Emily's Journey to Happiness


“Elizabeth I cant do this anymore, at first I loved the idea of being your sub and doing stuff together but I just cant, you refuse to even try age-play with me. I’m done were done I’ve tried time and time again to work everything out with you and you don’t want to do it so I’m done Bye.”

“SARAH WAIT! PLEASE DON’T GO SARAH I’LL CHANGE, I’LL BE A BETTER PERSON PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU, what have I done the only person I’ve ever cared for and shes gone, she just gone”

Chapter 1 The beginning

Emily Garcia. Had a hard life nothing liked to go her way, her parents where killed by a drunk driver when she was 5, she ended up staying in a orphanage tell she was 13 and runaway ware she never looked back. I’ll give a Little back story about myself, I’m 4 foot 1 I haven’t really grown at all sense I was 13 I’m now almost 16 and I’ve been living off the streets trying to survive.

It’s getting to the point where i think I need to find a place to hide, cause winter is almost here and once it gets here, I’m good as dead if i don’t have shelter. I see a small run out building I think I’ll hide inside it for a while it’s starting to get cold out, I’m just happy I still got the few things in this world I need my photo of mom and dad and the stuffed animal they bought me, Sharky the cat. I really need to find a way to fix him and clean him up hes all dirty and I think his eye wants to fall out. I hear people and duck and hide inside the building, I don’t want to be seen. I’m better off on my own the orphanage was hell compared to this. MY Clothes are almost shreds and I’m really hungry I’m not sure where to go now I think I am gonna have to look in the trash cans for food, and maybe find something warmer to ware.

I have been looking for hours and all I found is a coat that has seen better days no food yet, i cant keep going like this but I’m not sure where to go for food, every so often I’ll see people walking but no one takes mind me, I’m a dirty short girl and no one wants to be near and II miss my mommy and daddy we were so happy now I’m just alone my old buddy Sharky.

Hello I am Elizabeth Kelly. But everyone just calls me Lizzy I use to be a Meteorologist but I retired when I found out how u can tell how much rain will fall on any given day using some math. I patented it and sold it, to farmers and some rich people so I can relax now in life. I am 6 foot 4 taller then normal women but sadly I do feel like something is missing but I have never been sure of what.

I’ve known it not long cause my last girlfriend just did not seem to understand me and did not like me being in change, it was a change to I really liked her, I guess I just need to find something worth it in my life. I have been thinking lately maybe I need to adopt I really want a child but at the same time I have worry’s, I cant show my dominant side to a child I adopt.

I will think up something I always do. I look outside and notice how hard the snow is coming down now, they said we were gonna get 3-4 feet but that is no surprise and crap I forgot to take the trash out today I better do it before it gets worse. now where did I put my coat, there it is grab the trash and off we go.

I make my way out back to the alley to dump the trash when I notice what looks likes a coat covered in snow. Hmm who would leave a coat next to the trash can guess I should toss it in. I start to pick it up when I notice it’s really heavy.

“Huh? oh dear god that’s a girl. Sweet sweetie can you hear me are you ok? sweetie shit sorry baby your coming inside with me” I grab her small cold body and run inside as fast as I can and head straight to the bathroom, I turn the water to a warm level and make sure it’s not too hot.

“ok sweetie I am gonna put you in the water and farm you up ok?” I slowly take off her coat, then I lower her into the bathtub, clothes and all hoping none are frozen to her body and hope she wont be missing any toes or fingers.

Elizabeth says if a soft voice “come on sweetie stay with me are you warming up can you talk?” Emily slowly starts to regain consciousness and starts to look around scared wondering where she is. She notices how cold she is and she feels something warm around her. " where am i?" she try’s to say as her teeth are chattering. Lizzy answered her in a soft voice “sweetie it’s ok your in my place you were passed out in the snow, now don’t move ok lets warm you up first”

I start grabbing towels and some scissors, I am gonna have to cut her out of her clothes to get them off her and hope I can find something she can wear. The only thing I can find after looking for a while is the stuff my ex used, and I am not sure if this sweet thing will be ok with that.

Elisabeth says trying to calm the poor wet and cold girl down"ok Sweetie I am gonna cut your clothes off it might hurt a bit cause parts still look frozen on you but bare with it ok?’ Emily closes her eyes and nods her head yes. she slowly starts to feel the nice lady taking her clothes off and cutting her pants so she doesn’t have to move.

Elizabeth says it a calm mother like voice “sweetie my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy ok? I’m gonna have to take off your bra and panties ok do be scared I’ll be as gentle as I can” Lizzy starts to cut the girls bra off and sees her shake a bit so she stops for a second, before she works on her panties making sure the girl understands shes not trying to hurt her.

Emily answers Elizabeth quietly" my name is Emily a…and thank you for doing this" all Emily can think about right now is the angel who saved her from the cold outside, and that hopefully will let her stay tell at least the storm passes by.

Elizabeth starts to dry Emily off the best she can, she knows the only stuff she has that might fit is what her ex left but at this point she doesn’t have a choice she needs to keep this little girl warm, so she can get better.

Elizabeth try’s to talk to the sleepy Emily as best she can " Emily dear I am gonna get you dressed ok? after that I want you to rest for the night and we will talk more in the morning ok?" she noticed after shes done that Emily is sound asleep not hearing a single word.

“ok lets get this little girl into something warm” Elizabeth grabs the tote that has her ex’s stuff inside and she opens it and pulls out a fresh pink diaper some baby powder some cream and a sleeper. “I hope these are not too big my ex was really small to” she says out-loud.

Elizabeth starts to slide the diaper under the girl making sure to add lots of powder and cream and rubbing it in to the girl and her Sensitive area, knowing that this girl will need to see a doctor soon as possible. she then slowly tapes the diaper as tight as she can hoping it will fit ok, she then starts to lift Emily into the sleeper and zips it up her back making sure she is nice and warm.

“I’ll lay you down on my bed you sweet little angel and I hope u can get a good nights rest for tomorrow we talk and go to the doctors.”

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Chapter 2 Her health

" Oh god I hurt, I can barely move, where am I? Why am I in a bed? and what am I wearing? it feels so warm but weird. "

Elizabeth hears that Emily is awake and hurry to her side.
“Good morning Emily dear, I’m sorry about how your dressed but I did not think you would be able to move much after last night, you almost froze to death if I did not see you, how I’m going to help you get up ok? I really am sorry about the clothes I know they might be a bit too big and I’m sorry about the diaper, I kinda guessed you wouldn’t be able to go without any help.”

“Elizabeth was it? I cant say I’m happy about it but I’m really thankful and owe you my life, without you saving me I think I would be dead. Wait wheres my coat it has my stuff in it I really need it Elizabeth can you get it for me?”

Elizabeth nods and hands takes out the photo and stuffed animal from the coat and gives them to Emily. " Here you are my dear, I do think your animal might need to be clean and maybe a small fix. If you dont mind me asking who’s the photo and what is your animals name?"

“Well the photo is all I have left of my parents after left me for heaven, and my stuffy is named Sharky, hes my best friend and all I have left.”

Elizabeth does her best to not cry for the poor girl, but she knows this girl needs help and mainly to see a doctor. “Emily dear is it ok if I take you to a doctor? I wanna make sure your ok and I’ll pay for everything, I just wanna make sure you are ok.”

I looks unsure but knows she should see a doctor with how her body feels.
“OK but is it possible to change what im wearing at all? I know its really warm but its a bit embarrassing wearing this sleeper and this diaper that feels a bit lose.”

“I’m sorry Emily but your clothes are done for and that is all I have for you to wear right now, cause my clothes would be too big on you. And I don’t think the doctor would care too much sweetie, you can barely move right now I don’t think you can even walk right now. so I’m gonna carry you down to my SUV ok?”

I nodded knowing shes right and that I’m too tired to care. I can feel her take me to her SUV and put me in the back and buckle me in before everything goes black.

I hear Elizabeth talking to someone as I start to walk up.

" Yes I’m Elizabeth Kelly. I called a little bit ago about a girl I found in the snow and I wanna make sure shes ok. I would like you to bill me for everything if possible."

“Oh sweetie your awake, can you tell me your full name and age so I can fill this out.”

I tell her my full name is Emily Garcia and that I’m 16. She asks me a few more questions and I answer the best I can. when she asks what my last address was, I tell her I don’t remember I have been on the streets for years now, she nods and says that is ok. She takes the paper work leaving me in the chair, she gives it to the nurse and comes back to sit with me for a few before I hear my name called.

“Hello Miss Kelly. I take it this girl is the person I’ll be seeing today? Hello Emily my name Rebecca lee, and I will be your doctor today. I heard from Miss Kelly here she found you outside in the snow can you tell me what hurts or any place you feel weak and cant feel.”

I look to Elizabeth and she nods to tell me its ok. “Umm right now my tummy hurts I don’t really have the strength to move a lot, I’m really tired and sore too, my legs hurt some and so do my arms.”

“Well Emily I’m gonna undress you and have Miss Kelly help me take everything off and take look at you and make sure you don’t have any frost bite or permanent damage. If anything hurts when I touch somewhere please tell me ok?”

Elizabeth and the doctor take off my sleeper and the diaper Elizabeth put me. The doctor start to look at my arms and legs and touches some spots that make me cry a little bit, but I try to tough it out. She then looks over my chest and belly making a few notes. she then asks me the most embarrassing question of my life.

“Emily dear is it ok if I check your girl area and below, you have a bit of a rash here and I am a little worried about it. please stay still for me ok dear? I am gonna take a look now and ask you simple questions ok. When you pee does it hurt or are there any problems and are you in any pain?”

"It hurts a little bit and has been for a few weeks, the lower part of my tummy hurts when I do it too. And lately I don’t know when I have to go to the bathroom, it sometimes just happens and it hurts a lot when it I do go.?

“just as I thought, Emily I think you have a really really bad UTI. On top of that the rash goes to your butt and around your legs a bit. You are going to need some rash cream for this and I’ll have to run a few tests to see how bad the damage is. So sit still for me Emily and I’ll do this as quick as I can.”

I am a little scared while the doctor does her tests, but I try to deal with it the best I can, know its going to help me and make me feel better. She’s really gentle while she gets the tests done making sure not to hurt me at all. she then tells me shes all done and will be back shortly

" Umm Elizabeth thank you for this and for helping me I know you don’t have too but again thank you."

“Emily its no big deal, you don’t have a place to go and I want to help you the best I can, and While you are under my roof healing and getting better I’ll do whatever I can to help you. A girl your size and age should not be out on the streets in weather like this. So please let me help you, you said you owe me your Life, well I want you to stay with me and get better how does that sound.”

I look at her knowing she has a point and I know i can’t win.
“Ok Elizabeth " I sigh” You win I’ll stay but please once I get better let me do something to repay your kindness to me. No one has ever been this nice or this helpful to me so please let me repay it anyway that I can."

“Ok Emily that seems fair at least for now. But remember I will do my best to make sure you are healthy again ok?”

We both wait for the Doctor to come back, I am worried about what shes gonna say and what she might find. After been homeless and on the streets for 3 years I can’t lie and say I’m not a little bit scared.

" Lets see here Emily and Miss Kelly. The main thing that Emily is quite a bit shorter then she should be, is cause some worry. shes 4, 1. And barely 61 pounds, I would like to do some more tests to find out why but with her condition right now, it would not be the best and might cause harm. Next is her bladder, she does have a UTI a really bad one that will need watched like a hawk, and have some medicine used to help it heal. Her bladder also seems to be a lot smaller then it should be, my guess is her size and maybe some damage to it from the UTI. She also has a lot of muscle damage from the cold and will need a few months to heal from it at best maybe longer. If she would have been outside maybe another 20 or 30 Minutes she would be dead, and you did the right thing by using warm water and not hot water to get her body temperature up. Over all she will need a lot of rest and time to heal. That diaper you brought her in, she is gonna be wearing them for a while even if she doesn’t like it. Her bladder may heal, it may not but only time will tell. Right now you should get her home and have her rest for a day or two, for now give her only liquid food, she cant be using energy on solid foods, for the time being at least. I will give you two packs of diapers to start off and you will need to watch her around the clock and make sure her Body temperature say up. I think that is about it, any questions? no? Ok so I will see you two out and I will see you two next week for a follow up I hope Emily gets better""

I feel like crying I did not realize how badly hurt I was I am really grateful to Elizabeth saving my life and I don’t think I will ever be able to repay her.

“Ok Emily I’m going to carry you to the SUV and buckle you up then go grab the medicine for you, so if you want you can sleep tell we get home and I will wake you up once we get there.”

I start to fall asleep in the back the car moving is so nice it feels relaxing and I love it.
I wake up when the car stops at what I guess I now call home, and I watch as Elizabeth takes begs inside waiting for her to help me.

"Emily hang on to me tightly ok? I don’t want to drop you I’m gonna put you down on the couch and get the stuff ready and put you in a diaper for now and one of the sleepers I have ok? after that I’m going to get some blankets so you can watch a bit of TV if you need anything just tell me.

I cant help but blush as she puts me in a diaper I feel like a baby but I know she wants to help me, and the sleeper is really warm so I don’t care too much about that I am just happy that I’m warm and someone cares about me.

“Excuse me Elizabeth can I please have my stuffed kitty Sharky, its hard for me to sleep without him, and is there anyway you can help me clean him up and fix him too I would really like that a lot.”

Emily is so cute and polite, I will have to find my sewing stuff but I will help her fix her kitty I just can’t imagine how much he must mean to her. I think right now I just want her to be happy it seems she has had a really hard life and no one should have that life at her age, I’ll do whatever I can to help her and give her a better life, I just hope she lets me.

“Here you go Emily here’s Sharky I will be back with something for you to eat, I’m gonna blend some berry’s for you to drink so it wont hurt your tummy or your body.”

“Thank you, and thank you for giving me Sharky.” I can’t help but cry a little I’m happy my life has not been perfect, but now I have found someone who wants to help me I cant tell her enough how grateful I am to be here with her.

Chapter 3

I start to Open my eyes and realize I’m still on the couch where Elizabeth left me.

“Hmm what should I do I’m not sure if Elizabeth is awake yet but if shes not I don’t wanna wake her, shes done so much for me that seems a bit rude. I think I’ll go see if I can find something to drink I am a little thirsty, I wonder if she has any Milk.”

I hear Elizabeth start to get up and get dressed, I wonder what she will do today?

“Emily I did not think you would be up at this hour it’s only 8 am. Well anyway’s I have some plans for us today I know you need to rest, but I don’t feel safe leaving you home alone so I am going to take you shopping with me and carry you, But first I will have to see if I can find you anything to wear.”

Emily looked down at her sleeper then to Elizabeth. “Um if it’s ok I really don’t mind wearing this Elizabeth it keeps me warm and it does hide the diaper a bit so no one really knows I am in it.”

“You sure sweetie? I can get you something else if you want its no big deal. I might be able to find some stuff that can fit you.”

“No its ok Elizabeth I’m fine with the sleeper, but I cant wait to get some new clothes thank you for helping me again I hope I’m not too much of a burden I know this isn’t how you planed your week to go.”

“Emily its ok, and your not a burden I would help you in a heartbeat now lets get going, we need to get you some stuff and some diapers that fit.”

Elizabeth helps Emily into the back of the SUV making sure shes buckled up and tells her not to move much and she will do everything for her. As she gets in the front seat and starts to leave, she tells Emily shes gonna head to target to get some of what they need then to Walgreen.

“Ok Emily where here now, I’m gonna put you in the child seat in the cart when we get inside ok? I know you might not like it but your still really weak right now, but I will let you pick some clothes and maybe something to have fun with at the house sound good?”

“Yes Elizabeth.” I’m not sure how to tell her I kinda like diapers they feel so good and I feel so safe in them but I don’t want her to think I’m weird or anything. I really should tell her but when.

“Emily would it be ok if I got you a car-seat since your so small? And I am sorry sweetie but I think we will have to get your clothes from the Kids section.”

“Yeah its ok I understand I know I’m really small and with a car-seat at least I can see more cause I’m higher up. And yeah I had to get kids clothes from the thrift stores cause everything was too big on me.”

“Elizabeth is it ok if I get cute clothes? Like pink and purple they are my favorite colors.”

I keep eyeballing a few cute skirts and shirts and some dresses but I’m scared to tell Elizabeth I want them cause I don’t want her to think I’m weird or a freak.

I notice Emily keeps looking at the short dresses and skirts and I don’t think she wants me to know. But I’ll grab a some and make her think I did not see her looking at them hehe.

“Hey Emily I’m gonna get your diapers here ok? And don’t worry I wont tell anyone who there for ok cutie?” I laugh a bit as I watch her blush god she is cute and adorable. I hope I can keep her smiling every day she stays with me.

Watching Elizabeth fuss over clothes for the last few hours has been kinda nice, It feels new to me, but it is sweet that she cares so much for me. I’ve only known her for 2 days now, and I’m vary grateful to her for helping me, but I am worried, cause I know nothing lasts forever.

Finally we start to move around more after I sure thought I was going to die in clothes. It seems Elizabeth is going to get me a car-seat for her SUV so I see out the back, well I cant really fight her about it even if I wanted too I know I’m too short, at least she is picking out a Purple one I am ok with that. Now here comes the fun part and I know I’m going to have to tell her cause now its time I pick my diapers.

“Emily I know this might be embarrassing but lets pick out your diapers ok sweetie? and I am going to let you pick them.”

“Umm Elizabeth? I need to tell you the truth ok? The truth is I like diapers, after being in them for a little bit now, they make me feel warm and safe and I haven’t really felt this way ever.”

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