Hello! I'm Mary Beth Sanford


I often go by the name Mary Beth Sanford and have been on the Internet since 1985 when it was originally and almost solely part of the Department of Defense (and a few colleges). It was during that time I came to meet my first cross dresser. After a lengthy and experimental probing of likes and dislikes we began opening up to each other. It was scary considering the risk but our friendship grew. I went to my first cross dressing meeting under the guise of a "guy’s poker game. Before long I was going out in various public venues.

As exciting as it was it wasn’t as satisfying as I imagined it would be and I could never figure out why. Something was always missing relative to my own sense of self or that persona we all want to define. During this period I cross dressed female always attempting to pass as an adult in normal day to day wear. Then one day while driving across town in Sacramento I came to a stop light, pausing me directly in front of a country western clothing store. What shook me to my core was the dress in the window.

Everyone has a notion of what little girl’s wear (if they themselves are little girls inside) and often it’s dependent on when we first began noticing ourselves in those things. As I grew I evolved out of that notion of being a little girl never ever again connecting physically with those styles. Consciously I connected and often but acting on such notions - never. At least not until that day I sat in front of that store. I was stricken to a state that left me with a desire that was almost beyond comprehension.

Before me was a country western dress and yet not because it was the very essence of a dress made for a little girl. Clearly a little girl’s dress but sized for an adult and given the venue it was or could be worn in made it easily justified and wearable. I spent nearly $400 dollars that afternoon to the surprise of the woman that owned the store and that night went out for the first time feeling accomplished. Accomplished as in unconditionally happy and in a persona that had, without me realizing it, been drilled deeply into me from my youth.

I became Mary Beth Sanford that first night out as a little girl and from that day forward. To foster that notion required I keep the country western motif alive so I began a cross dressing country western dance night and of course bought another dress, more petticoats and as many pair of ruffled panties as I could afford. I purchased a pair of Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks while commissioning some extraordinarily large hair bows.

For the first time since I began cross dressing I was complete or nearly so. There was still something missing. A hint of it came one evening from a comment by another crossdresser asking if I wore panties or sometimes diapers under my outfits. I asked her why she asked that and she admitted to being attracted to my outfit but her “little” was much younger than mine and wore diapers.

Diapers! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Yes, my “little” could wear diapers as well. To my further surprise she slept in diapers and shared her story as a bed wetter diapered in her youth. I shared that I too was a bed wetter and was put back into diapers because of it. I was eight at the time and my bed wetting began when my sister was born. I also realized that her dresses, those adorably cute little baby dresses were the basis for those as well, or at least part of it.

That following day she and I went to that same country western store for her new outfit followed by a trip to a pharmacy for my new diapers. I brought disposables and a pair of snap on plastic pants. Later I would go back into the diapers of my youth made of cotton but that night I was happy, with a package of diapers under my arms, - not happy, I was almost breathless. We dressed that night for the meeting after diapering each other. We also brought extra diapers so we could change if need be and we did.

A few dozen events similar and I was pushed happily to 1995 where I began transferring what I’d come to know and love onto the Internet. My first site was in that year and was called Mary Beth’s Fantasy. As an illustrator I began fostering all of my notions in graphic form turning boys into little girls or sissies and babies. It’s what I am or like to be and the site, mostly images and stories, was a reflection of me. For nearly a decade I remained active till it ended with my battle with Cancer. My struggles with Cancer (and other related health issues) took me out of the picture till my return this year. I am cancer free, older and wiser (by some measure) and happily taking root again.

And with that my I say hello…


Re: Hello! I’m Mary Beth Sanford

William Shakespeare said: “There is flattery in friendship”. Kita flatters me and yes, by all the measures that count, we are friends. Hi old friend!

Mary Beth