First AB/TB/DL Experience

At what age did you first realize you were a TB or AB /DL? What was your first experience like? I’ll start

Well I was 13 at the time and I was in the supermarket with my mom. I saw a little baby girl about 2 and a half shopping with her mommy. She was walking kind of funny so I knew she must of did something in her diaper. Her mommy walked up to her and said something like “Did Jaime go poopy in her diaper? It’s ok mommy will make it all better”. I then said to myself “I wish I could be that little again and be a baby”. That’s how it all started for me.

Anyone else have stories they’d like to share?

Also why are you a TB/DL? (relieves stress, miss childhood, sense of security & comfort etc.)

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First AB/TB/DL Experience

Brother was a bedwetter. At some point I just started sneeking diapers. My oldest memory is me wetting my diaper aged like 3 (about to go to bed) and it feeling good.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I remember being 3 or 4, not one or two years out of diapers and trying to sneak some from my babysitter who had some with her, I was always curious about them and when I was 7 or 8 I used to ask my friends who had baby siblings about their diapers a lot… I guess shortly after I became sexually aware/ started masturbating I remembered all those diaper thoughts, thought to Google it, and found the community.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I can’t remember what age I was when I first realized I had feelings about diapers. I am sure it was pretty young (less than ten years old). I knew several children in the neighborhood wet their beds, including myself and several members of my best friend’s family.

When I was around twelve I was playing down the street and saw a cloth diaper laying on the driveway of an empty house. It was covered with leaves and fairly stiff. I guess I must have been alone, because I picked it up and tried to clean it off and then stuffed it down my pants.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I can’t say that I remember a particular incident that was the genesis of my interest. I do remember thinking about nappies when I was maybe around nine or ten but not necessarily in a ‘I would like to try that’ way. I did wet the bed sporadically until I was maybe seven or so (I’m not very precise am I?) but whether that has much to do with anything I can’t say; there was certainly no consideration of using nappies or Goodnites or anything. Any AB/DL thoughts that came later weren’t consciously directed towards that prior experience at any rate.

Ruminating on this has just brought up a memory I had disregarded, actually. We used to go on holidays with a couple of other families we knew and we (my sister and I along with the other kids) would put on these little plays for the parents. I remember one when I insisted on playing a baby and wore a towel as a nappy for it. I’d forgotten all about that, it’s rather embarrassing.

So, I guess it’s always been there in some fashion though I’m not exactly active about it these days. Haven’t actually worn for a couple of years or more but then I was always more intrigued by the idea of other people using them, that’s what all the early thoughts were towards. I imagine it’s mostly a psychological thing for me - all to do with control and a sense of the aberrant really. I’ve directed it towards this interest for some reason. Curious.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

Meh, I remember being about 7 or 8 and asking my mom for a crib for my birthday.

Also, I remember stealing packs of diapers from my little sister’s dolls.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I was probably between 10-12 when the interest in diapers first emerged, though I didn’t really understand what it was at the time. I remember pilfering diapers from my much-younger cousin at some point, but that came after some experimentation with paper towels. It’s all a mild blurr.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I recall my frist experience at 3. But I do not share that experience often and I will not share it here either.

At 6 or so I stole diapers from my older step brothers new baby girl. The diapers din’t fit and my dad chaught me trying to put one on. I made up a story about both bathrooms being full. I dobut he fell for the story but he told me not to do it again soI din’t.

About 5 years later my aunt had a few cases of luvs, pampers, huggies diapers since she babysat a lot. So I took some of them when I had to spend the night. only 1 or 2 so my aunt wouldn’t notice. Again diapers din’t fit.

Years later around 14-16 I end up telling my mom, older brother and dad (in that order) that I am a TB and explain myself. I get dissmissed by my mother, Yelled at by my older brother (for “hidding myself from the world” ) and accpected by my father. Sort of suprising how diffrent people react to such strange news. I had talks with all 3 of them about it and still on very rare occiasions still do with the 3 of them.

Later on my sister and my moms boyfriend become aware from my mom blabing. My sister a year later or so gets into a car accident a passes away and me and my moms boyfriend never talked about it and pretty much forgot it ever happened.

so now I am here 20 years old. forgoing diapers sometimes since its just not much fun without some kind of partner but still keeping stuffed animals on my bedside which serves as a constant reminder. (Not that my mind lets me forget anyway).

This whole thing may of sounded sad or bitter but its not. Its just a odd story on what happened.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

Have worn diapers all of my life. But started to enjoy the baby side of thing in the last two years or so. After another online friend with SB sent me to a couple websites.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

As with Dove… I’ve worn all my life except for a period between 2 and 3 when my mother attempted to potty train me during the day (still wore at night). And… as with Dove… I have SB but it wasn’t diagnosed until later in life .

I have this “love/hate” thing going with diapers. I’ve always cherished the security they gave me and, in some twisted way, the attention I got during changing time although it was never done, by my mother anyway, lovingly.

I first learned I wasn’t “alone” with my feelings when I ran across a porn rag with some AB content when I was about 16.


First AB/TB/DL Experience

I was 5, we were on vacation splitting some big condo with some other family, who had a 4 year old son, who wore diapers at night.

I still clearly remember one morning on that vacation, I was sitting there with my mom and the other kid’s mom, and her son walked in in a t-shirt and diaper. Just found it absolutely fascinating for no apparent reason. Pity my mom didn’t borrow any, as I pretty much wet the bed most nights at the time. :slight_smile:

Actually tried to find his diapers later during the trip, but couldn’t find 'em.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

There’s another actually. I was staying at a friend’s house when we were young, but I can’t remember how young.

He and his brother had bad diarrhea - at least according to their mum, I never thought to question it until now - and when the two of us got out of the bath she diapered him. I remember feeling incredibly jealous.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

i guess i was 14 and i think i found a package of small diapers and it sparked something and then i googled and did reasearch and eventually found this place

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I would say it was probably around 6 for me. It was right after my cousin was born. When we would watch her I wanted to be babied like her. I think it was because I envied the relationship that my aunt and uncle had for each other, as well as what what there two kids got from them (attention and so on…being a loving couple, instead of divorced and fighting each other!) So I started by stealing one of her diapers. It wasn’t even stealing back then…I just took it like there wasn’t a problem and went to my bedroom to undress and put it on, then put my clothes back on. Nobody ever said anything to me if they noticed and I feel in love from that moment forward. I started to get one or two from her diaper bag when ever I could. When I would stay over with her older brother, I would sneak them and change in his closet. After awhile I finally grew out of diapers and stopped for a few years, untill her parents started to potty train her. This was when Pull ups first came on the scene, so I was able to try those once or twice. Wasn’t as sly as I was when I was a kid and my uncle caught me. He didn’t tell my mom or anything, just kinda had a heart to heart with me. He wasn’t yelling at me or even making fun of me. Just casually talked to me about it. He was pretty much my dad back then so this meant alot to me.
Fast forward to my teen years and I started to babysit. When I would I would tape a couple diapers together and play baby with the boy I babysit. He loved having someone who would play with him…instead of those like my sister who just talked on the phone all night! :slight_smile:
Few more years later….about 15 at the time….I was over at my neighbors house…somewhat of a pseudo-granddad/father and best friend to me. He was always there for me like my uncle was for me growing up. Anyways…I was surfing the web looking for some stuff on Mech Warrior and some how came across a site about diapers…which sparked my interest. I started to search for stuff and soon found adult diaper sites. I couldn’t believe my luck and was estatic at the time. A few days later when I went over after school to play some foosball with him, he brought it up. Apparently he found my sites…then started to research it some more. Durring the game he brought it up, and I pretended I had no clue. I know he saw right through it though. A few days later he brought it up again, and just kinda let me know that the next time I stayed over, or came over when no body was around….there was a package for me in the spare bedroom I would sleep in. (note here: He wasn’t some creepy old man, but a really open minded…and great guy. He was old enough to be my grandfather easily…and acted the part as much as he could. His wife and him opened there home up to me and my sister like it was our own) Anyways…packaged ended up being my first bag of adult diapers. I of course talked to him about it afterwards and I was finally able to be myself around someone like it wasn’t a big deal. When I was 16 though, he passed away and I didn’t really go over any more after that. Wore off and on over the years at home until I moved into my own appartment in college. Then I finally started to buy them for myself when ever I wanted and could wear them and enjoy them as I saw fit. Today…I’m married at 26 with two wonderful baby boys of my own and have a wife who babies me, and I get to baby her.

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I’m almost jealous of some of those tidbits of back ground.

As for me it first kinda emerged one summer i was about 8 ive or take and my cousing about the same age as me was staying over. Her and i used to be fairly close back then so wed just start talking about everything and nothing and some how got on the topic of diapers. being the oldest from a lare family myself their was always a supply of diapers around. well some how we talked ourselves into trying some diapers on. it was actualy a rather od but fun experience we didnt get caught or anything and bot ended up weting them at the time. i sure as heck loved it and she claimed to to (actually ive always wondered if she was a tb/ab after i learned of all of this).

after that though i would sneek one every now and then and had kinda worn off and on till i was about 14 and had outgrown baby diapers havent realy worn since cuz i kinda have this mental thing where im nearly affraid to go out and buy adult sized diapers :oops: (ah well if i get so compelled not a lot to stop me their.)

First AB/TB/DL Experience

I first got the idea when I was six. When I was in bed I would often think, “I really wish I had a diaper on right now.” Those ideas went away for a while until I was eleven. I got some diapers for the first time because as I was able to ride my bike to the store and get some Pampers size 6. They stretched to fit me until I became fourteen.

Re: First AB/TB/DL Experience

I was about 5 and my family switched me from pull-ups to underwear and I guess that’s about when it started, of course I had no idea what this “fetish” was until I was 10 yeas old

Re: First AB/TB/DL Experience

I have had experiences with diapers in the past, such as the time I was five and I put on my little sister’s diaper (clean, disposable) to see what it felt like. Or when I was eight I took a weeklong trip to Florida with my dad to visit some relatives. I slept in my cousins room, we watched MIB and The Pacifier. Before I went to bed my cousin,Jackson, who was a year older then me, put on a diaper. I am pretty sure he was a bedwetter. He asked me to look away, which of course I did. He seemed very embarrassed. I could see this and partly based on that fact, and because I was watching the movie. I did not ask any questions. Right now we live right next door to him, but I still have never asked him, and I do not think I ever will.

The biggest one though, that has, I think affected me most, was when I was thirteen. At mid September of 2010 we lost our house because of the financial loss after 2008. We moved into a class C rv made for two, but four could squeeze. My family had six. It was in Idaho City in the mountains. We stayed until the end of January. It had one to two feet of snow most of the winter, or about half a meter. There was some sort of mold or bacteria in the RV that made breathing hard, and made us sick most of the time. I was homeschooled, so if I got out… Let’s just say, that I spent lots of time at the library. It was about a two mile walk, so doable. but anyway, I shared what was made into a single bed with my little brother about 8 monthea old then, and all of the diaper changing supplies. In the night he would often cry, or crawl over me, so although he always started with me, he most often finished with mom and dad. Around November… Too little to do. I was confined, I had read most if not all books in the youth section, was bored, and often sick. The one computer we had was often in use, by the rest of my family. Once I had school work done for the day, that was it, no more computer. Someone else needed to do their schoolwork. One night, with my head near the diapers, I…. I…. Well, before I had never really noticed the stick, It would just pop up every now and then for no reason. Never tried to conceal it because I did not know yow were supposed to…. That night though, everything changed. I played with it. I knew I was not supposed to but I did anyway. I lost my purity, innocence, that night. And up until nine months ago, I have been living a lie. Now I am sixteen, still in that spot, addicted to all this, but I no longer lie. To myself… Others… Yeah.

That’s it for now.

Re: First AB/TB/DL Experience

I tried on my brothers diapers when I was five, didn’t like it and never wore again until age nine and the diaper was way too small.

When I was nine, I was at a mall here and my brothers were playing on the fake ship in the play area and I was sitting down where parents sit to watch their kids play. I saw these two toddlers playing and bam my diaper interest started and I had desire to wear again and be a baby again and wish I could go back to being little again. I knew it wasn’t normal so I kept it to myself for three years until I discovered the AB/DL community by accident on AOL. Before that I would sometimes sneak a diaper from next door. Pull ups still fit me but not the diapers. I am sure size six would have fit me then but they didn’t exist then. I also made my own diapers using towels and stopped when I was 12 because I preferred real diapers. I stopped taking them in 6th grade. I had no way of taking them when I was 11 because they were never available and our next door neighbor’s kid was potty trained and the parents didn’t have anymore diapers. In my teens I would sometimes feel a urge to take a diaper whenever I saw one and it was at my great uncles or my grandparents or at school in special ed. What stopped me was not wanting to be a thief and a bad person. I just coped by going to the AB/DL sites including Bravenet story site and reading the stories. The internet was different then because there were a bunch of personal pages, now we have blogs now so I don’t see any personal websites anymore but forums and blogs. It’s rare now to come across a personal website with photos and stories. I can remember the days when posts would get bumped off forums by new posts so posts didn’t last forever online. Then that changed and network54 was the first forum I ever saw where posts never got bumped off the forum. Then xsorbit was the first forum ever for me to see where you can create different boards on it to organize it. One section for off topic, one section for general and the other for stories and one for games.

My AB/DL interest has also evolved over the years and I no longer have baby desires like I did when I was a kid. I still have some fantasies like being babied but I don’t want to be a real baby nor do I wish I could go back to being one again. My diapers are also not about going back to my childhood like it used to be and I don’t try and justify it anymore about why I am into this. I also don’t feel childish when wearing one nor babyish.

I didn’t even know this was considered a fetish until I was 17. Before that I couldn’t grasp it. I also couldn’t understand why it was all considered adult and why my mom would call it pornography, and ugh those pornography pop ups whenever I would look this up (thank god those pop up days are over because we have built in pop up blockers now in internet browsers) and I couldn’t understand what was so sexual about diapers and being a baby. This all makes me feel old lol because of how much internet has changed. I get it now because I have learned a lot since then.

Oh yeah I got my first diapers when I was 17 and it was on a Sunday in 2003 in January on the 12th. I remember I went through my first pack fast and in the last week of January I got more because I was down to five diapers. Then I didn’t touch that pack for a while because I never found the time to do it without fearing of getting caught. The first diapers I ever got were Sure Comfort made by Western Family. Now that brand is no longer made. I can remember feeling disgusted with myself for doing it and also fearing getting caught and how much stress it was trying to keep it all hidden when my mom didn’t know about it and also being stuck in the basement because my mom came home at unexpected times and I didn’t want to waste a diaper. Wearing Goodnites made it a lot easier for me to wear around her because they were discreet and quiet. The other ones just made my butt look big and they crinkled. I used to just hide used diapers in my room or under the sink in my bathroom and throw them away in town during lunch whenever I got the chance to take them with me to school. But once both my parents knew, it made it easier for me and took stress off me and I no longer threw them away in town. Yeah a lot has changed since then between us.

Re: First AB/TB/DL Experience

I have cerebral palsy back when I used to post on ADISC there were several people there who were also effected. In my late teen years (14+) I began to understand that diaper dependency (outside of a fantasy scenario) really sucks and isn’t something to be wished on your worst enemy.

However I was in a contained disabled classroom for at least two hours a day from K-6 grade. The only time I was written up in class elementary school days was because I apparently watching the diaper dependent kids while they were being changed and to use the phrasing of the write up “touching” myself

Now i absolutely remember who this kid was that doesn’t make what I was doing right but I wasn’t fantasizing about the kid in a sexual context (whos name was Billy Rosenbuger) I was trying to pretend that I was the kid getting his diaper changed 20 years later the fact that I would done such a thing disgusts me I mean any child or adult with a severe enough physical disability to be diaper dependent has enough problems.

Oh course objectively I now understand at least for myself that diaper fetishism was sort of mothering by proxy. My mother isn’t a cruel person but I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she has hugged me spontaneously. I’ve always wondered if that could be the common thread that we are all looking for the intimacy we never got as children?