Family Revenge by RichBaby


I awoke at 2am to my baby crying, so I got out of bed to check on her. Nancy was hungry and needed to be changed. My wife Marie got the bottle as I changed our daughter’s diaper. Nancy’s crying also woke up my stepson Paul in his crib; he also needed a diaper changed. Marie took Nancy after I changed her then I did Paul’s diaper. Marie gave me a bottle and I started to feed Paul. He asked, “Daddy can you tell me a story?” I said, “Ok, what kind of story do you want to hear?” He said “how about one when you was a kid”. As he sucked on the bottle, I began my story about how I was in diapers.

It all started a little before my 11th birthday. You know I have two brothers, Adam was 16 and Jay was 9. I also have three sisters, Brandy was 14, Kathy was 12 and Alice was 9. My best friend moved away, my sister Alice passed into the 6th grade and was going to be in my class. My mood sucked and took it out on everyone. To tell the truth I was a devil and a half for the last few years. However, I was such a charmer that I very rarely got into trouble and any really punishment. Then after my birthday I started to wet the bed, I never did that before so I was very upset about it. Mom was very understanding about it and only put a plastic sheet on my bed. A week later I wet again so mom took me to see the doctor. He ran a lot of test but found nothing wrong with me. He did tell mom that I should start wearing some protection to bed if it started to get worse. No one told any one outside of the family so my secret was safe. I went to a year round school so I had November, March, and July off from school. Every thing went ok for the most part, until we went on break in November. We went to San Diego Ca. for the weekend and I really messed up. Mom made me wear a diaper on the trip so there was not a chance of me wetting the bed in the motel. When mom put the disposable diaper on me, she put oil and baby powder on me too. She even rubbed oil up my butt hole with her finger. I could feel it even after I got in the car. I ended up using the diaper in the car. I was so embarrassed when we got in the motel room as I was changed just like a baby. I only had to wear the diaper to bed and the car ride back home. I made fun of and called some old ladies at the beach some very bad things, when I did not think anyone would see me. I was wrong, as mom was right behind me the whole time. I also did some other things that I will not tell you about.

Once home, I was changed again and then went to bed. I awoke to a wet diaper and a very pissed off mother. I did not know why she was so mad so I just did what she said. I had to eat breakfast in my wet diaper in front off everyone. After we were done, mom asked everyone to meet in the front room. Mom had me stand in front of everyone in just my wet diaper as she told everyone why she called everyone here. She started by telling them what I did in San Diego and that she found some mail in one of my doors last night when she was putting away the last few diapers, from the bag she had bought. Then she told them that I have been acting like a baby for a while and stealing everyone’s mail was an act that a baby would do. She then asked what should be my punishment should be? I was crying by then so I did not hear all what was said then dad picked me up. He carried me to my room and changed my diaper as he told me that for the next 2 weeks I was to be treated as a baby. He told me that if I was good then the 2 weeks would go very fast but if I make any trouble then I will be very embarrassed by what will happen. I stayed in my room for 3 days with only mom or dad coming in to change or feed me from a baby bottle. I hated that I had to use the diaper for poop, but there was no way I could hold it after the first day. On the 4th morning, after my diaper was changed I was taken to the kitchen to eat breakfast with the rest of the family. I had to suck on a pacifier until some takes it out of my mouth, as dad told me to do. Alice fed me baby food as she also ate her meal I hate baby food. Before anyone left the table, I started to talk. Mom told me that I was not allowed to talk. I said" I know I am not supposes to talk but I need to tell everyone that I am very sorry that I took your mail and read it. I had 3 days to think about it and I know that I gave good reason for this punishment. I also understand that I will get more punishment for talking but I really needed to tell you all how sorry I am about all of this. I just hope you all can forgive me?" I also told them all the other things I did to them. Mom then asked if I was done talking. I nodded “yes” as I try to put the pacifier back in my mouth. With Mom’s help put it back in my mouth then asked if the girls wanted to help give the baby a bath? They all did, I turned red but did not put up a fuss when they gave me my bath. After my bath, they put a very thick cloth diaper on me and the biggest pair of plastic pants I ever saw on over it. In just the diaper, I was told to play in the sandbox in the backyard for a while. I knew if I put up any fuss I would get it worse as dad never lied to any of us on what would happen on any punishment. I hope that my little speech would get me out of diapers sooner then 2 weeks. I did enjoy myself playing in the sandbox for a few hours; even Jay came out and played with me. He is the one that told me that mom and dad talked about wanted to add another few weeks to my punishment. Since I was sucking on the pacifier, I just nodded or shook my head for “yes and no”. There was also talk about me going to the park dressed as I was now. I started to cry as how could I ever could get over being seen by anyone from school dressed as baby. Jay did not know what to do so he called for mom to help. She asked Jay what he said to me, as I would not stop crying. Mom held me and rocked me as she told me that Jay should not have told me what he did. That did not help, as she did not say that it would not happen. I finally stopped crying and fell asleep in hers’ arms. I awoke up in a playpen in a very wet diaper, in the kitchen. When mom saw me awake, she asked if I wanted something to drink, I was thirsty so I nodded my head. Mom gave me a choice; in her right hand, she had a sippy cup and the other a baby’s bottle. I pick the sippy cup as I was very thirsty, but before she could take the bottle away, I took it from her. I drained the cup down very fast then started on the bottle. I heard Brandy’s voice with a few voices that I did not recognize. Mom saw the scared look on my face and called Brandy with “Brandy, can you change the baby’s diaper for me?” I almost started to cry but I knew that I had no choice on who changes my diaper. Brandy came in and asked if her friends could help change my diaper. I turned red with embarrassment but I wanted to be change so very much that I nodded my head. Mom shocked me when she said “not this time. I’ll do it this time, but you will need to do it at bedtime.” Brandy said ok and left with her friends. After I finished the bottle mom gave me a bath then put me down for a nap in a clean diaper. After my nap, I stayed in my room and read some book. The rest of the 2 weeks, I stayed inside in just a diaper as we got rain and I had no clothes that would fit over the cloth diaper. I was just glad that no one came over.

When I was changed the first morning after the 2 weeks in to a cloth diaper I thought I had another week of being a baby, but at the table I got the same breakfast as the rest had. I soon found out that only at meal times was I not a baby, this was only for 3 days then everything changed. In the morning, I was put into a disposable diaper and told to get dressed. We all went to the mall for some pre-Christmas shopping. If it was not for the diaper, I was treated just as any 11 year old, and I had a great time. The next day was thanksgiving and I had to help in the kitchen just as everyone else did. I wore disposable diaper in the daytime and cloth ones at night. I was informed if I need to go potty then I need to ask someone to take off my diaper so I could use the toilet. After 3 weeks using a diaper, it was not too hard to regain control of myself. There was talk of me going to school in a diaper if I did not stop going in my pants. I started to get very mad at every one as they took so long to take off my diaper that most of the time I pee in the diaper. After 3 days of this, I started to change my own diaper with out anyone finding out; at least that is what I thought. Dad saw me changing myself but waited until the morning of going back to school. It was the first time in 3 weeks I did not have a diaper on. Dad asked, at breakfast, if I like my punishment and if I adhere to all of the rules? I got a little scared but I did not think he saw me; I had put a tape recorder in their room so I could know what they talk about. Therefore, I told him I hated it and I did what I was told. They only talked about grownup stuff the last few days. He told me that my punishment was changed after my little speech I gave. He told me all the things that were planed but was all canceled because I accepted it all so well. He asked if I changed my own diapers at anytime or if I lied about anything else? Mom told me to stand before I answer the question. I got so nervousness that I wet my pants as I lied and said, “I did what I was told”. The look on dad’s face told me that I messed up again. I always had great timing about what to say or do so that I got less punishment. If I was being spanked I would just take it, I would cry after this first one but I never try to get out of it. Everyone else tries to get dad or mom to stop or try to hide, but I never did. It seems that when I was spanked it was always less then the others and the last few hits did not hurt as much as the first ones did. Dad then told everyone that I did change my own diapers and I was the one that ate all the cookies yesterday and a few other things that I did. Mom told me to go to my room and get undressed and lay on my bed for her! She was very pissed again. When she did come in, she put the pacifier in my mouth, put a cloth diaper on me, and told me to stay in my room all day. I was able to play with my toys so I did have a fun day, with mom bringing me my meals to me. The only baby stuff was the pacifier and the diapers so I was in a good mood when mom led me out of my room for breakfast a week later. There was a highchair that she had me use by the table, and the baby food started. I also found out later that Adam’s room was now mine and it was a nursery with a crib. I was to be treated just like a baby by everyone but I was home schooled and that was the only time I was treated like my age. I knew this would be a very long punishment when I saw my new room and all my big boys clothes was given to Goodwill along with my toys that Jay didn’t want. I got all new baby clothes and baby toys to replace them. I knew if I just wait for the right moment that I could get out of this; it was not going to come any time soon though. The only thing that I was able to get was that I did not have to go outside if I did not want too and I was allowed to hide when the others had friends over.

Christmas sucked as I got only baby stuff and baby toys. Mom did not want to home school me anymore so she got me a tutor. I over heard mom and dad talk out my punishment, they were thinking of stopping it soon. I just had to be nice until then I would be out of diapers. When school started again, mom left me with this old lady that lived a few blocks away. Sam and I always made fun of her and a few times T/P and egged her house. I was very scared of what she would do to me at her house and I will be going there ever day for a long time. She asked me if I wanted breakfast as I stood there in just my baby clothes, I nodded my head. She took my hand and led me to the kitchen where she had me sit in a regular chair. She fed me two jars of baby food and two bottles of formula. When I was done she checked my diaper, it was soaked. She took me to the front room, had me lay down on my changing pad, and did a great job of changing my diaper. She then started to talk about school stuff until it was lunchtime. After lunch, she changed me again then put me into her bed for my nap with a bottle. After my nap, she had me sit next to her on the couch and read to me as I suck on my pacifier. Mom picked me up and asked if I enjoyed myself, I nodded my head. She was a very nice person and never did anything to make fun of me. I thought it was funny that I was such a devil to her and she did not know that I did so many mean things to her. Mrs. Raysan was a very good teacher and I learned a lot with her.

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Family Revenge by RichBaby

In March, we took a trip to Texas to pay a visit to some of mom’s friends, mom said. I try to hide myself as much as I could so no one would know I was a baby. The ride out there was better then I thought it would be no cribs or high chairs. I wore disposable diapers so it was hard for others to know I was diapered. Every other day mom’s friend would show up at our motel and mom would go off with her. I been going to bed so early the last few months that I was asleep before we stopped every night. I awoke up in a crib in a nursery in a house. Mom and a woman came in just then each with a baby bottle. Mom gave me the bottle as she changed my wet diaper in the crib. I knew there was another crib as I heard the woman talk baby talk to someone as she changed a diaper. The cribs were placed end to end so I could not see it or the kid in it. Mom took me out of the crib as I sucked the bottle and took me out to the front room in just my diapers. There were three kids watching TV as mom put me in a playpen right next to the kid that was in the other crib. That is when I got to see that it was a boy about my age and as embarrassed as I was. It took awhile before we could talk to each other with out being over heard. His story was very much like mine but he has been a baby over two years now and it should stop soon. I heard the woman say, “I really think you want to stay a baby. You know you can’t talk with you pacifier in your mouth.” he started to cry as she took him out of the playpen and took him to the nursery. I heard him get a spanking then she came out and did the same with me. She changed my diaper and put something in my butt hole. Mom came in with two bottles and gave me one as I lay in the crib. There must have been some thing in the bottle as I was asleep before it was finished. I awoke to a wet and messes diaper, I never pooped as I slept before. I have always pooped when I wanted too and not like a baby, all the time. I heard Bobby start to cry like a baby and his mother came in. she talked baby talk to him as she changed his diaper. She left with him then came back to me and took me out of the crib. I was not dumb so I started to cry and she changed my diaper too. We spent three days there but I never got a chanced to talk to Bobby again as we only went from the crib to the playpen and back. Once home it went back to the same old stuff. I did not know what mom had stared to put in my bottles but I was pooping like there was no tomorrow. I really try to hold it but could not hold it for more then a few minutes at a time now, I really wanted to be out of diapers now.

I do not know why but ever time I used the tape recorder I never got anything that would help me until the end of the school year. I heard them talk about using this same punishment on every one else. Therefore, I started to get the others into trouble, over the next few weeks I would do some of my worse stuff. Every few days mom and dad would talk more about it on the tape and I would pull something on somebody. I was looking forward to the morning when school started as that was the time mom and dad was going to tell us all. I was the only one that was happy at breakfast that morning. Dad started it off by tell what each one did over the last 4 weeks. I had done it but I made it look like someone else did it. I was so bad that I even got Kathy and Alice kicked off the girl scouts. My smile left my face when mom said, “all that stuff was done by baby John. So he now has another year of baby punishment”. Dad told us that it was a set up and I fell for it. I was not in a good mood when I was dropped off at Mrs. Raysan house. She was able to get me in a better mood and I was happy when I got home. Every thing went the same as always until that weekend. After my nap mom put me in a disposable diaper and put me in my lest baby looking outfit. Mom wanted to take me out shopping but I did not want to go. I had no choice in it, as I was a baby. She told me that if I put up a fit then I would suck my pacifier the whole time. I only saw a few kids I remember from school at the market but none of them was close enough to see my diapers. Mom asked on the way home, “Did you enjoy your outing?” I said “no”! She said, “Too bad, every week you will go out for a few hours”. The only thing that went right for me was that we only went to places far from home.

A few weeks later Mrs. Raysan began babysitting her grand kids. I was so embarrassed when she changed me just like the other babies. It got worse when Patty, her 10-year-old grand daughter came over. Since she changed the other babies she changed mine too, mom loved the look on my face the first time she saw it. She had my sisters start to do mine too. My baby status was more out in the open but I was able to keep any kids from school from knowing about it. Mrs. Raysan was so good that at the end of the school year I was almost ready for the 9th grade. She did help me out a few times, when I would have to have gone out with the family, by babysitting me. A few days after school was out for the summer, some kids egged her house. She got very mad and was almost ready to cry. I almost started to laugh but when I saw her and how sad she got I started to cry. She was so very nice, she did not need this done to her, and I had done much more to her. It was the first time I really was sorry for what I had done. I realize that I could not do as I pleased as I could hurt people that cared for. It took her a long time to get me to stop crying but I stopped after mom got there to get me. With tears still on my cheeks, I took out my pacifier and stated to talk. Mom told me to put it back in but I refused to. As mom reached for the pacifier, I told Mrs. Raysan that it was Sam and I that T/P her house. I told her every bad thing I ever did to her house and then I told mom every bad thing I could remember I have done. Mrs. Raysan told us to leave, as she wanted to be alone. She was crying as we left and so was I. On the ride, home mom told me I was in big trouble. I was put in my crib as soon as we got home. After my nap, I was put in my playpen in the front room. Alice saw that I was so sad and had tear marks on my cheeks still. She asked what happen so I told her all; even the time I put her favorite doll in the trash. She left me crying as she went to her room very mad. Brandy and Kathy came up to me and asked what I told Alice. I told them all and things I had done to them too. Brandy slapped me before they ran to their room. Adam and Jay came in and asked why the girls were all crying? I told them why and then I told them the things I did to them too. Adam took it ok but Jay told me that he hope I stay a baby for a long time. It then dawn on me that in a few days I would be that devil again. I started to cry so loud that dad heard me and came to me. He asked me what is wrong, so I told him everything. He got very mad but his mood changed when I said, “I don’t want to be that mean kid anymore. Can’t I stay a baby forever?” Mom came in, as dad said, “NO, you’re going to be a good big boy”. Mom said, “I need to talk to you before you tell him any thing about his punishment.” I asked “Mom can I go over to Mrs. Raysan and help clean up the eggs?” Mom looked at me and asked if I wanted to go as was dressed as I was now? I said, “She is a very nice person, she needs help with the clean up. I really want to help her and I don’t care who sees me in my diapers, it’s the lest I can do.” Mom told dad to get me ready and she would call Mrs. Raysan that I was coming over.

Dad changed my diaper and only put a shirt on and shoes on me then I was ready to go. I was to the front door when mom asked me to stop. She told that Mrs. Raysan did not want to see me anymore. It took all of my crying and begging to have dad take me over there. Mrs. Raysan was shocked to see me at her door and almost slammed it on me. I hugged her and asked her to please to forgive me. After a lot of crying on both parts, she did forgive me. She would not let me go back outside in just a diaper and a shirt to clean up the eggs. Dad ended up cleaning it all up by himself as Mrs. Raysan played with me. Dinner was on the table when we walked in and everyone was shocked as I did not have anything over my diaper and I was outside. They were very shocked that I want to clean up Mrs. Raysan house, as I was dressed. They were still mad at me but they were still nice to me. That night after my bath, we all watched a movie, the first time I was allowed to stay up. I stilled fall asleep at my normal time of 7:00. The next few days, at meal times, I was allowed to feed myself but it was still baby food. Things started to change after that, I got normal food but it was all cut up into small bits, I even got a sippy cup and not a bottle. I was very upset as I felt that I was growing up again and not be a baby. I threw such a fit that I got a very good spanking out of it. I was so bad that I stayed in my crib all day. That night before bedtime mom and dad had a long talk with me about growing up. It was now up to me how fast, I grew up and what I wanted changed. I could not stay a baby, as I had to be a big boy by the start of the 10th grade. I did not change anything at first but after mom told me that, it was a lot of extra work taking care of me. I started to wash my own diapers and washing my special dishes. I also had to start doing some housework, as we all had to do. It was hard to do some work in a thick cloth diaper so I asked if I could get some disposable diapers. I could but had to do more work around the house. Slowly I started to play big kids games and want to be a big kid again. I still went to Mrs. Raysan for school and she even treated me like a big kid. Around the first of the year, I started to be potty trained again. I wanted to be out of diapers, as I had to go out with the family now and could not stay at my babysitter’s place. When I started the 10th grade, I jumped a grade and I started to go to the high school, I was out of diapers in the daytime for 4 weeks by then, but I still needed them at night. It was just after my 16th birthday that I had my first dry night but I never had more then two in a row. I think I still need to be babyed sometimes.

I put Paul back into his crib and Marie and I went back to our room. She asked, “Are you going to pick up Paul’s bike Sunday?” I said, “Yes, just in time for his 10th birthday party. Don’t worry; I’ll have the shop put it together.” Marie looked at my wet diaper and asked if I needed a changed. I told her “yes”. She asked, “What do you think his friend will say when he wears a diaper to the party?” I told her not to worry about it, as I knew he would change his mind before then. He likes playing baby but he knows that if the other kids found out about it he would be teassed all the time. She said, “I still can’t belive that after the first time he saw you in a diaper he wanted to wear one too. It did cut down on the wet sheets and he seams so much happier now. Did you see his new baby outfit your mom sent him?” I said, “Sure did, he made me put it on him after his bath just so could see him in it. I think my mom like him the best of all her grand kids.” she started to laugh and said " she likes the ones in diapers the best I think and she did agree to watch the next month so we can go out for our 3rd wedding andversier". “You been married to a bed wetter for 3 years, how do you like it?” I asked. She hugged me and said, “I had a bedwetting son for 6 years before I met you so I was used to it. You are the best thing that ever happen to us. Paul loves you more then he loves me sometimes I think.” I laughed as I said “only at diaper changes”. We kissed and cuddle for a while then wet back to bed.


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