Greetings from Central Iowa

just to say hello all
46 yo male…cloth and plastic pants wearer for the sheer fun of it.
Born into cloth, flat single layer, and now I get them (bigger) sewn for me by my gf
who adores me wearing and when I am ‘in submission’.
Say hello…tell me if you are in the area.
Not an AB…dabbled a bit, but now only if gf is humiliating me by making me do baby things.
But love to talk about the ‘kink’ with others.

Lane Andrews

Re: Greetings from Central Iowa

Are you sure you want to share that much information? Well, welcome.

Re: Greetings from Central Iowa

You might try telling us a bit about yourself without involving any AB-related information.

Re: Greetings from Central Iowa

Hi there lane2k, I see we have a lot in common, I too am from Central Iowa. I have been a DL for around 20 years now and love it!!! I started out for fun and it grew into a fun pastime, I suffered a injury to my back several years ago and now I am in diapers 24/7.