Email issues, site funding, and a personal plea for help

Email Issues

As many of you are, unfortunately, aware, we recently had email deliverability issues caused by the server being placed on a realtime block list or RBL for short. This affected all Yahoo! hosted email services (including many ISPs), (and Microsoft’s many other email domains) as well as anyone whose email provider uses the cloudmark CSI RBL.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this blocking a change in how we handle emails had to be implemented and this affects the hosting costs of the forums now.

Now, the good news is that the email volume for the forums most months is fairly low and will only add around $15 - $20 a month to the hosting. Unfortunately… it adds $15 - $20 to the monthly hosting I can’t afford to eat.

Which brings us to…

Site Funding

So yeah, in the last two months all but a small set of regulars stopped their donations. Which was mostly okay, until the email thing. Right now the forums are seriously in danger of going offline if we don’t get more regular donations. Due to some recent sign-ups for recurring donations the forums could stay up if it wasn’t or the email hosting. We really need more donations long term to keep the forums online and functioning properly since they kinda require email to work properly. If you can help, please do. Seriously, we need the donations.

Now there is some other news that affects this, but how soon this will help is very dependent on you.

Personal Plea For Help

I’ll make a more detailed post about this later, although those who have been regulars in the chat since January will know some of the backstory here.

Super short version though: Earlier this year I was given legal guardianship of a friend of mine and Clawdia’s who had a severe mental health breakdown to the extent she is not capable of making decisions for herself. THe good news is that long term this actually helps the site, but there’s a huge catch.

See I actually have control of her finances, but only in small way. The reason for this is that the court won’t release full control of her finances to me until I’ve been established in the town we’ll be living in (in her home) for 3 months due to the amount of money involved. I basically have to prove that I’m in this for her sake and not for the money. Which let’s be honest, yeah, not being as worried about money is nice, but I really am doing it more for her sake. The poor girl has been through a lot in the past 2 years.

In order to move out of my current house and move everything to her home I have to come up with the funding myself. I cannot touch any of her money to do so. So here’s what I need help with.

In order to take care of final expenses on my current home and to move to Bentonville (where the house is) I need at least $650 to rent a truck to move my stuff in and cover all the other expenses. The sooner I can come up with it, the sooner I can move.

Short term there are some financial issues for the site, but long term, this actually helps. It’s just I have to, you know, actually get moved up there for those critical 3 months first.

Ideally, if I can come up with this by the 15th of November it would be great because besides the obvious “sooner the better” aspect for me (let’s face it, you’d all like a less stressed @Penguin in general), her discharge from the facility she’s been in is directly dependent on what date I get moved, so for her, the sooner the better has a whole other meaning.

If you can help in any way at all, please do.

For info on how you can donate, see this topic

To those of you who have donated so far, THANK YOU!

After dealing with PayPal’s fees, so far $71 has been donated as of the time I’m posting this.

So, it turns out this situation has massively changed and not in a good way. Clawdia’s family got us evicted! I only have until the 19th to get my stuff out or I lose whatever I can’t fit in my car.

I am so fucking pissed right now that there are no words to accurately describe how I feel.

Edit: got ahold of the landlord finally and got some specifics the dumbasses didn’t pay the rent. Good news is the landlord has agreed to stop the eviction process if I can come up with it by the 18th. Just one tiny problem: it’s $400.

I honestly feel bad for your friend, and especially you, but I hate to say it I won’t be able to donate :frowning: . I’m really sorry but remember, we are all in this together! I hope everything turns out ok!

Jimmy :slightly_smiling_face:

That is similar to your situation in August where you had to have $400. Is there anything that can be done such as a different server or is it a personal server at.a colocation host? There are ways to get off a block list but it is work. It would save from having to pay extra per month.

Good luck with the move. I can understand the stress of short notice of having to move. I am taking care of my bills as well as a family member so I get it. Unable to help but hope for the best.

This has nothing to do with the server, at least not directly. But beyond what I said above, there’s not much I can add to that whole clusterfuck right now i you’re referring to the rent situation.

The move to Bentonville is a whole separate issue, and if I could come up with that funding, I wouldn’t need the $400 for the rent because even though I’d have to leave some stuff behind, all the stuff I care about I could fit in the truck + my car on a trailer and burn rubber out of this hellhole and let them fend for themselves.

I am very aware of that. It’s not like I don’t deal with this shit constantly because of morons who flag the board’s emails as spam instead of just asking to have their accounts removed or disable fucking emails from the board.

Cloudmark in particular is a real piece of work though, they refuse to remove you from their blocklist if you won’t give them your phone number. FUCK THAT SHIT!

Quick update. If you donated but don’t have access to the donor’s lounge yet, I will be fixing that later today. You will either get a mesage telling you that you were added, or if I couldn’t match you by email, I’ll be emailing you for confirmation of your forum username. :slight_smile:

I’ll help out sorry I can’t donate a lot but I hope it helps out here with this situation or help ot somewhere else

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Small update. I am so freaking close to having what I need. I atually thought I had it, but found out the amount I was quoted for the truck didn’t include the insurance so I’m still $140 short!

Unfortunately, I found tha that out when I went to get the truck, so of course Clawdia’s family is making my life a living hell now.

EDIT: Right after this posted, someone sent me the money! As soon as I get the okay from the cops I am out of here (long story, will explain shortly)

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Keep us posted and really wish I could help. Maybe later down I can. Sucks when police have to get involved.

BTW I re-read what I sent and I hope you didn’t feel like I was implying. Just stating you’ve had a stroke of bad luck. Take care of yourself and be safe!

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