Hello, My Name Is: Austin

Hi there.
I’ve been around the *b/dl community for a while, ten years give or take a few months. Like most, I discovered our lil’ magical world here on the internet when I was around 14 and it helped me accept myself and adjust to living with our peculiar interest. After a lapse of activity while I was in college, I’ve become more involved and would like the chance to read your stories and share mine with you.
I’m extremely open to critique and criticism (doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll apply it :slight_smile: , but I do like to hear your opinion), so don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of my stories.

Currently, I’m in grad school for education. I love music, reading, writing, movies, TV (Always Sunny, 30 Rock, Conan). Many other interests that I’m sure you’ll come to know in time. If you have any questions, just ask.

Just wanted to say hello with this post and let y’all know I wasn’t going to lurk about in the shadows.

All the best,

Re: Hello, My Name Is: Austin

Well - welcome to the light.

Re: Hello, My Name Is: Austin

Hey Austin, I think we used to chat on diaperboys website before you went to college a few years back.