Hello, I'm Babydoc.

I’m new here. Not sure why it took me so long to find this forum, but I’m fairly private, no doubt like most of you.

I’ve been a DL for a looooong time, and accordingly, I’m middle-aged now. When I was in medical school, the internet was created. It changed my kink life: I found a list-serv called alt.sex.fetish.diapers (in, maybe, 1995?), and discovered others who shared my interests.

I also wrote 2 stories: The Baby Business, a sprawling epic fantasy I had at the time, and Room & Board, a tidier narrative. My interests generally run toward the “reluctant” boy who is gradually tricked or coerced in wearing and using diapers. I enjoy the concepts of humiliation and punishment as well.

(As a side note, I see that someone posted Room & Board here 10 years ago, which is flattering. I don’t have a problem with that at all, as long as it hasn’t been changed.)

I have written brief fragments of stories over the years, but haven’t had the time to commit to writing full stories. I’ve got one that now that is closer to completion, but there is a little sex in it, so I’m not sure if it is appropriate for this site.

Anyway, what I’ve read here has been nice! I’m interested in reading more. Thanks for offering such an outlet.

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Welcome, and I’ve previously read both of your stories - they’re very well written and are nice examples of not needing to rush into a story.

Thanks! Yeah, I guess I’ve always been interested in trying to make something absurd (forced into diapers) seem almost believable. It’s definitely a stretch to imagine a reasonable adult could be tricked into wearing and using a diaper: I try to imagine if there a scenario that could allow that. (I mean, still probably not, right? But that’s what I aspire to.)

And that takes a long runway. Probably not everyone’s ideal story.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome!

Welcome Babydoc.

On your story, sex is not forbidden in stories here as long as it isn’t too graphic. The general test is whether it’s a story that happens to include some sex scene or a sex story that includes diapers. The former is fine, the latter is not.

It’s a challenge, concocting a non-consensual situation for an adult. Contract angles are fun. Someone dangling what someone else wants in front of their noses is fun too. I explored this in the series I wrote starting with The Fine Print and into the followup My Fair Baby.

But there are other plays to be made. Coercion and gaslighting are my favorite tools for CNC.

That’s a very helpful distinction, and makes a lot of sense. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that standard.


Room and Board was terrific. However, it needs an epilogue. I assumed the boy was a small freshman, probably a late bloomer, whose small stature allowed the landlady to easily control him. So many questions. What happened that morning? How did his daily routine change? Did he ever meet her friends? Did she use a babysitter? Did he ever meet any of her previous “babies?” How often were they spanked?

Such a great story to invite so many other possibilities.

I remember Room and Board, it was a good story. Nice to see you back.

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Thanks for the kind words! You know, I’m a diaper lover, and this story was a fantasy of mine. My fetish is very private, and I don’t really share those fantasies with anyone. An interest in diapers, humiliation, punishment, etc. is objectively weird, and (probably like most people here) I’ve been embarrassed and self-conscious about it for most of my life. To have someone validate my fantasy is…self-affirming. I’m really grateful.

But an epilogue is an interesting request. I have always considered it a perfect little gem, complete as it is. My fantasy is usually more about the initial seduction, and I haven’t thought at all about another chapter. But I promise to think about it! In the meantime, I’ve got a few other projects you might like.

Just finished reading The Fine Print and My Fair Baby. Fantastic characters and story. Really enjoying it! Looks like we share an interest in CNC. You have a new fan.

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Glad you like it. I’ve played around with a variety of similar themes over the years, though the most intense I ever got with gaslighting and coercion was actually with a pair of sisters in The Wannabe Hypnotist.

Ironically, I got into the story intending for it to be an exercise in doing hypnosis the old-fashioned way, instead of these annoying magic mp3’s and CD’s that suddenly turn people into 18-month-old infants.

I remember finding alt.sex.fetish.diapers shortly after starting university back in 1994 and checking it sometimes two or three times a day for story updates. I remember reading both your stories and enjoyed them both quite a bit, and will probably go back and read them both again now.

Welcome to the board, I’m looking forward to reading new stories from you.

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Thank you, Babydoc! Your stories (I found them in Tumblr) are the reason I’ve joined this forum just about an hour ago. I was really mesmerized by the narration and dialogues, I couldn’t stop reading, anxious to know what was going to happen after each line. I’ll try to introduce myself later.

Thanks for the kind words! There are a lot of other well-written stories on the site, and I hope you find others you like as well. I’ll look forward to your introduction.

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