Flashbacks - Trish

(Author’s Notes: This story has two main storylines, Kelly and Samantha as young adults, and flashbacks to when Kelly was in 4th grade. The story is fiction, but is based on a few true situations. I hope having two stories intertwined will be creative and exciting, and not confusing.)

Kelly stood up in her chair at the library, only to feel a trickle run down the inside of her leg. Uh-oh, her diaper had leaked again. A quick examination of her blue jeans revealed a rather large wet spot on her butt, not to mention the small puddle of urine on her chair.

Afraid that someone would notice, she quickly stuffed her books into her backpack and darted between the bookshelves towards the women’s restroom. She held the backpack lower on her back than usual, hoping the backpack would block the wet spot. It should work as long as she didn’t run into anyone she knew.

She quickly slipped into the restroom and into the handicap stall, closing the door behind her. She pulled down her jeans and examined the damage. Maybe these store brand pull-on diapers weren’t such a good deal after all. She hadn’t wet much at all. True the blue strip had turned yellow, indicating that she was wet, and the crotch of her diaper had swelled to twice its original size, but nothing extra-ordinary. The diaper had simply leaked through the protective barrier by her legs.

Annoyed, she quickly tore the sides of the diaper, pulled it off, and stuffed it in the femine products disposal bag. It barely fit in the container, and she knew it might annoy someone to leave it there, but she didn’t want to risk carrying a wet diaper out of the stall with her. Then, since she was using a pull-on, she had to take off her shoes and jeans, before sliding on a new diaper.

For a moment, she pondered putting back on her blue jeans, but remembered that she had brought an extra pair of shorts with her today. She put on the shorts, jammed the jeans into her backpack, and flushed - just to make it seem like she had used the toilet. As if she would ever use a public toilet.

That fear of public toilets, and the need to hide wet spots in her jeans were nothing new to Kelly. Ever since 4th grade, it had been a part of her life.

From Kindergarten throught 3rd grade, her mom had lived across the street from the school. She would always walk home at lunch and right away after school, and she never had to use the school toilets.

But 4th grade was different. Her family had moved to a new home (in the same school district) during the summer, and now she had a 30 minute bus ride every morning and afternoon. Plus she could no longer walk home at lunch.

The trouble all started the first day of school…

Ch. 2

Kelly’s new teacher seemed nice, but to her annoyance, none of her freinds were in her classroom. She knew Debbie and Sarah, but they were always mean to her last year. Why did her friends Angie and Becky end up in the same classroom, across the hall, and she got stuck with these two dorks?

The morning went quickly, and for the first time, she had to go to the cafeteria for lunch. This was fine; it gave her a chance to see Becky and Angie. Unfortunately, they were talking about their new teacher, and about some boy who got in trouble, and she felt left out of the conversation.

Recess was fun, but by the time she got back to the classroom, she started to feel the urge to pee. She thought about using the school toilet but decided to hold it, and the teacher began the afternoon by reading them all a story.

After the story, the teacher asked if anyone had to use the bathroom, and decided to give the class a 5 minute potty break. Kelly reluctantly walked out into the hallway and followed a couple other girls into the bathroom. She peered in a stall and noticed that someone had failed to flush, leaving toilet paper all over. She decided that maybe she didn’t need to go that badly.

She returned to her seat, and the afternoon went by rather quickly. The final bell rang, and as she stood up she noticed that her need to pee had intensified. She could make it until she got home, she thought.

She boarded the bus, but the buses just sat in the circle drive in front of the school. Why was it taking people so long to load onto the buses she thought? She had never had to wait before, since she had always just walked home right after school.

Finally her bus started moving. The bus wasn’t too crowded, and she was sitting by herself. She figured she would be let off right away, since she was the 2nd stop in the morning, but no such luck. The bus was going in the oppositte direction of the morning and now she would be the 2nd to last stop!

She started to squirm in her seat and she put her hand in her crotch. Maybe she could hold it. After a few more stops, she knew it was too late. She heard a slight hiss and felt the pee spread out in her crotch, onto her butt, and onto the seat below her. Then it began to drip off the seat, down her leg, and onto her socks and shoes.

She wanted to cry, but didn’t want to draw any attention to herself. She pulled her bookbag over her lap, and hoped no one would see that she had wet her pants. Luckily, most of the kids had already been dropped off, and by the time her stop rolled around, there were only two other kids on the bus. She might make it without anyone noticing!

She hurried to the front of the bus, she made it passed the kids, when…
“Hey, did you pee on the bus?!”, the bus driver exclaimed. She was caught, but she didn’t stop to find out the consequences. She ran across the yard and into her house where her mom and little sister were waiting.

“What happened honey?” Her mom looked her over. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Her mom figured it was just an accident, trouble adjusting to the first day of school. She didn’t realize that Kelly had never used a school toilet before.

And neither Kelly nor her mom realized that because she traditionally went potty right after lunch, and right after school, that Kelly’s body timer was set to use the toilet at those times. Her body timer had expected her to walk home and pee immeadiately after school, but the timer had expired without her reaching the potty.

Kelly wondered if her Mom would tell her Dad about her accident, but to her surpise, the topic didn’t come up right away. During dinner, she talked about her new classes, and eating in the cafeteria, but didn’t explain what happened on the bus.

Just then, she looked over at Molly, her 2 and 1/2 year old sister sitting in the chair next to her. She was sitting on a home-made booster seat, not a high chair.

Her sister had suddenly sat up in the chair, onto her knees, and now had a grunting intense look on her face. It didn’t take long for her Mom to notice the smell. “Molly, did you mess your pull-up? You are supposed to be a big girl and tell us when you have to go potty!”

Kelly dreaded Molly’s response. “But Kelly still goes potty in her pants,” Molly said.

“That was an accident,” her Mom replied.

“Well I had an accident too,” Molly lied.

Why was this toilet training taking so long, her mom thought. She took Molly to the bathroom and tore the sides of the pullup. The wet diapers she could stand, but she was really getting tired of cleaning up poopy diapers.


Kelly noticed a familiar smell as she walked into her dorm room. She had just emptied the diaper pail this morning, so that wasn’t it. She looked over at her roommate Samantha, who was talking on the phone. “Did you mess your diaper?” Kelly asked.

“Shh, I’m on the phone,” Samantha replied.

Kelly looked over and saw an extra bulge by Sammy’s butt. Yep, she had pooped.

Samantha hung up the phone, “That was David. Say, weren’t you wearing jeans when you left this morning?”

Kelly shrugged, “It was those stupid store brand diapers that you bought. They don’t hold anything. I was sitting at the library, and when I stood up…”

“So you were sitting,” Sam replied, “You know that diapers are more likely to leak when you sit on them. You probably squished the liquid out.”

They had been through this argument before. Samantha and Kelly had been freinds since gradeschool, and had a shared affection for diapers. When the went off to college, and decided to room together, they hatched their dream plan. They would wear diapers 24/7 and never use the toilet. The plan was working remarkably well, except for one thing: The cost. They had no idea how expensive it would be for both of them to wear diapers all the time. Samantha’s response had been to buy a cheaper brand, but Kelly wasn’t pleased. They had argued about it for three days now.

“So what did David have to say?”, Kelly asked.

“Oh, well, that’s what I need to talk to you about,” Samantha continued, "I won’t be able to go to the amusement park with you this weekend. David asked me out on a date on Saturday night.

“But, how can you date a guy when you wear…”

“That’s the thing Kelly. I’m thinking of potty training myself again, just for a little while, to see if this relationship works out.”

Kelly couldn’t believe it. What about their agreement to wear diapers 24/7? How could Samantha betray her like this?


Kelly couldn’t believe it. How could Becky and Angie, her freinds, betray her like this. They had sat in the middle of a bunch of girls at a table in the lunch room, and they did not leave a spot for her to sit. They chose to sit somewhere that left her out! The second day of 4th grade seemed no better than the first.

She decided to eat by herself, but she wasn’t pleased about it. When lunch came to an end, Angie spotted her, and said hello. “Where were you?”, Angie asked.

“I was right here, why didn’t you guys leave room for me?”, Kelly asked.

“We forgot that you were coming to lunch this year, sorry.”

Kelly didn’t know whether to believe Angie or not, and this did not leave Kelly in a good mood. She went out to the playground and sat by herself on a swing. She started to feel the need to pee again. Right after lunch, just like clockwork.

Great, she thought. Her freinds ditched her, and unless she could work up the nerve to use the school toilet, she’d probably wet her pants again today.

Just then she saw a girl standing by herself over by the fence, trembling. She was wearing bright pink overall shorts, and had her hair in pigtails. To Kelly’s surprise, she saw a trickle run down the girls legs as a huge wet spot formed in her crotch.

Then she heard a familiar voice. Sarah (from her homeroom class) chimed in, “Little baby wet her pants, baby wet her pants. What’s the matter baby, maybe you should go back to kindergarten?”

Grr! Kelly couldn’t take it any more. She had never been one to start a fight, but she was in a very bad mood today. She jumped off the swing, ran over to Sarah, and pushed her down. Then one of the school staff grabbed her and pulled her away to the principal’s office.

As a result of her “fight”, her mom had to come pick her up early that day, and she was suspended until Monday. The good news was, she got to go home and use her own potty. She avoided an accident today, but what about next week, she wondered.

Kelly spent the afternoon with her sister in the backyard. Her sister was playing in a sandbox, and after a few minutes, Kelly noticed her sister starting to squirm like she had to pee. She thought about calling for her mom, but decided against it. A few minutes later, she heard a slight hiss, as her sister fully wet her pullup. They continued to play in the backyard for awhile until Mom came out to check on them.

“Molly, do you have to go potty?”, her mom asked.

“No,” Molly said. This time she was telling the truth.

Her mom walked over and pulled up Molly’s sundress. There were no fading pictures on the pullups back then, but the buldge and sag of the pull-up indicated that it was wet.

“Molly, did you know that you were wet? That’s it, I don’t think you’ll ever learn to be potty trained wearing these pull-ups. We are going to put you in some cotton training pants. Then at least you’ll know when you are wet.”


Samantha was sitting in Chemistry class and starting to doze off. She looked down at her crotch, and to her horror there was a small wet spot on her cacky shorts. It only covered her crotch, and the top part of her inner thigh, but she couldn’t believe it.

Her date with David was four days away, and she had quit diapers cold turkey. She figured toilet training wouldn’t be that hard, but to her horror she couldn’t even tell when she had to go to the bathroom! She couldn’t even tell when she was wet. She was so used to a slight wet feeling, that she didn’t even notice that she had peed her pants in class!

Luckily for her, it was a small spot, and probably no one would notice. She didn’t analyze the situation, but there was a good reason it was a small spot and not a bigger one.

When Samantha and Kelly had started using diapers, they decided that to be like real babies, they needed to pee frequently, not just in big bursts like adults. They began a regimen the first week of school where they would try to pee every fiveteen minutes on the hour, whether they had to go or not. Eventually, they retrained their bodies to pee very frequently in small doses, just like babies.

There was another reason that Samantha didn’t know about. Kelly had volunteered at a hospital over the summer, and confiscated two drugs that helped their cause. One was a diuretic, that made them need to pee frequently, and one was a muscle relaxer, that kept the bladder muscle from holding back. Kelly had secretly been sneaking the drugs into their coffee in the morning all semester to make wearing diapers 24/7 more exciting. Kelly never told Samantha about it, but since they both loved wearing diapers, she figured it was no big deal.

Kelly though twice about putting the drugs in the coffee this morning, since Samantha wanted to be potty trained. But the truth was, Kelly didn’t want Samantha to stop wearing diapers, and Kelly planned to keep dosing the coffee for the time being.

Samantha sat in Chemistry 101, horrified about the wet spot in her pants, and wondering if she would ever be potty trained again.


Molly’s potty training took a turn for the better, to the relief of her mom. Kelly had a first hand view since she was suspended for that week.

The first day Molly wet her training pants just like the pullups, but they were soggy and wet and irritating to Molly. They also didn’t hold much liquid and one night Molly left a big wet spot on the couch. They decided to flip the cushion over, so no one could tell.

But, the fact was, Molly didn’t like the wet feeling of the training pants sticking to her skin, and by Sunday night she actually used the toilet voluntarily “I’m a big girl!”, she exclaimed.

Kelly wondered if she could make similar progress at school on Monday. She didn’t know if she would use the school toilet or suffer another accident.

Lunch came quickly Monday, and Becky and Angie thought it was pretty cool that Kelly had stood up to Sarah. Sarah was not as thrilled.

When they were out at recess, Sarah and Debbie, started calling Kelly names, “There’s the girl who hangs out with babies. I bet she’s a baby too. Why don’t you wet your pants too baby?”

Uggh, she thought. If she didn’t think of something, that taunt would come true. Just like clockwork, it was after lunch and she felt an intense need to pee. Last time, she made it til the bus ride, but the feeling was more intense today. She really had to go.

Back inside, it was time for the afternoon story. Kelly was squirming in her seat, bouncing from side to side, and she didn’t think she could make it much longer. Just as her teacher closed the story, she felt her bladder give in as pee spread across her black shorts. Urine pooled below her butt in the seat, but to her amazement, due to the grooves in her seat, it stayed pooled underneath her. It didn’t drip down to the floor. As she looked down, she could see the yellow liquid pooled between her thighs, but with her black shorts, it was barely noticeable that they were wet.

“We’re going to have a 5 minute potty break,” the teacher said, and most kids went out in the hall. Kelly knew she couldn’t get up, or the pee would run down her legs, and she’d be found out. But she couldn’t stay seated by herself, or the teacher would suspect something. Just then, one of her classmates walked up to her….

Ch. 5

It was the girl with the pigtails who had wet her pink overalls the other day on the playground. “Hi,” the girl said, “I just wanted to thank you for what you did the other day.”

Kelly was stunned, “Your welcome I guess, what’s your name?”

“Samantha,” the girl said.

“Samantha,” Kelly said. “I’ve got a secret. I just peed in my pants and I can’t get up.”

“Oh,” Samantha said, “Do you want me to get the teacher.”

“No!,” Kelly said. “Then I’d have to go to the nurses office to get changed and all the other kids would find out. I just want to sit here for now. Can you stand here and talk to me. That way I can pretend nothing happened.”

Kelly and Samantha talked for the next few minutes and just like that a long-time freindship was born.

The other kids came back in from the potty break and the afternoon of lessons began. Amazingly, Kelly never had to get up from her seat, and by the time the final bell rang, most of the pee had dried. With her black shorts, no one could see the stain.


By the time the bell rang, ending Chemsistry class, most of the pee had dried. But the cacky shorts showed an unusual discoloration that didn’t sit well with Samantha. She went to the bathroom, examined the damage, and decided she could still wear the shorts. She peed in the toilet, for good measure, but not much pee came out.

What was going on?, she wondered. How could she learn to be potty trained again, if she didn’t even notice she wet her pants? This was going to be harder than she thought. She decided to look for a book on potty training at the public library. She thought the public library would be safer than the college library.

Once at the public library, she typed ‘potty training’ into the computer, and found a few books that matched. The first book was in the kids section. She went over to the kids section, past a young brother and sister who were shoving each other as they pretended to read on the floor.

She scanned through the books… there it was. “Timmy’s first potty” was the name of the book. The book was illustrated and about 20 pages long, she noticed.

Just then, the little boy spoke up, “You went pee-pee in your pants.” He probably noticed the stain, she thought. But, as she looked down, to her horror, the boy was right. She had wet her shorts again. Only this time, because she was standing up, the urine had made a little puddle on the floor.

A library clerk came up, “What are you doing, we need to clean this up… what are you reading, oh my goodness, aren’t you potty tra…., I can’t belive this.”

Samantha didn’t know what to do. She ran to the bathroom in the library and looked at her wet shorts. She wanted to cry. She had an extra pair of shorts with her, and a pair of diapers, and decided that she had better avoid having any more accidents today. She pulled off her wet shorts and panties and pulled on her pull-on diaper. Ah, it felt good. Nice and soft, and comforting. But, how would David react? She needed to be potty trained by the time Saturday rolled around? Otherwise what would he think when he noticed she was wearing a diaper?

Amazingly, Kelly had wet her black shorts at school and no one found out. Her shorts had dried by the time school was out, and Kelly was sure her mom wouldn’t notice a stain on the dark fabric. But, what would happen tommorrow, she wondered?

Dinner went fine, and after dinner she sat down to watch TV in the livingroom. During one of the commercials, she eavesdropped on the conversation taking place between Molly and her mom in the bathroom.

“Are you sure you don’t have to go potty? Well, you’ve been sitting there for an hour. But usually, you have to go poop after dinner. Allright, allright, you can go watch TV. But, tell mommy if you have to go potty OK sweetie…”

Molly then ran into the living room and sat down next to Kelly. A few seconds later Molly stood up, and scrunched up her face.

Kelly couldn’t believe it. 30 seconds earliar, Molly told her mom she didn’t have to go poop, and now she was pooping her pants in the middle of the livingroom!

“Molly, what are you doing?”, Kelly asked.

“Shhh,” Molly said with a mischievious grin.

“Mom’s going to find out.”

“Not for awhile.”


Samantha ran into Kelly in the quad, a grassy courtyard at the center of campus. Kelly was wearing a medium length skirt and Samantha noticed a buldge by Kelly’s butt. “Kelly, did you just mess yourself?” Samantha whispered.

“Yeah, I just did, but I don’t have time for a change before Philosophy class.”

“Aren’t you worried someone is going to find out?” Samantha asked.

“It’s in a big auditorium, I’ll sit in the balcony.” Kelly responded. “How’s the toilet training going?” Kelly noticed that Samantha was wearing a different pair of shorts than this morning.

“Not good, I’m back wearing a diaper. I’ll tell you about it later. Maybe you can help me come up with a plan.”

Kelly hurried along to the auditorium and paused after walking inside. She was a little more concerned about her messy diaper than she let on to Samantha. She didn’t mean to poop just then, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t hold it. Her 24/7 diaper regression was working a little too well.

She could usually conceal wet diapers pretty well, but a messy diaper was another story. People could smell a messy diaper from a good distance and she needed to find a seat far away from the other students. She walked up to the balcony, and saw an empty area on the left side. She walked up and sat in the last row. It would be hard to see the overhead and take notes from here, but the auditorium’s speakers would carry the teacher’s voice well enough.

She sat down very carefully; she didn’t want to squish anything out or cause any leaks. She was happy to be wearing a loose-fitting skirt. The nice thing about the skirt was that she didn’t have to sit directly on the skirt itself. She pulled the back of the skirt up, so her diaper sat directly on the chair. That way, if she leaked, it would not get on her clothes. She felt the poop squish around a little as she sat down.


Molly looked down at her shorts. She had peed a little after pooping and there was a small wet spot in her crotch. That was barely noticeable compared to the big bulge on her backside. Molly decided to cover up the situation by sitting down on the floor.

“Gross,” Kelly said, imagining the poop squishing around in Molly’s shorts. Molly then grabbed a blanket off the couch and covered her lap.

“See, now Mom won’t find out.” Molly smiled.

Kelly was doubtful. The 4th graders might not have noticed her wet shorts at school, but Mom was certain to smell Molly’s accident sooner than later.

A few minutes later, Mom came in and did indeed smell Molly’s accident. After cleaning her up, Molly was sent to her room, and told she couldn’t watch TV as punishment.

Kelly wondered what her punishment would be if she wet her pants at school again. It wasn’t her mom she feared, as much as the wrath of classmates Debbie and Sarah.

The next day was Tuesday, picture day for the 4th graders. Both Kelly and Samantha were dressed in cute sweaters and long skirts. At 10am, they found themselves standing in line in the gym, waiting to get their pictures taken.

“Did your Mom find out about your accident?” Samantha asked.

“No,” Kelly answered.

“Wow, you sure are lucky. My mom was pretty upset when I wet those pink overalls. They were brand new and everything.”

“That sucks,” Kelly replied.

They were the next students to get their pictures taken. Kelly sat down, adjusted her head, smiled, and the picture was taken. The two girls now had a few minutes to kill as they walked back to class.

“I’m going to go potty,” Samantha said as she headed for the bathroom.

“I have a secret,” Kelly said. "I’ve never used the school toilet before.

“Never!” Samantha was shocked. “But, how can you hold it all day. I usually go potty 2 or 3 times, and I still wet my pants sometimes.”

Kelly explained how she used to live across the street from the school, and about her bus accident the first day of school.

“Oh,” Samantha said. She didn’t know what to think. “Well, I’ll see you in class then.”

Samantha and Kelly sat together at lunch that day. During recess, they walked together along the fence surrounding the large field where they could play during recess. Once they were away from the other kids, Kelly spoke up. “I really have to pee again. I’m probably going to wet my pants again today. Will you still be my freind if I have another accident?”, Kelly asked.

“Of course. But I’ve got an idea,” Samantha suggested. “You know what the cool thing about skirts is, don’t you? You can pee your pants without anyone noticing.”

“What?” Kelly asked.

“Sure, your panties will get wet, but you don’t have to get your outer clothes wet like jeans or shorts. Watch this.” Samantha spread her legs so that her skirt was spread wide out. She bent her knees a little and pulled up the back of her skirt slightly.

Kelly heard a hiss, but because of the long skirt, she didn’t see anything for a few seconds. Then Kelly watched as urine watered the dirt and grass below Samantha’s feet. Kelly couldn’t believe it.

“Now you try,” Samantha said.

“Is anyone looking?” Kelly wondered. Once she determined that the coast was clear, Kelly spread her legs so that the skirt was nice and wide. She had trouble peeing at first. How could she pee on purpose, while wearing clothes? But soon her need was enough to overcome her natural instincts. She released a vigorous stream between her legs, and her body relaxed. Ahh, she thought. This felt great.

“Uh-oh,” Samantha said. "Looks like your aim was a little off. The back of Kelly’s skirt was a little wet, but not too bad. "Don’t worry, it just looks like you leaned up against a tree or something. The field was slightly damp from a recent rainfall, so the explanation seemed reasonable.

Kelly’s panties were damp as they walked back to class. It felt good in a way, but she didn’t quite understand the feeling. By the time she went home, her panties and skirt had dried.

Kelly couldn’t believe it. With ten minutes left in class, the professor was giving them a pop quiz in Philosophy class today. It was two questions about the reading. The Teaching Assistants walked around the large auditorium, passing out the quizzes.

Kelly was sitting alone in the last row of the balcony in a wet and messy diaper. A 28 year old woman walked up to hand the quiz to Kelly, “Man, what stinks up here?” Kelly was humiliated, but luckily, nobody seemed to notice the comment. The woman didn’t seem to notice that the scent was coming from Kelly.

After finishing the quiz, Kelly had to walk up and turn it in. She waited until most people had cleared out, and ran up to hand it to the female teaching assistant. It was not easy running in her state, as the poop was squishing all over her butt.

She decided to walk to the bathroom in the building next door. It was a single toilet women’s restroom, the kind where she would have to lock the door behind her. She walked in and sighed. It was going to be pretty hard to clean up this messy diaper. She pulled up her skirt and looked at herself in the mirror.

The top of the diaper, below her belly-button was white and unaffected. But, a few inches lower a discoloration was clearly present. The diaper had also swelled to a larger size. She turned and looked sideways and saw a large dark bulge near her bottom. What a mess, she thought.


Kelly looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She was holding one of her sister’s cotton training pants in front of her. It looked small, but she thought it might stretch enough to fit her. She pulled on the training pant and it fit, but barely.

Kelly had been wearing skirts to school (and peeing in the grass) the last few days, but she knew she couldn’t wear a skirt everyday. She wondered if the cotton training pants would give her any protection. She sat down on the toilet while wearing the training pant and began to pee. She saw her crotch began to dampen as the pee spread out across the cotton fabric. After about 10 seconds, the pee started to leak out and drip into the toilet.

Great, she thought. This held barely any more pee than her regular underwear. (She had tried that expirement yesterday.)

Her sister Molly was still allowed to wear the pull-ups to bed, but she had to wear the cotton training pants during the day. Kelly thought about borrowing a pull-up from her sister Molly, but her mom was pretty meticulous about counting the pull-ups. Molly had tried to sneak one on during the day, and now her mom was keeping count.

Molly had been amazingly good since she started using the potty, Sunday. Sure, Mom asked her if she had to use the potty, practically every hour, but Molly had been complying. Molly didn’t like the feel of the wet training pants, and as far as Kelly knew, Molly had not had any wetting accidents since Monday.

Poop accidents were a different story. For whatever reason, Molly refused to go “number two” in the toilet. She would always wait until Mom wasn’t around and then let lose in her pants. It was driving her Mom crazy.

The next morning was Friday, and Kelly dressed herself in a dress, her fourth and final skirt-dress outfit. She sure hoped her mom would wash clothes over the weekend.

She arrived at school and noticed that the Kindergarten students were getting their pictures taken this morning in the gym. The little kids looked so cute, all dressed up in their best clothes.

The morning flew by, but Kelly noticed that it was starting to get dark outside the windows of her classroom. By the time lunch rolled around, it had started to rain. Because of the rain, recess would be held in the gym instead of the grass field outside. The pictures were already completed, so the gym was available.

Kids ran around, some jumping rope, some playing dodgeball, and most didn’t seem to mind that recess was held inside. Kelly on the other hand was very concerned.

She and Samantha stood in the corner talking. “I really have to pee,” Kelly whispered. Samantha shrugged, unsure what to say. Then Kelly turned slightly white, and looked down. Samantha looked down. Underneath Kelly’s dress, by Kelly’s feet, a yellow puddle of urine was forming. The puddle was getting pretty big, and Samantha was worried that someone would see it.

Her fears came true. “Excuse me ladies,” one of the lunch aides said. “Looks like somebody had a little accident.” Kelly didn’t know what to say. “Be careful, and step out of the way. It looks like one of the kindergarten students must have had an accident in here this morning. I’ll get a janitor to clean it up.”

Samantha giggled. She couldn’t believe Kelly got away with peeing in the gym. What would have happened if she had gotten caught?


Kelly was hesistant to get started changing her diaper. The poop had spread all over her butt, and it was going to be a huge mess to clean up. She decided to take her skirt off, so it wouldn’t get dirty. She set it in the corner. Then she started to tear the side of her diaper.

Just then, the door opened behind her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, the door wasn’t locked.” The women stammered and started to turn around. It was the female teaching assistant from her Philosophy class. Then she stopped and turned back to Kelly. “Aren’t you the girl who was sitting in the balcony. Wow, you s___ your pants. I was wondering what the smell was. Yeah, this explains it. I have a girl in diapers, and I knew that smell was familiar. Boy, that must suck. So you wear diapers. Can’t you control your bowels or something?”

Kelly didn’t know what to say. “No, I can’t control it.”

“Well, I’ll leave you alone… say do you need some baby wipes or something. I’ve got some in my purse.”

“That would be great,” Kelly answered. She didn’t have any babywipes with her and this would be very helpful. “Uh, could you shut the door behind you,” Kelly asked, “and could you lock it to.” The TA had seen this much, she might as well stick around while Kelly used the babywipes. “So what’s your name,” Kelly asked.

“Linda,” the TA answered. “Oh, that’s a gross one.”

Kelly walked over towards the toilet and ripped the sides of her diaper. She slid the poop off and threw the diaper in the garbage. She grabbed a couple babywipes and started cleaning her butt. It was hard to do without a handheld mirror.

“Here, let me help you,” Linda said. “You can’t see back there, and I’m used to cleaning up my baby girl anyhow.” Linda expertly cleaned off her butt, and disposed of the dirty wipes.

Once she was clean, Kelly reached in her bag, and pulled out a clean diaper. She took off her shoes and pulled it on. It felt good and comforting to be in a dry clean diaper again. Then she put her shoes and skirt back on.

“All set,” Linda said. “Well, I better go pick my daughter up from day care, it is $30 an hour at the daycare place. But, do you mind if I pee first. After all, that’s why I’m here.”

“I’ll get out of your way,” Kelly said and she slipped out of the bathroom.

Kelly went back to the dorm room where Samantha was waiting. Samantha had picked up three books on toilet training, and was paging through them.

She liked the illustrated book the best. It showed a boy who was taken out of diapers. At first he wet his pants, but by the end of the story he was able to keep them dry. It was cute, but not terribly informative.

The next book was written for parents. It explained the signs that a child was ready for potty training. The child should know when she is wet, and ask to be changed. That was no help, Samantha thought.

The third book talked about the importance of routine. Children usually went potty at certain times of the day, after meals, after waking up, after naps, and parents could make things go smoothly by encouraging their children to go to the bathroom at these times. It suggested keeping a journal of what times the child went to the bathroom, and making a star chart for the child’s sucessess.

The next day Samantha decided to write down when she went pee in her journal. If she could establish a routine, maybe she could began to toilet train herself. A few times during the day, she checked her diaper and was surprised that she was wet. But, for the most part, because she was paying attention, she was able to notice when she peed in her diaper.

Even though she and Kelly had tried to pee every fifteen minutes at the start of the semester, Samantha found that her body had settled into peeing about once an hour.

To her delight, she even began to notice signs that she had to go to the bathroom, before she had to pee. Unfortunately, to her horror, she could only hold back for a few seconds once she realized she had to go. Eight weeks of wearing a diaper had clearly weakend her bladder, she thought. While that was partially true, Kelly’s morning concoction in the coffee, was also playing a large role in keeping her bladder weak.

The only good news for Kelly was that because she peed about once an hour, all her “accidents” were small. But, if she couldn’t hold it in, once she knew she had to pee, how could she be potty trained in time for her date that weekend?


Thanks to the skirt-dress outfits she owned, Kelly had made it to Friday night without anyone knowing she wet her pants at school.

Her sister Molly’s potty training was going smoothly, except for the pooping. Molly had not had a wetting accident in several days, but she refused to poop on the toilet. Friday night, Mom kept Molly on the toilet for three hours after dinner, and then kept a firm eye on her for the rest of the night. If Molly had to go that night, she held it in.

The next day Mom decided to take Kelly and Molly shopping. Because Molly had done such a good job, using the toilet, she was allowed to wear big girl panties and white shorts on their visit to the store.

Just to be on the safe side, mom had Molly use the potty once they arrived at the store. Then Mom went over to the lingerie section and was looking at some outfits. Apparently, mom and dad’s anniversary was the next weekend. Kelly and Molly would be sent to grandma’s house.

Kelly had another idea, “Mom, do you think I could stay over at Samantha’s house next weekend.”

“I suppose honey, but we’ll have to make sure it is alright with Samantha’s parents.”

Kelly and Molly were pretty bored waiting for mom to try on lingerie, and after pestering her for several minutes, they were sent off to the toy section to hang out for awhile. Kelly was supposed to keep Molly out of trouble.

Kelly checked out the new barbie clothes and the dolls, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Molly was playing with a doll on the floor when she suddenly stood up. Molly’s faced clenched up and Kelly started to smell a familiar smell. The back of Molly’s white shorts quickly filled with poop, expanding out two inches. Then Molly peed a little as the crotch of her white shorts turned yellow. Molly quickly resumed playing with her doll.

“Molly!”, Kelly reprimanded, “What are you doing!”

“Maybe mom won’t notice,” Molly said.

Hardly, Kelly thought. Not only were Molly’s shorts bulged out in the back, but the poop was visible through the thin white fabric. The brown poop left a large discoloration in the back, and Molly’s crotch was yellow from pee.

Then Molly sat down on the floor to play with her doll somemore. Kelly couldn’t believe it. She saw some of the poop smear out of Molly’s shorts and onto the floor. So much for keeping her sister out of trouble.


The next day Samantha tried her best to stay dry, by peeing at the recorded times, and by holding it in as best she could, but with no luck. Four times during the day she was too late, and wet her diaper by the time she reached the bathroom. She sat in the dorm room, worried about what to do. Her date with David was the next day.

A commercial came on the TV, “Accidents, I don’t even worry about them anymore. Now that I have poise pads. They’re discreet and hold more liquid than a regular maxi.” That was it, Samantha thought! She could wear a poise pad. It wouldn’t be as bulky as a diaper, so David wouldn’t notice. But, if she peed, the pad would hold it.

Samantha rushed to the pharmacy. She knew she didn’t pee large quantities ever, and she hoped the “ultra” pad would hold enough and not leak.

Luckily for Kelly, her mom washed clothes over the weekend, and her skirts and dresses were clean Monday. She had four dress-skirt outfits she could wear to school. She didn’t know what she would do Friday, but she was set Monday-Thursday.

At lunch Monday, Kelly and Samantha went out to the opposite end of the field and peed in the grass. Their long skirts hid the fact that they were peeing, and no one seemed to notice their wet panties.

After they peed, Kelly had a question for Samantha. “Do you think I could stay over at your house this weekend?”

“Sure,” Samantha answered, “but won’t you be afraid to use our toilet.”

“I think I can handle it. I just don’t like public toilets. They’re all dirty and gross.”

“Sounds like fun!” Samantha said.

Recess was soon over, and as both girls walked back to class, they overheard Sarah and Debbie talking. “How come those two always smell like pee?”


Samantha wondered for a moment how the poise pads would smell when they were wet. She put on some extra perfume, just in case.

David would be over soon to pick her up, so Samantha decided she had better change. She took off her diaper and pulled out a pair of panties. The panties were hidden in the back of a drawer, having not seen the light of day in awhile.

The diaper was just a little wet, so she threw it in the diaper pail in her dorm room. She pulled out one of the poise pads and looked it over. It was pretty thin, but a little thicker than a maxi pad. She read the outside of the poise packaging and it claimed “heavy” protection. She wondered how that was possible as she tore off the sticky backing and placed the poise pad in the crotch of her panties. She pulled on a pair of black dress-pants just to be on the safe side. If the pad leaked, the black pants should hide the wetness.

Then the phone rang, as David was downstairs at her dorm building. She finished getting dressed, went downstairs and met David with a big hug. They hopped into his 92 Dodge Shadow and went off to dinner at a local italian restaurant.

Dinner went smoothly. About halfway through dinner, Samantha felt herself start to pee. Uh-oh, she thought, hopefully this pad will hold. She didn’t feel or notice any leaks. After dinner, she slipped into the bathroom, and examined the situation. The poise pad was wet, but didn’t seem soaked. It looked like it would hold more pee than she expected.

She decided to replace it anyhow, since they were going to a movie and she didn’t want to risk any leaks. She disposed of the old pad in the feminine products dispenser, and attached a new pad to her panties.

David wanted to go to an action movie, and she agreed. He bought a large popcorn and large drink that they shared. She was hesistant to drink much liquid, but chomped away on the popcorn. She always loved movie popcorn. This made her a bit thirsty, so she drank a little, but not too much. She didn’t want to risk her poise pad leaking.

Just then, she felt something unexpected. As she sat, holding hands with David in her seat in the movie theater, she suddently felt an intense need to empty her bowels.

She had been so worried about peeing too much, that she had not thought to worry about pooping. Unlike her bladder, which she couldn’t control at all, she had some control of her bowels. She could hold it back for a little while, but not long.

She jumped up from her seat. “I’ll be right back. I need to use the restroom,” she told David. She darted out into the hallway. To her dismay, another movie had just let out and there was a huge line for the women’s restroom. The line was so long it went out of the restroom and into the hallway.

She tried to be patient, as she bounced from foot to foot, shifting her balance, and holding back as best she could. After a couple minutes, she still had not reached the door to the restroom. The line looped through the entrance, and there were at least 8 people in front of her, probably more.

The line inched forward again, as she continued to bounce from one heel to the other, trying to keep from pooping her pants in front of everyone.

Just then a young girl about 3 and her mom approached the back of the line. “Mommy, I have to go pee, pee.” Samantha saw that the girl was bouncing up and down. The girl grabbed her dress, and pulled up the front with one hand, while grabbing her crotch with the other hand. Samantha noticed that the girl was wearing a pull-up with a Minnie Mouse design on the front.

“Do you mind if we go in front of you?”, the girl’s mom asked the women behind Samantha. The women behind her agreed, and the girl skipped ahead in the line, up to where Samantha was standing.

“I have to go, Mommy!” the girl cried.

Samantha felt the same way, she was clenching her buttocks in, trying to hold back.

“Miss, can we cut in front of you?”, the mother asked Samantha. Samantha didn’t know what to say.

Just then, the girl cried out, “Uh-oh”. Samantha looked down. The girl was still holding the front of her dress up, and Samantha had a full view of her pull-up. She watched as the crotch of the pull-up started to change color. Slowly the yellow discoloration creeped up the front of the pull-up as the Minnie Mouse design faded. “I’m wet mommy. I’m sorry.”

The girl looked slightly relaxed now, after peeing, but Samantha was still desperatly trying to hold on. The line inched forward, but she still hadn’t reached the door to the restroom. It was too late. Samantha’s bowels released as poop flooded her panties. She felt like she had never gone so much at once, as the back of her black dress-pants swelled outward.

Then she started to pee. At first, it seemed like her poise pad contained it, but then she felt the urine running down her leg.

But, that was not the worst of it. Samantha had pooped so much, in her tight panties, that some of the poop was squishing out the side. Just then, she felt some of the poop escape her panties, and roll down the back of her left leg. It fell to the bottom of her left leg, and landed on her sock.

Amazingly, the mother didn’t notice, as she was attending to her daughter. “Don’t worry sweety. It was an accident.” Then, the mother sniffed something in the air. “Honey, did you go poo-poo too?”

“No,” the girl answered.

“Are you sure?”, the mom pressed further.

“Yeah, I no go poo-poo. She went poo-poo.” The girl pointed at Samantha.

The mother turned to look and so did several of the other women in line. Samantha heard several snickering comments. The woman in front of Samantha turned around. “I was going to let that little girl skip in front of me, but it looks like you better skip ahead of me.”

Samantha had never felt so embarrassed in her whole life. Even the accident at the library was not as bad, since so few people had seen it. But now, she had pooped and wet her pants in a very public place. She wasn’t even in the women’s restroom yet. She was in the line outside where everyone in the lobby could see her if they looked.

She felt like she was ready to die. Just then, she saw David walk out of the theater, and walk up to her. He looked down at her butt, and his jaw dropped.

Kelly was alone back at the dorm studying for a pre-calc exam. It sucked to spend Saturday night alone, but what could she do. She felt the need to pee, and happily wet her diaper. It was so nice not having to get up and interrupt her studying.

Suddenly the phone rang. It was Samantha. “Kelly, could you come pick me up. David doesn’t want to drive me home.”

“What happened?”

“I’ll explain when I get home. I’m at the movie theater on Park St.”

Kelly got in her car and picked Samantha up at the theater. Samantha smelled like poop, and Kelly suspected what happened. “He didn’t want me to mess up his car,” Samantha half-cried as she explained the story to Kelly.

As they drove home, Kelly ran into traffic. A sports event was getting out at the stadium and she was stuck in traffic.

Kelly felt a slight need to pee. She hadn’t changed out of her wet diaper from earliar, and she wasn’t sure her diaper could handle another wetting. She tried to hold it in. She always peed more than Samantha. Samantha had a naturally small bladder, but try as she might, Kelly always peed larger amounts less frequently.

The car in front of her inched forward. She inched forward. Traffic seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace. If she didn’t get changed soon, she’d probably get pee all over her car seat.

Soon a traffic cop directed the people in her line to go. She moved forward and out of the congestion. She might be able to make it home. Her knees bounced up and down slightly as she tried to hold back.

A few blocks later, the light turned red and she had to stop again. The movement of the car stopping put pressure on her bladder, and it was too late. She began to pee. She felt the pee flood out in to her diaper. Because the diaper was wet, it didn’t absorb as quickly, and she felt it spread across the bottom of the diaper and over to the side. Then she felt the diaper leaking by her legs. She felt her pants get wet and now the seat was getting wet too.

“These stupid cheap generic diapers suck!” Kelly whined.

“You’re right Kelly. I’m sorry I’ve been so cheap. Let’s just buy some more expensive better ones,” Samantha said.

“Right now?”, Kelly asked.

They decided that now was as good a time as any. They pulled into a grocery store and walked back over to the adult diaper section. They found a favored brand, not a pull-on, but very absorbent, and pretty discreet.

Then they walked up to the registers in the front of the store. They were quite a spectacle as they walked. Kelly waddled more than walked, since her diaper was full and very thick between her legs. Her butt was wet from the leak in the car, and every step she took caused a little more to leak out as well. There she was, in a leaky diaper, carrying a pack of adult diapers under her arm.

Samantha’s dark pants didn’t show much from her accident, but for all her efforts to clean off her panties and pants, she clearly still smelled of poop.

There was only one register open, and there were already three people in line.

Samantha looked over at Kelly and whispered, “I think I have to pee.”

“Aren’t you wearing a diaper or something?” Kelly asked.

“No, I forgot to put on a new poise pad after I cleaned up the poop. I’m not wearing anything. Should I go use the bathroom?”, Samantha asked.

“No, who cares, just go.” Kelly whispered.

It was too late anyway. Samantha had already started to pee. She felt her panties get wet, and soon her black dress-pants glistened with new wetness.


The grass beneath Kelly’s feet glistened during Wednesday’s recess. She wondered what she would do on Friday when she ran out of skirts and dresses. Sarah and Debbie already noticed that she smelled like pee, and they’d surely make fun of her if she wet her pants in class. What could she do?