Happy Accidents

This is one of a couple short stories that I posted on deviantArt and forgot to post here. Someone wanted me to write a messing scene. I did that, then turned it into a real life AB/DL encounter and added some extra fluff. I hope you enjoy it!

Of all the days to have the best thing ever happen to her, this was the worst. On the bright side of things, Susan was pretty sure she was about to have her first ever accident as an adult, and a messy one too! On the not-so-bright side, Susan was pretty sure she was about to be messy in front of a bunch of strangers.

Susan clutched her stomach and took a couple more steps down the street, frantically hoping for a bathroom of some sort. The padding around her waist did nothing to assuage her fears - sure, she was diapered, but a diaper can only hide so much - and she was pretty sure it wouldn't do anything to the smell.

An audible growl matched Susan's wince as she stopped where she stood, a middle-aged woman bumping into her with a glare as she marched past. It was at this point that Susan realized she no longer had any chance of making it to any sort of restroom, but she refused to allow herself to give up. She took one more step…

…and could no longer hold anything back. To anyone watching, it was apparent what the wide-eyed girl with the expanding butt was in the process of doing, or at least so it seemed from Susan's perspective. As she felt the hot squish ooze throughout the seat of her diaper, she was certain that everyone was taking mental pictures of her, getting ready to tease her for the rest of her life. Fortunately for her, she was wrong…mostly.

Amy stood off to the side, trying and failing to hide her red-faced interest in the series of events going on in front of her. It started when she could swear she saw a plastic waistband peeking out from beneath Susan's jeans, her good friend's shirt just not quite long enough to cover it. If the stomach-clutching, sudden stop, and slightly expanding bottom were not enough to prove her suspicions, the very distinctive odor wafting over just afterwards definitely was. Amy trailed behind the waddling girl just for a second before giving her a playful smack on the rear and grabbing her by the hand.
Susan's face turned crimson as the squish was made even worse from behind. Her frantic looks to the side became a muffled shriek as she noticed Amy grabbing her hand. "Amy!" Her voice quickly became hushed. "What do you think you're doing?"

Amy couldn't keep herself from giggling as she saw the color of Susan's cheeks. "Just saw you were out today and thought I might as well come say hi. Good thing I did, too, or you might have killed someone with your smell."

"What…what do you mean?" Susan's eyes widened and her face grew pale as she realized the implication of Amy's words.

"Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean, little girl. Or are you not in need of a change?" Amy let slip a little bit of a grin as she let the words drip from her mouth, praying that they would have the desired effect.

And they did, as Susan's blushy stammering left her entirely unable to speak. After a few seconds of trying and failing to bring her thoughts to words, Susan just hung her head and started to sniffle. Amy quickly moved to bring Susan into her embrace, pulling them both just off to the side of the sidewalk enough to be out of the way of traffic. "Shh…don't you worry. You're just lucky I'm the one who noticed. Nobody's going to be upset at you, I promise."

All Susan responded with was a feeble nod as she hugged back tightly before grabbing onto Amy's hand as tightly as she was comfortably able. Amy smiled and kissed Susan on the cheek in response, only to be met with potentially a new world record for the most red on a face at a single point in time. "Come on, let's go and get you changed. Did you bring a change with you?" Another nod. "Good. There's a family bathroom just around the corner. We're going to head there, okay?"

Susan couldn't help but sniffle and nod again as she felt herself pulled by the arm in the direction of the nearest restroom. As the pair pushed through the department store in which it was located, she did her absolute best to hide her face from any shoppers, burying it into Amy's shoulder and almost running into several people in the process. Amy carefully guided the girl around the obstacles and into the bathroom before locking the door and pulling Susan's bag off of the girl's shoulder.

As the still-sniffling Susan stood there, almost frozen in time, Amy got to work sliding down Susan's pants and carefully pulling them off of her feet. Rummaging through the bag, she pulled out all the supplies she needed - a changing mat, a spare diaper, wipes, and of course, baby powder. She carefully laid out the changing mat before returning her smiling gaze to Susan. "Now, can you lay down by yourself, or am I going to need to help you?"

Again, Susan tried to speak. "I…I-" Amy gasped in delight as she pulled a pacifier out of the bag, sticking it into Susan's mouth as the girl was again proven unable to speak. "Don't worry, sweetie. You're okay. Here, let's get you down onto the mat so we can get you all changed, okay?"

With both hands, Amy carefully helped to lower Susan down onto the mat, noticing another blush as Susan sat in her mess before managing to lay all the way down. Amy then began to untape the pink, childish diaper, wrinkling her nose a bit but managing to keep quiet about the smell. "DC Amors, huh? Not a bad choice, if I do say so myself." More wide eyes from Susan at the mention of the brand name, but Amy ignored them entirely as she set herself to the task of cleaning up the biggest mess she had seen in a while.

After a short amount of time, Susan found herself clean, powdered and taped expertly into a fresh diaper. Before Amy could reach for Susan's pants to help the girl get dressed, Susan had latched herself onto Amy in the biggest hug the girl had ever given in her entire life. "Amy…what…I…"

"Shh, silly girl. You're alright. I've got you here now. Don't you worry about a thing."

Another wave of tears hit Susan at this point, rendering the girl entirely unable to speak as she clung to Amy for dear life, finding herself a lifeline she didn't even know existed. Between Amy's backrubs and her sobbing, she found just enough energy to whisper two words. "Thank you…"

Amy smiled and pulled Susan back in front of her, pressing her nose to Susan's to make sure the girl looked her in the eyes. "You're very welcome. I still can't believe you're such an adorable little girl beneath the surface. I mean, who would have thought based on the way you carry yourself? I'm just glad I'm the one who figured it out."

Susan hiccuped and nodded. "I…I thought I was alone. I didn't know anyone else…let alone you…" The tears returned in full as Susan again found herself attached to Amy. Amy carefully helped Susan back to her feet, rubbing the girl's back and pulling the pacifier back out of Susan's mouth, returning it along with the other unused changing supplies safely to Susan's bag.

"Hey. You're not alone. Don't you ever think that again, okay?" Susan nodded slowly in response, still finding it very difficult to speak. Amy giggled a bit as she thought for a second. "Ha, wow. Susan, a little. I never would have guessed. Well then, I guess we should schedule a playdate, shouldn't we? My place, right now?" Still in a bit of shock, all Susan could do was nod dumbly as she was dragged out the door by the hand. Her mind was a complete mess, and the only thing she could think about was the warm, fuzzy feeling of safety she had as her best friend pulled her off towards a night she had only dreamed of.
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Great story would like to read more if there is any.

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Sorry; this was a one shot based on a prompt so it won’t be continued unless I get some kind of related idea. Feel free to check out my other stories though!

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This was a great story and I hope u do write some more cause I would love to read more of it

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I will write more for sure, but I don’t have plans to revisit these characters yet.

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just found this, tremendously written for how short it is.

Color me impressed. (Which I think is…purple maybe?)



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awwww me wanna hear about thu pway date!! nodnodnod an more nodnodnod

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Please, don’t do that.

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I love new members, they break the monotony of nuance and common sense.