Fallen Heroes Make the Best Shrinky-Dink Diaper Demons

“I can’t believe I got paired up with a magic girl.” Erin said, rolling his eyes “Seriously, do you need to be showing off your diaper like that?”

“You’re in a diaper too!” Mandy retorted “You think people can’t see your bulge just because you’re wearing shorts?”

“It’s a little better!” Erin said

Mandy rolled her eyes. Seriously, everyone knew that magic users needed to wear diapers. Accidents were inevitable when you were trying to channel magic just because of the toll it took on your body. Erin was even wearing the exact same brand of Huggies for adults that she was.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get this mission over with. Succubus, super powerful. I’m sure she’ll take me five minutes.”

Mandy raised her wand into the air “Magic Start!”

Erin sighed and did the same “Magic Start!”

Hiss! Pffft! Faaart!

The two magic kids peed and pooped their diapers as they felt the magic flow through them.

“Bet you can’t keep up!” Erin said, jumping onto the nearest rooftop. Mandy groaned. She outranked him! Seriously, why did he feel like he had something to prove?

“Be careful!” Mandy shouted as they bounded from rooftop to rooftop “She’s supposed to be close to the park, remember!?”

“Yeah, I- ahhh!”

Erin only barely managed to dodge the magic beam. He landed in the mud, his messy diaper mushing underneath him.

“TWO magic kids this time?” The succubus chortled “I seem to be moving up after I sent the last boy back to daycare.”

Mandy looked at the demon. She was a succubus all right. Red skin, tail, horns, and of course the most massive breasts Mandy had ever seen bouncing freely on her chest. The demon was in nothing but a diaper with a thong stretched over it. Even other species weren’t immune to the effects of magic.

“Oww…” Erin said, rubbing his butt as he staggered up “That was a cheap shot!”


Mandy laughed. Wow, he really was a heavy messer

“Friend of yours?” The succubus asked

“Nah, just temporarily team up to beat you.” Mandy said, holding up her wand

“Hmm, because I think you two would be perfect.” The succubus grinned

The two magic kids charged. The succubus leaned back and hurled two projectiles. Neither Mandy nor Erin was able to dodge in time.

“Hmm-hmrph!?” Mandy said, suddenly finding a massive baby bottle in her mouth.

Glug, glug, glug!

Warm, rich milk flowed down her throat. Spitting out the bottle didn’t even occur to her. Just the tiniest little taste was enough to get her addicted.

“You two are so lucky. Very few people ever get to taste a succubus’s milk.” The succubus said, watching as the two magic kids sucked their bottles dry.

“Y-You- buuurp!” Mandy groaned as she burped. Her stomach felt funny. Magic freely slipped through her fingers but she was having trouble controlling it.

“Burp! Stupid demon!” Erin said, waving his wand at the succubus to no effect.

“No, stop! You- burp- dummy!” Mandy said. Recklessly attacking when they couldn’t control their magic was a terrible idea. But Erin seemed to be under some kind of spell. His eyes were glazed and unfocused and he didn’t even seem to be aiming. The succubus was able to walk up to him without even dodging and puckered her lips.

Smooch! Kiss! Smooch!

Erin got smothered in kisses. His body went limp in her arms. The succubus was able to freely take his wand and snap it in two.


“No!” Mandy said, but her head spun. She knew she couldn’t stop it from happening as the succubus pulled back the seat of Erin’s diaper and dropped his broken wand in.

“I think my baby boy needs to make a BIG poopy!” She grinned, patting him on the head

“N-No… I, erm… burp!”

Erin tried to say something but ended up just burping again. He bent his legs and blushed.

Blorrrp! Riiip!

His expanding diaper tore through the seam on his shorts as he hypermessed, all his magic control and his potty control gone. The succubus stroked his head gently.

“That’s a good boy. Get all those stupid hero powers out. All your resistence is just stinky mush in your huggies now.”

“Bud I big boy!” Erin whined, blushing deep red as he looked back at his diaper sagging low between his knees. Pop! His eyes widened as a long demon tail burst out of his diaper.

“Aww, you’re going to make such a cute little shrinky-dink demon!” The succubus giggled, patting him on the head “Now just hold still and go potty in your pampers while I take care of your friend over here!”

“Grr, I’m not a- burp- stupid baby!” Mandy said, stomping her foot “And I don’t need kisses!”

Kiss! Smooch!

Mandy’s brain felt like it was melting. She’d thought that succubus were supposed to only be effective against boys. She’d never heard of them force feeding you milk. And yet here she was struggling not to hypermess.

“Such a fighter.” The succubus said, rubbing her back “Would it change your mind about being my baby if I said you got to drink more milk?”

Mandy drooled. She couldn’t help it. The thought of more yummy milk was enough to send her pawing at the succubus’s plump breasts.

“Mmm, not yet. Only my babies get to drink my milk.” The succubus said, gently holding her back “Get on your knees, baby girl.”

It was humiliating. Mandy blushed. But she did it. She stared up at the succubus, obediently waiting for her next instruction.

“Now get rid of your stupid wand.”

Mandy knew she shouldn’t. Her wand was special. She grasped both ends and bent it.


“Buuurp! Wow, my head fewls silwy!” Mandy drooled as the succubus took her broken wand from her and dropped it in the seat of her diaper.

“Now, hypermess for me sweetie.”

Mandy squatted and made a face. She was too far gone to resist.


A long demon tail burst out of her diaper and flagged. She got a big, stupid grin on her face as her diaper expanded under her.

Smush! Faaart!

Wave after wave of warm, squishy mush filled her diaper, burying her broken wand. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she shamelessly panted like a dog at the succubus’s feet.

“Milk time!” The succubus laughed, sitting down and watching her two new babies jump up and waddle to her in their packed pampers.

Suck! Suck! Suck!

It was like they’d done this a thousand times before. Their instincts took over and Mandy was greedily gulping down milk from the succubus’s left breast, Erin from her right.

The two magic kids knew they’d be corrupted. This level of exposure to demon magic was sure to mold them into whatever the succubus wanted. But they were too addicted to the milk to care.

Five minutes later there were two new shrinky-dink demons sitting on the succubus’s lap, still nursing but just getting the last few drops. Erin reached on top of his head and felt his horns. Mandy looked down at her pink and scaly arms. They didn’t have claws or spikes or anything like that, they were clearly baby demons but still definitely not human.

“Burp! Tank you Mommy!” Mandy burped, grinning while the demon patted her loaded diaper

“Such good babies! Let’s get you changed into some diapers closer to your size.” The succubus said

Erin drooled and nodded. Both of them had shrunk to about half size, still adult proportions but about three feet tall.

“Bud Mommy! I wike bein stinky squishy!” Mandy complained as she got her butt wiped

“Oh don’t worry, sweetie. All that milk you just drank needs to go somewhere doesn’t it?” The succbus said, taping her fresh diaper shut. No sooner had she said it than Mandy’s toes curled and she made a face.



Next to her, Erin made a poopy mess in his clean diaper too. There was nothing left of the former magic kids. Messing their diapers on the changing mat was enough to send them into a fit of drooly giggles as they farted and filled their diapers.

Six months later

“Dummy diapie hero!” Mandy said, standing on the girl’s back as she panted in defeat. There had been so many of these stupid magic kids lately. Well it wasn’t a problem. She’d gotten pretty good at dealing with them. This group must have had almost fifteen people and now they were all crawling around on the ground trying not to make messes in their diapers.

“B-Bud I’s a big giwl!” The hero whined, kicking and throwing a temper tantrum

Mandy rolled her eyes.

“Potty link!” She shouted. This was a little bit of demon magic that she loved using. She squatted.


Even though Mandy was the one pushing and emptying her bowels, the hero’s diaper bulged and expanded. Mandy’s stayed perfectly white and clean. Mandy loved being messy, but she loved seeing these heroes fill their diapers even more.

“Y-You made me do a poopy!” The hero drooled, her eyes going vacant as all her thoughts mushed into the seat of her huggies.

Smooch! Kiss!

Mandy covered her face in kisses, locking her into a new life of warm bottles, drooly shirts and soft, crinkly diapers. With all the heroes they’d turned lately it sounded like they had quite a daycare going. Potty training wasn’t going well for them.

“Dummy poopyhead!” Erin said, patting the butt of a magic boy he’d just turned into a hypermessing baby. Mandy flicked a bit of magic at him.


Erin’s eyes widened in surprise as his diaper sagged behind him. He huffed and threw a ball of magic back at Mandy.


Mandy did her best to block it, but they were both pretty good at making the other one mess their diapers when they wanted to. A squishy load dropped into the back of her diaper.

“Easy there, babies.” The succubus said, looming over a group of five magic kids squirming at her feet. She snapped her fingers.

Blllrt! Plorp! Pssssh!

There was a symphony of farts and crinkling as five magic kids were turned into dumb, drooling babies. Mandy giggled and held her nose.

“They all weally stinky, Mommy!”

Erin nodded and drooled on this thumb

“Milkies, Mommy?”

“Well you have been such good babies…”

Thirty seconds later, the two former magic kids were sitting on their mommy’s lap with milk and drool running down their chins.

Faaart! Squish!

Mandy smiled as she mulched her thick huggies.

“Does somebody like her full diapie?” The succubus asked, seeing her grin

“A widdle…” Mandy said, squirming with delight as her mommy pressed her hand into her loaded diaper.


“Me too, Mommy!” Erin said, bouncing up and down and was rewarded with butt mushes

“Remember when you two were magic kids?” The succubus asked “Look at you now!”

“We was dummies.” Mandy said

“Uh-huh! Magwic kids stupid!” Erin nodded

“You’ve learned so much.” The succubus praised “Want to go turn some more magic kids into stinky babies once you’re done with milky time?”

Mandy burped and nodded eagerly. Erin giggled. The succubus smiled warmly.

“There are my good shrinky-dink demon babies!”