a few seconds before gently tugging down her pants, only to find the diaper beneath was in much better shape than her own.

She could feel herself blushing at that thought, at least until Camelia started to tickle her in return. She wasn’t particularly skilled at it, but the girl found herself laughing anyway, and once she had started, it was difficult to stop.

And that was what was going on when she noticed her sister standing across the room, watching. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Oh… uh…” the girl mumbled, pulling free of Camelia’s grasp and sitting up, once more pulling at the hem of her T-shirt. “Just playing. I thought mom said you were…”

“I’m doing homework,” her sister said, giving her a strange look. “I just came to get some water.”

“Well, there isn’t any in here,” the girl snarked. Her sister stared at her and Camelia for several long moments, then finally turned around and left.

Camelia tried to tickle the girl again, but she was too preoccupied with staring at the place her sister had been standing. Had she noticed? Her shirt might have ridden up high enough, and her pants down low enough, that her diaper could have been visible…

The girl could just imagine her looking down at them, seeing her two sister rolling around in their diapers, just a couple of babies, leaving her as the only “grown-up” in the house. Would she be coming back to watch them both, make sure they stayed out of trouble until their mom got home, at which point she’d point out that the girl was wearing a diaper like their little sister and, thus, was surely incapable of acting any older than Camelia?

She didn’t, and, in fact, after a minute, the girl could hear her door closing, but even so, the girl got up off the floor and sat carefully down on the couch, tugging up the back of her jeans. Camelia looked upset for a moment or two, then got engrossed in one of her other toys. The girl kept considering going to get changed, but didn’t want her mom to come home and find that she’d left Camelia unsupervised.

So she sat there, as still as she was able so that her clothes would stay in their right places, as she waited impatiently for the front door to open.

Kalina pushed the game store’s door open happily, stuffing the bag of her finds into her purse. Sam The Girl, ever the bargain hunter, had told her they were having a great sale, but she hadn’t mentioned just how great it was - it was too bad she’d had to leave so soon. She noticed her cell phone flashing out at her that she had missed a call, but, seeing that it was from Crisanta’s number, didn’t bother to see if she’d left a message. She had probably just been freaking that they only had fifteen minutes left until their mom showed back up.

Kalina didn’t know why her sister was always so high strung about that sort of thing. It only took a minute or two, once she’d located the girl’s section, to find a great skirt - long, the lace at the hem probably going down about halfway down her shin, and white, with black vines curling all across it, and punctuated with red flowers - that was in her size. There was a nice, chocolate colored tank top nearby, empire waisted and trimmed with a dark pink, flowered cloth that also made up the extra-thick straps, and the sash, that went great with it.

“There you are!” she heard Crisanta’s voice call, just as she pulled the shirt off the rack. “We’ve been waiting for you!”

“I’ve got five-ish minutes,” Kalina shrugged, holding her outfit up in front of herself. “What do you think?”

Camelia smiled and nodded, but Crisanta just rolled her eyes. “I already found you a dress,” she said, holding it up. It wasn’t terrible, Kalina supposed; it just wasn’t as nice as what she’d picked out.

“Nah, I’m gonna stick with this.”

“But this will actually fit!” Crisanta protested. “You can’t just grab the first thing you see, you know - not every company’s sizes are the same!”

“Yes, I know that, -mom-,” Kalina replied. “I’m not as stupid as you think I am.”

“Well, then…”

“Then what?!” Kalina snapped, stepping towards her sister.

“It’s so good to see you two getting along so well,” their mother sighed, stepping up from behind Kalina. “What are you arguing about now?”

Not daring to let Crisanta get in the first word, Kalina held up her outfit and stammered, “We were just trying to decide which to get for me!”

“Between that and…?”

“The green dress,” Kalina nodded over towards Crisanta.

“She…” Crisanta started to say.

“But I’m pretty sure I like these better now,” Kalina said.

“Me, too,” her mom smiled. “You tried it all on, right?”

Crisanta’s face was starting to go red. “Of course…”

“Of course I did!” Kalina spoke over her. “You don’t think Crisanta would let me get away without doing that, do you?”

Camelia ran over to their mom to get picked up. “Hey, sweetie,” she cooed. “Okay, let’s go get checked out.” Crisanta shoved past Kalina, nearly knocking her over, but Kalina didn’t mind. She knew Crisanta was just jealous.

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Easter Flowers - Part 2

I am missing something - - I don’t get what the story is about. - - All this jumping around in time is also confusing me.

This chapter was very confusing, I don’t get the middle part of the chapter. It appears to be critical to the story, but why was it in the middle of the shopping trip?

Easter Flowers - Part 2

The middle section of this chapter is in the middle for the same reason that the middle section of the first chapter was in the middle. If you paid attention to the first chapter, you would see that the middle section also does not belong chronologically there, because the other two sections take place on the same day, whereas the middle section takes place at night.

The chapters are set up so that you get one section from the perspective of each of the twins, and are, at least so far, presented in chronological order, and then the middle section, which is not. The middle section is set up between the other two sections to provide a break between the two perspectives, though technically it doesn’t, because it is the same perspective as one of the other sections. If it helps, read the first and third sections, and then read the second one. That isn’t the way it’s meant to be read, but if you simply must read your stories in chronological order for some reason, that would be the easiest way to do it.

Easter Flowers - Part 2

I like the fact that we get two stories for one. it makes it very interesting. this chapter helped me seperate the characters and I understand better now than in the begining. can’t wait for more!!

Easter Flowers - Part 2

It’s nice to see another story from you :slight_smile:

I’m really liking this one.

Easter Flowers - Part 2

How old are these girls again?

Also, what happened to Skye’s the Limit?

Anyhow, I still haven’t chosen who it is, so you win this round.