Healing Wounds

Hi this will be different to most stories here I think and I would like to emphasize that there will be no “daddy” role here I will try to keep it as “realistic” as possible
with the hope that people like this do exist out there . Wetting diapers etc will be plenty humiliation and abuse however only in flashbacks
hope you will like it
ps sorry for the bad English (it’s my second language )

Court house ND Sunday 4:30 pm fall
Chris Reynolds sat on a bench looking at the kid questioned by the judge . "My god " - he thought - “how did this ever happen. 2 months ago someone would have
told me I have a kid running around I would have laughed . But this is insane. This can’t even be happening .”
He was mad. At whom he wasn’t sure . Himself ? He should have made sure that 1 time before he enlisted with his childhood sweetheart didn’t lead to anything . But
really what guy keeps track of what happened to a girl he dated when he was 17?
His fathers family ? Well all they ever did was lie. So he found out when he turned 18 and his long dead mother showed up at his boot camp.
Patricia ? She could have bothered to tell him she was pregnant with his child ! Sure she was only 16 and probably under the influence of his family .
The thoughts raced through his mind but something in the sadness of the brown eyes of that child wouldn’t let go of him . He can’t be a father, he never wanted to be
one. He had his carrier succeful actor. Hollywood loved him . This could easily ruin him. His lawyer , also one of his closest friends told him that the minute the
paternity test came back positive . But still something in him just couldn’t sit there and watch. He knew if he wouldn’t do something he will never live with himself .
" I m sorry your honor , but maybe I have a better solution " - he stood up looking at the woman in the cape who looked rather annoyed than happy he disrupted her
sentencing .
"What the hell are you doing ?! Are you crazy sit the hell down " - Theo wishpered angrily , his loyal lawyer who sat quietly by his side tried to pull him back down to
the bench but he wouldn’t budge .
"Yes Mr Reynolds ? What solution is that you claim to have for us " the woman’s voice was rather strained but Chris was not the type to break a sweat over a
woman’s annoyance , no matter her status.
" with all the respect he is barely 13 even detention centers require the minimum age of 14 . I m not saying he didn’t commit crimes he should be punished for . But
he is just a child . And all of this is more the systems fault and mine than his . "
“So you are blaming the system for the fact that a 13 year old stole money disrupted someone’s home and …”
“no your honor I m not just blaming the system I m also blaming myself but with all due the respect calling the police on a child looking for his mother is hardly
disrupting a property "
" so you are a lawyer as well now mister Reynolds as you seem so familiar with the laws "
" no your honor I m not all I m saying simply is that I don’t find the current solution of sending a child to a severe detention center because the system is over loaded .
And that sentence is one that I m sure the appeal we will file won’t agree with it "
“appeal ? What are you talking about ? You can’t threaten a judge you are out of your mind !” - Theo jumped to his feet
“alright I will allow that however like I said I have no alternative " - the judge sighed though looked as if she rather sentence him too to prison
" I think you will find there is. Release him to my custody "
silence fell upon the court room .
The judge studied the man standing before her . Determined for sure .
Theo looked as if he couldn’t believe what Chris just said .
The kid turned his tear stricken face towards the man he for a few weeks now known is his biological father .
“Release him to your custody ?” - the judge repeated as if retarically
" my parental rights have never been revoked nor have I ever given them up. The social services did a complete background check I m sure it’s in the files”
the judge turned some papers infront of her unwillingly and had to agree . There was no reason the man couldn’t get at least temporary custody over the child . And
she had to agree releasing a child to the custody of a parent would seem much less harsh than back to detention where by law he would only be sent to under special
Circumstances under which no empty beds in children’s home not exactly fell under.
“Your honor , this child is not a simple case " - Katherine the social worker spoke up in clear dislike " he can not just be released into a hands of a man who never had
a child before and has absolutely no qualification to deal with a child with these behavioral problems "
“I m sorry so my lack of parental experience should be compensated by locking him up in a closed facility where you send teenagers who murdered people ?”
“Alright alright that’s enough ! " the judge spoke up " I want order in my court room . God what a mess this is ! Alright alright let it be . I will allow a probation period
. But if he gets into anymore trouble with the law it is straight detention ! "
" I find that very reasonable your honor . Thank you " Chris smiled at the judge as he sat back down next to Theo who buried his head in his hands.
" well I don’t find this reasonable at all ! - Kathrine spoke up angrily -” he has been moved through 2 homes and 3 foster families and a detention center ! How exactly
do you think you could control him ?! “- then with a smirk she added - " have you even changed a diaper in your life mr Reynolds ? Because in case you haven’t
noticed that is 1 more thing your son can not control "
Chris felt his temper rise as he saw his sons face turning from pale to beet red. It wasn’t hard to tell he was indeed wearing” protection” . But clearly announcing that
out loud made him increadbly uncomfortable .
" I will assure you ms Jenkins I have handled a lot worse serving in a war.” Chris said in a measured voice
"that is enough ! I m releasing Christian Patrick West to your custody . I want social services to reevaluate this arrangengment in a month I m sure you can handle
that ms Jenkins with your superiors . Well good luck . Court adjourned ! "
"do you have any idea what you have just done ?! "- Theo asked in an angry whisper. “This could ruin your entire carrier !”
“Shut up Theo for real " Chris wishpered back as he made his way towards Katherine and his son .
There was something about those brown eyes he couldn’t quite make out . He seen it before overseas , fear . The child was clearly scared .
Katrine looked clearly angry. She didn’t seem to like him since the moment he wanted to get visitation rights.
“Alright well I m all ears please do tell me how to proceed . " Chris said though politely but his glance which caught hers was rather self assured .
Christian or Tee as every1 called him stood next to them rather uncomfortable . Uncomfortable for several reasons . He was going to have to go and stay with a man
he didn’t really know but his size and strength predicted nothing good from his experience . Secondly he had to stand by and listen to his social worker go into
embarrassing details of his problems. 1 of which he was experiencing on his own skin . The cloth diapers he was wearing were soaked by now uncomfortably cold too
as they clung to his skin .
Chris stood and pretended to patiently listen to the seemingly endless list of behavioral problems out of which bed wetting lying shoplifting were only a few to mention
but hard to really believe when looking down at the child infront of him . He hasn’t entered the rapid have of puberty yet based on his height . He seemed much more
like a child than a teenager.
" Alright then Wednesday after school we will be at the family sevices center” Chris sealed the conversation smiling . Katherine shook his hand unwillingly .
" let’s go then” - Chris turned to Tee laying 1 hand over his shoulder strearing him out of the court house towards the parking lot . As he touched him he felt him
quivering .
Tee was surprised by the tone. Chris’s voice was pleasant as if this would be normal . No one used that tone with him. Not without that strange gleam in the eyes
before the belt hit him or something even worse. But when he glanced up quickly Chris’s eyes looked though a bit warn out but no sign of malice.
Car ride Sunday later
Tee was hunched up on the back seat Chris occasionally glanced back and the feeling of a new unknown pain hit him every time he did . What could have that kid been
put through to be desperate enough to steal and set out on his own to find his mother . How heartless can a mother be to call the cops on her own child ? Did he really
misjudge characters so badly ? For a moment he got worried . He was sure Patricia was his first real love but now it seemed evident she never loved him if she had
how could she treat his child like that . But if he was so wrong judging her and his fathers family for so long could he possibly be wrong about Tee? Maybe the reports
are correct and he only seems lost hurt and innocent ?

  • so now what is the plan ? - Theo asked rather cynically starring straight ahead from the passenger seat and though he didn’t look at him Chris felt his anger
    Chris glanced to the backseat and though saw no reaction from Tee but he was sure he was listening to every word .
  • well getting late so I guess we could pretty much call it a night - Theo snorted in anger but Chris wouldn’t let that interrupt him - I guess pizza will do for dinner ? - no
    one seemed to answer so he went on - alright then pizza it is . But first I think we will have to make a stop
    as the car stopped the sign medical supply store seemed to twinkle in bright yellow like the starts in the sky .
    For a minute none of them moved . Chris and Theo exchanged glances . Theos seemed to say well this was your brilliant idea then go figure it out . Chris took a deep
    breath before slowly turning to the back seat
  • I don’t suppose you know what size you … Need
    Tee didn’t look up just shook his head in defeat . He knew what was coming next . He lived through the humiliation of “supply” shopping with his previous families .
    Though it was done by the women he didn’t think the next 10 minutes to even over an hour would be any less humiliating than it was then . Especially since now he was
    a teenager rather than a child .

Chris held on the strearing wheel trying to plan his next move . Diapers weren’t exactly his thing . Won’t be the first time he had to change one, he was a loving uncle
willing to babysit occasionally but even with his twin nieces he never dealt with something larger than an infant . But based on Katherine’s description changing
diapers will be his task . He had to admit he wasn’t quite sure of the reason . The age itself would have qualified for self diapering . Or that just wasn’t a thing ? He will
definetly have some googling to do …
He shot one glance to the backseat - alright I will be back .
Tee didn’t move. Didn’t even unbuckle his seatbelt as if trying to put off the inevitable. He heard the radio channel being changed but no opening of the backseat door
. He looked up puzzled . Chris was not in the car or near the car . He must have gone into the shop . The sign was clear he was sure he was even in this particular one
before more than once even . Yes the first time was 2 years ago . When his last foster family took him . He clearly remembered the sign it was shining bright yellow
even though it was bright daylight . He took a sharp breath as the memories washed over him . Maybe that was the moment he started to realize that family won’t love
him for real either .
He remembered the condicending smirk look of the sales lady Jane or Janine was her name ?
He remembered begging Martha his foster mother not to make him go . He promised he would work harder not to wet the bed. But she said his 1 week was up , he
lived with them for a full week now and he couldn’t keep his bed dry .

  • get out of the car ! I don’t have time for your whining ! I told you 1 week I even gave you an extra night you are making me regret not giving you the belt this
    morning ! - Martha made no effort to keep her voice down in the parking lot .
    He got out of the car not daring to anger her more . His foster father Terry’s belt marks were still prominent on his body from a couple of mornings ago . He knew he
    best avoid any extra punishment he still couldn’t lean back in the car from the last belting .
    The sales lady was smirking the moment they entered as if she knew or sensed before she was told , Martha had no intentions of being discrete about the purpose of
    their visit .
  • what can I help you with ?
  • well my foster son - it hurt him even then to hear the emphasis that he wasn’t her real son - can’t seem to keep his bed dry , they warned me about that at the home
    but I was too naive to listen . Well too late now. So we will be needing diapers . And cheap ones . I m not spending a penny more than I ought to !
  • very well ma’am follow me I can show you what options we have
    of course each was worse than the other and the deliberation took what seemed to him as forever till Martha settled for clothes ones since those could be reused .
  • and making him wash them will teach him a good lesson about how much work they are - the sales woman put in
  • what a brilliant idea - Martha agreed delighted
  • now you will of course need plastic pants to go with it to keep the bed dry . These are quite reasonable priced . What color would you like ? - she held up a pink
    ruffled 1 up teasingly but Martha’s choice was just as humiliating
  • how about that yellow one ? Pee color isn’t it ? - she added laughing
    and just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse …
  • do you know how to use them ?
  • actually with my children I used disposables but that was years ago . They are properly potty trained - Martha gave him a stern look
  • I will be more than happy to show you if you like. Does he have any daytime accidents too ?
  • well so far only twice but who knows
  • in that case perfect ! Keep him in diapers until he learns to keep them dry ! Here follow me and I will show you how to put them on
    he felt his cheeks go hot red just remembering a complete stranger stripping him and demonstrating how to put on his new diapers . It felt like it was real at that
    moment though he knew he was 11 then but he was sure that having Chris change his diapers won’t be more pleasant . He got somewhat stronger in the past 2 years
    but he was no match to Chris . Even if he didn’t use his belt .
    his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the trunk being slammed he realized that Chris has returned to the car . What items he purchased ? He couldn’t tell but
    he was sure it won’t take long for him to see first hand .
  • whats with all the bags ? Did you empty the whole store ? - Theo asked but Chris just rolled his eyes and started up the car .

The car slowed down near complete stop . Tee looked out to get a quick glance before the car pulled into the closed underground parking lot at the exclusive buildings
he heard about before from his well off Show off classmates Only well do people lived here . Not the type he ever lived in before .
Chris opened the door of the backseat. Though tee was very uncomfortable sitting in a cold and wet diaper not to mention the plastic pants , he wasn’t in a hurry to get
out and see what humiliation was in store for him now.

  • come on let’s go it’s getting late plus you must be hungry - Chris said as he ushered him out of the car towards the elevator .
    His voice was still calm , reassuring even . But looking at the 4 bags he held in his hand plus the black garbage bag that held his belongings didn’t predict a bright
    future .
    The elevator reached the top floor as they stepped out into the lobby . Entering the flat tee had to admit he only seen these type of flats on tv and didn’t think they
    existed in real life . But the same was true about loving parents . Things you only see in shows .
    He stood uncertain in the living room hearing Chris and Theo exchange words in the kitchen but he was too busy staring to take in the words .
  • come on - he only realized Chris was talking to him when he felt a slight nudge on his shoulder - what sort of pizza do you want ?
    Tee was too surprised to even answer so Chris settled it on Hawaii which he told Theo to order while he gets him settled .
    he slowly followed Chris into a bedroom . It wasn’t meant for a child . Instead of a single bed and a desk it held a double bed and a regular table but it still seemed like
    the most spectacular bed room he ever seen . And it had its own bathroom to go with it .
  • ok it’s getting late the pizza will be here in about 30 min let’s … Let’s get you showered and ready for bed ?
    Though he sounded as if asking tee knew he was in no position to answer .
    Chris started running a bath adding quite a lot of soap into the water creating a white layer of bubbles .
    Chris sat down at the edge of the tub signaling him to walk over .
    Tee hung his head as he felt his pants being pulled down .
  • step out , good well done
    he barely heard Chris’s voice he was trying so hard to turn off his mind . He felt the wet diapers removed but instead of the sink or even the bath Chris simply throwed
    the cloth diapers in the trash bag . This move surprised him . He had to use the same ones till they ripped . And then it was back to the store for more . Was Chris
    planning to make that trip so often …? But he didn’t make him go in today …
    His thoughts were interrupted by Chris
  • hey are you listening to me here ? Can you take a bath by yourself or not ?
    Once again not a question he was used to . No one ever gave him a choice like that . He nodded .
    Chris bent his head to meet his gaze
  • you are sure …?
  • yeah - he managed in a dry voice
  • this way is the warm water be careful not to turn it all the way or it could be very hot . The opposite is the cold water . If u push it down it closes the tap ok ? And this
    is the shampoo
    He only nodedd but now he dared to look up at least .
  • alright then take a bath and wash your hair . I will be outside if you need something ok ?
    This never happened before . The bathroom was off limits for him . He was either given a cold shower or forced to endure a scalding hot bath with a brush making his
    skin red .
    Sitting in a bathtub alone taking his own bath like a normal 13 years old . He could almost believe he was normal . He sat in the tub in a large comfortable bathroom
    where there were no signs of diapers or other infantile items . He knew that no matter how much he wishes it won’t last .
    For now he tried to enjoy it . Even more that his bladder was unfomfortably full but wetting his already wet diapers would only end in a disaster . But sitting alone in
    the warm water gave him the perfect option to relieve himself without being caught .
    He wished he could stay in the tub and never have to get out but he feared that if he took too long Chris would lose his patience .
    Wrapped in the fluffy white towel he stepped out into the room but found no one . He timidly made his way out to the living room .
    Chris and Theo were sitting on the couch each holding a glass though he wasn’t familiar with the types he could tell it was some sort of alcohol . Another bad sign .
    alcohol never predicted any good . Only more and harder slaps .
  • all done ? - Chris looked up
    tee nodded
  • great let’s find you something to sleep in then till we will get you some stuff can’ say that the stuff in the garbage bag are packed right cause that is exactly where
    those belong . In the garbage . And that will the pizza Theo get that will you ?
    Tee followed Chris back into the room now noticing that by the bed various packages been layed down and also what seemed as a t shirt quite a few sizes bigger than
    his .

Chris turned on the bedside lamp and bent down to examine the packages he layed beside the bed.
Tee stood behind him slightly shivering . It wasn’t cold in the room at all despite it being quite winter like outside besides he was used to cold. Who would waste
heating on him ?

  • hopefully this size will fit you if not there are a couple more here so it will be a bit of miss and hit . Hold on I will get a towel. - Chris said turning to the bathroom
    Tee eyed the items on the bed . It was a white diaper but not the type he was used to. It was a disposable one he hadn’t used for years. When he was still small enough
    to fit into the toddler size. Plus looking at the package he recognized it as a “premium” as the sales woman put. "Worth their money but they will sure cost you a hell
    lot " not the cheap alternative she showed them for sale what she said wouldn’t last a night and keep the bed dry.
    Lasting a night was a hard thing . Lasting a night meant staying dry from 7-8 pm till 7 am . He had no option to sneak off to a bathroom since the door of his room was
    shut steal and his bladder had no capacity to hold back for 12 hours at a time .
    His trail of thoughts were again interrupted as Chris gently nudged him aside as he layed another big fluffy towel down on the bed.
  • you can’t quite do this on your own right ? - Chris was trying hard to choose his words to be as casual as possible and embarras tee as little as possible .
    Tee shook his head . He never quite got the chance to try but he knew well if he tried and failed doing it right he would be paying the price .
  • alright then lay down on your back on towel alright ? I can’t say I m an expert in this but we will figure it out . Can’t be rocket science right ? - Chris voice was calm ,
    almost calming
    Tee did as he was told . He was certain no matter how calm Chris seemed to be it will not be a pleasant experience that awaits him . Diaper changes were done roughly
    not gently and were a great opputurnity to humiliate him and or punish him for acting like a brat. The only changes he recalled that were near pleasant were done by
    his second foster mother . Gladys . She never let him call her aunt Gladys or even by her last name . It had to be mommy . If not he got the brush till his backside was
    bright red. It didn’t matter he knew he had a mom who left him when he was an infant . She was an almost elderly woman who wasn’t eligible to adopt or foster a baby so she made due with what she got. And the fact he was school aged didn’t matter to her . At first he was happy , well minus having to call her mommy he was never ok with that part . But she seemed kind and warm . He liked her fussing around him . No one ever did. But quickly he realized she was fussing too much and refused to acknowledge that he could dress himself or feed himself . She seemed to have made up her mind to keep him and treat him as a baby, toddler at most. Checking and
    changing his diapers as she decided wherever and whenever . No matter who was near by. Till one day 1 of the neighbors actually called social services …
    tee winced as he felt something slightly cold being rubbed into his skin , though he knew he shouldn’t he instinctively lifted his head to see.
  • sorry is the cream cold ? - Chris asked as he saw tee squirm uncomfortably - I’m sorry , I didn’t realize it was that cold though it makes sense it’s meant to soothe
    your skin . - Chris saw the angry red rash marks on his diaper area . Diaper rash he assumed . Made sense God knows how long he spent in that damp diaper besides
    with cloth diapers there was also the extra irration of the washing liquid if not bleach as he read somewhere was a new trend to remove all bacteria .
    Tee felt the diaper being slid underneath him and the front being pulled over his sensitive private parts fastened tight but not too tight .
    Chris ran his hands quickly on the sides to make sure he fastened the diaper well enough but that it wouldn’t be too tight .
  • ok you are done sit up
    Chris handed him a shirt which was quite big for him but smelled of a clean smell unlike most of his own clothes .
  • I didn’t find anything in your bag that would be quilified as pj unless it’s something that doesn’t seem your size
    he was right it was at least a size and a half too small . Not that it mattered to anyone until now .
  • I thought this would be more comfortable for you to sleep in at least till we buy you pj and clothes and stuff . Put it on and lets go have some pizza ok ? It’s getting
    late and after the weekend you had you should be in bed .
    tee pulled the shirt over his head and as he got up he realized this diaper felt quite different from the ones he was used to. They felt softer and not quite so bulky
    though they were thick . Then he realized - he wasn’t wearing his hated plastic pants . They stuck to his skin and cut in on his skin . He halted did Chris simply forgot
    or he never meant to …?
  • is something wrong ?is it Too tight ? - Chris asked as he saw tee stop uncertainly
    tee shook his head not for all he was worth could he bring himself to say the words plastic pants out loud . Though Martha made him ask for them just to humiliate
    He followed Chris to the kitchen where on the kitchen island 3 plates were set up with the pizza boxes laying in the middle .
  • let’s eat then shall we ? - Chris spoke up laying a glass of water infront of tee and laying a slice of pizza on his plate .
    While chris and Theo were deep in conversation about things he had no idea about tee was completely consumed by eating his pizza which was much better than any
    he had before and drinking water ! He was never allowed to drink after 5 pm 6 is he was really lucky . That was meant to help him stay dry. Of course that never did
    only made him suffer from thirst most of the night .
    Once the the food was gone and the conversation slowly seemed to stop Chris suggested it would be time for bed .
    -Theo you have an early flight back to LA don’t you ?
  • yep some1 has to work
  • alright then let’s call this a night then .
    Chris walked tee back to his room . Tee was a bit uncertain he never slept in a double before . Heck lately he hasn’t even slept in a bed only on a used mattress on the
    floor "because he didn’t deserved nice things he would only ruin them "
    chris folded the blanket back allowing tee to lay comfortably before tucking him in .
  • if you need anything my room is right on the other side of the living room okay ?
    Tee nodded but he knew waking an adult up was a deadly sin he didn’t want to risk .
    After chris left his room he slowly turned to his side and crawled up in fetal position . He was trying to stop himself from panicking . Overall for now it wasn’t so bad .
    He got a warm dinner , mostly he was lucky to get any dinner at all . He was laying in a nice clean and comfortable bed and for now Chris didn’t find a reason to punish
    him . The pain from his latest punishment was almost gone so for a chance he was able to lay comfortably . Eventually though he was fighting back his tears he fell
    asleep .

As tee woke up he felt slightly confused , the setting didn’t seem familiar but slowly he remembered the day before . He wasn’t sure what the time was but beams of
sunlight found their way into the room between the curtains .
He didn’t feel the usual unfomfortable wetness and he did feel his bladder feeling a bit full and for a moment he thought he actually managed to stay dry till he realized
the diaper felt different than it did last night . More spongy and bulky . Yes it was wet . But unlike the cloth diapers this kept the wetness away from his skin. It was
much less unfomfortable than the usual stinging wetness he woke up to.
He was debating what to do. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to get up Gladys resulted in locking him in a crib and at his last family the door was locked so he couldn’t
get out anyway . Maybe this door is locked too. He was tempted to check but his bladder tempted him more to slip into the bathroom . He considered . The door was
clearly open . But he would have to remove his diaper and he is unlikely to be able to put it back on without Chris catching him . He was tempted but didn’t want to risk
giving a fine reason for a punishment .
He resigned to his faith and layed on his back starting to empty his bladder into his diaper . He just started to feel the warm stream flood his private parts when Chris
walked in the room .

  • good morning ? Did you sleep well ? - he asked with a smile

Tee tried to stop the flow but it was pointless. He wasn’t sure wether Chris was able to tell he was wetting himself right there infront of his eyes. Of course that has
happened more times than he ever could have counted . His foster families , classmates , teachers and even strangers . But he was yet to know the reaction to it from
Chris .

  • how did you sleep then ? - he was so distracted peeing his diaper and trying to hide it he didn’t even realize he forgot to answer the question . That’s not a good thing
    to do . Adults take that as an insult and thought Chris was already fully dressed with a shiny leather belt fastened around his waist tee knew that taking that off takes
    only seconds . He tried to collect himself enough to manage an answer .
  • yeah it was fine
  • well I thought you could use a bit of extra sleep . It’s passed 9 so hopefully you made up for some of the lost sleep of the weekend .
    Passed 9 then he was late for school … He hoped finding his mom would mean he would never have to go back to that school but … He couldn’t even bring himself to
    think of that .
    Chris as if he read his mind - today you can stay off school . Not that we are going to make a habit of that - he raised his eye brows with a stern look tee turned pink in
    the face but he thanked God that Chris was lecturing him at least this gave him enough time to empty his bladder . - but we need to get things in order - Chris went on -
    we need to get you clothes probably a new school bag and perhaps a hair cut . But first thing first , breakfast .
    Tee nodded . He started to get out of bed towards the door when he saw Chris open the curtains .
  • hold on let’s get you cleaned up first .
    Chris assured him back to the bed where the towel was still layed out from the previous night . This time he unlike last night however he didn’t bother to close the
    bedroom door .
    Tee layed down on the towel nervously glancing toward the open door . Chris picked up a few items while following tees glance .
  • you have nothing to worry about its just us . Theo left early this morning . Alright take off the shirt first and then lay back
    tee heard the diapers tapes open and felt the now quite soaked diaper being pulled out from under him . He jerked as he felt something cold touch his penis .
  • hi hi easy lay still. Urine is very irritating for the skin so I need to clean it well so you want get a rash . Well actually so that the rash you already have will heal faster
    too .
  • sorry - tee mumbled as he winced again . He felt like instead of getting dry it was getting him wetter . No surprises there since he was throughly wiped with wet wipes
    . He still wasn’t used to anyone paying so much attention to his diaper area . Well not since Gladys anyway . Martha used to change him quickly very rarely cleaning
    him and even that was done with a wet cloth or sponge . Gladys used to take a long time to clean him up . Too long probably . Commenting on how wet he was or how
    messy he was . At home if it was just the two of them he minded it less . But when her friends where there or it was in a public bathroom he wanted nothing but a quick
    end to his babying .
    Once the rash cream was applied Chris pulled the front of his diaper up and taped the diaper into place .
  • well these were the only clothes I could find that could fit for now so put these on and well we will replace them soon . So what do you want for breakfast then ?
    Tee still felt strange this diaper felt even stranger than the one he had on last night . It felt less thick . As he got up he realized this was a different package . The one
    opened last night had stars on it indicating night time use . He never thought Chris would bother with different types . So far everyone preferred the thick type.
    He sat at the kitchen island eating a sandwich and drinking orange juice . He wondered when was the last time he had dinner and a full breakfast within 24 hours .
    Chris who was just drinking coffee was tapping along his computer . Tee didn’t think much of it and never would have guessed that Chris was googling things like how
    to change an incontinent in a public restroom , how often to check a diaper or best remedies for diaper rash .
  • alright if you are all done then go put on your shoes and jacket I will get a few things and we can get going ok ?
    Tee nodded he went to tie the laces of his warn out trainers and put on his jacket . He wasn’t exactly excited . Not just being a teenage boy who isn’t excited about
    clothes , all of the " clothes shopping " he did so far was either second hand / charity stores or for babyish items . He could only hope it would be the first option rather
    than the latter .
    Meanwhile Chris took his file bag but instead of files he put in the diapers and other supplies he knew he will have to use in the next few hours .
    tee got out of the car looking around . They stopped at the back parking lot of a building . He followed Chris quite uncertainly as they entered the store . On the inside
    it looked much fancier than outside .
  • mr Reynolds ! Hello I m Magen smith I m the manager it is such an honor to have you shop here please how may we assist you ?
    Tee realized ! This was no second hand store or charity give away where his clothes came from . This was an actual shop where they sold brand new things . He was
    basically gawking, but no this can’t be for him . Chris must be shopping for something for himself . Yes that’s must be it .
  • actually - Chris put both his hands on tees shoulders - we need a whole new wardrobe for him so after you Megan right
  • yes it’s is I mean please follow me I will show you our teenager section
    tee couldn’t believe it , brand new clothes and from the teenager section . He was too stunned to even voice his opinion regarding the items he would be trying on . To
    his shock was added the question itself . Till now the only questions that seemed relevant were the size ( more or less anyway ) and the price no one ever bothered to
    ask what he liked or felt comfortable in .
    1 of the changing rooms was filled with clothes for him to try on . Stepping in and starting to try things on he got worried . Taking off his pants meant revealing his
    diaper . It was never kept a secret in the other shops but he already felt like a beggar walking in in his very overused clothes revealing his diaper would be totally
    humiliating . Luckily for him Chris chose styles that hid his extra buldge well .
    The only difficult part came when he had to choose which ones he liked . He never really liked any of his clothes but this was hard . He kept going back to a dark gray
    shirt and jeans .
    Chris sighed - ok I got that this is your favorite we will put them aside and you can wear them once we are done but we need to decide which out of these - pointing to a
    big pile of clothes - you liked and were comfortable .
  • they were comfortable
  • all of them ?
  • yeah just not those with the many bottuns
    -but everything that we put in that pile was good ? Ok then we just need socks and we can move on to shoes . Oh and a coat . The jacket you have isn’t warm enough
    as it is now come to think of it Megan could you bring some socks jackets and hats and scarves before we go to the shoe section ?
    Tee was in a total daze about 3 hours after walking into the shop he had a whole new everything . Shoes socks shirts pants pjs coats ( in plural he never had more than
    1 pair of shoes or one coat) the only thing missing were underwear but of course those were garments he didn’t actually need .
    And the sales ladies were treating him so differently ! Not one mean or condescending remark , they offered him juice . He was actually having a nice time .
    Well he was until the moment he felt his bladder itch … He knew that there was no point in trying to hold back as he will have no alternative but use his diaper , and
    since they were in public he would either have to remain in his wet diaper or hope Chris takes mercy on him and changes him somewhere out of the public eye . He
    didn’t really dare to hope that since the usual diaper bag was missing and he worried having to change a diaper will ruin his good mood . He tried to relax himself
    enough to let his bladder fload his diaper when the stream finally started he realized Chris was talking to the sales lady but his eyes were on him so this time for sure
    Chris knew he just wet his diaper .
    Chris was wondering if tee only realized he was wetting while it was already happening or he felt the need so close to the event itself it wouldn’t be enough to prevent
    an accident . Because looking at his face he was certain he was having an accident in his pants .

As Chris signed the credit card bill and tipped the sales ladies he added as casually as he could - and you should change speaking of that would it be possible to use
the staff restroom while we are here ?

  • of course I will get the keys , but he can change back in the changing room . - I don’t want to take up more of your time and shut down the changing rooms and well as I discussed with you over the phone I m trying to keep a low profile so the
    less costumers I run into …
  • of course of course here are the keys
  • thank you I will bring them back before you know it
  • please take your time
    Tee followed Chris through a black door saying staff only . Chris unlocked the door which klicked shut behind them.
    There were 3 doors Chris chose the family signed one and signaled tee to get in .
    Tee looked around . The tiolet area seemed huge . Besides an actual toilet there seemed to be an area meant for diaper changes . He felt confused . How would Chris
    be able to change him without a diaper…? Unless he just wanted to give him bigger space to change his clothes .
  • let’s get you changed - Chris started to remove his pants. Tee looked uncertain he wasn’t sure wether Chris meant changing his diaper or his clothes . But he allowed
    him to try on the clothes by himself ! Or was that just because other people were around …?
    After removing his shoes socks and pants Chris told him to hop on the changing table now without anything to cover him up it was clear he wet his diaper. He slightly blushed remembering seeing Chris watching as he wet himself . He tried to get up on
    the changing table but missed for the first time .
  • come here - chris layed out the items he removed from his bag on the changing table and gently lifted him up and sat him on the table . Though he did nothing to hurt
    him it reminded tee how much stronger he is and no matter how fun and light things seem to be he ought to watch his steps if he doesn’t want that strength used
    against him .
    -lay down.
    Tee did as he was told and staring up at the ceiling he remembered all the humiliating diaper changes he been through in public restrooms. By far most cases it was
    done by Gladys and most certainly not privately behind shut doors but in the middle of the ladies room where he was openly seen by any1 passing by . He remembered
    little girls smaller than him laughing at him and pointing - mommy how come he has to be changed like a baby ? Ew did he really poop himself -. And if that wasn’t
    enough Gladys never missed to comment on his state out loud almost as if she was trying to get as much attention as she could.
  • lift up come on lift up a little - tee realized once again he didn’t pay attention to Chris who had to repeat his instructions . He had to start paying attention ,
    daydreaming and not doing as he told will bring him closer to his next punishment .
    He felt Chris pulling the wet diaper out of underneath him after he rolled up his shirt , and sliding the new dry unfolded diaper under him . He tried not to wince as the
    cold wipes reached his sensitive private parts and by now the slight rubbing of the cream even started to feel pleasant . As Chris taped up his diaper he helped him to
    sit up .
  • all your clothes have the tags removed just put them on I will go to the men’s room and wait for you outside ok ? Can you get off ?
  • yeah
  • give me your old shirt and … Alright get dressed see you in a bit . Don’t take too long ok ?
    While in the men’s room Chris couldn’t stop himself wondering how did tee ever become diaper dependent . He read through some of the things his social worker gave
    him and besides constant but flancuating bed wetting it did say he was tiolet trained… And he did seem clearly aware of wetting his diaper . Possibly only when he was
    already wetting . Still it might be possible to teach him how to use pullups by himself . Would make life easier . Unless he can’t be trusted changing himself … He was
    debating how to bring it up but he felt it was too early for that .
    Leaving the store tee caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror of the elevator he looked nothing like himself ! He couldn’t help smiling at his reflection, Chris smiled
    too .
  • are you getting hungry ? How about getting some lunch ?

tee never been to a proper restaurant before . Once or twice he been to a fast food place but nothing like this . He was getting a bit worried , eating neatly with a fork
and knife wasn’t his strong side. He didn’t want to ruin his new clothes and make Chris mad.
Tee looked at the menu but he was mostly reading words that had no meaning for him. He was lost .

  • hi are you ready to order ?
    -hi yes I would like the spicy bbq fajitas and - Chris glanced over to tee seeing the desperation on his face - actually could you gives us another 2 min ?
  • of course I will be back
  • what sort of food do you like to eat ?
    Tee didn’t know what to say. The choice he was usually given was eating whatever he got or going hungry . What he liked to eat he never gave too much thought to
    that . No point in dreaming about things you can’t have .
  • I don’t know - tee stammered awkwardly
  • amm lets see , chicken ? Or fish ? Hamburger ?
    Tee tried to relax once the orders were taken . But he wasn’t used to making conversation with an adult . Or with anyone actually . And since the conversation mostly
    revolved around school he was even less thrilled . He hated school . Or more precisely he felt like the entire school hated him . His school mates made fun of him
    constantly adding to that his now ex foster brothers attended the same school everyone knew every last embarrassing detail of his life . The teachers turned a blind
    eye he wasn’t sure wether because they enjoyed him being humiliated and knew there will be no one demanding answers or because they simply didn’t care .
    He was releived when the food arrived but got nervous again when it to came to cutting it up . Chris noticed tee was holding his utensils in an odd way but he couldn’t
    figure out what it was that bothered him , he wasn’t simply clumsy but he couldn’t define it .
  • here - Chris reached over the other side of the table and picked another napkin and tucked in tees neck - here take yours put it on your lap and just eat with your
    though they were sitting in a booth tee glanced around nervously .
  • don’t worry about it just eat .
    After they finished eating while tee was finishing his desert something he again thought was only something you get in holidays or birthdays . When Chris asked for
    the bill . He debated wether he should try to check if tee needs a change or simply ask .

The waitress returned the card , Chris smilingly added the tip . As he put his wallet away he decided to give trust a try. He had to know if he could be trusted and it
seemed a lot easier to simply ask than the hussle of a diaper check without

  • we should get going , we still got 2 more places at least to cover. - he stopped not quite certain how to ask the question he wanted to ask , did you pee your diaper ?
    Sounds too direct. Did you wet yourself ? Too cold . Did you go potty ? Well if he would this whole thing wouldn’t be a question - do you need to be changed ? - he
    asked in a low voice though saying it “out loud” made that sound a lot worse than it did in his head . Man why is this so hard ?!
    Tee shook his head . Chris wasn’t sure if he really believed that answer .
  • are you sure ? We have 2 more places to go
  • yeah - tee was telling the truth . His diaper was dry . He did feel the itch in his bladder but that wasn’t the answer Chris was looking for. Or so he thought at least
    Chris started to wish he would have checked for himself rather than ask but he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and if he catches him in a lie he will
    confront him . Like parents should . God how to do that right needs to go on the googling list …
  • let’s go then , here put on your coat
    while shopping for school supplies tee felt his need to relieve himself get more unfomfortable . This was 1 of the most hated parts for him . Well he pretty much hated
    the whole thing . Having to go in a diaper like a toddler , feeling like everyone knows what is happening in his pants , spending an unknown amount of time in a wet or
    messy diaper completely at the mercy of others , being changed like a baby. He hated to debate what is worse the urge to relieve himself or being left in his own stew
    for a time frame he wasn’t clear with in most cases causing or worsening his rash. Another thing that worried him is that once when he was changed in school ,
    something he tried avoiding as much as he could , his plastic pants which were barely fitting got torned and he had to do with the cheap diapers the nurse had ending
    up wetting his pants through the diaper . The nurse said it was his fault for not having his plastic pants . He feared that sort of humiliation again . Having a wet diaper
    was bad enough but wet pants and diaper ? That was too much . It didn’t seemed so bad when he wet in the morning at the store but now he was worried he would pee
    more . He was scared if he waited too long when he couldn’t hold it anymore which he felt wasn’t too far he would get everything wet . He crutched down pretending to
    look at notebooks while trying to get started he barely tried to relax and he felt a warm stream massively floading his diaper. Luckily the diaper though got more
    bulcky didn’t seem to let anything out he was tempted to feel his pants to make sure but he was worried he would get unwanted attention . It seemed like no one
    noticed anything .
    Luckily his haircut didn’t take long . In the car ride home he was feeling unfomfortable though the usual wetness feeling was absent some level of stinging was present
    and now the diaper felt much more voluminous than before . Not to mention the slight need to empty his bladder again .
  • I think we got pretty much everything . Well for the first round anyway . - Chris glanced over to tee sitting in the seat next to him . He was certain that by now he had
    wet himself . - you should organize your new backpack and notebooks for tomorrow . After that you can watch some tv if like . - Chris deliberately kept his eyes on the
    road and not looking at tee as he asked - do you need to be changed ? - he really needed to rephrase that
  • yes - tee said in a low voice
    chris was surprised he was expecting him to deny it or wasn’t he ? He knew there was no way he was stil dry but did he admit it only because he knew he would be
    checked or he was telling the truth the first time he asked .
  • okay we are almost home will get you cleaned it soon - Chris softened his voice

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful . Tee spent most of the evening on the couch watching tv while Chris was trying his best to crash course himself on how best
to deal with an incontinent child . The problem was he wasn’t sure which group tee would fit into .
During dinner Chris asked him about next day’s schedule - so you get off at 14:45 right ?

  • yeah
  • ok I will be waiting at the school then . One more thing though the school nurse is in charge of changing … right ? So she knows
    tee nodded but neglected to add that all of the school knows or how much he hates going to the nurse .
  • alright then go when you have breaks ok ? It will help your rash to clear up faster
    tee was anything but happy about having to think about school . But he knew that Chris’s suggestion wasn’t a mere suggestion but an order . But going to school in
    new clothes with a new backpack might help to get his classmates off his back .

Re: Healing Wounds

Chris was sitting in the car not too far fro the school gate far enough not to be identified by the crowd of kids pouring out of the school but close enough to spot tee . He
was late . Chris sighed a bit impatiently . Then he noticed him at last . His hands on the steering wheel turned white .
Tee was walking slowly out of the school gate . The crotch of his pants had a clear wet spot on it his clothes were ripped so was his school bag 1 eye seemed purple
and his lower lip was bleeding .
What the hell happened ?!

Chris got out of the car

  • what happened ??
    Tee knew that Chris will be furious with him . He got his brand new clothes and backpack ruined . He tried to stop the kids from ripping them but they out numbered
    him by far and the more he begged them to stop the more they seemed to enjoy doing it .
    He bent his head he didn’t want to get a harsher punishment than he must .
  • how did this happen ?
    Tee kept staring at the sidewalk without uttering a word .
  • did you go to the nurse ? - he nodded - then why didn’t she do something ?!
    Chris realized his voice was near shouting . He just got beaten up in school the last thing he needs is to get shouted at.
  • alright let’s get you home .
    Chris quickly took a blanket from the trunk and layed it on the back seat .
    The car ride was silent . Chris was trying to compose himself . He couldn’t wrap his mind around what happened. How can a child get beaten up in the middle of a
    school at broad daylight and no one do anything ?!
    Tee hunched up on the back seat . His pants were soaked and he felt the pain from his wounds but he knew that pain won’t even compare to the one he will have after
    they get home .
    Chris was slowly removing tees clothes in the bathroom as the water in the tub was already running while forcing himself to remain calm
  • you still don’t want to tell me what happened ? - tee didn’t respond . Chris had to admit it ran through his head that he wasn’t telling the truth about the nurse but as
    he undressed him it became clear to him the diaper that soaked the ripped pants wasn’t the one he put on this morning . It seemed almost made out of paper .
  • alright let’s get your cuts cleaned up
    tee was expecting the water to be scalding but it was pleasant . Chris this time not leaving him to get on with it gently cleaned his wounds . He kept biting his lip
    without realizing anticipating the anger out break yet to come .
  • hi don’t do that you are going to make it bleed again - Chris gently pressed his chin up
    Chris tried to get details out of him but in vain . As he stood infront of the bath he saw though his head was bent that a tear ran down his cheek .
  • come here - Chris closed the tiolet lid
    tee shut his eyes expecting the first hit . As his foster father used to say wet skin always hurts more . But all he felt was the towel being wrapt around him and pulled
    him into his arms as he sat down on the closed lid .
  • it’s ok , it’s gonna be ok
    tee couldn’t remember when was the last time he got a hug or kind words when he was hurt. But he tried his best not to let himself cry . Though he wanted to . The
    humiliation of wetting his pants in class the teacher yelling at him and everyone laughing was causing him more pain than his actual wounds.
    After Chris dressed his wounds and made him lunch he seemed to stop asking him whether he knew who did or if he wanted him to go talk to his teacher the next day.
    He knew the school wouldn’t do anything and it will just give his classmates another reason to torment him .
    Chris was set on going down to the school and demand answers however with tee not saying a word he knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the responsibles . He decided to
    wait for next afternoon to discuss this as some other questions with his social worker .
    chris set him off to school still somewhat uneasy but slightly more prepared . He gave him a bag with a note to give to the nurse . The bag contained diapers and a
    note requesting her to use those rather than the school supply . Chris decided to put in an extra pair of pants too just in case .
    Chris picked tee up and drove to the social sevices for the set meeting . The signs of yesterday’s events started to fade and it didn’t seem clear wether there were new
    ones .
    Chris was surprised by how much no one seemed to be bothered by the signs or the incident .
  • I still don’t understand how something like this could just happen !
  • well that you will have to ask the school then - Katherine responded just as agitated
  • so you have no idea who is picking on him ?
  • excuse me but the last I checked you were supposed to be the parent not me
    as the conversation went on the more Chris felt that Kathrine didn’t have much symphaty for him or for tee .
    Tee barely said a word there too and sat hunched up holding his stomach .
  • I really hope he wasn’t actually hurt - Chris put in looking over at tee who was sitting at the other far end of the office
  • I doubt
  • well he looks like he is in pain
  • maybe but I think to that there is a far more common cause
    Chris looked at Kathrine starting to lose his patience
  • such as ?
  • when was the last time you changed a poopy diaper ? - she asked smirkly
    Chris wanted to lash back at her but the realization hit him . Not once since he had him did he changed a messy diaper . He had to admit he pushed that out of his mind
    changing a diaper was enough without … But he had to agree Kathrine was probably right this time and he will have to change a "poopy diaper " and soon if he wanted
    tee to be pain free .
  • well I guess I will be seeing you in a week - Kathrine closed the meeting and stood up - good luck
    on the way home Chris made a quick stop at the pharmacy
    lactulose relief by morning - well that sounds like the plan he needs .
    Minus the inevitable outcome

as Chris was finishing preparing dinner he was going round round in his head how to bring "the subject " up. He felt unexplainably foolish trying to phrase it . “When
was your last bowel movement ?” Sounds like something a urologist would ask before a digital rectal exam . "When did you last go to the bathroom ? " well that’s a 1
million $ question . “When did you last go potty?” Yeah that’s not good either . “When did you last do a stinky ?” Ok he is not a toddler .
Alright alright every parenting advice column says if you are unfomfortable talking about it so will be the child . I m an actor , and a pretty good one so I just need to
act like I m not unfomfortable talking about it . But lord it would be so much easier if I had a script …
chris decided that diving into the deep water might be the easiest . He walked into the living room where tee was laying on the couch .

  • dinner will be ready soon but there is something I wanted to talk to you about before that. You seems like you are not feeling so great . Is something wrong ? - as tee
    didn’t make a reply again Chris went on - does your tummy hurt ?
    Chris waited but it seemed like his acting skills must be used - when was the last time you pooped ?
    Tee was in a way anticipating this question . Having his bodily functions inevitably monitored 24/7 by using a diaper this question in one form or another was bound to
    come up eventually . In most cases it was more of a retarical question than a real one and he knew his answer wouldn’t change the outcome . Once an adult made a
    decision he was "backed up " it meant only 1 thing . The question was only the method . Gladys mostly used a small bullet she pushed up inside his bowels which had a
    quite strong and fast result . To make that worse she preferred using it when she knew they would be in public or surrounded by people, she probably enjoyed him
    begging her to let him use the potty till the urge became too strong for him to fight . Though Martha preferred Epsom salt she also like Gladys timed it so the effect
    would be at school . Hence why he thought the school nurse hated him . No one seemed to realize those were among the most humiliating experiences of his life.
    When chris brought in a bottle with a spoon he realized this will be the latter version . He hated the both but now he wished he could have chosen the first version at
    least in an hour it would been over but as he thought Chris had no interest in changing a soiled diaper.
    Chris wasn’t exactly sure about the spoon size the medication requested but he figured the bigger soup spoon should be fine .
  • alright I need you to swallow this and in the morning you will feel a lot better .
    Tee wanted to disagree but he knew the best thing to do is to comply . Though he hesitated looking at the spoon .
  • come on its not that bad just swallow it
    tee knew it tastes horrible more than once he vomited it up as a small child and just thinking of it made him want to throw up but as he knew if he won’t open his mouth
    he will be forced to once his nose gets pinched closed . To his surprise the nauseating taste was missing it was a bit sickingly sweet but nothing as bad as he
    anticipated .
  • well done see it wasn’t so bad
    dinner went by quite pleasantly . Tee was slowly getting used to having an actual conversation .
    Later as he layed in bed his stomach was slightly crouching just thinking of when the medication will take effect . He would have given anything for it not happening at
    school .
    4 am
    Chris woke up to the sound of grunting . He wondered for a second if it was all a dream and turned to the other side to go back to sleep when he heard it again . Tee ?
    Chris thought he better go and check what happened
    as it seems the morning relief came early and it didn’t seem so much as a relief as a mess …

Tee woke up to a strong urge in his bowels . He sat up in panic . He looked at the bathroom door considering . It would be much better to relieve himself there than in
his diaper . But Chris will know . No way he wouldn’t . He gave him the medication causing his intestines to cramp and contract . No that’s not an option . Maybe he
could hold out till the morning . Then maybe Chris would change him before he was sent to school . Though he won’t be happy …
Yeah having to lay in his own mess is not a good option . He should try to to find a position to relieve the pressure a little . He felt like the diaper was putting an extra
pressure on his stomach . In desperation he curled up into fetal position holding onto a pillow . That was a mistake a big mistake …
As the next cramp hit he felt a wet fart that filled his diaper with warm runny poop . It seemed like it wouldn’t stop . Cramp after cramp seemed to hit him and he
started to feel the poop run out of the diaper down his legs and up his lower back . His eyes filled with tears c Chris will kill him . He ruined the sheets maybe the
whole bed . He didn’t realize he was grunting as another wave hit him till he saw the lights being flicked on .
Chris stood at the doorway trying to figure out what was going on . But seeing tee squirm and his face contract in pain as he despretly hung onto a pillow he realized
the laxative must have hit earlier and a lot stronger than he thought . Walking closer there was no doubt that was the cause of the riot first the smell hit him then the
sight .

  • oh wow ok I probably gave you a higher dose than I should have - Chris said as tees bodies contacted again as another wave forced more stool out of his body

  • it’s ok it’s ok you’re ok it’s gonna be over soon - Chris sat down behind tee gently stroking his back

  • I m sorry I didn’t mean to - tee was basically crying by now he couldn’t control his body and he knew he will have to bare the consequences

  • I know I know this isn’t your fault it’s mine I must have got the dosage wrong

  • I didn’t … Want … To ruin … The bed … Honest … It was … I - tee was sobbing now

  • it’s ok don’t worry about the bed - Chris stroke his hair - you will feel better soon ok just try to relax
    it took a good few more minutes for the cramps to die out .
    as tees breathing seemed to normalize Chris concluded the laxative must have done its job

  • alright do you feel better ? Your tummy doesn’t hurt anymore
    tee nodded

  • ok then let’s get you cleaned up
    how though good question . Literally everything was covered in poop . The sheets the blanket his pj .

  • ok let’s do this then ready ? - Chris picked up the blanket and rolled it around tee lifting him up and carrying him into the bathroom .
    He stood him in the tub removing everything layer by layer . When he finally removed everything ( throwing it in a pile over the blanket ) he gently started to clean
    tee with the shower head .

  • ok I tell you what while I get you some new sheets why don’t you take a bath and relax a bit hmm ?
    Tee was sitting in the warm water trying to relax . Chris didn’t seem mad so maybe it’s not going to be so bad . He sat up maybe it will be fine . He felt like he had to
    pass gas .
    Chris was just finishing putting up the sheets when he heard something fall in the bathroom .

  • what happened ?
    The shower head was hanging outside of the tub while tee was in a quite interesting position as if he tried doing a bridge but slipped

  • what …? Oh - Chris said as he saw the water colored brown

  • ok I guess that wasn’t quite done … ok ok it’s fine it’s easy to clean let me just close the tap here …
    Oh crap literally … I really overdosed him thank god it wasn’t something that could kill him . Wait there was a model who died from laxatives or something but she had
    eating disorders . Ok no way 1 spoon will kill him . Back to dealing with the disaster . It could be worse much worse . It’s easier to clean than the bed. Well should be .

Tee glanced up at Chris in terror . He couldn’t believe it he did it again . Twice in half an hour . As Chris closed the tap and opened the drain he felt another cramp
coming up he did his best to hold it back .
Chris saw tee suck in his abdominal muscles and his grip around the side of the tub whitening his nuckles .

  • it’s ok just let it’s fine …
  • I m sorry - tee uttered miserable their eyes met - it’s not your fault I gave you too much of the medicine - Chris gently stroked his back - don’t hold it back at least
    everything will come out and you will feel a lot better ok
    after it seemed like the cramps stopped ( again ) Chris cleaned the tub and tee off again . He ran another bath .
  • let’s just make sure the soap smells sticks ok ?
    Tee seemed exausted like he would fall asleep in the tub . Chris sat down in front of the tub
  • so I was thinking what is your first class in the morning ?
  • gym - tee answered pulling a face
  • you are not a big fan of gym I take - Chris laughed
  • no I hate it
  • oh that bad . You got hit by too many balls ?
  • yeah they hurt a lot . … And I hate having to change infront of everyone
    Chris was surprised by tees sudden honesty , maybe the lateness of the hour or maybe he felt like someone was actually listening . He was joking but tee wasn’t .
  • aren’t there stoles or something you can change in ?
    Tee shook his head - there is just a changing room and a tiolet but he said I can’t change there since I don’t know how to use it anyway - Chris shut his eyes . Yeah
    talking about humiliation . Having a teenager standing in diapers infront of 20 boys in boxer shorts …
  • how about if I have a word with him ?
  • he won’t care . All he cares about is getting the gym renovation finished so he could coach
  • aha and why isn’t the gym finished ?
  • I don’t know they said that the money they gave the school should have been enough but they spent it on books and stuff for … Kids in the system
  • do other teachers do that too ? - that would explain a lot - I mean blame foster care kids for what’s lacking ? - tee nodded . Explains why NoOne did anything when
    he was beaten up .
  • I see . Well I will have a word with him - Chris said standing up
  • he won’t like it - tee said looking up
  • well that’s his problem . Come on let’s get you back to bed its late . Well actually early … But you should be in bed .
    As chris layed him down in the clean bed after getting a clean pj and diaper .
  • ok try to sleep now , if you feel like you have to poop again call me ok ?
  • I m sorry - tee mumbled as he nuzzled into the covers .
  • it’s ok babe . It’s wasn’t your fault . None of this was …

As promised Chris let tee sleep in extra and took him to school mid school day . After dropping him off with a note to his teacher Chris waited for the break to end .
Then he casually walked into the school to the principals office. Money is that they care about ha. That can be sorted . With terms attached of course. They want the
gym finished no problem all it takes is a check and tee changing behind closed doors. They need more books trips whatever . Done as long as tee doesn’t get another
scratch in the school.
It was an understatement to say that the principal almost fell out of her chair once she realized the mr Reynolds requesting to see her was THAT mr Reynolds from
Hollywood . And needless to say she was even more surprised once she realized he was offering money to the school but for that he had terms regarding a student , a
foster child or wasn’t he ? Of course she agreed to talk to each and every teacher and keep a special eye on tee to make sure no one would have the chance to
torment him. Though the gym teacher didn’t seem happy with having terms.

  • I treat all the students the same
  • I see how about trying to treat them equally instead based on their needs ? - Chris raised his brows
  • yes he sure has needs . I bet you weren’t much of a baseball player either or you’d see .
  • no actually I wasn’t . I found that quite useles at a war . And regarding needs so do you . You need money to finish your gym . So what is it going to be ? My way or …?
    Well I m glad we got everything settled then. Of course as long as I don’t hear any complaints. Because see that will cut off the money . Now I m sure you have work
    to do so I will leave you to it. Oh and of course I expect my donation to be kept on the down low.
    Tee had no idea about Chris’s intervention at his school but he did notice that by the end of school day he wasn’t the one getting yelled at for causing a riot like it
    would been usually . To be fair the other students were just as surprised . Till now they could pin anything on him and the teacher would just punish him . But not today
  • so how was your day ?
  • okay
  • yeah well a 3 hours day sounds pretty good doesn’t it - Chris paused - did you go to the nurse ?
    Tee shook his head .
  • do you need to be changed ?
    Tee shook his head again .
    Mm I really need to check how long he can keep dry. If he is still dry from home he can keep dry for about 3 hours . That should be enough to teach him how to use
    protective underwear or pullups during the day. If he can manage to use the toilet . Well first thing first today is about checking how long he stays dry.
  • do you mind if I check ?
    Tee slightly blushed . He hated being checked . Mostly since it was done simply to humiliate him .

Tee stepped infront of Chris moving his hands obbidiantly to the side. He felt Chris lower his pants then insert two fingers between his leg and the elastic lining on the
diaper to check for wetness . He kept his gaze steady on a picture hanging on the opposite wall. He hated having his diaper checked . But at least no one else was
around . It was still embarrassing to be checked like a toddler but not as humiliating when it was done infront of others especially his classmates . Martha did no
efforts to be subtle about it. She would either announces so everyone around would hear that the boy who can’t use the tiolet like he should needs his diaper checked
or just get his pants yanked down and giving everyone a full view .
-.alright lunch will be ready soon ok ? - Chris said as he rearranged his pants so he is still dry . The question is for how long .
during lunch as they were eating ( something about that still bothered Chris but he still couldn’t figure out what exactly and he thought tackling one issue at a time was
better ) he saw tee squirming and pretending to be very interested in his plate . Yeah that would be the moment the dryness ended . So almost 4 hours . Well will see if
that theory checks out though .
As they finished eating Chris asked if he needed to be changed . Tee blushed , he felt like Chris was watching him more closely . Maybe more closely cause he
thought he would have more accidents like last night ? Either way he felt unfomfortable .
Chris asked him about every 30 minutes till his bed time if he needed to be changed and everytime he said no Chris checked his diaper . Tee was getting slightly
annoyed . He knew it was too good to be true . Maybe it will be the same as with Gladys . Though unlike Gladys Chris didn’t seem to enjoy seeing him squirming or
commenting embarrassing comments such as " is my baby still dry ? He didn’t go pee pee in his diapie " .
Chris felt bad for making tee feel unfomfortable but he felt he had no other way of getting a realistic sense of how long he can really stay dry . And he could stay dry
for about 3 hours at a time why did he need constant diapers ? It didn’t add up . He decided to give his theory another day . But with that while tee was in school on
Friday he went back to the medical aid store and purchased pullupss in his size.
If today he can manage 3 hours at a time again the weekend should be a great opportunity to try to convince him to try to use the tiolet while wearing pullups . Though
he had no idea how to do that . He read articles about potty training but he didn’t think “potty” training would be effective he needed him to use a tiolet , unless he has
an irrational fear from the tiolet . Then counseling maybe …,?
Friday afternoon
Chris decided to try to do something nice for the late afternoon to make up for making tee feel uncomfortable . He read throughout the eveing major festivals and
programs were going to happen so he just needed to find a way to take tee and keep checking how long he could keep dry without embarrassing him at the same time .

Tee had to admit he was excited when Chris said they would be going on a ship to watch the fireworks . He never seen the whole thing live before . Heck he barely
seen it at all before . But he was worried about Chris checking his diaper all the time . He did do it so others wouldn’t hear him ask or checked it in the car but he was
still scared that he would do it at a full view of others .
The ship was spectacular . He was a bit worried since at first it seemed very croweded , but they were assured to the other side of the ship where private booth that
had 2 seats a table and a small balcony like step to be able to stand up and watch .
Tee stoop at the step felt the annoying urge in his bladder but he tried to ignore it . The fireworks were set to start soon and last for about 30 minutes . Chris just made
sure he was dry before they went on board. He probably wouldn’t ask again till the fireworks were finished .
The fireworks sounded a lot stronger than he expected . A lot stronger than they were heard in the city. The need to relive himself increased . And as the firework
intensity increased so did the noise .
Chris saw tees position change . He suspected he was wet - hi are you ok ? - Chris gently touched his arm , he felt he was slightly shivering . - are you cold ?
Chris assumed he had trouble hearing over the noise of the ship and the fireworks . He himself wasn’t bothered much by noise . Surviving a war came with a of
explosions and he was passed the flashbacks . He pulled tee onto his lap

  • are you ok ? - tee nodded but that wasn’t too convincing .
  • cold ? - tee shook his head - do you need a change ? - too shook his head again . Chris was debating he felt his squirm he wasn’t sure if it was his bladder or the
    racket around them disturbing him . He decided to try the direct question - do you have to pee ? - tee nodded timidly . Chris was surprised a bit by the answer but this
    certainly means he is right about tee being aware that he had to pee prior to it happening .
    But before he could have decided how to react an another round started up Chris felt a sudden warmness in his lap . Well that solved 1 question , he probably can’t
    hold it much time after feeling the need to go but that’s ok there is room to work with that . He took the blanket laying next to him and put it around tee . He gently
    rubbed his arm while holding him .
    Tee blushed beet red , he couldn’t hold his pee back anymore and he knew that Chris definitely knew . But to Chris’s defense he didn’t try to embarras him . All he
    said was we will get you changed after .

Saturday morning
Chris looked into tees room after 9 am .

  • hi how did you sleep ?
  • good
    tee was expecting the morning routine . Laying down on a towel getting cleaned up with wet wipes have his diaper changed … But instead Chris opened the blinds and
    sat down next to him .
  • I want to talk to you about something that you probably don’t really want to talk about and find a bit awkward but I think it’s important .
    Tee stiffened . These talks never had a good outcome . Mostly that his current placing had enough of him and they want him out .
  • to be honest I don’t know how to ask this really so I m just going to ask it simply . Why don’t you use the tiolet ? I mean the tiolet itself ?
    Tee was stunned . This question he didn’t anticipate .
  • are you afraid to use it ?- tee shook his head
  • Cause from from my impression you can stay dry for a few hours
    Tee stayed silent
  • ok then what is the reason ?
    Tee dropped his glanced to his crotch covered in a thick nighttime diaper then glanced up Chris .
  • I … I … Can’t - stammered
  • why not ?
    Tee was too confused to answer .
  • I m not allowed to take the diaper off because I can’t put it back right and then everything will be …
  • ok so if you could take the diaper off and on would you try to use the tiolet ?
    Tee nodded
    Chris smiled - great that is what I wanted you to try . - He held up the pullups he bought - these pullups ,are sort of like regular underwear so you don’t have to tape
    anything and you can just pull them up and down like boxers but if you have an accident they will absorb it like a diaper . Of course they have less capacity than a
    diaper so if you do have an accident you have them change them right away . Well also to avoid another rash .
    Tee sat completely stunned into silence . He stared and the package but couldn’t utter a word. He begged Martha to buy those instead of diapers she utterly refused
    laughing at him . He spent most of last year saving up every bit of money to buy such garnemants . It took him many months to save enough to buy the smallest
    package Then of course he had to get the courage to go into the store and buy the right size . It took his stepbrothers only minutes to rip the entire package to shreds
    infront of his eyes . He remembered weeping like a baby while the entire family laughed . And now Chris was just handing them to him .A Bigger and better package .
    Chris saw that tee turned pale ok maybe I went a bit too far a bit too fast
  • ok if this feels too much I m not going to force it on you it was just a suggestion
    tee shook his head - no I mean I want to - his voice was a bit shaky
  • you want to try ? Ok then I tell you what go take a quick shower and put 1 on ok ? Then we will see what to do for the rest of the day
    Chris ruffled his hair and got up
  • oh and the diaper and any used pullups just throw into this garbage can here ok - said pointing at the shiny metal container in the bathroom
    as Chris left the room he breath out . Oh thank god this was a lot easier than I thought it would be …
    Tee just sat on the bed feeling his eyes tear up as he was holding the package with shaky hands . He didn’t think Chris would just run back in tear it from his hands rip
    it up and laugh . Maybe finally he could really get a break ?
    Tee showered quickly and with trembling hands put on a pullup . Though it still felt like a padding rather than the cotton feeling of a pair of underwear , he was still
    happy . He looked down a few times while getting dressed to make sure he wasn’t dreaming it .
    He sat down to breakfast . Chris looked at him over his glass of coffee and saw something resembling a smile . Maybe this will be a lot easier than he thought . But
    then who on earth put him back in diapers 24/7 and why for the love of God …?
    Chris suggested a layed back morning tv and such . Tee was watching tv while Chris was sitting on the other sofa answering emails .
    About 11 o’clock tee started to feel a slight fullness in his bladder . He knew he could hold it back . But for how long he wasn’t sure . He pressed his legs together as
    much as he could . He felt a cold sweat break out on his back . He just got a chance to use try them if he can’t even keep them dry now Chris will never give him
    another chance . He looked over at Chris but he seemed completely absorbed in reading . Tee considered maybe he should try to ask Chris for permission to use the
    tiolet but till now he was never granted that permission . However this case Chris was the one coming up with the idea so he expected him to use the tiolet. But how
    should he address him ? Simply Chris ? Dad …? He never had a dad . He had foster fathers .
  • amm - Chris didn’t react . Tee wasn’t sure if Chris didn’t hear him or he just ignored him
  • Chris ? - tee didn’t dare to ask louder
    Chris thought he heard his name called but he was deep into reading about a new role . He lifted his head up to see tee standing infront of him timidly
  • is something wrong ?
  • I need to pee - tee said embarrassed
    Chris looked confused . Does he mean he needs to be taken to the bathroom ? Oh crap ok that complicates things . Yeah this did seem way too easy …
  • you need help ? - Chris asked putting down his laptop
    tee shook his head but shifted his posture indicating his urge for relief was increasing
  • then …? - now Chris seemed puzzled - what is it ?
  • can I go to the tiolet ? - tee asked in a desperate voice
  • yeah of course go - as tee basically ran off Chris looked after him . He was trying to ask for permission …? Maybe I should have had a longer talk with him about this
    whole thing … Yeah I should have
    tee returned after a few minutes . Chris heard the water flushing in the tiolet but no running water in the sink . Ok 1 more thing I forgot to go over …
  • everything ok ?
  • yeah
  • did you wash your hands ? - tee shook his head face going a bit white - go back then and wash your hands - as tee walked back to the room Chris yelled after him -
    with soap please !
    as tee returned Chris called him over - ok 2 things I seemed to forgot - tee looked at him anxiously maybe this is the part where it all blows up and Chris laughs his
    head off on his expense - if you have to go , number 1 or number 2 you don’t have to ask for my permission ok ? Just go to the bathroom . And as you feel you have to
    go don’t try to wait . And wash your hands everytime ok ?
    Tee nodded . - ok well done - Chris returned to his laptop as tee breath out in relief .
    Though he was wondering how school would be like but Chris said it was just a try . So he will have to work extra hard to show him he deserves to wear them and he
    can keep them dry .

Re: Healing Wounds

I just worked my way through this. It looks like you have a good premise and your grammar is reasonably good.

However, if you want your story to get read and liked here, you need to format your punctuation as dictated by the conventions of standard English. The most obvious fixes are: use quotation marks to delimit speech and do not add a space between the punctuation mark and the word it’s tied to. Also, Tee is a name/nickname, and should always be capitalized.

There are a few places where you have a period/full stop where a comma belongs.

The reason for following these conventions is so that your readers can pay attention to your plot and what is happening in the story instead of extracting the meaning from an alien mess. There are times and places to play with bending or flouting conventions, but formatting of dialogue and punctuation are seldom to never among them.

Fix these, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Re: Healing Wounds

I’m with Ally on this. I rather enjoyed what is here so far, this is very much the kind of story I enjoy (although as a matter of personal taste I don’t like the abuse flashbacks that much - but recognize they are needed for the plot to work)
I really hope you will continue it, despite not being you primary language your grasp of english useage is very good, it is really a matter of formatting that makes it a bit tricky to read.

Re: Healing Wounds

Nice story, I’ve noticed one problem, every single word that refers to a toilet, you actually misspelled the word and used tiolet instead, not a huge mistake, but seeing it in all the text was quite surprising.