Guilty On All Counts

The judge glared out across the courtroom, her stern gaze including the accused, the defence team and the family members in the gallery. She hardened her visage as she looked at the prosecution.

“You fabricated evidence,” she said, “you broke the law in your investigation, you compromised your department, you betrayed your oath of office and you tried to stitch up the Defendant.”

The prosecutor had the grace to look down, seem embarrassed, maybe even ashamed.

“I have no choice,” declared the judge, “These actions require swift and effective justice. I sentence you to ten years in the Institution, kept in diapers, treated like a small toddler.”

The prosecutor looked shocked, his team standing and crying out in dismay.

“Silence!” demanded the judge, banging her gavel, “He didn’t do this alone. You’re all sentenced to five years in there with him.”

Gasps filled the court, along with a quiet but passionate, “Justice!” from the accused.

The judge turned her attention in that direction. “As for you, young lady,” she said, “We both know that you’re every bit as guilty as they claim. Quite why they didn’t just bring you into my court with the evidence they had I don’t know.”

The Defendant and her lawyer both protested, denials and outrage in their voices.

“Enough!” The judge banged her gavel again. “Ignoring the compromised evidence, the illegal investigation and the blatant transgressions of your rights, I am comfortable that sufficient evidence remains to prove this case beyond all reasonable doubt. I find you Guilty on all charges.”

This declaration was met with shock, not even gasps in the courtroom.

“I sentence you to twelve years diapered in the Institute,” said the judge.

The guilty Defendant’s lawyer stood and started to protest, demanding a retrial.

“You lied to me,” said the judge, “You’ve shown contempt to me, to this process and to this court. For contempt of court I sentence you to two years in the Institute. Diapers and bottle feeding only, so that you learn how to use that tongue for the right reasons.”

As she was speaking the family were remonstrating with the clerk of the court, and trying to force their way through to the Bench. Another bang on the gavel made them pause, look up at the judge.

“As for you, such behaviour in my court will not be tolerated,” she said, “Six months for contempt of court for the lot of you. Sheriff, handcuff them and take them down with the rest.”

The Sheriff approached the bench and asked a question that only the judge could hear.

“In the Institute, of course. Diapers, of course.” She looked across at the family and spoke louder to be heard above their complaints, “Silence. Be glad it’s only six months. With good behaviour you might even be released before you’re entirely incontinent.”

“Now,” she said, “Court adjourned.”

As the judge waddled out of the court the stunned room full of new inmates watched in shock, knowing there was no appeal for their sentence, condemned to diapers. All because the judge didn’t want to be the only one…

No spankings involved, but I liked it! :+1: A fun little scene that reminds me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. But instead of “Off with their heads!” it’s “Sentenced to Daipers!”


A funny and ridiculous scene with just enough legal jargon to give the reader the feeling that you know what you’re talking about. Not quite Lionel Hutz level, mind you, (but who is?) Still, I liked the admission near the end that yes your right were still trampled on but GUILTY! Like, I don’t feel I have sufficient words to describe this other than I got a good sense of tongue and cheek absurdity but in a good way.

Heh, thanks. We may need an ‘absurd’ tag, but I did add ‘silly’ to cover my bases.

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