Greeting and Salutations.

A 20-something closer to 30-something little boy that hopes to let out his creative writing in a community that will enjoy it. I’m a long time lover of board games and table top roleplaying systems, things where a group of friends can collaboratively create something new and exciting, even if they’re the only ones that enjoy it. I’ve read so many of the stories here, really enjoy iBot404, and the Sphere. Love the stories that go into world building, like laws being passed and societal examinations. I hope to make a series of stories in a Gentle Dimension where I can also explore a fantasyscape of Big and Little acceptance and the implications through a society built around them. I hope to hear from people, either to point out plot holes, inconsistencies, or just plain bad grammar to help clean my stories up and make them more enjoyable for others. Any and all suggestions to help build the setting won’t be taken as an insult, it would flattering to have people care enough for feedback.

I’m a rather reserved person, so my posts will be fairly limited, its not that I don’t like everyone’s content, I’m just bad with social media and by extension, reaching out to other posters, and being new to a board, also somewhat hesitant to dive fully into board culture. But don’t let that stop you from messaging me, I will always make time for others that put out the effort and hope to make you feel welcomed and accepted. I hope to have a lot of fun on here and finally be able to comment on some the great stories that I’ve found on here. Hugs and kisses to all of you bigs and littles and I hope you like my short stories.

<Rolling reaction roll…>
Let’s see… Add “common interests modifier”
Plus “asking for critique modifier”
Minus “shyness modifier”

Did I forget something?

Oh yes, the world-builder bonus. There we are. Now add that to the roll and…

<consults table 29-A>

Oh yeah, I think we’ll get along just fine. Welcome :cool:

Hello and welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing from you and your short world building stories. I am sure you will make lots of friends young man.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Gummybear, is there any chance that there is a gaming group on here, like a roll 20 sort of thing? Not volunteering to forever DM, but am curious.

Not that I know of, no. But a couple of us have talked about it.

Well I hope to throw my hat in that ring, night shift worker so that might make scheduling a nightmare, but nothing ventured.