Ha Ha

“Ha ha! Janet wet herself!”

It was a bit childish for someone at college but Keith didn’t stop to think about that. Theresa and Gerty looked across, saw the dark material on Janet’s skirt, a humiliating puddle on the floor between her feet.

“What a baby!” exlaimed Theresa, “Does lickle babby need a didi?”

Gerty smirked, “Too late for that,” she said, “stupid baby should’ve planned ahead.”

Janet sighed and looked at the three of them. She’d managed to hold it right through the lecture but had tripped as she left the room, couldn’t help herself, ended up soaked and embarrassed. “Thanks guys,” she said, “Accidents happen.”

“No,” said Gerty, “Not to adults. You’re just a stupid baby. Go and get a diaper on you stupid baby.”

Theresa nodded and added, “And don’t think about joining us for lunch. We only have lunch with adults. Come on Keith.”

Keith followed the two girls, turning to laugh at Janet as he went. They got halfway down the corridor before hearing Janet call out.


“Aww, what’s up silly baby?” taunted Keith, “Does wickle babby want help changing her didi?”

Janet shook her head. “No. I want to put a curse on you all.”

The three of them looked at her in astonishment, looked back at each other, then burst into laughter.

“If you ever use a toilet again,” said Janet, “You will die.” She turned on her heels and strode away, leaving the puddle on the floor behind her.

“What the fuck?” asked Keith, “She is loopy!”

The friends went to their next seminar, a final class before lunch.

“I’m just nipping to the restroom,” said Gerty after it was finished, “Wonder where baby Janet’s got to, we should show her how it’s done.”

The other two laughed, and Keith made his excuses too. “See you both in a minute.”

Theresa was fine so just stood and waited patiently. The other two didn’t return.

Over ten minutes later she was frantic with worry and strode into the Ladies restroom. Only one stall was in use, a horrible smell emanating from it. Standing on the toilet in the next stall she looked over the partition and saw Gerty slumped there, strangely shrivelled, the bowl beneath her overflowing with… were those her insides?

By the time she’d stopped screaming a crowd had gathered. Someone had found Keith, and their description matched how Theresa had found Gerty.

The police ushered everybody out, where people clumped together in little groups discussing the strange events. Theresa stood alone in shock, both her best friends somehow dead, nobody she could turn to.

A tap on her shoulder made her turn. She found Janet there, passing her a large bag.

“Here,” said Janet, “I guess you believe me now. You’ll be needing these.”

Theresa took the back and automatically looked into it, confusion and shock preventing her asking questions.

“Diapers?” she eventually asked, then paused. “Oh.”

Janet nodded. “Be a good little baby,” she said, “and maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll lift the curse. Now,” she said, taking Theresa’s hand, “Let’s go and make sure you won’t need to use that nasty toilet.”


Well that went dark rather quickly. Still a good short

What? Did I post the wrong story?

This is terrible! it’s awful. I’m ashamed of it. I’m still half-minded to delete it. You can’t have actually liked it.

I was being encouraging. It could use a little fleshing out. But it’s good for a flash.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought that, I might be able to live off it long enough to write more that I’m actually proud of.

As for the story, I certainly won’t say it’s amazing or great; definitely not up to your usual quality. But it does what it does without hiccup, so there’s that.

If you want to improve it, a hint of foreshadowing would help. Unlike your other recent work The Visit which deserves any praise it gets, I think this one would benefit from either a little longer introduction, or more continuation.

I would say my reasons for the above are that I wouldn’t think there’s any fairness in an actual death sentence over simple bullying. Now, not to trivialize bullying, but the length of the work doesn’t establish whether the three involved are habitually so. Nor is there indication that Janet has suffered from them or others previously, so her response is a hell of an escalation. Again, this scene by itself is a bit empty. However, it could easily be the starting point for a wild ride, or the end result of a lot of history.