Hello! A longtime lurker, ready to join in and add!

Hi. I first found out about this website when I found the amazing story known as “George’s Legacy” by Teekabell. I lurked and occasionally re-checked here and then, looking for other stories based around potty training and baby/toddler characters. Now, I figured, would be a good time to actually start writing a little.

I do have some writing experience, adding to Interactives from Writing.com, but this is going to be my first time making full short stories, as it is. I hope you all like me!

This actually begs a minor question I have-if I have a story involving actual baby/toddler characters, and diapers/potty training is the focus but the characters do not involve either ‘adult babies’ or ‘diaper lovers’, does it go in Non-ABDL Stories section, or what? I’d just like to clarify first.

I would put in with the rest of the ABDL stories as while the content may not technically be ABDL itself, the target audience likely is.

Unless those things are just included as a side and are not really part of the main plot, then it really depends on the focus of the story and it’s themes. Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s pretty lenient as to where a story goes so long as it’s in the story section.

Unless a story is very obviously miscategorized we’re not likely to second guess your choice. With latest posts now the default view it’s less an issue than it was, but the main story section is by far the most watched category.

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Acfually, @ally, #announcements is the most watched. #stories:board-member-stories is the most tracked :wink:

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