Faking Faeces

Faking Faeces

Vivian looked at the banana. She’d eaten many in her life, some of them salaciously, a visual tease to the boys that could see her, making them shift uneasily in their seats.

She wasn’t going to eat this one. She’d bought it for another reason, waited for it to ripen, made sure she was alone and could safely play.

She didn’t play often, a shared house inconvenient when the games can be heard, or smelled. Her room was private enough, a lockable cabinet providing additional discretion, but she still liked the house empty when she wanted some fun.

Vivian looked at the banana. This was meant to be fun.

The internet had told her it was a great thing to do. All of the sensation, none of the smell. Immediate results, simple clean up. Countless anecdotes and variations on how to approach this new way to explore her interests. She’d decided to keep it simple: lubricate, insert, sensation, outcome. Well outcomes; the banana and what it would do to her.

Vivian looked at the banana. Now the moment of insertion was upon her she felt queasy, uncertain. Did people really do this?

She peeled the banana, looked at its naked form, the enticing aroma making her hungry. Lifting her skirt she sat on the bed, a disposable below her, clean and still fragrant. Taking the banana in one hand she reached for the bottle that would make it slippery; more than it was.

This felt wrong to her. She didn’t do this to her vibrator, arousal providing an innate solution. But her vibrator went somewhere else; this banana would breach new territory. No amount of arousal would make that an easy passage.

Vivian looked at the banana. This wasn’t arousing her.

She sighed, fastened the diaper snugly around her, draped her skirt modestly over the top and looked at herself in the wardrobe mirror. Maybe this worked for people on the internet but she was in her room, in her home.

Vivian looked at the banana. She lifted it to her mouth, took a bite. It tasted good, of childhood and innocence, a simple pleasure. Why insert when she could taste, gain sustenance, let nature take its course. The banana would reach her diaper soon enough.