Hello, I am... LittleAcorn

Hi everyone,

I recently joined ADISC, and figured I should join here as I de-lurk into the AB/DL community. I’m 30ish, and have been interested in diapers for a long time, although I have been relatively closeted about it.

I’ve enjoyed reading the stories here, and while I’m not much of a writer, hopefully I can provide constructive feedback.


Re: Hello, I am… LittleAcorn

Howdy LittleAcorn, and welcome!

If you’ve enjoyed this place from the outside (non member) you’re gonna LOVE it now that you’re a member! Sounds like you narrowly made it too. All the more reason to enjoy your time here!

You aren’t the only one here who is a part of more than one forum. Lots of people on this one are members elsewhere (myself included, though that’s a recent development ;D) so its highly likely that you’ll recognize some faces….er…names during your travels through the forum.

Thanks for joining and again, enjoy yourself!!!