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Announcing Supersoft Lifestyles, the protection that gives you the lifestyle you deserve.

The choice is no longer whether to have comfort, discretion or protection: Enjoy all three by wearing Supersoft Lifestyles, truly putting control back into your hands.

Giving you access to technologies never before seen in adult comfort Supersoft Lifestyles don’t compromise on the advanced features customers demand from Supersoft, incorporating new versions of Supersoft’s proven wearable electronics and introducing advanced materials so unique that Supersoft Engineers created a whole new branch of Materials Science to invent them.

Using Supersoft Lifestyles couldn’t be simpler, just pull on instead of your normal underwear and pull back down when your body tells you it’s toilet time. No barriers, no complications, just you in full control over when and where you go. Designed for Discretion(R) your new Supersoft Lifestyles will be so thin you’ll forget you’re wearing them, yet they’ll stay comfortably in place providing that secure protection Supersoft customers know and love.

That protection starts with our new soft cloth covering: Impermeablon[TM], a natural fibre material developed to allow the skin beneath to breathe naturally yet prevent all moisture from passing will stretch with you yet looks like normal cotton, cut in a modern sporting brief design. Nobody will be able to detect the extremely thin layer of highly hygroscopic padding that lines the inside but you’ll know it’s there, giving you confidence that any inadvertent leaks will be quickly and efficiently absorbed. Delivering on the ethos of giving you control the padding is not restricted to the crotch area, letting you enjoy active lifestyles other products couldn’t handle.

The wearable electronics remain dormant until powered, using the same chemical energy conversions so effective in Supersoft Fluffies. Once enacted they respond to the presence of body fluids by alerting the wearer, giving you direct feedback that will help you exert control and also find a toilet in time. These alerts are through our Fluffies SuperApp on your phone but we’ve also incorporated the vibrating feedback that’s been so popular in our Supersoft Sleepwells line. A small modification to assure you have control means that by default these vibrations will not induce further bladder or bowel release, although in deference to customer choice we have enabled an override in the Fluffies SuperApp.

It’s unlikely that this will ever be required as in addition to the feedback Supersoft Lifestyles will respond to body fluids by discharging across the crotch area a swift release topical muscle relaxant that assures your visit to the toilet will be worthwhile, fully emptying your bladder. The built-in electronics work with sensors to calculate the size of the wearer and dispense a carefully computed volume of relaxant to guarantee release exactly 300 seconds (five minutes) after the initial feedback is provided. Our testers have expressed delight in the unexpected side-effect of temporarily relaxing the bowel, telling us this offers positive reinforcement that makes each trip to the toilet feel truly worthwhile, never needing to sit there wondering why they bothered.

Of course, sometimes a tiny leak becomes a bit larger. This is where Supersoft Lifestyles combine protection with discretion and afford you total confidence that wherever you are, you’ll retain your dignity. Natural stretch at the waistband and leg openings mean no uncomfortable elastic will pinch or irritate the wearer, making Supersoft Lifestyles more comfortable than most underwear but means an internal reconfiguration is required should the padding reach its absorbency levels.

This is managed through both traditional means and an innovative capability possible only with Impermeablon[TM]. The padding will expand on contact with moisture, giving Supersoft Lifestyles remarkable capacity that belies their ultra slim design. Although this can result in a gentle bulge below tight clothing you will agree that this is preferable to wet clothes and an obvious puddle!

Even that capacity can of course be overwhelmed. On determining that volume has exceeding safe minimums encoded electrical impulses will be sent to the waist and leg openings, causing them to close down to a watertight fit with the wearer’s skin. Only Impermeablon[TM] can achieve this fluid holding closeness without fusing to the skin or causing unwanted discomfort or damage. This closure is also triggered immediately on detection of any faecal matter, assuring retention of absolute discretion even in demanding (and smelly) circumstances.

As the closure will prevent normal removal of the garment the electronics will enable hidden Eletabs(R) that allow the Supersoft Lifestyles to be unfastened at the front and removed, just as Supersoft Fluffies. Indeed, we’ve ported the same Eletabs(R) technology, giving you all of the protection and features that provides including carer support and DNA validation.

Supersoft Lifestyles give you back your own life and let you lead a lifestyle that you control!

Order now at all major adult medical suppliers (and a few minor ones) or read our customer testimonials to find out how they feel about Supersoft Lifestyles.

Customer Testimonials

An early eager customer is Grant from Hawaii who told us, “The excitement of skydiving sometimes causes me a little loss of control so I wore Supersoft Lifestyles for my last jump. I’d tested them on ground and they’re so discreet they were ideal under my jumpsuit! Unfortunately as I left the aircraft I received that telltale vibration and in panic pulled my parachute cord far too early. By the time I landed I was thoroughly empty inside, although I must say I had no leaks and falling onto my bottom didn’t hurt at all with the now enhanced padding.”

We were delighted to hear from Fatima in Arizona who revealed, “I convinced my room mate I needed to be allowed to try and regain control so she relented and bought me some Supersoft Lifestyles. After I pulled them on she checked that they’d synced with her phone, but I assured her it wouldn’t be needed. Coming straight out of Supersoft Fluffies I still wasn’t free of their chemicals so it didn’t take long before her phone beeped to let us know I’d had a tiny accident. I ran straight for the bathroom but these strange vibrations kicked in, just like the Supersoft Sleepwells I have to wear at night, and by the time I reached it I was waddling and could no longer remove the Supersoft Lifestyles. My roommate insisted I go back into Supersoft Fluffies but has promised me I can try the Supersoft Lifestyles once a week”

Surprising feedback came from the Mu Omega Mu Sorority in Kansas, who have been impressively innovative. “We worked a deal with our partner Frat to give their pledges a test. Pull on a Supersoft Lifestyles, and take it off again four hours later. Easy, right? Of course, if one of our Sisters takes a liking to one of them a quick syringe of her urine squirted inside means he’ll have five minutes to work out whether to fail the task or REALLY fail the task. You don’t want to know what we then make them do to earn a change - and of course, with no clean underwear for them and a proven need for protection, they all accept our generous offer to safely fasten them into Supersoft Fluffies to get them home safe ;)”
(We’ve since made a job offer to three members of the Mu Omega Mu Sorority, and look forward to them joining us after graduation.)

However, we think Alison from Florida said it best of all, “OMIGOD! I asked you for these and you’ve done them! Thank you! Oh, thank you!”

So order yours online today at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com or Like us on InstaTwitFace for a free sample pack.

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I like this. A very different way to tell a story, but its fun.

I like the social media shout out, and the Website address.
Why dont you like SPAM? I find Spam and eggs on toast is good

Because her first two stories in this series were repeatedly getting reported via the contact form as spam messages, even after I deliberately registered the URL and set it to redirect to the original story making it painfully obvious in addition to the other notes already in that thread that it was in fact not spam :slight_smile: