Elizabeth's Archive Has Been Suspended


It was only a matter of time but now we need to make sure everything is here. I sadly did not save any, I try not to collect these kinds of files on my computer.

EDIT: I posted this as a knee-jerk, I’m not sure if forum policy prevents what I asked, I’m sorry if it does. I do believe Elizabeth’s work needs to be archived somewhere, though.

Re: Elizabeth’s Archive Has Been Suspended

Kita or Wingz would probably know better but to the best of my knowledge most of her stuff is already posted here.

Re: Elizabeth’s Archive Has Been Suspended

There are definitely some stories that were not posted here. Fortunately it looks like archive.org has everything. If not, I did take a wget archive of it at one point, and I think it’s ok to offer to share that. I’ve thought about archiving this site too, but Renko 1) would probably ban me for using too much bandwidth even though I’d be gentle :), and 2) has backups and his own hostname/server/vps, so I’m not really worried about it.