Ghost Nanny By Bruce Davies

“Ha ha, look at the little baby!” Johnny had always
been a bully, but today he was especially cruel to Nathan.
“You think it’s funny, do you Johnathan? You don’t have
the guts to deal with what I’ve been through! None of you
have any idea why I have to wear these diapers, so I’m gonna
tell you. Even if you don’t believe me, I dare anyone of you
to do what I did. You won’t be so skeptical after that.”
Nathan was particularly incensed at the taunting the other
kids gave him and finally let his true story come out.
“All right baby, just what did you do that’s so bad we
couldn’t do it?” Johnny said.
“First off, I’m not 13, I’m 18, and the reason I look
13 is that I spent 5 years in Mandrake Manor. I barely
escaped with my butt intact, the diapers are the result of
my stay there.”
An eerie quiet surrounded Nathan as he began his story.
“I was always small for my age, and back then I wanted more
than anything to be a member of a club called the
Daredevils. They were a group of kids that hung out
together. They were very popular and everyone wanted to join
their group. I was told that if I could spend one night in
Mandrake Manor, I could join them.
Everyone knew that the manor was haunted, cause of the
sounds that came from it late at night. I never believed in
ghosts or the supernatural so, I figured it would be an easy
way to get into the Daredevils. We went there on a Friday
and I was told that the rest of the club would be back
Saturday morning to see if I had stayed the night. Just to
be sure I didn’t chicken out and leave before the morning,
they posted a guard outside the manor’s gate.
Just as the sun was setting, I entered the manor’s
grounds and headed for the house. The place was quiet as a
tomb. I crawled into the manor house through a busted
window. It was dark and I pulled out my flashlight to find
my way around. I thought that the best way to pass the time
was to sleep so, I found a chair and settled in for the
I awoke to the sound of creaking floor boards. I
thought that the Daredevils had sent someone in to scare me
into leaving. I followed the sound upstairs and saw a light
coming from one of the rooms. As I got closer, I could hear
music coming from behind the door. When I opened the door, I
saw a nursery, complete with everything a baby would need.
There was a crib, playpen, highchair, rocking chair,
changing table, and a dresser. The room was very well lit
and I could see someone in the crib. I walked over to it and
found a boy, maybe 10 or 11 sleeping. He opened his eyes and
stared at me. He had a baby footed sleeper on, and I could
tell he was diapered underneath it. He was sucking on a
pacifier and wore a baby bonnet on his head.
He seemed shocked that I was there. He pulled the
pacifier from his mouth and said, “RUN! Run while you can.
If she finds you here, you’ll end up like me. Just like all
of us.”
“All of us? I don’t see anyone else here but you and
me?” I said Just then I heard a soft humming and the boy put
the pacifier back in his mouth, laid back down and pretended
to be asleep. He whispered around his pacifier, “HIDE! She’s
Quickly, I ran behind the dresser and squatted down. I
heard the door to the room open and a female voice humming a
lullaby. I peeked around the corner of the dresser and saw a
woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform from like the early
1900’s walk over to the crib and slide down the bars. She
unbuttoned the boy’s sleeper and checked to see if he was
wet, which he was.
She then began to remove his sleeper and talk to him in
baby talk. Once his sleeper was off, she pulled off his
plastic pants and removed his wet diaper. Still cooing and
talking baby talk to the boy, she cleaned him off and put a
new diaper and plastic pants on him, then left the room.
I came out from behind the dresser and went over to the
crib. “What’s going on here? Who are you two and why is she
treating you like a baby?” I asked The boy looked up and
said, “I was once like you, a big boy. I came into this
manor to get out of the cold, one winter night, and she
found me. She’s a ghost, the ghost of a nanny that once
worked for the family that lived here. The baby she was
taking care of died while under her care and the family
killed her for it. She haunts this place, catching anyone
who enters here and making them into babies. There is other
nurseries in this manor and all of them have a baby who she
caught. During the night, we look as we did when she
captured us, but during the day, we become babies. She
treats us like infants and takes us out in carriages, you’ve
probably seen one or two of us at the park. If she catches
you here, she’ll make you into a baby too, so get out while
you can.” His eyes filled with dread as he finished his
story and a voice sounded behind me.
“So, how did you get out of your crib little one?” the
voice said I turned around to find the nanny standing there.
She grabbed me and held me tight, I couldn’t fight her
strength. She carried me into another nursery down the hall,
and strapped me onto a changing table. She started talking
to me in baby talk, as she removed all my clothes and put a
diaper under me. She carefully put baby powder on me and
pulled the diaper up and over my “wee wee”. I kicked and
screamed, trying to get away, but she was so strong I
couldn’t get loose from her. She dressed me in a pair of
shortalls and unstrapped me, then carried me into another
room with several playpens and a young lady.
“Joanne, we have a new charge, give him a bottle and
put him down for a nap” Nanny said to the young lady As the
lady turned to face me, I saw that she had a glazed look in
her eyes. Nanny handed me to the lady and I knew that this
was my chance to break free. I twisted myself free of their
grasp and ran for the door. Before I had taken three steps,
Nanny grabbed me by the arm and hauled me back.
“Naughty baby, you shouldn’t run from Nanny. Now Nanny
will have to spank you.” she said crossly She sat down in a
chair and easily laid me over her knee. She pulled my
shortalls and diaper down and I felt the first sting of her
hand as it cracked against my behind. Crack! Crack! Crack!
On and on it went, till I was blubbering like a toddler.
Nanny kept asking me if I would be a good baby now, and I
said yes. I would have said anything to make the spanking
stop. Suddenly, I felt a cold cream being spread over my
bottom and the diaper was pulled up. She put me into a
playpen filled with baby toys and left me to tend to other
I spent weeks learning the routine of the nursery,
trying to figure a way to escape and meeting others trapped
like me. Nanny took one of us out to the park each day, and
when we were out, we looked like babies. We couldn’t talk or
walk and that was the most frustrating part, not being able
to communicate our predicament to anyone around us. Each
night, I would try talking to Joanne, trying to convince her
to help me and the rest of the kids escape. She would tell
me that no one had ever gotten away from Nanny, and that
those that tried were turned into newborns and kept that way
forever. This unnerved me a little, as I knew that all a
newborn baby does is eat, sleep, cry, and use their diaper.
I didn’t want that to happen to me.
Days turned into months and months to years. I behaved
myself and Nanny rewarded me with a birthday party in the
park. I planned to use the party as a last stitch attempt to
escape. I knew that if it failed, I would be turned into a
newborn forever. After 5 long years, I eventually persuaded
Joanne to help me, but only if we also took her little
brother, Andy with them. He was the reason she stayed with
I found out that they had wandered into the mansion and
been trapped by Nanny. The only difference in their case was
that her Andy was already in diapers, he couldn’t control
himself, and she was his caretaker. When Nanny found them,
she took Andy and made him one of her babies, and made
Joanne an assistant to help take care of all the children.
Nanny had told her, she could leave any time she wanted, but
Andy would never leave, so Joanne decided to stay with her
little brother.
We planned to have Joanne put us into a baby buggy at
the party and run. We could hail a taxi or a passing car to
take us away till sunset, when we would turn back into our
normal ages. We figured that Nanny wouldn’t have any hold on
us after that.
The day of the party came and everything was going
smoothly. Joanne talked Nanny into bringing Andy and some of
the other Babies. We pretended to have fun at the party and
after a while, acted tired. Joanne put us into the carriage
to lie down and then she ran for it while Nanny’s back was
turned. We raced from the park and found a car in a nearby
that still had the keys in it. With Nanny in hot pursuit, we
floored the pedal and left her behind to take care of the
other Babies.”
He finished his story and heard Johnny laughing. “If
that’s true, then how come you’re still in diapers BABY
Nathan looked straight into Johnny’s eyes and said, “I
wore diapers for FIVE long years, and now I can’t control
myself. That time took all my control, as I was forced to
wet and mess in diapers, just like a baby! I doubt if you
have the courage to face a lifetime in diapers and treated
as a baby!”
Johnny laughed again and sneered at Nathan, “Oh Yea? I
bet you’re lying and that you’re just a big baby. I bet
there never was a ghost or any of the shit you said.”
Nathan glared at Johnny, “I dare you to spend one night
in that mansion, if you do, I’ll wear nothing but a diaper,
shoes, socks, and a T-shirt to school tomorrow. If my I’m
right though, you won’t be coming back and my point will be
proven.” Now Nathan sneered as the color drained from
Johnny’s face.
“All right baby, I accept your bet. Be at Mandrake
tonight at sunset. I’m gonna love seeing you in nothing but
your diapers here at school.” The school bell rang just then
and the boys ran off to class.
After school that day, Johnny and his gang went to
Mandrake Manor and stashed a flashlight, a party noise
maker, some old beer bottles from Johnny’s dad and a
baseball bat in a sack, not far in the door of the mansion.
They left and returned at sunset to meet Nathan.
Nathan was standing in front of the gates to the
mansion when Johnny showed up. “I’m gonna show you up baby!
I’m gonna prove once and for all, there is no ghost in this
house, and when I come out tomorrow morning, me and my pals
are gonna dress you right here for school. We’re gonna make
sure you don’t welch on your end of our little bet.” Johnny
seemed quite sure of himself.
The boys went through the gate and up to the front door
of the mansion. The sun slipped beneath the horizon and
Johnny walked into the house. Satisfied, Nathan and the
other boys left.
Johnny walked up to the spot where he had hid the sack,
earlier in the day, only to find it missing. “That baby,
Nathan must have come in and found it. No big deal, I can
handle anything this house has to offer without the sack.”
he thought
He waited for an hour and then decided to find a spot
to crash for the night. He looked everywhere but nothing
looked good, so he went up the stairs to the second floor
where all the bedrooms would be. As he climbed the stairs,
he heard laughing and giggling.
He grinned, “Must be Nathan, trying to scare me out of
the house by morning. Ha! What a lame attempt!”
As he neared the top of the stairs, he spotted a light
coming from one of the bedrooms. He quietly sneaked up the
rest of the way, intent on scarring Nathan. He reached the
door and slowly opened it a crack to see what was going on
inside. He was shocked to see a nanny, just as Nathan
described, feeding a bottle to a boy who was older than
Johnny. His heart began pumping and he trembled as he backed
away from the door.
"Oh my God! It’s true, it’s really true. There is a
ghost in the mansion.
He slowly backed away, but suddenly bumped into
something. It took all his courage to keep from shouting
out. He turned around and there standing in front of him was
Nathan. “What’s the matter Johnathan? You look like you’ve
just seen a ghost.” Nathan said and Johnny’s eyes began to
bug out
“SHHHHHHH! Do you want her to hear us? I’m sorry man, I
believe you!” there was a hint of panic in Johnny’s voice
“Now lets get out of here before she finds us and turns me
into a baby and you back into one!”
“You were right too Johnny, I am a big baby, so are all
the kids here. We all enjoy wearing diapers and being
treated like babies. You see, part of my story wasn’t true.
Nanny isn’t condemned to haunt this place and we’re not
prisoners. Nanny doesn’t keep anyone here against their
will, but in your case you’ll make an exception, won’t you
Suddenly a voice from behind Johnny said, “Of course I
will Nat, I think this bad boy should be taught a lesson.”
Johnny slowly turned around and found himself looking into
the apron of Nanny “You shouldn’t tease others, Johnny. My
babies just need more time than others to grow up happy and
healthy. As punishment, you’ll spend a year as one of my
babies.” Nanny reached out and touched Johnny on the
forehead, and everything went black.
Johnny awoke to a strange feeling, he looked down and
saw he had been dressed in a footed sleeper. He then
noticed, he was in a crib. Quickly he reached down, into the
sleeper and found a diaper snuggled around his loins. He
tried to rip it off but couldn’t find the strength. He
screamed out in rage but only the cry of a toddler came from
his throat. Nathan watched Johnny’s impotent rage as Joanne
changed his diaper and prepared him for bed in his crib