First Share

Can someone explain the first share badge to me?
I don’t remember sharing anything?

You licked on the ‘share’ link for this post:

It’s possible you misclicked while trying to ‘like’ it, if you didn’t intend to share it with anybody. The forum software generously assumes competence and grants the badge anyway.

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Noticed. Left in for comedy purposes.

Linked to where? My profile?

No, it does not assume that. The link has to be actually used for the badge to be awarded.

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Ok good. So it’s a fluke

Each post has a ‘share a link’ button below it. You pressed that button on the post I referenced - I know this because your badge tells me itself.

Penguin happily just confirmed for me while I was validating why I don’t have the badge myself: You must’ve actually shared the link to that post somewhere.

Quite where, I’m not sure. Perhaps you should sanity check on InstaTwitFace to be sure you haven’t posted it publicly to all your family.


I just did. Nothing there.

No, it is not.

It’s quite easy to trigger the badge.

like this

EDIT: oh right, that trick won’t work the way I did it in this post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me a minute to dig out a bot account and I’ll show you :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what a share link normally looks like:

If you change it to something like this and post it somewhere other than the forums (or copy and paste into the address bar while logged out), it will trigger the badge for someone else: