Fearne's Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 1 & 2

“Now remember honey I said no parties…” Fearne’s mum said kissing her on the cheek.
“Aww mum” Fearne said cringing away from her mother’s lips. The fourteen-year-old girl shucked her shoulders trying to avoid the kiss.
“Yes and if you do remember to keep some friends overnight so they can help with the clean up. I’ll be back to see you again soon Princess.” Her uncle said ruffling her long blonde hair.
“No, sweetie, please no parties. Your sister will be back tomorrow morning and she will tell us anyway.” Her dad said with a warning stare. He was right too. Claire, her younger sister, would try anything to get a one-up on her big sister.
“Okay so the poker games are cancelled.” Fearne smiled as her parents shot each other panicking stares. “I was told to say that.” Fearne said holding her hands up as her uncle tried to stifle a guffaw.

45 year-old Simon turned to his 26-year-old younger brother and swung a light slap at his head. Joseph nimbly ducked under it.
“Your still to slow old man.” He said with a huge grin. He and Fearne both loved winding Simon up and the nickname “Old Man” was too good to resist. “Bye Fearne and remember be good and don’t get caught.” Joseph said ducking into the back of the SUV.

Fearne’s mother gave her one last hug. As her father slapped his forehead in a sign of exasperation.
Turning to her husband Mrs Cotton said.
“It’s the first time we have left them for any length of time.” She said, turning back to face her eldest daughter. “Mrs Davenport is across the street she will come and help you if you need anything. The dinners are on the menu on the fridge you know how to work the oven…”
“No mum I forgot already…”
“And there is fifty bucks each for you if you decided to order out.” Her mum finished. She kissed her daughter on the forehead again then turned to her husband. “Okay we can go now.”

Simon stood holding the door to the car open. He was in two minds. On the one hand he agree totally with his wife. They shouldn’t be leaving their girls alone all weekend but on the other he wanted to be able to say at least he was trusting them. Caught up between wanting to hug his daughter goodbye and not the problem was settle for him when Fearne ran up hugged him and started to push him into the car.

“Go already.” Fearne said holding her long hair behind her back with her right hand. “You will miss the flight if you take all night leaving. I’ll be fine.” She said pulling her thin arms out of the car and closing the door. Almost instantly the window wound down with a strained hum. “No I don’t want to hear it. I know the phone numbers. I will lock the door if I am in myself so go.” Fearne turned and began to walk into the house.
“BYE” The adults shouted in unison but the door to the house was already closed.

The exhaust was still hanging in the frigid air when Fearne returned to her room. She had locked the door and was now trying to stifle her breathing. She had waited this long a few more minutes weren’t going to be that hard. Opening her cupboard to her reflection she moved past the door and grabbed her school locker keys.

There was a running joke at school that Fearne couldn’t use a padlock because she had both sets of keys for one padlock on her locker.

What they don’t know they won’t find out. Thought Fearne. Sliding the single key with the white Tip-Ex mark on it off of the key chain.

She had searched the entire house from top to bottom to find the perfect hiding place and had eventually found it underneath the floorboards. The house had been built before they had moved in and it appeared that the people who had lived in here before them had added another room to ground floor to create what the Cotton’s used as a utility room. You could get beneath the house at the front door by lifting up the front door mat and opening the hatch underneath. But Fearne had discovered that the hatch in the utility room opened to a completely different area which could not be seen when you opened the other hatch. And as much as she loved her dad Fearne knew that he couldn’t squeeze through the hatch in the utility room. Her slender body could and that was where Fearne was heading now.

As she pulled up the mat Fearne was very careful to make a note of where everything was. She hadn’t gotten all of this stuff so that she could blow by her mum or her sister poking around. Opening the hatch Fearne pulled up the grey refuse sack she had taken from the pile in the garage. Checking the tape she had put around the edge Fearne made sure it hadn’t been opened and that no mice or other creepies had been eating it. Finding it okay Fearne gently ran her finger along the edge of the tape until she found the part she had folded over. Pulling it up slightly, but not pulling the tape apart she saw that the thick black dot was still only half covered, in case someone had opened it and tried to seal it back up the way they found it. Opening the sack quickly Fearne grabbed the green duffel bag inside and put it behind her. Closing the sack she placed it back underneath the floor and replaced the mat. Checking to see that nothing had been disturbed she moved, with the duffle bag clutched at her wrist, to the kitchen.

Her fingers shaking slightly with excitement Fearne unlocked the padlock on the zipper of the bag. Slowly unfastening the zipper to prolong her enjoyment Fearne opened the bag and looked down at the wondrous contents inside.

Gently, tentatively she pulled out the pastel packaging inside. The soft green and yellow colours were mimicked in the soft plastic. This was for it to be safe with little ones. Pulling the packaging apart Fearne grabbed the pink pacifier and stuffed it into her mouth.

Spitting it back out Fearne rushed to the facet to wash the taste out of her mouth. Moving warily back to the packaging the teen began to read the sterilizing instructions. Filling the kettle she switched it on.

Apart from the green light there was nothing that showed the silver machine was even working. Knowing it would take at least a couple of minutes didn’t help Fearne so to ease her frustration she went back to the bag.

Sitting in a neat plastic set were four terry towels. Fearne had saved her pocket money for an age only to find these in the January sales. They still had the pink Christmas bow around them but when Fearne had bought them she had explained it was for her mum’s new bathroom.

Although they had fallen down the back of the bag Fearne reached down and pulled out the four extra large safety pins. They were styled as crayons and had a coloured top that could be pushed down over the point of the pin, almost locking the pin, or removed completely so that it didn’t push against skin and irritate it. Fearne mentally selected the orange and red pins to keep their tops. The blue one could be taken off, as could the green.

The kettle clicked off with a whisper and Fearne dropped the pins back on top of the towels. Taking a clear glass bowl Fearne put it gently beside the pacifier. She then took out the food wrap, placing the paci in the bowl with the boiling water and covered the bowl.

Re-reading the packaging Fearne realised she would have to wait a while so she took the bag and headed upstairs.

The cupboard door was still open in her bedroom when Fearne arrived and her reflection looked so excited. Possibly it wouldn’t look so smug when she was back in diapers but she would never know. Smiling a toddler-like playful smile at her reflection Fearne pulled her laptop from under her bed.

Starting up the machine Fearne searched in her chest of drawers for a less grown up top. Her uncle had taken her and her sister shopping before he left and he had bought Fearne this top, only after much promising that she would be good, but it was far too grown up for someone in diapers. Slipping out of it and her training bra Fearne grabbed the top she had set aside. It was white with a small tartan heart on the centre. She had got it on a trip to Edinburgh a couple of years ago. It had since become too short but Fearne had held onto it because it did make her look very babyish. Slipping on the top she turned to her computer and made some practised moves with her finger.

Moving the pointer to Control Panel she moved quickly into Folder Options. Checking the option to view hidden files her desktop was suddenly alive with transparent files. Clicking on one of her most recent downloads she promptly entered the password and Fearne clicked on the file she wanted.

The jpeg opened up and Fearne maximised the instructions for folding a cloth diaper. Selecting a triangular fold because it meant that she could place a single safety pin across the front of her diaper like in all of her dreams unwrapped the ribbon and took out the first towel.

She had used the sizes recommended for the teen diapers on this picture to buy the towels and coupled with the fact that she had looked down her jeans to see what size she would need Fearne knew the diaper would fit it was just a case of folding it properly.

Fearne’s first attempt was laughable the diaper didn’t even fold into the triangle properly. Shaking her head she started again and this time manage to get it better. Sitting on the diaper like the instructions said Fearne tried to pull the diaper between her legs. It was only then that she discovered that she had folded the entire thing backwards. On her third try Fearne sat on the diaper shape and was proud of her achievement not only did it look like a diaper but also sitting on it Fearne could say with almost certainty that it felt like a diaper.

She moved quickly to the bathroom. Darting like a girl possessed Fearne grabbed the talc and returned to her room. Putting a gentle coating on the diaper Fearne then sat back down on the towel and pulled the final protruding part up between her legs. Pulling and holding the diaper Fearne realised to get the diaper as tight around her toushie as she would like she would need another pair of hands. Pausing for a moment she reached into the bag and drew out two safety pins. She then fastened them at the join where the protruding part of the diaper first met the rest of the towel at her hips. Doing the same at the other side Fearne adjusted the diaper so it was as tight as suggested on the screen before pulling all three folds together and fastening the pin.

Standing Fearne moved to the mirror to consult her reflection. She looked and saw a face that looked as anticlimactic as she felt. She felt like she had wrapped a towel around her waist, something that she did everyday when she came out of the shower. Although she liked the look. Fearne took the tip of her thumb and gently bit down upon it lowering her head in a playful and cute way.

Moving back a couple of steps revealed that Fearne had now developed a slight baby waddle but it still wasn’t enough for her. When Fearne went into the bag for the last time to bring out the rest of the baby equipment she had got she wanted the centrepiece to be properly framed.

Moving back to the bed and plumping down onto the thick duvet gave Fearne a bolt of inspiration taking another towel from the packet she began to fold it like she had done for her first diaper. This time she managed a decent fold on her second attempt and as she began to pin on the second diaper she pulled the tops off of the first pins and replaced them on the second. This still left the final flap of diaper hanging between her legs. Fearne thought about this for a second and tucked it into the first diaper. The thickness this time brought her the startled glee the first time she had been reintroduced to diapers at hospital.

Fearne had been taken in complaining of stomach pains when the doctor had identified a kidney infection. When she was taken into hospital Fearne had been placed in one of the available beds near the supply closet in the self-contained children’s ward. It was there that she had discovered that some of the older kids were in diapers but also plastic pants as well. That night all Fearne could dream of was being put back into diapers and being allowed to play like a baby again.

Placing both hands inside her diaper Fearne unpinned the first flap and threaded the safety pin through the first and second flaps before refastening the pin. Standing Fearne had to waddle to her mirror where she saw her reflection was standing as happy as she was.

Fearne stood at the mirror and moved her hands over the diaper. Turning around she gazed at her expanded rear and giggled. Moving around she moved her body into silly poses accentuating the ridiculousness of her attire. The smile on her lips was completely massive when she turned to waddle back to the bag. Looking back over her shoulder Fearne remembered.

‘Babies can’t always walk’ She thought to herself.
“Me hafta cwawl.” She said in her best baby voice. Sliding down onto all fours Fearne crawled to the bag.

Moving up to the bag Fearne looked at the contents. The centrepiece was still hidden behind the bib and bottle she had bought. Taking the bib she fastened it around her neck making sure that the yellow border and yellow teddy bears where facing the world. Waddling back over to the mirror she looked at her almost complete reflection. Moving back to the bag Fearne started to move the bottle when she heard a whir-click from her door. Twirling around she saw her sister standing there with her Polaroid camera.

“Get out!” Fearne screamed. “What are you doing back?” Her voice squeaked with shame and embarrassment.
Claire moved the camera to her eye and snapped again and again and again. The photos were coming out of the camera so fast that Claire didn’t have to pull them from the machine they were falling by themselves. Grabbing a hand full of photos Claire waved them at her dumbstruck sister’s face.
“Coochy coo!” She giggled.

Fearne was immediately heading forward. She charged her sister in an attempt to grab the photos. Her diaper worked against her, her slightly taller and less stocky build meant that she was normally faster than her sister but, the large bulk between her legs prevent her from reaching her top speed. Her sister was out of the door and locking the bathroom door, across the hall, before Fearne had even reached the pile of photos on the floor.

Claire sat on the toilet laughing. She couldn’t believe it. Her perfect big sister a big baby! There was no way she could deny it. Claire had been watching her trying on her baby clothes. She even had stuff on her laptop about it. She had even spoken in baby talk. Giggling uncontrollably Claire looked at the rapidly developing photographs she had. She held in her hand three absolutely perfect shots. Fearne standing in front of the mirror, Fearne on all fours and Fearne holding the baby bottle. And the one where Fearne turned around to see Claire well her face was a picture and it was crystal clear who it was. The rest of the photos were fair and Claire began to photograph the clearest pictures so she had multiple copies. The camera might have been running out of film but fortunately her kind uncle had bought a pouch that was fitted to the bottom of the camera containing three extra films.

Fearne heard the camera snapping away again on the other side of the door. Pressing her ear against the door all she could hear was her little sister giggling and taking pictures.
Knocking gently on the door Fearne took a deep breath before beginning negotiations.
“Claire…? Can we talk about those pictures?”

Claire felt her stomach leap with delight. She had her sister on the ropes with any luck she would be grovelling before much longer.
“Why? Do you want them for your baby book?” She said with a stifled laugh.
“No. I mean I want them. Could you unlock the door?” Fearne said she had expected her sister to react but not like this.
“I don’t think so. Its not like you need to get in here!” Claire said this time she allowed herself a guffaw.
“I need those pictures.” Fearne said her voice raising an octave with the stress.
“Well then you had better ask nicely BIG sister.” Claire mocked.
“Please Claire, I’m begging you give me those pictures.” Fearne said. She was an emotional girl but she hadn’t cried in an age so she was fighting back the tears.
“I will give you them back but you will have to do something for me first.” Claire said her voice emanating power.
“Anything!” Fearne said her voice straining with emotion.
“Anything?” Claire asked toying with her sister.
“Yes ANYTHING!” Fearne wailed.
“Good. Crawl back to your room and get out your baby things. I will go and get your pacifiers.” Claire said matter-of-factly.
“No way.” Fearne said. This was getting far too freaky.
“Sure thing sis. But I will warn you now. I have here three sets of photographs. A very incriminating set, a very incriminating set and a copy of an incriminating set and you don’t know how many photos are in each set. So if you don’t go into your room I will hide some photos in the bathroom and throw the others out of the window. With your diaper on you will be too slow to stop me and if you try I will still be able to go back and get the photos in the bathroom. Or you can do what I say and I will give you all the pictures.”
Fearne stood with her mouth open staring straight at the door. Her little sister had always been a schemer but this was, well, nasty. Fearne looked down at her diapered waist. She didn’t have a choice. Claire was only pretending she did. Moving onto her hands and knees Fearne turned and crawled across the carpet.

Claire slid open the door a crack. Fearne was actually doing it. She was on her hands and knees crawling back to her room. Sliding through the open door she skipped down the stairs giving Fearne’s diaper a tweak as she went past.

Fearne moved into her room and pulled the duffel bag onto the floor beside her. She pulled out her mum’s old exercise mat and laid it open on the floor. The plastic backed mat was heavily padded to prevent injury to the back during exercise but to Fearne the bright pink insides looked exactly like a changing mat. She had taken it out of the stuff to be sold at the yard sale and hidden it in her room until she could put it with the rest of her baby things. Fearne then pulled out the packaging for the diaper pins. Although she had used the all of the pins on her diapers there were still the two extra crayon heads rolling around in the transparent plastic. Next she pulled out her baby bottle. Looking at the painted Pocahontas picture on the side it was hard to believe that it was this that had really got her into trouble. If she hadn’t been clattering it around she would have heard her sister come in. Next came the brown paper bag.

When she had been in hospital Fearne had questioned one of the candy stripers on duty about the diaper supplies for big kids. The older girl had believed that Fearne was just scared so had humoured her by answering all of her questions. She had explained how there were certain pharmacists who sold special products to hospitals. These products could be bought over the counter for those who knew what to ask for and that all they really needed was a candy striper badge for identification. She explained that the girls usually went across in twos and in their uniforms so that the pharmacist didn’t think that the supplies were for them and that generally the price was almost exactly the same for baby products as for youth products. Even as she finished explaining to Fearne she had had an idea.

Three months later Fearne had helped out as a candy striper for a couple of days to say thank you for to all of those people who had looked after her in hospital. She had kept the ID, the uniform and a shopping list of supplies to buy from the pharmacist. Fearne had carefully added the brand of the most babyish of the youth diapers to the list and was trying to build her confidence enough to buy some disposables. She had however on her way home on the second day of helping walked into the pharmacist and purchased her centrepiece to her baby clothes, a pair of crystal clear plastic pants, in full view of other members of the public without getting embarrassed.

And now here she was waiting for her little sister come back up the stairs and tell her what she had to do to get the photos back so that she could keep her love of diapers her little secret. Delving back into the duffel bag she removed the pink ribbons for her long hair, she gazed at her bedroom door knowing that she would be in diapers until her sister left to baby-sit so any hope of hiding them would be out of the question.

She heard her sister clomp up the stairs. She didn’t need to make that noise but Fearne guessed it was to make her return more ominous. As Claire pulled swung open the door she still had the camera around her neck as some other things in her hands.
“Right then baby sister I think its time you showed me all of your baby things.” Claire smiled placing the thick pink “Hello Kitty” pillow down onto the floor at the door. “But I think you should do it quietly…” Claire held up the pink paci that Fearne had tasted before. “Bring over some of that ribbon so I can tie it around your neck, don’t want you loosing it do we?” She mocked.

Fearne had no choice she stood up and waddled over to Claire.
“No, no, no.” Claire tutted. “That will not do. Babies can’t walk. You said that yourself. What will you have to do?” Claire leaned in close to Fearne.
Fearne looked into her little sister’s eyes. She was enjoying seeing Fearne squirm and she knew that Fearne was helpless to stop it.
“Me hafta cwawl.” Fearne repeated in a deflated voice. Fearne then turned and mooched back to beside her bed. Plopping down onto all fours she then crawled over to Claire who held her hand out expectantly for the ribbon.
Claire then knotted the ribbon and threaded it around the paci. Placing the ribbon over Fearne’s neck she held the teat expectantly at Fearne’s lips. Seeing no other alternative Fearne began to suck on the paci.
‘At least it tastes better now that it is sterilised.’ Fearne thought as she began to nurse the paci.
“Now baby sister you are going to show me all of your wonderful baby things.” Claire said.
“Big sister.” Fearne said in a small voice.
“Now big baby sister you are going to show me all of you wonderfully stinky baby things.” Claire said her voice suggesting that Fearne had better get on with it.

Fearne crawled over to the pile of clothes she loved to have. They were her biggest secret her biggest desires and here she was parading around in them in front of her little sister.
“I bought these terry towels to use as diapers.” Fearne said her voice cracking. “I was planning on using the exercise mat as a changing mat. I have the two heads for my diaper pins so that I could remove them easily…”
“Hold it there.” Claire grinned. “You could remove your diapers easily. Were you planning on wetting them?”
“No.” Fearne said her voice rising in exclamation.
“Well I suppose you wouldn’t. No baby plans on wetting their diapers now do they? Bring me those and lets make sure you stay in diapers.”
Fearne crawled over to Claire who took the pinheads and stuck her hand down the sides of the folds of the diapers. After a couple of seconds Fearne heard the muffled click of success as Claire snapped the pinhead over the top of the pin.
“Its not like I can’t remove them you know.” Fearne said trying not to sound disheartened by being locked in her diapers.
“I know but you won’t.” Claire said menacingly. She didn’t need to elaborate the threat.
Fearne moved back to the bag and pulled out the baby bottles, wipes and then started to move to the computer.
“Wait.” Claire said raising an eyebrow.
“What is it?” Fearne asked around the paci.
“What’s in the bag?”
“I’ve shown you everything…”
“Not the duffel bag Poopy the paper bag.”
“Its nothing.”
“I want to see it.”
Fearne knew that she might as well show it. After-all Claire would likely just go and look for herself if she refused anyway. Pulling out the plastic pants Fearne held them up for Claire to see.
“Wow!” Claire exclaimed genuinely shocked. “Well there is no doubt in my mind you’re a baby.”
Fearne felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment. She would have fantasised about being told she was a baby. But now her sister was saying it she felt almost diminished by the diapers.
“Why are you back anyway?” Fearne wined.
“Mum and Dad told me I had to start baby-sitting at 5. But when I went over to Mrs Davenport she told me that her plans had changed. She is now going out a nine by the way…but I guess Mum and Dad were right. Its only ten past 5 and here is the baby I have to look after.”
Fearne looked to the ground. She had been caught by being unlucky that would burn her up inside later on.
“But enough about me. I have a responsibility to make sure that your diapers don’t leak all over the floor. The best way is obvious being as you’re holding them.” Claire smiled.
“You don’t mean?” Fearne asked her face puckering at the thought.
“I think that I should put them on you. Big baby sister.”

Fearne stood staring at her sister. The tension in the room seamed to sweep in around them as they stared at each other. Every power struggle, every argument was being played out in their minds. But here Fearne was at a total disadvantage. She could do nothing but she should not be seen to give up with no resistance.

But deep down in Fearne’s mind there was a little voice. A tiny part of her, the part that made her buy the plastic pants. The part that made her ask all those questions. And it was loving this.

Fearne bowed her head to her sister in a motion of defeat and Claire strode toward her sister. Taking her by the hand she pulled her toward the changing mat.
“Lie down baby sister.” Claire laughed. Fearne complied. Claire then took the plastic pants from Fearne’s grip and pulled her big sister’s legs into the air. Sliding the pants down Fearne’s legs Claire then pushed her sister’s legs over further lifting her onto the small of her back so that she could push her shoulder between Fearne’s legs and the changing mat and pull the pants over the diaper. “Stand up BIG sis.” Claire mocked. Fearne stood up and Claire busily, and none too gently, tucked all of the stray pieces of diaper into the plastic pants.

“Now show me everything you have on your babified computer.”

Fearne crawled to the computer and Claire walked behind her, admiring her handiwork, Fearne’s rear was completely babyish the plastic pants now gave her movements a slight crinkle.

Fearne began to explain that her uncle had uploaded a free ISP onto her laptop when she came back from hospital so that she could use the Internet without leaving the couch. She had then used the time spent at home to gather as many resources as possible on every aspect of a baby’s life.

“You know everything…” Claire said impressed. Freaked out but impressed.
“I don’t know why…I just kept searching…” Fearne stuttered around the paci. It felt like Claire was extracting her innermost hopes and fears.
Claire then began pointing to the different files forcing Fearne to open them and reveal her desires. There was the picture Fearne had assembled from different websites of a nursery; it even said Fearne on the headboard of the crib. There were the pictures of other kids in diapers, from age 3 to 18 all of them looking so happy…
“What’s in that file?” Claire asked pointing her index finger at the file marked Xp.
“Its nothing…it’s the windows file…” Fearne said, a little too quickly.
“Open it.” Claire said.
“Alright but it doesn’t have any baby files in it.” Fearne said. She knew that by patronising her little sister she could wind her up and hopefully make her leave this file alone.
“Well…go on then.” Claire said tapping her foot against the back of Fearne’s diapers.
Fearne knew that she wasn’t going to convince her sister about this so she opened the file.

The window that opened was full of files and applications that look possible enough to be a windows file but Claire knew her sister was hiding something. Ever since she had caught Fearne on the hop Claire had felt one step ahead. She knew there was something in here but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 3 & 4

Letting her eyes follow Fearne’s gaze Claire then moved over to the opposite side of the screen. It looked like a normal .ini file but the name didn’t sit right. F000364td. Innocent enough but Fearne was deliberately not looking at it.
“Okay I believe you.” Claire said a sweet smile lighting up her face. Fearne visibly relaxed. “But to be sure let’s open a file at random.” Claire put her finger on the screen and traced a lazy swirl landing on the file. Fearne gasped and the paci dropped from her mouth. “Open this one.”

‘How can she keep doing this?’ Fearne thought as the paci hit her chest. Double clicking on the file saw the WordPad file spring open.

The first line was incriminating enough but the file was over two pages long!

“My day as a baby.” Claire read. She started on the second line. “I will need diapers, plastic pants, clothes, paci, toys and a place and time with complete privacy. I will use the shopping list to purchase the disposable diapers so that I can use them without having to do any washing because that could leave a trail.” Claire looked down at her sister. “You want to spend a day as a baby? Well baby sister you can be the baby. I am going to be your baby sitter!” Claire’s smile was not a friendly one.

Fearne could take no more of this. Standing up she pushed her sister out of the way and ran into the bathroom. It was the only place she could lock the door and be alone to think. Her mind felt like it was about to explode with the conflicting emotions that were running around it.

There was a knock at the door. “Oh come on Fearne its not like you have a choice.” Claire laughed. “You either do this or I start posting scanning these photos so that your diapered behind is on display to the world.”

Fearne began to cry. She sat on the toilet and began to cry. Taking the pacifier she put it in her mouth to comfort her and blubbed into it. The baby idea had always been a pipe dream and now here someone she knew and trusted was forcing her into it. Fearne was scared. It would have been the perfect deal had Claire not discovered it all the way she had.

“Claire…” Fearne said in a tentative voice.
“Yes baby.”
“I don’t have a choice do I?”
“Not really. Come on Fearne, I’m not going to hurt you. You want this deep down anyway. I can read it right here.” Claire said her voice was comforting and soothing. Fearne knew she wanted to do it. The fact that she had no choice only made it more comforting that Claire was still pretending she did.
“Okay I’ll do it.” Fearne said unlocking the door.
“Thata girl.” Claire said opening the door and hugging her sister.

Fearne sat on her bed watching Claire as she paced up and down thinking. Her little sister always did this when she had pressed her advantage and was unsure how to proceed.

“We will have to set some ground rule.” Claire said. “First of all you’re the baby and I’m the baby sitter. So what I say goes.” Fearne giggled at this. “You will stay in character for the whole weekend and if I feel you need to be punished I will do it okay?”
“You’re going to punish me? What are you planning on doing? Spanking me? No way Claire I didn’t sign up for this.” Fearne said.
“SIT down” Claire said sharply. “I didn’t say I was going to spank you did I? No. Baby sitters don’t do that do they? No but I can send you to your room. Have you stand in the corner. Take you toys away…” Claire said as Fearne cocked her head to one side.
“Okay. I can live with that.”
“Another thing. We need to set an age for you.”
“Why?” Fearne asked.
“So we can set up some rules on how you act.”
“What do you mean?” Fearne asked again she didn’t like were this was going.
“Well some babies can’t walk. Or talk or even do much beside use their diapers.” Claire said pointedly.

Fearne sat back in amazement. The thought of using her diapers had occurred to her but not before she had built up the courage to buy some disposables. But now it appeared that her sister would expect her to use her diapers now that she was acting like a baby.
“I want to be able to talk.” Fearne said quietly.
“Well it says here that your first words can be spoken as early as a year-old. But you still can’t do much else.”
“No I want to be able to walk as well.”
“Well walking is difficult. I think you’re probably be more of a toddler.” Claire said looking at Fearne’s clothes. “Yes.” She said turning back to the file on baby reports. “It says here that you take your first faltering steps at 13 months. I know let’s cut out all the fuss. You were fifteen-years-old. You’re now 15-months-old. It makes perfect sense.” Claire said turning the laptop around and showing the information to Fearne.

Fearne swept her eyes over the information. She would still have to crawl most times and but she could toddle occasionally. Her sentences would be no longer than five words and she would not know if she was wet or poopy.
“That seems a little younger than what I wanted to be.” Fearne said shyly.
“Tough. Well I suspect that most babies want to grow up faster than they do…” Claire smiled. She walked over to Fearne’s closet. “Now you will need to put something on to cover that diaper bulge.” Claire said almost to herself.
“Why would I need to cover my diapers?” Fearne asked slightly panicked.
“Or we can go and buy your disposables with you wearing what you are now?” Claire said.
Fearne’s mouth dropped open. Her sister was taking this power trip too far. But Claire still held the photographs.
“Why don’t I wear the candy striper uniform and you take the ID?” Fearne asked. “The skirt will cover my diapers and the ID will make sure everybody knows that the diapers aren’t for you.”
“Okay we can do that. I think you better lose one of those towels though.” Claire said pointing at Fearne’s diapers/
“Why?” Asked Fearne.
“Or you could waddle around with a skirt on buying diapers. I’m sure nobody will suspect anything…”

Claire moved to the changing mat and gently tapped it with her hand. Fearne understood and lay down on the mat.
“You’re such a good baby.” Claire cooed.
Fearne’s heart skipped a beat and she could only giggle with delight. She smiled up at her sister who whipped off her plastic pants.
As she began to pull the second diaper free of the first Claire looked down at her sister. “Have you ever…wet your diapers?” She asked quietly.
“No…” Fearne said appalled. “Not yet.” She added quietly.
Pulling the plastic pants back over Fearne’s diaper Claire repeated “Not yet” with a smile.

Claire insisted on getting Fearne ready. She pulled her hair into two long pigtails and made her sit still whilst she pulled the skirt and blouse on. Fearne even had to sit on the floor whilst Claire tied her shoes for her. Claire then took the duffel bag, now re-christened Fearne’s diaper bag and began to put most of the baby gear back into it. Taking the ID from the bag Claire fastened the ID to the top of her jeans and she pushed the shopping list down her back pocket. Taking the pacifier from Fearne’s mouth she then took Fearne’s school bag and put a pair of jeans, the top Fearne had been wearing, trainers and the pacifier into the bag. Turning Fearne around she shrugged the bag onto her sister’s back.

“Now come on those diapers aren’t going buy themselves!” Claire said putting her hand on the small of Fearne’s back and pushing her gently along.

Fearne’s step felt easier than they had done in fact she could move a lot faster without her soft diapers between her legs. That was only a partial comfort because she had found waddling in diapers fantastic.

Moving down stairs Claire had Fearne sit on the couch in the living room whilst she put on the answer machine and check the front door was locked. Fearne sat on the couch and fretted with her skirt. It’s red and white checked material suddenly felt very flimsy to her as if it would billow out with only the slightest breeze. Fearne had worn the plastic pants out on one occasion but she had only gone around the block ‘and it was dark and it she had on baggy pants and it was in the middle of the week so every one was in bed or out or…’ Claire returned and prevent Fearne’s mind from racing out of control.

“Now then let’s go cutie pie.” Claire mocked. Fearne stood up and immediately checked that the back of her skirt was covering her plastic pants. “If you keep checking your pants everybody will guess who the diapers are for…” Claire said leaving the sentence unfinished.

Fearne trotted after her sister into the kitchen. They put on the alarm and moved past the kettle. Fearne looked and saw the second pacifier, this one a sunny yellow, sitting on the counter next to the bowl, she gasped and pointed. “We can’t leave that there!”
“No we can’t can we?” Claire said. “Close you eyes and put your hands out.”
Fearne complied.
“No the other way.” Claire laughed.
As Fearne began to turn her hands over she felt a rush of lukewarm water splashing against the inside of her diaper. Reacting with shock, by trying to bend away from the water but not move.
“Now let’s find somewhere for this pacifier to go. I’m surprised you didn’t suggest hiding it.” Claire laughed.
“That wasn’t fair.” Fearne said sulkily. Although she knew she should have expected it as soon as Claire asked her to close her eyes.
“Deal with it Baby-Pants.” Claire throwing the pacifier onto a chair, out of sight, and pushing Fearne out of the door.

Fearne was in ecstasy and agony at the same time. She loved the feeling of the lukewarm water rapidly cooling in her plastic pants but she hated the fact that she was completely at the mercy of her sister, who as nice as she was sometimes was being equally as nasty.

After they arrived at the hospital Fearne took over the lead and walked her sister down a rabbit warren of side streets until they reach the small pharmacy. The only sign of life coming from the shop was the flickering green neon sign outside. Confidently pushing the door open Fearne stepped inside. Her confidence evaporated when she saw three other candy stripers standing giggling in the queue. Claire simply pushed her into the shop. She to stopped but then gave a shrug of her shoulders and whispered in Fearne’s ear.
“Let’s get your diapers and then get out of here quickly.”

Fearne swallowed hard. Moving to the wondrous diaper aisle she moved past the baby products and went toward the back of the aisle. Standing there she looked at the four different types of youth diaper. The bed wetter pants were just above and Fearne knew if her confidence faded she would simply plump for a packet of Good Nites and leave.

“Look those are on special offer.” Claire said pointing to the diapers for mentally disabled children. They were extremely babyish and made Fearne’s heart go loop-de-loop every time she saw them.
“But those are the boy’s diapers.” Fearne said. Moving for a packet of something slightly more discreet.
“We will just have to ask if they have the girl’s in stock.” Claire said, as if it was nothing.
Fearne closed her eyes and longed for this part of her weekend to be over with soon.

Claire then took the list out of her back pocket. The other medical supplies were in different aisles. A brainwave struck her and she pulled Fearne along by the hand until her big sister began to follow her of her own accord.

Moving straight for the group of other candy stripers Claire called out.
“Wait, you were the group sent down before us?” She said looking puzzled.
“I think so.” One of the other group answered.
“Good. What have you got on this list so we don’t end up buying too much like I did last time.” Claire said playing it cool.
The only cool thing on Fearne was the moisture in her diaper. She couldn’t believe the nerve of her sister here she was chatting away, bluffing away, their appearance in the store and the other group were buying it…
“Got that, and that, that too, and that.” The girl said.
“Okay thanks a lot. Phew that was close.” Claire said stroking her brow in mock relief.
“Why would they send you down though? You aren’t even in uniform.” The candy striper asked.
“I was just starting because my mum and dad are heading out of town for the weekend so I was running late and the doctor told me to be useful to make up for it.” Claire said. She was grasping at straws but she hoped to weave them into a convincing lie.
“Okay. See you up there?” The girl asked.
“It depends where we get stationed.” Fearne said interrupting her sister’s sudden silence. “We might have to stay in reception for most of the night.”
“Ouch! Unlucky.” The girls said. Turning they walked out of the store.
As the girls walked out of the store Fearne relaxed and so did Claire.
The door was still open a crack when turning to her big sister with an evil grin Claire said.
“Now let’s get your diapers.”

Fearne turned toward the door but the girls didn’t come bursting through ready to whip off Fearne’s skirt. In fact she could see them walking away through the glass door panelling giggling. Rounding on her sister her face going a shade of purple she stood there ready to attack.
“Careful. You wouldn’t want me spanking you in the store now would you?” Claire said calmly.
Fearne pulled in all of her emotions and looked at her sister. She was trying to stay mad but her sister had started laughing set Fearne off laughing and diffused the situation.

Moving to the store clerk, a rather bored looking twenty-year-old with long shaggy black hair and wispy sideburns Claire shoved Fearne forward and motioned for her to ask him.
“Ahem…excuse me…M…do you have…?” Fearne stammered.
“I take it you were sent down because they forgot something?” The boy asked.
“Yes.” Fearne said nodding her head viscously.
“Okay and its embarrassing to ask for…what is it you are looking for?” The boy said trying to be helpful.
Fearne had never been so embarrassed and nervous before in her entire life. Here she was in a wet diaper asking where diapers were so she could wear them.
“It’s the girl’s version of the diapers that are on special offer.” Claire said breaking Fearne’s concentration.
“Right.” The boy said understandingly tapping away at the computer. “Because those might even fit you…”
Claire and Fearne both looked shocked.
“I mean…well they could…I could understand why you’d get nervous asking for them.” The boy said it was his turn to stammer. “Hang on I’ll just get them from out back.”

He disappeared into the back store and Fearne turned to Claire.
“I have never been so embarrassed…”
“Yeah it’s a good job you had a diaper on to start with…” Claire joked back before hushing up due to the boy returning.
“I’ll put these in a bag for now so you can get everything else you need.” He said.
“What else?” Fearne asked dumbly.
“On the list noodle brain.” Claire said thrusting the list at her sister.
“Oh yeah.” Fearne nodded continuing to play dumb.

As they walked away from the counter Claire saw a couple of items on the end of one of the aisles. Grabbing Fearne by the shoulder she pulled her toward the accessories aisle.

Fearne looked around in awe. She was surrounded by: child straps, reins and leaders: if Claire was planning to buy any of these she would be in seventh heaven. Claire began to wander around the harnesses. She stopped on a set that was reduced in price. “$7.00” She said quietly. “That’s cheap compared with the rest.”
“By about $50.00.” Fearne agreed.
“Are you a small adult or a large child size?” Claire asked.
“Large child.” Fearne grumped. Claire knew this and had been taunting her about it only yesterday.
“Good. Go and get a basket would you.” Claire said taking hold of the blue harness.
Fearne took a basket and saw Claire wandering around taking things off of the shelves that were on the list.

Returning to the counter the boy was sitting there looking even more bored than when they first spoke to him.
“That’ll be $35.75,” He said putting the items into a couple of bags.
“Here we are.” Claire said taking Fearne’s fifty out of her pocket.

Ever since they were little Fearne and Claire had always been treated the same, same money at Christmas, if one wanted to take up a hobby then the other could as well but to keep fights from occurring their mother had always wrapped Fearne’s presents in one colour and Claire’s in another. She even to this day marked any money she was giving them with either a yellow or green dot.

Fearne wanted to say something but as she was going to be getting the most use out of the diapers decided it could wait until the boy couldn’t hear.

Collecting the change Claire lead Fearne out of the store.
“Now to the mall.” Claire announced.
“Why are we going there?” Fearne asked she had assumed that they would be going straight home so she could be changed out of her wet cloth diaper into a nice dry disposable.
“Public Restrooms.” Claire said with a wicked smile.
“No way…” Fearne said backing away.
“I could always put the harness on you and walk you home. After all nobody thinks anything of a baby walking around with no skirt on and just a slightly soggy diaper.” Claire said already walking in the direction of the mall.
Fearne allowed her head to sink down and began to follow her sister.

Walking was becoming more and more uncomfortable for Fearne. She really didn’t like walking around in the wet diaper. As it cooled next to her skin she found her legs becoming cold and clammy and the skin on the insides of her thighs felt like it was beginning to chaff. To make matters worse Claire was walking at a steady pace and was starting to get further and further ahead of her big sister.

The mall was deserted save for those that really had to be there. The shops were beginning to close and the cleaning staff were starting to move through some of the earlier closing shops.

As they entered the toilets the place was predictably empty so Claire marched Fearne straight into the disabled cubicle and shut the door. Hanging the shopping bags on the hook she motioned for Fearne to turn around.

‘Is she going to diaper me in here?’ Fearne thought her eyes wide with excitement and fear. She turned around and let Claire guide the backpack over her shoulders and off her arms.

Next Fearne found her sister hitching the short red and white checked skirt up around her waist and pulling her plastic pants down to her knees. Leaving Fearne standing in the middle of the cubicle she turned around and emptied the bag of useless medical items, four bandages and a couple of rolls of Micro-Pore, and poured them into Fearne’s bag. She then took the empty plastic bag and moved back to Fearne. Unfastening the safety pin on the front of Fearne’s diaper Claire untucked the front fold and let the flap of towel sway between Fearne’s legs whilst she unpinned the sides. Holding the diaper by its corners she dangled the sopping wet towel in front of her sister’s face. Wordlessly Fearne sunk her head into her hands whilst her sister went back to the bag and removed one of the bandages. Claire handed the bandage to her sister who without any verbal communication began to dry herself whilst Claire dropped the wet diaper into the plastic bag and put it into Fearne’s schoolbag.

Whilst Fearne was drying herself Claire removed the package of teen diapers from the second plastic bag. Turning the purple packaging over in her hands she looked for the tear to open it. Examining the picture on the back of the packet Claire saw that the diaper had two pink stripes that disappeared when wet along the crotch and had pink cuffs and waistband. There was even a cartoon picture of a white mouse, with a pink diaper on, twirling around on the front of the diaper and a picture of the back of the same picture on the rear.

‘I will be able to have some fun with these stripy diapies.’ Thought Claire who went back to Fearne and took the bandage from her sister, handing her the diaper packet.

‘I will be able to have some fun in these stripy diapies.’ Thought Fearne who could just imagine herself running around the old sand pit in just these and a top. A thin smile, that she tried to hide but couldn’t, spread across her lips and when Claire looked back at her big sister Fearne knew that it was Claire who had the power but Fearne was loving it all the same.

Taking the packet back from her big sister Claire carefully opened it at the end and removed the top diaper. To Claire it smelt baby-like and she cringed at the thought of ever voluntarily putting one on.

To Fearne however the smell was absolutely perfect she couldn’t wait to be running around it one. Especially as it was of her own free will.

Placing the packet of diapers into Fearne’s schoolbag Claire took the crinkling diaper and placed it between her sister’s legs. Using one hand to support the diaper she then opened the sticky side tape as the instructions showed and pulled the sides of the diaper together. She then repeated the process with the other side of the diaper and felt her sister shiver as she began to tighten the tapes. Then Claire tightened the middle set of tapes and finally the bottom leaving her sister stuck in the diaper.

Fearne’s body gave a shiver of delight. Wearing many cloth diapers was fun. But this, this was fantastic. She couldn’t believe she was out in public having her diapers changed by her sister. She felt like a baby. Looking at the pink and white delight between her legs she looked like a baby. Claire then pulled up the plastic pants over the diaper and began to tuck them around the diaper. The disposable was quite a lot thicker than the towel was and Fearne noticed the way that the plastic pants were pulled in different directions by the thick diaper under them. Claire then dropped her skirt and let if fall over her diapers.

Claire then pulled the schoolbag onto her sister’s back and they turned and walked out of the toilets.

Claire took Fearne to the bench in the middle of the mall and they sat down on it. Leaning over to her sister she said, “Now wait here little Fearne. I will be back in a few minutes.” Claire then got up and disappeared into one of the superstores that was just closing. Returning a few minutes later with another large bag Claire placed it in Fearne schoolbag before Fearne could get a decent look inside the bag.

As they headed for the exit Claire turned to Fearne and whispered loudly.
“Would you stop waddling like a baby?”
Fearne stared straight ahead and smiled.

“Right then stinky pants let’s get your dirty diaper in the dryer.” Claire said as soon as she heard the door latch click on. She loved watching Fearne jump every time she made a jibe at her diapered state.
“Hey it was you that actually wet them you know…em…Farty pants.” Fearne said back weakly. She was smiling despite herself; in fact she hadn’t been able to stop smiling since she had been diapered.
“What are the rules we agreed Poopy Princess? No sentences over 3 words and no words over 5 letters wasn’t it?” Claire said staring manically at her sister her eyes alive with power.
“No it wasn’t. It was no sentences longer than 5 words and nobody said anything about words over 5 letters.” Fearne said. She was agreeing to this thing because she had no choice, she wanted to, but deep down she had never thought about giving up the ability to walk and talk.
“I know but growing up is hard to do. And by the way Missy get your butt reacquainted with the floor I don’t think you have quite learned how to walk yet.” Claire said pointing her finger to the ground.

Fearne stared at her sister. This was probably the most important power struggle of the weekend if she lost this then her sister would not only think that she had won but she would have proof as well. Fearne stood up to her full height.
“I will go along with this but only because you still have those photos.” Fearne said.
“I’m sorry little one. I can’t understand your baby talk. Maybe if you used smaller words you could get your point across.” Claire said. She knew she had won but Fearne wasn’t going to bossed around that easily now that she thought she was staying in all night.
“I will go…along with this…but only cos…you still have…pics.” Fearne repeated breaking her sentence up.
“That’s better and if you can keep like this for an hour I might see my way to letting you grow up to what we have agreed.” Claire smiled triumphantly. “Now its butts on floor time.”
Fearne hesitated for only a moment then bent down onto her hands and knees.
“What a good baby.” Claire said stroking Fearne’s head.
Fearne smiled she was mad at her sister but she couldn’t help it. It was like the smile had broken through from behind her angry face.
“Now let’s get you change out of my big girl clothes and into some of your baby clothes.”

Fearne crawled upstairs and Claire grabbed the camera and hung the strap around her neck. Changing the film she watched her big sister struggling to remain in a crawling position whilst going upstairs.

Fearne crawled into her room and moved toward her bed.
“No Missy come and sit on this.” Claire said unrolling the changing mat. Fearne crawled over to the changing mat and sat on it. Her diaper spread her legs apart and felt cushiony underneath her body. Claire picked up Fearne’s duffel bag and began to remove the bib and bottles from the bag. She then picked up Fearne’s schoolbag and tipped out its entire contents.

The large packet of diapers bounced on the floor and landed on its side. Fearne watched it with fascination the next diaper out of the packet sort half poked through the end of the open packet but other than that the diapers were thick enough that they stayed stuck inside the packet. Fearne couldn’t help but think of the similarities of her now stuck in diapers. Claire picked up the packet of diapers and moved to Fearne’s underwear drawer. Pulling the drawer out of the dresser she emptied the entire packet into the duffel bag and put the diaper packet into the drawer. Fearne giggled she would definitely know she was a baby now. She had diapers in her underwear drawer.

Claire looked at her sister; she was really enjoying the fact that her diapers were now in her underwear drawer.
‘Well if she likes that.’ Claire thought opening the bag she got at the supermarket. ‘She will love this.’

Fearne saw her sister open the bag that she got at the supermarket and Fearne watched in amazement as Claire pulled out a pink potty. Fearne watched Claire; not wanting to move from her changing mat, as her little sister put Fearne’s potty in the bathroom then close the door.

Claire then sat on the bed and beckoned Fearne over. Fearne crawled over her diaper swaying behind her. Claire then took hold of Fearne’s hands.
“Reach for the sky…” Claire said in a sickly sweet voice. She then began tickle Fearne’s stomach. Stopping Claire began to undo the buttons on Fearne’s blouse before pulling it over Fearne’s head leaving her in just a skirt and diaper. “Now let’s get that silly skirt off. Imagine thinking a girl of your underwear needs a skirt.” Dropping Fearne’s hands Claire moved around behind her sister and unfastened the clasp at the back of her skirt. Pulling away the red checked material Claire left her big sister sitting in just her training bra, diapers and plastic pants. Claire then took the paci on the piece of ribbon and draped it over Fearne’s head. “Now then little one, that’s all you will get to wear just now. If you are a good girl then I will give you some more clothes, let you toddle and even speak big words in an hour. But now I think I had better get you a bottle and then let you rest after our big shopping trip.” Claire patronised.

‘My god she is going to leave me like this for an hour!’ Fearne thought her eyes flashing to the clock. It was nearly six 'o’clock and Fearne had expected one or more of their neighbours to have phoned around by now to ask if they needed anything. How would she be able to answer the phone and convince them that everything was alright if she had to keep her sentences to 3 words?

“Okay Fearne I want you to crawl to the mirror and then look at how cute you are.” Claire said. “Its okay I will let you stand up and look because I want to get a few more baby pictures.”

Fearne crawled over to the mirror and heard the camera whirr-click as Claire stood up and photographed her big diapered butt.

Fearne admired her reflection she would have preferred to have maybe a bib on as well, or perhaps her baby-shirt but she was in love with her new diapers they were so babyish that she thought she was going to explode with delight.

Claire was snapping Fearne from every angle. She was trying to make sure she always had Fearne’s face in the pictures, even using the mirror when she was photographing Fearne’s behind. Looking at the pictures and deciding she had enough shots Claire told her sister.
“And its back to butts on floor, Missy, but I want you to it by having your diaper touch the floor first.” Claire laughed. Fearne tried to do it gracefully by stretching her legs far apart and bending her knees. She had gotten down to almost touching the ground before she lost her balance and landed with a bump on her diapered behind. “Now see you definitely can’t walk.” Claire giggled.
“You made me do that.” Fearne said angrily moving back onto her hands and knees.
“What was that baby…? I made you goo-goo-ga-ga? Sorry. I hope you won’t be a noisy baby. In fact I have decided that no matter how much you grow up you won’t be able to speak with your paci in.” Claire said wickedly.
Fearne removed her paci.
“You are mean.” She said.
“I don’t think you should be able to remove your paci either. In fact you can’t take off any piece of baby clothing I put on you. Okay?” Claire said rubbing her hands together.
“No.” Fearne said her paci swinging against her chest.
“Okay. I will just show these pictures to mum and dad.” Claire said.
Fearne looked at her sister with wide eyes.
“Oh don’t look so surprised. We made a deal on the first set of pictures I took. Now we will make a deal on the next set I’m taking. You are going to be so camera shy by Sunday.” Claire said tweaking her sister’s nose. She then replaced the paci. “Nod if you agree.”
Fearne nodded slowly.
“Excellent. Now let’s get you a drink to help you sleep during your little nap.” Claire said walking toward the door. “Come on Baby-Pants.” She said clapping the back of her thigh.
Fearne scowled and walked after her big sister. This was going too far.

Reaching the top of the stairs Fearne began to crawl down them.
“Oh no baby. I don’t think that’s safe. You will have to think of another way down.” Claire said waggling her finger from side to side.
Fearne looked at the stairs. Crawling down them would have been difficult but now the problem seemed insurmountable. Turning back to Claire Fearne held her arms up.
“I’m not carrying you down the stairs. You might poop on me!” Claire said wrinkling her nose.
Fearne then turned back to the stairs and sat on her diapered behind. Edging it along toward the stair she let it fall onto the stair bellow. Claire gave a quick giggle as her sister beamed with success.

As she reached the bottom stair Fearne moved back onto her hands and knees and began to crawl toward the kitchen.
“Oh no little one.” Claire said putting her hand on Fearne’s back. “I think it would be safer if you stayed in the living room. Just in case anything dangerous falls out of the cupboards. Like solid foods or a Sippy Cup or even a fork. You know baby face something you won’t be using for the rest of your weekend. Now go and sit on that and don’t move.” Claire pointed to the old sheepskin rug sitting on the floor beside the window. Fearne stayed exactly where she was. She would not move so Claire removed Fearne’s pacifier to allow Fearne to voice her concern.
“No not there!” Fearne exclaimed.
“Why smelly pants?” Claire laughed.
“People see me.” Fearne said.
“I’m sorry little one. Who will see you? That word was too big for my baby.”
“Folk see me.”
“And is that a problem?”
“Yes!” Fearne said she was looking up at Claire with wide eyes.
“I’m in diapy.” Fearne said pointing down at her pink waistband.
“Of course you are baby. But that’s because you’re a little baby who needs diapers. Nobody will care because they see babies running around in their homes in diapers all the time. Course you’re too little to be running around but that’s not the point.” Claire said giving Fearne’s diaper a gentle flick with the toe of her shoe. “Now get over there. Nobody will see you because it will only take a minute for me to clean the bottle and put some milk in it.”

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 5 & 6

Fearne crawled over to the rug with a scowl on her face. She was only a metre or so in front of the big double bay windows and anybody could see her if they were looking in. Picking up the edge of the rug she pull it over her diaper so it was hidden from view. ‘That still won’t hide the fact that I am only in my bra.’ Fearne thought disheartened. Listening she could hear Claire washing the bottle in the sink. She even saw her little sister moving around in the kitchen but right now Fearne thought of the kitchen as some sort of out of bounds magical place. ‘At least I will be able to hide in my bedroom for an hour.’ Fearne sighed. She hadn’t realised just how therapeutic sucking on her paci was but she definitely felt better whilst she was doing it. Even when Claire had taken it out of her mouth to let her speak Fearne had felt her mouth move around missing it.

The phone rang sharply in Fearne’s ear interrupting her musings. Claire came out of the kitchen and removed Fearne’s paci. Stretching the telephone cable along the floor she place the phone to Fearne’s left hand side. Pulling the rug away from Fearne, revealing her diaper, she removed her sister’s paci.
“You answer it Baby-Pants its for you anyway.” Claire said before returning to the kitchen.
“Hello” Fearne said to the receiver tentatively.
“Hi Fearne its mum. We are at a gas station and I thought I would…”
“Check up.” Fearne said. She was trying to sound as grown up as possible but still keep to Claire’s rules. After all she didn’t want to be made to act any younger…
“Yes well I just want to make sure everything is okay?”
“Its fine mum.”
“Good I’m glad. Tell me what time is your sister coming home tomorrow?”
“I don’t know.”
“Okay…but what time is it usually its just so I can phone again when we get there so I don’t have to phone twice.”
“Maybe ten or eleven.” Fearne said.
“Thanks darling goodbye.”
“Bye mum.” Fearne said with a smile to the receiver.
“Oh dear.” Claire said from behind Fearne, making her jump.
“What?” Fearne asked shrugging.
“You’re a bad baby. Not sticking to my rules.” Claire said holding the bottle at Fearne accusingly.
“When?” Fearne said defensively.
“Let’s see. Sentences have to be shorter than 3 words. Maybe that’s one word. Ten there’s another. Or well that’s three right there. And then you said Eleven. That’s four words. And to make matters worse little Stinky Pants that word is six letters long! You must think that you’re a toddler or something.”
“Sorry.” Fearne said hopefully.
“Oh no. That will not do. I think that you should be taught a lesson.” Claire said with a brisk nod. Putting the bottle on a coaster on the coffee table beside the TV Claire then ran up the stairs jumping them two at a time.

Fearne sat back and pulled up the rug back over her diaper she had not felt this exposed since she had heard the camera taking pictures.

Claire came pounding back down the stairs holding the bag from the supermarket and the harness. Ripping open the harness Claire advanced on Fearne who stayed very still hoping that her little sister would take pity on her.
“I think its time we made sure that this fits!” Claire said opening up the harness and putting the chest-strap around her big sister’s bra. Clicking it into place she then pulled the two shoulder straps over Fearne’s shoulder and clicked them into place around her back. Pulling the straps tight around Fearne’s body Claire felt a surge of power. She now had her sister exactly where she wanted her. And as soon as she revealed what else she had in the bag Claire was sure that Fearne would never want to be a baby again.

As Claire pulled the straps tight around Fearne she felt herself drawn toward her sister she had never felt so helpless and yet she loved it. It was as if the more she was treated as a baby the more she wanted to be. Fearne was also sure that her little sister still had a couple of tricks up her sleeves for her.

Claire pulled on the two reins attached to the clip at the small of Fearne’s back. They would hold all of her sister’s weight and some more if she tried to pull away. Whether or not Claire could hold all of Fearne’s weight was another story. Claire might have been a year younger than her sister and also slightly heavier but Claire doubted that if her sister really struggled with her she could use her weight to her full advantage. However at this moment in time Fearne was sitting accepting her punishment so if Claire moved quick enough Fearne really would be in no condition to complain.

Grabbing the shopping bag Claire pulled out a second diaper.
“I think we will need this. Safety in numbers that’s what mum always used to say…” Claire said grabbing the hem of Fearne’s plastic pants and pulling them down to her knees. Taking care to ensure that the diaper was snugly strapped around Fearne’s waist Claire began to pull up the plastic pants with one hand. With the other she carefully removed the second item she had bought at the supermarket. It was a strap used to fix a harness to a stationary object. Claire had seen them when she was in the pharmacist but knew that if Fearne saw her buying one she would not agree to let Claire use it on her. ‘Now she doesn’t have a choice.’ Claire though gently connecting the two clips. Dropping the strap into Fearne’s plastic pants Claire then pulled her sister’s see-through underwear back into place. Pulling gently at the strap Claire made sure that Fearne’s crawling wouldn’t pull the strap tight so she wouldn’t notice the strap. The padding around her waist would ensure that Fearne wouldn’t feel the strap in her plastic pants.

Fearne tried to squeeze her legs together. It delighted her that she should have to try so hard because of the thickness of her diapers. She still loved the sound of that in her mind. Her Diapers. It felt so strange and alien yet so wonderful at the same time. If only she could get a chance to experience this alone. Her sister was making her do things that Fearne normally would only dream of but there was almost a longing part of Fearne’s psyche that wanted to be left to dream.

Claire moved back to the bottle of milk sitting on the coffee table. Picking it up she pulled the rug away from Fearne’s hands.
“I was going to let you drink this by yourself. But that was before you decided to be a bad girl.” Claire said scowling at her sister. “So now I will have to feed you this bottle and your water bottle before you go to bed and get your naptime bottle.”

Moving back into the kitchen, taking the rug with her, Claire left Fearne to squirm. She was determined to make her sister as uncomfortable as possible but deep down she was enjoying the feeling of power over her big sister so she might not disgust her sister. No if she planned this right she could make her big sister her baby sister and enjoy all of the responsibility and freedom that entailed.

Fearne looked down at her expansive midsection then to the window. She could already see her neighbours beginning to move around the street heading to wherever they needed to go. Her paci moved quickly between her lips as she tried to calm herself and not panic. After all if Fearne was discovered then all of Claire’s fun would be ended. Sighing Fearne relaxed with this thought. It was then she saw the front door of the Davenport’s house open the two children Alexia and James move outside. Fearne could feel their bright eyes moving across the street. Not waiting to be seen Fearne crawled around behind the sofa and peeked out over it.

Fearne watched as Mrs Davenport followed her children out of the door and locked it. She turned to her children and took them by the hand. Alexia and James were Mrs Davenport’s little angels incapable of doing anything wrong in her eyes however in reality they were little brats who were sneaky, manipulative and even more infuriatingly smart enough to get other people blamed for their wrong doings. Fearne shuddered at the thought of what she would have to do for them if they caught her in her diapers. What she was currently having to endure for Claire would be a cakewalk. Fearne watched with horror as Mrs Davenport led her ten-year-old children over the road.
“Air.” Fearne shouted shortening Claire’s name to only three letters.
Claire walked out of the kitchen holding both bottles and looking at Fearne in a crossed manner. “What did I tell you about speaking with your dummy in, Dummy?”
Fearne removed her paci and stood up to her full height. “Mrs Davenport is crossing the road and I am in my diapers I need to go and hide.” Fearne twirled around and went to move upstairs.
The loose strap at the back of the harness floated too temptingly near to Claire’s hand so she grabbed it.
“Why should you be ashamed of you diapers Stinky-Pants? After all you are being punished and I don’t mind showing my other charges what would happen to them if they cross me.” Claire said yanking the harness strap and pulling Fearne back onto her diapered rear with a crinkle-thud.
Fearne hardly felt the impact with the floor but the shock and distress of her current situation was enough to jar tears from her eyes. Looking back up at her sister she felt her lip pet.
“You’ve got to let me hide.” Fearne said her voice trembling.

Claire looked down at her defeated big sister triumphantly. She had won and all it had taken was a threat she couldn’t possibly have gone through with. Helping Fearne to her feet Claire handed her big sister the two bottles. “Go upstairs and into your bed. I want both those bottles drunk by the time Mrs Davenport leaves.” Claire said releasing the harness strap and patting her sister’s padded bottom.

Fearne tried to run upstairs but her diapers slowed her considerably. It reminded her of when she had been first discovered and she had tried to catch Claire before she got to the toilet. The doorbell rang as Fearne hit the top of the stairs, as she always did Mrs Davenport waited for two seconds before trying the door handle. At the sound of the door handle being turned Fearne stumbled and began to slide back down toward the door. Scrambling on her hands and knees Fearne climbed to the top of the landing and jumped into her room.

Sitting with her back against her bedroom door Fearne heard Claire move to the front door. Unlocking it Fearne knocked the back of her head against the door. How could she have been so stupid she knew the door was locked because she had locked it, then checked it when they went out to buy her diapers. Looking around her room Fearne checked to see if there were any of her baby things lying around. ‘The only things that are for babies are on me.’ Fearne thought suppressing a giggle. She then crawled into bed and slipped the bottle of milk into her mouth. Nursing it in her mouth she began to listen to the conversation going on in the hall beneath her.

“I thought that it was only fair that I made sure you were alright. After all I did promise your mother.” Mrs Davenport said talking down her nose at Claire.
“Thank you it was very nice of you to come around…” Claire said trying to stall the conversation. Fearne listened it sounded to her very much like Claire closing the door into the living room.
“And the kids just couldn’t wait for you to come around and baby-sit them later on. They were so looking forward to seeing you much earlier on.” Mrs Davenport continued, she sounded irked to Fearne as if she had expected to just waltz into the house and expect the place from top to bottom.
“Well I will see you two later.” Claire said her voice sugary thick.
“We can’t wait.” The kids said back in unison equally sugary.
“Well then is your sister at home I was wanting to speak to her I have your costumes for the ball next week.” Mrs Davenport said grandly a bag rustling in her hands.
“Thank you I will make sure she gets it when she wakes up.” Claire said. Fearne could just imagine her little sister holding her hands out. Mrs Davenport however would not give up that easily.
“Oh is she asleep? I thought I saw her moving upstairs…”
“Oh she was when I checked on her. Fearne isn’t feeling very well.” Claire said.
The kids began giggling.
“What is it?” Claire said her curiosity piqued.
“She’s taking a nap.” Alexia guffawed.
“Well so would you be if you had just been sent home from school after being sick.” Claire retorted her voice unkind.
“Alexia.” Mrs Davenport said her tongue harsh.
“Sorry mummy.” Alexia said in a pathetic tone.
“I’m surprised your mother and father left if Fearne was as sick as you say…” Mrs Davenport said gently testing Claire’s story.
“Oh its just a twenty four hour thing. We’ve all had it I guess it was just Fearne’s luck that she caught it last.” Claire said and if Fearne knew her sister she would now be walking toward Mrs Davenport taking her back toward the door and reaching to take Fearne’s costume from her.
“Well of course. Your sister will be fine to leave on her own when you come over at nine?”
“Fearne’s a big girl Mrs Davenport.” Claire said. Fearne gave a rueful smile her sister would be aggrieved at having to admit that when she knew Fearne would be listening.
“Of course she is.” Mrs Davenport said re-affecting her haughty tone. “Well we will see you at nine then.” Fearne listened to the voice fade.
“BYE FEARNE!” Fearne heard Alexia shout up the stairs.
“YES BYE FEARNE!!” James shouted up.
“Bye.” Fearne shouted down weekly.
Fearne heard the door close and the stairs being climbed. Fearne looked down at the bottles. She had finished the one with milk in but was only halfway through the one with water in. Sucking as hard as she could Fearne tried to finish the bottle.

The door opened and Fearne looked at her sister. She was standing framed in the doorway holding a large suit carrier with Fearne’s name pined to it, written in unnecessarily curvy writing.
“Let’s see what we have for you…” Claire said beginning to unzip the carrier. “Oh my god how precious.” Claire said with a massive grin blossoming over her face. Pulling the garment free of the suit carrier she showed it to Fearne. The light brown canvas dress was styled to look like an Indian brave girl costume. All of the stylings looked as if they had come straight from the Pocahontas films. “Well once you grow up a bit we can have a try on can’t we?” Claire asked moving to the closest and hanging the costume on the door.

Moving to the bed with Fearne still sucking away at the bottle with a vengeance Claire sat next to her sister and pulled the pillow away from the bedpost. She was doing this for two reasons, one so she would be comfy sitting beside her sister and two because she wanted to put the rainbow striped anchor straps around it.

Fearne sucked the bottle warily. Her sister was being kind of too nice to her. It was almost as if she wanted to lull her into a false sense of security. Fearne looked down at the diapered bulge underneath her duvet and wondered just how secure she really was but she gave a minute shake of her head. Maybe she was just being paranoid and her sister had decided to go easy on because they had nearly been caught. Finishing the bottle Fearne put it to her side and turned to look Claire in the face.

“Oh that women…” Claire said throwing her hands up. “I don’t know why mum puts up with her…She is sooo infuriating. She thinks she superior to everyone, her kids are little brats and she is always coming around here to make sure she has things that are newer than ours.”
“So?” Fearne asked. Claire talking to her like this, this was unusual.
“I don’t think its fair. Mr Davenport is one of the nicest men in the world and he gets lumbered with her. The fact that he works all of the time only for her to spend the money when she doesn’t have a job is unbelievable.”
“Yes.” Fearne said before Claire placed the pacifier back into Fearne’s mouth and rolling her over so Fearne couldn’t see what her sister was doing.
“But I shouldn’t really be talking to you. It is your nap time so we had better get you all tucked in.” Claire said gently removing the anchor strap from Fearne’s plastic pants. “Now if you need anything I will be right down stairs. You can’t talk but babies find other ways to communicate…” Claire then took the two loops that her dad used to fasten the hubcaps back onto the wheels of the car. They consisted of a long loop of plastic and a fastening part at the end. Claire had seen them when she was in the kitchen as her dad had forgot to put them away before leaving. Slipping the loop in between the anchor strap fastener she effectively locked Fearne to the bedpost. Shortening the length of the strap Claire smiled and kissed her big sister on the forehead. “Sweet dreams little one. You should need to go potty soon but I have fastened you to the bed so don’t worry I will change you if you need it later.”

Fearne sat bolt upright. She immediately felt the harness tighten against her chest. Claire stood up and moved away from the bed. Fearne went to stand up but found that she was indeed stuck to the bedpost. Trying to turn around Fearne found herself winding the strap around her body. ‘How long have I been wearing this strap?’ Thought Fearne.

Claire moved back toward Fearne and pushed her back onto the bed. Standing over her sister Claire grabbed Fearne’s hands and held them together. Letting them fall Claire moved to the bag and pulled out the ribbons that had been around the towel set that Fearne had originally used as diapers as well as the diaper pins.

Fearne had nowhere to go and Claire had made an unspoken threat. She appeared to want to stop Fearne from using her hands. This was too much Fearne had broken her sister’s rules once before and she had ended up like this but there was no way in which she was going to loose the use of her hands.
“Don’t Claire.”
“You are such a naughty girl.” Claire said with a mock scowl.
“You can’t fasten my hands together I mean what if there was a fire?”
“You would scream like you had pooped your diaper and I would have to come running. Don’t worry Fearne I am not going out I am just going to tuck you in nice and tight. I also, for your information, wasn’t going to tie your hands together I was going to use the pins to make sure your wrists were too thick to fit through the gap so you couldn’t try and unfasten yourself.” Claire said taking hold of one of Fearne’s hands and wrapping the ribbon around her wrist. She then took the safety pins and threaded them through the ribbon at odd angles. The pins made Fearne’s dainty wrists a lot thicker and when Claire moved her hand up to the bedpost it couldn’t fit through the gap to get to the locked harness. Repeating the process with Fearne’s other hand Claire then took both of her big sister’s hands and placed them down by her side. Making sure Fearne wasn’t looking Claire then snapped on a loop between the safety pin and the harness and locked off Fearne’s hands. “Now baby your next punishment is easy I want you to keep your arms where they are whilst I tuck you in.” Claire said turning back to Fearne.

“Ok.” Fearne said quietly around the paci.
“Good baby although you really need a new name if you are an Indian Brave. Perhaps
Crinkles-in-Underpants would be a good choice. I know Stinks-in-Diapers what do you think?”
Fearne said nothing she just frowned.
“Good Fears-The-Potty now let’s get you tucked in.” Claire said grabbing the sheets and duvet. She then pulled the bed out slightly and tucked the sheets and duvet against the wall and pushed the bed back into the wall. Pulling the sheets over Fearne Claire then lifted the mattress slightly and pulled the sheets and duvet under it before letting it fall. Standing up with her face red from exertion Claire smiled at Fearne before drawing her curtains and leaving the room.

Fearne could feel the sheets and duvet tight against her body. She also felt the safety pins digging into her wrists slightly. Not so much that they hurt but because of the odd angles they were at the pins could not lie flat on the mattress and this made them uncomfortable. ‘Surely Claire won’t mind if I make myself a little more comfortable.’ Fearne thought. Pulling her wrist away from her leg slightly she felt the ribbon rotate slightly to a better angle so thinking nothing of it Fearne shut her eyes and tried to sleep. After all she had dreamt of this moment for years and now it was here Fearne didn’t want to sleep at all. She didn’t want to be left alone any more because the thought of what Claire was doing to her when she was around Fearne was so magical that Fearne absolutely loved it.

Claire burst back into Fearne’s room with one of the bottles. Fearne wanted to react but the duvet held her down. Claire’s face lit up with the impish grin she saved for when she really had Fearne where she wanted her.
“One more should fill you up enough to sleep…besides you’ll want to have something to do whilst I read your bedtime story.” Claire said pulling the pacifier from Fearne’s mouth and replacing it with the bottle.

“Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to wear diapers.” Claire began. “And even when she grew up she secretly wanted to wear them. So she bought baby things and hid them from her mummy, daddy and big sister. But one day when she was trying them on her big sister caught her. Does this story sound familiar? Anyway her big sister caught her and decided to make her her baby. So one day after her big sister made her take a nap she took her around to the wicked queen’s castle to look after her little goblins.”
Fearne’s eyes went wide. Claire was going to take her around to the Davenport’s!
“The very next day the girl’s big sister decided to take her baby to the beach. The little girl had so much fun playing in the sand in her diapers but she wanted to go swimming but she couldn’t in her big thick diapers so her big sister let her paddle in just her diapers so she could feel the ocean around her…”
Fearne looked at Claire with fear in her eyes. She wasn’t serious was she?
“On the last day before the girl’s parents came back the girl had to tidy the house from top to bottom before they got back otherwise the girl’s big sister would show them the pictures that she had taken whilst the girl was in her diapers. The end. Night, night Crinkles.” Claire said pulling away taking the bottle with her.

Fearne lay where she was with her eyes on stalks. She couldn’t believe what Claire had just said. There was no way her sister would make her do those things. But then would she. And more importantly how hard would Fearne resist. She might have refused to have her arms pinned down by her sides but Fearne has still be put in double thick diapers and a harness without giving so much as a little fuss.

As the door clicked shut Fearne began to work herself some slack by trying to sit up against the tight sheets. Realising that she hadn’t promised to keep her arms down by her sides for her nap Fearne lifted her arms to push away the sheets.

Finding them stuck by her sides Fearne stared at the door. How could her sister have done this too her? Fearne had thought they had reached an understanding but now she felt helpless even more baby-like in fact as she had said something and been completely ignored. Claire had decided what was best for Fearne and Fearne didn’t need to be consulted. The shock and indignation prevent Fearne from shouting out so she just lay there helplessly trapped in diapers with all that fluid swirling around her body.

Claire moved around the kitchen trying to make dinner. It wasn’t that she couldn’t, it was just the fact that Claire really wanted to be tormenting Fearne some more. She was trying to keep her concentration together when really her mind was spinning with how to keep Fearne feeling little. Thinking about the Davenport’s she wondered if she could really take Fearne around in her diapers? Of course she could. Thinking about the Davenport’s and diapers Claire realised that she found the way the two kids tried to one-up each other with their mother interesting. They tried all sorts of things to put each other down and always ended up getting caught in their own little webs. Claire wondered what they could do with information like Fearne in diapers.
“Maybe I should try something similar.” Claire said aloud.
“But I would need more than one baby…” She answered herself. “And I know just the person…”

Fearne awoke from her slight doze. Well she jerked back awake against the sheets. She turned slightly and looked at the clock. It was pointless she realised, as Fearne had no idea when she had been put down for her nap. Rolling back so that she was lying facing the ceiling Fearne considered her options. She could close her eyes try to sleep some more and just try to be good. Or she could try and work her hands free. Both options didn’t include Fearne using her diaper but she could feel the pressure building. She would have to pee soon and she wanted to be able to use the potty…toilet Fearne mentally corrected herself.

“Hey Julie its Claire…” Claire began on the phone. Julie was the little redheaded girl from her geography class who had been her friend since she and Fearne had first moved here.
“Look I was wondering if you wanted to help me baby-sit the Davenport’s then come back to mine after…Why…There is something I absolutely have to show you. Don’t worry we will be staying at mine so you can leave them here…” Claire grinned hearing her friend’s resistance break on the other side of the phone. “Why don’t you come around here first maybe half an hour? Have you had dinner…Your mum says what…We would love left overs…See you in a bit. Bye”
Fearne listened to the half of the conversation she could hear. It made for a scary thinking. Claire would either have Julie come up and check on her first or she would show Fearne happily sitting in her diapers so the two could plan what to do to her when they got back…

Claire was beginning to think she wasn’t like other people. Julie one of her best friends had told her information in confidence and now here she was about to exploit it. Claire’s impish grin spread over her mouth. She wasn’t going to exploit it. It was with like Fearne Claire would offer a choice. She would just make sure that everybody believed that her way of thinking was best…

Fearne sat up against the sheets again and bent her arms to try and push away the sheets so she could see what was holding her arms to her harness. Straining Fearne unpulled the covers and look at her harness. Even in the dark she could see her father’s tags holding them onto her wrists. However her sister’s plan wasn’t full proof. Fearne could see that the ribbon tied around her left wrist was looser than her right and with a few twists and shaking her entire belly and waist Fearne pulled her hand out of the ribbon prison. Turning her attention to her other wrist Fearne untied the ribbon. Now that she had both hands free Fearne could begin to scheme on how to reassert her own authority. She had turned very submissive since Claire had found her in the diapers but she wasn’t a baby and all she really had to do was find the different sets of pictures and then she would be back in control. This was the mental equivalent of babbling Fearne thought. She was trying to distract her mind but all Fearne could think of was that she WAS trying to distract her mind so she wouldn’t think about having to pee. Pulling the covers off of her bed Fearne looked down at the mocking diaper. It was lying there laughing at her. It was ready to do its job and have Fearne confirm her status as the biggest baby in the house at the same time. Running her hands from her forehead to the tip of her nose Fearne sighed deeply. She needed to pee; she wanted to pee in her diapers. There was no problem. But there was it couldn’t be put simply because of the repercussions. If Fearne wet her diapers she would be saying to Claire that she was right all along and that was she a baby. But if Fearne held it much longer she would get extremely uncomfortable and she didn’t want to hurt her insides due to pride.
‘Maybe if I only pee a little bit just to get comfortable.’ Fearne’s mind raced.
‘Oh yes you can get really comfortable in wet diapers. You big baby.’ The other part of Fearne’s mind retorted.
'It’s not like I have much of a choice…" Fearne’s mind replied weakly stung by the voices scathing comments.
‘Why can’t you hold it for an hour? You would be useless on a car journey.’ The voice mocked.
“Of course I can hold it. But maybe I want to use my diaper. That’s what its there for isn’t it?” Fearne’s mind admitted.
“Finally you admit it baby.” The voice retorted.
Fearne sat bolt upright and nearly winded herself on her harness. She couldn’t believe she had been asleep again. She couldn’t even remember lying down. Looking down at her diapers she could feel the voice in her head mockingly superior to her. Laughing Fearne began to giggle slightly. The voice didn’t like that. It began to dissipate dissolving into the dark reaches of our brains that only haunt us in our sleep.

Claire looked at the clock Fearne had been up there 35 minutes and she so far hadn’t heard a peep out of her. Claire was watching TV whilst getting set up. She had taken a double-layered box of chocolates and removed the bottom layer. She had then taken her dad’s micro-Dictaphone and placed it underneath one of the layers of chocolates. The box wouldn’t look the same closed but Claire wasn’t planning on closing the box. She would carry the box with her when she answered the door. This way she would be able to tape Julie when she spoke. That way she would have a means to make Julie pose for a couple of pictures and thus leaving her in charge. Claire smiled. She knew that after the initial shock Julie would take to her new role. She would be a completely different baby compared to Fearne but she would adapt. ‘Speaking of which.’ Claire thought. ‘I wonder how my little stinker’s diapers are doing…’

“Damn it.” Fearne hissed aloud. The pressure had been slowly building and now she really needed relief. Taking a deep breath she forced it through her body and tried not to relax. She would not give Claire the satisfaction of having her coming into her room and finding her diapers wet. Fearne had already come up with numerous plans on how to get out of this situation but they all hinged around her begin able to undo the anchor strap that held her to the bed. After feeling around Fearne had found this impossible without cutting through the two loops that held the lock together and she couldn’t do that without scissors. Running a hand over her belly Fearne tried to keep her body tense and squeezed her legs tighter together. The bulk of her double thick diapers had at first been a joy but now they were a burden between her legs.
‘There is nothing stopping me taking off my diapers.’ Fearne thought. ‘But I still can’t get out of this harness. I need a knife of some kind…or some scissors.’ Fearne thought sighing in almost disbelief. Moving into an almost sitting position she reached for her the drawer in her bedside cabinet. Rolling onto her side Fearne opened the drawer and began to rummage for her manicure set. Feeling a wave of pressure Fearne began to search harder. After a moment of panic where Fearne thought she had put it on her vanity table she grasped the smooth leather case and pulled it toward her.

Then it began to slip from her fingers. At first it was funny as if her own body was plotting against her. Then it was stupid she knew she was dropping it so why wasn’t her tightening grip holding the case? Then it was desperate as the case hit the floor and manicure set bounced back toward the bed. Then finally it was impossible as the set skidded under Fearne’s bed preventing her from reaching it.

But Fearne’s body wasn’t done there. Oh no. As she had scrabbled forward to catch the set she had moved to the edge of her bed. Rolling with a last futile effort to stop the set had unbalanced her completely and Fearne felt gravity accelerate her body momentarily. Stopping with a shudder Fearne felt her bladder give way under the impact as the harness gripped her body tightly and mockingly.

Claire heard the thud from downstairs and was immediately up off of the sofa and bounding up the stairs two at a time. Throwing open Fearne’s bedroom door like some action heroine she was taken aback by what she saw. Fearne was rolling back into bed after rolling off the side with tears welling at her eyes. Looking at her little sister standing in the doorway Fearne choked.
“I…wet my diaper…”
Claire felt every possible conflicting emotion. Here was her perfect big sister in the most malleable state she had ever had her in but she hated seeing Fearne cry it always cut her up deeply inside.
‘Yes you can’t stand to see babies cry.’ The wicked voice inside Claire said.
“Now Fearne you don’t know that remember…” Claire said surprising the wicked voice. “Our agreement was that you don’t know these things. Besides you wanted to be the baby. And they don’t complain if they aren’t changed immediately after one wetting. Why I bet your diaper isn’t even near needing a change!” With that Claire strode towards her sister pushed her back into bed and replaced her pacifier. Ruffling her hair Claire turned, closed the door and walked downstairs.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 7 & 8

Throwing off the bedclothes Fearne stared down at her plastic pants. The clear material showed the topmost of the two diapers. It did look unchanged. The warmth and wetness was beginning to cool and Fearne’s emotions with it. Running a hand over the plastic Fearne thought about all the times she had wanted to wear diapers. Wetting them had been in that list. But that had been by choice. Fearne was beginning to revaluate her thoughts about diapers. The pacifier wasn’t helping the more Fearne sucked on it the more she liked it. In fact the more like a baby she was treated the more Fearne like it. But there was still the massive embarrassment factor that was associated with wet diapers.
“Get over yourself sister…” The voice inside her head laughed. “You used the diapers. Therefore you need them.”
“Maybe I do. But I want it to be my decision.” Fearne told the empty room.

Claire grabbed her camera and practically flew around the living room. Fearne was wet and she had heard her little tantrum as she had thrown off the covers. Moving back up the steps and gently peeping around the corner of Fearne’s still open bedroom door Claire saw her sister lying there apparently deep in thought. The camera was whirr-clicking before Claire really knew what she was doing. Photo after photo began to fall snapping Fearne back to reality. She looked at Claire her face ashen she could not hide her diapers or her harness because the bedclothes were lying out of reach bunched up at the foot of her bed.
“That’s good Fearne now look really angry like someone just told you that they weren’t going to change you until you pooped.” Claire taunted.
“You wouldn’t!” Fearne gasped the pacifier shooting from her mouth.
“Excellent an action shot. I love it.” Claire said. Letting go of the camera Claire let it fall to her chest. “Now after your little excitement I think you really do need some sleep so you don’t get cranky later on.”
“My LITTLE EXCITEMENT!” Fearne shrieked.
“See you are getting cranky. Just a little longer Fearne only a quarter of an hour in fact before I will come and check your diapers.”
“They’re wet. You know they’re wet.”
“No I don’t I haven’t checked them.”
“I’ve told you they’re wet.”
“And being a baby you don’t know that. Although we have been talking using big words and big sentences so maybe you do grow up overnight…” Claire said turning briskly on her heel and moving back down stairs. “And I would keep quiet if I were you. Julie will be here soon and if I were in diapers I would want them to be clean and covered. Not on display in the corner of the room.”

Fearne watched the minutes tick past agonisingly on the clock her diaper cooling all the while. It was strange. When her diaper was first wet it was electric. Then it began to cool and itch. Now it was fading more. And become slightly more comfortable. She guessed that due to the fact that it was a hospital diaper and meant to go hours between changing’s that it could hold a lot more pee in it.

The doorbell rang with a single chime. Claire waited for a second and saw Julie’s flame red hair and face peep around the window. Waving her hand in an overly cheerful way she beamed at her friend. Claire got up and walked slowly to the front door. It was an act by Julie. She was carrying the Good Nites in her backpack and wanted to get inside in case someone with X-Ray Vision was going to see them and begin teasing her again.

Claire smiled as she reached the doorway. She was glad to see her friend but that wasn’t the reason she smiled. No Claire could remember sitting on the fence, so to speak, as Julie came in late one day and almost immediately asked to rush to the toilet. She had been told to sit down by the Maths teacher and when Claire had asked why Julie didn’t tell her. It was only when Julie ran to the toilet during the interval that another girl had pointed out her “diaper bulge” and the whole class knew that she hadn’t had time to even get changed. Claire knew that it would have been Julie’s aunt who had sent her to school in the Good Nite to teach her lesson and due to Julie’s overly good nature she wouldn’t have removed it until she had realised what the other kids would say when they found out.

Julie bounced in the door her red mane following her as always. “Hi Claire its so cool your parents let you stay here alone.”
“Oh I’m not alone.” Claire said moving half in Julie’s way. “We have company upstairs but she is up in her room just now.” Claire said pointing to Fearne’s room. “Chocolate?” She offered the box.
Taking the box in both hands chocoholic Julie moved into the living room. “Oh I love these…”
“Duh. I know…” Claire said following her friend into the living room.
As Julie plopped down onto the sofa Claire watched as the top layer of chocolates move in the box so they were sitting at an angle. Julie however didn’t notice. She was more interested in what cream centre she was going to devour.
“So have you got your…?” Claire began.
“Good Nites. Yeah I brought two just in case I stay over longer. My mum didn’t think you’d mind?”
“Not at all.” Claire said grinning from ear to ear. “So you can wear a double diaper then?” She said trying to sound like she was trying to sound funny.
“Pull-ups please.” Julie laughed before plumping for a caramel cream. She put the box back on the coffee table and removed her backpack. “So why’s Fearne upstairs?”
“She’s in the huff.” Claire said. “I was going to ask her if she wanted to come down for your leftovers but I don’t know if she’ll want to.”
“Pity.” Julie said. She was too nice as a person.
‘I’m just the person to teach her to toughen up.’ Claire decided. “I’ll go ask my big sis if she wants to join us.” Claire laughed at her own mischievousness.
“Cool. I will nuke the leftovers and then bring my stuff upstairs.”
“Leave it there. Its not like anybody is going to see it. And we can do it later anyway.” Claire said beginning to clomp mercilessly up the stairs.

Fearne listened to her sister’s approaching footfalls with terror. She was sure that Claire wouldn’t change her diaper and nice as Julie was she had the same sort of streak that every other teenager has and she would jump all over the chance to make Fearne feel small. Especially considering she would be wearing diapers to bed.

Claire arrived in Fearne’s room looking devilish. “I’ve decided not to take you to the beach tomorrow Stinkarella. I think you would have more fun in the back yard in our paddling pool. Besides you won’t get so cold then. Even your playmate might join you.”
“So you are going to force your best friend into diapers.” Fearne said accusingly.
“No. I will give her choice. The same sort of choice that I gave you.” Claire said removing a pair of jogging pants and the same shirt that Fearne had worn to feel babyish. “Now I think you remember my rules as to how old you will be.” Claire said. “I am going to let you grow up to be fifteen months old. So lucky you will have your butt on the floor and your sentences will only be five words long. Now how long should your words be? I know let’s check the baby computer.” Claire said moving to the laptop.
“Dinner’s ready…” Julie shouted from the bottom of the stairs.
“Okay we will just make it five letters. Keep everything the same. Five steps are all you can toddle, only five words, only five letters. I like it.” Claire said. She then went to the harness strap and cut through it using the pair of scissors she had put in her pocket just in case she needed to get Fearne out in a hurry.
Fearne wanted to say something but Claire was moving so quickly and clearly wasn’t listening she just lay back and let her little sister do her thing.
“Right you can dress yourself and come downstairs. Remember if I catch you cheating I will make you a newborn.” Claire said.
“What about my diapy?” Fearne said finally.
“We will sort them after dinner.” Claire said dismissively. “They aren’t to bad yet are they?” She said her voice softening somewhat.
“I can deal.” Fearne sighed. When Claire was like this Fearne enjoyed being her baby so much.
“Good now I will see you down there Missy.” Claire smiled removing Fearne’s paci.

Fearne smiled then saw her dilemma. Claire’s rules clearly stated that she wouldn’t be able to remove any of her baby clothes. Still fastened around her chest was the harness. Feeling along the back of the straps to the clips Fearne realised that Claire hadn’t cut the strap anyway so she shouldn’t really be able to take it off anyway. Pulling the jogging sweats up over her diaper Fearne realised that the itching had almost subsided for the moment and that she wasn’t too bother by the feel of the wet diaper. The only problem was that her diaper bulge was incredibly noticeable underneath the sweats and the harness was noticeable underneath the tight top. Turning around Fearne looked at her expansive behind in the mirror. She could almost trace the shape of her diaper in the thick grey material and the harness’s connecting piece was very obvious around her back. Sighing Fearne started to walk to the door. Thinking carefully she dropped to all fours and crawled out onto the landing.

Claire watched with a little disappointment as Fearne crawled out of her bedroom. She had been hoping to catch her baby sister walking so that she could force her to crawl into the kitchen.
‘It doesn’t really matter with that massive butt.’ Claire thought. ‘And it’s soon to have a partner…’

Fearne crawled to the stairs then moved down them butt first like Claire had instructed before. She was surprise by how easy it was to keep to her sister’s stupid rules. But then she had still to try and get past Julie without letting her see Fearne’s expansive behind or hear her underwear crinkling. And sitting down on the stairs had revealed another thing. Her diapers weren’t as comfortable as Fearne thought they were. As she had slid from stair to stair Fearne had felt a couple of tender patches of skin that had been irritated whilst in contact with her wet diaper. Lying down she had not really noticed but sitting down applied pressure so she would demand that Claire changed her diaper before she got any type of rash.

Fearne moved down the stairs and behind the stair well. She watched as Julie moved busily back and forth from the kitchen table to the worktops. The steaming leftovers looked extremely good sitting on the table but sitting facing Fearne and the door was Claire her evil smile in place.

Seeing her chance Fearne crawled from the stairwell to the couch. Half lying half in her crawling position Fearne tried to keep her legs curled up tight behind the couch without pushing her expansive rear-end into the air. Claire stared at Fearne smugly. The microwave then began to pop furiously and as Julie rushed to open the door Fearne stood and turbo-waddled into the first chair in the kitchen. She landed on it with a hard poof-crinkle causing Julie to turn around. Looking at Fearne with curious eyes Julie concentrated on rescuing the now over-nuked soup subconsciously running a hand over her own bottom.

“Feeling better Fearne?” Claire asked her head tweaking to an angle with smug glee.
“Fine.” Fearne said trying to sound like a bored put upon big sister.
“Hey Conversation Girl going to shut up we can’t get a word in edge ways.” Julie laughed and looked down to where Fearne was sitting. Her eyes lingered over Fearne’s top and sweat pants. “So where’d you get that bra from?”
“The big clasp shop.” Fearne said with a bored glance.

Throughout dinner Julie stared at Fearne furiously. She appeared to be trying to undress her with her eyes. Fearne tried to act as bored and uninterested as possible but the itching from her diaper meant that her face kept screwing up and she occasionally had to shift her weight causing a crinkle. And throughout it all Claire just kept smiling her impish grin at her big sister.

Finishing dinner Julie and Claire went to start picking up the few dishes from the table.
“Your not helping then Fearne?” Claire asked.
“Not just now.” Fearne said.
“You are going to do the dishes when we are at the Davenports aren’t you?” Claire said her eyes wide.
“Ok.” Fearne sighed.
Julie was picking up the few remaining tubs from the table when her eyes caught upon something sitting on one of the kitchen chairs.
“Oh my gawd!” She exclaimed. Leaning into the table she picked up the yellow item. Holding it up for all to see Julie held the pacifier by its ring. “So whose the baby?” She said pointing it at Claire the Fearne.
“Oh its for you dear.” Claire said smiling. Julie stood rigid with shock.
“You…you…” She began.
“Just kidding Julie.” Claire laughed watching her best friend relax slightly. “No it’s Fearne’s spare. You know in-case she looses her pink one.”
“Claire.” Fearne exclaimed.
“What is it Missy. Embarrassed? I’m sure all babies get that way!”

Julie stood her mouth open. Realisation began to dawn on her face as she walked around to were Fearne was sitting, transfixed by Claire’s words, and Julie saw her massive rear for the first time.
“That explains it.” Julie whispered. “The smell, the noise, it was all your diapers.”
Fearne tried to slink lower in her seat but she couldn’t move. She was exhilarated and petrified in the same moment.

Claire then moved over to Fearne. Taking hold of her arm she gently raised her up onto her feet. Pulling down her pants she revealed Fearne’s double diaper to Julie.
“My god.” Julie said. “Their so babyish. Why are you wearing them?”
“I want to.” Fearne said hanging her head ashamedly. She could feel tears welling up.
“I’m going to have to take Stinky up stairs and changed her.” Claire said turning to Julie. “Would you mind waiting down here.”
Julie’s face lit up. “But her diaper doesn’t look used.”
“Oh no it’s a double diaper because she was a bad girl.” Claire explained. “She is quite wet under there.”
“Then she has no use for here top diaper.” Julie said moving toward the still petrified Fearne. With a smooth movement she pulled the topmost diaper to the floor.

Fearne stared down at her waist. The top diaper was pulled around her feet and her wet diaper was sagging around her waist. The wetness indicators were gone and with it was most of her dignity. As if waking from her trance Fearne looked at both Claire and Julie. Not wanting to be around them any more she tried to take a couple of half steps out of the kitchen. Unfortunately the thick diaper around her ankles threw off her co-ordination and she felt gravity take hold of her body and she landed on her hands and knees on the floor. Not wanting to stop to see what sick plans they had for her now Fearne just continued to crawl through the living room and up the stairs.

Making it halfway to her room Fearne heard the camera clicking again. Ignoring it and trying to block the thoughts from her mind she stood up and walked into her room. Leaning against her door she bit back tears. The floor began to vibrate as Claire’s footsteps, Fearne was sure they were her little sister’s, began clomping up the stairs.

‘I wanted this.’ Fearne thought. But the embarrassment was different than she expected. It was too much at once. It felt like Claire had no respect for her and that she was just being downright spiteful instead of playing at being nasty. Fearne wasn’t going to cry though. She could stick to Claire’s rules and still enjoy tonight. After all they were going out soon.

“Fearne.” Claire said softly pushing against her door. “Can I come in?”
“Why do you need to ask?” Fearne said. She stood up and waddled into the centre of the room.
“Because you know I still respect you. Fearne, I have never done this before. Neither have you…”
“But you still feel that embarrassing me is the best way.”
“You were enjoying it before. Stinky.” Claire said the last word in a cutesy voice which caused Fearne to smile.
“Don’t call me that.”
“I was speaking to your diapies.” Claire said moving into the room. “Now let’s get my baby sister all clean and shiny for when the big girls go out to entertain the brats.”
“You wouldn’t tell them…”
“No, neither will Julie. Besides we both already know we can force her to keep quiet.”
“And what about you?”
“Fearne, you’re my sister and I love you. This is just different for me. I have never had to diaper my big sister before.”
“You don’t have to…” Fearne started. “Would you change me?” She said sighing. Fearne pulled her arms slightly to her side and raised them in an almost defeatist shrug.

The camera clicked once and with a giggle Claire pulled out Fearne’s changing mat. Patting the pink plastic Claire beckoned Fearne to the mat. Fearne lay back on the mat and stared at the ceiling. Her big sister was changing her diaper for the second time this evening. The thought cheered her despite the fact that Fearne was still mortally embarrassed at her sister for exposing her in front of her friend.

With the tapes removed Fearne felt the fresh air around her. Claire took a baby wipe and handed it to her.
“You’re my sister but no” Claire explained.
Fearne cleaned her areas, although if truth be told they didn’t need it. Her diapers were very absorbent and could have handled another wetting before really needing changed.
Claire then pulled out the baby powder and she lifted Fearne’s shirt slightly. Claire then began to absolutely coat the baby powder over Fearne. Great clouds of it were rising from Fearne and as Claire carefully began to pull up the clean diaper from around Fearne’s feet she was very careful not to disturb the babyish smelling mound of white powder on Fearne’s thighs. Refastening the tapes tighter Claire had Fearne stand up. As she did so Fearne found that every movement was accompanied by a cloud of baby powder escaping from the seams of her diaper. But Claire wasn’t finished. Picking up the bottle of baby powder she pulled the rear of Fearne’s diaper from her butt and began to fill up the back of Fearne’s diaper with the powder.

“I suppose it beats you filling this up.” Claire said letting the back of Fearne’s diaper close with a poof of powder. Patting her big sister’s rear Claire sent a cloud of powder from behind her leg holes.
“Why all the baby powder?” Fearne asked. She had wanted to say something whilst Claire had been changing her but her little sister had been thinking far ahead and Fearne would have gotten no sense from her.
“Well Missy for one it will keep you smelling like a nice baby for the rest of the weekend.” Claire began. “And it means you can’t sit on the good furniture without me knowing.”
“How?” Fearne asked.
“Oh that’s easy, whenever you move that big old diaper butt of yours you leave a little trail of baby-ness so I can see where you’ve been.” Claire smirked.
“That’s mean.” Fearne said. She was once again slipping into her baby persona. That wasn’t a good thing around Claire. It was like a deer showing weakness against a lion.

The lion pounced. “Your right. Perhaps I should just harness you to your bed instead.” Claire said. “Or maybe you can come with us.” She said an evil glint in her eye.
“No its fine.” Fearne said. She wanted to sound confident and assured but instead she sounded timid and panicked.
Claire’s tiger grin vanished. “Ok. Reach for the sky.” She cooed. Fearne duly complied and Claire removed Fearne’s top leaving Fearne standing in her harness, bra and diaper. “What a sight. Crinkles.” Claire laughed. She removed the scissors from her back pocket and cut through the plastic loop that was “locking” the harness. Removing the harness Claire moved to Fearne’s closet. Throwing open the doors dramatically she began rummaging around.
“What you looking for?” Fearne asked cautiously.
“What am I gurgle for?” Claire mocked. “Aw baby pants you know you can’t say big long words.” Moving to the bed Claire picked up Fearne’s pacifier and pointed at her. “Or we can just have you gurgle and nothing else?” Fearne shook her head furiously.

Deciding that whatever she was looking for wasn’t in Fearne’s room Claire moved next door to her room. Within minutes, Fearne practically heard the shouts of Eureka; Claire came back into the room triumphantly.
“What you got there?” Fearne asked on edge.
“I can’t believe I still have this.” Claire smiled. “I mean mom said that they went out of fashion in the eighties and yet she still bought me one.”
“What is it?” Fearne asked frantically.
“A dress.” Claire said.
“I’ve already got one.” Fearne said bemused.
“Not like this you haven’t.” Claire laughed. Pulling her hands from behind her back she revealed the dress to Fearne.
Fearne stared at the dress open-mouthed. It was a white, sequined dress with pink puffed sleeves that moved into a pink pattern of flashes down the sides of the dress. The skirt was flared with the seams leaving a gap of about two inches up from the bottom of the dress.

Fearne looked at the dress and then at her sister. Their different body shapes would not help her. Her sister was nearly half a foot shorter and she had a stockier build. This meant that whilst the splits in the dress would stop neatly at Claire’s sides they would sit a lot higher on Fearne’s thinner legs. The tightness of the dress would have accented Claire’s blossoming curves but on Fearne it would hang loose and gather around her naval instead.

“Told you you haven’t seen a dress like this one before.” Claire giggled. “Now Missy let’s get you dressed.” She said patting Fearne’s diaper causing a cloud of baby powder to escape. Pulling the dress over Fearne’s head Claire let the dress drop and it became apparent to both girls just how little of Fearne’s diaper it actually hid.
“You can see my diapy.” Fearne scowled.
“Good.” Claire smiled. “It means that I don’t have to worry about having to take off some of your clothes before I check you.”
“I tell you…” Fearne began.
“No you won’t our little arrangement states that you will do nothing of the sort so when the smell coming from your diaper isn’t as pleasant you will still have to wait for someone to check you.”
Unable to think of a response Fearne just scowled at her sister.
“Then clean you and then diaper you. In fact you have little to do with the process.” Claire grinned wickedly. “Except to bask in the warm glow of a job well done.”
“Not funny.” Fearne sulked.
“Anyway Missy,” Claire began. “Let’s get you all tidied up so Julie and I can go and earn some money.”

Claire removed a belt from Fearne’s chest of drawers and put it around Fearne’s waist. Tightening the belt drew the looser part of the dress further pulling up the short skirt and revealing the bottom of Fearne’s diaper, now with an inch visible when she was standing up, Claire then picked up the plastic pants in her hands. Staring at them for a few seconds Fearne could see her little sister planning what she was going to do with her. Deciding against the plastic pants Claire picked up Fearne’s paci and placed it in her mouth.
“Fold you arms.” Claire commanded. Fearne complied with a puzzled look on her face. “Now look tough and mean.” Claire giggled. Fearne frowned until she saw Claire pick up the camera. With yet another photo to further augment her humiliation Fearne just sighed and let her sister get on with it. “Good now let’s go downstairs and show your new big sister how pretty you look.” Claire said. Fearne began to waddle out of her room. “Ahem.” Claire coughed. Fearne dropped onto all fours and crawled down the stairs.

Julie had tidied up and had closed the main curtains in the living room. She was sitting on the couch and staring at the noise coming from the stairs. As Fearne plopped into view moving down each step at a time on her diapered behind. Julie watched as a cloud of baby powder poofed out the sides of her diaper when Fearne moved down each step. Reaching the bottom of the stairs Julie watched as Fearne crawled over to the couch. Claire was behind her all the way and her camera had been capturing every moment of Fearne’s humiliation. Julie had always thought of herself as a nice person but at this moment she was enjoying the humiliation of Claire’s big sister so much she was stifling a huge grin of pleasure. Fearne crawled to the couch and went to sit upon it.
“No Missy, we don’t want your stinky diapers to make the couch all stinky.” Julie said. She bit the tip of her tongue in annoyance at her ineloquence but Fearne got the message anyway and sat on the floor a spray of baby powder decorating the carpet beside her in a half-moon shape.
“Right then Red.” Claire said to Julie. “Let’s get ready to go.” She said moving to the coat hooks beside the front door.
“We can’t leave a baby running around the house unsupervised.” Julie said.
“What?” Fearne gurgled from behind her pacifier.
“What can we do about it?” Claire said ignoring Fearne.
“What we really need is a playpen.” Julie smiled.
“Hang on.” Claire said she mimed opening a door. “Let me just take the ‘Teen Sized Playpen’ out.” Claire mimed picking up a massive box. “Oops that’s the ‘Big Sister Changing Table’ don’t need that just now.” She said miming putting the box down.
Fearne rolled her eyes. Julie flushed red.
“No. What I meant is we should mark out an area which Baby has to stay in.” Julie smiled. “And if she doesn’t? Well you’ve already said you’ve punished her once…”
“I knew you had it in you.” Claire smiled. Julie looked at her best friend puzzled. “An evil streak all you nice people have it.”
“Thanks you bring it out of me.”

Fearne sat listening in horror. She was getting really fed up of being ignored. But at the same time it was the treatment that most babies received. Claire had hit the nail on the head when she claimed that Fearne had very little to do with the process.

“So what can we use?” Claire asked.
“I don’t know.” Julie shrugged. “Maybe a sheet or something that she has to stay on.”
“Like an activity mat?” Claire said with a wicked grin.
“You have something in mind?” Julie said mimicking Claire’s grin.
“Wait here…” Claire said darting off to the garage.

Whilst Fearne waited in trepidation for Claire to return Julie walked over to her. Remaining standing she seemed to tower above Fearne.
“Well who’s the baby now?” Julie began her eyes wild. “You made fun of me when you first found out I wet the bed. Now I’ve seen you running around, no wait that should be crawling around, in diapers and wet diapers. So who’s the baby now?”
Fearne kept quiet. She had the paci in her mouth and by Claire’s rules she wasn’t allowed to talk. Also she suspected the Julie still didn’t think that Claire would try and regress her as well.
“Can’t talk? Is it because we have our wittle noo-noo in our wittle mouf?”
Fearne felt herself getting angry at Julie comments but she shut her eyes and let the thoughts that Julie would at least have to shut up when it came to bedtime.

“Don’t torment the baby.” Claire said from behind Julie. She had returned from the garage with a folded up brown piece of plastic, as far as Fearne could tell, and a cardboard box.
“Sorry Claire.” Julie said. In Claire’s presence she seemed to fall back to her normal personality. Fearne looked into the red-haired girl’s eyes and saw regret in them.
‘Maybe she won’t be too bad come bedtime.’ Fearne thought. ‘Maybe she just had to get it out of her system.’

Claire then flapped open a brown ground sheet from the garage.
“Its nice but its not really very babyish is it?” She asked the room. Then Claire pulled a large blue package from her back pocket. Showing it to Julie Claire disappeared into the airing cupboard in the hallway. She removed a large pink double sheet and she and Julie proceeded to place the sheet on top of the ground sheet.

Fearne watched in amazement as Claire and Julie took a pair of glue sticks from the box and began sticking the sheet to the groundsheet. The sizes weren’t exact and Fearne saw that there was almost a meter strip free of brown groundsheet. Claire and Julie worked quickly and with almost no talking until it appeared they had finished.
“So she we show baby Fearne her new playpen?” Julie asked.
“Its not ready yet. Let’s leave her to stew in her diapers just a little longer.”

With that Claire moved upstairs, apparently she had something else in mind as well. Julie took the package that Claire had kept in her back pocket and opened it. Taking out what look like a bright red flap of material she placed it in a random place in on the pink sheet.

Fearne sat anxiously sucking at her pacifier. She marvelled at how soothing it felt but at the same time she knew it wasn’t a habit that she could really develop. Claire clomped downstairs and holding the potty she had bought. Surely she didn’t expect Fearne to use it? Claire also had some stuffed animals the pink cushion she had left in Fearne’s room, some spare diapers, the baby powder, baby wipes and her plastic pants.

“Julie lets put the playpen into position.” Claire ordered. The two girls pick up two corners each of the groundsheet and pulled it against the closed curtains. The brown part of the groundsheet sat gently against the curtains with the rest extending out to just stop at Fearne’s feet. “Its almost like it was measure to fit you, isn’t it Missy?” Claire laughed at Fearne. “What no answer? Just too excited is that it?” Claire laughed again before turning to Julie. “Kids.” She said in an exasperated tone.

Claire then took the changing supplies and lined them up along the brown plastic edge of the sheet. Then she took the package from Julie and they both began placing multicoloured pieces of shiny paper on the pink part of the sheet. Fearne just had to sit and watched the two younger girls behinds as they had situated themselves right in front of her so that she couldn’t see what was going on. Finishing the two girls turned around. Julie then moved over and placed her hands over Fearne’s eyes.
“No peeking.” She teased.

Fearne then had to sit for a few more seconds, she guessed whilst Claire scattered some of her baby things around the sheet. It was then she heard the sound of Claire spitting against something. Squirming to try and move away from Julie’s fingers Fearne tried to see through the other girl’s hands.
“I said no peeking.” Julie repeated. Fearne sat still. The last thing she wanted was to be punished by these two before they went out. As the only thing Fearne could think of was to take her with them.
“Finished.” Claire announced.
Julie took her hands away from Fearne’s head and let Fearne see. “There you are.” She beamed over exaggerating the baby talk to a new level in sarcasm.

Fearne took in their handiwork. She was slightly impressed. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes she wouldn’t have believed that the two girls had made this up in front of her. The brown plastic at the back with all the changing supplies on it looked like it was deliberate. The cushions over to one side looked like a genuine sleeping area even the natty multi-coloured dinosaurs, Fearne remembered they were used to repair cracks in the old bathtub, looked like they had been placed by the designers at Playskool.
“Don’t just sit there, Missy, try it out.” Claire said. She was proud of her work Fearne could see it on her face. Crawling onto the mat Fearne felt the cool plastic through the thin sheet. Looking more closely at the glued edges of the sheet Fearne could see that her sister had used one of the older ones; destined in the not-to-distant future to be cut up for dusters; to create her masterpiece.
“If you don’t like it just say so.” Julie taunted.
Fearne really felt small both Claire and Julie were standing up and here she was on all fours in her playpen. Even her stuffed animals were lying around on the mat with her.
“And before we close the gates I’ve got to get a picture.” Claire laughed.
“Oh I know, so precious.” Julie agreed.
“Gates?” Fearne said the shock causing her to think out loud.
“Oh look she is trying to talk. How cute.” Claire said ignoring the question and picking up her camera. With a click whirr-click Fearne was captured again. “I don’t suppose you could lie on your back?” Claire asked shaking the camera. “Its just I want something different for the baby book.”
Fearne looked at Claire with big pleading eyes. She saw a flicker of pity reciprocating in them. Moving onto her back Fearne hoped that this would be the last photo.
“Now the gates.” Julie smiled as Claire pulled the latest picture from the camera.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 9
Moving back to the box Julie and Claire each picked up a piece of wood attached to a large plant pot by suckers. They moved to either side of the sheet, beside the curtain, and turned the pot over. Pulling on the wood Fearne watched as they unfolded the concertinaed fence that Dad had bought to keep the foxes out of the garden. About 60 cms high the fence folded out and, due to its flexible nature, around in a neat semi circle shape. Dad had bought it especially because it matched the shape of the flower patch in front of the window that Fearne’s diapered rear was pointing at.

As Julie and Claire brought the two halves together and fastened them Fearne felt really small and helpless. Although she could easily stand up and move over the fence it was still nonetheless daunting when she saw it rising up in front of her. She guessed that really her head might just be over the top of the fence but when as she was sitting this close she had to look up to look over the top and this made her feel even more like a baby.

“Mmmm.” Claire said mentally running through a checklist. “She has her potty, if she can make it like a big girl. Diapers in case she can’t. Toys in case she gets bored. Somewhere she can sleep if she gets tired. Julie, am I missing something?”
Julie turned to Claire with a mammoth smile on her face. “What if she gets hungry?”
“Of course.” Claire smiled. “We will need to get her her bottle.”
“What about the TV?” Julie asked she had actually dropped her teasing mask for a second and caused Fearne to do a double take.
“I don’t think that little children should watch too much TV. Its bad for the way they develop.” Claire said. “It stunts their maturity or something.” She said her eyes wild.
“REALLY” Julie squealed with delight. “Almost like making them want to wear diapers in later life.”
“Oh nothing that surreal.” Claire giggled.
Fearne looked at the patterns on the sheet waiting for them to tire of this game.
“Actually we only get Nick Jnr till nine.” Claire said sadly. “So our little stinker here would have to spend a couple of hours watching nothing but adverts and that would screw anyone up.”
“Yeah your right. I can’t believe your super-TV only has Nick Jnr till nine though.”
“But I wonder what Fearne had put on her planner for tonight?” Claire asked in her best ‘Believe it or not voice’.

The Cotton’s worked hard for their money and although they may not have been as well off as the Davenports they still could afford the obligatory massive TV set up. Joseph, Mr Cotton’s younger brother, had a friend who worked for a TV company and he had set them up with this TV as a favour to Joe who had done some online work for him. It was so advance that every member of the family had a different planner so they could highlight the programmes they wanted to watch. If their were any clashes they would not only flash but there was an option to record one or the other onto the TV’s hard disc to be watched later on. Neither Mr or Mrs Cotton had anything on their planners for this weekend nor had Claire, she had expected to be babysitting other brats instead of her big sister.

Entering the planner stage Fearne cringed.
“Look what we have here.” Claire smiled. “It appears that little Missy over there had recorded a couple of programmes to watch for tonight.”
“Really what?” Julie asked she sounded genuinely interested.
“Dora the Explorer, the information says this is a Super Babies episode and a Tom and Jerry episode, we will have to take that out far to violent, and two films.” Claire informed Julie.
“What films?” Julie asked she was now in the kitchen filling Fearne’s bottle with blackcurrant cordial.
“Baby’s Big Day Out and Baby Geniuses.”
“Maybe she was hoping to get some tips on staying dry. I don’t remember a single diaper change in either film.” Julie laughed. “Although I haven’t seen them in ages.”
“A nostalgic baby. Who have thought it?” Claire laughed. Fearne watched as she began flipping through the menus on the TV.

Claire moved through the menu’s on the TV, truth be told she was better at using this than Fearne so she quickly selected that all three programmes should play, leaving out Tom and Jerry, then the TV should move into standby mode. Claire was just about to set it when she hit upon a novel idea. Moving through the options she set it so that the TV could not be turned off from the remote or have the channels changed without entering a password first. Thinking for a moment Claire came up with the perfect password. And she was sure that Fearne wouldn’t get it.

“Here you are Missy.” Claire said dropping the remote in the playpen. “Another toy. But you’ve not to chew this one. It works the TV.” She said talking in a simple voice to Fearne. “Its on a child proof lock. So you are years away from even knowing what that is!”
Sitting on the couch Claire watched Fearne watching her. Claire then began to make funny faces at Fearne who smiled despite herself.
“Was that a smile or is the baby breaking wind?” Julie said from behind the couch. She sat down beside Claire on the couch.
“I can never tell.” Claire said taking the bottle from Julie. “There was no poof of baby powder so I guess she must have smiled.”
“Yeah like baby’s fart baby powder!” Julie mocked.
“This one does I filled her diaper with sweet smelling stuff.”
“Well guess what?” Julie began. “She’s going to fill her diaper with foul smelling stuff.”
“Thanks for reminding me.”

Fearne watched her sister and her friend playing this game through gritted teeth, albeit gritted around her pacifier. She could do nothing to escape their jibes without breaking character and that was what they wanted. If she was a good baby and stuck to their rules they would get bored of her and leave her alone. Looking around she had only stuffed toys and diapers to play with so it wasn’t like she could ignore them by playing like a baby. Turning to her right instead she stretched out and began to try and loose herself in Dora the Explorer.

Claire watched her big sister. She was ignoring them. Hoping that they would get bored. It was really getting to Claire. She was having as much fun in doing these things to Fearne than she suspected her sister was. But Fearne loved when she was treated like a baby. ‘And it will be easier when I have two.’ Claire thought turning to face her friend. Julie turned to face Claire and shared her equally bothered look. They both turned back to Fearne each trying to think of something to do to embarrass her.

It was Julie who had inspiration first. “You know we should probably take the potty out of there.” She laughed.
“Why?” Asked Claire.
“Well since Little Missy here…” Julie copied Claire’s new nickname for Fearne. “Has been back in diapers what has she used to go to the toilet in?” Julie asked the tip of her tongue played at the front of her mouth as she desperately tried not to lick her lips with glee.
“Her diapers.” Claire said her impish grin in place Fearne turned around her face wide with terror. “And you’re right. We don’t have time to potty train Missy before we have to go. But we have to let her try. I don’t want to come back to a messy diaper. It’s the last thing I want to deal with.”
“Your right me too.” Julie laughed at Fearne’s wide-eyed panic. “Maybe she will get some inspiration from the TV.” Both girls laughed as Fearne nervously glanced at her diaper.
“Don’t worry Fearne neither of us will make you use your diaper.” Claire said calmly.
“A baby like you knows how to do it without any help from us.” Julie laughed.
“No, I’m being serious here.” Claire said. “If you need to go for a number two do what you feel comfortable.” Fearne moved toward her sister hoping for a glance or two of solace. Instead she found the baby bottle hanging in front of her face. “And this is in case you get hungry.”

Fearne watched as Julie and Claire stood up, still laughing and got their coats. Claire then went around and checked all the doors were locked. Leaving the front door key hanging on the hook she took her copy and showed Julie out.
“You be a good baby.” Claire smiled as she shut the door.

“Yeah Super Babies.” Dora the Explorer began to chant.

With Dora finished and her quest complete Fearne began to crawl around her pen. She was bored. The stuffed toys were no fun and the TV was set so she couldn’t use it. She couldn’t even switch it off from inside her pen. But outside she could have fun. She could even get to her laptop and use the list to see what else she had planned to do as a baby. Moving to the gate part of the pen Fearne looked at the latch. It wasn’t designed as a lock and was more of a linking part to hold the two sides of the fence together. But Claire had changed that she had taken two of the loops she had used on Fearne earlier and locked the two sides together. If Fearne hadn’t been able to step over the fence this would of defeated her.

‘Or would it?’ Fearne thought. Most babies she had known, both of them, had the uncanny ability to escape when they appeared to be shut in. ‘I guess I will just have to think more like a baby.’ Fearne thought with a giggle.

Crawling around the pen Fearne moved all along the fence trying different parts of it to see if she could squirm under it. She had no success until she moved to the plant pot that Julie had put in place. Instead of tucking some of the curtain under it, like Claire had, Julie had just simply placed it in front of the curtain. Fearne smiled. Thinking like a baby she used the pot to stand up and she began to move around the gap. Baby powder marked her escape route but that didn’t matter at the moment.

“Quite the little escape artist.” Fearne remarked. Looking back at the TV Baby Buster had also just escaped from his crib for his grand day out but the parallel was soon lost. Plopping onto all fours Fearne began to crawl upstairs. Finding most of the doors closed and with the door handles above Fearne’s head she found herself sitting on the landing staring at her bedroom door.

Moving to the door Fearne put her weight against it and tried to push it open. Finding it not budging Fearne reached up and opened the door handle. She fell through the door and landed hard on her knees. Dropping the baby persona for a second she stood up and rubbed her knees hard trying to get the redness to subside and also to stretch her legs out. Sniffing the baby powder Fearne turned and saw a small smudge of baby powder where she had been sitting on the floor followed by a massive explosion of powder where she had landed through the door. Shrugging Fearne grabbed her laptop and walked downstairs. Climbing into her pen she booted up the PC and began watch the movie.

Fearne had lost interest in the movie long before Baby Buster had been founded and the saccharine sweet ending had been played out. She had her bottle in her mouth and even the list on her computer was nearly exhausted. As embarrassed as she was Fearne knew that she was having more fun when Claire was tormenting her than when she wasn’t. Rolling to the sleeping area Fearne slumped down onto the cushions and pillows. She didn’t need to sleep, the last time she had been on a bed she had been harnessed so she couldn’t move and had wet her diaper. That was certainly different from what she had expected. And Fearne wanted more.

Baby Geniuses didn’t exactly hold her attention.
‘After all diaper jokes are only funny if you’re not actually in diapers.’ Fearne surmised. It was only once the potty training jokes began that Fearne became inspired.

Julie had left her bag sitting behind the couch. Her bed wetter pants were in her bag. Maybe Fearne could do an exchange. After all Claire’s plan was to put them both in diapers so Fearne could hurry the process along. But first she needed to address her toilet problem. Fearne smirked as she thought about it. ‘Girl how can you have a problem when you now have three bathrooms?’ She thought to herself.

Placing the laptop down onto the couch Fearne walked up to the bathroom and relieved herself. It was as she was staring down at her diaper that she realised that she was dripping baby powder on the floor from the leg holes. The smell of baby powder was following her around more than ever now so she pulled her diaper completely off. Standing Fearne dumped the remaining baby powder down the toilet before wiping herself and flushing the toilet. Stepping back into her diapers she washed her hands and moved to open the door.

It was then she heard the voices.

Alexia and James were giggling. It sounded like they were downstairs and trying to be quiet. The fact that Fearne hadn’t heard the door open only meant that Claire and Julie had snuck the brats in to catch Fearne, possibly whilst she was in her pen. Fearne closed her eyes and let her head sink in a defeated motion; Claire wanted her caught so Fearne would be. Pulling down her tank dress, Fearne was suddenly aware of just how much of her diaper did show from underneath the red hem, she opened the door of the bathroom and stepped out with her head held high.

She immediately found her arms pinned by her sides as Julie took hold of Fearne in a bear hug. Claire then appeared in front of her sister wielding a jug of water. Pulling the front of her big sister’s diaper down slightly Claire emptied the warm water into Fearne’s diaper all at once. Julie then released Fearne and moved beside her friend laughing as Fearne stood dumbfounded with her legs apart, hunching over, looking at her soaked diaper and her mouth hanging wide open. Pulling her camera up to her eye Claire once again snapped her sister.
“Good trip to the bathroom?” Julie asked coyly.
“Was it productive?” Claire chimed in.
“Or did it not make much of a splash?” Julie finished letting out a snigger.
Fearne lifted her head to glare at the younger girls but found only her pacifier waiting for her. Looking into Claire’s eyes Fearne reluctantly took the paci in her mouth and then moved onto all fours.
“I know you’re surprised to see us.” Claire smiled.
“Yes we can see the surprise all over your diaper.” Julie said her tongue clicking. “Aren’t you going to ask if we had a good time?”
“We got you lots of nice presents.” Claire laughed. “They are all downstairs in your pen. And if you’re a good enough baby we might even change you once we get down there.”
“Change her into what?” Julie smirked giving Claire a nudge in the ribs.
“I was thinking a nice flower.” Claire said and both she and Julie had a private laugh to themselves.
‘And you thought you missed this, Girlie’ Fearne’s subconscious mocked.

Once downstairs Fearne saw that Claire and Julie had borrowed a load of toys and games from the Davenports. She knew that Mrs Davenport would take great delight in coming around to ask for it all back soon, especially if it wasn’t returned within a couple of days, so Claire would have tricked her into letting Julie and her take everything they wanted.

‘Or need to make my life that little bit more unbearable.’ Fearne thought as Claire lifted the gate upwards so that she could crawl under into her pen. Julie took the same opportunity to lift Fearne’s skirt and allow her wet and sagging diaper to be seen. It was then that she heard Alexia and James’s voices again. Turning quickly on her knees Fearne spun toward the voices her pacifier flying from her lips. Looking she could only see Claire’s legs as the edge of the pen dropped inches from her face sealing her in.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 10

‘Or need to make my life that little bit more unbearable.’ Fearne thought as Claire lifted the gate upwards so that she could crawl under into her pen. Julie took the same opportunity to lift Fearne’s skirt and allow her wet and sagging diaper to be seen. It was then that she heard Alexia and James’s voices again. Turning quickly on her knees Fearne spun toward the voices her pacifier flying from her lips. Looking she could only see Claire’s legs as the edge of the pen dropped inches from her face sealing her in.

“I wouldn’t do that to you.” Claire said holding the recording device in her hands. “Its amazing just how much noise those brats make when you tell them they have to be quiet.”
“Yeah we just recorded them at bedtime.” Julie said plumping down on the couch. “I hope you weren’t too scared Fearne, there are only four diapers in your pen.”

Fearne was visibly shaking with fear and anger. Claire attempted to calm the situation a little.
“We wouldn’t do that to you.” She reiterated. “Fearne, honestly I wouldn’t.”
“I know.” Fearne said swallowing hard. “Its not funny.” She remembered to stick to Claire’s rules about speaking.

Getting control of herself Fearne looked expectantly at Claire and Julie.
“What is it Missy?” Claire asked.
“My toys?” Fearne asked.
“Oh you mean where are my new toys in my pen?” Julie asked. “Well babies who find they have moistened their underwear will just have to wait until the big girls make sure that the toys are safe for little ones.”
“Isn’t weird how the baby is more interested in toys than having her diaper changed?” Claire asked. “It must suck being only 15 months old.”

Julie and Claire moved to the pile of toys and games they had borrowed from the Davenports. Although Claire and Fearne did have a lot of toys in the house the Davenports obviously had to have the most expensive and top of the line toys for their little angels.

Fearne watched as a couple of dolls where pulled out of the bag, as well as a couple of board games. At one point Julie even picked up some clothes, Fearne guessed that they were costume pieces for dance recitals. The younger girls appeared to be plotting and scheming as they took the toys and games out of the bag and this gave Fearne an ominous sense of dread.

Turning to Fearne Julie and Claire walked back to the pen with their arms behind their backs each one tightly holding a toy. Sitting on the couch looking at Fearne Claire began to assess the room.
“The baby in the damper pampers was out of her pen when we came back Julie.”
“Your right Claire.” Julie agreed. “And her loaded Luvs have left a little trail for us to follow where she’s been.”
Claire smirked at Julie giving her a wicked smile. “Perhaps we should follow it and see what little Missy here has been up to. If only there was some way we could get her to follow us without having us having to carry around our squirming little stinky pants.” Julie looked at Fearne confused. “But there is. Isn’t there baby sister?” Claire added taking her face down to beside Fearne.
Fearne crossed her arms, an act that she wanted to look defiant but instead made her look like a huffy baby.
“Ooh look at that.” Julie mocked. “The baby doesn’t have her pacifier and she has forgotten how to talk. Maybe she is getting younger.”
“That would be a shame. Imagine if one day you’re a great big 15 month year old baby and then the next you are a newborn with no toys, because your too little, and nothing to do but fill your diapers.” Claire played along with Julie.
“I don’t want to.” Fearne said.
“Don’t want to what Missy?” Claire asked coyly
“Get young.” Fearne concluded.
“Well I guess you’ll just have to answer when an ADULT asks you a question then.” Claire commanded.
“So is your diaper comfortable?” Julie asked baiting Fearne.
“Not whilst wet.” Fearne said.
“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.” Claire tutted. “I think stinky pants here is forgetting her place, what with the big people’s words she is trying to use…”
“Maybe she needs some inspiration.” Julie said nudging Claire in the ribs.
“Of course she needs to be introduced to her new playmate.” Claire said. She looked at Julie with a strange glance before moving behind her back and showing Fearne the doll.

Fearne recognised the dumb looking Amazing Annabelle doll immediately. It had a cherub like half smile on its face and looked, like most dolls, like a baby with glossed over skin. What was special for this doll was that it could recognise sounds and words and would react to them if switched on. It even had a screen in its chest which would change according to its “mood”. The rubberised mouth began to move as Claire flipped the switch on its back.
“I’m Amazing Annabelle and I love you.” The doll said. Claire took the doll by its hair and plonked it down beside Fearne.
“Like two peas in a pod.” Claire said adjusting Annabelle’s skirt so her diaper could be seen. Fearne looked down at herself and realised that Claire was making the doll mimic her.
“You mean two peas in a diaper…” Julie said.
“My diaper is dry.” Annabelle announced.
“And what about yours?” Julie asked Fearne.
“Its wet.” Fearne said looking at the floor. She felt something being dropped onto her head. Running her hand over her hair Fearne felt the plastic cap material and pulled it down.

“Tiny Tears: - Your baby that wets and cries” The plastic announced. It was like a facemask or one of those small hats that nurses wore around their heads to keep their hair out their eyes. It was clearly designed to go around the dolls head as there was no way that it could extend around Fearne’s but she still found Claire’s dexterous fingers picking the cap out of her hands and tying it around her left arm. Julie then took up the camera and took Fearne’s picture. Letting it develop she showed Claire.
“Annabelle and Missy look like twins.” She beamed happily.

Claire moved back to the bag and withdrew a large box. Fearne could tell from its black and green design it was one of the game she absolutely hated playing, X-Fire. The game itself was very easy to play; each player got control of two pinball-like flippers and had to defend a single spot in front of them. If the spot got hit then a jet of water would shoot from the behind it soaking the player, the player could however use one of the many disks that were flying around to defend themselves and also try and hit an opponents spot. The Davenport’s version had room for 4 players and as such the flippers had about a 30 0 travel so that it could be aimed at different players. The areas where divided by colour pink, yellow, green and blue. Of course this also meant that certain players could gang up on others.

Fearne had spent many a game trying to defend herself from two sides as the Davenports had banded against her and now she was sure that neither Claire nor Julie would want to get beat by their “baby”.
“I don’t want to play.” Fearne said.
“You know its not really your decision.” Julie said reaching for Fearne’s pacifier. “After all people in wet underwear will get to vote after all those in dry underwear.”
“So I guess we will vote first.” Claire said putting the game in front of her and Julie. “I think I’ll play.”
“Me too.” Julie said. Turning to Fearne and the Amazing Annabelle doll. “How’s your diaper?” Julie asked the doll.
“My diaper is dry.” The doll said responding in one of its ‘over 30 lifelike phrases’.
“And do you want to play?” Julie asked again.
“I want to play…” The doll began. Julie then turned Annabelle so that she faced Fearne. “You can sing with me…”

Fearne sat there waiting for the song to finish when she saw Julie and Claire look at each other with disappointed faces.
“Now Missy we know your jealous but the rule still states that if an adult tells you to do something you have to do it.” Claire said nodding her head sagely.
“And because you’ve had a little accident in your diaper. And because Annabelle has kept hers dry all night she is clearly an adult compared to you. So I think that you should really do what she says and join in.” Julie said. Fearne had never felt as exposed as she had now due to her soggy diaper.

“I love to dance and laugh and sing…” Fearne cringed along.
“Louder.” Julie laughed.
“I think you should dance as well.” Claire added. Fearne rose to her feet and began to sway.
“And I can do…” Annabelle chimed in.
“Come on Missy big finish.” Julie said.
“Most anyTHING…” Fearne concluded with the doll.
Julie and Claire sat down with stupid grins on their faces clapping like they had just seen Olivier perform Hamlet.
“Most excellent.” Claire laughed. “One wonders how one can reach such highs.” She scoffed.
“Yes one does doesn’t one.” Julie mimicked. “I believe it has something to do with wetting ones diaper before the performance.”
“Well Fearne should know. She has spent more time saturated than most babies.” Claire smiled doffing an imaginary cap to Fearne. “Now do sit down child, back to the task at hand.”
“Oh yes the voting.” Julie said taking Fearne’s pacifier and holding it expectantly at Fearne.

Fearne took the pacifier and placed it in her mouth. It had almost been her constant companion since she had been reintroduced to diapers and she sort of missed it when she didn’t have it.

“Now then Fearne we have three votes for playing games…” Julie began. The Annabelle doll began to pipe up again but Claire simply turned it off at the back. “So it’s really academic what you think.”
“But I tell you what I’ll do.” Claire continued. “We will let you choose the game. If you have any objections about playing X-Fire just say them now…” Claire looked at Julie and shrugged. “If your sure?” Again they looked at Fearne who tried to roll her eyes at them but her pacifier spoilt the effect. “Well ok, X-Fire it is.”

The X-Fire game only held the attention of Claire and Julie for a limited time, after all they could only make the same ‘look Fearne’s wet again’ joke a limited number of times before it got tedious.
“I’ve got a good idea.” Claire began firing one of her blue disks at Fearne’s spot.
“Really.” Julie said, her tongue protruding slightly from the side of her mouth in a sign of concentration.
“Yes. How about every time two people go out the last one left gets to make a rule about babysitting, if you know what I mean?” Claire concluded spinning a pink disk into Fearne’s spot causing yet another spurt of water to splash against her.
“Ok. But I’ve got a good idea as well.” Julie said standing over the gates to Fearne’s pen. She picked up one of the clean diapers from the pile and took it over to Fearne. Fastening the tabs together so it was backwards she placed it on Fearne’s head. “Let’s see if we can soak a diaper as well as Fearne can.”
Behind her pacifier Fearne felt her cheeks burn.
“Ok. We’ll start from the next time we’re all in.” Claire said as one of Julie’s yellow disks just narrowly missed her spot.

Fearne watched patiently as her sister and her friend played the game by themselves for a few minutes and realised that there wasn’t much difference in their behaviour to most other times Julie had slept over. Usually they all ended up on the couch but instead tonight Fearne was in her pen. Usually they all did each other’s hair and makeup instead tonight they were doing Fearne’s hair and diapers. With a triumphant squeal Julie put out Claire.
“Ready everybody…” Claire said. “And of course every baby…”

Fearne was managing quite well. Instead of trying to put out either Claire or Julie she was busy just trying to defend her spot. If she waited long enough then they might get board and turn on each other.
Splash. No such luck as Julie nailed Fearne’s spot causing the water to splash up onto the diaper on her head. Just for good measure as Fearne pulled her hands away from the game in disgust Claire sent another disk against her spot causing more water to fall onto the thirsty diaper.
Whilst she was still celebrating Julie found herself out via one of Claire’s well-timed disks.
“First rule:” Claire giggled. “All those sleeping in diapers cannot get up unless someone who isn’t in diapers says so.”

The girls all put their hands back on their flippers and started again with both Julie and Claire looking wickedly at Fearne.
“2nd Rule:” Julie began she had managed to get both Fearne and Claire out extremely quickly. “All babies must say when asked about the state of their diapers ‘I don’t know’ after all that’s why we’re here to check.” She giggled kicking her legs behind her.

After a frantic beginning Claire and Julie were trying and even aiming at each other whilst Fearne was still in play, as if she didn’t matter. Gambling on getting hit Fearne sent one of her disks at Julie putting her out.
“Beaten by a baby…” Claire laughed sending Fearne out easily. “All babies must be spoon-fed their meals.”

It took Fearne a couple of other rules including ‘all babies are to have their diapers checked on the hour every hour regardless of where they are’ and ‘plastic pants must be worn over all soggy diapers in case the baby leaks’ before Fearne actually one a game and left Claire and Julie sitting staring at her.

Motioning to her pacifier Fearne stared at the two younger girls expectantly.
“What sort of rule would a baby make?” Julie asked.
“A free bottle of milk whilst you poop?” Claire guessed.
“Poop two diapers get one free.” Julie laughed.
Turning back to Fearne who was now sitting with her arms folded across her chest. The girls looked at each other once more.
“I’m fed up of these rules now.” Claire said. “Let’s just leave it there for the night and get ready for bed.”
“Oh what a good idea.” Julie said picking up the X-Fire box.
Fearne did her best unimpressed harrumph noise behind the pacifier but they just ignored her.

As the two younger girls began to tidy up Julie picked up Annabelle and switched the doll back on.
“Annabelle do you want to sing your songs?” Julie asked it putting the doll beside Fearne and removing her pacifier.
“You can sing with me.” Annabelle began.
“Remember to dance along.” Claire said to Fearne.

Whilst Julie and Claire began to put the room back in order Fearne was forced to dance and sing along with Annabelle with a wet diaper around her waist and a wet diaper on her head. She managed to hold back the tears until she heard the camera clicking again as she was once again humiliated.

Once they had finished tiding the living room Julie and Claire rounded on Fearne. Silencing Annabelle with a flick of her power switch the two teens stepped into the pen. Putting their hands on Fearne’s shoulders they pushed her back onto her diapered behind and placed her pacifier back in her mouth.
“Look at what a messy baby Missy is.” Claire cooed into her sister’s face. “And with two wet diapies on. I think this little one is going to struggle to stay dry all night.”
Julie looked at Claire with a bit of shock in her eyes. “How can we solve this problem?”
“Well if she soaks through two diapers whilst playing we just add a couple more. How many diapers are in her pile?” Claire said dismissively waiving her hand at Julie.
“There was five but she soaked one of them so there’s only four.” Julie said.
“Well if we double the thickness she should stay dry as a bone all night. Unless…”
“Unless what?” Julie asked.
Claire said nothing; instead she rolled Fearne onto her side and patted the backside of her diaper.
“I understand.” Julie managed to blurt out in between fits of giggles.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 11

Fearne tried to avoid shuddering with her sister’s touch but Claire was being relentless and she was really forcing the issue. Taking a deep breath Fearne tried to block out what she knew was coming.
“Crawl over here Missy.” Claire said motioning to the uncovered plastic groundsheet. “I’ll need to get you to get a diaper bin.” Claire said to Julie who moved out of the pen and into the kitchen. Whilst she was gone Claire removed Fearne’s wet diaper from around her waist and handed her some baby wipes. “I think we’ll stick to DIY in the wiping department for now.” She said turning her back on Fearne. Who simply did as she was told. Giving a little cough Fearne signalled to Claire. “Righty ho then.” Claire began taking the topmost diaper from the pile. She slid the diaper under her sister and began to diaper her.
“You’ve missed a wet diaper.” Julie said from behind Claire.
“Oh no Nurse Julie.” Claire said. “I’ll need your assistance in this procedure.” Finishing putting the first diaper on Fearne.
“Absolutely doctor.” Julie said hunching down on the other side of Fearne, who suddenly felt very small between the two girls.
“Forceps.” Claire said extending her hand. Julie stood back up and ran over to the bag of toys they had brought with them from the Davenports and pulled out a doctor’s set.
“Forceps.” Julie repeated opening the set and pulling out a pair of thick blue plastic forceps. Claire then picked the diaper from Fearne’s head and held it sagging above her face.
“Diaper pail.” Claire said swaying the diaper as she spoke.
“Diaper pail.” Julie repeated picking up the small bin from the utility room. The diaper landed in the bin with an audible thump.
“Clean up.” Claire ordered as Julie picked up the wet diaper that had been around Fearne’s waist and she let it drop into the diaper pail with a squish. Julie then took a baby wipe and wiped around Fearne’s face. “Thank you nurse.” Claire laughed. “Diaper.”
“Diaper.” Julie repeated handing Claire the next clean diaper from the pile.
“Legs.” Claire said so Julie raised Fearne’s legs so her friend could place the next diaper underneath Fearne’s bottom. “Clear?” Claire asked.
“Clear.” Julie repeated sliding the diaper up slightly
“Powder.” Claire said as Julie squirted a poof of talc into the diaper before dropping Fearne’s legs. Claire then proceeded to fasten the second diaper tightly over the first. “Diaper.” Claire repeated. She and Julie then repeated the procedure, right down to the talc for this next diaper.
“You know the patient is running low on powder.” Julie commented giving the talc bottle a shake.
Claire took the bottle from her friend and put some onto her awaiting hand. " Well Missy will just have to buy more, after all she’s the only one using it." With that she lifted Fearne’s dress high, revealing her navel and slapped her hand down onto her sister’s belly, not hard but not too hard, to leave a talc handprint on it. “Seeing as we know Missy should be able to stay dry tonight I think it’s probably best if we try and educate the little rug rat whilst we put this next diaper on her. Don’t you nurse?”
“Absolutely doctor.” Julie agreed eying Claire nervously.
“Diaper.” Claire said extending her hand. “Julie could you go and get the plastic pants from upstairs, and a nightshirt, I think Fearne’s got a natty old shirt she got from Edinburgh which should go lovely with her massive butt.”
“Sure thing Claire.” Julie smiled, she was far too nice.
“Now then balloon butt I’m going to show you how us big girls put on their underwear.” Claire said turning to Fearne. Taking the diaper in her hands she fastened it together then put it on the ground. “Upsee daisy.” She said helping Fearne to stand. “Now step into your panties.” Claire said sliding Fearne’s feet into the diaper. “Next we pull it up before we go on our merry way.” Claire said watching Fearne who dipped down and pulled up the diaper. She struggled trying to pull it over the others but eventually managed.

Julie then walked down the stairs holding Fearne’s white tee shirt and the plastic pants.
“Oh isn’t that special.” Julie gushed. “I bet you feel like a big girl now. Don’t you Missy?”
Fearne rolled her eyes then nodded.
“Yes it’s just a shame that you put your diaper on backwards isn’t it?” Julie laughed as Claire took a photo. Fearne simply stood there in her ludicrously thick underwear dumfounded.
“You’d better help her Julie.” Claire nodded.

Julie took almost a flying leap over the pen and moved over to Fearne.
“It’s a shame that when your big sister is trying to treat you like a big girl you still show how much of a baby you really are.” Julie said tweaking Fearne’s nose. Taking hold of the topmost diaper she pulled it down to Fearne’s ankles. “At least when we diaper you they go on right. So I guess we’d better make sure that from now on all babies have their diapers changed by big kids.” Julie said. Claire nodded sagely from beside her friend. Unfastening the tabs Julie held the diaper out for Fearne to see. “As you can see, baby, the magic stars that you make disappear so often have to be at the front of your diaper so you can see them when you look down. Ok?” Julie said lying Fearne back down. “But it doesn’t really matter its not like we can potty train you when your butt is bigger and more padded than your head.” Julie said lifting Fearne’s legs and sliding the diaper underneath her. Fastening the diaper Julie helped Fearne stand up. “Now here she is looking all pretty, smile for the camera Missy.” Julie said pointing Fearne at Claire.

Fearne tried to take a few experimental steps with the diapers on and found that she couldn’t even press her legs together. The diapers themselves felt tight on her but she guessed that was the innermost only as the outermost diapers look barely able to hold themselves on her. However once she had her plastic pants on Fearne was sure that the diapers would stay on from until she was allowed to get up.

Claire placed the plastic pants onto the ground in front of Fearne. Wordlessly Fearne checked to see if Claire had put them on the right way around in front of her and that they weren’t inside out. Then she stuck her toes through the leg holes and pulled her on plastic pants on over the mass of diapers. Barely able to keep her balance Fearne slumped back onto all fours and looked back at Claire and Julie.

“I think its time for babies to go upstairs for a bottle of warm milk and a bedtime story don’t you.” Claire said to Julie.
“Absolutely.” Julie agreed lifting the pen upwards and giving Fearne’s diapers a gentle shove with her foot. “Its also such an easier way to tidy up if you just put all the soggy diapers in the trash and the clean ones on your baby.”
“Right enough.” Claire agreed.

‘I really don’t want to have to listen to this.’ Fearne thought. ‘They didn’t even stop when they made me cry last time so I guess I’m not getting anymore sympathy.’ With that she began to crawl towards the stairs. She could hear the rushed clattering of Claire and Julie tidying up so she ignored them and went to climb up the stairs.

Realising that to try and stand up to climb the stairs would be unnecessarily difficult Fearne simply started to crawl up the stairs. As she got about halfway up she felt a hand on her diapered rear lifting them up.
“Hurry up now Missy or we won’t tell you who the dish ran away with.” Claire said giving Fearne’s diaper a shove and sending her scurrying up the stairs that much quicker. Looking back Fearne saw Julie trotting closely behind Claire with her backpack clutched to her chest.
‘At least I won’t be the only one sleeping in diapers tonight.’ She smiled behind the paci. Before zipping into her room and closing the door.

“Look at this room.” Claire said barging into Fearne’s room. “I see we have a messy baby.” Claire said approaching Fearne who was now standing in the middle of all of her baby things that Julie and Claire had taken downstairs. Pulling at the back of Fearne’s plastic pants Claire took a long pronounced sniff. “Well I guess you aren’t all messy.” She giggled. Fearne took a couple of waddling steps forward to prevent Claire from trying to embarrass her more. Claire simply responded by picking up Fearne’s harness.

Julie meanwhile stood in the bathroom. She had seen the glint in Claire’s eye when she talked about keeping those people who wet themselves in diapers. The Good Night in her hands felt like a lead balloon. She knew that if she didn’t put it on she would wet the bed but if she did she’d be no better than Fearne. Worse even as Fearne was wearing diapers through choice and Julie, well, she was wearing them through necessity.

She, like Claire, could remember the day when she had been punished by her aunt and told to wear the Good Night from school. It had been the last day her mother had ever left her in charge of Julie but still the memory of walking into school in a wet Good Night was harrowing. Taking a deep breath Julie stood into the pants. She had hated Good Nights when they were plain white but now that they had pictures on them, in Julie’s mind if nothing else, they looked like Pull-ups. It was so demeaning as if by making people who wet the bed wear babyish clothing it would help them grow out of it.
“I’ll just wear it and not use it tonight.” Julie said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her reflection stared back. She too knew it was an empty promise.

“And here we are safe and secure in our crib.” Claire said pulling the bedclothes over Fearne and tucking her in tightly. Claire hadn’t tied her hands to the harness this time but instead her sister had insisted on placing six stuffed animals around Fearne. However she had placed Fearne’s favourite animal, a blue plush bunny Fearne had named “Kins” when she was 2, at the other side of her bedroom out of reach. The bears had been placed along the side of Fearne’s bed that wasn’t against the wall, in Claire’s words “in case she fell out again”, and it also obscured Fearne’s view as the harness held her quite tightly against the bed. “And now baby sister I’m going to get changed before I read you a bed time story.” Claire said removing Fearne’s paci.

Passing Julie in the corridor as her friend came out of the bathroom wearing only her Hello Kitty nightie and Good Night, Claire said “Julie could you go and heat up a bottle of milk for Missy.”
“Of course Claire.” Julie complied before heading down the stairs. Claire could even feel her Good Night crinkling as she walked.

Fearne lay in bed in shock. The last few hours had flown by. She hadn’t really had any time to think and take in what had happened to her. Looking down at the massive bulge of diapers around her waist she desperately tried to remember everything that had been happening. It was as if this was one of the best days of her life and she was trying to saviour every moment of it. Even though she had been embarrassed beyond anything that had ever happened to her she still felt safe. She had cried more times tonight than she had in an age yet she still wanted to smile. To tell her little sister that she loved her for doing this for her yet she knew that Claire knew and deep down the two sisters still had enough trust in each other to be respectful to each other even if Claire was now in charge of Fearne’s toilet. At the thought of the word toilet Fearne looked down again and cringed slightly not for herself she had expected to be in diapers tonight and out of them tomorrow before Claire got back but she now fully expected to be in them for one more day however she had cringed for Julie because she was now sure that she would be joining Fearne back in diapers tomorrow.

Julie now felt trapped as she stared at Fearne’s pen waiting for the microwave to beep. The Good Night bunched at her waist felt like the lock on her. As if it too knew it would be joining Fearne’s diapered butt in the pen tomorrow. She needed a way out. She didn’t really want to be a baby like Fearne. She just sort of felt like she would be obliged to after all she was the one that really needed the diapers at night. But of course if it was dry then Claire couldn’t do anything. They could laugh at Fearne’s expense again. Julie did have two Good Nights and if she only stayed for one night she could just change from one to the other and not have to worry after all if what Claire said was true Fearne was to be harnessed into her bed anyway. And even if she saw Julie she could just have her keep the pacifier in her mouth all day and only replace it when Fearne needed a feed. Julie smiled at the simplicity of her scheme.

Claire stood in the bathroom cleaning her teeth. Her smile was from ear to ear as she thought about all she had done today. It had been so easy. Tomorrow of course she would have two babies and she could make them compete for everything. She could imagine Fearne and Julie staring daggers at each other because one had won the ability to talk whilst the other had to sit there with their pacifier in their mouth unable to talk. Her smiled got even wider at this. Looking down to spit out the toothpaste from her mouth she caught sight of Julie’s backpack. Finishing cleaning her teeth Claire opened it and pulled out the second Good Night. She remembered when they use to be plain white and looked very much like a diaper, these on the other hand looked slightly more grown up.
“Maybe a Pull-up.” Claire shrugged at her reflection. She was about to put it back when she hit upon the novel idea. Of course a Pull-up would be the most either baby could achieve tomorrow. The best part was they could also end up back in Fearne’s cloth diapers. Folding the Good Night under her arm Claire finished cleaning her teeth and went into her room to get changed.

Testing the heat of the milk on her arm Julie was happy with the temperature and moved back upstairs her Good Night’s crinkle was a lot less of a distraction now that she knew that she wouldn’t be in diapers all day tomorrow. Moving to the bathroom first Julie picked up her backpack and moved it into Fearne’s room. Because even if she got changed in their and Fearne was awake Julie could simply shut her up with her pacifier.

Fearne watched Julie as she moved into her bedroom. She dumped her backpack in the corner of the room before rounding on Fearne with the Pocahontas bottle in her hands. Closing her eyes Fearne swallowed.
“Here it comes Missy.” Julie smiled aiming the bottle at Fearne.

Fearne opened them a few seconds, although the felt like minutes, later. Julie was stood their trying to pull her nightie down a little further as if seeing Fearne’s diaper swell out from underneath the bedclothes worried her.
“Come on.” Fearne groaned. “Give me it.” Fearne held out her hands.
“Not till you get your story.” Julie said snatching the bottle away from Fearne.
“And one of you will have to pick a book for me to read.” Claire said from behind Julie. “And don’t torment the baby Julie she is already cranky from getting to stay up so late.”
“Sorry Claire I sometimes forget how little the baby is.” Julie smiled. “Now what story do you want Fearne?” Julie laughed as she held up ‘Hopalong the Frog’ and ‘The Very Happy Hen’

Fearne nodded at ‘The Very Happy Hen’ and was given her bottle. Shutting her eyes she drank quietly as Claire read out the story aloud showing Julie the pop up pictures and occasionally making Fearne make the barnyard noises. Once the story was finished Claire and Julie got up with a “Nighty-Night” and left Fearne to finish her bottle. And despite herself Fearne fell asleep almost as soon as Claire and Julie were out of her room.

“Thank you for letting me do this with you Claire.” Julie said as they walked into Claire’s room.
“Not at all. In fact I couldn’t think of anyone who not only wouldn’t say anything to anyone else but I also don’t know anyone more sadistic than you. Well except me of course.” Claire said moving the sofa-bed and beginning to roll it down.
“And tomorrow what have you got planned?” Julie asked picking her sleeping bag out of her backpack accidentally showing Claire her Good Night.
“I think I’ll just play it by ear.” Claire said staring at Julie. “Good Night.” She smiled before moving to her own bed.
“Night.” Julie said climbing into her sleeping bag as Claire put out the lights.

Fearne’s Big Sister By Falz

Chapter 12-15

As Claire watched Julie’s Good Night was done. Almost as soon as the water had penetrated through her waistband the diaper was full. Fearne’s was still going, the diaper was increasing, its dimensions growing however the process was slowing down.

Feeling that it was at completion. Claire said “Right girlies you can stand up now.” Claire watched with wonder as her friend and big sister tried to stand, as they cleared the water the excess in the diapers began to leak out. So the sound was accented Claire switched off the whirlpool feature and the three listened as the water trickled back into the bathtub. Then there was a pulling sound like a plaster on plastic before the first of the tapes on Fearne’s left side gave way. Julie’s diaper was also struggling against its weight. Claire took a quick photo before handing Fearne the plastic pants. “Put them on.” Claire said. As Fearne struggled into the plastic pants, using Julie for support, the tape on the right side also gave up the ghost. Whilst Julie began to feel the sides of her Good Night’s giving way. “Out you get Missy and we’ll let Tinkerbelle here get washed.” Claire said extending her hand to Fearne. Fearne waddled out of the bathtub. Her diaper now double its originally size and now solid through its gel core made walking very difficult so Fearne just slumped onto all fours and crawled out of the bathroom. Claire followed her before turning back to Julie, “thank you” she mouthed.

“Well there was a little trip for you.” Claire said shutting the bathroom door and placing a hand on Fearne’s bottom. “It must have been so nice to see what the inside of a big girl’s bathroom looks like rather than just feel it.”
“Your not funny.” Fearne sulked accelerating into her room so that she pulled away from Claire’s hand.

Once Claire and Fearne had left Julie alone she pulled off her ruined diaper and began to wash herself in the warm water.

Claire pulled the changing mat across to herself and spread it out on the floor. Tapping it with the palm of her hand she gestured expectantly to Fearne to come and sit down. Crawling over Fearne sat down, accompanied by the sound of the water squishing out of her diaper and into the waiting plastic pants.
“Well it’s a good job we had those on you isn’t it?” Claire asked tickling Fearne’s stomach. Fearne felt herself powerless to resist. “Isn’t it?” Claire continued to mock rolling Fearne backwards causing the moisture to shift up her back. “Yes it is. Yes it is.” Claire continued before blowing a raspberry on Fearne’s stomach. “So what do you want to do today?” Claire asked. “Potty training? No, that’d take to long. Playing in the park? No you’re too little. Sit here and wet your diapers? You’re the perfect age for that.” Claire said drawing up. Fearne remained where she was, lying on the changing mat.
“I’m not really in a position to argue about that. Am I?” She spoke wearily.
“Your such a big girl now. Aren’t you? Using big girl sentences and everything.” Claire said. “But I don’t recall telling you that you could grow up. So I think you’d better learn the hard way.”
“How’s that?” Fearne asked.
“You’ll see.” Claire smiled.

Julie finished washing herself and stared at the waiting diapers. She could, she reasoned, go home now ignore the diapers pretend this didn’t happen and trust that Claire wouldn’t show the album to anybody. But she could stay and watch what was developing. It seamed to her that she either had to stay and play Claire’s games or go home and hear about them later. She really wanted to get her own back first hand on Fearne, she could transfer all of her anger about wetting her bed onto her friend’s sister, and this was the perfect time to do it. After all there could be no repercussions as how could Fearne mention what had happened without mentioning the fact she was diapered? Deciding to play Julie moved to the door and called Claire.

“Ok, so Stinkerbelle the smelly fairy is ready for her next diaper little one so you can just lie here and soak up the atmosphere whilst I get her ready.” Claire joked pushing down on Fearne’s stomach slightly.
“Oomph.” Fearne replied as the air was pushed out of her whilst her diaper gave another squish.
Claire moved to Fearne’s stereo and found some brainless kiddie-pop music then moved toward the bathroom.

Julie jumped slightly as she heard the stereo switch on. Watching she saw Claire enter the bathroom with a wicked smile of her face. “Tinkerbelle I’ve got a plan.” She smiled licking her lips whilst handing Julie a towel.

Fearne looked down at her diaper. She marvelled at how it change shape and colour after being immersed in water. The yellow pee stain that she had been forced to colour it had been almost replaced by a darker blackish colour as the diaper’s core had filled past capacity and now sagged low around her hips. The tapes were done, the water had removed the glue from around them and even if it hadn’t they couldn’t possibly support the extra weight, Fearne guessed her diapers could have increased by three or four times their weight during her “bath”. She shudder with delight as she squeezed her diapers to a tell-tale squish then she rolled onto her front and felt the water shoot up to her navel and almost out past her plastic pants. Setting herself she moved onto her knees and stared at herself in her wardrobe.
“Cute.” She smiled. “A bad baby girl.” She laughed.

As if hearing her and agreeing the two remaining tapes on her diapers burst causing her diapers to slump into the crotch of the plastic pants. Fearne took hold of the hem of the plastic pants and quickly laid down again to prevent the weighty saturated diaper from pulling the pants down to her ankles.

Julie smiled at Claire her plan was simply but effective, all she had to do was find Fearne’s pants and skirts and remove them. She would place them in her mum and dad’s bedroom and instead leave Fearne with only her tight shorts or dancing costumes. Julie on the other hand would have to borrow one of Claire’s school skirts and a pair of tights to slip on over her diaper.

Claire watched Julie, she was rather excited by the plan she clearly thought that this would be the start of getting out of diapers by lunchtime. And to be fair she would be out of one by lunchtime, but that was more because Claire would be changing her after her nap than any sort of kindness on Claire’s part.
“Right then Tink its time for your diaper.” Claire said smiling. Julie had put the swimming top back on after washing herself so Claire picked up the diaper and took hold of the towel around Julie’s waist as she dragged her into Fearne’s room.

Fearne was lying still on the changing mat when Claire walked in leading Julie by the towel. Sticking her toe against Fearne’s plastic pants Claire rolled her big sister out of the way and laid her best friend onto the mat.
“You know how experienced I’ll be when it comes to changing diapers at the end of the weekend?” Claire motioned to the two girls drawing the diaper underneath Julie with little resistance. “Well let’s just say I’ll be the best baby sitter in the city.” Claire looked to the diapered girls laying either side of her. “Don’t you agree?”
“Yes you will.” Julie agreed as Claire snugly pulled the tapes of the diaper around waist.
“It’s a shame Fearne doesn’t think so.” Claire began moving to Julie’s side. “I guess I’ll just have to put her in a couple so she believes me.” Claire said glancing at Fearne who was holding the hem of the plastic pants and looking uncomfortable. “Fearne I think Julie needs the plastic pants more than you just now. After all you’re just going to be put in a nice clean diapee.” Claire watched as her big sister’s face went wide.

Fearne stared at Claire, pleading, her little sister had guessed right again. How she could keep doing it was really starting to bug her but she wasn’t licked yet. She might be the baby but Fearne still knew how to wind up her little sister and whilst Fearne wasn’t sure it’d be such a great plan in the long run she had to do something.
“Your rules Claire.” Fearne said sweetly.
“Oh you mean about the stinky pants finding her face in the corner if she doesn’t do what she’s told.” Claire said gritting her teeth. Fearne knew she wasn’t a morning person so she should be able to keep her sister off guard slightly.
“Plastic pants must be worn over soggy diapers.” Fearne smiled.
“And there’s none soggy than yours.” Julie chimed in.

Claire looked down at her best friend she wasn’t sure if she was being beaten by her baby sister or if Fearne was really just playing to Claire’s baby rules. Either way she needed to do something to reassert her control over the situation. Standing up she took a step back so she could regard Julie and Fearne at the same time. Through the clear plastic she could see that all of the tapes on Fearne’s diaper had burst. She smiled. Fearne wasn’t about to regain control that easily.
“Your right of course Fearne silly me. I couldn’t have you leaking all over the carpet.” She drew out her hands for a hug. “Your being such a good girl I’ll tell you what you run over like a baby to give me a hug and I’ll let you learn to walk today.”

Fearne stared at Claire, ‘plan backfired’ she thought. Rising she kept hold of the pants and waddled over to Claire.
“That was rubbish.” Claire scolded she turned Fearne around and gave her diaper a push sending her back to where she had been standing. “Julie knows what to do. Don’t you Julie?” Claire asked. Julie immediately stood up and with her arms outstretched she gave Claire a hug. “Yep that’s right.” Claire said peeling back Julie’s diaper. “With both arms out of the way a hug like this let’s you check diapers.” Claire instructed.

Julie let go of Claire and took a step backwards her head in between Fearne and Claire Julie watched her best friend wink at her. Not knowing what else to do Julie moved over to Fearne and sat behind her on Fearne’s bed.

Fearne looked at her scheming little sister. “I can’t.” She said.
“Can’t what?” Claire asked innocently.
“Walk over there. My diaper…” Fearne said.
"Don’t tell me it’s wet you don’t know that.
“It’s burst.” Fearne continued.
“You don’t know the condition of your diaper Fearne. That was one of the rules.” Claire began, she knew it wasn’t really the intention of the rule but if Fearne thought she could tie Claire up in knots Claire was only too able to oblige in the game.
“But it won’t hold.”
“You don’t know that. I’ll tell you what though. If you come over here like a baby would in the next five seconds I’ll let you walk else you loose your toddling ability and your butt will be firmly reacquainted with the floor.” Claire smiled she was already starting to regress Fearne. “Five.” Claire began.

Fearne fished inside the plastic pants and pulled out the top of her diaper she tucked the two sides over the end of the hem so the plastic pants hem cradled the heavy garment. “Four.” Claire continued, taking two steps forward with her arms outstretched Fearne felt the diaper slipping back into the pants drawing them down. She immediately grabbed hold of the pants and looked at Claire. “Three.” Her sister ignored her pleading glance. Fearne the pulled the plastic pants up and around her body so the crotch of the pants and diaper were hard up against her skin and them of her plastic pants was around her belly somewhere. Arms outstretched she tried again. This time she didn’t even get a step. “Two.” Claire laughed at her sister giving herself a diaper wedgie. Fearne stepped back. She was beaten. Beaten by a saturated diaper. Pulling the tabs of her diaper she tried in vain to get them to stick back together. None would. “One.” Claire smiled. She was mocking Fearne. “Zero?” She asked. Fearne knew she was beaten so nodded. “Zero.” Claire concluded. “Missy I hope you’ve got some knee pads because it’s going to be a long crawl today.” Claire mocked as Fearne sat on her butt her diaper mockingly squishing under her. “But now you need to become a clean baby before we get you girlie’s fed.” Claire opened the door to Fearne’s room. “Scoot Rugrat.”

As Fearne crawled past Claire Julie immediately went to Fearne’s drawers. The music from the stereo and the fact that Fearne was in her own strop meant that she didn’t even her the red haired girl beginning.

Once in the bathroom Claire watch as Fearne stopped at the toilet. “I did say you could have across like a baby and tell me Missy how did you just move?” Claire laughed sadistically.
“Like a baby.” Fearne said screwing up her face. She had been tricked again.
“Oh don’t worry once we get you all cleaned up you’ll feel so much better.” Claire smiled taking hold of the plastic pants.

Pulling them down Claire removed the soaking diaper and the pants as Fearne went and sat down in the tub. Although the water was cooling now it was still nice and warm so she didn’t mind too much.

That was until Claire grabbed hold of the soap. “Come her Missy.” Claire commanded. “You don’t think I’d let someone who couldn’t walk wash themselves now do you?”

Julie had been meticulous. She had quickly taken all of Fearne’s pants and skirts out of her wardrobe and they had been quickly deposited into their parents’ bedroom. Searching through Fearne’s drawers Julie found the half empty diaper package in Fearne’s underwear drawer and had a little snigger to herself. Feeling just a little but naughty Julie removed the dusty old pants, which would have been too tight and accentuated her diaper bulge anyway, like last night, from the drawers. She had even took out all of Fearne’s loose pairs of shorts like those she wore for soccer and just kept the tighter or shorter pairs like the wonderful pair of black and lime green cycling shorts she now had in her hand. Putting what little clothes Fearne had to cover her legs with now back into different drawers, spreading it around like it was all that Fearne actually owned Julie walked into Claire’s room and began to get changed.

Fearne had to sit in the bathtub whilst Claire lathered up the “no more tears” shampoo and rubbed it into her hair. Claire was nearly done, she wasn’t going to wash her sister’s butt, not now not anytime, so it was basically just a quick bit of humiliation before she left Fearne to it.

Julie searched through what Claire had said she could wear. She wasn’t greatly impressed her friend had told her that she must wear a skirt and that that she must wear a pair of tights. Finding the tights was easy enough Claire, who was a big fan of skirts even if Julie wasn’t, had loads of pairs but the skirts all seemed to have slits up the side that would reveal a white and pink flash of diaper or too short for Julie to be sure that she wouldn’t be hiding the diaper at all.

As Claire walked into her room she watched Julie puzzled over which skirt to select Claire had been pretty cruel by telling her friend that she couldn’t wear Fearne’s clothes, which would have fitted a lot better, because the whole point was to pretend that those where all the clothes Fearne had and she hadn’t actually told Julie where all of her skirts were so Julie hadn’t seen the floor length skirts Claire did own.
“Need a hand getting changed?” Claire asked.
“No I’m just deciding.” Julie said not turning around.
“I meant out that stinky diaper around your waist. I can’t believe you pooped without noticing.” Claire laughed as Julie’s hands flew around to her backside.
“No I haven’t.” Julie said turning around embarrassed.
“Ah but you don’t know that do you?” Claire smiled.
“Very good. Who was it that thought up that stupid rule?” Julie asked. She plumped for a thin mid thigh skirt that had a slight split, to about halfway up, to wear.
“Its only a stupid rule when it applies to you, Stinky.” Claire mocked shoving Julie against the sofa bed. Julie landed with a crinkle of her diaper.
“Very good Claire, can I be there when you reveal to Fearne what crawlers wear over their diapers?” Julie asked.
“Well I can’t leave a baby sitting on her own. She might hurt herself.” Claire laughed before dropping her voice. “Of course, you can take the pictures.”

Fearne had finished her bath and was now listening to the music it really was bad the fact that she was now the same age as some of the artist depressed her. They were singing about boyfriends and going out on dates and Fearne was more interested in diapers and pacifiers. Actually it didn’t depress her at all. She knew that the singers had their voices changed in pitch by machines and that there songs were written by someone else whereas Fearne could do whatever she wanted in diapers.
‘Except walk.’ The little mocking voice inside her head laughed. ‘Or bathe yourself. Or use the toilet. Or talk properly. Or act like an adult.’
“What are you insinuating?” She asked the voice.
‘Those artists who are nothing more than pretty robots doing what there are told are still better than you.’ The voice laughed.
“Why?” Fearne countered.
‘Because they don’t need diapers.’ The voice finished.
Fearne couldn’t help but laugh. “But if they were told they did…”

Julie looked at herself in the mirror. The diaper was there. As she turned side on it was easy to see. No it wasn’t just easy to see, it was impossible to miss. Her pink leg cuff faded into white plastic where the split sat on her leg. Pulling the skirt down revealed the pink and white waistband tucked under her tights around her middle. The fact the skirt was green and had a lighter green around the split only highlighted the difference. Julie couldn’t have made a worse choice if she had worn only the tights.

Claire looked at Julie she was standing in her white top, a cut off at the top that stopped just an inch or so short of her skirt’s hem, meaning that she couldn’t pull the diaper up or the skirt down. And the skirt where the split flashed the leg cuff of the diaper. Claire couldn’t have picked a better outfit to show off hints of the diaper if she’d tried.

“You look good.” Claire comforted.
“You can see it.” Julie said throwing her hands down to her waist exasperated. “It’s right there. Nice pink stripe top or bottoms it all depends if I want too look like a baby or somebody who is trying to cover up her diapers.”
“I’d go for the second option.” Claire nodded sagely. “We’re not going out far you know. Its just to the corner to the shop to get some baby powder and some oil.” I might not even take you so you should be all right. Besides who’s around at this time in the morning?"
“Ok.” Julie agreed. “Besides it’s only obvious if you know what you’re looking for.”
“Exactly.” Claire smirked. ‘Or if you have eyes or if you’re alive.’ She thought.

Fearne called for Claire to come and get her out of the bath. She, like Julie had put her swimming top back on and was waiting for Claire to come and diaper her. Fearne once again marvelled at how some much had happened in such a short space of time. She knew that there was so much more to come and she couldn’t wait for the day to begin proper.

Claire walked into the bathroom with an impish grin on her face causing Fearne to sink back slightly in the water. Anytime she had seen that smirk Fearne had ended up in a worse position than where she had started.
“Right then Missy as we are running short on baby supplies I will have to go to the shops to get you girls some more.” Claire began only half talking to Fearne. She motioned for Fearne to come and step out into a towel and as Fearne did so Claire pulled it between her legs in a half diaper. “You can’t walk so I guess you want something for a little bit of modesty.” Claire explained. “Or I could just diaper you in here?”
“In here.” Fearne agreed.
“No I think it’s better in your bedroom.” Claire ignored Fearne. “Anyway as I’ve got two babies to look after now I think it would be better if I took the biggest with me to the store and I’ll just feed the smaller one so that she is full and then put her down for a nap. I’ll have to come back to wet diaper but its easier than trying to find something for you to sit in whilst I walk round the store.” By this point Fearne had reached the bathroom door so she turned to look at Claire. “Don’t give me that look Missy.” Claire scolded. “If you can’t walk I’m not letting you crawl all the way up the street and then back again it’d take hours. Beside I didn’t think you’d want people to see you in diapers.”

Once they were in Fearne’s room Claire began to lay out Fearne’s diapers. Instead of just one Claire placed two beside the changing mat. “Obviously if Julie is tottering around in her diaper then somebody who can’t walk will need more protection than that.” Claire explained as she powdered her big sister. “So you’ll get that little bit more protection.” Claire pulled up the first diaper and fastened it tightly.

Fearne marvelled at how in such a short space of time Claire’s changes had gone from being long and sloppy to quick and efficient. The diapers seemed to go on tighter and faster now and Fearne could really appreciate the difference, not that she’d admit it just now, as Claire would probably put another diaper on Fearne just to show off to her diapered sister.

“What are you thinking about in there?” Claire asked her eyes watching Fearne.
“I was thinking about how much diaper changing practice you’ve had.” Fearne said honestly.
Claire gave Fearne a hurt look. “You can’t talk like that. You’re a naughty girl.” Claire said. “You need a reminder not to try and talk like a big girl. After all a little stinky pants like you will only get frustrated and then cry.” Claire then stood up and looked around the room. Most of the baby paraphernalia was already on the floor the only things missing were the plastic pants and the toys downstairs. Claire thought for a moment then moved to the bathroom leaving Fearne to stew on the changing mat.

Claire looked around the room for some inspiration. She needed to punish Fearne for talking in such a way that it would really embarrass her. She could put water in the plastic pants and have Fearne put them on but that would be an instantaneous thing and Fearne’s diapers were more than prepared to be wet. No what she needed was something to make her not want to talk much.

Claire heard Julie moving around downstairs making breakfast, like Claire had told her too. She had told Julie to make two bowels of porridge and she could hear the microwave going just now. The only problem was that she only had one bib with which she was going to feed her babies with.

For some reason her mind clanged on the bib. It was used to stop babies from drooling as well. Babies who couldn’t speak very well drooled. Her mind racing now Claire realised that she had left Fearne lying for a good few minutes now. How would she make Fearne drool?
“Artificial drool.” Claire said looking along at the green mouthwash. She took it under her arm and sped downstairs to get Fearne’s bib.

Fearne thought about moving off of the mat. She was wrestling with the desire to move when she heard Claire thump down the stairs. Whatever her little sister had come up with on the spur of the moment was probably going to be simple but effective. After all she had a pretty good record so far. Fearne didn’t know to be worried or excited by the possibility.

Thinking it’d be better to be worried Fearne remained motionless on the mat.

Julie watched Claire bound down the stairs. “Everything alright.” She asked her friend.
“I’ll let you off with that big word for just now Tinkerbelle.” Claire smiled giving Julie’s diapered rear a gentle smack. “But once you see what I’ve done with your little playmate up there you will think twice before breaking a talking rule.” Claire winked.
“But we never decided on how much I could say.” Julie asked she bristled at being called Tinkerbelle she wasn’t quite as accepting of her new name like Fearne.
“We will and you shall see what happens if you break said rules.” Claire said grabbing the bib off the table and bounding back upstairs leaving Julie to shudder.

Crashing back into Fearne’s room Claire held her hands behind her back. “Now my talkative little terror I have something to remind you that less is more.” Claire pulled out the bib. Fearne stared at the garment puzzled. “Babies who have only just learned to talk usually drool when they speak.” Claire pressed stalking from side to side. “So you’ll need to wear this to stop from ruining you good clothes.” Claire then giggled. “Well from the top down rather than the bottom up for once.” She nodded towards Fearne’s double diaper.
“What?” Fearne asked. Her little sister was expecting her to drool now when she spoke?
As if in answer Claire moved over Fearne and tied the bib around her neck leaving Fearne still as puzzled as ever.

Claire stood up away from Fearne and watched her big sister stare at her puzzled. She couldn’t have possibly known what Claire had planned so she could have fun with her diapered sister.
“I’ll tell you what Fearne. If you can count to twenty sticking to the rules on talking I will let you off with what I have planned. Otherwise you won’t want to talk at all once you see what I have in store for you.” Claire smiled trying to sound as sinister as possible.

Fearne looked at Claire she still hadn’t explained her plan she had just left Fearne sitting in her swimming top with her bib around her neck. The yellow teddy bear on the front had been one of things Fearne had clattered around with when Claire had caught her last night. Fearne opened her eyes wide; Claire had regressed her that quickly, she couldn’t believe she had been to school only yesterday.

“Well?” Claire asked. “Or have you forgotten the sequence?”
“How many letter?” Fearne asked.
“Five words, five letterSS” Claire said accentuating what Fearne had got wrong as if correcting a baby.
“One two three four five.” Fearne began.
“Once I caught a fish alive.” Claire mocked.
“Six seven eight nine ten.” Fearne continued.
“THEN I LET IT GO AGAIN.” Claire said breaking into fits of hysterics.
“Eleven…” Fearne began.
Claire immediately stopped laughing. “Oh dear, oh dear.” She interrupted Fearne. “You appear to think you are a toddler or something, but you’re not Missy. You are just a little baby. Imagine thinking that a little baby can count past ten. Its ridiculous.”

Fearne just lay there frowning at her little sister. She didn’t have any power over her. Claire was walking about ranting and all Fearne could do was lie back on her changing mat and wait for Claire for do what she was going to do to her.

“So now Fearne I am going to encourage you to be more like a little baby.” Claire continued. “As you well know babies drool when they talk so now so will you.” Claire said revealing the bottle of mouthwash. “Of course to make it easier for poor me to keep up with my babies you are going to have nice minty fresh drool instead of the sticky clear stuff that babies usually produce.” Claire laughed. “But I should really finish getting you dressed first.” Claire said moving to Fearne’s closet.

Julie had just about finished making breakfast she wasn’t feeling to hopeful about having to go to the store to pick up baby things, especially since her diaper was a half turn from visibility. However if she stayed with Fearne it would give Claire all the more power over her. It really was a conundrum with one simple answer; she should leave and hear about what Claire did on Monday. Unfortunately Julie’s curiosity was overriding her better judgement so smoothing the skirt down against her diaper, causing it to give a yet another crinkle, she decided to stay.

Fearne looked down at her top. She had forgotten she had this. It was a dancing costume, much like the Indian Brave costume Mrs Davenport had brought over. Only unlike that Fearne was now wearing a black Lycra top with a silver spider’s web detailing around her front. The top itself had long sleeves but they were cut off at the shoulders as that is where the long silver streamers had been pulled through and it was easier for the costume changes, the streamers had to be added and remove between a couple of scenes, if they hadn’t been attached to the top. However for Fearne she wished they had been because it would have meant that she might have had something to take attention from the white bib with the yellow teddy on the front and the yellow boarder around it sitting on the dancing top.

Claire moved over to Fearne smiling a nice smile, immediately worrying Fearne. “Now then baby sister I thought that being as you are going to put in front of the window to play in your pen all day, isn’t such a shame that it looks like it will be to wet to get outside? I guess it makes a nice change from you being to wet to do anything.” Claire rambled. “But because I’m going to open the curtains I think it will be better for you if you wear something to cover your diapers.” Claire said sincerely.

Fearne eyed Claire with suspicion; she was going to let her pick her own bottoms? This had to be a trick. Looking around her room Fearne saw that none of her drawers appeared to have be moved and if her old dancing costumes were still in her wardrobe then Fearne must be all right.
‘I guess it must have something to do with keeping me cooperating.’ Fearne thought crawling towards her chest of drawers she had an old pair of sweats, much like the ones she had worn last night, that would suit her needs perfectly.

Opening the drawer Fearne moved her shorts to one side only to find that the sweats weren’t there. Glancing back to Claire who was watching her intently Fearne turned back to her next drawer to hopefully find her sweats.

‘Nope not in here.’ Fearne said pushing another pair of shorts out of the way. Surely her mom hadn’t thrown out all of her old trousers. Scooting across the room to her dresser Fearne open her drawers to pull out a pair of jeans, she had a pair of black dungarees, which were quite babyish, that would suffice. As Fearne opened her drawer she saw nothing but her skirts, no in fact, her shorter skirts staring back at her. Crawling along to her wardrobe Fearne pulled open the door and stared up at her clothes rack. Her shoes were still in their cubbies; her dancing costumes were all still in their side of the wardrobe as were some other short skirts and dresses but ultimately Fearne had found her room completely devoid of pants. ‘You’ve been tricked again diaper girl.’ Her voice resounded inside her head.

“Is something the matter Missy? Or don’t you want to bother with something on to cover up downstairs? I’d think you’d be better to Fearne because you plastic pants are see through and not very discreet.” Claire said walking over to Fearne. “Do you want to wear the other part of your costume Fearne? It that what your looking for?” Claire mocked moving to one of the hangers.
“No.” Fearne said shaking her head furiously. If her memory served correctly the second part of her dancing costume was a pair of black frilly Lycra hot-pants that whilst they might have stretched over the bulk of her diapers certainly would have disguised them at all.
“Well than do I have to choose something?” Claire asked sounding impatient. “Because if I have to choose I would choose nothing because I have to see when you need changing but I’ll give you ten seconds or so to pick.” She concluded.

Fearne immediately shuffled back across the floor to her skirts. They were all too short. As she would be bent over double for the duration of the day those skirts would struggle to cover her diapers standing let alone on all fours. ‘No’ Fearne thought moving to her shorts. She thumbed through them quickly there were a couple of pairs of cycling shorts, her old soccer shorts and some old fashion pairs. None of which were suitable. Moving back to her cupboard Fearne looked up. Her dance costumes were either Lycra one-pieces or short two-pieces that flowed into tights, so they weren’t really built for hiding bulky underwear.
“Time up.” Claire said. “Seeing how you can’t choose I will.” Claire said stomping over to her chest of drawers. “These shorts look absolutely perfect.” Claire said holding up a pair of black and pink cycling shorts. “So let’s get you into them.”

As Fearne rolled over onto her back on the changing mat she became aware of Julie’s voice from the kitchen. “Claire there’s a car coming into your drive!” She shrieked.

Fixing Fearne with a worried glance Claire said. “If it’s mom and dad I will try to stall them as much as possible get you diapers off and your pants are in their room.” She said before sprinting downstairs.

Julie flew into a panic watching the car from the side window. She stared down at the diapers in the bin at her feet and the makeshift playpen in the living room. With the curtains drawn it would be impossible for her to tidy it away without getting caught or revealing her own diapers to whoever was coming in the door.

As Claire sprinted down the stairs, herself still in her pyjamas, Julie made a decision. Ignoring the diapers in the bin she started grabbing at the playpen trying to pull it into oblivion.

Claire half opened the door. Sure enough there was a black SUV pulling into the driveway. As it rumbled in Claire couldn’t see the licence plate as an ornamental bush obscured it. Holding her breath Claire watched as the vehicle started to pull up the drive.

And then it began to draw down it again. Performing a three-point turn before driving off down the main street.

Sagging visibly with relief Claire commented quietly to herself “Anymore surprises like that and I’ll need the diapers.” Before turning around to Julie who was trying to undo the loops locking the two ends of the fence together Claire announced. “I bet you got quite a fright there, Tinkerbelle.” She laughed when Julie jumped. “It was only somebody who was lost.”
Julie looked at her friend. “That goodness for that.” She laughed. “I think I just about used my diaper when I saw the car was the same as yours.”
Claire paused, Julie was a baby not her equal. Sniffing the air. “I think you did. Come with me.” Claire instructed. She walked past Julie and found her friend not moving. “Its about breakfast.” Claire stressed as if Julie wasn’t getting it.
“Sorry…” Julie began dropping the gate and following Claire.

Fearne had watched the car from her sister’s window. She was still in her diapers but she had thrown a pale blue t-shirt whilst she was going to run for her jeans. She had seen that the car was just some random turning on the road but she guessed she would have enjoyed seeing Claire and Julie flail around for a bit whilst they thought their fun had been rumbled. Sinking back onto her sister’s bed Fearne wondered. ‘Maybe I can get into a little bit of mischief here.’ After all Claire was the one who wanted her to be drooling all over her bib. Deciding against it, her little sister still had most almost all of the photos hidden of Fearne in her diapers so she would be better off just going with the flow just now Fearne waddled back to her room with her pants in her arms even if she wasn’t going to wear them.

“Your skirt please.” Claire said holding out her hands. Julie looked at her best friend with a bemused expression on her face. “I’ve moved you out of the way of the window because I’ve decided it would be best if you were a little better covered up than a skirt that shows your diaper when you move.” Claire said extending her left hand.
“And what will I wear in the meantime?” Julie asked.
“I was thinking you could fashion yourself a steel pair of pants made up of our cutlery.” Claire said sarcastically. “Or failing that just wait here for a few seconds whilst I grab the clothes from my room.”
Julie shrugged, she was taking the idea of being in diapers a little better since she knew that Claire was going to let her cover them more.
Claire took Julie’s skirt from her and left her friend standing in just her diapers. She moved her hand casually to the side heading towards the open box of cereal her friend had left on the counter. “Damn.” Claire said sending the Cheerio’s all over the worktop and floor.
“Don’t worry about it.” Julie laughed putting her hand underneath the counter and sweeping all of the cereal into it.
“Would you clean this up whilst I get you your clothes?” Claire asked.
“Of course.” Julie said moving to the sink to get the dustpan and brush from underneath it.
“You really must have got a fright watching that car.” Claire began. She had picked up the faucet nozzle and was extending it around in her hand. As the hose stretched out Julie seemed to sit back slightly and Claire used this as her chance. Flicking on the tap Claire grabbed the back of Julie’s diaper and pulled it out slightly and soaked the small of Julie’s back and the back of her diaper. Julie spun around and Claire got the front of her diaper as well before shutting off the tap. “I’ll go and get those clothes for you now Tinkerbelle.” Claire said skipping off leaving Julie to stare at her friend dumbfounded.

Fearne quickly rolled back onto the changing mat when Claire came back up the stairs she had heard Claire talking to Julie so she was sure that her little sister would come and get her next. But instead Claire just poked her head into room. “Fearne pull on the shorts and top I chose for you and come and join us downstairs.” She took a prolong sniff. “No I think you didn’t get a fright for when that car pulled up. Well you don’t care who sees your diapers do you?” Claire laughed. “Downstairs in five minutes for you breakfast Missy and if your not dressed then you’ll just have to stay without having your diapers covered.” Fearne watched the door close with her eyes wide with shock. She was sure that Claire was going to finish her torment about stopping her from talking but this was unexpected. Sighing Fearne pulled off her t-shirt and went to get her dancing top.

Julie dried off the front of her diaper the best she could. It didn’t appear to have suffered too much at the front. The ice-cold water had only splashed against the plastic cover so the diaper hadn’t absorbed it. At her back however Julie decided she had developed sagging bottom syndrome as her diaper had gather all the water. Even though she had developed slightly more of a waddle and her diaper was now heavier at the back it wasn’t too bad and she guessed that Fearne would be worse so she decided to deal.

Claire bounded back downstairs with her old painting smock that she had remembered she had. She had seen Fearne’s when her sister had been hunting through her closets for her pants. Arriving back at Julie she had to suppress a giggle when she saw Julie walking along with her diaper sagging visibly at the back.
“Put this on.” Claire said shoving the smock at Julie.
“That won’t hide my diapers.” Julie stated taking hold of the smock.
“You don’t need to hide your diaper.” Claire smiled. “I, however, need to be able to see when its condition deteriorates. Now pop that on and let’s have a look at you.”
Julie pulled the smock over her head it didn’t even reach the top of her thighs. “I look ridiculous.” She sighed.
“That’s the plan.” Claire agreed. It was then that both Claire and Julie heard Fearne slide down the stairs. Moving to the living room Julie immediately thought that she had definitely won in the clothing department.

Fearne had heard the shorts rip almost as soon as she had put them on and then as soon as she had started to crawl along the landing they had got worse. Now she believed that she could feel the rip giving full view to the seat of her diapers. The thickness of her underwear and the fact that she didn’t want to put her hand around to check meant that this theory would have to wait until Claire and Julie began their taunting again.

“My those are lovely diapers.” Claire began. “They are awfully thick though. Why are they so thick Fearne?”
“Cos.” Fearne said flatly.
“Oh don’t sulk little one. Otherwise I might decide that you don’t really need the shorts after all.” Claire smiled.
“Big deal.” Fearne said crawling through to the kitchen. If she played this right Claire would change her outfit.

Julie watched Claire and Fearne play their cat and mouse games she wanted to intervene but at the moment she was more likely to be on Fearne’s loosing side than Claire’s winning one so she thought it best to keep quiet.

“Right Missy I have the perfect outfit for you.” Claire smiled. “You can be dressed the same as your playmate here.” She said giving Julie’s smock a tug.

Fearne watched Claire move up the stairs.
“How come you haven’t left yet?” Fearne asked Julie.
“I don’t want to miss the fun Claire is having at your expense.” Julie answered honestly.
“But she’s got you in wet diapers just now.” Fearne prodded.
“Yes but your double diaper is bound to end up in a worse condition soon enough.” Julie smiled.
“Fair enough.” Fearne shrugged hearing Claire walk down the stairs. The camera whirr-clicked as Claire captured yet another moment of embarrassment to add to the catalogue she was currently developing.

“Claire, Fearne was talking like a big girl again.” Julie squealed.
“You little…” Fearne muttered.
“Right then Fearne let’s get you changed.” Claire mustered before striding towards her big sister and pulling off the ripped shorts. “You won’t be needing these again we can throw them out like your stinky diapers.” Claire laughed tugging Fearne’s top off from her shoulders.

The smock, which fastened around the back was then pulled tightly around Fearne and fastened tightly at the back. Unbeknownst to Fearne Claire put several of the loops she had been using to lock Fearne into things around the fastenings of the smock. This meant that at the back of the garment the very tip of the skirt was securely fastened around the tops of Fearne’s diapers rather than covering them. ‘With Fearne having to crawl she can’t hide her diapers from anyone.’ Thought Claire with a smile. Pushing Fearne so she scuttled across the floor to beside Julie Claire snapped away taking a couple more photos.
“Right Fearne stand up.” Claire commanded. “I want to have a picture of my two girls dressed the same.”

Fearne and Julie looked at each other, this was the second time this morning that Claire had put them in near identical clothing and photographed them. And although Julie had her insisted with herself that Claire would allow her to grow back up so they could torment Fearne together this still worried her slightly as she felt eerily similar to the older girl in diapers. Fearne on the other hand was just glad her diapers were sagging through bulk not by being wet at their behind like Julie’s.

Claire waved the picture at the diapered girls, her diapered girls, as she believed.
“You two look so sweet I could just put you outside to play and show you off to the neighbourhood. But I won’t. Julie has been such a big girl and got breakfast ready but as I’m not changed I’m afraid that my two babies can’t feed each other. So you will have to wait until I’m ready so Fearne I guess you will have a little friend to share your playpen with.” And with that Claire turned to the playpen gate and lifted it up so Fearne could crawl under it. Motioning to Julie Claire gave her friend a look. “Now come on Julie I know you are a lot bigger than Fearne but you have to crawl into the pen too.”

Julie slowly dropped to her knees and crawled onto the sheet. Just a few minutes ago she had been trying to pull it to hide it now she was stuck behind the gates with another girl in diapers. Claire then retrieved the two pacifiers and passed them to the diapered girls in the pen. “Now remember girlies babies should be seen and not heard. And not smelt either Fearne.” She laughed with a waggle of her finger. Disappearing upstairs Claire left Julie and Fearne sitting on their butts sucking on their pacifiers.

Almost as soon as Claire had gone Julie had removed her pacifier. The cold water in her diaper felt clammy against her skin so she moved onto her knees and let the diaper sag a little without touching her skin.
“Man this is stupid. I should just go home.” Julie said almost to herself.
Fearne looked at her little sister’s friend she wanted to say something but she felt that the younger girl would squeal on her if she removed her pacifier and began to talk.
“I mean, what’s the point? Claire’s got loads of pictures of you which we could show around at school but now she got pictures of me as well. That means when they ask what I was doing I now have to lie.”
“But I won’t.” Fearne gurgled around her pacifier she wasn’t going to let Julie rant at her, she might let Claire but Julie was in diapers as well.
“Fair enough but who’s going to believe you when we show them the pictures of you in diapers.”
“Who’s not going to believe me when everybody already knows that you wear Good Nights?”

Julie stood up. She seemed to grow with anger. Fearne felt the younger girl tower above her. That was until Fearne looked at her diaper. It looked wet, it sagged and Julie was wearing the same type of smock Fearne was. Suddenly Fearne felt that all Julie was going to do was have a temper tantrum.
“Well whose fault is that?” Julie yelled her eyes wild.
“It’s not mine.” Fearne said calmly.
“Well it’s not mine.” Julie said taken aback by Fearne’s apparent confidence.
“I didn’t send you to school wearing your Good Night. Your aunt did. She clearly had a screw loose and that’s why your mother has never spoken to her again.” Fearne felt a bit silly dispensing advice from behind her paci especially as it made her lisp certain sounds.

Julie sat back onto her knees. She felt weird. Whatever Fearne had just done she had done well. It was like she had taken what Julie had been too afraid to believe and say it. ‘From the mouth of babes.’ She thought dryly. Her misdirected anger which she had wanted to hurl at Fearne suddenly felt silly and juvenile she realised that she been only moments away from a temper tantrum and when one is wearing a wet diaper that wouldn’t have been the most mature thing to do. Especially when she wanted to grow up and be a bigger girl than Fearne.

Fearne watched Julie reason out what had just happened. The younger girl kept cocking her head from side to side and dragging her fingers through her unstyled hair. Fearne might have had to share her baby experience with Julie but that didn’t mean she had to be dumb about it. It was when Claire disappeared that Fearne felt herself growing up. Deep down she guessed that it was an extreme reaction similar to what Julie was going through but as Fearne wanted to be the baby she didn’t have the same pretence and instead it was the same acceptance that had registered behind Julie’s eyes.

Claire dragged a brush through her hair. She wanted to look as put together as possible the more mature she looked the more the difference between her and Fearne would be noticeable. That was the reason she had towel dried Fearne and Julie’s hair. Even if they hadn’t washed them they would still looked dishevelled and childlike. She also knew that the breakfast Julie had prepared would be cold by now but then it would be ending up down the back of Fearne’s diaper, Claire wanted to see what she looked like crawling around with a load in her diaper even if it was simulated.

Fearne and Julie sat in the pen listening as Claire clomped down the stairs. Fearne looked at her little sister with a frown. She was wearing the new top her uncle had bought Fearne and it was very grown up. Couple with the fact the Claire was wearing Fearne’s hipsters she looked almost as old as Fearne with her makeup done. ‘Well she looks as old as I was.’ Fearne thought with a sly smile.
Claire noticed the smile from her big sister and shot her a puzzled glance. “Why you smiling Missy? Or is it gas?” She laughed mocking her big sister. Fearne just gave a little smirk and said nothing. “Oh good you remembered or little chat about not talking. I guessed I would only have to threaten you.” Claire said sounding superior. “Now kiddies who’s hungry?”